Misc Obituaries: Volume 2 – U-V-W

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


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I.R. Sept. 29, 1887
Also note: Some of these obituaries are quite long in their actual form and have been condensed for this publication. Thank you, Sharon Kouns.

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-U – W-
-Vol. II-

ULRICH, Unknown       May 26, 1881
A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Ulrich on May 16, 1881.

URICH, James B.       Jun 29, 1882
Died Jun 25, 1882 of dropsy of the heart. Born Bottetourt Com, VA Mar 5, 1815. 67yrs old. Leaves wife & seven children.

UNKNOWN, Alvin D.       Ironton Register
Aged 2 yrs, died in September from Whooping cough.

UNKNOWN, A tramp       Feb. 10, 1887 Ironton Register
Aged 22 yrs, died at Alice Furnace. Inhaled escaping gas while sleeping. 140# and 5′ 7″.

– V – Vol II –

VEAZY, Mr.       I.R. Jan. 7, 1886
Our old friend, I. M. Veazy, of Sedalia, Mo., stopped in to see us Monday. He was an Ironton boy twenty years ago. He came here with the body of his youngest brother, who was killed at Sedalia, to bury the body by the side of his mother at Woodland. The father, the venerable Captain Veazy, was here at the funeral. There were seven brothers, and the one buried Monday was the first break in the circle.

VERMILLION, Mary       Sep 14, 1882
Deceased, Wife of J. P.

VERMILLION, Nicodemus       I.R. April 1, 1880
Died at his home in Arabia, Mar 27, 1880. 70yrs old. Sick about a week.

VORHEES, Samuel       Feb. 12, 1880
Died Feb 10, 1880, taken to Portsmouth, OH for burial.

– W – Vol II –

WAIT, Sarah Mrs.       Dec 15, 1881
Died last Friday in Wyandotte, Kansas.

WAKEFIELD, Beatus D.       I.J. 30 Aug 1871
Only child of C. G. & Sarah A. Wakefield of Etna Furnace died Aug 21 of cholera infantum. 7weeks old.

WALBERT, Nelson, Mrs.       I.R. Feb. 15, 1906
Mrs. Nelson Walbert died at her home on N. 5th street Saturday of lung trouble. She leaves a husband and several children.

WALDEN, Carol (?)       I. R. Jan. 30, 1879
Died on Jan. 6th, 1879, Carol , wife of John Walden and daughter of J___ Snider.

WALKER, Mary Margaret       I. R. Oct. 20, 1859
Died on the 14th inst., Mary Margaret Walker, daughter of James and Susan (or Sarah) Walker, aged 2 years, 11 months and 20 days.

WALLACE, Noah       I.R. Jan. 15, 1891
W. D. Corn came up last Saturday from Cincinnati to receive $1125, as administrator of Noah Wallace, who was killed by the cars.

WARD, Elizabeth       I.R. May 20, 1880
Died May 18, 1880 at Hecla Furnace. 25 yrs. old.

WARNEKE, Unknown       I.R. May 20, 1880
Son of Mr. & Mrs. George Warneke on May 14.

WATSON, Milton       Aug 10, 1882
Died of consumption at his residence near Beulah Aug 4, 1882. Buried at Rome Cem. 32yrs old.

WATTERS, Elden P.       Nov 4, 1880
Died Oct 29, 1880, resident of Quaker Bottom. 24 yrs old.

WATTS, Lucinda       Aug 18, 1881
Died Aug 5, 1881. 65yrs old.

WEBB, William       I.R. Jul 23, 1891
Dearing – The funeral of Wm. Webb was preached at Johnon (sic Johnstown) last Sunday by Rev. Jas. Mays.

WERNER, August       Feb 12, 1880
Died at his home. Services at German Catholic Church.

WHITE, Sarah E.       Oct 14, 1880
Died at Lawrence Furnace Oct 5, 1880. Wife of Dr. J. F. White.

WHITEHEAD, Samuel, Father, Sr.       Oct 27, 1881
Born Halifax Co, VA May 16, 1805, died Oct 10, 1881.

WILLIAMS, Evan M.       May 26, 1881
Died in Chicago last Friday. Buried at Woodland.

WILLIAMS, Harry       I.R. Jan. 1, 1891
Accidentally Killed – Last Friday night, Harry Williams, youngest brother of Col. E. F. Williams, was fatally shot. The deceased was about 22 years old, and at the time was studying law with his brother. He was cleaning a gun when it accidentally went off.

WILLIAMS, Mary K. , Mrs.       I.R. Dec. 22, 1892
Mrs. Mary K. Williams died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Welch, of Quincy, Ill., last week and was brought here and interred at Woodland. Her children, Mrs. Nolte, of Denver; W. K. Williams, of Chicago; Jas. K. Williams, of Gate City, Ala.; and Mrs. Welch, were in attendance at their mother’s funeral. She was once a long time resident of Ironton, left 7 years ago, to live with her daughter at Quincy, Ill. Her age was 70 years.

WILLIAMS, Unknown       May 12, 1881
A son born to Mr. & Mrs. George Williams on May 7, 1881.

WILLIAMS, William       Nov 4, 1880
Drowned in the River last Friday. Found at Hanging Rock. About 30yrs old.

WILLIS, Elza       I.J. 30 Aug 1871
Dropped dead in Fayette Twp last Thursday. Resident of Marion.

WILLIS, Unknown       I.R. Jan. 30, 1879
Died at Burlington, Jan. 22, infant child of Mr. and Mrs. D. Willis.

WILSON, Effie       Apr 7, 1881
Died last Sunday from childbirth. Wife of George W. Wilson.

WILSON, J. Henry       I.R. March 11, 1880
Died March 2, 1880 at Lawrenceburg, Ind of diphtheria. Youngest son of Lon & Maggie Wilson.

WILSON, Unknown       Feb 26, 1880
A daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wilson on Feb 19, 1880.

WINTERS, Aaron       I.J. 15 Feb 1871
Left Monday to spend Feb. 22 with his brother, Liet. Winters, in Washington. The Liet., after serving many years in Arizona will be stationed in Cleveland, OH.

WINTERS, Captain       Aug 12, 1880
Son of Thomas Winters died on Jun 12, 1880 at Fort Lapwai.

WINTERS, Jonathan       Jul 15, 1880
Died at McArthur, OH. 76yrs old. Brother of Thos. Winters, this city.

WINTERS, Samuel       I.R. Jan. 7, 1886
Aaron Winters went to Hamden yesterday to attend the funeral of his uncle, Sam’l Winters.

WISE, Jacob       I.R. Mar 31, 1892
Jacob Wise died at his home in Whitwell early Friday morning of pneumonia. Some days before taking his bed, he was struck in the head by a colored man by the name of Nelson, and this may have had something to do with the hastening of his death. Nelson has skipped the town.

WISEMAN, Unknown       I.R. Jan. 26, 1893
Wilgus, Ohio – The little three year old child of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Wiseman, was buried at Fairview last Saturday, 14th.

WITZEL, Henrich       I.J. 11 Jan 1871
Citizenship granted, a native of Germany.

WOLLUM, Bud       Feb 26, 1880
Died of Typhoid fever while visiting relative in Cannon Creek on Feb. 20, 1880. From Wisconsin, buried at Johns Creek Church yard.

WOOD, John T.       I.J. 23 Aug 1871
A resident near Concord, Lewis Co, KY was gored in the most frightful manner, a few days since by an Alderney bull and died after fearful suffering on Monday morning. He was highly respected.

WOOD, Unknown       Feb 26, 1880
A daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Wood of Waterloo on Feb. 18, 1880.

WOODFIN, Henry       25 Jan 1900 Ironton Register
Aged 58y, died 25 Jan 1900 at his home on Buckhorn St, Ironton from acute dysentery and complications of other illnesses. In his early youth, he was a resident of Memphis, Tenn. Owned a barber shop on N. 2nd St, below Railroad St.. Member of ME Church. Was a soldier in civil war. Born in Georgia on 16 Dec 1842, burial at Woodland.

WOODRUM, Jas. W.       Jan 13, 1881
Died Jan 8, 1881 of Lawrence Furnace from inflammation of the bowels. 18yrs old. Son of C. G. & I. B. Woodrum.

WRIGHT, George Robert       I.R. Sep. 14, 1905
News was rec’d by Mrs. M. C. Sutton of the death of her little grandson, George Robert Wright, at the age of ten months. Mrs. Wright, nee Miss Sutton, had just returned home at Portland, Ind., after a visit with her family and relatives when the child was taken ill and died.

WRIGHT, Richard       I.R. Feb. 3, 1919
Another Local Soldier Dies Over In France – telegram rec’d by Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Wright, of Steece, O.: Deeply regret to inform you that Private Richard J. Wright infantry, died November 5th, Cause undetermined. Harris, Adj. General. Richard Wight (sic) was a member of Co. L, 179th U. S. Infantry, of the Third Division, and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wight (sic). Since the war, Mr. and Mrs. Wifht (sic) have lost two sons, one of them from influenza at his home at Steece and the soldier boy, and they have also lost a daughter, who died from influenza at Ashland, Ky. Their son Henry A. Wight, who is also in the army has not been heard from since he was wounded just before the Armistice was signed in France. (Spelled Wright and Wight in this column…presume Wright is correct way to spell it – smk)

WYMER, Anna, Mrs.       I.R. Sep. 14, 1905
Mrs. Anna Wymer, wife of Wm. Wymer, died last Monday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Broome, aged 43 years. She leaves a husband and three children, Alma, Dora and Lena. She is also survived by her father and mother and three sisters, Mrs. George DeBar, Mrs. John Burch and Mrs. John Day and two brothers, John Broome of this city and Jackson Broome of Mississippi. Burial at Woodland.