Misc Obituaries: Volume 1 – T

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


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TACKET, CHILD       I.R. JAN. 06, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tacket, at Coalgrove, aged 13 years.

TACKET, HANNAH       I.R. SEP. 23, 1886

TACKET, INFANT       I.R. MAY 08, 1890
Child of Wm. Tacket died May 7.

TACKETT, LEWIS       IET. MAR. 29, 1926

TACKETT, VALENTINE       I.R. DEC. 22, 1853
Married on the 16th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Valentine Tackett to Sarah J. Fannon, both of Greenup county, Kentucky.

TAFT, CHARLES P.       A.D.I. JAN. 02, 1930
Cincinnati, Jan. 3 – The simplicity that ruled the life of Charles P. Taft, philanthropist, newspaper publisher, politician and business man, who died Tuesday night at the age of 86, was retained, in death as his body was laid to rest today. Like the Taft home, just a few blocks away, Christ church stands in the old financial district amid factories, stores and apartment houses. Mr. Taft was one of the city’s few wealthy men who refused to move from the district when its mansions were swallowed up by business firms. Interment at Spring Grove cemetery. Chief Justice, William Howard Taft, half brother of Charles, and his wife were scheduled to arrive from Washington this morning to attend the services. (need end of obit).

TAFT, JOHN       IJRN SEPT. 08, 1869
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Taft on August 29th, a daughter.

TAITE, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 21, 1861
Married in West Ironton, by P. R. Polley, Esq., John Taite to Miss Margaret Cartwight.

TANNER, JOHN       I.R. JUN. 09, 1853
Died of consumption at the residence of George Tanner at Amanda, Ky., on the 25th ult., John Tanner, son of George Tanner. He was 24 years old and leaves a wife and 2 small children.

Died on Jan. 25th, at Amanda Fce., Ky., of congestion of the brain, Robert Passmore, the son of George and Elizabeth Tanner, aged about 10 years.

TATE, JOEL       I.R. NOV. 25, 1880

TATE, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 25, 1906

TAYLOR, MRS. C. B.       I.R. JUL. 01, 1880

TAYLOR, MRS. JULIA (NIGH)       I.R. JUN. 24, 1880*

TAYLOR, MRS. MARGARET       I.R. MAY 15, 1902

TAYLOR, THOMAS       I.R. JUN. 31, 1861

TAYLOR, W. H.       IJRN FEB. 02, 1870
Died at his residence in Portsmouth, Oh., January 26th, Mr. W. H. Taylor, aged 50y 6m 8d.

TEMPLE, FRANK       I.R. MAR. 24, 1870

TEMPLETON, SUSAN E.       I.R. NOV. 02, 1871

TERRY, CLARENCE       I.R. APR. 07, 1912
Quietly married – Misses Edna and Pearl Crawford went to Cincinnati Saturday, and were joined there by Mr. Clarence Terry of Middletown, Miss Edna and Mr. Terry were quietly married in Covington, Ky., on Saturday. He then returned to his home and she and her sister returned to this city. Mr. Terry will come for his bride on the day originally set apart for the wedding on April 17th. Miss Crawford is one of the finest and noblest of our young people, having filled the place of a mother in her father’s household, since the mother’s death, several years ago.

TERRY, BENJAMIN F.       I.R. DEC. 10, 1863

TERRY, DELLA       I.R. MAY 28, 1863

TERRY, LOGAN       I.R. SEP. 06, 1866

TERRY, PAT       I.R. JULY 7, 1881
Pat. Terry, formerly of Millersport, was drowned off the Memphis wharfboat, last Saturday.

TERRY, ROBERT W., CAPTAIN       I.R. SEP. 06, 1866

TERRY, WILLIAM WALLER       I.R. FEB. 23, 1860

TETTS, CHILD       I.R. OCT. 05, 1876
(East End Items) Wm. Tetts youngest child, a little girl died last Sunday of whooping cough.

THACKER, JANE       I.R. DEC. 16, 1869

THIMMES, JOHN       I.R. SEPT. 29, 1887
An engineer on the Scioto Valley, was killed last Friday, at Columbus. He was leaning out, at the side of the locomotive, while it was running fast. . . Mr. Thimmes was the gentleman who bought Gen. Kelly’s farm, below Hanging Rock. He had put his brother-in-law in charge of it.

THOM, MRS. LORUSIA V.       IWR NOV. 28, 1896
Aged 79 years, died Sunday evening at the home of her son, Clark Thom, of No. 226 south 7th street of asthma. Interment at Short Branch, Kentucky.

THOMAS, MRS. ALMA (MURDOCK)       I.R. MAY 12, 1887
Daughter of I. B. Murdock, died at Kingwood, W.Va., last Monday in her 20th year. Married last December. Her father and mother were at her bedside. Will and Thos. Murdock, W. H. Peters, Mrs. F. W. Ehrlich, Miss Clara Newman, and T. I. Murdock, of Ironton, attended the funeral.

THOMAS, DAVID N.       I.R. MAR. 24, 1887
Died Mar. 20, David N. Thomas, aged 70 years.

THOMAS, DAVID R.       I.R. APR. 25, 1867

THOMAS, EDWARD A.       I.R. AUG. 25, 1864
In Memoriam of Edward A. Thomas who was mortally wounded near Winchester, Va., died July 26, 1864.

THOMAS, EDWARD A.       I.R. FEB. 23, 1865
Biography of – Edward A. Thomas was born Jan. 8, 1834, in Hamilton county, State of Ohio; removed to Lawrence county in the year 1857. Was among the first to enlist in his country’s service, April 23, 1861. After being mustered out of the 3 months service, he finished his law studies, and was admitted to the Bar, May, 1862. He again entered the service in the 2nd VA Calvary, Oct. 1, 1862, and was at the time of his death, July 21, 1864, Sergant Major of the regiment . . . He fell mortally wounded while bravely fighting for our country, at the battle near Winchester, July, 1864 and died July 26, 1864.

THOMAS, EDWARD A.       I.R. MAY 24, 1900

Wife of Rev. Jonathan Thomas, died at her home on 7th street, last Monday, after a long illness. She was the daughter of Rev. John Jones, of Llangollen, one of the most noted divines of Wales. Her age was about 50. She married Jonathan Thomas on the 16th of December, 1860. The occasion was a double wedding ( need end of obit. – check the year 1888)

THOMAS, FREDERICK       I.R. NOV. 18, 1886

THOMAS, GEORGE       I.R. SEP. 04, 1862*

THOMAS, GEORGE       I.R. NOV. 08, 1894*

THOMAS, INFANT       IWR JUN. 26, 1897
An infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thomas of Pine Grove died Tuesday afternoon and was buried there Wednesday.

THOMAS, REV. JAMES       I.T. MAY 15, 1902
Pioneer citizen of Ironton, died Wednesday at his home on North 5th St. He was born April 13, 1822, at Carmarthenshire, Wales, emigrating to America to locate in 1849,at the age of 27 years. In company with is father, he settled at Pittsburg, where two weeks after their arrival, his father died. He was married on August 1, 1850, to Miss Susannah Prichard, sister of John Prichard, who was for several years manager of the Lawrence mill. Of this union 12 children were born, of which six died in infancy; James P. who died some years ago, and J. Wesley, Richard, George F., and Charles J., and Miss Sallie Thomas, who survive him. With the exception of Charles J., who now resides in New York, all are residents of Ironton.
In 1857, Mr. Thomas came to Ironton and followed his avocation of an iron worker. In 1873 he became a stockholder in and vice president of the Lawrence Iron Works . . . He was one of the original directors and stockholders of the Ironton Gas Co., in connection with Emerson McMillin, now of New York. His wife died in 1876. Ordained a deacon in 1851 at Allegheny, Pa., by Biship Morris of the M. E. church . . . Also survived by John J., a brother of Zanesville, Ohio, Mrs. Caroline Ede of Jackson, Ohio, and Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts of Spokane, Wash., sisters. Burial at Woodland.

THOMAS, JANE MARIA       I.R. SEP. 30, 1862

THOMAS, JOHN N.       SWI. DEC. 25, 1906*

THOMAS, LEVI       I.R. SEP. 14, 1869       IJRN OCT. 06, 1869
Died on September 14th at the residence of sister in Utica, NY, of pulmonary consumption, Levi Thomas of Rock Camp, age 21 years.

THOMAS, MRS. LUCY       I.R. SEP. 16, 1886

THOMAS, MAGGIE       I.R. SEPT. 08, 1887
Died – Maggie, daughter of John Thomas, at Vesuvius, aged 8 months.

THOMAS, MARIA       I.R. APR. 07, 1859

THOMAS, MRS. MARTHA       I.R. DEC. 28, 1871

THOMAS, MARY SUSAN       I.R. AUG. 30, 1866

THOMAS, MERRIMAN       ADOD JUL. 21, 1886       I.R. JUL. 29, 1886

THOMAS, MRS. REBECCA (GROSS)       I.R. JUL. 12, 1900*

THOMAS, RICHARD       I.R. JUN. 02, 1853
Drowned. Richard Thomas, fell off the steamer “PITTSBURGH.” He had been to Covington to see his family . . .

THOMAS, THOMAS       I.R. MAR. 25, 1865

THOMAS, W.       I.R. SEP. 20, 1883
Quaker Bottom – Since my last, Winchester Wakefield and W. Thomas have passed away.

THOMAS, WILLIAM E.       I.R. MAR. 21, 1901
William E. Thomas, of Wellston, Ohio, brother of Deputy Auditor J. N. Thomas, died Sunday of cancer of the liver. The deceased was almost 70 years of age. He was born in Monroe Co., O., May 17, 1831, and came to Mason Tp., this county, with his parents. Taught school in this county and was married in 1854 to Susanna Hull, a sister of the late Mrs. John N. Thomas. � The deceased leaves a wife and four children, Mrs. Brothers, Mrs. Joseph Carr and James E. Thomas of Wellston and Mrs. Ward Taylor of Waterloo. Mrs. F. A. Dupuy and Miss Mattie Thomas of this city attended the funeral. This the third and last of Mr. Thomas’ brothers to die in the past ten months.

THOMSON, A. T.       I.R. OCT. 05, 1865
Died on the 18th ult., Mr. A. T. Thomson, in the 46th year of his age.

THOMPSON,       I.R. NOV. 14, 1878
A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thompson, nearly 3 years old died of croup in Ashland last Saturday. Buried: Woodland

THOMPSON, A. T.       I.R. OCT. 05, 1865

THOMPSON, MRS. ELENORA       I.R. JUN. 27, 1861

THOMPSON, ELLEN       I.R. AUG. 04, 1859

THOMPSON, EMORY       I.R. JUN. 10, 1936

Died Mar. 24th at Catlettsburg, Ky., of pneumonia, Eugene, son of Alf Thompson aged 2y 6m.

THOMPSON, GEORGE W.       I.R. NOV. 08, 1888

THOMPSON, GEORGE W.       SWI. DEC. 24, 1907*

THOMPSON, JACOB       I.R. JUL. 09, 1874

THOMPSON, JAMES       I.R. OCT. 11, 1883*

THOMPSON, JOHN M.       I.R. NOV. 03, 1853
Died on the 18th ult., at his residence near Vesuvius Furnace, Mr. John M. Thompson, in the 28th year of his age.

THOMPSON, LOTTA       I.R. NOV. 14, 1878
Died at Ashland, Ky., Nov. 09, the daughter of G. W. and _____ Thompson, age 3 years.

THOMPSON, MARY       I.R. NOV. 12, 1863

THOMPSON, MARY E.       I.R. MAR. 18, 1880

THOMPSON, NELLIE       I.R. FEB. 03, 1898
Scott Town – Died last week, Nellie Thompson, daughter of George Thompson.

THOMPSON, OLIE       I.R. SEPT. 12, 1901
Committed Suicide – Sunday afternoon, Olie Thompson, a young man of Burlington, Ohio committed suicide. Thompson was raised by Wm. Null, a groceryman at that place, and was living with him at the time the sad act occurred. …. found body on floor with a smoking revolver by his side. Funeral arrangements have not been made.

THOMPSON, REES       I.R. AUG. 14, 1856
Died on the 25th ult., at his father’s residence in Scioto county, Mr. Rees Thompson, son of J. L. Thompson, Esq., age 34y 9m 9d.

THOMPSON, TABITHA       I.R. NOV. 11, 1886

THOMPSON, WILLIAM       I.R. JAN. 24, 1901
William Thompson, aged 21 years, son of C. C. Thompson of South 4th street, died of typhoid fever this afternoon. Burial at Woodland.

THORNTON, MRS.       I.R. MAR. 30, 1905

THORNTON, A. M.       I.R. MAY 7, 1896
A. M. Thornton, this esteemed citizen of Windsor township, died at his home April 25th, at the age of 69 years. He was born in Virginia and came to Lawrence county over 50 years ago. He was buried at Locust Grove cemetery. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn him.

THOROMAN, WILLIAM       I.R. MAY 04, 1854
Married on April 30th, at Aberdeen, Ohio, by Squire Shelton, Mr. Wm. Thoroman and Miss Marinda Bower, both of Ironton.

THURTON, MARY       I.R. DEC. 22, 1870

TIERNAN, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 17, 1864
Died at his residence in Rome Township, Lawrence county, Ohio, on the 19th of Sept. 1864, John Tiernan, Esq., in the 71st year of his life. Native of Brooke Co., Va., born June 9, 1794. Settled in Ohio in 1832. In 1836, he married Miss Amanda Buffington of Cabell Co., Va., who survives him and occupies the large and elegant mansion on the Ohio river which he selected as their home, not long after their marriage . .

TINKER, LILLIE       I.R. JUN. 06, 1861
Died – Lillie, infant daughter of M. Z. and Jennie Tinker and granddaughter of E. Hurd, aged 8 months in Sanodoval, Illinois.

TODD, PAUL       I.R. MAR. 28, 1889
Two old citizens of Rome township recently died, Paul Todd, died last Sunday, and Thos. Henderson last Friday. They lived near each other, back of Millersport. They were over 80 years old.

TOLBERT, MRS. CHAS.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1887
Deaths – Feb. 24, Mrs. Chas. Tolbert, 46 years.

TOLBERT, RUTH       I.R. JAN. 14, 1892
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Tolbert, of Coal Grove died of diphtheria last Monday, aged 7 �, interment in Woodland cemetery.

TOLBERT, SISIE G.       I.R. JUL. 29, 1875

TOLD, SILAS       I.R. NOV. 03, 1887
Died – Oct. 29, Silas Told, aged 25.

TOMLINSON, HENRY W.       I.R. JUL. 06, 1854
Married at Portsmouth, June 28th, Henry W. Tomlinson, to Miss Elenora E. Conway, daughter of B. F. Conway, Esq.

TOWELL, EMILY SEVAH       I.R. NOV. 06, 1856
Died in Portsmouth, of croup, Emily Sevah, daughter of J. F. and C. Towell, aged 3 years.

TOWNE, JUDGE HENRY A.       I.R. FEB. 23, 1888
The Lawrence county bar passed resolutions expressive of their respect for the memory of Judge Henry A. Towne, whose funeral took place at Portsmouth, last Tuesday afternoon.

TRACY, CHARLES OSCAR ESQ.       I.R. OCT. 25, 1855

TRACY, SAMUEL M.       I.R. JAN. 01, 1857
Died Christmas eve., in Portsmouth, Sam’l M. Tracy, many years Attorney at Law at that place, aged 63 years. Prosecuting Attorney for Scioto county for 28 years.

TRACY, V. D. L.       I.R. APR. 20, 1854
Married on the 12th inst., at Portsmouth, Mr. V. D. L. Tracy and Miss Annice B. Davis, both of that place.

TRACY, V. D. L.       I.R. AUG. 09, 1860

TREADWAY,       I.R. JUN. 29, 1876

TREADWAY, JOHN       NEED TO COPY       I.R. OCT. 02, 1890*

Died near Paris, Ill., June 24th, Mrs. Em. Trowbridge, wife of Lemuel Trowbrdige and eldest daughter of Madison and Mariah Johnston, aged 33y 2d.

TRUE, MRS. LULA LEE HART       IET JUN. 10, 1938

TRUMBO, DR.       I.R. OCT. 16, 1890
Met his death by accident at Millersport, last Tuesday. He fell into a cistern, and whether he was drowned or fatally hurt we did not learn, as only the sad announcement of his death has reached us (Fell in the cistern, breaking his neck.)
      ALSO       I.R. OCT. 23, 1890
He married Miss Bartram, daughter of James A. Bartram in 1850 had 2 boys and 2 girls . . .

TRUMBO, GEORGE       I.R. MAR. 05, 1860

TRUMBO, NANCY A.       I.R. NOV. 03, 1864

TRUMBO, SARAH EUGENIA       I.R. JAN. 19, 1860

TUCKER, MRS. NANCY A.       I.R. NOV. 03, 1864
Died – Oct. 29th, of conjestive chills, Mrs. Nancy A. Tucker, wife of Lewis Tucker, and daughter of William and Mary Jane Sterne, age 35y 10m 21d.

TULGA, MRS. HENRY       I.R. MAY 24, 1888

TULGA, HENRY       M.I. JAN. 18, 1910
Stephen Tulga and son Leonard, who were called here by the death of Henry Tulga returned Monday to their home in Columbus.

TULVY, MRS.       I.R. AUG. 30, 1883
Deaths – Tulvy – Aug. 26, Mrs. Tulvy, Ice Creek, aged 48 years.

TUPPER, EDWARD W. GENERAL       I.R. APR. 30, 1874

TURLEY, BERTHA       I.R. JAN. 19, 1871



TURLEY, PETER L.       I.R. JAN. 20, 1870
From Quaker Bottom – At the residence of the bridegroom, by Rev. J. D. Fry, Mr. Peter L. Turley and Miss Ethel Adie Shaw, were married, Dec. 29th, 1869.

TURNER, INFANT       IWR FEB. 11, 1893
The Angel of death called at Mr. G. Turner’s one day last week and took his infant to join its mother who died a few months ago.

TURNER, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 25, 1906

TURNER, JOSEPH       I.R. AUG. 11, 1853
Died near Guyandotte, on the 30th ult., Mr. Joseph Turner, at an advanced age.

TURNER, WILLIAM M.E.       I.R. DEC. 22, 1870

TURVEY, EDWARD       I.R. FEB. 18, 1892
Edward Turvey was killed in a coal mine near Nelsonville, Ohio last Monday, by slate falling on him. He was 18 years old and lived nearly all his life at Newcastle in this county.

TURVEY, HENRY       I.R. NOV. 23, 1854
Married On the 19th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Henry Turvey, of Lawrence county and Mary North, of Greenup county, Ky.

TURVEY, ROBERT       I.R. MAY 03, 1888
Deaths – April 25, Rob’t Turvey, aged 13.

TWEED, WILLIAM M.       I.R. APR. 18, 1878
Died at Ludlow jail, New York, last Friday . . .

TYLER, INFANT       I.R. SEP. 13, 1883
Died Sept. 8, 4 year old child of Mrs. Doe Tyler.

TYLER, JOHN       I.R. FEB. 03, 1881

TYLER, RICHARD       I.R. JUN. 19, 1902
Pioneer resident of Ironton died Tuesday at the home of his son, ex-Mayor E. F. Tyler at 2nd street and Drury Lane. He was 75 years of age, having been born in England March 28, 1827. He came to America in ’49 and after a residence of 14 years at Pittsburg, came to Ironton. He leaves four children: Samuel Tyler and Mrs. C. R. Crawshaw of Findlay, Ohio, Mrs. Otto Otten and E. F. Tyler of Ironton.

TYNDALE, LT.       I.R. MAY 11, 1865
The body of a drowned man was discovered floating down the shore . . . believed to be the body of Lieut. Tyndale, who was drowned above Burlington on Oct. 22 . . .

TYREE, FRANK       I.R. MAR. 06, 1902

TYRRELL, DR. WM. S.       I.R. FEB. 05, 1857
Married on the 26th ult., Dr. Wm. S. Tyrrell, of Welston, Scioto county, to Miss Kate Stephenson, of Jackson Furnace.