Misc Obituaries: Volume 1 -S

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


Remember, obituaries are charged half a cent a word, cash to accompany the order. Watch this. Also, remember that all anonymous communications will be thrown in the waste basket. I.R. Sept. 29, 1887
Also note: Some of these obituaries are quite long in their actual form and have been condensed for this publication. Thank you, Sharon Kouns.

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SACK, JOHN       I.R. SEPT. 08, 1887
Died – Sept. 5, John Sack, at Newcastle, aged 7 years.

SACKEL, AUGUST       I.R. MAR. 22, 1888
Died, Mar. 17, August Sackel, aged 38.

Died June 29th at the Alpine House, White Mountains, N.H., Bernard Van Horn Safford, Esq., of Zanesville, Ohio.

SAFFORD, LEWIS M.       I.R. JAN. 15, 1857
Married on the 31st ult., Lewis M. Safford to Miss Joanna Jane Spicer, both of Gallipolis.

SAILOR, JOSEPH       I.R. NOV. 30, 1905
Master mechanic at C. H. & D. railroad at Wellston, died in that city Saturday. He was a former resident of this county and city (need to copy end of obit)

SALYARDS, WM. E.     Ironton Jrnl., Feb. 28, 1895
Died – Wm. E. Salyards, formerly of Ironton, ran over and killed by a cable car last Saturday. Age about 9 years old. Remains brought home.

SAMPLE, E. R.       I.R. MAR. 09, 1865
Married on the 2nd of March, at Rising Sun, Indiana, by Rev. Reed, Mr. E. R. Sample and Miss Lena Best.

SAMPLE, SAMUEL C.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1892
Died at his home on Railroad street, in this city, last Friday, Feb. 26th, in the 44th year of his age. Born in Mercer county, PA, Dec. 1848 and came from Pittsburg to Ironton (in 1870) when about 25 years of age. Married to Miss Mary Winters, daughter of Thomas Winters. His brother, William Sample and two sons, William and Harry, of Sharon, PA; Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Bush of Gallipolis, Mrs. Capt. W. H. Winters, of Washington City, Mr. Gillie Bush, of Proctorville, Mrs. Will Miller of Springville and other relatives from abroad attend the funeral. He was married on August 17, 1874 to Mary Jane Winters. (His brother-in-law was Aaron Winters.)

SAMPLE, MISS TILLIE     Ironton Jrnl., March 14, 1895
Miss Tillie Sample, daughter of G. W. Sample, died in Cincinnati last Friday.

SAMPSON, COLEBY       I.R. MAR. 27, 1862
Died – Coleby Sampson, soldier, belonging to Capt. A. Means’ Company, 14th Kentucky regiment died in this place on Sunday last, March 23d, aged 22 years. His father stopped off the steamer Woodside to see him, but before he could get to the house where he was sick, the son was dead. His remains were taken to Ohio Furnace for burial. He belonged to a patriotic family – the father, three sons, and two sons-in-law, all being in the Army of the Union.

SAMUEL, JOHN       I.R. FEB. 23, 1854

SAMUELS, formerly MRS. J. D. JENKINS       I.R OCT. 23, 1873*

SAMUELS, MRS. LYDIA       I.R. OCT. 23, 1873

SAMUELS, MARGARET       I.R. JAN. 26, 1871

SARGENT, JAMES D.       I.R. NOV. 19, 1857
Married on Nov. 11th, at the residence of S. P. Calvin, Esq., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. James D. Sargent, of Felicity, Ohio, and Miss Arethusa Pollock, of Ironton.

SAUNDERS, MISS DORA       I.T. AUG. 21, 1927

SAVAGE, MRS.       I.R. FEB. 22, 1877
Died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Anderson, last Thursday. Her remains were taken to Maysville for burial.

SAVAGE, ANNIE       I.R. MAR. 22, 1888
Died, Mar. 16, Annie Savage, aged 14.

SAVAGE, BENJAMIN       I.R. JAN. 08, 1885

SAVAGE, EDWARD       I.R. JUN. 01, 1865
Married at Hanging Rock, Ohio, May 25th, by Rev. Daniel Harris, Mr. Edward Savage of Greenup county, Ky., to Miss Mary Ann Fox, of Hanging Rock.

SAVAGE, MRS. ELIZA       I.R. APR. 17, 1878

SAVAGE, JOSEPH       I.R. MAR. 03, 1892
Well known citizen of Kentucky, lived on a farm opposite of Hanging Rock, was run over by a C & O train last Sunday night. He had been at Greenup and was returning home, when he sat down on the track and went to sleep. The cars came thundering along and struck him, killing him instantly. He was a man of family.

SAVAGE, JOSEPH W.       I.R. FEB. 18, 1864

SAVAGE, JOSEPH W.       I.R. FEB. 19, 1891
The funeral of Jos. W. Savage took place last Saturday afternoon. The remains were already in the receiving vault at Woodland. Judge Cherrington, H. B. Wilson, H. E. Norton, Jas. W. Slater, S. B. Steece and E. S. Wilson attended as pall bearers. Rev. Goodison, of the Episcopal Church read the burial service.

SAVAGE, P.M.       NEED TO COPY GOOD OBIT**       I.R. SEP. 03, 1903/9

SAVAGE, MRS. SAMUEL       I.R. APR. 04, 1878
Mother of James and Pleasant Savage, died at her residence on March 26. Came to Lawrence county in 1854 from Fleming county, KY. Her husband was Samuel Savage who died in 1842. Her father was still living at the advanced age of 95 years. She was buried in Lewis county, Ky.

SAVAGE, MRS. W. J.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1887
The deceased was formerly, Miss Mame White, daughter of Dr. J. F. White, and a most estimable young lady. Only a few weeks before her death, and while upon her sick bed, she was wedded Mr. W. J. Savage, who is left thus early in life, with an irreparable sorrow. Died Feb. 22, aged about 19.

Married December 24th by Rev. F. Dickman, Mr. Nicholas Savary and Mrs. Isabella Runner.

SAWYER, MRS. W. J.       I.R. FEB. 17, 1887
W. J. Sawyer, who recently taught school at Burlington, writes us from Canon City, under date of February 11, as follows: I came to this place Feb. 1, in answer to a telegram notifying me of the serious illness of my wife, who came West with her mother, Mrs. J. S. Faverty, last Fall. Feb. 2, wife passed quietly to the Better Land. She had been ill of typhoid fever twelve days ago. I shall not return to Ohio, but expect to continue in educational work here. Wife was only 22 years old. Regards to fellow teachers.

SAYRE, CAPT. D. F.       I.R. NOV. 21, 1895
Died – Capt. D. F. Sayre, formerly of this county and a brother-in-law of J. L. Anderson, died at Marietta today.

SCAMMON, GEN.       I.R. DEC. 13, 1894
All of the Union soldiers about here who served in West Virginia, will remember Gen. Scammon. He commanded the Kanawha division in 1863. He died at his home on Washington Heights, N.Y., last Friday. He was born in Maine 1816; graduated from West Point in 1837. He was afterwards a tutor at West Point and taught Gen. Grant and Gen. Rosecrans. In the Mexican War he was aid to Gen. Scott. In 1864 he was captured by the Confederates and put in Libby prison.

SCANLAN, MORRIS       I.R. SEPT. 16, 1887
Died – Sept. 7, Morris Scanlan, aged 78.

SCANLON, MORRIS       I.R. JAN. 16, 1902
Died – Dec. 13, 1901, – struck by street car on North 5th street.

SCHACHLEITER, F. S. SR.       I.R. JUL. 04, 1867


SCHAFER, STEPHEN       I.R. JUL. 09, 1896*

The body of William Shafer took the suicide route to eternity . . . Age 24. He married when quite young, wife divorced him. . . Schafer had a love affair with a married woman, Mrs. Alice Johnson, whose husband was serving a sentence for violating the Johnson pistol law. Believed a quarrel broke out between Schafer and the Johnson woman made him take his life.

SCHAUCHNESSEY,       I.R. MAY 19, 1881

SCHELL,       I.R. OCT. 10, 1886

SCHMANDER, BARBARA       I.R. OCT. 20, 1887
Died – Oct. 13, Barbara Schmander, aged 49.

SCHMIDT, LOUIE       I.R. MAR. 06, 1902

SCHMIDT, MRS. MINNIE       I.R. JAN. 08, 1885

SCHNORR, FRANKLIN J.       I.R. MAY 13, 1880

SCHUELLER, WOLFGANG       I.R. MAR. 23, 1871

SCHWEIKART, GEORGE       I.R. SEPT. 01, 1887
Died Aug. 25, George, son of F. Schweikart, aged 29?.

SCHWEIKART, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 24, 1887
Died Mar. 19, child of F. Schweikart, aged 8 years.

SCIOR, ADAM       I.R. FEB. 25, 1904*


SCOTT, ADDIE       I.R. JUL. 23, 1868

SCOTT, BENJAMIN F.       I.R. AUG. 25, 1859

SCOTT, BEJAMIN URIAH       I.R. OCT. 03, 1850
Died on the 25th, Benjamin Uriah, son of Perry and Lucinda Scott, aged 4y 2d.

SCOTT, MISS ELIZA       I.R. NOV. 29, 1860
Died at Hanging Rock on Nov. 18th at the residence of her sister (Mrs. Rodgers), Miss Eliza Scott in the 42nd year of her age.

SCOTT, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. JAN. 09, 1851
Died on the 8th of consumption, Mrs. Elizabeth Scott formerly of Scioto county, aged 60 years.

SCOTT, GEORGE NEWTON       I.R. FEB. 04, 1864

SCOTT, MISS JENNIE       I.R. JUN. 19, 1862*

SCOTT, JOSEPH (colored)       I.R. MAR. 01, 1877*

SCOTT, MRS. KATHERINE       I.R. APR. 06, 1899*       OR APR. 16       NEED TO CHECK

SCOTT, MISS MARISSA       I.R. MAY 30, 1878
Daughter of John W. and Rebecca Scott died May 08, 1878. She was born in Ironton April 20, 1877.

SCOTT, OLIVER P.       IET FEB. 03, 1933
Born August 22, 1844 in Scioto Co., Ohio. He married April 24, 1866 to Miss Sarah A. Smith who died in 1927. He served in the Civil War in Co. A 39th Reg. Of Ohio. He has resided in Coal Grove for the last 23 years. He is survived by the following children: William Scott of Ashland, Mrs. Ida Clark of Cleveland, Dorothy Scott and Elizabeth Scott at home. One sister, Julia Cooper of Portland, Oregon.

SCOTT, ROBERT       I.R. JUN. 12, 1890
Last Saturday eve. Robert Scott died in Ironton, and on Sunday morning Thomas W. Means expired in Ashland. Robert Scott was born near Paris, Ky., Sept. 22, 1809. While yet a young man, he became interested in the iron business and was connected with several furnaces across the river. In 1838, he was married to Catherine Garrett, who survives him. In 1850, he left the Kentucky furnaces and came to Ohio, settling first at Ohio furnace and then at Mt. Vernon furnace, which he owned and managed for 27 years. . . .
In 1867, Mr. Scott moved to Ironton and took charge of the Ironton Rolling Mill . . . There were ten children in this family, six of whom are still living. There were at the funeral – George, Harry and Miss Nora, the latter arriving from New York. Mrs. Field was with a sick daughter in the East and could not leave her. Interment at Woodland.
I.R. Jan. 20, 1887 – Mrs. Fannie Gardner and son, and Mrs. Alice Spear and daughter, are now at their father’s, Robert Scott’s. Mrs. Spear is quite sick, and came all the way from Eureka, Mo., in a parlor car, accompanied by her brother, Mr. Geo. Scott. She bore the trip well.

SCOTT, THOMAS G.       I.R. MAR. 01, 1877*

SCOTT, MRS. VIRGINIA       I.R. APR. 14, 1864

SCOVILL, MRS. ANN (GILLEN)       I.R. OCT. 12, 1865
Died Oct. 4th, near Burlington,of Bilous Diarrhea, wife of Curtis Scovill, Esq., in her 69th year, born in Pennsylvania. Came to Ohio with her parents, William and Rachel Gillen in 1829. A good mother.

SCOVILL, CURTIS       IJRN JUL. 12, 1870
Died July 9th, Saturday, after a lingering illness, Mr. Cutris Scovill of Union Twp., aged about 70 years.

SCOVILL, MRS. MATTHEW       I.R. JAN. 21, 1904
L. E. Kouns received a telegram Thursday from Shreveport, La., announcing the death of his aunt, Mrs. Matthew Scovell.

SCOVILL, CAPT. W. T.       I.R. JULY 4, 1895
Death – Capt. W. T. Scovill died at Jeffersonville, Indiana, last Monday. He was formerly a resident of Burlington and Ironton. In the former place he spent his boyhood days. In Ironton he was engaged in business along about 1856 and 7. He was one of the parties who built the old machine shop, on Fourth, near the gas works. He was associated with the Kounses in the southern steamboat trade, and made considerable money.

Mrs. Henry F. Price of Catlettsburg, received a telegram this morning announcing the death of her aunt, Mrs. Alice Eaton Scoville at Shreveport, La. Her nephew, attorney J. F. Eaton of Huntington left this morning for Shreveport and will accompany the body back to the old home at Proctorville, Ohio, where interment will be made. Mrs. Scoville was a cousin of Dr. W. O. Eaton and Mrs. B. F. Forgey of this city and an aunt of Mrs. Harry Price of Catlettsburg. Her husband, Capt. Mat Scoville, deceased resided in Ashland many years ago.

SCRIPTURE, MRS. LUCINDA     Ironton Jrnl., July 26, 1894
Mrs. Lucinda Scripture, mother of R. G. Scripture, died last Saturday with flux. Age 79 yrs. old.

SECKERMAN, TENA       I.R. OCT. 27, 1887
Died – Oct. 21, Tena Seckerman, aged 23 years.


SEELEY, SAMUEL       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 21, Samuel Seeley, aged 42.

SEELEY, URI HON.       NEED TO COPY       I.R. AUG. 23, 1877

SEIP, INFANT       I.R. JUN. 09, 1887
Died – June 3, infant child of Henry Seip.

SEIP, MRS. ROSANNA       I.R. OCT. 19, 1899
Mrs. Rosanna Seip, a former resident of Ironton died at Carlisle, O., on Sept. 23rd.

SELB, LEONARD       I.R. NOV. 14, 1895
Infant child, Leonard, of Mr. And Mrs. H. C. Selb.

SELBEE, JAMES       I.R. NOV. 30, 1905

SELBY, MR.       I.R. FEB. 10, 1887
Mr. Selby of Ironton High School, was called to Athens county last week, by the sudden death of his father, who was a farmer, and died from the effects of a fall in his barn.

SENNOT, MR.       IET. MAR. 02, 1876

SERROTT, JOHN B.       I.R. SEPT. 10, 1857
Died in Wheelersburgh, Aug. 17th, of consumption, Mr. John B. Serrott, aged 63 years.

SESHER, CHILD       I.R. JAN. 24, 1901
A 4-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sesher of Hanging Rock died last Saturday. Interment at the Hanging Rock Cemetery.

SETDLEMEYER, JOSEPH       I.R. JAN. 01, 1891
Administrator’s Sale of Real Estate – described – George B. Davies, Adm’r of the estate of Joseph Setdlemeyer, deceased. By Johnson & Booth, his Att’ys.

SEXTON, ELLA MARIE       IET. FEB. 09, 1931

SHAFER, CONRAD       I.R. OCT. 28, 1875

SHAFER, MRS. ELIZA       I.R. MAR. 05, 1857
Died on March 2nd, in this town, Mrs. Eliza Shafer, wife of John Shafer, aged 26 years.

SHAFER, JOHN SR.       I.R. NOV. 30, 1905

SHAFFER, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. MAR. 05, 1857

SHAFFER, MRS. BERTIE       I.R. SEPT. 12, 1901
Died at her home near Dobbston last night. She had been ill for sometime. She was the daughter of J. W. Mayberry. Four years ago she was married to Albert Shaffer, son of Supt. C. W. Shaffer, who, with one child, a 2 year old boy, survive her.

SHANK, MARY S.       I.R. JAN. 13, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 10, Mary S. Shank, aged 42.

SHARP, JOHN       I.R. DEC. 29, 1853
Married on the 25th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. John Sharp to Miss Sarah Conforth, both of Ironton.

SHARP, R. M.       IWR JAN. 14, 1893
Mr. W. A. Sharp, the Quincy street grocer, received a telegram Monday announcing the death of his son, R. M. Sharp, at Los Angeles, California Sunday. He was about 38 years old and leaves a wife. Funeral will take place in California. IWR 14 Jan 1893.

SHARP, WILLIAM HENRY       M.I. JUN. 11, 1914
Having passed his 94th year, William H. Sharp, died at his home on South 6th street near Jefferson street. Pioneer resident of this city. His wife preceded him in death a few years ago, since her death, he was cared for by his daughter, Mrs. George Bradshaw. He was the last of his family. He was born in Chatham, Columbia county, N.Y. on November 5, 1819. He was raised to young manhood in Buffalo, WV and came to Ironton in 1870. He was a wagon maker by trade. After he came to Ironton, he conducted a grocery on Quincy between 3rd and 4th streets. His death is mourned by the following children: Mrs. George Bradshaw of this city; Zerah of Bridgeport, O., Roscoe of Portland, Oregon; Henry Sharp, the noted Indian painter and artist of Taos, New Mexico; Mrs. Frank W. Perkins of Paris, France and Avery of California. Burial at Woodland.

SHARP, MRS. WILLIAM HENRY       I.R. JUN. 01, 1911
Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Sharp, beloved wife of Wm. Henry Sharp, died at her home on South 6th street, Wednesday evening. Suffered from diabetes. Elizabeth Anne Rayner was born in Belmont county, Ohio, near Bridgeport, March 12, 1829 and on January 7, 1847 at Bellaire she was married to Wm. Henry Sharp, who is still alive at the advanced age of 92. They would have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in January next, being the oldest married couple in Lawrence county. For the 1st 25 years they resided in Bridgeport and Wheeling. In 1867, they moved to Buffalo and in October, 1870 came to Ironton where they have since resided. Seven children were born to them, all of whom are living but one, Morrell, who died in Los Angeles in January, 1893. The surviving children are: Zerah Sharp of Bridgeport; Roy Sharp of Portland, Oregon; Mrs. Geo. W. Bradshaw of this city; J. H. Sharp, the famous Indian painer, now located at Crow Indian Agency; Mrs. Frank Perkins, of New York and Avery Sharp of California. Burial at Woodland.

SHATTUCK, MRS.       I.R. AUG. 07, 1873

SHAW, ABBY       I.R. MAR. 28, 1861

SHAW, ELIZA       I.R. OCT. 04, 1866

SHAW, EMELINE       I.R. AUG. 28, 1879

SHAW, JOSEPH DeWOLF       I.R. MAR. 24, 1853
Died at Marietta, on the 18th inst., Joseph De Wolf, son of Joseph P. and Mary D. Shaw, of this town, aged 5m 11d.

SHAW, JOSEPH P.       I.R. MAY 17, 1900

SHAW, MRS. MARY D. (PERKINS)       I.R. SEPT. 08, 1853
Died in Marietta, on the 27th inst., after a lingering illness, Mrs. Mary D. Shaw, wife of J. P. Shaw, and daughter of Doct. E. B. Perkins. Leaves husband and one child.

SHEETS, INFANT       I.R. MAY 24, 1888
Child of John Sheets, died May 19, age 9 months.

Died – Samuel Sheets murdered at Crown City. Stabbed in the head with a knife.

SHEELER, JACOB       I.R. JUN. 22, 1854
Suicide – on Saturday morning last, Jacob Sheeler, an old and well known founder of the blast furnaces put an end to his life by cutting his throat with a common pocket knife. He has resided for several years on his farm in Kentucky, some 2-3 miles above this place.

SHEEN, MRS. MARY       I.R. APR. 05, 1871
Died on the 2d inst., at the residence of James Warren, near Petersburg, Mrs. Mary Sheen, of Pittsburg, Pa., aged 20 years.

SHELER, JEREMIAH       I.R. FEB. 05, 1857
Married in Ironton, Jan. 29th by Jacob Lair, Esq., Jeremiah Sheler and Mary Ann Pickerel, both of Greenup Co., Ky.

SHELTON, WALTER T.       IJRN NOV. 17, 1869
Married November 15, at the Ironton House, by Rev. J. D. Fry, Mr. Walter T. Shelton and Miss Mary Y. Ferguson.

SHERER, FRED       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
Deaths – Feb. 24, Fred Sherer, aged 35.

SHERER, MICHAEL       I.R. JAN. 21, 1892
Well known tinner, of Ironton, died last week.

SHEPARD, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. OCT. 06, 1853
Died in Louisa, Ky., on the 19th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Luther E. Shepard, aged 34.

SHEPARD, EUGENE       I.R. OCT. 11, 1900
It has just became known that Mr. Eugene Shepard of this city was married several weeks ago to Miss Ella Williamson of Greenup, in that city. Mr. Shepard is a well known paper hanger of this city, while his bride comes from one of the best families of Greenup.

SHEPHARD, CHARLOTTE M.       I.R. MAR. 12, 1868



An old resident of this city, died at his home on Lawrence St., this Monday. Death due to lung affection the result of a cold. He was about 70 years old. He was a bachelor. He was born in county Wicklow, Ireland and came to this country in 1848. He was one of the first settlers of Ironton, and as a laborer helped, by his work on the wharf, to give the new town a start. The only relatives of the deceased known here are two nieces, Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Irving of this city, and a nephew, John Sheridan, of Ashland..

I.R. March 2, 1893 – Patrick Sheridan died at the house of Mrs. Mathews, on Lawrence Street, of some lung trouble. His age was about 70 years. He came to Ironton in 1852, when a young man, … most of the time working in the mills. He was an old bachelor, and was familiarly known as “Curly Pat.” He was an odd character and many are the jokes told on him. He had over $500 sewed in his clothes when he died. He left the St. Lawrence Catholic Church about $10,000. He had no direct descendants. Buried in Sacred Heart Cemetery.

SHERMAN, ANDREW       IET MAR. 02, 1931
Former resident of this county and a brother of John Sherman of 611 Vernon Street, died Sunday at his home at Columbus. He was born at Mt. Vernon Furnace, this county, and had resided in Columbus for the past 40 years. He was engaged in the dry good business. He is survived by his widow, one son, Howard Marquard, of Columbus; and one daughter, Mrs. Hazel Can__n, of Niagara Falls. The following brothers and sisters, Peter Sherman, Covington, Ky.,; Jacob and Charles Sherman, Columbus; William Sherman, Huntington; John Sherman, Ironton; Mrs. William Hafle, Ironton; Mrs. John A. Mohr, Ironton; Mrs. Emma Sherman, Ironton and Mrs. Eugene Evans, Dayton. Burial at Columbus.

SHERMAN, MRS. SARAH       I.R. MAR. 23, 1876

SHERMAN, GEN. WILLIAM T.       I.R. FEB. 21, 1891

Died March 30th at Catlettsburg, of pneumonia, Charlie, infant son of Ed and Sophia Shields.

SHIPTON, CHARLES B.       I.R. FEB. 24, 1881

SHIPTON, EDDIE       I.R. OCT. 09, 1862
Only child of R. H. and M. F. Shipton died age 18 months, died at the residence of James Craig.

SHIPTON, LIEUT. JAMES       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
Lieut. Shipton will leave about the 1st of October. He has been assigned to the 4th artillery, and his headquarters will be at Atlanta, Georgia. It is a pleasant place and James will surely enjoy army life there.

SHIPTON, MRS. JAMES P.     Ironton Jrnl. Nov. 8, 1894
Mrs. Shipton, wife of James P. Shipton, died at home in Coal Grove last Sunday. 62 years old.

SHIRKEY, G. T.       I.R. MAY 19, 1853
Married on the 15th, by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Mr. G. T. Shirkey, of Virginia, to Miss Clarissa A. Magee, of Rome Tp., Ohio.

SHIRKEY, G. T.       I.R. DEC. 08, 1898
Died –

SHOPE, MRS. DOLLY & Child       DR JUNE 01, 1925
Mother Follows Child To Grave By Few Hours – Mrs. Dolly Shope, 18, wife of Charles Shope, of New Castle, followed her newborn child in death Sunday night. Burial in Pine Grove cemetery.

SHORE, GEORGE G.       I.R. APR. 13, 1876

SHORE, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 01, 1883
Died Feb. 26, infant child of Mr. Shore.


SHORT, DANIEL       I.R. JUL. 28, 1864

SHOUP, MRS. ANNA L.       I.R. JAN. 02, 1879
Died in Milwaukee on Dec. 25, 1878, wife of Jacob Shoup, aged 26 years.

SHOUP, NANCY       I.R. SEP. 10, 1885

SHUCK, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 20, 1879

SHUCKS, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 13, 1879

SHUTE, MRS. CASSIE       DR JUNE 01, 1925
Mrs. Cassie Shute, 84, passed away at her late home at Burlington, Sunday morning. The deceased has been an invalid for years. She had been residing at the home of her daughter, Hattie Shute, at Burlington. Burial in Burlington cemetery.

SHUTE, JOHN C.       I.R. MAY 21, 1857
Married on the 28th of April, by Rev. J. M. Shultz, John C. Shute of Burlington and Miss Sarah J. Woods, of Union Township.

SHUTE, CAPT. JOHN C.       I.R. OCT. 02, 1867
Capt. John C. Shute, formerly of this county, died of yellow fever last week. . . The NEW ORLEANS CRESCENT of Wednesday says: . . . telegraphic dispatch from Mr. Russ, announcing the death of Capt. Shute, commander of the steamer CUBA NO.2. Capt. Shute followed to the grave the partner of his bosom only a few days ago. Two children are thus left by this sad bereavement.

SHUTE, MRS. LIZZIE       I.R. MAR. 26, 1891
Mrs. Lizzie Shute of Burlington departed this life Friday. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn her loss.

SHUTE, MRS. SARAH       I.R. SEPT. 11, 1867
Died at New Orleans on the 1st inst., of yellow fever, Sarah, wife of Capt. John C. Shute. The deceased was a native of Rochester, Pa., but for a number of years resided in this county with Samuel C. Johnston, Jr. She was a relative of his family and a niece of widow Frampton, at the mouth of Symmes Creek. She leaves two children.

SICKERMAN, INFANT       I.R. SEP. 27, 1877
The youngest child of Wm. Sickerman died on Monday, and was buried on Tuesday.

SILL, MRS. CATHERINE       I.R. JAN. 24, 1901
Mrs. Catherine Sill, widow of John Sill, died Friday evening at her home on South Third street, aged 77 years. Her death was due to dropsy and the infirmities of age. She leave no children. Interment at Woodland.

SILLBAUGH, MRS. MAGGIE W.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1892
Wife of Dr. John J. Sillbaugh died at her home in Royalton, Fairfield county, Ohio, age of 27 years. The deceased was Miss Maggie Welch, sister of John Welch . . . popular school teach in this county. In 1886 she married Dr. Sillbaugh. Leaves a son and daughter, husband. Burial at Woodland. She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Welch and was born at Hecla Furnace, Lawrence county, Ohio, on June 4, 1863. She died Feb. 25th, 1892, age 28y8m21d. Married Dr. S. on Mar. 22, 1886. Three children were the fruit of this union. The two oldest, Carl and Mary survive with their father. The youngest lies beside its mother in the casket before us.

SILLIMAN, GEORGE       I.R. JUN. 29, 1876

SILLIMAN, MRS. JAMES       I.R. JAN. 15, 1885
Died Jan. 11, on Little Pine Creek, age 60?.

SILVERTHORN, ISAAC       I.R. JAN. 29, 1891*

SIMMONS, CHARLIE B. F.       I.R. JAN. 19, 1865
Died Jan. 9th, Charlie B. F., youngest son of C. (or O.) W. and P. Simmons, aged 7y 11m.


SIMMONS, ELIJAH G.       I.R. JAN. 16, 1862

SIMMONS, JOHN H.       IJRN OCT. 20, 1869
Married October 13th at the residence of bride’s mother, by Rev. Walls, John H. Simmons and Miss Sue Cole, of Bloom Furnace, Scioto county.

SIMMONS, PAUL       I.R. SEP. 13, 1883
Died at Bloom Furnace on Sept. 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Simmons, age 5 years.

SIMMONS, PHOEBE DELLA       I.R. JAN. 19, 1865
Died of small pox, Dec. 28th, at Willow Wood, Windsor Tp., Lawrence county, Ohio, Phoebe Della, youngest daughter of C. W. and Phoebe Simmons, aged 6m 17d.

SIMON, JOHN SR.       I.R. JUN. 17, 1880

SIMONES, ROBERT, SR.       IET FEB. 18, 1932
Funeral services held this afternoon for Robert Sibones (sic), Sr., of Hanging Rock. Burial at Woodland.

SIMONIN, PETER       I.R. MAR. 08, 1883

SIMONTON, JAMES       IJRN DEC. 01, 1869
Died at Hanging Rock on November 24th, Mr. James Simonton.

SIMPSON, ALFRED D.       I.R. SEP. 17, 1874

SIMPSON, CHARLES G.       I.R. MAY 29, 1890
Remains brought to Ironton for interment, first taken to the residence of D.H. Clark, Mrs. Simpson’s father. Interment in Woodland. Charles Simpson was born in Belmont county, O., in 1862 and was 28 years old. He later resided in St. Clairsville and Wheeling, but the signs of consumption appearing, he left for the West in 1882, settling in Montana. At Steele, he made the acquaintance of Albert G. Clark, and in 1888 married Hattie Clark, who was visiting there at the time. At the time of his death he was Clerk of the District Court. Died of consumption.

SIMPSON, ROBERT       IET. AUG. 15, 1940

SINGER, BEN W.       I.R. JAN. 21, 1892
A well known citizen of Ashland, was buried yesterday.

SINGER, MRS. JENNIE W. (WELLS)       I.R. JAN. 30, 1879
Died of Consumption in Windsor Twp. on Jan. 15, 1879. Jennie W. the wife Landon Singer and daughter of Rev. Z. and Hester A. Wells, aged 22 years, 3 months, and 23 days. The deceased leaves a husband, father, mother and 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

SINGER, LANDSON       I.R. SEP. 16, 1880

Young daughter of Mrs. Emma Sinkford of 270 Center street, died Tuesday of inflammation of the bowels, aged 11y10m. Funeral services at Triedstone Baptist Church, burial at Woodland.

SINNOTT, PATRICK       I.R. MAY 15, 1902

SISLER, SARAH A.       I.R. SEPT. 15, 1887
Died – Sept. 8, Sarah A. Sisler, aged 77.

SISSLER, MRS. SARAH ANN       I.R. SEP. 22, 1864
Died – Sept. 18, 1864 at Hecla Furnace, Lawrence county, Ohio, Mrs. Sarah Ann Sissler, wife of John Sissler, aged about 32.

SISSON, WILLIAM P.       I.R. MAY 07, 1857
Died on April 23rd in McArthur, of consumption, William P. Sisson, late of Ironton, aged about 24 years.

SISTER BARBARA       I.R. NOV. 28, 1895
Sister Barbara the superioress of Notre Dame convent of this city died Saturday. Remains taken to Rochester, Minn. , for burial. She was 75 years old.

SITES, ISAAC       I.R. OCT. 13, 1853
Death from Lock Jaw – Mr. Isaac Sites, a worthy citizen, aged about 30 years, died of lock jaw at the mouth of Symmes Creek on the 6th inst.. Stepped on a nail . . .

SKELDING, JAMES       I.R. AUG. 09, 1888
The telegraph last Sunday announced the death of James Skelding, brother-in-law of E. J. Bird, Sr., at Low Moor Furnace, Va., of which he was the manager. At his own request, the body was brought here and buried beside the grave of his sister, Mrs. Bird. Mr. Skelding was 46 years old, and leaves a wife and four children, who attended the funeral.


SKELLY, MRS. MAGGIE     Ironton Jrnl. March 7, 1895
Mrs. Maggie Skelly, formerly Maggie Sullivan, died at a hospital in Cincinnati last Monday, after a long illness.

SKELTON, SAMUEL SR.       I.R. APR. 23, 1857
Died of dropsy, on the 9th inst., Samuel Skelton, Sr. , at his residence near Powellsville, Scioto county, Ohio, in the 74th year of his age. He was born and raised in Virginia where he lived till 32 years of age, at which time he moved to this county, where he lived 3 years, and thence into Scioto county, where he remained until his death.

SKINNER, MAJ. B. M.       IJRN NOV. 03, 1869
Married October 27, by Rev. B. F. Ashley of Irontong, Maj. B. M. Skinner to Miss N. Marie Thomas, all of Pomeroy, Ohio.

SLAVENS, WILLIAM       I.R. AUG. 29, 1850
Another Murder – Wm. Slavens, of Pike Co., was murdered on Tuesday night last, by Mores Bowers and Zachariah Cook, on Beaver. All parties were drunk . . .

SLOAN, LAW       I.R. JUN. 10, 1875

SLOAT, GEORGE W.       I.R. DEC. 02, 1875

SLOAT, MRS. SARAH       I.R. MAR. 26, 1857
Died on the 15th inst., in Portsmouth, Mrs. Sarah Sloat, aged 74 years, – mother of John Sloat, of Ironton.

SLONE, WILLIAM C.       I.R. SEP. 19, 1861

SLOSSER, NAT       I.R. MAY 13, 1880

SMALL, JAMES (not sure if last name is accurate)       I.R. OCT. 18, 1877
Marriage license issued to James Small (hard to read) and Kittie J. Bentley.
I.R. Mar. 26, 1891 – James Small goes to Cincinnati next Monday to take a position in Shillito’s big store. He goes into the fine dress goods department.

SMALL, WILLIAM JAMES       I.R. JUL. 29, 1875

SMEDLEY, MRS. HANNAH       I.R. SEPT. 12, 1901
Mrs. Hannah Smedley, widow of the late Isaac Smedley, died Friday morning at her home on South Third street, aged 79 years. Her death is attributed soley to old age. Mrs. Smedley was born in Scioto county, but had passed the greater part of her life in this community. She leaves five children – Thomas Smedley of Lawrence Fce., Orin Smedley of South Webster, Albert Smedley of Ironton, Mrs. Mary Smith of New Boston, and Mrs. Mahala Howell of Ironton. Burial at Buckeye Grove Cemetery.

SMILEY, FINLEY D.       IJRN NOV. 03, 1869
Married in Greenup County, Kentucky, by Rev. J. C. Tinsley, Mr. Finley D. Smiley to Eliz. Bryant.

SMITH,       IJRN OCT. 20, 1869
Died at Mr. Jackson’s house. When Mr. Jackson took him home to help. Age 45 years. Burial in the Henry Cemetery. Lived in Greenupsburg, Ky.

SMITH,       I.R. AUG. 23, 1888
Deaths – Smith – Aug. 18, infant child of Fred Smith.

SMITH,       I.R. DEC. 23, 1880

SMITH, MRS.       I.R. JUL. 28, 1887
Last Monday morning, Mrs. Smith, an inmate of the County Infirmary, from Fayette township, fell out of the third story window, and was killed by the fall. The distance was about 35 feet. She was about 70 years old.

Return-Path: <nnuss@gwis.com>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:09:23 -0500 From: “Norman L. Nussbaum” <nnuss@gwis.com>Reply-To: nnuss@gwis.com To: Sharon <lawrenceregister@lawrencecountyohio.com>Subject: obit “S” SMITH, CAPT. ABNER B.       I.R. MAR. 02, 1865
Killed At Fort McAllister, on the 13th day of Dec. , 1865 (sic 1864) Capt. Abner B. Smith, son of John and Joana Smith, both deceased. Abner was born in Union Tp., Quaker Bottom, Lawrence county, O., in 1835. When left an orphan boy, he made his home with Capt. Washington H. Kerr, in Quaker Bottom in said county. Abner was at Kars Run, Ky., when the war broke out. Was Lieut. In Co. E, 48th Reg. ILL Vol., Sept. 14, 1861, and in the year 1862 was commissioned Captain of said Co. E . . . Libby Prison. He escaped from Libby Prison . . . was shot through the heart on the 15th day of Dec. 1865 (sic 1864) . . .

SMITH, ADAM       I.R. JUL. 09, 1857
Casualty – Adam Smith, one of Mr. Brainard’s coal diggers was instantly killed on Friday last, in the coal bank back of Hanging Rock. He was a single man, a stranger here – he came to Hanging Rock about 3 weeks ago.

SMITH, ADOLPHUS       I.R. APR. 27, 1865
Married on the 16th ult., at Haverhill, Ohio by Rev. Robert Callaghan, Mr. Adolphus H. Smith and Miss Nellie Ke. Moore.

SMITH, ARTIE       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
Artie Smith, a bright little Miss of ten or twelve years, died this morning of blood poisoning, a result of diphtheria.

SMITH, AUSTIN       I.R. JUN. 16, 1853
Married on the 12th inst., by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Mr. Austin Smith, to Mrs. Lucy Ann Emmons, both of Union Tp.

SMITH, BIRD       I.R. JUN. 25, 1857
Married on the 23rd inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Bird Smith and Miss Lucy Ann Ellison, all of Ironton.

SMITH, BIRD       I.R. AUG. 25, 1887
The venerable drayman who died last week, came to this county in 1809, when but 2 years old, settling on Big Branch, back of Rockwood. He moved to Ironton in 1852, and began draying soon after. One of his sons informs us that he found a dray bill dated 1854, among his father’s papers.

SMITH, BIRT E.       I.R. APR. 14, 1904
Married – Rev. Bert E. Smith, formerly of Suiter, this county, but now of Duncanville, Adams county, and Miss Allie L. Crawford, of Adams county,; and Orin E. Smith, of Corbin, Ky., also formerly of this county, and a brother of Rev. Mr. Smith, and Miss Allie E. Smith, of Corbin, Ky., were united in marriage at noon Tuesday at Duncanville, Adams county.

SMITH, CALVIN       ISWR AUG. 10, 1917

SMITH, CAMILLUS H.       IJRN DEC. 27, 1869
Married December 22nd by Rev. J. E. Moore, Camillus H. Smith and Amelia Strother.

SMITH, MRS. CAROLINE M.       I.R. 08 FEB 1906
A former resident of Ironton and widow of the late Isaac Smith died in Indianapolis, Indiana on Jan. 22nd. Funeral occurred from the residence of Dr. D. S. Bobbitt on Harrison St. Interment at River Side cemetery. Deceased was the daughter of Jas. C. and Sarah F. Walter and a sister of Mrs. D. S. Bobbitt, Mrs. A. C. Smith, Mrs. Oliver Fry, C. L. Walter and Emma L. Walter of Indianapolis and C. E. Walter of Circleville, O. – Defiance News. Isaac S. Smith, spoken of above died in Ironton Nov. 24, 1891 and was buried at Woodland. He was a well known citizen here.

SMITH, CHILD       I.R. JUN. 30, 1853
Little son of Bird Smith, died from being run over by his father’s team of horses.

SMITH, MISS CLARA M.       IET. FEB. 09, 1932
Died at Marting hospital last night. She came to Ironton twelve years ago from Greenfield, Ohio, and has followed the vocation of private nurse. Survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Smith, of Greenfield, one brother, also of Greenfield. Two sisters, Francis Snyder of Berkely, California and Stella McCracken of this city also survive (do not have end of obit.)

SMITH, CYRUS       I.R. JAN. 14, 1875

SMITH, DANIEL       I.R. MAY 18, 1865
Died on May 15th, Daniel Smith, son of Byrd Smith, born May 23, 1836, employed on the Iron Rail Road.

SMITH, “DOC”       M.I. FEB. 04, 1910
Brother of Local Men called to Reward – “Doc” Smith, who resided in the Hocking Valley, died Wednesday. He was a blacksmith by occupation. He leaves three brothers and one sister to mourn his demise: Mrs. Gorden Ha_ley, of Ky.; W. F. of this city, J. M. of Bartles Station and Bishop of Wellston.

SMITH, EDWARD C.       IET NO. 7, 1938
Age 74, died Sunday morning at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. John Smith of Willowwood. Mr. Smith lost the sight of both eyes in an explosion 51 years ago during the construction of the Park Avenue tunnel. He had lived with his brother John and wife at Willowwood for the last 18 years. The brother died last June. Several nieces and nephews survive. Burial at Locust Grove cemetery.

Died Sept. 4, 1888?, daughter of “Bush”? Smith, Dean Streets, aged 4 years.

SMITH, ELLA       I.R. MAR. 22, 1860

SMITH, MRS. ELLEN       I.R. JAN. 13, 1887
Mrs. Ellen Smith, wife of Dudley Smith, died last week at her home in Guyandotte, W.Va., and was buried at Rome cemetery.

SMITH, FEMALE       I.R. NOV. 18, 1858

SMITH, HAMILTON       I.R. APR. 07, 1864

SMITH, HENRIETTA       I.R. AUG. 25, 1870

SMITH, J. E.       ISWR DEC. 28, 1917

SMITH, J. M.       I.R. JAN. 06, 1857
Married on the 1st, in Ironton, J. M. Smith of Pomeroy to Miss Matilda M. McCormick, of Ironton.

SMITH, JOHN J.       I.R. NOV. 17, 1887
The funeral sermon of the death of John J. Smith, son of Jesse Smith, who died of erysipelas, Aug. 20th last, will be preached by Rev. L. P. Bradshaw, at Fairview Church, Greasy Ridge, on the first Sunday in December.

SMITH, JOHN K.       I.R. JUL. 05, 1877*

SMITH, JOS. P.       I.R. FEB. 10, 1898
Director of the Bureau of American Republic, died at Miami, Florida. He was an Ohio boy. Was a correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial, editor of the Urban Citizen and State Librarian, at various times. He was a close friend of President McKinley, and was much with him. Twenty years ago, as a correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial, he visited Ironton, and was the guest of the Editor of the Register.

SMITH, LUCINDA       I.R. MAR. 27, 1856

SMITH, MRS. MARTHA LUELLA       I.R. MAR. 30, 1871

SMITH, MERTIE C.       I.R. AUG. 01, 1889
Daughter of Cecil Smith, age 4 months.

SMITH, MICHAEL     I.R. 15 OCT 1920
After an illness dating from last May, Michael J. Smith of north Fifth street, died at his home at 11:30 o’clock Saturday night at the age of about sixty years. He was surrounded by his family and all the consolations of his faith. His two sons, Bernard and James Smith arrived Saturday afternoon and were with their father in his last hours.
Michael H. Smith resided in this city his entire life, having been a mill worker during his young manhood. He was a puddler at the Belfont mill and was generally known throughout the city. He was a splendid man in every respect and his friends throughout the city extend sincere sympathy to the bereaved family. He was a devoted member of St. Lawrence church and was active in all its affairs.
Mr. Smith was married to Miss Frances Mahlmaster and to their union four children were born. They are Misses Mary and Kathryn Smith of Ironton and James and Bernard Smith of Jersey City, N.J. Mrs. Smith passed to her eternal reward about four years ago. Two brothers and six sisters are also left to mourn his death. They are: Officer Bernard Smith of Ironton, Thomas G. Smith of Jersey City, N.J., Mrs. T.J. Maloney of New York, Mrs Margaret Flynn and Mrs. J.J. Langton of Waldwick, N.J., Mrs. B.A. Casey of Galveston, Texas, Mrs. William Klein and Mrs. P.J. Gildea of Ironton.

SMITH, NANCY       I.R. APR. 19, 1866

SMITH, NELSON       I.R. AUG. 08, 1850?
Nelson Smith, of Wheelersburg, a tinner, and known to many in Ohio and Kentucky as a grafter of trees, was instantly killed 2 or 3 days since, by the overturning of a wagon, which fell upon him. The accident took place a short distance below Greenupsburgh.

SMITH, OLIVER L.       I.R. MAR. 10, 1853
Married on the 7th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Oliver L. Smith, of West Ironton, to Miss Martha Jacks.

SMITH, OLIVER LAYNE       I.R. JUN. 24, 1858

SMITH, MRS. REBECCA D.       I.R. MAY 18, 1865
Died at Ashland, Ky., May 12th, Mrs. Rebecca D. Smith, wife of Rev. W. C. Smith, Chaplain of the Ashland hospital. She was a native of Alabama. They had to abandon their home in the South at the outbreak of the rebellion . . . Mother of 4 young children, one an infant, but a few days old.

SMITH, REBECCA D.       I.R. JUL. 27, 1865
Died at Ashland, Kentucky, July 15th, 1865, Rebecca D., infant daughter of Wm. C. Smith, aged 2m 10d.

SMITH, MRS. RUTH       I.R. APR. 14, 1870       IJRN APR 20, 1870
Died April 11, Mrs. Ruth Smith, aged 83 years.

SMITH, SARAH       I.R. AUG. 20, 1863

SMITH, MRS. SARAH BAY       I.R. JAN. 16, 1902
Born May 17, 1841 in what is known as Bay’s Bottom. Her mother died when she was 15 years old and the care of her two brothers fell on her. On Feb. 12, 1866, she was married to William Gardner Smith. To this union were born eight children, two preceded her in death. She died Dec. 29, 1901, aged 60y 7m 12d. She leaves six children, seven grandchildren.

SMITH, MRS. SALLIE BAY       I.R. JAN. 09, 1903
Died of heart trouble Sunday night, after a lingering illness. The funeral will occur Thursday.

SMITH, MRS. SUSAN       SWI. JAN. 31. 1908
Proctorville – Mrs. Susan Smith passed away at her home on Susan street Friday, the result of old age. She was 78 years and one day old. She is survived by one daughter, Clara, and one son, Albert, both grown. Her husband and one daughter preceded her to the grave.
Also: Miss Emily Prichard of Covington, Ky., arrived last night to be at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Smith, but she was too late as Mrs. Smith was dead when she arrived.

SMITH, THOMAS       I.R. JUL. 09, 1857
Married on the 2nd inst., Thomas M. Smith and Miss Naomi Griffith.

SMITH, THOMAS     Ironton Jrnl., Jan. 31, 1895
Thos. Smith, son of Michael Smith and a painter at Phillips’ Buggy Works – died of a form of brain trouble.

SMITH, WHITCOMB       I.R. SEP. 08, 1864
Died in Quaker Bottom, Augst 28th, of typhoid fever, Mr. Whitcomb Smith, son of D. D. and Ellen Smith.

SMITH, WILLIAM     Ironton Jrnl. Sept. 20, 1894
William Smith, proprietor of the Proctoville Ferry, died last Monday, after a long sickness.

SMITH, WILLIAM       I.R. JAN. 13, 1853
Married on the 9th inst., by Rev. J. M. Kelly, Mr. Wm. Smith and Miss Nancy Burkett, all of Ironton.

SMITH, WILLIAM A.       I.R. OCT. 13, 1864
Died – Sept. 22nd, of cholera infantum, William A. Smith, son of Thomas M. and Naomi Smith, age 1y 10m 5d.

SMITH, WILLIAM CAPT.       I.R. NOV. 28, 1878
Brother of Capt. Abe Smith died of yellow fever a few weeks ago.


SMITH, WILLIAM G.       I.R. SEP. 22, 1864
Another hero departed. Capt. William G. Smith of 5th VA Infantry, wounded on the 25th of July near Winchester, Virginia, and died on his way home on the 2d. He was shot through the head . . . aged about 34 years, leaves a wife and children.

SMITLEY, G. M. D.       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
G. M. D. Smitley, of Fayette, left for St. Louis, yesterday, to work on a powder house. He will be gone several months.

SNEAD, SARAH ANN       I.R. MAY 11, 1871
On Johns Creek, Symmes Twp., April 21, 1871, aged 13 years, 10 months and 10 days.

SNEED, THOMAS       I.R. JUN. 06, 1901

SNIDER,       I.R. MAY 24, 1880

SNYDER, CASPER       I.R. MAY 01, 1862

SNYDER, JESSE       I.R. APR. 25, 1867

SNYDER, MRS. JOHN       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
Mrs. Jno. Snyder and Miss Mary Williams, of Rappsburg, have been visiting thier old home here the past week.

SONGER, MRS. J. B.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1892
Died last Friday and was buried at Woodland. Her age was about 70 years. Mr. and Mrs. George Verigan, the latter a daughter of the deceased were down from New River to attend the funeral.

SONGER, MRS. NANCY ANN       I.R. SEP. 24, 1874

SOULES, JAMES M.       I.R. APR. 22, 1880

SOURS, MALE       I.R. FEB. 08, 1866

SOUTH, ORIN       I.R. OCT. 24, 1895
Isaac Dotson killed Orin South who was courting Dotson’s step-daughter.

SOWERS, MRS.       I.R. OCT. 28, 1886
Mrs. Sowers, the wife of Rev. Sowers, formerly of Wesley Chapel, died at Fultonham, O., a few days ago.

SOWERS, THOMAS       I.R. AUG. 08, 1861

SPAHR, REV. B. N.       I.R. JUN. 12, 1890
In the early days of Ironton, in 1857 and 58, he was pastor of Spencer Chapel. On last Wednesday, he died at his home in Columbus. He had been suffering from a stone in the bladder, and had submitted to a surgical operation, which he did not survive. He only lived 48 hours after the surgeon ceased his work. Mr. Spahr was a little over 67 years old. He became a preacher in 1843, and in 1847, entered the Ohio Conference, and was given a station at Charleston, Va. He leaves two children, Geo. T. Spahr, one of the proprietors of the Columbus Gazette, and Chas. B. Spahr, editor of the Christian Union and lecturer on political economy at Columbia college, New York.

SPANNER, HENRY       I.R. MAR. 06, 1902

Mrs. Danl. Sparling, daughter of W. N. Cubbage, died at Petoka, Ill., on the 28th of January. She formerly resided here.

SPARLING, GEORGE W.       I.R. JUL. 29, 1886

SPARLING, JOHN       I.R. SEP. 30, 1886

SPARLING, SAMUEL       M.I. OCT. 04, 1921

SPAULDING, DR. A. G.       I.R. DEC. 26, 1878
Of Greenup (KY) died at his home last Friday. He was a physician about 60 years of age.

SPEAR,       I.R. FEB. 20, 1862

SPEAR, FRANK D.       I.R. AUG. 21, 1879

SPEAR, MRS. MARGARET P.       I.R. JUL. 30, 1863

SPEAR, MATILDA       NEED TO COPY       I.R. FEB. 27, 1862

SPEARS,       I.R. FEB. 18, 1892
Aid – Funeral services of Grandma Spears will be preached here (Aid) Sunday the 21st.

SPEARS, MRS. ALICE (SCOTT)       I.R. MAR. 24, 1887*

SPEARS, GEORGE       I.R. JAN. 07, 1892
Died on Buffalo creek last week.

SPEARS, GEORGIA H.       I.R. APR. 08, 1880

SPEARS, MATILDA       I.R. FEB. 27, 1862

SPEAS, CHAS.       I.R. AUG. 23, 1888
Marriage license – Chas. Speas and Belle Conell.

SPENCER, ALICE E.     Ironton Jrnl. Aug. 15, 1895
Alice E. Spencer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G(eorge) W. Spencer. Born near Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co., Oh., 27 April 1871, died 29 July 1895; 24y3m2d. One of twelve children, 9 girls and 3 boys. Member of Baptist Church since 1888. Taught school from Fall 1890-14 Jan. 1895. Buried in Little Cemetery, near her home.

SPERRY, JAMES       I.R. OCT. 17, 1864 ?

SPERRY, MARY       I.R. JUN. 09, 1887
Died – June ___, Mary Sperry, aged about 65?.

SPERRY, WILLIAM       I.R. APR. 27, 1865
Married on the 30th by Rev. J. H. Young, at the home of the bride’s father, William Sperry, formerly of the 5th VA Inf., to Miss Maria V. Hopkins, of Ironton.

SPICER, ARMILDA A.       I.R. APR. 30, 1863

SPICER, WILLIAM H.       I.R. AUG. 30, 1866

Died October 22, Emily Jane Spradling, widow of the late Thos. Spradling and daughter of Daniel and Mary Unrue, age 26y 5m 22d.

SPREICHER, INFANT       I.R. JAN. 13, 1887
Died on Jan. 12th, child of Charles Spreicher, aged 2 months.

SPRIGG, E.     Ironton Jrnl. Nov. 15, 1894
E. Sprigg’s, a brakeman on N. & W. was run over and killed at North Kenova last Monday. He lived near Portsmouth.

SPRIGG, SINGLETON       NEED TO COPY       I.R. NOV. 07, 1861

SPROUSE, ROBERT, JR.       I.R. JUN. 16, 1853
Married on the 11th inst., by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Mr. Robert Sprouse, Jr., to Miss Ann Radford, both of Rome Tp.

SPURGEON, CHAS. H.       I.R. FEB. 04, 1892
The great preacher, died last Sunday. His age was 57 years. He had been preaching since he was 16 years old.

SQUIRES, JOHN       I.R. SEPT. 29, 1853
Died on the 25th inst., in Portsmouth, Mr. John Squires, in the 58th year of his age.


ST. JOHN, MRS. CHARLOTTE S.       I.R. AUG. 22, 1895
Mrs. Charlotte S. St. John died at her daughter’s residence, Mrs. B. Garvey, at the age of 84 years. Her husband died in 1875. In 1874 she was in a railroad accident….her husband died of injuries received in that accident. Burial at Woodland.

ST. JOHN, RALPH       I.R. APR. 09, 1868

STAID, JAMES       I.R. DEC. 25, 1879

STAKER, ANDREW       I.R. MAY 01, 1902

STAKER, MISS LOUISE       I.R. MAR. 19, 1903       NEED TO COPY
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Staker

STANLEY, FREDERICK       I.R. MAR. 26, 1865
Forest Dale – Frederick Stanley and Viola V. Bruce was united in matrimony, last Thursday, at the home of the bride’s parents. The affair took place at Mr. Stanley’s last Friday night. (this is contradictory)

STAPF, CHILD       I.R. JUN. 23, 1887
A child of Frank Stapf, of West Ironton, was drowned at Storms Creek near Frecka’s ice house last Wednesday. He was five years old. His mother missed him and found his clothes on the bank and his body stuck in the mud. The little fellow had gone “in swimming” like the bigger boys.

STAPLETON,       I.R. SEP. 02, 1880

STARBUCK, CALVIN W.       IJRN NOV. 23, 1870
Died suddenly on Nov. 15th, Calvin W. Starbuck, aged 46y 6m 16d.

Mrs. Elizabeth Starkey (or Slusher), who lived with her sister, Mrs. William Fremont, on South 6th street, Whitwell, met with an accident Sunday morning, which resulted in her death Sunday evening. Mrs. Starkey had started to the country for a visit, in company with her father-in-law, Robert Starkey. The latter was drinking and failed to heed a warning that the shaft of his wagon was broken. . . . Burial at Zoar.

STARLIN, ERASTUS       I.R. OCT. 05, 1871

STARLING, A. W.       IJRN OCT. 20, 1869
Married October 14th, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. A. W. Starling and Sarah E. Thompson.

STARLING, ANNETTE       I.R. OCT. 05, 1871

STARLING, ERASTUS       I.R. JUL. 20, 1899

STATEN, W. H.       (NEED TO COPY)       I.R. JULY 21, 1892
Father of G. H. Staten . . . need rest of article under local and personal.
Age 16, daughter of Logan and Johanna Steece.

STAUTON, FRANK J.       I.R. JAN. 15, 1880

Married November 18th at Gallipolis by Rev. John Steptoe, Mr. Amanius Stayton of the Victor #2 and Miss Mary Spangler of Gallipolis.

STEECE, ALLAH A.       NEED TO COPY       I.R. OCT. 10, 1878

STEECE, MRS. ELLA (WILLARD)       M.I. NOV. 30, 1924*

STEECE, GEORGE       I.R. AUG. 01, 1850
Died on the 6th of July, on the Missouri. Partner in the firm of Campbell, Ellison & Co., of Mt. Vernon Furnace. The deceased left home in company with his eldest son, only a few days before his death . . .leaves a widow and a large family to mourn his death.

STEECE, HENRY       I.R. JAN. 19, 1871

STEECE, JACOB       I.R. JUN. 16, 1853
Died at Bloomfield, Scioto County, Mr. Jacob Steece, aged about 45.

STEECE, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 27, 1856
Died on the 26th inst., at Haverhill, John Steece, an old and well known Furnace Founder, aged 59 years.

STEECE, JOHN FRANKLIN       I.R. NOV. 03, 1864
Died – Sept. 18th in Burlington, Iowa, John Franklin Steece, eldest son of Logan and Joana Steece, formerly of this place, age 9y 7m 21d.

STEECE, S. B. HON.       SWI. OCT. 29, 1918*
I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892 – Postmaster Steece is at New York observing the cholera for (short taw. ??)

STEECE, MRS. S. B.       I.R. DEC. 01, 1924
Funeral services from the home on north Fifth street. . . Mrs. H. B. Wilson, sister of Mrs. Steece, her daughter, Mrs. T. R. Fell of New York, Mrs. H. E. Steece of Hudson, N.Y. and Lt. Commander Jack E. Richards of Washington were here for the funerals. Burial in Woodland.

STEECE, S. BRADY       IET. JUN. 3 & 6, 1949*

STEECE, TECUMSEH       I.R. AUG. 11, 1864
Lengthy obituary – he was in the U.S. Navy.

STEED, MRS. LIBBIE       I.R. JUL. 21, 1887
Died – July 18th, Mrs. Libbie Steed, aged 23.

STEELE, JOHN F. & HIS DAUGHTER       I.R. OCT. 31, 1850
Died on the 25th inst., at his residence at Pine Grove Furnace, John F. Steele, of the firm of R. Hamilton & Co., aged 28 years. Also, on the preceding day, his daughter, Martha Mary, aged 18 months.

STEEN, MRS. MARY       I.R. APR. 06, 1871

STEHLE, RICHARD       IJRN JAN. 26, 1870
Died – January 18th of consumption, Richard Stehle, age 35 years. He was educated in Germany for the Catholic ministry but on arriving of age declined serving. He was a member of the “Odd Fellows.”

STEIN, FRED       I.R. JUN. 24, 1874

STEIN, MRS. SOPHIA       I.R. JAN. 02, 1879
Died in Ironton, Sunday morning, December 29, 1878, Sophia, wife of George Stein.

STEINBANER, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 19, 1857
Married on the 12th inst., by Rev. J. Chester, William Steinbaner to Katherine Meier, all of Ironton.

STEPHENSON, MARY C.       I.R. NOV. 17, 1853
Died on the 30th ult., near Lawrence Fce., Mary C., daughter of John and Mary Stephenson, in the 13th year of her age.

STEPHENSON, MRS. RACHEL       I.R. DEC. 30,. 1852
Died on the 24th of Nov., Mrs. Rachel Stephenson, in the 79th year.

STEPP,       I.R. JUN. 17, 1880

STERLING, HENRY       I.R. OCT. 24, 1895
Henry Sterling died last Saturday at his daughter’s home, Mrs. Chas. Shelton of 6th Ward, at the age of 74.

STERNBERGER, M. L.       JUN. 02, 1912 *

STERNE, WILLIAM W.       I.R. SEPT. 21, 1865
Married on the 13th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Wm. W. Sterne and Miss Jane Russell, both of this city.

STEWARD, JACOB       IJRN JAN. 19, 1870
Married January 10, 1870, by Rev. L. W. Johnson, Jacob Steward and Louisa Garner.

STEWARD, VIOLA       I.R. NOV. 03, 1887
Died – Oct. 29, Viola Steward, age 18.

STEWART,       I.R. JUL. 17, 1902

STEWART, MRS.       I.R. NOV. 04, 1880

STEWART, AGNES       I.R. OCT. 28, 1875

STEWART, MRS. AMANDA       I.R. MAY 24, 1900*

STEWART, A. N.       I.R. DEC. 28, 1899
Born Nov. 21, 1835? and died Dec. 13, 1899. His entire life was spent in Symmes Twp., Lawrence County, Ohio. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Handley Jan. 21, 1850?. Of this union five children were born, four of whom survive. His wife preceded him in death by one year and 5 days. He served in the army for the Union, and belonged to the G.A.R.

STEWART, ARCHIBALD       I.R. FEB. 26, 1880

STEWART, ARTIS       I.R. FEB. 10, 1887
Born April 1, 1877 and died Jan. 22, 1887 aged 9y 9m 21d. (Poem)

STEWART, CHARLES       I.R. JAN. 08, 1880
Married at Arabia, Dec. 21st, by Esq. Cooper, Mr. Chas. Stewart of Flag Springs and Miss Helen Powell, of Arabia.

STEWART, CLARENCE K.       I.R. JUNE 16, 1890
At the Childrens Home, June 17th, Clarence K. Stewart, aged 4 months, died.

STEWART, C. N. A.       I.R. AUG. 06, 1874

STEWART, CYNTHA       I.R. SEP. 16, 1875

STEWART, DORA       I.R. FEB. 04, 1892
Daughter of Harmon Stewart, of Symmes Tp., died last Friday. She had long been an invalid. Her age was about 30 years.

STEWART, MRS. DORCAS       I.R. NOV. 06, 1856
Died on the 1st inst., at Centre Station, Mrs. Dorcas Stewart, wife of John Stewart, and daughter of Jacob Guard, in her 25th year.

STEWART, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. OCT. 09, 1851
Died on the 2nd inst., of congestion of the brain, Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart, aged 53 years.

STEWART, MRS. EMMA (GRAY)       IET. MAR. 22, 1937*

STEWART, ENNOLA       I.R. NOV. 06, 1856
Died on the 26th ult., Ennola, infant daughter of John and Dorcas Stewart, age 8 months.

STEWART, MRS. GEORGE W.       I.R. AUG. 12, 1875

STEWART, JAMES       I.R. OCT. 09, 1851
Died in Greenup Co., Ky., on the 28th ult., of apoplexy, James Stewart, aged 56 years.

STEWART, REV. JOHN       I.R. MAR. 23, 1876

STEWART, JOHN C.       I.R. MAR. 16, 1871
We omitted last week a notice of the death of Mr. Stewart. Mr. Stewart was born near the foot of the hill back of where Robt. Trumbo resides. The spot was then in Scioto county, Lawrence not being organized until 18 years later. The deceased was born August 7th, 1800, and was probably, before his death, the oldest Lawrence countian living. In about the year 1820, he removed to Johns’ Creek where he lived the remainder of his life. He had been married fifty years, and his wife, whose maiden name was Sarah McCartney, a connection of some of our old pioneers, still survives. He raised a family of fourteen children and started them well in life. He was County Commissioner for two terms . The deceased was buried in the family burial ground on the farm, where for a half century he had lived.

STEWART, MISS LAVINIA       I.R. JAN. 11, 1872
Died in Symmes Tp., Dec. 31, Miss Lavinia, daughter of A. N. Stewart, in the 17th year of her age.

STEWART, MRS. M. T.       I.R. FEB. 05, 1880



STEWART, MRS. MILDRED E.       I.R. JAN. 06, 1859

Died on the 11th inst., in Hanging Rock, of summer complaint, Rosalie Rodgers, daughter of J. T. and Clara Stewart, of Louisa, Kentucky, aged 1y 3m 2d.

STEWART, RUFUS       I.R. MAY 15, 1862

STEWART, MRS. SARAH       I.R. FEB. 08, 1883

STEWART, SCOTT DR.       ISWR MAY 22, 1917

STEWART, THEODOSIA       I.R. JAN. 27, 1859

STICH, PETER       I.R. SEP. 16, 1869

An inmate of the Infirmary, from Union township, died on the 15th..

STIMSON, JOEL H.       I.R. AUG. 21, 1890
Died, at the residence of R. Mather, this city, of paralysis, at 10:45 p.m., Friday last, Mr. Joel H. Stimson, aged 46 years. Mr. Stimson was a brother of Mrs. Mather, and had been an invalid for some months, and had made his home with his sister.
Mr. Stimson entered the army as a volunteer in October, 1861, enlisting in the 8th New Hampshire Infantry, under Col. O. W. Lull. At the time of enlistment, he was under 16 years of age, and ran away from his home in Milford, N. H., and went to Concord and enlisted. Two other brothers were in the same regiment, and another brother enlisted here in 1861, in the 18th Ohio, three months service, and afterward entered the 2nd W. Va. Cav. All three brothers served until the close of the war.
After coming out of the army, Mr. Stimson went to Toledo, O., and entered the service of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R. R., and continued in the service of that company until stricken with paralysis in December last.
During 17 years past, he has been an engineer on the M. S. & L. S. Road, running their fastest passenger trains; and for some 7 years past has run the pay train of that system. It was the terrible mental strain of running such a train that produced the paralysis that terminated his life. During his 17 years as an engineer, he never had an accident on any train he was running.
When here some fifteen months ago, to attend the funeral of his mother, he told his brother-in-law that the strain on his nerves was fast breaking him down, but he little thought that in fifteen months he would die in the same house where his mother died, and within three feet of the same spot, and of the same disease.

STIMSON, MRS. JULIATTE B.       I.R. JAN. 31, 1861


Son of R. M. Stimson, the founder of the REGISTER.


STIMSON, HON. R. M.       I.R. OCT. 27, 1887
Hon. R. M. Stimson, the founder of the REGISTER, has been visiting his sister, Mrs. R. Mather, the past week….

STINSON, DAVID       I.R. JUL. 07, 1853
Married on the 6th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., David Stinson to Sarah Jane Lowery, both of Howard Furnace.


STIVERS, MRS. JEMIMA       I.R. APR. 08, 1875

STOKES, H. H.       I.R. AUG. 29, 1889
Write up about the marriage of Mr. H. H. Stokes and Miss Jessie F. Ewing, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Ewing, of Portsmouth. Mr. Stokes is principal of the schools of the Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home at Xenia.

STONE, MRS. CHLOETE       I.R. DEC. 20, 1855

STONE, FREDDIE       I.R. DEC. 23, 1880

STOVER, ANN       I.R. AUG. 14, 1856
Died on the 13th inst., in Ironton, Mrs. Ann Stover, wife of Joel Stover, age 32 years.

STRAIT, D. B.     Ironton Jrnl. August 22, 1895
Attorney D. B. Strait of Huntington was killed on the Ohio River R.R. track last Saturday night. He was a whiskey shop victim.

STRADER, CAPT. JACOB       I.R. SEP. 06, 1860
In Cincinnati, Aug. 28th, Capt. Jacob Strader, in his 65th year. He was a distinguished business man of Cincinnati for many years, settling there in 1817. He was a native of New Jersey.

STRATTON, SAUL       I.R. JAN. 25, 1906

Married on the 24th of April, by Jacob Lair, Esq., Washington Stricker, of Kentucky and Emiline Betts of West Ironton.

Died December 17th, at Coal Grove, Jeremiah Allen Strong, died in his 62nd year. The son of Theodore Strong and grandson of Caleb Strong of Mass.

STUMBO, SAMUEL       I.R. JUN. 24, 1886

STURGEON, GRANVILLE       I.R. DEC. 12, 1878
Died on Sunday night.

STURGEON, JOHN R. SR.       NEED TO COPY       I.R. FEB. 13, 1862

SUITER, MISS ETHEL       I.R. NOV. 30, 1905
Miss Ethel Suiter died very suddenly at her home in Bradrick Monday. Do not have end of obit.

SUITER, EFFIE BELLE       I.R. SEP. 24, 1868

SUITER, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. APR. 25, 1855

SUITER, ISRAEL L.       I.R. MAY 07, 1857
Died April 21, at his residence in Union Township, this county, Israel L. Suiter, aged about 48.

SUITER, ISRAEL L.       IJRN NOV. 03, 1869
Married October 26th, at the residence of Mr. A. Kimball, in Union Township, by G. H. Berkstresser, Israel L. Suiter and Roxy Kimball of Lawrence county.

SUITER, MRS. I. F.       I.R. JUL. 11, 1878
From Bradrick, the wife of I. F. Suiter died on the 5th she leaves husband and 5 children.

SUITER, MRS. JACOB       I.R. JAN. 11, 1906

SUITER, MRS. MARGARET       I.R. NOV. 01, 1855

SULLIVAN, CHILD       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1887
Died – Sept. 15, at Kelly’s Mills, child of Chas. Sullivan.

SULLIVAN, CHILD       I.R. FEB. 27, 1890
Died Feb. 25, child of Chas. Sullivan, of Kelly’s Mills, age 2 years.

Died July 14th, Ironton, of cholera infantum, Charles, infant son of Jeremiah Sullivan, aged about 3m; one of twins.

SULLIVAN, EMMA       I.R. SEP. 09, 1852
Died in this town, on the 2d inst., Emma, daughter of James & Julia Ann Sullivan, aged 1y 4m 26d.

SULLIVAN, M. L.       I.R. OCT. 26, 1854
Married on the 10th inst., in St. Paul, Min., M. L. Sullivan, Esq., of Columbus, O., to Miss Fannie Willis of Cleveland.

SULLIVAN, WM. D.       I.R. 08 FEB 1906
Died at his home on 6th and Etna Sts. Friday of pneumonia, aged 54 years. He is survived by a family of 4 children, Mrs. John Morarity, John J. and Miss Annie of this city and William of Peora, Ill. Mr. Sullivan formerly carried the mail between this city and Russell, Ky., but of late years he has been engaged in the restaurant business on N. 2nd street. Burial at Sacred Heart cemetery.

SUMMERS, JOHN       I.R. OCT. 10, 1886

SUTHERLAND, SETH       I.R. JUL. 20, 1899

Charles H. Sutton, 8 years old, drowned in the Ohio River near Ky. shore, opposite Belfont Fce.. He was the son of the foreman of C. & O. roundhouse.

SUTTON, INFANT       I.R. MAY 26, 1887
Died – May 23, child of Joseph Sutton, aged 5? Months.

SUTTON, MISS JENNIE       I.R. JAN. 19, 1893
Pedro – The death of Miss Jennie Sutton caused much mourning in our community. The bereaved and grief stricken parents have the sympathy of the entire community.

SUTTON, LEWIS       I.R. MAR. 05, 1868

SUTTON, OLIE       I.R. NOV. 18, 1886

SUTTON, REBECCA       I.R. SEP. 30, 1880

SUTTON, RICHARD       I.R. NOV. 18, 1875

SWAIN, INFANT       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
A young child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Swain’s died Wednesday.

SWAP, ALBERT OSCAR       I.R. AUG. 03, 1871

SWAP, W. W.       I. JRN SEPT. 08, 1869
Married at the residence of the bride, by Rev. C. B. Lewis, Mr. W. W. Swap and Clara F. Peyton, all of Pioneer Fce., Ohio.

SWIM, JESSE       IJRN OCT. 13, 1869
Married last Wednesday at the Presbyterian Church in Ironton, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Mr. Jesse Swim and Carrie Ramsey of Portsmouth.

SWIRES, STUART       I.R. AUG. 25, 1853
Married on the 12th, Stuart Swires, to Martha Jane Eskley, all of Green Tp., Scioto county.

SWISHER, MRS. MARGARET       I.R. NOV. 21, 1878
At the residence of her son-in-law, William Whittemore, in Locust Grove, Adams County, Mrs. S., age 89y 7m 5d.

SWITCH, PETER       I. JRN. SEPT. 15, 1869
Died Sept. 14th, Mr. Peter Switch, aged 44 years.

Died suddenly last Monday at Hanging Rock, of inflammatory rheumatism. She was the daughter of Thos. Henderson of Ashland. She leaves a husband and three children. Age 37.

SWORDS, GEORGE M.       I.R. JUL. 01, 1880