Misc Obituaries: Volume 1 – R

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


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Also note: Some of these obituaries are quite long in their actual form and have been condensed for this publication. Thank you, Sharon Kouns.

completed July 29, 1852 -July 20, 1854 deaths & marriages
completed July 19, 1860 – Oct. 18, 1860 deaths & marriages on computer
completed July 24, 1856 – July 15, 1858 deaths & marriages on computer
completed Jan. 14, 1858 – Mar. 25, 1858 deaths & marriage
completed deaths from Ironton Journal Sept. 1, 1869 through December 28, 1870


RADCLIFFE, MRS. HESTER       I.R. APR. 20, 1854
Died on the 13th inst., at West Ironton, Mrs. Hester Radcliffe.
Also I.R. Apr. 27, 1854 – Died on the 13th inst., at West Ironton, Mrs. Hester Ratcliffe, in the 62nd year of her age.

RADER, WILLIAM S.       I.R. JAN. 05, 1854
Sad Accident – death of William S. Rader, son of George Rader, late of (Gallia or Lawrence) county, aged 16 years. Gunshot wound.

RADFORD, MRS. PHILINDA       I.R. JUN. 21, 1860

RAFFERTY, JAMES       I.R. MAR. 03, 1859

RAFFERTY, JOHN       I.R. MAY 26, 1864

RAINE, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 22, 1877

RAINE, JOHN JOHNSON       I.R. JUL. 31, 1856
Died on July 30, John Johnson, son of Joseph and Ruth Raine, age 1y 2m 13d.

RAINE, SUSANNA       I.R. JUL. 31, 1856
Died on Saturday, July 26th, Susanna, daughter of John and Sarah Raine, age 1y 5m.

RAMSEY, BENJAMIN       I.R. APR. 02, 1857
Died – Benjamin Ramsey, former attorney at Portsmouth, and Judge of Probate of Scioto county, died on the 11th of March, at Washington, Pa.

RAMSEY, DR. J.       I.R. SEPT. 24, 1857
Married on the 23rd inst., at Pine Grove Furnace, by Rev. Mr. Towler, Dr. J. Ramsey (Dentist) of Springfield, Ohio to Mrs. Emma M. Steele, of the former place.

RANKIN, MRS. ALEX       I.R. MAR. 17, 1887
The Lawrence Kansas Tribune says: “Mrs. Alex Rankin is mentioned as a suitable person for member of the school board. Her long experience as a teacher, and thorough acquaintances with the necessities of our public school system would seem eminently qualify her for that position.” Mrs. Rankin was formerly Miss Tillie Hopkins, daughter of R. L. Hopkins, and a one time teacher in the Ironton Schools.

Mrs. Matilda Rankin, daughter of the late Robt. Hopkins, returned last Saturday to Lawrence, Kansas, where she is a teacher in the Indian School.

RANKIN, W. C. REV.       I.R. MAR. 28, 1889*

RANSBOTTOM, JAMES H.       I.R. May 13, 1858
Married on the 2nd inst., by Rev. A. J. McMillen, Mr. James H. Ransbottom and Miss Elizabeth Milstead; all of Lawrence county, Ohio.

Octogenarian Dead – Pioneer Citizen of Lawrence County, Ohio, passed away Monday afternoon. James H. Ransbottom, one of the pioneer citizens of Lawrence county, Ohio, passed away at his home on Big Branch, two miles from Chesapeake, after reaching the ripe age of eighty years. Mr. Ransbottom had lived in Lawrence county nearly all his life . . . suffered from stomach trouble. Burial at Union cemetery. The dec’d is survived by nine living children, Mrs. Robert Barnett, of Big Branch; Thos. and Robert Ransbottom and Mrs. William Counts of Ashland, Ky., Samuel and James Ransbottom and Mrs. Chas. Bags? and Mrs. Richard Cassidy of Huntington and Hampton Bennett Ransbottom of Big Branch.

RARDIN, HUGH       I.R. AUG. 18, 1904
Wedding – Miss Mable Sophie Crawford, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clate L. Crawford, of Maplewood, O., and Hugh Rardin, the well known traveling man of Catlettsburg, Ky., were quietly married Tuesday morning by Rev. W. H. Hampton, at his residence. The ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. Crawford, mother of the bride, Mrs. Rardin, mother of the groom and Mrs. Thomas Russell, of Fourth street. On their return they will take up their residence with the bride’s parents, at the old Harland homestead at Maplewood.

RATCLIFF, MRS. ELIZA       I.R. MAY 03, 1888
Deaths – Mrs. Eliza Ratcliff, of Rockcamp, aged 48.

RATLIFF, DEBORAH L.       I.R. JUN. 29, 1865

RATLIFF, MARY ANN       I.R. APR. 20, 1871

RAVENCROFT, MRS. MARY       I.R. JUN. 06, 1901

RAY, OSCAR       I.R. APR. 27, 1865
Married at the residence of the bride’s father, on the 17th inst., by Rev. J. H. Young, Mr. Oscar Ray and Miss Arabell White; all of Ironton.

RAYNOR, NATHANIEL       I.R. JAN. 22, 1880

RECKARD, MRS.       I.R. DEC. 11, 1879

RECKARD, F. M.       I.R. NOV. 17, 1853
Died on the 7th inst., at Amesville, Athens Co., by Rev. Roswell Tenney, Mr. F. M. Reckard, of Proctorville to Miss Lucy Henry, of the former place.

RECKARD, LUCY       IJRN SEPT. 07, 1870
Died – Lucy Reckard, wife of F. M. Reckard, died at Quaker Bottom, August 30th after a lingering illness.

RECKARD, SALMON       I.R. JAN. 20, 1881

REEDER, J. W.       I.R. JAN. 16, 1902
Died in Jan., 1902, from an accidental overdose of morphine.

REES, MRS. ANNA       I.R. OCT. 24, 1895
Mrs. Anna Rees, 90 years old, died at Vesuvius station last Sunday.

REES, DAVID       I.R. JUL. 30, 1863

REEVES,       I.R. AUG. 12, 1875

REEVES, ISAAC       I.R. MAY 06, 1869

REEVES, JESSE       I.R. MAY 18, 1871

REEVES, JOHN       I.R. OCT. 29, 1857
Married – 22nd inst., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. John Reeves and Miss Sarah Roadamour; all of Ironton.

REEVES, JOHN       I.R. DEC. 26, 1901
Of Ironton, died Thursday at his home in Hamilton, Ohio. He was about 65 years old and his death was due to an attack of paralysis. Burial at Woodland. None of the immediate relatives of the deceased live here, he having moved with his family from here about 20 years ago. He was a molder by trade.

REEVES, MRS. SARAH E. (ROADAMOR)       I.R. SEPT. 05, 1895
Mrs. Sarah E. Reeves, wife of John Reeves and daughter of Jonas Roadamor, died at Hamilton last Thursday at the age of 53. The remains were brought here for burial by husband and family as follows: John Reeves, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Will Reeves and three children, Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Reeves and child; Mrs. A. Streng and daughter; John Reeves, Jr. The father and sons, Will and Eugene are engaged…..F. & L. Kahn Bros. Foundry in Hamilton. Eldest son, Ed is in Nebraska and John Jr is in a machine shop at Hamilton.

REGNIER, JULIUS       I.R. MAR. 02, 1854
Died at Gallipolis, Feb. 17th, Mr. Julius Regnier, aged about 50 years, one of the most respectable citizens of that place.

REID, CAROLINE LUELLA       I.R. MAR. 17, 1853
Died in Burlington, Caroline Luella, daughter of T. J. & E. J. Reid, aged 5y 6m 12d.

REINHART, F. W. DR.       I.R. JAN. 31, 1901
Died at home on South Fifth street. He was past 57 years of age. He was born in Germany March 13, 1843 and came to US with his parents when 1 year old, locating in Indiana. He came to Ironton about 26 years ago. Minister of German M. E. church for 27 years. Wife and five children survive him: Dr. E. W. Reinhart of Salineville, O., Mrs. T. W. Westlake of Muncie, Ind., Dr. Harry L. Reinhart of Matewan, W.Va., Mrs. J. Finley Clayton of Lawrence, Kansas, C. E. Reinhart and Misses Stella and Bessie Reinhart of this city.

REITER, CATHERINE       I.R. SEP. 10, 1885

REMINGTON, INFANT       I.R. OCT. 28, 1886
Died Oct. 20, infant daughter of Paul G. Remington.


REYNOLDS, CALVIN W.       I.R. JAN. 7, 1892
Calvin W. Reynolds got left in his race for Engrossing Clerk of the House. His many friends regret his misfortune. He would have adorned the office.

REYNOLDS, FRANKIE       I.R. JAN. 19, 1871

REYNOLDS, INFANT       I.R. MAY 24, 1888
Died May 23, 1888, child of Benjamin Reynolds, age 11 months.

REYNOLDS, INFANT       I.R. FEB. 27, 1890
Died Feb. 25, infant child of Calvin Reynolds.

REYNOLDS, JANE       I.R. SEP. 03, 1874

REYNOLDS, MRS. J. C.       I.R. OCT. 18, 1900
Mrs. H. Berkstresser of Worthington, Ohio, arrived in this city Monday to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. J. C. Reynolds.

REYNOLDS, LUELLA       I.R. JUL. 12, 1883
Died on July 10, 1883, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Reynolds.

RHODES, EBEN       I.R. AUG. 04, 1881

RHODES, WILLIAM       I.R. DEC. 05, 1878
A prominent citizen of Portsmouth and well known in this county, died in New York on Thanksgiving morning.

RHYNE, RICHARD       I.R. JUL. 16, 1857
Died in Ironton on the 7th, Richard Rhyne, aged 30 years.

RICE,       I.R. OCT. 02, 1879

RICE, MRS. ELIZABETH J.       I.R. APR. 12, 1860

RICE, JUDGE JAMES M.       IJRN OCT. 26, 1870
Died – Judge James M. Rice of Big Sandy, died at his residence on Broadway St., Monday morning.

RICE, MARGARET       I.R. SEP. 16, 1852
Died in Ironton, on the 10th inst., of consumption, consort of T. H. Rice, aged 26 years.

RICE, PARIS       IJRN FEB. 02, 1870
Married – December 30th at the residence of Ezekiel Rice, Lewis County, Ky. By Rev. D. G. B. Demaree, Paris Rice of Fleming county, Ky. to Martha E. Luman.


RICE, THOMAS H.       I.R. JUL. 06, 1854
Married on the 29th of June, by Rev. Mr. Brodbeck, Mr. Thomas H. Rice, formerly of Ironton, to Miss Mary Allison, of Gallia county.

RICHARDS, MRS. D. W.       I.R. MAR. 20, 1890

RICHARDS, JOHN KELVEY (Senator)       SWI MAR. 02, 1909*
Son of Samuel Richards, Sr.
Note: He had a brother, Jos. Richards see I.R. Mar. 27, 1890

RICHARDS, MRS. LAURA A.       SWI JAN. 23, 1912*
Widow of Samuel Richards, Sr.

RICHARDS, LEWIS, W.       I.R. JAN. 03, 1889*
Son of Samuel Richards, Sr.
I.R. Apr. 18, 1889 – Mrs. Kate Richards, wife of the late Lewis W. Richards, is on her way to Ironton with her children, and will live here. The remains of her husband will be moved to Woodland.

RICHARDS, LEWIS W.       I.R. JUL. 20, 1899

RICHARDS, MRS. MARY A. (AMBROSE)       I.R. MAR. 20, 1890*

RICHARDS, MARY ANN       I.R. SEP. 25, 1862

RICHARDS, SAMUEL       I.R. JAN. 19, 1865
Married on the 12th inst., at the residence of the bride, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Samuel Richards and Miss Laura Westlake, all of Ironton.

RICHARDS, SAMUEL Sr.       I.R. JUL. 02, 1891*

RICHARDS, SARAH       I.R. OCT. 25, 1877
Died Oct. 16, 1877, age 65 years. She was a sister of Samuel Richards, Esq., and a resident of this city from 1868 to 1875.

RICHARDSON, MRS. E. D.       I.R. OCT. 04, 1877

RICHARDSON, LOUISA       I.R. APR. 26, 1883

RICHARDSON, S. T.       I.R. OCT. 05, 1865
Mr. S. T. Richardson, an old citizen of this place, who died last week, while on a visit to Indiana, was buried yesterday, with Masonic honors.

RICHEY, ALICE A.       I.R. NOV. 05, 1868

RICHEY, MRS. H. B.       I.R. NOV. 21, 1889
Died Nov. 16, age 67.

RICHEY, J. HAMILTON       I.R. JAN. 06, 1853
Married on the 29th of December, at Columbus, by Rev. D. A. Randall, Mr. J. Hamilton Richey, of Ironton, to Miss Frances G., eldest daughter of Prof. W. W. Mather, of the former place.

RICHEY, JAMES ALLEN       I.R. MAR. 08, 1855
Died on the 3d inst., in Ironton of consumption, age 36.

RICHEY, JAMES ALLEN       I.R. FEB. 13, 1902
Died early Wednesday evening at his home. He had been ill for a week with an attack of pneumonia and grip. The deceased was 48 years of age and leaves a wife and seven children. The latter are: Chester, who is in the U.S. Army and sailed for Manila last week. Shirley, Leon, Audray, Clifford, Arnold and James Allen. The deceased was a brother of Mr. Oscar Richey of the Kelly Nail & Iron Co. Burial at Woodland.

RICHEY, MARY       I.R. JUL. 20, 1899

RICHEY, MRS. MARY       I.R. OCT. 14, 1869       IJRN OCT. 13, 1869
Died October 9 at the residence of her son-in-law, Isaac Brown, Esq., Jackson, Ohio, Mrs. Mary Richey, widow of Esq. Rob’t Richey, aged 75 years. She was a sister of the late Robert Hamilton of Hanging Rock. Burial in Kelly’s cemetery.

RICHEY, MRS. REBECCA       I.R. NOV. 17, 1853
Died on the 14th inst., in this town, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of George B. Richey, in the 23rd year of her age.

RICHEY, ROBERT ESQ.       I.R. MAY 19, 1864

RICKER, A. H.       I.R. JAN. 23, 1879
Alexander H. Ricker born in Bath, Grafton County, New Hampshire on Dec. 14, 1824, age 54 years. Removed from New Hampshire to this region in 1845 settling at Franklin Furnace. Interment at Woodland Cemetery. (Need to Copy)

RICKER, ALEX       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
Alex Ricker has purchased the Sprecher property on 4th street near Railroad.

Mrs. A. H. Ricker, of Center street, received a telegram Saturday announcing the death of Miss Betsey Ricker, a sister of the late Capt. Ricker, at her home in Elizabeth, N.Y. The deceased lived in Ironton in her younger days. The remains will be brought here Tuesday for interment.

RICKER, E. J.       I.R. MAR. 19, 1891

RICKETTS, DR. B. M.       I.R. MAY 21, 1885
Marriage – Dr. B. M. Ricketts, of New York City, and Miss Jennie Clark, daughter of D. H. Clark, were united in marriage this morning, at the home of the bride. Rev. James Hill officiating. In New York they will have rooms on Murray Hill, at 146 East 36th-st.

RICKETTS, MRS. GERARD C.       I.R. MAR. 10, 1859

RICKETTS, MRS. JENNIE (CLARK)       I.R. DEC. 17, 1885
Died in Cincinnati at noon today of typhoid fever. Her father and mother were at her bedside. She was 23 years of age. (note she had just married see I.R. May 21, 1885 )

RIDGEWAY, DAVID       I.R. MAY 12, 1853
Death of Mr. David Ridgeway of Raccoon, Gallia County, Ohio, the son of William Ridgeway, aged about 25 years.

RIGERISH, JOHN       I.R. MAR. 03, 1853
Married, near Haverhill, Feb. 14th, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. John Rigerish to Miss Hester Williams.

RIGGS, DAVID       I.R. MAR. 03, 1887
Well known citizen who lived near Rockcamp died last Monday.

RIGGS, JOSEPH       I.R. AUG. 09, 1877
An old citizen of Portsmouth died recently. From 1833 to 1835 he lived at Hanging Rock and was in the iron business. He was 81 years old.

RIGGS, STEPHEN B.       I.R. OCT. 20, 1853
Married on the 12th inst., in Portsmouth, Mr. Stephen B. Riggs to Miss Evadine Withers, all of that place.

RILEY, MRS. CHARLES       I.R. MAR. 23, 1905
Mrs. Charles Riley died Monday evening at her home at Ellisonville, after a six month’s illness of consumption. She is survived by a husband and three small children. (do not have end of obit)

RILEY, INFANT       I.R. AUG. 18, 1887
Died – Aug. 13, infant child of Thos. Riley.

RILEY, JOHN       I.R. MAY 11, 1854
Married on the 5th, by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. John Riley to Miss Hannah Berry, both of Lawrence county.

RILEY, MICHAEL       I.R. JAN. 07, 1892
A well known citizen, died last night.

RILEY, W. H.       I.R. JUN. 23, 1887
Died – June 17, W. H. Riley, aged 60 years.

RIPPERGER, L.       I.R. JUL. 12, 1883
Died July 3, 1883, age 65.

ROACH, INFANT       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
A young child of Mr. and Mrs. Ephraim Roache’s of Rappsburg.

ROACH, MRS.       I.R. DEC. 16, 1880

ROBBINS, MRS. ANDREW       I.R. FEB. 21, 1861

ROBBINS, HANNAH       I.R. AUG. 26, 1886

ROBBINS, JOHN J. W.       I.R. JUL. 25, 1861
In the unfortunate affair on Kanawha … killed John J. W. Robbins of Union Landing in this county. He was a young man of less than 18 years, was raised by Thomas W. Means. .

ROBERTS,       I.R. MAR. 03, 1881

ROBERTS,       I.R. AUG. 17, 1871

ROBERTS, CALVIN       ISWI DEC. 18, 1917

ROBERTS, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 24, 1887
Died March 19, child of David Roberts, age 2 1/2 years.

ROBERTS, THEODORE       IET. JUL. 15, 1927

Married in Quaker Bottom on the 26th ult., by Rev. H. Z. Adams, Mr. Hezekiah Robertson and Miss Sarah Jane Gillett, all of this county.

ROBERTSON, ROLEN       I.R. AUG. 27, 1857
Married on the 24th inst., at the Ironton House, by same, Mr. Rolen Robertson, to Miss Surrilda Roberterson, both of Wayne county, Virgina.

ROBINSON,       I.R. SEPT. 29, 1887
A brother of Rev. E. S. Robinson died at Salt Lake City, a few days ago, while he was on his way to Los Angeles for his health.

ROBINSON, CAPT. ANDY       I.R. JAN. 20, 1898
Mr. A. T. Dempsey of Columbus; Mrs. E. W. Allen of Zanesville; Mrs. Bolt, of Bolt’s Ford, Ky., her daughter, Mrs. Pritchard, were here yesterday to attend the funeral of Capt. Andy Robinson.

ROBINSON, BENJAMIN J.       M.I. JAN. 14, 1916

ROBINSON, EMILY A.       I.R. DEC. 14, 1871


ROBINSON, J. V. JR.       OBIT UNDER       DIED – I.R. APR. 03, 1862
Major of the 33d OH Reg. died at his residence in Portsmouth, a week ago last Sunday. He had been troubled with a disease of the lungs for some years and the fatigues of the campaign were too severe for him and caused his death.

ROBINSON, JAMES       I.R. JUL. 09, 1896*

ROBINSON, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 02, 1890*

ROBINSON, JOHN A.       I.R. SEP. 13, 1866

ROBINSON, JOHN S.       I.R. OCT. 10, 1891
John S. Robinson died last Saturday. He was a bookkeeper at D. H. Clark & Co.’s wholesale grocery store. Age 42, single and living with his mother.

ROBINSON, MRS. JOHN       I.R. JAN. 02, 1890*

ROBINSON, JOSHUA V., JR.       I.R. MAR. 17, 1853
Married on the 10th inst., in Portsmouth, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Joshua V. Robinson, Jr., to Miss Martha B. Riggs, all of that place.

ROBINSON, LOT. O.       I.R. MAY 19,1859
Died at Hanging Rock on May 14 from an affection of the heart, aged 46 years. He was a native of Maryland, born near Cumberland, and removed to this place about 12 years ago. (need end of obit)

ROBINSON, LUCY       I.R. JUL. 10, 1879

ROBINSON, MRS. MARY A. (DEMPSEY)       I.R. JUL. 16, 1891
Wife of Capt. A. Robinson, died at her home on Front Street. She was the daughter of Samuel W. Dempsey. She was born at Etna Furnace, this county, May 23d, 1844. She married Capt. A. Robinson on Nov. 20, 1872. Her husband and their only son, Samuel, survive her.

ROBINSON, MAUD       I.R. JUL. 10, 1879       (check also)       I.R. SEP. 25, 1879 ??

ROBINSON, REV. P. M.       I.R. MAR. 26, 1891       &       APR. 02, 1891
Rev. P. M. Robinson, one of the well known Baptist preachers of the county died at his home in Symmes Township last Friday. He was a man of considerable ability and greatly respected. He was born in Fayette Tp., Lawrence Co, Ohio, Dec. 5, 1824; was married March 2, 1848, to Luanna Stewart; soldier in the war of 1861 (Civil War), and was a Baptist minister, a member of that church for 48 years; was ordained in 1858 and organized the first Sunday School in Symmes Tp., in 1855. A wife and six children survive him.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM G.       I.R. MAR. 09, 1865
Married on the 23rd of Feb., at the Union House, by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. William G. Robinson and Miss Susan Kirk, all of Catlettsburg, Ky.

ROBISON, ADELINE       I.R. AUG. 18, 1910

ROBRIG, MRS. FLORA (BROOKS)       I.R. AUG. 01, 1889
E. C. Brooks got a letter last Saturday, saying that his daughter, living at Gallup, New Mexico was seriously sick, and last Monday received a telegram of her death. She was aged 20, and had married in Illinois last December and went to New Mexico three months ago with her husband who was engaged in mining operations. She died of typhoid fever.

RODGERS,       I.R. JUL. 01, 1880

RODGERS, ALICE       I.R. SEP. 16, 1880

RODGERS, ANDREW       I.R. AUG. 21, 1890
The funeral of Andrew Rodgers will be preached at Scott Town this county, August 24th by Rev. Plumb.

RODGERS, MRS. GEORGE P. , JR.       I.R. AUG. 20, 1891
The wife of Geo. P. Rodgers, Jr., formerly of Ironton died at her home in Cincinnati this Wednesday morning. J. A. Rodgers went down this afternoon and Miss Libbie Rodgers has been there some weeks.

RODGERS, GEORGE P.       I.R. JUL. 12, 1883?*

RODGERS, HENRY C.       I.R. JAN. 09, 1851
Married on the 1st at Harmar, Mr. Henry C. Rodgers of Hanging Rock and Miss Mary Crawford of the former place.

RODGERS, HENRY C.       I.R. OCT. 11, 1866

RODGERS, INFANT       I.R. JAN. 01, 1885
Died Dec. 28, infant child of Leonard Rodgers.

RODGERS, JAMES       I.R. JUN. 14, 1860
See complete obit under contributed obituaries on the website.

RODGERS, MRS. MARGARET       I.R. MAY 03, 1888
Deaths – April 26, Margaret, wife of John Rodgers, aged 56.

Died on Sept. 8th in Hanging Rock, Margaret Anna Rodgers, daughter of James and Matilda Rodgers, aged 3y 3m.

RODGERS, MRS. MARY JANE       I.R. AUG. 11, 1853
Died at Hanging Rock, on the 15th inst., Mrs. Mary Jane Rodgers, wife of J. H. Ross, aged 20 years.
(note typed as in paper – was she a Rodgers or a Ross?)

RODGERS, THOMAS       I.R. FEB. 23, 1854
Married on the 17th inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Thomas Rodgers, of Hanging Rock, and Miss Rachel Kenvyu, of Ironton.

RODGERS, MRS. WILLIAM (nee REECE)       I.R. NOV. 05, 1891
Mrs. William Rodgers a sister of Crad Reese was buried last Monday. The funeral was at Mr. Reece’s house, but his sister died in Cleveland and was brought here for burial.

RODGERS, WILLIAM       I.R. MAR. 13, 1890
William Rodgers died at Scottown last Saturday. He was up and about the day before though had not been well for a week.

ROGERS,       I.R. JUL. 22, 1880

ROGERS, MARY F.       I.R. MAR. 08, 1866

ROGERS, MRS. ANN (WILLIAMS)       I.R. FEB. 17, 1887
Said Dr. Morris: “Mrs. Peter Rogers, who died, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Williams, who have been married over sixty years and are very active people.” Deaths – Feb. 14, Mrs. Ann Rogers, 46 years.

ROGERS, MARY F.       I.R. MAR. 08, 1866

ROGERS, RICHARD       I.R. NOV. 06, 1890
Richard Rogers, little son of the blind man, William Rogers of Rockcamp, died Monday night. . .

ROLLINS, JOSEPH       I.R. MAY 26, 1887
Died – May 19, Jos. Rollins, aged 19.

ROLPH,       I.R. AUG. 30, 1883
Athalia – Frank Rolph and wife mourn the loss of their little girl, which died Friday night.

ROMAN, THOMAS       I.R. MAY 03, 1888
Deaths – Apr. 26 – Thos. Roman, at Culbertson.

ROSE, MRS. MARGARET       I.R. JUL. 01, 1886

ROSS, CHARLES       IET. FEB. 09, 1931

ROSS, JAMES F.       I.R. OCT. 06, 1853
Married in Chillicothe, by Elder Edwards, Mr. James F. Ross of Catlettsburg, Ky., to Miss Sally Mick, of the former place.

ROSS, JOSEPH       I.R. MAY 28, 1863

ROSS, MISS MARY       I.R. JUL. 12, 1877
Died – Mary Ross daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ross at her home on 3rd street on the evening of the sixth. Mary was about 14 years old.

ROSS, SARAH       I.R. JAN. 29, 1857
Died on the 27th inst., at the Lawrence County Infirmary, Sarah Ross, aged about 40 years . . . disease of the heart complicated with general dropsy.

ROUSH, JOHN       I.R. AUG. 28, 1856
Fatal Accident – near Vesuvius Furnace. A man name John Roush ran over by a horse drawn wagon – came to this county from Hurrican Bridge, Putnam Co., Va., leaves a large family.

ROUSH, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 22, 1857

ROUSH, MARTIN       IET. SEP. 29, 1926

ROWE, ELIZA       I.R. JAN. 06, 1881

ROWE, GUY       ISWR DEC. 28, 1917

ROWE, JONATHAN       I.R. AUG. 26, 1886

ROWE, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 04, 1886

ROY, MRS. JENNIE       I.R. OCT. 28, 1886
Died on Oct. 23, Jennie, wife of John Roy, aged 34.

ROY, ORSON H.       I.R. JAN. 16, 1902
Died July 27, 1901 – shot by Jacob Meyers at Horseshoe Bend.

ROYER, KATHY H.       I.R. MAY 12, 1864

RUCKER, LILLIE ANN       I.R. APR. 02, 1874

RULE, JESSE       I.R. JULY 10, 1902
Murdered – 42 years of age and married, was stabbed to death at Catlettsburg, Ky., Friday afternoon by Fred Burchett. Rule and his wife, who keep a dairy farm at Pollard, Ky., were spending the Fourth with the latter’s father, J. J. Sturgill, in Catlettsburg.. Drinking. Burchett stabbed Rule in the left breast, which caused death. The deceased was a brother of Edward (Doc) Rule, in Ironton, and his father lives in Sheridan. He was a former resident of Lawrence county.

RUMLER, J.       I.R. MAR. 04, 1880

RUNNER, MRS.       I.R. JAN. 09, 1879
Burlington – Died Jan. 4, Mrs. Runner, aged 89 years.

RUSH, BERT       I.R. JAN. 21, 1904
Marriage license issued to Bert Rush, 21, and Linnie McVey, Victor, W. Va.

RUSSELL,       I.R. NOV. 14, 1878
Infant son of James C. and Mary A. Russell died on Oct. 26, age 5 days old.

RUSSELL, ALONZO J.       I.R. JUN. 27, 1878
Died at his home, the 12th. Funeral services from the residence of R.T. Lambert Friday morning. He was a shrewd young man of 16 summers, and his loss will generally be felt in young company.

RUSSELL, CALVIN       I.R. MAR. 22, 1866

RUSSELL, ELECTA A.       I.R. MAY 27, 1875
Died at her residence on Sharp’s Creek, Aid Township, on May 18 of erysipclas, the wife of Thos. E. Russell.

RUSSELL, GEORGE       I.R. AUG. 29, 1895
George Russell died April 4, 1894 ? (look up to verify).

RUSSELL, HARRY       W.R. AUG. 28, 1897
Harry Russell, the 16 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Russell of Aid, O., died Tuesday morning.

RUSSELL, HENRY       I.R. JUL. 24, 1879

RUSSELL, HUGH       I.R. MAR. 26, 1891
Hugh Russell has rented Brumberg’s old stand in Ward’s block and will remove his saddlery and harness establishment there next week.

RUSSELL, INFANT       I.R. MAY 27, 1875
Died near Marion, Lawrence county, on May 14, infant son of Thos. E. and E. A. Russell.

RUSSELL, JAMES       I.R. JUN. 18, 1863

RUSSELL, JAMES F.       I.R. OCT. 01, 1863

RUSSELL, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 15, 1857
Married on the 1st inst., by Rev. J. C. Bayless, at the residence of Henry Amstead Mead, John Russell, of Bellefonte Furnace, to Miss Mary Ann Mead, all of Greenup county, Kentucky.

RUSSELL, MRS. JOHN (nee STEWART)       I.R. JAN. 16, 1890*
Of Windsor Twp., died last Sunday. She was the daughter of ______ Stewart, of Marion and was in her 40th year.


RUSSELL, MARY       I.R. MAY 13, 1875

RUSSELL, MRS. MARY       I.R. JAN. 25, 1906

RUSSELL, SAMUEL       I.R. NOV. 02, 1871

RUSSELL, THOMAS       I.R. OCT. 05, 1871

RUSSELL, THOMAS       I.R. SEP. 21, 1871

RUSSELL, THOMAS E.       IJRN 22 SEP. 1869
Married September 16, by P. R. Polley, Esq., Thos. E. Russell and Miss Electa A. McElroy of Lawrence county, Ohio.

RUST, EDWARD       IJRN OCT. 26, 1870
Died – Edward Rust accidentally shot himself while hunting.

RUST, ELIJAH       I.R. MAY 03, 1860

RUST, MISS ELIZA       IJRN APR. 20, 1870
Died April 16th, Miss Eliza Rust of this city, aged about 28 years.

RUST, SAMANTHA       I.R. JUL. 07, 1887
Died – July 5, Samantha Rust, aged 38.


RUTLEDGE, A. C.       IET. NOV. 08, 1938
Well known railroad man of Hanging Rock. Funeral Thursday. Burial in Woodland Cemetery.

RYAN, MRS. CHARLES       I.R. MAY 08, 1890
The sympathy of his many friends are with Charles Ryan, who lost his wife last Sunday morning. This is the second time Mr. Ryan has passed through a similar sorrow.

RYAN, MRS. CHARLES       I.R. MAY 08, 1890
Died May 03, age 35. The wife of Charles Ryan. This is the second time Mr. Ryan has passed through a similar sorrow.

RYAN, LITTLE LOTTY       I.R. DEC. 18, 1879