Misc Obituaries: Volume 1 – M

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


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MACE, AARON W.       I.R. NOV. 24, 1887
Marriage license issued to Aaron W. Mace and Janie Neal.

MACE, CATHERINE       I.R. MAY 19, 1887
Deaths – May 11, Catherine Mace, Petersburg, aged 56.

MACE, JOHN       I.R. MAY 17, 1883

MACK, MRS.       I.R. FEB. 03, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 27, Mrs. Mack, aged 76 years.

MACKEY, CHESTER P.       I.R. MAY 11, 1854
Died at Davenport, Iowa, on the 29th ult., Chester P., son of Albert G. and Sophia W. Mackey, recently of Ironton, aged 2 years and 4 days.

MACKLEY, JACOB       I.R. APR. 21, 1864
Died near Unionville, Lawrence county, Ohio, on the 6th inst., Jacob Mackley. The deceased was the only brother of the editor of the Jackson Standard. He was born in Mason county, Va., March 24th, 1804. When seven years of age he was attacked with inflammatory rheumatism, and he never walked after he was 14 years of age. . . . He supported himself by teaching school.

MACKLEY, MARY       I.R. AUG. 20, 1857
Died on the 11th inst., in Jackson, Mary Mackley, infant daughter of Davis and Mary Mackley, aged 7m17d.

MACKLEY, MRS. MARY (STEECE)       I.R. JAN. 01, 1857
Died – Dec. 26, in Jackson, Mrs. Mary Mackley, wife of Davis Mackley, Esq., and daughter of Henry Steece, of Ironton, aged 32 years.

MACLARDY, JEAN       I.R. AUG. ___ 1865

Died on Friday, Aug. 29th, at Coal Grove, Miss Margaretta T. Macoun, sister-in-law of Wm. P. Israel, Esq.

MADDEN, THOMAS       I.R. JUN. 08, 1865

MADDOX, ELIZA MARY       I.R. AUG. 25, 1864
Died on the 21st inst., at Pennsylvania Fce., Kentucky, Eliza Mary, daughter of A. R. and Mary Maddox, age 1y2m25d. The 2nd lamb of the household gathered in less than a year.

MAGEE, R. W.       IJRN SEPT. 08, 1869
Born on September 4th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Magee.

MAHAFFEY, THOMAS       I.R. AUG. 31, 1871

MAHAFFY, HUGH       I.R. MAY 12, 1887
Died – May 9, Hugh Mahaffy, aged 56.

MAIDMINT, CHARLES       I.R. JAN. 05, 1865
Married by Rev. L. Hall, on the 3rd of Jan., Mr. Charles Maidmint and Miss Nancy Sowards, all of this county.

MAIN, MYRA       I.R. JAN. 08, 1885

MAIN, WILLIAM       I.R. MAR. 31, 1892
Marriage license issued to William Main and Bridget Halloran.

MAINES, JOHN C.       I.R. MAR. 22, 1866
Married in the city of Ironton on the 11th of March, 1866, by P. R. Polley, Esq., Mr. John C. Maines and Miss L. Rowe, all of Lawrence county.

MAINES, THOMAS       IJRN NOV. 03, 1869
Married October 27, at Coal Grove by Rev. Chas. W. Talbott, Thos. Maines and Carrie Massie.

MALONE, JOHN W.       I.R. JAN. 08, 1906
Five month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Malone of Maddyville died Friday. Interment: Melvin Cemetery.

MALONE, RICHARD       I.R. OCT. 15, 1885
Marriage license issued – Richard Malone and Phebe Campbell.

MANN, MRS. MARY WARE       IJRN DEC. 28, 1870
Died in Portsmouth, Ohio, Dec. 19th at her son-in-law’s residence, C. S. Smith, Mary Ware, widow of the late Anson Mann, age 79 years.

MANN, WILLIAM HENRY       I.R. MAY 13, 1869

MANNON, MRS.       I.R. NOV. 27, 1879

MANON, GEORGE W.       I.R. MAR. 31, 1892
Marriage license issued to George W. Manon and Sarah C. Bradley.

MARCUM,       I.R. FEB. 03, 1881

MARCUM, CHARLIE A.       I.R. JAN. 08, 1880
Died – On the 22nd ult., at Arabia, Charlie A., son of Randolph and Martha Marcum.

MARCUM, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. JUN. 09, 1881

MARKIN, LORENZO D.       I.R. NOV. 02, 1865
Married by Peras R. Polley, J. P., on the 5th day of Oct., 1865, at the Sheridan House in Ironton, Lorenzo D. Markin and Miss Sarilda J. Dilley.

MARKIN, MINNIE MAY       I.R. OCT. 30, 1873

MARKIN, SAMUEL       I.R. JUL. 01, 1858
Died on June 14th, at the residence of Thomas Markin, in this county, Samuel Markin, in the 23rd year of his age. (This notice was given wrong last week, through fault of the person who sent it to us.)

MARKIN, THOMAS       I.R. JUN. 24, 1858
Died on the 14th at the residence of his brother in this county, Thomas Markin, in his 24th year, leaving a wife and one child; member of the Baptist Church.

MARKIN, THOMAS       I.R. FEB. 18, 1892
Funeral of Thomas Markin, an old soldier, will be preached here (Aid) Sunday.

MARKINS, ELIZABETH       I.R. JAN. 15, 1863

MARKINS, MR.       I.R. JAN. 20, 1898
Mr. Markins, a well known farmer of this place (Deering) died Friday, Jan. 7, 1898. Age 81.

MARLOWE, JULIA       I.T. NOV. 13, 1950*
One of the greatest Shakespearean actresses of all time – died at the age of 85. Married to actor E. H. Sothern who died in 1933. She died in Plaza Hotel on Central Park, New York. She was born Sarah Frances Frost in Cumberland, England. She was the daughter of John Frost and Sarah Hodgson. Her father changed their name to Brough (his mother’s maiden name) when they came to America. She denied living in Ironton – but she did as a child.

MARSHALL, EDWARD       I.R. FEB. 14, 1867
Married on the 9th inst., at the residence of Mrs. More, in Ironton, by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., Mr. Edward Marshall, and Miss Marinda J. Ames, all of Lawrence county.

MARSHALL, NILE       I.R. JUN. 11, 1896
CRUSHED TO DEATH – last Saturday, a young man, 19 years of age, was working in the ore mines, near Fox Hollow, for Pinegrove furnace, was crushed to death by a fall of dirt. Interment: Lawrence Furnace.

MART,       I.R. JAN. 08, 1880

MART,       I.R. MAY 03, 1883
The Mart family have been curiously afflicted. The doctor pronounced it arsenic poisoning; two of the family have died. Prof. W. H. Mart is now in critical condition. (Waterloo).

MART,       I.R. JAN. 08, 1880
Long Creek Items – A daughter of James Mart was buried yesterday at Walnut Ridge.

MARTIN,       I.R. DEC. 17, 1885
Died – Dec. 15, infant child of Jacob Martin.

MARTIN,       I.R. OCT. 28, 1886

MARTIN,       I.R. JUL. 29, 1886

MARTIN,       I.R. AUG. 09, 1888
Died – Aug. 2, son of Wesley Martin, aged 8 months.

MARTIN, MRS. AMANDA G.       IET. OCT. 17, 1934?

MARTIN, BYARD       I.R. APR. 09, 1908
The funeral of the late Byard Martin was held from his residence Friday. The burial was at Woodland. Fred Martin, who came from Chattanooga to attend the funeral of his father, returned to that city today.

MARTIN, MRS. CLARA       I.R. FEB. 04, 1864

MARTIN, MRS. ELIZA (?)       BAD COPY       I.R. FEB. 02, 1920
Wife of James Martin. She leaves besides the husband the following children: Mrs. G. W. Crabtree of Forestdale, Mrs. N. C. Large of Rockcamp, Mrs. M. Bryant of Coal Grove, Mrs. Rachel at home, Daniel and James, Jr. of Deering. The following preceded her in death: Mitchel, Alma B., and Mrs. John Alford, of Deering, also one brother and one sister survive, Mrs. Daniel Bryant and Mrs. Phil Carey, both of Coal Grove. Burial at Martin cemetery.

MARTIN, MRS. ELLA MAY       IET. APR. 08, 1935

MARTIN, GEORGE W.       I.R. APR. 08, 1858
Married on the 2nd inst., by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. George W. Martin and Miss Susan Dalton, all of Lawrence county.

MARTIN, INFANT       I.R. OCT. 28, 1886
Died Oct. 26, child of J. C. Martin, aged 7 months.

MARTIN, JAMES       I.R. MAY 14, 1874

MARTIN, MRS. JANE       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JUN. 25, 1891
Wife of D. J. Martin

MARTIN, LYCURGUS       I.R. FEB. 04, 1892
Died last Saturday of grippe, age about 30 years. Burial at Woodland.

MARTIN, MARGARET A.       IET MAR. 29, 1943
Margaret Ann Martin, age one month, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Martin of Orchard Street, died today. Surviving are her parents and her grandmothers, Mrs. Willard Graff and Mrs. Harrison Martin, all of Ironton. Burial at Buckeye cemetery.

MARTIN, MRS. PERSIS D.       I.R. JAN. 30, 1896
Mrs. Persis D. Martin died at the residence of her sister, Mrs. C. Culbertson, last Thursday night. She was born at Little Town, N. H. in 1820, and came to the French Grant when a girl. There she taught school and married James Martin, who died in 1873. During most of her married life she lived at Hanging Rock, but about 15 years ago, came to Ironton. Interment at Woodland. She leaves no children, and Mrs. Culbertson is now the last of seven sisters and brother.

MARTIN, THOMAS SR.       I.R. JUN. 09, 1881

MARTT, GEORGE       IET JAN. 25, 1943
Born in 1864 and a lifelong resident of Lecta community, died at his home. He was a retired farmer. His wife, Laura Ella Houch Martt and two children, Mrs. C. A. Bevins of Gallipolis and Zadell Martt at home, survive him. Burial in the Martt family cemetery.

MASSIE, EVIE       IET NOV. 08, 1938       (Need to Copy)

MASSIE, MRS.       I.R. MAR. 17, 1892
Mrs. Massie, an esteemed lady of Coal Grove, passed away last Friday evening.

MASSIE, MRS.       I.R. APR. 23, 1903
Mother of Squire Massie, of Greasy Ridge, died last week and was buried at Mt. Pleasant Church.

MASSIE, MRS. JANE       IET MAR. 30, 1943
Mrs. Jane Massie, 99, died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Massie of route 75 near Kelly’s Bridge this morning. She resided in Ironton on south 7th street until last November. Mrs. Massie was born Sept. 4, 1843 in Ironton, daughter of Godfried and Eliz. Burke Delawder and would have been 100 years old next September. She was married to Isaac Massie on May 23, 1861. Her husband served in the Union army but preceded her in death in 1906. There were two children in her family, her sister Mary dying several years ago in Missouri. Surviving Mrs. Massie are these children: Mrs. Eliz. Worthington of Cleveland; Mrs. Sarah Layman, Chicago, Mrs. Loretia Gruber of Ironton, Isaac Jr., of Wilmington, O., Mrs. Ceola Terry (or Mrs. Ceole Mary Remy see services IET Mar. 31, 1943) of Columbus, Albert O. of Ironton route two, where she died. She has a host of grandchildren, great grandchildren, two sons preceded her in death, Joseph, two months ago and Elihu in 1914. Interment Woodland cemetery.

MASSIE, JONATHAN       I.R. FEB. 04, 1892
Jonathan Massie, who lived on the Dinnen farm, on Johns Creek, died a few days ago at the age of 70 years. His son, F. M. Massie, was up from Tennessee to attend the funeral. F. M.’s wife accompanied him, and remains for a visit at her father’s, John E. Stewart.

MASSIE, NATHAN       I.R. SEP. 13, 1860
Marriage license issued to Nathan Massie and Lydia Neal.

MASSIE, ROBERT       I.R. JAN. 14, 1892
Of Greasy Ridge, brother of Ephraim Massie, died last week.

MASSIE, SQUIRE       W.R. FEB. 2, 1895
Died at his home on Greasy Ridge on the 24th int, aged 73 years. He was born on Coal River, Greenbriar County, VA 22 April 1822. When he was eight years old, he moved with his parents to this county and settled on Elkins Creek. He was married to Rebecca Corns in 1846, who, with four children, two sons and two daughers, survives. He was electd justice of peace in 1856, and continued in office until his death, with the exception of three years from 1867-1870, while he was commissioner….

MASSIE, VENORAH       I.R. APR. 01, 1875

MASSIE, WILLIAM       I.R. OCT. 24, 1895
Wm. Massie, an inmate of the Infirmary, from Mason, died last week, age 77 years.

MATHER, RICHARD       M.I. APR. 09, 1911

MATHEWS, ELI       I.R. OCT. 28, 1875

MATHEWS, MARY A.       I.R. JAN. 01, 1885
Died Dec. 24, Mary A. Mathews, aged 61 years?.

Died on the 29th ult., in West Ironton, Samuel Lincoln Mathews, aged 7m6d.

MATNEY,       I.R. SEP. 09, 1880

MATNEY, JOHN B.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1867
Well known citizen lived near Rockcamp, died last Monday.

MATNEY, THOMAS       I.R. FEB. 25, 1864

MATTHEWS, HENRY R.       I.R. OCT. 16, 1873

MATTHEWS, JOSEPH S.       I.R. FEB. 23, 1871

Died on the 2nd inst., in Cheshire, Gallia county, Capt. Phinehas Matthews, aged 85, a resident of Ohio since 1793, and of Gallia county since 1802.

MATTHEWS, SAMUEL       I.R. AUG. 20, 1857
Married in Quaker Bottom on the 16th inst., by Rev. H. Z. Adams, Mr. Samuel Matthews to Miss Mary Jane Smith.

MAUS,       I.R. JAN. 06, 1881

MAXWELL, REV. SAMUEL       I.R. JAN. 31, 1867
Died at Marietta, O., on the 24th inst., Rev. Samuel Maxwell, aged 62 years.

MAY, DAVID       I.R. DEC. 31, 1857
Married on the 28th inst., by Thomas A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. David May and Miss Minerva Jenkins; all of Lawrence county.

MAY, MRS. ELIZA SWABBY       I.R. DEC. 28, 1899
She was born Oct. 29, 1842 and died November 17, 1899. The father and eight children survive. She married Hugh May on June 3, 1868 and resided at Lawrence Furnace for 22 years.

MAY, JAMES       I.R. FEB. 08, 1866
Married by Rev. J. H. Young, on the 25th of January, Mr. James May and Miss Hannah Breden, all of Lawrence county.

MAY, JAMES       I.R. DEC. 08, 1898

MAY, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 25, 1866
Married in Ironton on the 23rd by Peras R. Polley, Esq., Mr. John May and Miss Reulala Massie, all of Lawrence county.

MAY, MRS. MALINDA       I.R. MAR. 19, 1903
Aged 87 years, died Saturday at her home near LaGrange, death being due to infirmities of advanced age. A family of grown children survive the deceased. Burial at La Grange cemetery.

MAY, WILLIAM D.       I.R. APR. 21, 1892
Marriage license issued to William D. May and Jennie Dingus.

MAYERS, AMOS       I.R. JUN. 15, 1876

MAYES, POLLY       I.R. SEP. 29, 1887
Died – Sept. 25, Polly Mayes, near Rockcamp, aged 62.

MAYHEW/MAHEW, ELISHA       I.R. NOV. 09, 1865
Married on the 5th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Elisha Mahew and Miss Mary J. A. Cubbage, daughter of Rev. W. N. Cubbage, of this city.

MAYHEW, REV. ELISHA       I.R. DEC. 25, 1851

MAYHEW, HELEN       I.R. MAY 10, 1900

MAYHEW, JOHN W.       I.R. APR. 11, 1867

MAYHEW, MRS. MARY A. J.       I.R. MAR. 01, 1866
Died of consumption in this city, on the 23rd inst., Mrs. A. J. Mayhew, wife of Mr. Elisha Mayhew, and daughter of Rev. W.N. Cubbage, in the 24th year of her age . . .

MAYNE, JOHN       I.R. JUL. 19, 1877

MAYS, AMOS       I.R. APR. 12, 1876
Amos Mayes, who was shot on the 7th of last month by Frank Anderson, died last Thursday. Anderson, Thompson and Banks were forthwith arrested and brought before Esq. Brammer, who held them over to Court. . .

MAYS, PARKER       I.R. OCT. 06, 1853
Married on the 30th ult., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. Parker Mays of Wayne county, Virginia, to Miss Melissa Brafford of Cabell county, Virginia.

MCALLISTER, J. C.       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JUL. 11, 1878

MCALLISTER, STELLA       I.R. AUG. 02, 1888
Died July 30, Stella McAllister, aged ___ year.

He was an Ohio man born in Athens, taught school at Ironton, preached in the Ohio conference, went into the war, confined to Libby prison, missionary, secretary of the M. E. church, and bishop. The funeral was held in New York. (need actual obituary probably around December 21, 1906)

MCCAFFREY, C. J.       I.R. NOV. 10, 1887
Marriage license issued to C. J. McCaffrey and Mary M. Caulliflower.

MCCAFFREY, W. G.       I.R. JAN. 25, 1906

MCBRIDE, ARCHIBALD       I.R. MAY 08, 1890
Died May 1, age 77.

MCBRIDE, CHAFFIN       I.R. DEC. 24, 1857
Married on the 20th inst., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. Chaffin McBride and Miss Sophia Finley; all of Ironton.

MCBRIDE, INFANT       I.R. AUG. 23, 1888
Deaths – McBride – Infant child of Adam McBride, Mt. Vernon Fce.

MCBRIDE, DR. N. L.       I.R. SEPT. 29, 1887
Married at the residence of F. C. Tomlinson, last Monday, Dr. N. L. MacBride and Miss Rosalie Hamilton, were married by Rev. Robert McCune, . . . left on train for New York, where Dr. MacBride is a Surgeon in the Ophthalmic Hospital.

Formerly of Ironton – Greenwich, Conn., June 13 (AP) – Dr. Rosalie Hamilton McBride, ( __age) last of the Hamilton family that developed the city of Ironton, Ohio died today at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Gladys A. Funke. Dr. McBride was associated with a Cincinnati hospital for a number of years. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamilton and a sister of the late Mrs. Frank Tomlinson.

MCCAHAN, SARAH ANN       I.R. JUL. 27, 1871

MCCALL, ANDY       IWR JUL. 25, 1896
A double murder – A shanty boat tragedy – Andrew J. McCall and daughter Nettie, were brained with an ax, while they slept, and another daughter had an arm nearly cut off but escaped death. A third daughter is also reported injured. The terrible deed was committed by Mrs. Etta Robbins, who lived on the boat with the McCalls.

MCCALL, NETTIE       IWR JUL. 25, 1896
See obit. Of Andy McCall. Double murder on a shanty boat.

MCCALL, TIMOTHY       I.R. FEB. 06, 1861

MCCARTHY,       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JAN. 31, 1878

MCCARTHY, MRS. BRIDGET       I.R. NOV. 13, 1873
Died Nov. 7, 1873, wife of Thomas McCarthy, aged 40 years.

MCCARTNEY, MRS. PETER       I.R. AUG. 27, 1863
Another Murder – Man had killed his wife, by kicking her down stairs in Child’s block. The deceased was aged 47 years. Her husband was Peter M’Cartney – he was committed to jail on the charge of murder.

MCCARTNEY, ELIZA       I.R. APR. 12, 1866


MCCARTY, MRS. BRIDGET       I.R. NOV. 13, 1873

MCCARTY, MRS. DANIEL       I.S.W. FEB. 19, 1909
Funeral to be held today – at St. Lawrence church with interment at Sacred Heart cemetery. Among those from a distance who are here for the last sad rites are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Middlehauser, Willard and Stella Middlehauser and Catherine Sweeney of Cincinnati and Miss Margaret Coyle of Wellston.

MCCAUSLEN, A. W.       I.R. SEPT. 24, 1863
A. W. McCauslen, Prosecuting Attorney of this county, died at his residence last Sunday. (do not have end of article).

MCCLAIN, EMMA       I.R. JUL. 14, 1870

MCCLAIN, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 22, 1866

MCCLASKEY, SAMUEL       I.R. JAN. 1, 1891
LEGAL NOTICE – Samuel McClaskey will take notice that on December 29, 1890, Henrietta McClaskey filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Lawrence County, Ohio, her petition praying for a divorce from him on the ground of gross neglect of duty and wilful absence for more than three years on his part, which will be for hearing on and after six weeks from December 31, 1890, the first publication of this notice. J. K. Richards, Att’y for Pl’ff.

The 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George McClellan, of Ellisonville, died Friday at the home of his parents, death due to tuberculosis.

MCCLURE, BERTHA       I.R. MAR. 06, 1879
Died at Burlington, Feb. 25, Bertha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. McClure, aged about two months.

MCCLURE, ELIZABETH       NEED TO COPY       SEP. 06, 1864       AND
MCCLURE, ELIZABETH       I.R. SEP. 15, 1864

Died on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, in Burlington, of consumption, Elizabeth McClure, wife of William McClure of that place, aged about 49 years. She sleeps in Jesus.

MCCLURE, ELIZABETH       M.I. NOV. 6, 1923
The funeral services for Miss Elizabeth McClure who died at the H. E. Norton home on south 4th street early Sunday morning were held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Anderson on Fifth street. Interment at Woodland Cemetery.

MCCLURE, MRS. ETHEL       I.R. OCT. 11, 1900
Mrs. Ethel McClure, wife of Dustin McClure, of Ashland, Ky., died at her home Monday of typhoid fever, aged 23 years. She leaves a husband and two small children. Mrs. McClure was the daughter of L. A. McKee of Salliday Creek.

MCCLURE, FRANKIE       I.R. MAY 03, 1866
Died last Monday afternoon, Frankie M’Clure, a little boy about 6 years old was drowned in the back water near the lower end of 4th street . . .

MCCLURE, HARRY       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JAN. 02, 1890
His body was found – drowned.

MCCLURE, MISS JANE       I.R. MAR. 17, 1898
Miss Jane McClure died at her home on 7th st. last Saturday evening, after a sickness of several years, much of the time being bedfast. She was 56 years of age. She and her two sisters had been living together, and their home which has been the scene of sickness so long is now a scene of sorrow to the two devoted sisters who are left. Interment at Woodland.

MCCLURE, LAURA       IDR MAR. 14, 1918
After an illness extending over many months, death came last afternoon to Miss Laura McClure. Heart failure was the cause of death. Miss McClure was born in Manchester, Ohio, and came to Ironton when a young girl. At the time of her death she was living with her only sister, Miss Elizabeth McClure. The dec’d was a daughter of the late Samuel McClure, well known riverman. Mr. C. C. Clarke is a cousin of the deceased. Burial will be private.

MCCLURE, LIBBIE       D.R. NOV. 5, 1923
The death Saturday night of Miss Libbie McClure was a shock to her many friends. She passed away at the home of Mrs. H. E. Norton on south Fourth street from an illness which resulted from a fall in her room several weeks ago. Miss McClure was past seventy years of age. She was a pioneer resident of Ironton. Funeral took place from the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Anderson. Burial at Woodland.

MCCLURE, MARY B.       I.R. JUL. 13, 1854
Died in Ironton, last night of consumption, Mrs. Mary B. McClure, wife of Samuel McClure in the 36th year of her age. Funeral tomorrow (Friday) at 9 o’clock a.m.

Age 88, widow of the late William McClure, died this morning at the home of her son, James McClure of South Point. She is survived by the following children: Katherine Mays of Marion, Anna Lloyd of Ceredo, Bertha Willis of Huntington, Dustin D. McClure, Mrs. Rachel Johnson, Mrs. Hattie Elkins and James and Carlos McClure, all of South Point. Two sons, Harry and Loren, preceded her in death. Burial in Davidson cemetery.

MCCLURE, SAMUEL       I.R. OCT. 05, 1876
Died at his residence, corner 5th and Lawrence-sts., Ironton, O., October 4th, 1876, at 20 minutes past 1 o’clock, A. M., after a lingering illness, Samuel McClure, aged seventy-three years, four months, and two days.

MCCLURE, SAMUEL B.       I.R. AUG. 05, 1852
Died on the 2nd inst., Samuel B., son of Samuel and Mary McClure of his place; aged 15 months.

MCCLURE, WILLIAM       M. I. SEP. 30, 1911
Wm. McClure, the well known veteran of the Civil War, died Friday night�at the Deaconess hospital, where he was taken some weeks ago following the amputation of his right tool by a D. T. & I. train at Center St. Gangrene set in. The amputation of his leg proved fatal.

MCCOLLISTER, THOMAS J.       I.R. AUG. 23, 1860
Married in Portsmouth on the 13th inst., Thomas J. McCollister (Junior editor of the Portsmouth Republican) to Margaret Shellieg.

MCCOMAS,       I.R. NOV. 04, 1880

MCCOMAS, KATHERINE       I.R. MAR. 26, 1857
Died in Logan Co., Va., Feb. 26, 1857, Katherine McComas, aged 85y10m22d. She was one of the PIONEERS with her brothers, of Guyandotte river – having moved there in 1790.

MCCOMAS, MARY JANE       I.R. JAN. 27, 1870

MCCOMMAS, JAMES       ISWR APR. 17, 1917

MCCOMMAS, MRS. NANCY ( ) WILSON       I.R. JAN. 31, 1901
Old resident died at her home at Rock Camp Tuesday, June 22d, at age 82 of infirmities of age. She was the widow of Rev. Sartain McCommas. She had been married twice and is survived by following children: Mrs. John Hill of Rock Camp, Mrs. Logan Vermillion of Coal Grove, Mrs. Martha Fisher of W.VA., Rev. Samuel Wilson, James Wilson and Lindsey Wilson of this county. Burial at Melvin Graveyard.

MCCONN, MRS. MATTIE       NEED TO COPY       I.R. DEC. 31, 1891
Wife of Thos. and daughter of F. E. Duduit

MCCONNEL, AMSO       I.R. SEP. 25, 1879

MCCONNEL, ESTHER       I.R. SEP. 25, 1879

MCCONNEL, GEORGE       I.R. SEP. 25, 1879

MCCONNEL, JAMES       I.R. SEP. 25, 1879

MCCONNEL, SAMUEL       I.R. NOV. 17, 1887
Samuel McConnel, one of the pioneer iron masters of the Hanging Rock region, died at Portsmouth last week, aged 74. He was an uncle of Mrs. N. K. Moxley, of Ironton.

MCCONNELL, CHARLES L.       I.R. OCT. 20, 1853
Married on the 28th ult., Charles L. McConnell, Esq., of Greenupsburg, Ky., to Miss Belle R. Henderson, of Coshocton, O.

MCCONNELL, SAMUEL       I.R. AUG. 11, 1864
Died on August 7th in Xenia, Illinois, of typhoid fever, Samuel McConnell, brother of Mrs. N. K. Moxley, aged about 19 years.

MCCORMICK, B. T.       I.R. NOV. 17, 1864

MCCORMICK, E. C.       I.R. MAY 05, 1853
Clothing merchant of Ironton, died at the Broadway Hotel, Cincinnati on Monday. He was about 35 years of age, leaves a wife and one child. Buried on the Nichols’ farm in Kentucky, nearly opposite Hanging Rock. Ironton Register, May 12, 1853 – The business of the Clothing Establishment of the late E. C. McCormick was resumed on the day after the funeral, and will be henceforth prosecuted by J. M. Ferguson, surviving partner without interruption. Mr. Ross is foreman.


MCCORMICK, W. H.       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JUL. 09, 1891
Died. His sister was Mrs. J. C. Whitley.

MCCORMICK, WESLEY       I.R. OCT. 21, 1875

MCCOWN, MELVIN       I.R. OCT. 30, 1856
Died on the 15th inst., in Millersport, Melvin McCown, son of Sylvester McCown, Esq., in his 13th year.

MCCOWN, SYVESTER, JUDGE       I.R. MAR. 14, 1861
Died in Ironton on Tuesday, 12th inst., after a protracted illness, aged 56 or 58 years. His remains were taken to Millersport for burial. He was a native of Kanawha county, Virginia. For a time, he resided in Cabell county, when he removed in 1839, to Millersport, this county, where he was engaged in mercantile pursuits for some time, and was for many years a well-known Magistrate of Rome Township. In 1857, he was elected Judge of Probate of Lawrence county, he removed to Ironton in February, 1858. . .

MCCOY, CHARLES W.       I.R. JUN. 17, 1858
Married on the 13th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, by Pastor Rev. J. Chester, Mr. Charles W. McCoy and Miss Urania M. Wheeler, daughter of Hon. Joseph Wheeler, of this place.

MCCOY, CHARLES W.       I.R. DEC. 15, 1904*

MCCOY, JACKSON       I.R. DEC. 23, 1858

MCCOY, MRS. JANE       I.R. JUL. 24, 1879

MCCOY, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 10, 1864
Married on the 6th inst., at the residence of Capt. R. Church, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. John McCoy to Susan McCormick, all of Perry Township.

MCCOY, MRS. MARY       I.R. JUL. 20, 1871

MCCOY, NELSON W.       I.R. SEP. 11, 1879

MCCOY, NELSON W.       I.R. SEP. 18, 1879

MCCOY, WILLIAM A.       I.R. JAN. 21, 1904
Marriage license issued to William A. McCoy, 28, Pike, Ky., and Nonie Jackson, 22, Logan, W. Va.

MCCULLOUGH, ADDISON       I.R. NOV. 23, 1876
Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Capehart, at Pt. Pleasant, on Nov. 16th, after six week illness. Of the children of the deceased, two were present, Mrs. Capehart and Mr. S. McCullough. Mrs. Sechler lives in Tennessee and was too sick to be present, but her husband, Mr. T. M. Sechler, was in attendance. Interment was Woodland Cemetery. He was born in Adams county, Ohio and was about 60 years old. He married in 1837 and removed to Ironton in 1854. Was in the iron business here for over 20 years. He owned an interest in Hecla Furnace, for a long period – managed its affairs . . .

MCCULLOUGH, ANNA W.       I.R. OCT. 24, 1867

MCCULLOUGH, ELIZA       I.R. DEC. 24, 1868

MCCUNE, DR. J. A.       IJRN DEC. 07, 1870
Died Nov. 27th at his residence in Kentucky, 3 miles above the city of Portsmouth, Dr. J. A. McCune died in his 58th year. Leaves a son, Walter S. McCune of Ironton.

MCCUNE, WALTER S.       I.R. AUG. __ 1887
(Lengthy obituary) – He was born at Ferrysville, near Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1843. Lawyer. The last two weeks of his life have been spent with his aged mother and loving sisters and bright tender daughter.

MCCUNE, WILLIAM       I.R. OCT. 06, 1864
Married on Sept. 25, in Cincinnati, Mr. William McCune of Ironton to Miss Ann McCann of the former place.

MCCURDY, HARRY WAYNE       I.R. JUL. 29, 1875

MCCURLY, ROBERT B.       I.R. JUN. 10, 1875
Marriage license issued to Robt. B. McCurly and Eveline E. Ferrell.

MCDANIEL, FRIEND       I.R. MAR. 25, 1880

MCDANIEL, MRS. FRIEND       I.R. JAN. 25, 1906

MCDANIEL, MRS. JUDITH A.       IET FEB. 18, 1932
Burial at Hecla Cemetery.

Funeral services will be held Thursday at Kouns Chapel for Mrs. Mary Augusta McDaniel, 73, who died at her home Tuesday morning at Big Branch. She is survived by her husband and five children: Mrs. John Keeney, Chesapeake; John McDaniel, Bidwell, O., Mrs. C. C. Wolf, Hamlin, W. Va., Loren and Arch McDaniel of Chesapeake.

MCDERMOTT, JOSEPH       I.R. MAR. 06, 1879
Marriage license issued to Joseph McDermott and Mary Lane.

The Death Record – Maggie McDevitt, aged nine years, daughter of Mrs. James McDevitt (do not have end)

MCDONALD, MRS.       I.R. MAR. 10, 1892
Mrs. McDonald, of 4th street, died Tuesday afternoon.

MCDONALD, JAMES       IJRN OCT. 19, 1870
Died – James McDonald was killed at Punta Arenas, Mendocino Co., Calif., on Sept. 8th. He was from Lawrence Co., Ohio. Described as having fair hair, blue eyes, red whiskers, 5’11” in height.

MCDONOUGH, MRS. MARY       IET JAN. 08 , 1926
Widow of the late John F. McDonough, and a former resident of this city, died Thursday in Columbus hospital. Mrs. McDonough, a daughter of Thomas and Ellen Clark, was about 69 years old and was born in Ireland but came to this country with her parents when a young girl. The family for years resided on north 5th street here. She was united in marriage to John F. McDonough, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonough of this city and following their marriage they went to Marion, Ohio, to reside and have since made their home there. Two children were born to this union, Charles, who survives and a daughter who died in infancy. Mr. McDonough became chief of police of Marion and died December 27, 1917, while holding that office. Survived by her son, Charles, and three sisters, Mrs. Ella McElwain, of this city, and Mrs. Elizabeth Hartman and Mrs. Margaret Riley of Marion. One brother, Thomas, and a sister, Catherine, preceded her in death.

MCDOWELL, MRS. EMILY N.       I.R. JAN. 08, 1852

MCDOWELL, J. O., DR.       I.R. MAR. 20, 1890
Died at Delaware last Thursday of consumption. He was born in Quaker Bottom. Graduated from Delaware College, studied medicine, he located at Delaware.

MCDOWELL, R. M. P., DR.       I.R. JUN. 02, 1853
Married at Bethesda, Ky., on the 23rd ult., by Rev. T. D. Lea, Dr. R. M. P. McDowell, of Lawrence county, Ohio and Mrs. Eliza Jane McDowell, of Franklin county, Pennsylvania.

MCDOWELL, MISS W.       I.R. OCT. 26, 1865
Died on Oct. 1st inst., at the residence of her father, Dr. R. M. P. McDowell, in Rome Township, Lawrence county, Ohio, of typhoid pneumonia, Miss W. McDowell, in the 20th year of her age.

MCDOUGAL, MRS. CHARLES       I.R. Jul. 18, 1901?
Mrs. Mary Richey of Chicago, Josephine Dobson of Niles, Ohio and Mrs. Mary McDougal of Findlay, O., who were called here by the death of Mrs. Charles McDougal, returned home Monday.

MCELROY, MARY       I.R. 1856

MCELROY, MRS. PATTIE (MEANS)       I.R. OCT. 7, 1921
The funeral of Mrs. Pattie Means McElroy who died Tuesday at Battle Creek, Mich., was held at Woodland cemetery. The pall bearers were Messrs. E. S. Culbertson, Mills Hutsinpillar, C. W. Moulton and L. B. Campbell. M.I. Oct. 06, 1921 – Remains arrive here – The remains of Mrs. Pattie Means McElroy will arrive this Thursday . . . as services were held in Cincinnati there will be no service in Ironton . . . Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Julian (nee Gertrude Means) of Cincinnati, Miss Pearl Means and Mrs. Louise Whiting of Yellow Springs will accompany the body to Ironton.

MCELROY, R. A.       ADOD DEC. 15,1855

MCEVOY       I.R. OCT. 12, 1893
Michael McEvoy died Tuesday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. B. Smith on Buckhorn St. He was the father also of James and Thos. McEvoy, Mrs. J. J. Sheridan and Mrs. Mike Murphy, now of Columbus. His death is the result of a paralytic stroke �He was 74 years of age.

MCFANN, A. J.       I.R. DEC. 22, 1853
Married on the 18th inst., near Clinton Fce., by A. J. McFann, Esq., Mr. A. J. McFann to Miss Margaret A. Munyan.

MCFANN, DAVID       M.I. MAR. 21, 1925

MCFANN, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 24, 1887
Marriage license issued to William McFann and Mary Ashley.

Walter McFarland, cut his throat with a razor Friday evening last and died on Saturday. He was a miner. Leaves a wife and several children. (from Meigs County).

MCGARVEY, MRS. DENNIS       I.R. MAR. 30, 1905

MCGIER, PHILIP       I.R. MAY 12, 1887
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Otten left Monday to attend the funeral of Mr. Otten’s brother -in-law, Philip McGier, of Cincinnati, who died.

MCGILL, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 01, 1883
Died Feb. 21, 3 year old son of Chas. McGill.

MCGINNIS, B. D.       I.R. JUL. 06, 1865
Married – June 24th, 1865, at Guyandotte, WV, by Rev. Dan’l Waddle, Mr. B. D. McGinnis to Miss Sae. Cox, both of that place.

MCGINTY, MARTIN       I.R. DEC. 01, 1859

MCGIRR, J. FOREST       I.R. DEC. 07, 1865
Married on the 30th of Nov., 1865, by Thos. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. J. Forrest McGirr and Miss Mary Ann Sharp, all of Lawrence county.

MCGIRR, JOHN “ZEKE”       IET. JUN. 29, 1937

MCGOFFIN, HUGH       I.R. OCT. 15, 1868


MCGOVNEY, MRS. NANNIE M.       I.R. SEP. 12, 1878
Wife of Dr. James McGovney, died at their residence, buried: Woodland.

MCGOVNEY, DR. THOMAS       I.R. AUG. 09, 1888
Died Monday evening, Dr. Thos. McGovney. His disease was dropsy of the heart. Dr. McGovney was born at West Union, Adams County, November 29, 1819. �. In 1867, he married Nancy M. Cadot in Scioto county, and two daughters were now survive the union, the wife having died in 1878. The funeral occurs �at his residence in Whitwell. Lived at Mt. Vernon Fce., Howard and Washington Fce’s. He came to Ironton in 1871 and took a large interest in the buidling and management of Etna Iron Works furnace. He was also Manager of Washington Furnace.

Died last Friday at the home of her parents on 7th street, aged 21 years.

MCGOWN, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 01, 1883
Died Feb. 25, child of John McGown.

MCGOWN, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 23, 1865
Married on the 16th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, William McGown and Permelia Carington, all of this county.

MCGRAHAM, SOLOMON       I.R. DEC. 13, 1860

MCGRAW, FRANCIS       I.R. FEB. 11, 1858
Married Jan. 21st, by David Kennedy, Esq., Mr. Francis McGraw and Miss Jane McDonald, all of Hanging Rock, Ohio.

MCGREEN, ANDREW       I.R. JUL. 20, 1865
Marriage license issued during the month of April – Andrew McGreen and Eliza P. Sanders.

MCGREGOR, DANIEL       I.R. SEP. 10, 1874

MCGUGIN, MRS. ANN       I.R. APR. 10, 1863

MCGUGIN, MISS ANN ELIZA       I.R. OCT. 06, 1859*

Mrs. William N. McGugin died at her home at Olive Furnace last Monday. Her maiden name was Charlotte Matilda Thompson. She was born at Wooster, Ohio, May 29, 1820, and so was past 77 years of age. She was a sister of Bishop Edward Thompson, of the M. E. Church. She was married in Wooster to W. N. McGugin, who survives her, June 6, 1843, by Rev. James A. Kellum, who is now living at Mt. Vernon, Ohio. She came to Olive Furnace Dec. 16, 18__ and has lived there ever since. Nine children were born of this marriage, and only 3 are now living; Mr. W. H. McGugin, of Olive Furnace; Mrs. C. H. Scofield of Columbus, and Mrs. E. W. Scofield, of Ironton. Funeral took place from the residence of her daughter Mrs. E. W. Scofield, on Vernon street.

MCGUGIN, MISS ELIZA       I.R. MAR. 03, 1892
Died Wednesday. Mrs. (sic) Eliza N. McGugin, sister of W. N. McGugin. Funeral took place from residence of Mrs. Samuel McGugin.

MCGUGIN, ELIZA A. (MCCUGIN)       I.R. AUG. 11, 1864
Died at Olive Fce., on August 5th, Eliza A., infant daughter of S. & M. McGugin, age 1y10d.


MCGUGIN, J. C.       I.R. FEB. 18, 1886*

Died noon Sunday due to pernicious anemia from which she suffered the last three years. Margaret Ellen McGugin was the widow of Samuel McGugin, who died in this city in 1874. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hamilton, who were pioneers of this county, and was born at Hecla May 26, 1837. With her parents she came to Ironton in 1856, and the same year married to Mr. McGugin. . . . At her bedside when she died were all of her children except one, Robert Hamilton who is on the Pacific coast and he could not be located. Those who were here are: Mrs. Evan F. Lilly of Indianapolis; Samuel McGugin of Pierre, S.Dak.; Miss Kate McGugin of this city; Harvey McGugin of Sedalia, Mo.; and Mrs. C. M. Humes of this city. Surviving Mrs. McGugin are two brothers, and three sisters. They are attorney John Hamilton and Mrs. F. C. Tomlinson of this city, Mrs. F. C. Enochs of Washington, D. C.; Mrs. W. H. McBride of New York and Robert Hamilton of Wayne, W.Va. Interment at Woodland cemetery.

MCGUGIN, MRS. O. T.(?)       I.R. JAN. 28, 1892
Formerly of Ironton, died last Sunday at Ravenswood, burial at Woodland.

MCGUGIN, R. H. (HAL)       IET. JUN. 28, 1937*

MCGUGIN, SAMUEL M.       I.R. NOV. 26, 1874*


MCGUIRE, EDDIE       I.R. NOV. 14, 1867

MCGUIRE, MIDDLETON       I.R. JAN. 26, 1865
Married on the 21st at the Ironton House, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Middleton McGuire, and Miss Mary Shepherd, all of Grayson, Kentucky.

MCGUIRE, NANCY       I.R. APR. 21, 1887
Died April 19, age 32?.

MCGUPIN, JOSEPH B.       I.R. AUG. 24, 1871

MCINTIRE, MRS. ELLEN       I.R. MAY 24, 1855
Died on the 25th ult., in Keokuk, Iowa, Mrs. Ellen McIntire, formerly of Ripley, O., in the 71st year of her age.

MCINTYRE, MRS.       SWI. APR. 26, 1907
Mrs. William McBride and brother, W. J. Sheridan went to Wellston Thursday to attend the funeral of Mrs. McIntyre, who died there Wednesday. She was well known in Lawrence county where she formerly resided. She was about 50? years old.

MCJOINT, ANNA       I.R. SEP. 30, 1886

MCJOINT, JAMES SR.       I.R. AUG. 11, 1887
Sudden death – an aged Irish citizen, of heart disease. He was 75 years old. Spoke to his daughter (not named) . . . He had been a resident of Ironton ever since 1849.

MCKEAN, THOMPSON       I.R. MAR. 22, 1855

MCKEE, AMOS       I.R. APR. 08, 1858
Married on the 4th inst., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. Amos McKee and Miss Annie Harris, all of Ironton.

MCKEE, AMOS       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JAN. 16, 1862

MCKEE, FEMALE       I.R. FEB. 28, 1861

MCKEE, HUGH       I.R. OCT. 27, 1853
Married on the 25th inst., by J. H. Creighton, Mr. Hugh McKee and Miss Mary Ann Harper, all of Ironton.


MCKEE, MRS. MYRAM       I.R. JUN. 24, 1858
Died on Thursday, 17th inst., Mrs. Myram McKee, wife of Samuel McKee, of this place, committed suicide by hanging herself. She was about 45 years of age, and some sort of “mental depression” is assigned as the cause. We believe this is the first case of suicide in Ironton.
I.R. July 1, 1858 – In last weeks Register, speaking of the suicide of Mrs. McKee, it was stated: “We believe that this is the first case of suicide in Ironton.” But having our attention called to it, and consulting the files of the Register, we find that B. R. Paige was found dead in his cell in jail on the morning of June 17, 1853

MCKEE, THOMAS       IJRN OCT. 27, 1869
Birth on October 20th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKee.

MCKEE, THOMAS       I.R. JAN. 16, 1879
Roadmaster on the I.R.R. who was injured by stepping from the locomotive on the 31st of December, died on Wednesday. Interment at Woodland Cemetery. Born in County Down, Ireland on Nov. 12, 1822, came to America in 1850 and went to work on the I.R.R. in 1852.

MCKENZIE, MR.       I.R. JAN. 28, 1864

MCKINNEY, L. B.       I.R. NOV. 10, 1853
Died at Round Bottom, Va., on the 2nd ult., Mr. L. B. McKinney, aged 28 years.


MCKNIGHT, EMMA C.       I.R. JUL. 08, 1880

MCKNIGHT, GEORGE       I.R. APR. 02, 1857
Married on Mar. 26th, in Ironton, in Col. Kelley’s Store, by Rev. J. M. Kelly, George McKnight and Miss Henry, both of Kentucky.

MCKNIGHT, HENRY D.       IJRN NOV. 10, 1869
Born November 9th, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. McKnight.


MCKNIGHT, R. DUSTIN       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
R. D. McKnight has departed from the pension business and is now a clerk at the Yellow Poplar Lumber co. Dustin is an excellent young man.

MCKNIGHT, SUSAN       I.R. APR. 08, 1886
Died April 1, age 75 years.

MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM       I.R. MAR. 16, 1854
Married on March 9th, by Peras R. Polley, Esq., Mr. Wm. McKnight of Perry Tp., to Miss Hester Ann Fisher, of Upper Tp.

MCLARDY, AGNES       I.R. APR. 03, 1862

MCLARDY, ARCHIE       I.R. AUG. 30, 1860
Drowned – August 27th, Archie McLardy, son of Mrs. McLardy of this town. His age was about 10 years old.

MCLARDY, JEAN       I.R. AUG. 31, 1865
Died – Jean MacLardy, aged 22 years.


MCLAUGHLIN, MELVIN       I.R. FEB. 08, 1866
Married at the house of Mrs. S. W. Newton on the 24th day of January, by Rev. E. V. Bing, Mr. Melvin McLaughlin to Miss Sabra G. Newton, of Lawrence county.


MCLEAN, EMMA       I.R. NOV. 21, 1895
Emma McLean, 10 year old niece of Mrs. Fred McConn, died Wednesday. Her father died at Chicago last February and Emma and her sister, Margaret age 7 years, came to live with their aunt. The mother died two years ago.


MCLURE, MRS.       I.R. MAR. 06, 1879
Mrs. McLure, aged about 91 years died at the residence of her daughter, in Rome Tp., on March 1st, after short illness caused by cold; had been a resident of this county about 60 years. (Quaker Bottom news)

MCMAHAN, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 28, 1878
Greasy Ridge – Died on the 15th inst., of consumption. Leaves wife and child to mourn.

MCMAHON, MR.       I.R. AUG. 26, 1897
Rev. John Rowe, an esteemed citizen of Windsor was stricken with paralysis, last Friday. He was seized with the stroke soon after his return from the funeral of Mr. McMahon, of Suiter, who had died of a similar attack.

MCMAHON, GEORGE IRA       IET. FEB. 26, 1931
Body Covered with Frost, Found in Chair in Yard at his Home. Age 60, passed away under peculiar circumstances at his home near Suiter, Wednesday. Burial at Locust Grove cemetery. He was alive long resident of the Suiter section, died while sitting in a chair in the yard of his home . . . Death was due to cerebral hemorrhage. He is survived by ten children: Mrs. C. H. Payne, Ironton; Burt McMahon, Ironton; Cager McMahon, Suiter ; Ted McMahon, St. Paris, Ohio; Verna McMahon, Huntington and Carl, Georgia, Sadie and Curtis McMahon, all at home.

MCMAHON, MISS KATIE       I.R. FEB. 03, 1898
Of Portsmouth, died at Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, last Monday.

MCMILLEN, ROBERT       I.R. MAY 19, 1859
Died on the 11th inst., in Ripley, in his 62d year.

MCMULLEN, WM. H.       IJRN FEB. 02, 1870
Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in Greenup County, Ky., by Jeremiah Farmer, Wm. H. McMullen of Portsmouth and Mahala Thornsbury of Greenup County.

MCNALLY, PATRICK       I.R. OCT. 15, 1863

MCNARY, MISS MINNIE L.       IET. AUG. 28, 1940
Daughter of William and Eleanor McNary. Surviving relatives are her sister, Margaret, with whom she made her home; Elmer of Granite City, Ill., George of Ironton, Ervin E. of Nutley, N.J., and Dr. W. F. McNary of Bellville, Ill. Interment at Woodland cemetery.

MCNARY, WILLIAM       I.R. AUG. 22, 1901
Died Saturday at home in Sedgwick after 3 months illness of Bright’s disease. He was 55 years old, born near Pittsburg, Pa., June 20, 1816, at an early age moved to Maysville, Ky., with his parents. He lived at Maysville and Aberdeen, Ohio, until about twenty-nine years ago, when he came to Ironton. Foreman of scrap furnace at Eagle mill. A wife and six children are left to mourn to loss. The children are: Elmer McNary of East St. Louis, Minnie, George, Ervin, Wilbur and Maggie of this city. Burial at Woodland.

MCNEAL, ARCHIBALD       I.R. SEP. 13, 1860
Marriage license issued to Archibald McNeal and Sarah Coon.

MCNERLIN, JOHN       I.R. DEC. 15, 1864

MCNAUGHTON, BRIDGET       I.R. FEB. 13, 1890
Died – Feb. 5th, Bridget McNaughton, aged 26.

MCNAUGHTON, SARAH       I.R. JAN. 06, 1887
Deaths – Dec. 29, Sarah McNaughton, aged 48 years, 8 months and 29 days.

MCNURLIN, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 06, 1887
Marriage license issued to John McNurlin and Rebecca E. Betts.

MCQUIGG,       I.R. JUN. 26, 1890
Rev. R. S. Lindsey came down from Columbus last night to attend the funeral of Chas. B. McQuigg’s baby, which takes place at 4 p.m. this Wednesday.

MCQUIGG, CHARLES       I.R. JUN. 15, 1882
Matrimonial – The wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McQuigg, (nee Rosa Ellison) was the affair of the season. The couple were joined last Thursday by Rev. J. H. Young.

MCQUIGG, CHARLES B.       IST. AUG. 04, 1940
Formerly of Ironton, died Thursday in Glendale, California, at the age of 81. He had heart trouble. He was born in Ironton, one of several children of the late Captain William T. McQuigg and his wife Mary Jane Bridwell McQuigg. His father served throughout the CIVIL WAR as a captain of infantry, and as postmaster of Ironton after the war. He moved to California in 1920. In 1883 he married Rosa Ellison, daughter of the late Cyrus Ellison, of the iron masters of the famous Hanging Rock iron region. He served as first lieutenant of Co. I in the Spanish American War. He is survived by his widow, who resides in California, and one son, Charles Ellison, who is Dean of Engineering at the Ohio State University. One brother, William R., lives in Barbreton, Ohio and another brother, Theodore, and a sister Edna reside in Owensboro, Kentucky. Mrs. Arthur Turnbull of Kemp Avenue is a niece. Burial at Woodland.

MCQUIGG, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 08, 1894
Dropped dead – last Monday afternoon John McQuigg dropped dead at Mr. Goetz’s front door in East Ironton. The body was taken to his sorrowing wife, on 4th street – now double grieving on account of the sudden loss of a child last week. The deceased was born in 1847, before Ironton was founded, so he was one of the best known citizens.

MCQUIGG, MRS. ROSA (ELLISON)       I.R. JAN. 24, 1945*

MCQUIGG, WILLIAM T.       I.R. JAN. 06, 1853
Married on last night, by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. William T. McQuigg and Miss Mary Jane Bridwell, all of Ironton.

MCSMITH       I.R. SEP. 10, 1885

MCVEY, JAMES L.       I.R. DEC. 10, 1857
Died on the 4th inst., in Portsmouth, of consumption, James L. McVey, in his 53rd year. He had been a citizen of Portsmouth since 1828.

MCVEY, NATHANIEL W.       I.R. JUN. 17, 1858
Died this Friday, 4th inst., Mr. Nathaniel W. McVey, son of the late J. L. McVey – aged 20 years. The deceased was sick 3 weeks; and his illness was occasioned by change of clothing and exposure, while clerk on the steamer SWALLOW – Portsmouth Times.

MEAD, GEORGE W.       I.R. JUN. 25, 1857
Married on the 18th, in Ashland, Ky., by Rev. J. C. Bayless, George W. Mead and Miss Carrie R. DeBard.

MEADOWS, JAMES       I.R. SEP. 29, 1853
Married in Ironton on the 28th inst., by J. Lair, Esq., Mr. James Meadows and Miss Emily A. Keller, all of Guyandotte, Va.

MEADOWS, JAMES       I.R. FEB. 23, 1854
Married in Ironton, on the 22nd inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., James Meadows and Emily Edmonds, both of Mason county, Virginia.

MEANS, MRS.       I.R. APR. 27, 1871

MEANS, A.       I.R. JUN. 03, 1858
Married on last night, June 2nd, at Union Landins, A. Means of Buena Vista Furnace, Ky., and Miss Belle Means, daughter of Thos. W. Means of the former place.

MEANS, D. H.       I.R. MAY 06, 1875

MEANS, MRS. ESTHER       I.R. JULY 31, 1851
Died on the 23d, inst., at Catlettsburg, Ky., Mrs. Esther, wife of Hugh A. Means, one of the proprietors of Buena Vista Furnace.

MEANS, HENRY       I.R. JUN. 23, 1853
Died in this town on the 22d inst., Henry, son of J. W. and Jane N. Means, aged 10m 4d.

MEANS, MISS HESTER,       I.R. AUG. 23, 1860       OBIT I.R. AUG. 30, 1860*
Died at Union Landing, on Sunday the 19th inst., Miss Hester Means, daughter of Thomas W. Means, aged about 18 years. I.R. Aug. 30, 1860 – Died at the residence of her father in Lawrence county, August 19th, 1860, Esther E. Means, daughter of T. W. and Sarah Means, aged 20 years – she had been sick since she was seven.

MEANS, HUGH       I.R. NOV. 13, 1884*

MEANS, MRS. ISABELL       I.R. JAN. 22, 1863

MEANS, JAMES       IJRN OCT. 27, 1869
Married October 14, at Marietta, Ohio, by Rev. T. H. Hawks, James Means and Mary Ward Smith, eldest daughter of Gen. T. C. H. Smith.

MEANS, JAMES       IWR. AUG. 03, 1895*
Also see I.R. Aug. 8, 1895 – Mrs. Means, the wife of James Means, remained in town till the next day after the funeral of her husband, when she left for Kansas. Her two sons, Charles and Hugh remained over to make a visit with friends. Hugh is the older and a member of the bar. By the will of their uncle, John W. Means, they get $1000 a year from the time of their father’s death until they are 21, when they receive $10,000. One is 20 years old and the other is 16.

MEANS, JANE       I.R. DEC. 18, 1862

MEANS, JOHN       I.R. JUN. 11, 1896
Married – The following announcement has been issued: Mrs. Alfred Spalding announces the marriage of her sister Miss Mary Peck Seaton to Mr. John Means on Wednesday, June the third 1896 at New York. Mrs. Means is a lady of nearly Mr. Means years�. We learn that Mr. and Mrs. Means have sailed for Europe.

MEANS, JOHN       SWI. FEB. 15, 1910
One of Ashland’s pioneer citizens died Monday. He was born in West Union, Adams County, Ohio Sept. 21, 1829 but in early life came to Hanging Rock with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Means. He attended Athens and Marietta colleges. After graduating from Marietta college in 1848, he went to Ohio Furnace, then owned by his father and David Sinton, both pioneer iron men. . . He was twice married. His first wife was Miss Harriett E. Perkins of Marietta, whom he married Oct. 25, 1854 and who preceded him in death March 18, 1895. To them were born the following children: Thomas H. and Harold Means of Ashland; E. C. Means of Low Moor, Va.; Mrs. W. B. Seaton of Ashland; Mrs. W. E. Mainard of Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Mrs. E. L. Bullard of Washington, D. C. He then married Miss Mary T. Seaton of Greenup, June 3, 1896 and she survives. One sister, Miss Margaret Means of Ashland, also survives.

MEANS, MRS. JOHN       IDR. MAR. 12, 1917*

MEANS, MRS. JOHN (NEE HILDRETH)       I.R. MAR. 28, 1895*
She was born at Marietta, September 4, 1826, a daughter of Dr. S.P. Hildreth, a very noted man in the early days of Ohio. He was an authority in history, sciences, meteorology, and was more quoted than any man in Ohio. He had three sons and three daughters. Mrs. Means was the youngest daughter – she outlived all the children but one. She was 68 years old. When a girl she attended Mr. Tenney’s academy at Marietta, and there she met John Means who was also a student at the academy. About 1852 or 3, or after their school days, she visited Mrs. R. W. Lampton (who was Miss Margaret Ellison), a former schoolmate, and while there Mr. John Means, who was then manager at Buena Vista furnace, called upon her, renewed the friendship of their school days, and this ended in their marriage, which brought to each a long and happy life. Their marriage occurred at Marietta, Oct. 25, 1854, and they began house-keeping at Catlettsburg where they remained until 1857, when they took up their abode in Ashland.

MEANS, JOHN W.       I.R. APR. 12, 1876*

Martha Elizabeth Campbell, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell, was born at Mt. Vernon Furnace, Lawrence county, in 1842, and married October 12, 1859, by Rev. Joseph Chester; died February 19, 1904, in Cincinnati, Ohio, of pneumonia. William Means and daughter, Pearl, of Yellow Springs, Mrs. Alex Julian, Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus McIlroy, of New York, accompanied the body from Cincinnati. Two brothers, Albert Campbell, of Washington, D. C. and Charles Campbell, of Hecla Furnace, are the only survivors of the Campbell family. The funeral held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. David Nixon, of Park avenue. Burial at Woodland.

MEANS, MISS MARGARET       M.I. JAN. 01, 1922*

MEANS, MOULTRIE       I.R. MAY 10, 1866
Died at Pine Grove Furnace on the 5th inst., Moultrie, son of William and Martha Means, aged 4y2m15d.

MEANS, MRS. SARAH       I.R. MAY 04, 1871

MEANS, MRS. THOMAS W.       I.R. APR. 27, 1871
Died at Hanging Rock, Wednesday, April 26th, Mrs. Means, wife of Thomas W. Means. She had only been sick four or five days.

T. W. Means was born at Spartanburg, S.C., Nov. 3, 1803. He was the son of Col. John Means, a revolutionary soldier, of prominence in that region. Col. John Means moved to Ohio in 1819 and settled in Adams county. He moved his family to Ohio to get away from the influences of slavery, a fact that the children seemed to appreciate all their lives. Col. Means entered the iron business, and thus, his son, Thomas, became an iron man. He built Union furnace in 1826, and his son “fired” the new furnace, and Thomas became the manager. The father died in 1837, and the son entered that year, in the well-known firm of Sinton & Means. They rebuilt Union and built Ohio, and he was interested in Vinton, Buena Vista, Belfonte and other furnaces. In 1863, in company with others, he bought Pine Grove furnace and Newcastle coal works, when began the famous firm of Means, Kyle & Co. Thomas W. Means was one of the originators of the Big Sandy Packet line, the Second National Bank and other enterprises. Sinton & Means introduced the Davis hot blast in this region, placing the second one in the United States at Union furnace. In 1881, his wife died, and in 1882 he moved from Hanging Rock to Ashland, and since has been living there. Interment at Woodland cemetery. . . . Among those at the funeral were his son, Wm. Means; Mr. Sinton, his old partner, and Mrs. Taft, Mr. Sinton’s daughter, and other Cincinnati people.


MEANS, WILLIAM       I.R. DEC. 19, 1878       (also)       I.R. DEC. 26, 1878
Son of Hugh Means of Ashland, died of consumption at his home last Sunday. He had been for some time past a student at Marietta College. Died Dec. 15, son of Hugh and Amanda Means in the 21st year of his age.

MEANS, WILLIAM A.       M.I. JUL. 29, 1921*

MEARS, CLARA BELLE       I.R. FEB. 06, 1879
Died at Cincinnati on Feb. 2, youngest child of Carrie and the late John B. Mears, age 17m 19d.

MEE, DAVID       I.R. NOV. 26, 1857
Married on Nov. 12th, by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. David Mee and Mrs. Elizabeth Pratt, both of Ironton.

MEE, DAVID       I.R. MAR. 06, 1862

MEEKS, T. J.       I.R. NOV. 18, 1886

MEEKS, MRS. W. P.       I.R. MAR. 17, 1881

MEELING, FRANK       I.R. JAN. 7, 1892
The marriage of Frank Meeling, of McCauley’s store, and Miss Annie Lutz, occurred Tuesday morning at St. Do not have end of this.

MEISTEDT, WILLIAM       M.I. JAN. 19, 1910
Resident of Perry Township died early Tuesday at his home at Forest Dale from kidney trouble. He was near his 79th milestone. His wife preceded him in death by some year. He leaves one son, Peter Meistedt, who lives near the cement plant and one daughter, Mrs. Maggie Hankins, who resided with her father. Interment in Woodland cemetery.

MELLON, WILLIAM T.       I.R. MAR. 08, 1866
Married in Ironton on the 7th inst., by P. R. Polley, Esq., William T. Mellon and Miss Malinda Hamilton, both of Kentucky.

MELVIN, CHARLES S.       I.R. MAR. 06, 1879
Marriage license issued to Chas. S. Melvin and Sarah A. Morris.

MELVIN, MRS. NANCY ANN       I.R. FEB. 02, 1865
Died on Jan. 23rd, 1865, Mrs. Nancy Ann Melvin, aged 82y5m13d.

MELVIN, INFANT CHILD       I.R. AUG. 30, 1883
Deaths – Melvin – Aug. 22, infant child of Thomas Melvin.

MENACHOR, THOMAS       I.R. OCT. 18, 1900
Mr. Thomas Menachor, one of our oldest German residents, died at his home at 285 South Eighth street, Thursday of infirmities of age. A daughter, Miss Mary Menachor, survives him.

MENAGER, CHARLES J.       I.R. JUL. 02, 1857
Married on the 18th ult., at Culpeper courthouse, Va., Charles J. Menager, of Gallipolis, and Miss Nannie C. Freeman.

MENAGER, ROMAN J.       I.R. AUG. 01, 1850
Died of cholera at Gallipolis on July 25th, 1850.

MERRILL, ADDISON T.       I.R. MAY 19, 1859
Died on the 5th inst., in Delaware county, of consumption, lately of Portsmouth, in his 25th year.

MERRILL, FANNIE ACTOLA       I.R. JUN. 15, 1871       (also)       I.R. JUNE 8, 1871
Died – Merrill – In Ironton, June 7th, 1871; Fanny, daughter of Capt. W. S. And Amelia Merrill, aged 2 years and 7 months.

MERRILL, FANNY       I.R. JUN. 08, 1871


MERRILL, W. S., CAPTAIN       I.R. OCT. 21, 1875

MESSER, CROSBY       IJRN OCT. 6, 1869
Married on Sept. 30th in the Recorder’s office by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. Crosby Messer and Miss Susan Eastman, both of Lawrence County.

MEYERS,       I.R. FEB. 25, 1892
George Myers left last Saturday night for Frederick, Md., to attend the funeral of his father who was about 86 years old.

MEYERS, CHARLES H.       MI FEB. 02, 1910
Golden Anniversary of Charles H. Meyers and Miss Jayne Golden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Golden, were united in marriage on the old Golden farm now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Golden, the aged parents of Mayor C. W. Golden. Ceremony performed by Rev. George E. Leonard, a Baptist preacher. . . . Mr. Meyers was born in Germany 74 years ago next July, and came to this country when quite small. His parents settled at Frederick, Md., where Mr. Meyers remained until he was 19 years of age when he went to Cincinnati, where he remained a year and then came to Ironton, where he met and won his wife. Mrs. Meyers was born in this place? 68 years ago next June. A family of seven children, two boys and five girls were born to them, all of whom are living, and all of whom reside in this city except three, Mrs. Earnest Chambers, of Waco, Texas; Mrs. Ed Ward of Newport and William of Cincinnati. The other children are Mrs. Ellen Clarke, Mrs. M. A. Hopkins, Mrs. Henry Cooke and Richard. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers resided on Railroad street in Ironton.

MEYERS, HENRY       I.R. MAY 12, 1892
Henry Meyers aged about 32 years, employed by Foster Stove Foundry died at his home on Walnut street Monday of dropsy. Leaves wife and two children. Burial at Calvary cemetery.

Wife of Engineer John Meyers, of the N & W, died Tuesday at Ceredo. Interment being at Calvary cemetery. Her death was due to an abscess, for which an operation was performed Monday, but she could not recover. She leaves a husband, and a son six years old to mourn their loss.

MEYERS, MRS. LUCY       M.I. FEB. 04, 1916

MEYERS, THOMAS, JR.       I.R. MAY 26, 1887
Died – May 21, Thos. Meyers, Jr., aged 17.

MICKEY, FEMALE       I.R. JUN. 09, 1887
Died – June 5, at the Tunnel, daughter of Barney Mickey, aged 20 years.

MIDDLEBROOK, JOHN       I.R. SEP. 29, 1864
Died Sept. 24, 1864 at the residence of R. D. Brainard in Hanging Rock, John Middlebrook aged 64.

Deaths – infant child of Louis Middlehauser.

MIDDLETON, JAMES A.       I.R. APR. 03, 1862
Died June 3rd, near Halfway, Polk County, MO., age 66y4m.

MILARD, SARAH       I.R. JAN. 13, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 10, Sarah Milard, aged 20.

MILCH, ANDREW       I.R. JAN. 16, 1902
Killed at Fearon’s mill on Feb. 2, 1901.

MILCHE, WILLIAM       I.R. JUL. 08, 1886

MILES, BENJAMIN R.       I.R. SEPT. 24, 1857
Married on the 21st in Portsmouth, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Benjamin R. Miles to Miss Rosa Gilbert, daughter of Giles Gilbert; all of Portsmouth.

MILES, D. T.       I.R. JUL. 20, 1865
Married on July 10th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. N. W. Everett, of _____, PA; Mr. D. T. Miles of Ironton, and Miss Julia m. Smith, of Lackawanna, PA.

MILLER,       I.R. NOV. 21, 1861

MILLER,       I.R. JUL. 15, 1880

MILLER,       I.R. DEC. 30, 1880

MILLER,       I.R. JAN. 19, 1888
Died – January 15; infant child of George Miller

MILLER, LIEUT. A. N.       I.R. AUG. 11, 1864
(Lengthy obit – died June 11, 1864)

MILLER, DR. A. P.       I.R. JUN. 17, 1858
Married on June 3rd by Rev. A. Meharrey, Dr. A. P. Miler of the Scioto Gazatee and Miss Mary E. Dorman of this county – Chillicothe Gazette.

MILLER, ABRAHAM       I.R. SEPT. 10, 1891
Abraham Miller was born May 6th, 1819, and died June 21st, 1891, aged 72 years; was married to Julia A. Laffoon, November 4, 1841. Six children were born to them, three sons and three daughters, one of whom has passed on before; the other five along with the mother are left to mourn….

MILLER, ABRAM       I.R. JUN. 25, 1891       NEED TO COPY

MILLER, ADAM       I.R. APR. 07, 1881

Died May 17th, Adolph Louis, son of Adolph and Lena Miller, aged 2m28d.

MILLER, CAROLINE       I.R. MAR. 04, 1886
Died Feb. 27, Caroline Miller, aged 27.

MILLER, CHARLES W.       I.R. MAR. 22, 1866
Married on the 17th of March, 1866, in the City of Ironton by P. R. Polley, Esq., Mr. Charles W. Miller and Miss Lilly Ann Mulligan, all of this city.

MILLER, DICK       I. R. JUL. 28, 1887
Uncle Dick Miller died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. _ T. Eaton, below Rockwood, last Sunday. His age was 82 years and he was born and raised in this county.

MILLER, EDMUND R.       I.R. JAN. 07, 1864

MILLER, MRS. ELIZA       I.R. MAR. 25, 1880

MILLER, MRS. ELLEN       I.R. AUG. 31, 1871

MILLER, ENOCH       I.R. JUL. 20, 1865
Marriage license issued during month of April, 1865 by Probate Judge C. B. Egerton – Enoch Miller and Cathirine Jones.

MILLER, FINLEY       I.R. OCT. 26, 1865
Married on the 18th inst., at the Sheridan House, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Finley Miller of Hanging Rock and Miss Cynthia Stewart of Greenup county, Ky.

MILLER, GARLAND       I.R. MAR. 03, 1881

MILLER, HENRY C.       I.?. AUG. 19, 1937

MILLER, INFANT CHILD       I.R. AUG. 30, 1883
Deaths – Miller – On Aug. 24, child of A. Miller, aged 11 months.

MILLER, INFANT CHILD       I.R. APR. 08, 1886
Died April 5, the child of Mrs. Pauline Miller, age 5.

MILLER, INFANT CHILD       I.R. FEB. 10, 1887
A child of George Miller’s in West Ironton, a month old, was found dead in bed last Sunday morning. It had been sick with bronchial trouble.

MILLER, INFANT       I.R. MAY 19, 1887
Deaths – May 14, infant child of Chas. Miller.

MILLER, INFANT CHILD       M.I. FEB. 04, 1910
Remains of burned baby are recovered – After the ashes of the burned home of Mr. and Mrs. Bonie Miller, of near Rock Camp, had cooled sufficiently . . . Mr. Miller formerly lived in this city, his father Watt Miller, now deceased having resided near the tunnel, and was employed as a blacksmith where Tulga’s shop now stands. (also see M.I. of Thursday prior).

MILLER, ISAAC       I.R. JAN. 07, 1864

MILLER, ISAAC, JR.       I.R. MAY 05, 1853
Married on May 1st., by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Isaac Miller, Jun., to Miss Sarah A. Chaplin, both of Rome Tp.


MILLER, JOHN       I.R. APR. 07, 1853
Married by C. M. Singer, Esq., on the 1st inst., Mr. John Miller and Miss Marinda, daughter of Sidney Gillett; all of Rome Township.

MILLER, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 06, 1887
Marriage license issued to John Miller and Ellen Justice.

MILLER, KENT A.       I.R. OCT. 13, 1898
Married – last Saturday, Mr. Kent A. Miller and Miss Vetrice Wilson.

MILLER, MRS. LEAH CRABBE       I.R. FEB. 23, 1888
Bert P. Judd writes from Delaware, Feb’y 20th: “Mrs. Leah Crabbe Miller, wife of Remy C. Miller, formerly of Labelle, died at 4 o’clock, this morning of pneumonia.”


MILLER, MICHAEL       I.R. JUL. 28, 1853
On Tuesday night a German by the name of Michael Miller . . . stepped into the river and was drowned.

MILLER, SAMUEL       I.R. JAN. 30, 1879
Marriage license issued to Samuel A. Miller and Sallie A. Lewis.

Died July 2nd, in Ironton, of consumption, Miss Sarah Miller, eldest daughter of Eli Miller, age 27 years.

MILLER, THEODORE       I.R. MAR. 26, 1891
Theodore Miller, of Miller’s greenhouse, answered the advertisement of a Michigan man who wanted a partner, and has concluded to go into business with him. He goes to Michigan, next Monday.

MILLER, WALTER “WATT”       M.I. MAR. 21, 1925

MILLER, WASHINGTON       I.R. APR. 30, 1857
Married at the Parsonage of the M. E. Church on the 25th inst., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. Washington Miller and Miss Mary Sounds, both of Greenup county, Ky.

MILLER, REV. W. C.       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
Rev. W. C. Miller, of Gallipolis, will spend next Sabbath, in this city with his brother, R. B. Miller, and will preach at the Wesley Chapel in the morning and in the Opera House at night.

MILLS, MRS. JOHN E.       I.R. MAR. 30, 1905

MILLS, REV. THORNTON A.       I.R. NOV. 02, 1854
Married in Dover, New Jersey, on Tuesday morning of October 24th by Rev. B. C. Meggie, Rev. Thornton A. Mills, of Indianapolis and Mrs. Annie C. Whittelery, of the former place.

MILSTEAD, “UNCLE DICK”       I.R. MAY 01, 1902
“Uncle Dick” Milstead, one of the pioneer citizens of Proctorville, died at his home Tuesday, aged 74 years. The deceased was born in Amherst county, Va., and came to Lawrence county 57 years ago. He is survived by eight children: Mrs. Jennie Gillete, Mrs. Mollie Keeney, Mrs. Laura Booth, and Frank Milstead of Getaway; Mrs. Vora Hawkins of Bradrick, Mrs. Dora Brammer, Marshall and Fred Milstead of Illinois. One brother, Mayor Milstead of Portsmouth, also survives him. Burial at Getaway.

MIMS, DAVID A.       I.R. APR. 15, 1858
Married at Cattletsburg, Ky., at the residence of Wm. M. Patton, Esq., on the 8th inst., by Rev. W. C. French assisted by Rev. Mr. Medley, Mr. David A. Mims and Miss Anna M. Frederick.

MINARD,       I.R. AUG. 02, 1888
Died – July 31, child of Jas. Minard, 8 months old.

MINARD, ALBERT       I.R. NOV. 03, 1870
Marriage license issued to Albert Minard and Louiza C. Gates.

MINARD, MRS. ARCHA       I.R. JAN. 18, 1892
She was born in Pennsylvania on May 20, 1818, died Jan. 11, 1892, aged 73y7m21d. She was married to George Minard on Dec. 6, 1835. They had 10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters. She was preceded in death by her husband and 2 children. Burial in Etna Cemetery.

MINARD, MRS. ELIZA       I.R. AUG. 21, 1884
Died Aug. 17, the wife of Jesse Minard, age 22 years.

MINARD, DANIEL       I.R. DEC. 08, 1898

MITCHELL, JOHN W.       I.R. MAY 15, 1902
Another Veteran – died at his home on Spring street Friday morning, aged 54 years. The deceased was born in Gallipolis November 23, 1848, and came to Ironton in 1870. During the war he served with bravery in Company B., 193rd O.V.I. and also in company I, 146th Ohio National Guard Infantry. He leaves five children. Mrs. Lottie Snedeker of August, Ky., Mrs. Estelle Bowman of Portsmouth, Bert Mitchell of Marietta, Mrs. Flora Brown and Miss Hazel Mitchell of Ironton. – Mrs. Minnie E. Davidson of Mt. Claire, W. Va., a sister, and Emory Mitchell, of Newark, Ohio, a brother of the deceased . . . Burial at Woodland.

MITTENDORF, EDWARD       I.R. JUL. 10, 1902       (also)       I.R. JUL. 27, 1902
Mr. A. H. Mittendorf received word Sunday that a younger brother, Edward Mittendorf had killed himself at Wellston. The deceased was employed as telegraph operator for B & O at Wellston. Was found with a bullet wound in the center of the forehead and a revolver by his side. He was nearly middle age and leaves a wife but no children.

MITTLEHAUSER, AGNES       I.R. OCT. 14, 1886

MOATES, MRS. HENRY       NEED TO COPY       I.R. JUL. 02, 1891
Mrs. Henry Moats died at Rockcamp last Friday. She was the daughter of F. Stanley.

MOATS, INFANT       I.R. AUG. 18, 1887
Died – 13th inst., infant child of Lewis Moats.

MOFFETT, THOMAS H.       I.R. JUN. 07, 1888
At noon, this Thursday, at the residence of the bride’s parents, on 5th street, Mr. Thomas H. Moffett and Miss Jennie McConn will be married by the Rev. Wm. Price, rector of the Christ Church, Portsmouth, and then will leave for Alderson, W. Va., which will be their home, and where Mr. Moffett is part proprietor of an elegant Summer hotel. Thos. McConn, of Cincinnati and Ed. McConn, of Chicago, brothers of the bride, are her to attend the wedding. (do not have end of article.)

MOFFETT, THOMAS H.       IET JAN. 14, 1926
Mrs. F. A. Bixby of south 5th street received word this morning that her brother, Thomas H. Moffett, died in the Kings Daughters hospital of Staunton, Va. Mr. Moffett’s wife preceded him in death some time ago. He was the father of Mather Moffett, who is widely known in this city. Mrs. Bixby will leave for Staunton this evening and meet her brother George Moffett at Newport News.

MONAHAN, EDWARD       IWR FEB. 11, 1893
Edward Monahan died at his home on Lost Creek, Wednesday, February 1st, at the age of 64 years. He was a life-long resident of this county. He served in the war as a member of the 5th Va. Regiment. The funeral took place at Pleasant Hill church Thursday.

MONIGAN, JAMES       I.R. AUG. 23, 1888
Deaths – Monigan – Aug. 16, James Monigan, aged 35.

MONTGOMERY, GEORGE B.       I.R. SEP. 02, 1880
Died at his home on Lawrence St., last Thursday. His disease was consumption. His age was 38 years. During the war he was a Lieutenant in the 2nd Va. cavalry.

MONTGOMERY, COL. J. H.       I.R. JAN. 27, 1898
Of Gallia county. He was a good soldier. He was 65 years old.

MONTGOMERY, MRS. MARY       I.R. MAR. 07, 1861
Died in Ironton, Sunday, 3d inst., of consumption, wife of Silas Montgomery, aged 42 years.

MOORE, REV.       I.R. JAN. 06, 1852
Married on the 30th ult., by Rev. Brainard, Rev. Mr. Moore of Ripley and Miss Mary Jane Ellison of Manchester.

MOORE, MISS ADA       I.R. JAN. 21, 1886
Fayette – Ada Moore died Dec. 19th of consumption. Age 19. Since her mother’s death a few years ago, she has kept house for her father. Her father and two little brothers are left alone in the home . She was buried at Lebanon.

MOORE, ALFRED ELIHA       SWI. FEB. 16, 1909

MOORE, AMOS       ADOD OCT. 28, 1889

MOORE, ANDREW J.       I.R. MAR. 16, 1871

MOORE, MRS. BOYD (WINTERS)       I.R. JUN. 14, 1883
Dropped dead – We learn that Mrs. Boyd Moore, daughter of Geo. Winters fell dead from her horse last Sunday while on her way to Sunday school at Lebanon, and near her home, back of Burlington. Heart disease was the cause of her death. The deceased was about 25 years old. She held a child in her arms when she fell, which was uninjured.

MOORE, C. H.       I.R. FEB. 18, 1886
Wedding – A pleasant event took place at the residence of Auditor Bartram, last night, when Mr. C. H. Moore, of the First National Bank, and Miss Fannie Bartram were united in wedlock by Rev. J. M. Hill.

MOORE, CLARK       I.R. FEB. 01, 1906

MOORE, ELIGHA       IJRN OCT. 20, 1869
Married Oct. 15th by Rev. F. Dickmann, Mr. Eligha Moore and Nancy Thompson, both of Lawrence county.

MOORE, ELIZABETH A.       I.R. MAR. 26, 1857
Died in this town (Ironton), on the 15th inst., Elizabeth A. Moore, wife of Wm. Moore, in the 28th year of her age.

MOORE, MRS. FANNIE (BARTRAM)       I.T. DEC. 15, 1930*

Died – Mrs. Feloneise F. Moore died at the Ashland Hotel, Ashland, Ky., on May 26th, aged 36 years.

MOORE, FRANK       I.R. OCT. 27, 1887
Died – Oct. 25, Frank Moore, aged 30 years.

MOORE, HANNAH       I.R. AUG. 19, 1886

MOORE, HOMER W.       I.R. SEP. 22, 1853
Died at his residence in this town, yesterday morning, Homer W. Moore, of cerebral inflammation.

MOORE, ISAAC       SWI. JAN. 15, 1909

MOORE, JANE?       I.R. JUN. 16, 1887
Died – June 19, Jane? Moore, at Rockcamp, aged 7__ years.

MOORE, JOHN       I.R. AUG. 16, 1860
Marriage license issued – John Moore and Eliza Osey.

MOORE, JOHN       I.R. MAR. 06, 1879
Marriage license issued to John Moore and Sarah Jordan.

MOORE, JOHN T.       S.W.I. FEB. 19, 1909
Jackson, O., Feb. 18 – John T. Moore, aged 76, a prominent attorney died Wednesday morning.

MOORE, LEVI ROGER       SWI. OCT. 09, 1917

MOORE, LEWIS SR.       I.R. JUL. 17, 1879

MOORE, MRS. MARTHA       M.I. FEB. 15, 1924

MOORE, MILES       I.R. JUN. 30, 1887
Died – June 25, Miles Moore, on Leatherwood, aged 62.

MOORE, MRS. O. F.       I.R. MAR. 10, 1892
Mrs. O. F. Moore died at Portsmouth on the 3rd. She married Col. Moore in 1843. She was the daughter of Judge Thomas Scott, a prominent lawyer of those days.

MOORE, ROBERT       IJRN SEPT. 24, 1869
Married at St. Charles Hotel, Catlettsburg, Ky., on Nov. 16th by Rev. J. D. McClintock, Robert Moore and Sarah E. Upton of Lawrence County.

MOORE, SAMUEL       I.R. DEC. 22, 1853
Married on the 13th ult., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Samuel Moore, of Hecla, to Sarah J. Noble, of LaGrange.

MOORE, WILLIAM L.       I.R. JAN. 04, 1866
Married December 25, by P. R. Polley, J. P., Mr. William L. Moore and Miss Mary Lyons.

MOPIN, DR.       I.R. FEB. 08, 1866
Died on Sunday last, Dr. Mopin of Barboursville, WV, was instantly killed, while standing on the Guyandotte wharfboat . . .

MORELAND, JOHN T.       I.R. JUN. 30, 1887
Died – June 24, John T., son of George Moreland, aged 7. Oldest son of George and Rosie Moreland, aged 6y 9m 9d.

MORFORD, KENNARD, ESQ.       I.R. AUG. 20, 1857
Died on the 7th inst., in Wheelersburg, Kennard Morford, Esq., aged 57 years.

MORFORD, THOMAS J.       I.R. NOV. 05, 1857
Died at Pine Grove Furnace, Oct. 20th, Thomas J., youngest son of Thomas J. and Abigail Morford, aged 22m9d.

MORFORD, W. C.       I.R. NOV. 05, 1857
Married Oct. 29th, by Rev. S. P. Cummins, Mr. W. C. Morford, of Ironton, and Miss Josephine Finton, of the vicinity of Wheelersburg.

MORFORD, WILLIAM C.       I.R. DEC. 29, 1853
Married near Wheelersburgh, by Rev. S. P. Cummings, Mr. Wm. C. Morford and Miss Celinda Finton.

MORGAN,       I.R. JAN. 06, 1887
Births – Jan. 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Evan Morgan, a son.

MORGAN, BENJAMIN       I.R. MAR. 09, 1871

MORGAN, CONRAD       I.R. MAY 18, 1854
Married on the 9th inst., in Ironton, by Jacob Lair, Esq., Conrad Morgan to Sarah Turvey, both of Lawrence county.

MORGAN, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 04, 1852
Married in Ironton, on the 31st ult., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Mr. John Morgan and Mrs. Eliza Grange; both of Hanging Rock.

MORGAN, MISS M.       IJRN AUG. 10, 1870
Died July 29th, Miss M. Morgan, only daughter of Dr. E. Morgan of Gallipolis.

MORGAN, MRS. MARY       I.R. AUG. 10, 1871

MORGAN, MORDECAI       I.R. JUL. 20, 1899

MORGAN, MORGAN       I.R. MAR. 13, 1862
Died at the Lunatic Asylum, at Columbus, Ohio, on Friday, March 7, 1862, of apoplexy, Mr. Morgan Morgan, in the 25th year of his age. His remains were brought to Ironton last Sunday by Dr. Hills.

Wife of Lewis Morgan, died at her home on 4th street last Monday night at the age of 45 years. The deceased has been a resident of Ironton for thirty years. Her maiden name was Fullerton. She was born in Cincinnati and came to Ironton in 1854 and married here in 1860.

MORGAN, RUTH       I.R. DEC. 22, 1887
Died Dec. 20, Ruth Morgan, aged 77.

MORGAN, MRS. SAMUEL       I.R. MAY 13, 1858

MORNIN, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 10, 1887
Marriage license issued to John Morning and Sarah E. Rudolph.


MORRIS, MRS. ETTA BLAZER       I.R. NOV. 28, 1895
Died – Etta Blazer Morris, wife of James W. Morris, formerly of Ironton, died at Pittsburg on Nov. 25, age 48 of cancer of the stomach. She had moved to Pittsburgh some 11 years ago.

Death of Mrs. Grace Crawford Morris, 80, at Washington, D. C. Mrs. Morris was a daughter of Samuel Crawford and Katherine Kouns Crawford and was a descendant of George Kouns, one of the early settlers and pioneer in the iron industry. She came to Ironton as a bride of the late S. W. Morris in 1875, their marriage being one of the social events of the era. She was ever a close friend of Mrs. Nannie Kelly Wright of Ironton, whose recent injury in a fall prevented a contemplated visit with Mrs. Morris. Three children survive, Mrs. Morris: Colonel Samuel Morris, a surgeon in the U. S. Army, Sally Morris, teacher in the Washington schools and Mrs Dudley Bright of Washington. Three brothers preceded her in death but one sister, Mrs. Dora Curtis of Proctorville survives. Burial at Woodland cemetery.

MORRIS, JAMES C.       I.R. NOV. 03, 1887
Marriage license issued to James C. Morris and Maria Mathew.

MORRIS, DR. JONA       I.R. DEC. 19, 1895
Surgeon in Civil War.


MORRIS, LULU       I.R. MAR. 14, 1901
Ida Notes – Lulu, the three-and-a-half year old daughter of Birk Morris, was so badly burned last Thursday, that death resulted late that night. The funeral was at the Ridge Church Saturday, conducted by Rev. Halley.

Mrs. Margaret Morris, who was so terribly burned at her home on south Fourth street Friday at noon, died at 6:15 o’clock Friday�.Her daughter, Mrs. Evans of Buffalo, N. Y., and sons, John, of Chicago, and James, of Pittsburg, have been telegraphed for, and the funeral arrangements are deferred till their coming. Mrs. Wagner, who was also burned somewhat, is better today.

MORRIS, SARAH S.       I.R. JUN. 25, 1857
Died on the 11th inst., in Ashland, Sarah S. Morris, daughter of Dr. J. and Mrs. E. J. Morris, in her 4th year.

MORRIS, THOMAS       I.R. JUL. 09, 1857
Married on the 2nd inst., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., Thomas Morris and Sarah Ann Mathrit?, both of Olive Furnace.

MORRIS, THOMAS       I.R. JAN. 17, 1861*
Sad Accident

MORRIS, THOS.       I.R. JUNE 28, 1888
Thos. Morris, an old and respected citizen, died last Sunday at his home on 4th street, in his 74th year. He was born in Glamorganshire, Wales, and came to America in 1843. In 1852 he moved to Ironton from Pittsburg as a member of the company which built the “Old Mill,” where for many years he worked as a boiler. ..manager of rolling mill at Brady’s Bend, Pa. � His children, John H. Morris, of Chicago, James Morris, of Pittsburg, and Mrs. David Evans, of Buffalo, N. Y. attended the funeral.

MORRIS, WILLIAM       I.R. DEC. 22, 1853
Married on the 12th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Wm. Morris to Caroline Thompson, both of Guyandotte, Va.

Married January 11, 1870 at the residence of Jas. Sherman, Esq., by P. R. Polley, Esq., Chas. Morrison and Ruth Sherman.

Died Sept. 10, 1888?, son of Joseph Morrison, aged 3 years.

MORRISON, JOSEPH D.       I.R. JUN. 10, 1875
Marriage license issued to Joseph D. Morrison and Lucy Stephenson.

MORRISON, RICHARD       I.R. DEC. 29, 1853
Married on the 25th inst., Richard Morrison, of Union Tp., to Mrs. Elizabeth Pritchard, of Rome Twp.

MORROW, MRS. MARY JANE       I.R. JUL. 22, 1875

MORTON, GEORGE W.       I.R. JAN. 12, 1853
Married on the 26th ult., Mr. George W. Morton, of Greenup county, Ky., to Miss Nancy Alice Higley, of Rutland, Meigs county, O.

MOSS, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 29, 1857
Died at El Dorado, Calif., Sept. 13th of consumption, John Moss, aged 34, formerly of Portsmouth, Ohio.

MOSS, MATTHEW       I.R. NOV. 17, 1864
Married on the 14th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Matthew F. Moss, of this county, to Miss Susannah Hunter of Scioto Co., Ohio.

MOSSMAN, CHARLES E.       SWR. FEB. 16, 1917

MOULTON,       I.R. FEB. 26, 1880


MOULTON, COL. JOHN H.       SWI MAR. 04, 1910*       (also)       I.R. MAR. 10, 1910*

I.R. SEPT. 22, 1892
The Mission Band of the Presbyterian Sunday School will hold a social at the residence of J. H. Moulton, Thursday evening.

Mrs. Mariah Moulton, 75 years of age, widow of Col. John H. Moulton, passed away at her home on north Fifth street. Mrs. Moulton was born July 30, 1845 at Mt. Vernon Furnace, this county, but came to Ironton in her childhood where she has since resided. Her parents were Hiram and Sarah E. Campbell, pioneer residents of Lawrence county. Mrs. Moulton had three brothers and one sister, John W. Campbell of West Virginia, H. H. Campbell, of this city and Jos. Campbell, deceased. The sister, Mrs. B. M. Caldwell, also preceded Mrs. Moulton in death. The following children survive: Wallace O. Moulton, J. Harry Moulton, Carl W. Moulton, Mrs. M. Richmond of Manila, P. I. And Donald A. Moulton. Col. Moulton died eleven years ago this March. Interment at Woodland cemetery.

MOUNTAIN, ANNA       I.R. MAY 05, 1881

MOUNTAIN, DAVID       I.R. MAY 30, 1867

Birth on October 21st, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mountain.

MOUNTAIN, WILLIAM       I.R. MAY 30, 1867

MOUNTS, WILLIAM J.       I.R. AUG. 16, 1860
Marriage license issued to Wm. J. Mounts and Mahala J. Roe.

MOXLEY, DR. NATHANIEL K.       IWR. JUN. 01, 1895

MOXLEY, SOPHIA A.       I.R. FEB. 11, 1858
Died on the 9th, in this town, Sophia A., infant daughter of Dr. N. K. and Sophia S. Moxley, aged 11 days.

MOXLEY, THOMAS J.       I.R. MAR. 03, 1863

MUCK, JOHN       I.R. NOV. 24, 1887
Marriage license issued to John Muck and Martha Brown.

MULHERIN, HUGH       I.R. OCT. 24, 1878
A citizen of Ironton, and formerly policeman on the 5th ward, died of yellow fever at New Orleans on the 6th inst.

MULLIGAN, MRS.       I.R. JAN. 13, 1881

MULLIGAN, INFANT       I.R. JUL. 12, 1883
Died July 8, 1883, 4 month old daughter of Michael Mulligan of Ashland.

Deaths – Mulligan – Aug. 27, infant child of Thos. Mulligan, of whooping cough, aged 6 weeks.

MULLIGAN, JENNIE       I.R. JAN. 09, 1890
Funeral services held at St. Lawrence Church last Sunday. She was formerly dress-maker at Miss Hunter’s, went to Cincinnati, clerked in Burkhart’s store, caught cold and died of pneumonia.

Died this morning at the home of her daughter Mrs. Stephen Klein of 512 Vernon street. She was 84 years old. Her husband, O. F. Mulligan, former city official, passed away on April 15, 1932. Mrs. Mulligan was born in Ironton 84 years ago last June 29th, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Cloran Sr. She united in marriage to O. F. Mulligan on June 25, 1880, observed their Golden Wedding anniversary June, 1930. Their home was at 7th and Hecla streets. She reared her own family and also her grandson, Sonny Mulligan who entered her home in infancy. Four children and her husband preceded her in death. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Stephen Klein of Ironton and Mrs. James G. Sullivan of Columbus, three sons, Edward at home, Luke and Leo of Ironton, three sisters, Mrs. James Mulligan, Mrs. M. T. Connolly of Columbus and Mrs. Anna Conlon of Charleston, W. Va., and five grandchildren, Mary Margaret and Anna Rita Sullivan of Columbus, Miss Christine Klein of Cincinnati and Sonny and Owen Mulligan of Ironton. Burial in Sacred Heart cemetery.

MULLIGAN, MRS. MARY       I.R. APR. 28, 1903
Drowned in Creek – One of the oldest residents of Ironton met untimely death Monday morning. Mrs. Mulligan had been living with her daughter, Mrs. Lynch on Elm street. She was 97 years old. She was a native of Ireland and came to Ironton in from that country in 1868(?). She is survived by the following named children: Terrence, Owen and G.(?) J. Mulligan and Mrs. Lynch, besides a large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

MULLIGAN, MICHAEL       I.R. SEP. 05, 1867
Killed – A man by the name of Michael Mulligan was killed at Sheridan Coal Banks last Friday, by the falling of slate from the roof of the mine.

MULLIGAN, MICHAEL       I.R. MAR. 29, 1900
A former resident of Ironton was killed at Ashland, Saturday evening, by the caving in of a sewer excavation in which he was working. The deceased was a cousin of Messrs. Owen and Terry Mulligan of this city and had other relatives in this community. he was 45 years of age.

MULLIGAN, O. F.       SATURDAY,       APRIL 16, 1932 I.T.?
Owen F. Mulligan, resident of 7th and Hecla streets, died at his home late Friday. He served as city patrolman for 15 years, under the late Mayor Harry Mountain. More recently he held the same position during the term of Mayor Harry Jones. Mr. Mulligan was born in County __go, Ireland and was 78 years old last Feb. 4. He was brought to America when 12 years old and the family located in Ironton. He was employed at pioneer mills of the district early in life, and in addition to his public service, conducted a transfer service for 18 years. The Golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Mulligan, nee Katherine Cloran, was celebrated on May 26, 1930, and the widow survives. Ten children were born to the union but five preceded the father in death. Those surviving are: Mrs. James G. Sullivan of Columbus, Mrs. Stephen Klein of Vernon street, Luke of north Fourth street, and Leo and Edward at home. There is one surviving sister, Mrs. P. J. Lynch of north Fifth street. Two brothers, T. J. Mulligan and Terry P. Mulligan died seven years ago. Burial at Sacred Heart cemetery.

MULLIGAN, PATRICK       I.R. JUL. 03, 1890
Formerly of Ironton died at Cincinnati last Tuesday. The remains will be brought here for interment at Sacred Heart this Wednesday evening.

MULLIGAN, TERRENCE       I.R. JAN. 28, 1913
Terrance P. Mulligan was born in Hartlepool, Eng., and came to this country when quite young, settling in Cincinnati and later coming to Ironton, where he has been a resident ever since. He was married in this city to Miss Mary Anna Cloran and to the union the following children, all surviving were born: Mrs. J. R. O’Brien, and Mrs. T. J. Dahill of Lima; Mrs. Dr. L. J. Richardson of Ashland; Katherine, Bertha and Thomas at home. Besides the above children two brothers, T. J. of Lima and Owen of this city and one sister, Mrs. P. J. Lynch survive the demised, together with a devoted wife.

MULVEY, W. J.       I.R. JUL. 24, 1902
Veteran mail carrier, old soldier and former iron worker, died at his home on Vernon St. about 9 o’clock last Monday. He was born at Steubenville, Ohio, September 22, 1846, and came to this county before the civil war, in which he served three years and four months. He first enlisted in Company E, First West Virginia Infantry, as a sergeant and later in Company D, 2nd WVI, being mustered out as a second lieutenant. He leaves a wife, a brother and three sisters. Burial at Woodland.

MUNDA, STEPHEN       I.R. SEPT. 22, 1852
Married on the 19th inst., by Elder G. H. Bower, Mr. Stephen Munda to Miss Malinda Partlow, all of Lawrence County, Ohio.

MUNDELL, WILLIAM       I.R. MAR. 10, 1887
Locomotive Explosion – Last Friday morn. at 10 o’clock, the old locomotive that has been running on the Hanging Rock and Newcastle road for many years, exploded in front of Means, Kyle & Co.’s office, and so severely injured the engineer, Wm. Mundell, that he died last Monday. . .

MUNSELL, DAVID E.       IET. MAY 20, 1938

MURDOCK, CHARLES       I.R. MAY 30, 1861
Died in Emporia, Kansas, May 14th, Charles Murdock, son of Thos. and Catherine Murdock, aged 7 years, formerly of Ironton.

MURDOCK, DRAKE S.       I.R. NOV. 17, 1887
Marriage license issued to Drake S. Murdock and Lovella VonSchritz. (Also) Drake S. Murdock and Miss Louella Vonscriltz (spelled this way here), were married last Thursday, at the home of the bride, Rev. Burns officiating. They will reside with Mr. Murdock’s mother on Railroad street.

She was the wife of T. B. Murdock. She became deranged and slit the throat of her baby and then her own after a hurricane at El Dorado, Kansas blew their dwelling home from its foundation. Mrs. Murdock was born at Marietta, Ohio in September, 1840. Her father was a Methodist minister. . . She married T. B. Murdock December 12, 1866. About a year and a half ago, Mr. Murdock went to Eldorado and engaged in the publication of the TIMES.

MURDOCK, G. G.       I.R. FEB. 16, 1865
Married Jan. 31st, at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. G. G. Murdock, of Ironton, O., to Miss Amanda L. Stephens, of Wheeling, WV.

MURDOCK, JOHN C.       IWR DEC. 09, 1893
Wedding – The pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Clark on south 4th street was the scene of a happy event Wednesday. The wedding of their daughter, Mrs. Hattie Clark Simpson to Mr. John C. Murdock. . . . Miss Sadie Clark, the bride’s sister . . . Rev. W. V. Dick performed ceremony.

MURDOCK, LITTLE BOBBY       I.R. OCT. 11, 1860
Died on the 6th inst., Robert Patterson Rice – “Little Bobby Murdock,” age 3 years 16 days, son of James and Elizabeth Rice, and adopted son of T. I. And Julia C. Murdock.

MURDOCK, MINNIE       I.R. AUG. __, 1866

MURDOCK, MRS. SARAH       IET AUG. 28, 1934
The funeral of Mrs. Sarah Murdock, 86 years old resident of near Proctorville who died Sunday�Interment in Centenary cemetery.

MURFIN, JAMES       I.R. MAR. 27, 1862
The deceased was born in Adams County, Ohio, in 1811; in 1833, he was Clerk at Amanda Furnace, Kentucky; in 1835, at Clinton Furnace, Ohio; in 1836, was Manager of Scioto Furnace; in 1842, removed to Bloom Furnace, where he was equal partner with Henry Miller, of Cincinnati, also Manager; in 1848, he formed a partnership with J. W. Glidden, in Junior and Empire Furnaces, he being Manager of Junior; since 1858, he has been part proprietor of Empire Furnace, where he died March 11, 1862. . . . death due to hypertrophy of the heart.

MURNAHAN, FRANK       I.R. JAN. 16, 1862
Died Dec. 31, 1901 – Killed at “Nigger Hollow,” by Frank Wilson.

MURPHINE, HELEN RUBY       I.R. JUL. 09, 1857
Died June 29th, at Junior Furnace, Scioto county, Helen Ruby, youngest daughter of James and Ruby Y. Murphine, aged 2y 7m.

MURPHY, ANNE       I.R. OCT. 2, 1856
Died on Sept. 21, at her father’s in Wayne county, Pa., of consumption, Anne Murphy, wife of P. Murphy, of Ironton, in her 25th year.

MURPHY, GEORGE W.       I.R. SEP. 04, 1902

MURPHY, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 15, 1888
Died – On the 12th, child of Jas. Murphy, aged 9 months.

MURPHY, MISS JULIA       NEED TO COPY       I.R. MAY 31, 1906

MURPHY, MRS. MARGARET       I.R. JUN. 16, 1887
Died – June 12, Mrs. Margaret Murphy, aged 77 years.

MURPHY, PATRICK       I.R. DEC. 16, 1880

MURPHY, WESLEY       IR JUN. 11, 1896
A veteran gone. He died June 7, at the age of 65 years. Mr. Murphy served in the 56th O.V.I. during the war, and was a good soldier. The received three gunshot wounds in battles for the Union. Civil War veteran.

Died on the 12th inst., in Portsmouth, Harriet Adelia, daughter of D. N. & H. E. Murray, aged 8 months.

MUSIC,       I.R. JUL. 29, 1869

MYERS, BARTLEY J.       I.R. MAR. 16, 1854
Died on the 6th inst., Bartley J. Myers, of the Farmers Hotel, aged about 35.

MYERS, BEN       I.R. SEPT. 19, 1895
Ben Myers was playing baseball at Washington City and was sliding into 2nd base and the second baseman in jumping to catch the ball, alighted on Myers and broke his spine, killing him.

Died June 18th, of pneumonia, Hattie Penina, second child of Chas. H. and M. Jane Myers, age 7y11m14d.

MYERS, MRS. ISABELL R.       I.R. FEB. 17, 1870

MYERS, LEWIS       IWR JAN. 30, 1897
The death of Lewis Myers, an aged German resident of south 2nd street, is hourly expected.

MYERS, SANFORD       I.R. OCT. 12, 1865
Married on the 10th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Sanford Myers to Miss Martha Jones, both of Greenup county, Ky.

MYERS, THOMAS, JR.       I.R. MAY 26, 1887
Of Whitwell, lad of 17, employed by his father in the molding room of the Standard Fire Brick Works, died of spinal meningitis.

MYRES, MRS. ISABELL R.       IJRN FEB. 16, 1870
Died – at Greenupsburg, Ky., February 4th, Mrs. Isabell R. Myres, wife of John Myres, age 65 year. Born in Chambersburg, Pa and removed with her husband to Greenupsburg in 1836.