Misc Obituaries: Volume 1 – K

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


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KADY, MICHAEL       APR. 21, 1911
Michael Kady, another of our grand old pioneer citizens answered the final summons Tuesday morning at his home on Sixth and Hawk streets. Mr. Kady was born in County Mayo, Ireland in 1832, coming to Ohio in 1859. Lived in Ironton for last thirty-six years. In 1868 he was married to Miss Catherine Hill, who came to this country from Ireland, with her parents. They had known each other in the old country and after meeting again in this country, their friendship ripened into love. Wife preceded him to the Great Beyond, twenty -four years ago. One child, who died in infancy and John Kady who has been dead four years, and five living children, Bridget, Mary, Mrs. Andrew Abele, Patrick and Andrew Eady were born to them. For many years Mr. Kody (spelled like this here) was employed in the old Star Mill. One sister, Mrs. Bridget Burke, of County Mayo, Ireland, also left to mourn.

KAHN, MRS. FELIX       I.R. AUG. 22, 1901
Of Cincinnati, death by suicide at Atlantic City, N.J., is said to be a former resident of Ironton. Old residents say her husband was former manager of the Hanging Rock Stove Company.

KALES, KATE       I.R. JAN. 24, 1878
Died Jan. 20, 1878 at the residence of T. W. Means at Hanging Rock, of pneumonia in the 28th year of her age. Funeral services from the residence of T. W. Means.

KALES, SARAH       I.R. JAN. 06, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 2, Sarah Kales, aged 24 years old.

KALOR, WILLIAM       I.R. SEPT. 09, 1852
Married Friday evening, the 3rd inst., by Rev. J. T. Holliday, Mr. Wm. Kalor to Miss Jane Dunsmore; both of Coal Grove.

KANEFF, V.       SWI. MAR. 05, 1909

KAPP, LOUIS       M.I. FEB. 02, 1915

KAPS, BERT       IET JAN. 25, 1943
Portsmouth, Ohio – Jan. 25- H. H. “Bert” Kaps, 1405 Waller Street, paving and building contractor and former Portsmouth mayor, died of a heart ailment in General Hospital. He was 64 years old. Mayor from 1915-1919. He was married twice, first to Miss Frances Merrill, who died in 1910, and later to Mrs. Harry Beatty Balmert, who died last March 14. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Stott, Scioto Trail. Burial in Greenlawn cemetery.

KAVENY,       I.R. SEP. 10, 1885

KEATING, MR.       I.R. APR. 21, 1887
Died at Vesuvius Station, April 14, age ?.

KEENE,       I.R. AUG. 09, 1888
Died Aug. 5, child of Calvin Keene, aged 15 months.

KEENEY, LANDON L.       I.R. AUG. 03, 1865
Marriage license issued during month of July – Landon L. Keeney to Mary L. Scott.

KEETER, AMOS       I.R. OCT. 30, 1879
Amos Keeter and Miss Ketee eloped last week. It is said Jacob Frost had something to do with the arrangements.

KEETER, AMOS       I.R. SEP. 09, 1869

KEETON, ISAAC       I.R. JUNE 23, 1892
Marriage license issued to Isaac Keeton and Clara Canterberry.

KEHOE, CHAS. T.       I.R. DEC. 7, 1854
Married on the 29th ult., at Greenupsburg, (KY) by Rev. E. C. Thornton, Mr. Chas. T. Kehoe, of Portsmouth, to Miss Eliza A. Day, of the former place.

The 3 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kiser of Vernon Station, died Saturday morning.

KELLER, MRS. ALEX       I.R. OCT. 08, 1874

KELLER, MARTIN       IJRN OCT. 06, 1869
Died on September 12th, of typhoid fever, Martin Keller of Portsmouth, age 16 years.

KELLER, MINNIE       I.R. JUN. 13, 1895
Minnie Keller, the 8 year old daughter of the pastor of the German Reform Church, died last Sunday evening of pneumonia.

KELLEY, ANTHONY       I.R. DEC. 07, 1854
Married on the _3d ult., by Samuel Gould, Esq., Anthony Kelley and Nancy Amanda Russell, both of Ohio Furnace.

KELLEY, CHARLES, MAJOR       I.R. NOV. 27, 1856
Died November 20, in the 66th year of his age. Major Kelley was born on Clinch river, in Russell county, Va.. He was the 4th child of Luke and Mary Kelley, who were both born and raised in what is now Page county, Va., the former of Irish parents, and the latter (Mary Keyser), of German, and who were married quite young and quiet poor . . . Their children were John, now living below Union Landing in his 77th year, hale and hearty; Elizabeth, deceased, the wife of Judge Nathaniel Davisson; Joseph, deceased, the father of W. D. Kelley, of Ironton; Charles, the subject of this notice; Joshua, now living near Union Landing, father of Rev. Jas. M. Kelley; Mary, married to Vincent Powell, of Greenup county, Kentucky, and now the wife of Henry Hayes of that county; and Judge Reuben Kelley, now living near Plattsburg, Missouri.

In August 1798, when Charles was about seven years old, his parents removed to the Northwest Territory and settled near where they died, at Union Landing. The cabin was on the place now owned by S. W. Dempsey, and at that time there were but five other cabins in what is now Lawrence county; one opposite the mouth of Big Sandy, Luke Kelley’s and four still lower down the river. The county was not then surveyed, and the residents were “squatters.” . . .

KELLEY, CLARINDA S.       IET AUG. 21, 1947
Funeral services for Mrs. Clarinda Sperry Kelley, 79, who died Monday at her home in Fullerton. She was a daughter of James Sperry, who was a captain in the Union Army in the Civil War. Surviving are four children, Fred Kelley of Cove Gap, W. Va.; Gracie May and Gilbert Kelley of Fullerton and Theodore Kelley, 1310 Armstrong place, Portsmouth; three step-children, John and Tandy Kelley of Portsmouth and Martha Elswick of Ironton; three brothers, John, W. M. and Foster Sperry of West Virginia, and four grandchildren.

KELLEY, ESTHER       I.R. OCT. 10, 1867

KELLEY, GEORGE T.       I.R. FEB. 09, 1854
Died on the 3rd inst., at Haverhill, Mr. George T. Kelley, brother of Rev. J. M. Kelley, of this place, aged about 25.

KELLEY, G. W. (WASH)       I.R. SEP. 04, 1860

KELLEY, HARRIET       I.R. APR. 28, 1860

KELLEY, HARRIET B.       I.R. OCT. 07, 1858?

KELLEY, REV. J. M.       I.R. AUG. 24, 1905
IN MEMORIAM – REV. J. M. KELLEY – On Monday, June 26, there passed away in Ironton, Ohio, in the 88th year of his age Rev. J. M. Kelley, one of the most prominent figures in the Baptist work in Southern Ohio for the last half century. The funeral services were conducted at his home in Ironton by Rev. Henry Brandt, pastor of the First Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, two sons and one daughter. Elder Kelley was born in Lawrence county, Ohio, in the year 1817. (Talks of First Baptist Church, which was organized in 1814, had had but one pastor, Rev. John Lee, up to the year 1840.) Elder Kelley enlisted in the 5th WV Infantry and served as Chaplain. (lengthy obit.)

KELLEY, JAMES       I.R. SEP. 26, 1861
Died at Union Twp., on the 7th inst., of dropsy, James Kelley, aged 64.

KELLEY, JOHN H.       I.R. MAR. 02, 1854
Married on Feb. 26th, by Rev. J. M. Kelley, Mr. John H. Kelley, of Union Landing, to Miss Elizabeth A. Hill, of Wheelersburgh.

KELLEY, JOSEPH W.       I.R. MAY 26, 1864

KELLEY, MRS. JULIA A.       I.R. AUG. 24, 1905
Widow of Rev. John Kelley was buried at Woodland cemetery August 16 from the residence of John T. McKnight. Mrs. Kelley died at Newport, Ky., at the ripe old age of 83 years and 6 months. She was born in this county Feb. 10, 1822. She and her husband moved to Ironton then just laid out as a town in 1850. The husband died in 1888 but the widow lived here the entire last half of the 19th century. In 1901 she moved to Newport, Ky.

KELLEY, LOUISA       I.R. NOV. 23, 1854
Died on the 17th inst., in this place, Louisa, daughter of Col. I. W. and Esther Kelley, in the 7th year of her age. (poem)

KELLEY, LUKE       I.R. DEC. 22, 1865
Married at Union Landing, on the 15th inst., by Rev. James M. Kelley, Mr. Luke Kelley to Miss Anna Wro.

KELLEY, MRS. MAGGIE E.       I.T. OCT. 20, 1941
Death claimed Mrs. Maggie E. Kelley of near Horseshoe Bend Sunday. She was a daughter of Harrison and Eliza Faulkner and was born at Linnville July 19, 1870. She married James J. Kelley in 1894 and is survived by her husband, these children, Irvin of Pedro, Mrs. Hazel Richardson of Cincinnati, James, Jr. of route 2, Mrs. Georgia Josephs of route 2, Alvie Kelley at home, three sisters, Mrs. James Pemberton of Coal Grove, Mrs. Alice Wells of Proctorville, Mrs. Lethia Runyon of South Point and two brothers, Ollie Faulkner of Kitts Hill and William Faulkner of Linnville. Interment at Woodland.

KELLEY, MARY       I.R. NOV. 16, 1871

KELLEY, MARY JANE       I.R. SEP. 19, 1850

KELLEY, MRS. NORA STARKE       I.R. SEPT. 12, 1901
Mrs. Nora Starke Kelley, wife of Joshua Kelley, died at her home at Laurel Fce., Ky., Monday night, from heart failure. Mrs. Kelley was 41 years old. She leaves a husband and three children – Nora Starke, aged 9, Sarah Maude, aged 7 and Joshua, aged 3. She was a native of Kentucky, and during her early womanhood had been a successful teacher in the schools of southeastern Kentucky. Elder J. M. Kelley and family of this city will go to Laurel Fce. Wed. To attend the funeral.

KELLEY, PHILONA D.       I.R. JUL. 20, 1865
Died on the 18th inst., at the residence of her father, Philona D. Kelley, eldest daughter of Rev. James M. and Sarah A. Kelly, aged 23 years; disease of typhoid fever. Funeral at her father’s residence in West Ironton. Also see Memoriam by a fond schoolmate . . . I.R. Sept. 07, 1865.

KELLEY, REUBEN       I.R. APR. 06, 1865
Died on the 9th of March, 1865, at his home in Clinton county, Missouri, Reuben Kelley, formerly for a long time resident of Lawrence county, Ohio, aged about 70 years.

KELLEY, WHITFIELD ESQ.       I.R. JAN. 19, 1860

KELLOGG, WILLIAM       I.R. NOV. 04, 1852
Married on the 28th ult., near Haverhill, by Rev. J. Barringer, Mr. William Kellogg and Miss Thursey Story.

KELLY, ALLEN D.       I.R. FEB. 24, 1898
SUICIDE – Last Thursday night he shot and killed himself, using a 38 caliber revolver. the ball entered the head back of the right ear. The deed was done from a feeling of despair arising from a long siege of sickness. His family were nearly all at church, his oldest daughter being in the room with him. Suddenly, he slipped from the room into another, and the next thing the report of a revolver. The shot killed him instantly. He was 81 years old. He was a brother of the late W. D. Kelly.
NOTE: I.R. JAN. 20, 1898 – Allan D. Kelley reported dead and obituary published in two papers. The report is unfounded.

KELLY, C. S.       I.R. MAY 30, 1878
Born and raised in Lawrence county, died at Portsmouth, last Saturday. He was born at Kelley’s Mills, March 28, 1829, and lived there over 40 years, when he traded his farm and bought property in Portsmouth and went into grocery business. He died suddenly. He leaves a wife and three children, all grown, and all present except John, who is in California. Buried at Kelley’s Mill. CIVIL WAR VETERAN.

KELLY, CECELA       I.R. JUL. 19, 1888
Died – July 16, Cecela, daughter of Edward Kelly, at New Richland, aged 3 years.

KELLY, CHARLES M.       I.R. MAR. 11, 1875

KELLY, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. JUN. 19, 1890
Daughter of the late Whitfield Kelly, and sister of Mrs. A. J. Trumbo, died at Kansas city, on the 6th, and was brought here for burial at Woodland, last week. Her husband and son accompanied the remains. Her son George N. Kelly has been engaged in Kansas City in the city Engineer department for several years, and last March, his father and mother moved there from Cincinnati.

KELLY, G. W.       NEED TO COPY I.R. OCT. 04, 1860
SUDDEN DEATH – G. W. Kelly, also known as Wash Kelly, age about 48, leaves large family . . .

KELLY, INFANT       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 21, child of Allen D. Kelly, 2 years old.

KELLY, I. AUSTIN       I.R. JUN. 07, 1899
Wedding – “Colonel and Mrs. E. J. Bird, Jr., request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Mary Ethylwn, to Mr. I. Austin Kelly, Tuesday evening, June twelfth, nineteen hundred, Christ Episcopal Church, Ironton, Ohio.

Ironton A. Kelly, who was the first male child born in Ironton, passed away Sunday. . . He was the son of William D. and Sarah Austin Kelly and was born at Ironton sixty-two years ago Easter Sunday, the 8th day of April. The ground on which the city of Ironton was built belonged to his father and had been known as the Kelly farm. On May 11, 1875 he married Miss Francis Kirker of this city, who with two sons, William of Ironton, and Austin of Ashland, survive. Mr. Kelly moved to Ashland about 17 years ago at that time being president of the Kelly Nail & Iron Company of Ironton. He built this big plant, and also the plant of the Ashland Steel Company and the Rod Mill. He was also vice president of the Merchants Bank and Trust Company. Interment at Woodland where he buried his parents and their other children, Lindsey and Mary. (lengthy obit.)

KELLY, JAMES       I.R. OCT. 24, 1861

KELLY, JAMES       I.R. AUG. 02, 1888
Died – July 26, James, son of Ed Kelly, at New Richland, aged 8 years.

KELLY, MRS. JAMES M.       M.I. FEB. 11, 1916
At the Age of 94 Mrs. J. M. Kelly Crosses Divide – Lawrence county pioneer. Mrs. Kelly would have been 94 years of age next June and was one of the oldest residents of the county. Mrs. Kelly’s maiden name was Sarah Ann Baccus. She was born near Wheelersburg, Scioto county, on June 20, 1822 and was married to James M. Kelley Oct. 25, 1838. Of the union five children were born as follows: Joshua, Philona, Sarah A., James B. and Anderson J. Kelley, the last named being the surviving member of the family and with him Mrs. Kelley made her home, on the old Kelley estate in West Ironton. “Grandma” Kelley was widely known having resided at the old homestead for 70 years and there all her children were born. Her husband died about 11 years ago. He was moderator of the Ohio Baptist Association for 10 years. Ten grandchildren survive and Mrs. Myrtle Kelley, a granddaughter attended the aged lady during her illness.

KELLY, JOHN       I.R. MAR. 22, 1888
Died – Kelly, Marc. 18, John Kelly, at Ashland, aged 61.

KELLY, JOHN       I.R. JUN. 09, 1887
The John Kelly who was killed by the boiler explosion at Huntington on the 30th, used to live near Getaway, on Langdon’s place. He was buried at Getaway on the 31st. We understand that the company who ran the incline has offered to compromise with the widow by paying her $1000.

KELLY, JOHN REV.       I.R. APR. 19, 1888
Died – Apr. 12, Rev. John Kelly, aged 73.

KELLY, JOSHUA       I.R. JAN. 11, 1872
At Union Landing, Ohio December 27, 1871, Joshua Kelly, father of Rev. J. M. Kelly, in the 82d year of his age. One of the PIONEERS of this county, coming here about 1796 while the Indians occupied all this region. For fifty years a member of the Baptist church.

KELLY, MRS. JOSHUA (PAYNE       I.R. FEB. 20, 1890
Died at Greenup, KY on the 8th. She was buried at Woodland. She was the wife of Joshua Kelly. She had long been an invalid and died of consumption. She was a Miss Payne, previous to her marriage, and was related to the family on Long creek in this county. Her husband and a daughter mourn her death.

KELLY, LINDSEY       I.R. MAR. 19, 1903
He died at his home on South Sixth street on March 11, death due to pneumonia. He was 61 years of age. He was born in May, 1842, on the Austin farm below Hanging Rock, and came to Ironton with his parents a few years later. He assumed management of Center Furnace in 1863. He married in 1879 to Miss Nannie Honshell, daughter of the late Commodore Wash Honshell of Catlettsburg. One son, Lindsey Kelly, Jr. was born to this union. State Senator in 1877 for four years. Besides the wife and son, he leaves one brother, Ironton A. Kelly, formerly of Ironton, but now of Ashland, Ky. Burial at Woodland Cemetery. See: I.R. Oct. 10, 1889 – Tenth Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Kelly See: I.R. Mar. 19, 1903 – Will of the late Lindsey Kelly was filed for probate.

KELLY, LINDSEY JR.       I.R. FEB. 04, 1904
Only son of Mrs. Nannie H. Kelly died Wednesday night at Brunton’s Sanitarium in Cincinnati. He had been ill with rheumatism for several years and spent some time in California, Texas and other western states in hope of obtaining relief. Following his attack, came heart trouble. He was about 20 years of age. Interment at Woodland Cemetery.

Mrs. Ironton A. Kelly died Sunday – widow of the late Ironton A. Kelly, died at the home of her son, Will Kelly, of South Eleventh street. . . . Her sons, Will and I. Austin, granddaughter, Rosemary and grandsons, Edward Bird Kelley and I. Austin Kelley, and Miss Elizabeth Newton, of Ironton were guests. Mary Frances Kelly was born in Ironton on Railroad street on November 19, 1854, and would have been 70 years old. Her parents were W. W. Kirker and Lucinda C. Kirker, pioneers of this region. The family lived in the brick house just in the rear of the McCauley home on Railroad street, and it was here that Mrs. Kelly was born. On May 11, 1875, she married Ironton A. Kelly in this city. To this union three children were born, William D., at whose home the mother died; I. Austin Kelly, of New York, and Donald, who died in infancy. The family home for years was South 6th street. . . Mr. Kelly died in Ashland in 1911, and soon thereafter Mrs. Kelly went to New York to live, remaining there until last year. She maintained luxurious apartments in New York, and her brother, Mr. Will C. Kirker, resided with her until 4 years ago, when he died. In addition to her own immediate family, one sister, Mrs. Bedwell, of Columbus, and one brother, Robert A. Kirker, of Utah survive. Burial in Woodland in the family plot. The Kelly grandsons, Edward Bird and I. Austin III, students at Boston Tech., will not be here for the funeral, this being the request of Mrs. Kelly shortly before she died.

KELLY, MARY JANE       I.R. SEP. 19, 1850
Died on the 15th inst., Mary Jane, daughter of G. W. and Louisa Kelly aged 2y 10m.

KELLY, PHEOBE       I.R. MAR. 15, 1888
Died – Pheobe Kelly, at Sheridan Coal Works, aged 68 years.

KELLY, THOS. D.       IWR APR. 22, 1893
Former resident of Ironton, died Sunday at his home at Huntington, W. Va. He was about 68 years of age. He was a brother of the late W. D. Kelly, and an uncle of Lindsey and Ironton A. Kelly and Oscar Richey of this city. He was a flour merchant, and a drygoods merchant in Ironton for many years. A few years ago he moved to Delaware, Ohio, and from there, a year ago to Huntington, where he has since resided. Mr. Kelly’s principal business of late years has been as secretary and treasurer for I. N. Gilruth, an extensive cotton merchant of Yazoo City, Mississippi, and until the last year the deceased visited that city every season. He leaves a wife and 3 daughters. Burial at Woodland.

KELLY, WILLIAM D.       IET. JAN. 06, 1926,8 or9?
Struck by Auto, Succumbs to Injuries. Age 50?, died at his home on So. 11th St. Struck by Auto driven by George Feeney. He was the eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Kelly. His grandfather, the late William D. Kelly, having owned all that portion of Ironton above Quincy street as his original farm. His father Ironton A. Kelly was the first white child born within the corporate limits of Ironton. William D. Kelly married Miss Nell Donohoe and to them was born one child, a daughter, Rosemary, now Mrs. J. S. Beddall (who is still living in 1995). He is survived by his wife and daughter and one brother I. Austin Kelly of New York City. The mother of the deceased died last November, at his home. He served one time as president of city council of Ironton.

Another of the old iron men has departed! William D. Kelly died at his home in Ironton last Friday afternoon, the 2nd day of October. . . . About the first of the century, Luke Kelly moved from Russell county, Va., to Ohio. He bought 500 acres of land at what is now known as Union Landing. This tract he divided up among his five sons, Reuben, Joshua, Charles, Joseph and John Kelly, into tracts of 100 acres each running down the river in the order named. Rev. J. M. Kelly was a son of Joshua; the late General Kelly was a son of Charles; Samuel was a son of Reuben; Whitfield was a son of John, and William D., the subject of this sketch, was a son of Joseph. He was born on the farm, next below the well known Gen. Kelly farm, January 13, 1815. (tells of his father selling to Jas. Rodgers and others the tract of land, on which Etna was built in 1832). On the 18th day of September, 1838, Mr. Kelly married Miss Sarah Austin, who lived on the second farm below where he was born . . . (Talks about 1847 when he purchased the land on which Ironton now stands.) Mr. Kelly began his career as an iron man in 1844, when he became a member of the firm of Dempsey, Rodgers & Co., proprietors of Etna Furnace. (Talks of his furnace adventures.) In 1880 with is sons, Lindsey and Ironton, he conceived the idea of building the Kelly Nail & Iron works in this city. In 1855, he organized the Exchange Bank. Interment at Kelly cemetery. Laid to rest by the side of a beloved daughter, Mary, who had died many years ago. (lengthy obit.)
see I.R. Sept. 27, 1888 – Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Kelly.

KELLY, MRS. WILLIAM D.       I.R. DEC. 15, 1892
Death of Mrs. W. D. Kelly – died at her home in Ironton, last Sunday. The deceased was born in this county in 1822, and was married to the late W. D. Kelly, on the home farm, below Hanging Rock, in 1838. In the early days of her married life, she and her husband lived in the old brick house (then quite a palace) in the rear of the Goldcamp mill. They lived there when Ironton was started, and so Mrs. Kelly’s life . . . identified with the growth and progress of Ironton. She was the mother of six children, five sons and one daughter. Only two children have survived her, Hon. Lindsey Kelly and Mr. I. A. Kelly. Her maiden name was Sarah Austin, and her parents were among the early pioneers of this region. Interment in the Kelly cemetery by the side of her husband, who was buried there in October of last year.

KELLY, W. H. GENERAL       I.R. JAN. 02, 1890
Death of Gen. W. H. Kelly – Another old friend is no more; died at Sweet Springs, last Friday. A note from his son, Chas. M. Kelly, to the editor of the REGISTER gives the particulars: My father, W. H. Kelly, died very suddenly today about 12 o’clock, while working in his garden. No one saw him fall. Sisters Mary and Lucy found him shortly afterward lying by the rake he had been working with. The funeral will take place from his residence at Sweet Springs. Truly yours, C. M. Kelly, Sweet Springs, Mo., Dec. 27, 1889. Gen. Kelly moved from this county two years ago, and founded his new home at Sweet Springs, Mo., where his son Charles was a successful business man. Gen. W. H. Kelly was born in Lawrence county in 1814. He was the son of one of the old pioneers. He married Maria Lawson, of Scioto county, June 28, 1837. They had four children, one of whom, Harriet, died in 1860. The others are living at Sweet Springs. Survived also by his wife. Gen. Kelly lived at Union Landing for a number of years.

KELSEY, MARY DUNCAN       I.R. JUL. 14, 1859

KELSEY, WILLIE DUNCAN       I.R. JUL. 14, 1859

KELVEY, JOHN S.       I.R. AUG. 07, 1851

KEMP, MRS. ADELIA       NEED COPY I.R. OCT. 30, 1890
Wife of C. T. M. Kemp. Died at Whitwell, age 54. She was a sister of Seliman and Frank Johnston and of the late Col. Samuel C. Johnston. She married June 04, 1856 at Rockwood. She was born in Sheffield, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.

KEMP, MRS. CLARINDA       I.R. JUN. 26, 1851

KEMP, GEORGE A.       I.R. DEC. 08, 1864
Died December 1st, George A., son of T. W. and M. E. Kemp, aged 4 months.

KEMP, GEORGE N.       NEED COPY I.R. APR. 04, 1861

KEMP, MRS. SARAH A.       I.R. APR. 19, 1860

KEMP, MRS. THOMAS       I.R. OCT. 12, 1899
Died early Tuesday morning after an illness of several weeks. She leaves a husband and one daughter, Mrs. Park Warne, of Pittsburgh, Pa.

KEMP, MISS TILLIE       I.R. NOV. 02, 1896*
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Kemp. She had been in poor health for a year. Diabetes was the trouble. Buried at Woodland.

KENNEDY, CHARLES W.       IET JAN. 20, 1926
Miss Marie Anderson, Grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Henry, Wed Jan. 9 – The following account of the wedding of Miss Marie Anderson of Chillicothe, only granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Henry, was taken from the Scioto Gazette of Jan. 15th . . . Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Anderson of 345 East Second St., announce the marriage of their daughter Marie Elizabeth and Charles W. Kennedy on Saturday, Jan. 9th, 1926. . .

KENNEDY, DUNCAN       I.R. JUL. 30, 1874

KENNEMAN, INFANT       I.R. AUG. 11, 1887
Died – August 5, infant child of Wm. Kenneman.

KEPHART, CHARLES F.       I.R. NOV. 19, 1857
Died on the 3rd inst., at Madison Furnace, Charles F. Kephart, formerly of Ripley, in his 27th year.

KEPHART, W. G., REV.       I.R. JUL. 14, 1853
Married on the 7th inst., by Rev. James S. Campbell, Rev. W. G. Kephart, Ex-Editor of the Santa Fe Gazette, New Mexico, and Miss Jane, daughter of Judge Henry Martin, of this county.

KERN, EDMUND       I.R. SEP. 20, 1866

KERN, MRS. ELIZA       I.R. MAR. 16, 1876

KERR, A. P.       NEED TO COPY I.R. APR. 18, 1878
A brother of W. M. Kerr died at Portsmouth at age 49.

KERR, A. P.       IST JUN. 20, 1954
A. P. Kerr, 76, Chesapeake, Rt. 1, died Saturday in a Huntington hospital. He was a retired employee of the American Car and Foundry Co., Huntington. Surviving are six daughters, Mrs. John Baise, Xenia, O., Mrs. B. W. Hunt, Chesapeake, Mrs. Earl C. Riddle, Xenia, Miss Mary Kerr, Chesapeake, Mrs. Milton Retzlaff, Norfolk, Neb., and Mrs. Robert White, Chesapeake; a son, Merrill Kerr, Chesapeake, and several grandchildren. Burial in Rome Cemetery.

KERR, AURELIA JANE       I.R. DEC. 11, 1851
Died in Burlington on the 2d of consumption, Miss Aurelia Jane Kerr, daughter of William and Naomi Kerr in the 15th year of her age.

KERR, EDWARD EMMIT       I.R. OCT. 28, 1852
Died on the 22nd inst., Edward Emmit, son of Capt. Washington H. and Ruth Kerr, aged 2 years and 4 months.

KERR, FRANKLIN CLARK       I.R. MAY 21, 1863

KERR, GABRIEL       I.R. MAR. 30, 1905
Gabriel Kerr married Jane, daughter of William Crawford, in Washington county, Pennsylvania about 1809 and in 1812 he and his brother, Thos. Kerr, moved down the river in a flat boat loaded with apples, flour and cider and landed at the mouth of the Big Sandy December 24, 1812. In the Spring of 1813 they moved over and settled on the farm now owned by Abrams and Campbells.

KERR, JOHN       I.R. JAN. 07, 1892
Suicide – John Kerr, of Union Township, son of the late Wm. Kerr, committed suicide last Saturday. . . Shotgun to his breast. . . he was in the last stages of consumption.

KERR, JOSEPH       IWR JAN. 09, 1897
Marriage Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1896, of Miss Anna Earles to Mr. Joseph Kerr. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss May. The bride is a grand-daughter of Mr. Crede Templeton, with whom she has resided since childhood. The groom was formerly a resident of Getaway but has for several years been a prosperous citizen of California, and thither he will soon take his bride.

KERR, MISS MARY       I.R. NOV. 13, 1884
Daughter of W. M. Kerr, died at Battle Creek, Michigan, yesterday afternoon. She will be buried at Cheshire, on Friday. Her age was 7 years. She had been taken to Battle Creek for treatment for nervous disease.

KERR, WILLIAM       I.R. DEC. 24, 1891
Died on Dec. 16, 1891, one of the oldest citizens of Union Twp, from disease of the heart. He was 81 years old. He raised a family of honored sons and daughters.

KERR, WILLIAM M.       I.R. MAY 18, 1899
The remains of Mr. Kerr arrived in this city, Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Mrs. Kerr and his son William, who were met at Chicago by his son Howard. They were taken to his home on Fifth street, where his daughter Mrs. Ranson now resides. Died at his abode in San Diego. There are from abroad Mother Kerr, of Kerr Station, Gallia county, his brothers, James M., Samuel J., and Chas. W. Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Vanden, Mr. and Mrs. A. Henking, Miss Ella Kerr, Mr. Bert Fuller, Mr. Wellington Hawkins, Mr. Kerr’s old school teacher, all of Gallia county; Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Mauck, of Proctorville; Judge and Mrs. Huston and Mrs. Gartell of Ashland, and others whose names we failed to get. Interment in Woodland.

KERR, WILLIAM R. JR.       I.R. NOV. 28, 1850
Died on the 5th inst., at the Harrison Hotel, in Burlington, William R. Kerr, Jr., son of William R. Kerr, Esq., formerly of Cincinnati. Young Kerr had not yet attained seventeen years of age. Was placed at St. Timothy’s college, near Baltimore, Md. So great was his avidity for knowledge that in a short space of a few years he soon learned to read, Latin, Greek and French with accuracey and ease. Leaves a father and two sisters to mourn his loss.

KETTER, CHAS. H.       I.R. JUL. 09, 1896
Wedded – This Wednesday morning, Mr. Chas. H. Ketter and Miss Anna Duis were married at the residence of Wm. Duis, the bride’s home, near Wheelersburg. The bride is a sister of Mr. Ketter’s first wife, and has been the head of his household since his wife died. She is a most excellent lady, and the union a most sensible and harmonious one.

KETTERER, CHARLES       SWI. JAN. 19, 1909

KEYE, GEORGE W. CAPTAIN       M.I. NOV. 02, 1915

KEYES, ALBERT H.       I.R. MAR. 06, 1879
Marriage license issued to Albert H. Keyes and Della J. Gore.

KEYSER, CHARLES       I.R. JUL. 08, 1858
Married on the 6th inst., by Thomas A. Brattin, Mr. Charles Keyser and Miss Elizabeth Berg; all of Lawrence county, Ohio.

KEYSER, ELIZA       I.R. JAN. 29, 1880

KEYZER, GEORGE       I.R. JUN. 09, 1859

KIBBY, SUSIE       I.R. JUL. 28, 1887
Died – July 21, Susie Kibby, aged 15.

KIDD, MRS. MARGARET J.       I.R. NOV. 10, 1853
Died in Ripley, on the 22nd ult., at the residence of her father, Mrs. Margaret J., wife of J. K. Kidd, in the 22nd year of her age.

KIGGENS, MRS. BRIDGET       I.R. FEB. 18, 1904
Wife of Patrick Kiggens, died Sunday at her home on North Fifth street as a result of an accident Saturday morning, in which she was badly burned. Her dress caught fire. She was 67 years of age and a resident of Ironton for a number of years. Besides her husband, the following children survive: Michael of Ironton, John, of Columbus; James of Lucasville; Patrick, of Clarksburg and Thomas, of Zanesville.

KILGORE,       IJRN MAY 04, 1870
Died April 29th, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore, Catlettsburg, Kentucky.

KILGORE, GEO. W.       I.R. MAR. 16, 1865
Married on the 13th inst., by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Geo. W. Kilgore, of Coal Grove, O., to Miss Rebecca A. Skelton, of Ashland, Kentucky.

KILGORE, MRS. WALKER       IWR. AUG. 08, 1896
Killed by a horse, an aged colored woman whose home was back of Burlington, was kicked by a horse and killed Thursday. The deceased was an aunt of Mrs. Henry Woodfin of this city.

KILMER, DR. WASHINGTON       I.R. OCT. 20, 1864
Married on the 18th inst., at the bride’s residence, by Rev. L. Hall, Dr. Washington Kilmer of Alexandria, VA and Miss Florence, daughter of T. N. Davey, Esq., of this place.

KIMBALL, FRANCIS D.       I.R. AUG. 28, 1856
Of Medina, Attorney General of Ohio, died on the 15th inst., of dysentery. He was a young man of great promise.

KIMBALL, MRS. HEZEKIAH       I.R. MAR. 15, 1860

KIMBALL, JASPER       I.R. FEB. 16, 1893
Death of Jasper Kimball – We are informed that this prominent citizen died last Tuesday evening. He had been quite sick for some time. His age was about 52. He was at one time Sheriff of Lawrence county, and as such won the confidence of all the people, for he was a splendid officer. The cause of his death was pneumonia, which followed an attack of the grippe.

KIMBALL, MRS. JULIA       I.R. OCT. 30, 1879
Also see spelling of Kimble – Mrs. Julia Kimball, an old resident of this county, died at her home near Rockwood, last Friday.

KIMBALL, MRS. JULIA (BAGLEY)       I.R. NOV. 20, 1879
See spelling of Kimble.

KIMBALL, ISAAC       I.R. MAR. 07, 1867

KIMBALL, JASPER       SWR FEB 27, 1893
The funeral of ex-Sheriff Jasper Kimball, who died Tuesday at his home at Rockwood, took place Thursday at Burlington. Six brothers-in-law, (NEED END OF OBIT)

KIMBALL, JESSE B.       I.R. NOV. 17, 1870 (also) IJRN NOV. 16, 1870
Died Monday, Jesse B. Kimble at his home in Quaker Bottom, age 48 years.

KIMBLE, JULIA BAGLEY       I.R. NOV. 20, 1879
Julia Bagley was born in the State of New York, Aug. 13, 1806. She came to Lawrence Co., O., landing at Burlington in 1818, sixty-one years ago, when the country was new and settlers few. She was married to Asa Kimble, March 27, 1829, and lived many years at their pleasant home near the mouth of Symmes Creek. They were the parents of ten children, all of whom have passed away, save three daughters, who live near the old homestead. Her husband died in 1871.

KIMBLE, TITAN HON.       I.R. JAN. 31, 1861

KING, MRS. ANN       I.R. SEP. 09, 1875

KING, BENJAMIN       I.R. JAN. 09, 1879
Died at Portsmouth on the last day of the year, and in his 83rd year. For some years he was a citizen of Ironton. Interment at Woodland.

KING, CYRUS       I.R. NOV. 10, 1887
Marriage license issued to Cyrus King and Ada Baker.

KING, JOS. R.       I.R. FEB. 24, 1887
Deaths – Feb. 18, Jos. R. King, aged 42.

KINGERY, JOHN P.       ISWR FEB. 16, 1917

KINGRY, PETER       I.R. MAY 23, 1872


KINGSBURY, FRANCIS       I.R. MAY 13, 1852
Died in this town on the 11th, Francis, son of Charles Kingsbury, aged 6 years.

Died in Ironton, on Feb. 4th, 1863, Willie Ward Kingsbury, aged 3 years and 3 months.

KINNER       I.R. DEC. 12, 1861

KINNEY, INFANT       I.R. JUL. 28, 1887
Died – July 23, infant child of Jno. Kinney.

KINNEY, JAMES A.       I.R. JAN. 09, 1903
He left Ironton about nine months ago, was shot and killed in Beaumont, Texas last week, by W. F. Steinman?, a contractor, during an argument over wages. Kinney was shot three times and died in a few minutes. He was 45 years of age and a roller by occupation. He leaves two children. The remains were brought here for interment.

Died September 26th, Washington Kinney of Portsmouth, age 71 years 1 month.

KINNISON, GEORGE       SWI. FEB 16, 1909

KINSBURY, CHARLES SR.       I.R. JUL. 12, 1866

KIRK, MRS. ELLEN M. & daughter ZELLA       I.R. APR. 21, 1892
Killed – W. H. H. Miller was called to Huntington last Saturday, in answer to a telegram announcing the killing of his sister, Mrs. Ellen M. Kirk, wife of Jerry Kirk, and also of her daughter, Zella, aged 16 years by the west bound train #13, Friday . . . killing not chargeable to the railroad.

Died on the 25th inst., Charles Warren, son of T. S. Kirker, aged 14 months.

KIRKER, EFFIE E.       I.R. JUL.31, 1856
Died in this town, last night, July 30, Effie E., daughter of Thomas S. Kirker, aged about 4 years.

KIRKER, MRS. PHEBE       I.R. OCT. 02, 1856
Died on Sept. 18, in Ironton of consumption, Mrs. Phebe Kirker, wife of T. S. Kirker, in her 36th year.

KIRKER, RICHARD       I.R. MAY 04, 1865
Sgt. Richard Kirker’s remains arrived at home last week . . .

KIRKER, RICHARD       I.R. AUG. 24, 1871

KIRKER, THOMAS       I.R. JAN. 06, 1852
Married on the 31st ult., by Rev. Mr. Brainard, Mr. Thomas Kirker, of Adams county, and Miss Mary Finley of Brown county.

KIRKER, THOMAS S.       I.R. SEPT. 24, 1857
Married on the 14th inst., in Rutland, Meigs county, Ohio, Thomas S. Kirker of Ironton to Miss Mary M. Simpson, of the former place.

Died on the 10th inst., in West Union, Adams county, Col. Wm. Kirker, aged 66 years – father of S. and W. W. Kirker, of this town (Ironton).

KIRKER, WILLIAM W.       I.R. AUG. 24, 1871
Died Sunday morning at 10:00.  He was born 1 April 1819 in Adams County, Ohio.  He was 52 years old.  He was the son of Colonel Wm. Kirker.  His grandfather was Thomas Kirker, former Governor of Ohio.  He was married in Illinois in 1843….

KIRKMAN, MRS.       I.R. FEB. 03, 1898
Mother of Mrs. Joe Rodgers died last week at Scott Town.

KIRTON, THOMAS       I.R. MAR. 04, 1858
Married on the 3rd inst., at the residence of Mr. C. Mathews, by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. Thomas Kirton, and Miss Harriet Rogers, all of Ironton.

KISER, A. M.       I.R. AUG. 26, 1886

KISER, ADA JANE       ??????

KISER, HIRAM       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
Deaths – Jan. 22, Hiram Kiser, at Mt. Vernon Furnace, aged 46.

KITCHEN, DAVID       I.R. NOV. 23, 1854
Married On the 20th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., David Kitchen and Wianey Greene, both of Greenup county, Ky.

KITE, JOSHUA       I.R AUG. 19, 1937

KITTS, MATTIE       I.R. OCT. 24, 1895
Mattie Kitts, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. F. Kitts of Kitts Hill, died Oct. 17th, age 16y 3m of congestion of the brain.

KIZER, HIRAM       I.R. OCT. 27, 1864
Married on the 16th inst., by Thomas Parkison, Esq., Hiram Kizer, to Miss Lydia Ann Campbell, both of Washington Township.

KLEINHAUNS, JOHN       I.R. MAR. 03, 1887
Deaths – Feb. 23, John Kleinhauns, 40 years; killed in the mines at Newcastle.

KLINE, JOHN       ??????

KLISHAM, INFANT       I.R. AUG. 21, 1884
Infant child of Michael Klishman died Aug. 19.

KNELL, CHESLEY       I.R. AUG. 25, 1853
Married on the 11th, Chesley Knell to Amanda Pond.

Married on October 21st, at the residence of Jacob Stein, in West Ironton, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, Stephen Knettal ? and Mrs. Anna Stampfle, both of Ironton.

KNICELY, ELIZA A.       I.R. FEB 23, 1871

KNIGHT, CHARLES B.       I.R. JUN. __, 1867

KNIGHT, PRESTON       I.R. JUL. 02, 1857
Married on the 20th ult., in Ironton by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Preston Knight and Caroline Newman.

Wedding – The home of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Clark of Millers, O., was the scene of a pretty wedding Wednesday, September 21, when their daughter, Jennie Lind, was united in marriage to William Andrew Knight, of New Matamoras, W. Va. . . . Miss Bessie Clark and Miss Nola Knight, sisters of the bride and bridegroom. . .

An old citizen whose duty it was to receive and distribute coal at Kelly’s Mill, died of heart disease Monday (Do not have end of obit.) Died Oct. 31, age 55.

KOSTER, THEODORE       I.R. SEPT. 20, 1888
Died Sept. 12, Theodore Koster, aged 63?.

KOUNS, ALEX       M.I. AUG. 11, 1922
Sheridan Man Takes Life – Alex Kouns shot self through head Wednesday. Despondent because of continued ill health and brooding over the death of his brother, are thought to have been the motives behind the suicide of Alex Kouns, age 68 years, of Sheridan.. . The suicide occurred at the home at Sheridan Wednesday morning when Kouns shot himself in the head. The bullet went straight through the temple and death was almost instantaneous. Mr. Kouns was unmarried and had resided at the old home place all his life. Interment in Woodland.

KOUNS, ANDREW P.       I.R. SEP. 09, 1880 (see) I.R. Sep. 02, 1880
We failed to make the announcement of A. P. Kouns’s death last week, because we had not heard of it when we went to press. He died Sunday, the 22nd, at his home in Burlington, aged about 79 years. He has lived in Lawrence county for many years and in 1854 was a citizen of Ironton. He was a good, honest, intelligent man, and many friends will mourn his death. I.R. Nov. 20, 1879 – Sunday, we buried Mrs. Julia Kimball, nee Bagley, one of the oldest residents. She was 73 years of age. After the funeral I (J. T. Vaughn) took dinner with grandfather Kouns (referring to A. P. Kouns – smk); one among the oldest residents of the country. Born in 1801, came to this country in 1804. He related several instances of early live in Ohio.

KOUNS, BENJAMIN E.       M.I. JAN. 19, 1922
Benjamin E. Kouns, age 55, died of heart trouble early Wednesday at his farm near South Point. The wife of the deceased died nine years ago and the following children survive: Waldstein, of Washington, D. C., Adrian of Washington, D. C., Mabel, teacher at Sheridan and Lucien at home. One brother, Alex Kouns and one sister Mrs. Elizabeth Wakefield of South Point are left to mourn. Interment at Woodland cemetery.

KOUNS, MRS. GRACE       M.I. MAR. 20, 1913
Wife Of Ben Kountz passed away Wednesday. Mrs. Grace Kountz, age 43, wife of Benjamin F. (sic E.) Kountz of Sheridan died Wednesday after an extended illness of measles. She is survived by a devoted husband and the following children: Walter (sic Walstein), Adrian, Mabel, Georgianna and Lucien.
(note from smk – this line pronounced their name like Koontz, Kountz, as if it had a “z” rather than an “s” ending during this period of time, now it is pronounced with an “s” ending like Koons.- there were several mistakes in this obituary)

KOUNS, MRS. CATHERINE       I.R. JAN. 29, 1874
Died at the residence of Thos. C. Campbell, Fayette Tp., Lawrence county, Ohio, Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, 1874 (note date of paper??), Mrs. Catherine Kouns, relict of George Kouns, deceased, aged 90y5m19d. Grandmother Kouns was born in Greenbriar county, Virginia in 1784, removed to the State of Ohio in 1808 and was married to George Kouns in the same year by Rev. B. Spurlock, and settled on the farm where they both lived and died in Fayette Township. Their family consisted of ten daughters and one son, George W., who died in New Orleans, La., in 1860. Of the eight daughters who survive her, five reside in Ohio, two in Catlettsburg, Ky., and one in Ravenswood, W. Va. The grandchildren number 62, great-grandchildren 71, making 144 children in all; the greater portion living in Lawrence county. . . She was indeed one of the early pioneers. Her early home was a vast wilderness, situated as it was on the banks of the Ohio, high water often driving them from their cabin to seek shelter in other buildings. At that time neighbors were few and far between, there being but four families between the mouth of the Guyan river and that of the Big Sandy, and but few now remain to tell of the hardships and trials of those days, and very few that have lived to see their children and families as well settled in life as Grandmother Kouns.

KOUNS, CHARLES       IET FEB. 13, 1932
Age 45, Raceland and Russell teamster died Friday after sudden illness at the Mel Cumpston home. Formerly employed at the McMahon-Litteral livery here and later worked at the Raceland race track. Burial at the Caroline cemetery (this is probably in Ashland, Ky., – smk)

Sixty nine years old, of Meade Station, near Ashland, wife of Jacob Kouns, died at her home yesterday afternoon. Interment will be made in a Meade Station cemetery. Survived by her husband, one son, Bert Kouns; and two daughters, Mrs. Clara McIntyre of Meade Station and Mrs. Effie Elswick of Black Hawk, W. Va.

Died June 7, 1848, George Kouns, senior, in the 64th year of his age. Father Kouns was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, and in his youthful days moved to Lawrence county, and was married to Catherine Wolfenberger in 1808. Here he accumulated considerable property, raised a large family and lived to see them all comfortably settled in life. . .

KOUNS, GEORGE       SWI. OCT. 17, 1921
George Kouns was born Feb. 17, 1850 and was 71 years, 7 months and 29 days of age when death overtook him today at his home in Greenup. . . Death caused by chronic parenchymatous nehritis. Interment at Riverview cemetery. He is survived by his wife and the following children: Wm. Kouns, of Greenup; Richard Kouns, Roncivert, W. V., Eva Carroll, Greenup; Margaret Thornton, Dover, Ky. Brother Nelson Mortin, Greenup, sister Delthia Prater, Columbus, O., Grandchildren Nettie Ratcliff, Olive Kouns, Douglass Carroll, Evaline Thornton and Georgette Thornton.

KOUNS, CAPT. GEORGE W.       I.R. DEC. 06, 1860
Died in New Orleans on Nov. 25, 1860, of flux, Capt. George W. Kouns, of Burlington, commander of the Red River steamer Red Chief No.1, aged about 33 years. He leaves a family of four children, his wife, a daughter of Judge Scovill, having died some four years since. Remains were brought back to Burlington.

KOUNS, GEORGE W.       IJRN APR. 13, 1870
Died March 20, at Grassland, Boyd Co., Ky., Mr. Geo. W. Kouns, aged 66y9m5d.

KOUNS, HENRY       I.R. APR. 03, 1890
Only surviving son of Captain John Kouns, aged about 30 years, died of la grippe at Raynor, Stonewall county, Texas, the 16th of February last. Only eight months before his death, he married a Miss Stevenson of New Orleans, the daughter of Captain Stevenson of that city and settled upon a stock ranch in Texas where his death occurred. The death of his mother, Mrs. Rebecca Kouns, sister of John and Stephen Dillon occurred about nine years ago. Since then Henry and his father seemed to live for the help and comfort of each other.

KOUNS, HENRY       IET MAR. 07, 1932
Died Sunday. Age 67?, retired farmer, died at his home in Chesapeake. Born at the old Kouns place about 2 miles west of what is now the village of Chesapeake. When he was 2 � years old his father died and he was raised by Stephen Dillon, one of the pioneer residents of that section. In early youth he went into steamboating . . . making his home in Shreveport, La. In 1900, he returned to this county and engaged in farming. He is survived by his widow and one son, Andrew L. (Lawson) Kouns, of Huntington and Portsmouth. He is also survived by four sisters, Mrs. W. B. Johnson, Canton, O., Mrs. Mary E. Means, Los Angeles, Calif., Mrs. Pearl Hopkins, Ashland, Ky., and Mrs. Nellie Bagley, San Bernardino, Calif. Two grandchildren, John Henry and William C. (Cundiff) Kouns of Huntington also survive. Kouns Chapel . . . Burial at Woodland . . . names pallbearers in obit. (Note: He only had one full sister, after his father died his mother remarried a Bagley, some of these sisters were half-sisters – smk).

KOUNS, JAMES       I.R. APR. 20, 1854
Died on the 15th inst., in Ironton, James Kouns, son of A. P. Kouns, in the 15th year of his age.

KOUNS, JOHN       SWI. JUL. 23, 1907
Mr. J. Kouns, familiarly known as “Uncle” John Kouns, died at noon Wednesday at his home in New Orleans, but none of the particulars of his illness or death have been learned. The deceased was an uncle of Captain Kouns of Burlington, this county. The remains of Mr. Kouns will be interred in New Orleans.

KOUNS, L. E. CAPTAIN       JUN. 15, 1909
. . . his death was due to blood poisoning. About two months ago, Capt. Kouns went to Glenwood, Colo., on a business mission, where he was later joined by his wife, and they together visited friends and relatives in the West. On June 3rd while in St. Louis, Capt. Kouns was seized with what was thought to be erysipelas. He and Mrs. Kouns left at once for home. . . He was 59 years of age having been born on the farm on which he died in 1850. His death removed the last of the family of Geo. W. Kouns, early Burlington settlers. Capt. Kouns was engaged in steamboating. Some twenty or more years ago a horrible tragedy occurred which cast a gloom over Capt. Kouns’ life . . . His wife, two daughters, son and niece, who had been spending the winter with him in Shreveport, started for the North to spend the winter and took passage on the Steamer Golden City. The boat caught fire one night while in the Mississippi River and was burned together with many of its passengers, while numerous others were drowned. The bodies of Mrs. Kouns, who was a niece of Mrs. F. E. Brammer of this city, children and niece were never found. Capt. Kouns in after years remarried and the second union was born one son, Louis E., who had returned home from college, but a few days prior to his father’s death. Interment at Woodland.

KOUNS, MRS. L. E.       I.R. MAY 04, 1882
Disinterred – Mistake as to Finding the Body of Mrs. Kouns. Mrs. Kouns was one of the unfortunate victims of the GOLDEN CITY disaster. Body was buried at Woodland. Husband could not identify the jewelry that was thought to be hers. Body was disinterred and re-examined – now the body is thought to be that of Mrs. Dr. Monohan of Jackson. (Note: The Golden City was a packet boat that burnt and Mrs. Kouns and three children and a niece were killed – smk).
Note: From the Shreveport Standard dated March 26, 1882 – The deepest sorrow is felt for all who perished on the ill-fated steamer, but particularly for Mrs. L. E. Kouns and her three children, and Miss Nannie Campbell, who were among the lost. The sad news was broken to Captain Lewis E. Kouns when he returned yesterday from upper Red River to this port aboard his steamer, Cornie Brandon, of which he is master. The word arrived in the form of a telegram sent by Captain Noah Scovell from New Orleans. Mrs. L. E. Kouns left here Wednesday on the John Scully, bound for Lawrence county in Ohio, to spend the summer. She was accompanied with her three children, Bonnie Lee, age 5, George, age 3, and Rachel age 1; also Miss Nannie Campbell, a cousin of Captain Kouns, who had been spending the winter with her in Shreveport. Mrs. Kouns’ maiden name was Browning, and she was a native of Boyd county, Ky., where Captain Kouns married her. Captain Kouns is a nephew of our fellow citizen, Capt. Matt. L. Scovell, and is well known among steam boatmen, generally. Captain Noah Scovell left New Orleans for Memphis immediately after he heard of the fire. Capt. L. E. Kouns, accompanied by Alex Weiler, leaves here this morning.

KOUNS, MRS. SALOME       MAR. 1908
Note: She died March 13, 1908 – Mrs. Salome Kouns, a brief account of whose death appeared in Saturday morning’s Irontonian was 87 years of age. She was the widow of Samuel H. (sic B.) Kouns one of Sheridan’s best known farmers. Her parents were among the early settlers of Marietta. The deceased has been a sufferer from rheumatism for the past 20 years and her death resulted from heart disease.

KOUNS, SAMUEL       I.R. DEC. 24, 1903
PIONEER DEAD -stricken with paralysis at his home near Sheridan, Friday morning, died that night. The deceased was 80 years old and has been a resident of this county for half a century. The deceased is survived by a widow and the following children: Alex and B. E., of Sheridan, and Mrs. Frank Wakefield, of Cebee.

KOUNS, SAMUEL WALSTEIN       I. T. JUL. 15, 1965
Funeral services for Samuel Walstein Kouns, 69, of South Point. . . burial in Highland Memorial Gardens, South Point. Mr. Kouns died Wednesday at Kings Daughters Hospital, Ashland, Ky. The retired school teacher taught in South Point School District for 37 years. He retired in 1961. He was born in Lawrence county on Feb. 22, 1895, son of the late Benjamin and Grace Hatcher Kouns. He was a veteran of World War I serving as a second lieutenant. Mr. Kouns attended Ohio Northern University, Ada, O., and Rio Grande College. Surviving are his wife, Mabel Bruce Kouns; six sons, Samuel, Donald and Glen of South Point, Leland, Jack and Charles of Ironton; six daughters, Mrs. Ruth Kinder of South Point, Mrs. Grace Bebeau of Belmont, Tex., Mrs. Clara Wheeler of Ashland, Mrs. Dorothy Tisza, Mrs. Irene Moiel and Mrs. Nancy Knowlton of Houston, Tex.; 37 grandchildren. Also surviving are a brother, Lucien W. Kouns of Chesapeake; three sisters, Mrs. Adrienne Heider, Mrs. Mabel Wheeler and Mrs. Georgianna Davis, all of Ironton, and an aunt, Mrs. Bonnie Hatcher Sites of Decatur, Ill.

KOUNS, MRS. SAMUEL W.       I.T. FEB. 19, 1968
Mrs. Mabel Bruce Kouns, 72, of South Point, widow of Samuel Walstein Kouns, died unexpectedly Sunday at her residence. Surviving are six sons, Samuel B. (married Mary Miller) of Baton Rouge, La., Leland (married Barbara Cox, she died 19__, he remarried Jennie ___), Donald (married Edna Barney) , Jack (deceased, he was married to Rosemary Kinney) and Charles (married 2nd Sharon Milich) of Ironton, and Glen of South Point; six daughters, Mrs. Elmond Kinder (Ruth) of South Point, Mrs. Russell Bebeau (Grace) of Beaumont, Tex., Mrs. Joe Wheeler (Clare) of Ashland, Mrs. Steven Tisza (Dorothy) of London, England, Mrs. Richard Moiel (Irene) and Mrs. Nancy Knowlton of Houston, Tex.; two sisters, Mrs. Roscoe Hacker (Avanelle) of Ironton and Mrs. Alice Gray of Mt. Grove, Mo. Interment at Highland Memorial Gardens. (I have added in parentheses names of children and spouses – smk)

KOUNS, SARAH E.       I.R. MAR. 13, 1856
Died On the 9th inst., Mrs. S. E. Kouns, consort of G. W. Kouns, of Burlington, in the 28th year of her age.

KOUNS, WILLIAM       I.R. SEPT. 15, 1853
Died at his residence in Oldtown, Greenup Co., Kentucky, August 26th, Wm. Kouns.

KOUNTZ, CAPT. HIRAM       I.R. JUL. 06, 1854
Capt. Hiram Kountz, of the steamer Cincinnati, a well known and highly esteemed steamboat captain, died of cholera, a few days since, at Louisville.

KOUNTZ, LUELLA       I.R. OCT. 28, 1858*


KRISH, INFANT       I.R. APR. 08, 1886
Died April 1, infant child of Herman Krish.

KRUSE, MR. AND MRS.       I.R. JAN. 21, 1892
They died just below town a few days ago. Both were married before. He had 3 children by a previous marriage and she had 2 children by a previous marriage. See: “The Will and the Law” article about their estate and how it was to be divided.

KUNETT, INFANT       I.R. JUL. 05, 1888
Died June 27, infant child of August Kunett.

KYLE, CAPT. JOHN       I.R. MAY 21, 1857
Married in Cincinnati on the 14th of May, by Rev. Mr. Blaisdell, Capt. John Kyle (of the steamer, Fairy Queen), of Lawrence county, Ohio, to Miss Margaret Carson, of Cincinnati.

KYLE, MRS. MARY       I.R. OCT. 30, 1856
Died on the 26th inst., in Barboursville, Va., Mrs. Mary Kyle, wife of Thomas Kyle.

KYSER, BENJAMIN       I.R. JAN. 10, 1870