Misc Obituaries: Volume 1 – J

Abstracts of Obits, Death Notices, etc.
Lawrence County, Ohio Persons

Compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns and Martha J. Martin

Updated last: October 10, 1997


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JACKMAN, ANNA       I.R. MAR. 03, 1887
Deaths – Feb. 23, Anna Jackman, 4 years.

JACKMAN, REBECCA       I.R. MAR. 22, 1888
Died, Mar. 19, Rebecca Jackman, aged 75 years.

JACKS, LETHA ANN      I.R. NOV. 03, 1870

JACKS, MAUD ETHEL       I.R. FEB. 13, 1890
Maud Ethel Jacks, daughter of L. D. and Sara Jacks, was born June 24, 1889, died Feb. 1, 1890, aged 7m10d. Interred in the Marion cemetery. The funeral conducted at the house of its mother.

JACKS, SOLOMON       I.R. MAR. 10, 1853
Married on the 3rd inst., in Ironton, by Jacob Lair, Esq., Mr. Solomon Jacks to Mrs. Lethaniah Jacks, both of Gallia county.

JACKSON, ALICE DARLEY       I.R. OCT. 30, 1862

JACKSON, ANDREW (COLORED)       I.R. JUL. 05, 1888
Died June 29, Andrew Jackson (colored), aged 87.

JACKSON, HENDERSON       I.R. JUL. 28, 1887
Marriage license issued to Henderson Jackson and Esther Wright.

JACKSON, HUGH D.       I.R. MAY 19, 1859
Died suddenly, in Wathena, Kansas Territory, on the 8th of May, age 25.

JACKSON, INFANT       I.R. FEB. 27, 1890
Died Feb. 24, child of Wesley Jackson.

JACKSON, ISAAC       I.R. MAY 01, 1862

JACKSON, LILLY M.      I.R. OCT. 13, 1864
Died Oct. 1st, Lilly M., second daughter of Geo. W. Jackson, Esq., and Louisa, his wife, age 21m17d. The second of their offsprings to depart since their bridal day of Christmas, 1859; one is left, the last born; (poem).

JACKSON, MARIA LOUISA       I.R. OCT. 20, 1864
Died – Mary Louisa, wife of George W. Jackson, Esq., of this place, and daughter of the late Augustine Smith, of Winchester, Va., in the 31st year of her age.

JACOBISKIE, INFANT       I.R. JUL. 07, 1887
Died – July 2, infant child of William Jacobiskie.

JACOBS, EDWARD       I.T. AUG. 21, 1927

JACOBS, MRS. MINNIE       I.R. JAN. 18, 1910

JAMES, LAWRENCE       I.R. SEP. 23, 1886

JAMES, MARY       I.R. APR. 21, 1887
Died at Hanging Rock on April 19, age 5.

JAMES, SAMUEL T.       I.R. NOV. O4, 1886

JAMES, THOMAS       ISWR APR. 02, 1917

JAMES, MRS. THOMAS       I.E.T. JAN. 28, 1926
Pioneer resident claimed by death Wednesday evening. Mrs. Thomas James of 904 north 5th street. She was one of Ironton’s pioneer residents, having lived here for the past sixty years. Mrs. James was born in Pennsylvania eighty-two years ago. She came to Ironton when a young girl and was married in this city. During her illness Mrs. James was attended by Mrs. Frank Ainsworth, a daughter, and Mrs. Emma Chambers, a niece. Mr. James passed away nine years ago, the daughter, Mrs. Ainsworth, and one son, William E. James, surviving. The latter lives at Cleveland. Mrs. Ainsworth’s husband resides in Wheeling, WV.

JAMESON, JAMES E.       IET MAR. 31, 1943
Greenup – James Edward Jameson, age six weeks, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Jameson, died today in the home at Load, Ky. The parents and one brother, John Jr. Survive. Burial in Chaffin cemetery.

JAMISON, MRS. CATHERINE       I.R. JUN. 04, 1896

JAVENS, JOHN       I.R. MAR. 27, 1864
Died at Camp Paxton, Guyandotte, Virginia, March 4th, John Javens, a private of Capt. S. H. Emmons’ company H 2d Virginia cavalry regiment. Disease, measles. He was buried on the 5th with the honors of war.

JAYNES, MRS. BETSEY ANN       I.R. MAR. 30, 1854

JAYNES, MRS. REBECCA       I.R. JAN. 20, 1859

JEFFORDS, RICHARD       I.R. JAN. 1, 1891
Haverhill – A company of about 30 persons were invited to the residence of Mr. and Mr.s. Robert Clutts to participate ….in the wedding of Mr. Richard Jeffords, of Birmingham, Alabama, and Miss Laura Clutts of Haverhill, O. Rev. Haas officiated.

The remains of Albert Gallatin Jenkins, the Confederate General who was killed at Cloyd Mountain, now lies in the family burying ground at Green Bottom but on the 22nd of this month, they will be exhumed and buried at Spring Hill cemetery, Huntington.


Died on the 15th, Arianna Jenkins, wife of Thomas J. Jenkins of Green Bottom, Va., and the daughter of Maj. James Buffington of Quaker Bottom, Ohio.

JENKINS, ELI       I.R. NOV. 17, 1887
Marriage license issued to Eli Jenkins and Lizzie Campbell.

JENKINS, ELIZABETH       I.R. AUG. 02, 1888
Died July 28, Elizabeth Jenkins, aged 34.


JENKINS, DR. H. E.       I.R. MAY 7, 1896
Dr. H. E. Jenkins and Miss Nellie Small were married at Greenup, last Thursday by Rev. John Cheap, of the M. E. Church.

JENKINS, MRS. JANE (ROWE) GORE       I.R. AUG. 22, 1901
Wife of the Rev. Nathan Jenkins, died of paralysis Wednesday at her home at Mancker, this county. She was twice married, her first husband, J. M. Gore, having been killed in the civil war. She leaves eleven children: Mrs. Tabitha Mitchell of Oak Hill, Ohio; Mrs. Jane Keys of Rock Camp and J. M. Gore of Mancker, by her first husband; and Mrs. Emma Dillon of Willow Wood; Mrs. Eva Gossett of Mancker, John Jenkins of Scioto county, Ollie Jenkins of Kitts Hill; Mrs. Lucetta Lambert of Willow Wood; Charles, Bessie and Ernest Jenkins of Mancker, all children of her last husband. Funeral at Union Church, Dog Fork, burial at Jenkins graveyard.

JENKINS, JOHN D.       IJRN JAN. 05, 1870
Died on the 3rd of cancer of the stomach, John D. Jenkins, aged 74 years. Born in Cardigan, S. Wales on June 29, 1797.

JENKINS, JOHN D.       I.R. JUL. 20, 1899

JENKINS, JOHN T.       I.R. JAN. 06, 1870


JENKINS, RICHARD       I.R. NOV. 24, 1887
Marriage license issued to Richard Jenkins and Lizzie Thompson.

JENKINS, MRS. SARAH       I.R. MAY 05, 1887
Deaths – May 1, Mrs. Sarah Jenkins, aged 57. Wife of the late Wilson Jenkins, died last Saturday. She had been sick for many weeks. Her sons were at her dying bedside and at the funeral.

JINKINS, E.       I.R. NOV. 04, 1852
Married in Ironton, on the 28th ult., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Mr. E. Jinkins and Mrs. Elizabeth Levell; both of Kentucky.

JOHNS, MACK       I.R. SEPT. 19, 1896
Mack Jons Dead – A Former Colored Resident of Ironton Killed by His Stepfather at Ashland. – Mack Johns, colored, who was hit over the head with a club by his step-father do not have end.

JOHNSON, ABNER       I.R. AUG. 18, 1887
The well known colored caterer and brother of Gabe Johnson, died at his home in Ironton, last Wednesday, of consumption, at the age of 57. Mr. J. spent much of his life in the service of the steamboats, having run on Mississippi river packets for 15 years prior to taking up his residence in Ironton ten years ago. His only son, Charles, is in St. Louis, sick, and did not attend the funeral.

JOHNSON, A.R.       I.R. OCT. 16, 1890
To be Married – We are happy to announce that A. R. Johnson, the popular young lawyer of this city, and the Republican candidate for Prosecuting Attorney of this county, will lead to the matrimonial alter this Thursday evening, Miss Dora B. Ricketts, one of Lawrence county’s fairest daughters. The wedding will take place at the residence of the bride’s parents at South Point.

JOHNSON, MRS. A. R. (DORA B. RICKETTS)       MI JUN. 19, 1914
Wife of attorney A. R. Johnson, ex-Congressman from this district, died Thursday. Paralysis for 21 weeks, having been stricken when she alighted from a C. & O. train . . . Husband and sons, Adna R. and Newton survive. Mrs. Dora B. Johnson was born Feb. 14, 1865 at South Point, the daughter of John and Jane Ricketts. On Oct. 14, 1890, she married attorney A. R. Johnson. She is survived by an aged mother, Mrs. Jane Ricketts of South Point, two brothers, John of Perkins, Okla., and Thomas of Dodd City, Tex., also two sisters, Mrs. John Banks of Chesapeake and Mrs. Charles Ankrim of South Point. The funeral will be held Saturday at Oak Ridge, the beautiful home of the deceased at the corner of Eighth and Center streets.

JOHNSON, DR.       I.R. JUN. 24, 1880
Dr. Johnson of Haverhill, father of Capt. T. T. Johnson, died last Thursday.

JOHNSON, DR. ALICE       IET MAR. 03, 1931
Dr. Alice Johnson of Columbus, daughter of the late Ben and Ethel Johnson and granddaughter of Dr. Hall, of Burlington, all formerly of this county, died at Columbus, Monday, after an invalidism of nine years. She spent her girlhood days here and in 1890 graduated in medicine at Columbus. She practiced in Huntington for a short time and in 1892 moved to Columbus, where she practiced her profession. She retired many years ago. Dr. Johnson was a cousin of Mrs. Jim Ferguson of Delta and was a niece of Mrs. William Bay. Her parents and one sister preceded her in death, but one sister survives, Mary Johnson of Columbus.

JOHNSON, MRS.       I.R. JUL. 01, 1880

JOHNSON, REV.       I.R. JAN. 16, 1890
Singular death – Last Friday the Royal Arch Masons of Huntington were initiating Rev. Mr. Johnson. During the ceremony, he was let down into a pit, and while thus suspended the rope broke and he fell some 12 or 15 feet, which so injured him internally that he died on Sunday.

Died October 27th at the residence of M. V. Cropper, at Portsmouth, Benj. Johnson, aged 21y11m.


JOHNSON, CHARLES A. (colored)       I.R. AUG. 29, 1895
Died in Washington, used to live in Ironton. Charley graduated from Ironton High School. He was engaged in the Attorney General’s department at Washington.

JOHNSON, CHARLES C.       I.R. AUG. 22, 1901
Ashland Wedding – announced at Holy Family Church of the coming wedding of Mr. Charles C. Johnson of 709 East Carter avenue, an express messenger on the C. & O., and Miss Mary E. Kulcher, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kulcher of 738 East Bath avenue. The wedding will be solemnized in the Holy Family Church on September 3. Rev. Father O’Brien of Cincinnati, officiating.

JOHNSON, DAVID T.       I.R. MAR. 29, 1866
Married at the residence of the bride’s father, Rev. H. S. Swetman, by the Rev. J. B. Hutchison, Mr. David T. Johnson, of Lawrence county, Ohio to Miss Cordella M. Swetman, of Louisa, Lawrence county, Kentucky.

JOHNSON, ELIZABETH       I.R. SEP. 15, 1864
Died on the __th inst., at Chandlersville, Muskingum county, Ohio, Elizabeth Johnson, mother of Judge W. W. Johnson, of this place, aged 67 years.

JOHNSON, FLORENCE       I.R. JUL. 28, 1887
Died – July 19, Florence, daughter of T. T. Johnson, 4 months old.

JOHNSON, JAMES E.       I.R. DEC. 11, 1862

JOHNSON, JEREMIAH       I.R. JAN. 21, 1904
Marriage license issued to Jeremiah Johnson, 31, Suiter, and Ettie O. Willis, 24, Aid, Ohio.

JOHNSON, JOHN W.       I.R. DEC. 11, 1862

JOHNSON, LON       I.R. APR. 12, 1900
A Pitiful Case – Lon Johnson, a little waif received at the Children’s Home from South Point last Tuesday, died at that institution this morning, aged 4 years and 10 months. The dec’d was a child of the Mrs. Johnson who was killed by a train at South Point last fall and is said to have been in the care of a 13 year old sister since that time. It had been compelled to stay in a small box, . . . and was almost starved to death when received (by the Home) being a mere skeleton. Its death is attributed to the hardships through which it had passed.

Sad Accident – A little son of S. C. Johnson, of Hecla Fce., aged about 5 years, was instantly killed last Friday, being run over by a 4 horse wagon, near the residence of his grandfather, Martin Frampton, at the Mouth of Symmes Creek . . . son of S. C. and R. Z. Johnson; aged 4y9m21d.

JOHNSON, MRS. MARY E.       I.R. JAN. 05, 1888
Died Mrs. Mary E. Johnson, aged 68?, died January 2nd.


JOHNSON, MASON       I.R. NOV. 24, 1887
Marriage license issued to Mason Johnson and Dora Gresawine?.

JOHNSON, MRS. MATILDA        I.R. JUL. 13, 1871

JOHNSON, NANCY       I.R. APR. 30, 1863

JOHNSON, MRS. PHOEBE B.       I.R. JUN. 26, 1884
Mrs. Phoebe B. Johnson, mother of Col. S. C., T. N., Seliman, and Frank Johnson, died at Portsmouth, at the residence of son Theodore, Tuesday the 24th. Her age was 87 years. Interment at Woodland.

JOHNSON, RICHARD       I.R. MAR. 30, 1905

JOHNSON, MRS. ROSA C.       I.R. APR. 21, 1864
Died in Ironton, Ohio, April 18, 1864, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Rosa C. Johnson, wife of Sherman G. Johnson, aged 32 years.

JOHNSON, S. C. SR.       I.R. MAR. 09, 1876

Col. Samuel C. Johnson died at the house of a farmer, 18 miles from Columbia, Tenn., where he happened to be while engaged in looking up ore lands for a Birmingham furnace company. . . . His son Fred, who had seen him 10 days before . . . Col. Johnson was born in Durham, Conn., Feb’y 2, 1820; moved to Western Reserve when a mere child, and came to this county when a young man; living in this region – – at the Rock, at Burlington, at Ironton, on Symmes Creek, in Huntington. He at times held the position of County Commissioner, Representative in the Legislature, and Member of the State Board of Equalization. He had ten brothers and sisters, nine of whom are living; one brother (Sherman) is dead. Eight were at the funeral: T. N. and F. L. Johnson of Portsmouth; Orin Johnson, of Ashland; Seliman Johnson, of St. Louis; Mrs. G. A. Knight, of Cincinnati; Mrs. Amelia Johnson, of South Point; Mrs. Turner Kemp, of Whitwell; Mrs. Eba, of Catlettsburg. But one living, Mrs. Wright, of Kingville, O., was absent from the funeral. The deceased leaves a wife and six children to suffer the grief.

JOHNSON, SARAH       I.R. MAR. 22, 1888
Died – On the 15th, Sarah Johnson, aged 38 years.

JOHNSON, SELIMA       I.R. FEB. 28, 1856
Died on Tuesday morning, the 26th inst., at the residence of her father at Hecla Landing, Miss Selima Johnson, daughter of Samuel C. Johnson, formerly of Kingsville, Ashtabula county, aged 22 years. . . Her twin brother, Seliman, came immediately . . .

JOHNSON, SELIMEN       I.R. FEB. 28, 1901
Died Feb. 5, 1901, at his home near Tolono, Ill., Selimen Johnson, in the 68th year of his age. Mr. Johnson was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, February 12, 1833. He was united in marriage to Caroline G. Frampton in February, 1860. He was for a long time a resident of Ironton. After leaving Ironton he resided in Newport, Ky., and afterwards at St. Louis, going thence to the farm near Tolono, where he died.

JOHNSON, SHERMAN G.       I.R. FEB. 19, 1880
Sherman G. Johnson, formerly citizen of Ironton, died at his home in Portsmouth, last Friday. . . he was born in Ashtabula county, Ohio, and died in the fiftieth year of his age, leaving a wife and three children to mourn his departure. He was superintendent of the Lawrence Iron Works. Moved to Portsmouth about 10 years ago.


JOHNSON, WILLIAM       I.R. APR. 07, 1892
Marriage license issued to William Johnson and Allie Simpson.

Died – Dec. 17, Wm. Johnson (colored), aged 54.

JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.       I.R. FEB. 17, 1853
Married on the 12th inst., in Portsmouth, by Cornelius McCoy, Esq., William S. Johnson to Miss Catherine Mathews, both of Greenup county, Ky.

JOHNSON, WILLIAM W.       I.R. NOV. 02, 1854
Married on Thursday evening, Oct. 26th, at the residence of Henry Blandy in this town, by Rev. J. Chester, Wm. W. Johnson, of Ironton, to Miss M. Ella Blockson, daughter of Wm. Blockson, Esq., of Zanesville (poem).

Born near Chandlersville, Muskingum county, Ohio, on the 26th day of August, 1826. He was for awhile a teacher, then became a lawyer. He was Judge of Common Pleas, one of the Judges of the first Supreme Court Commission of Ohio, Judge in the Supreme Court of Ohio. . . Came to Ironton in 1852 . . . Early in 1884 his then only child – a son approaching manhood – died. The mourning widow, leaning on the arms of her nephews, Lieut. Bloksom and Mr. Wm. Cram. Following them were Dr. and Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Vincent and other relatives of the deceased. Interment at Woodland. (lengthy obit.)

JOHNSON, WILLIE       I.R. JUL. 23, 1874

JOHNSON, WILLIE       I.R. OCT. 12, 1865
Died at Ironton on Oct. 6, the infant son of W. W. and Ella B. Johnson, age 7m2d.

JOHNSTON, GEORGE       I.R. SEP. 25, 1890
Died – George Johnston, of South Point, died of typhoid fever last Saturday. His wife had just recovered from a severe attack.

JOHNSTON, GEORGE A.       IWR OCT. 07, 1893
Sheriff M. F. Fouch of Rowan county, Ky., shot and killed County Clerk George A. Johnston, in the latter’s office at Morehead Monday. They had a quarrel over some papers in the clerk’s office.

JOHNSTON, J. KYLE       I.R. FEB. 14, 1867
Married on Feb. 7, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. A. A. Jimeson, Mr. J. Kyle Johnston, of South Point, and Miss Mary Frances Gaver, of Hanging Rock.

Mrs. Margaret Johnston, mother of Mrs. Mountain of 6th street, died last Monday morning after several weeks illness, at the age of 78 years. Burial at Woodland.

JOHNSTON, MRS. MARY       I.R. JAN. 27, 1887
We were pained to learn of the death of Mrs. Mary Johnston, whom all highly esteemed. Mrs. Mary Johnston, of South Point, O., died Jan. 13th, 1887. She was born in Mercer county, Pa., January, 1802; was married January, 1824; was the mother of 12 children, 8 of whom, 4 sons and 4 daughters are living. . . Aged 85 years.

Age 54, wife of William Johnston of South Point, died last Friday. She leaves an aged husband and two children, Nannie and Honshell. She also leaves five sisters, Mrs. C. Davidson; Mrs. I. Davidson both of South Point; Mrs. J. D. Clark of Millers, Ohio; Mrs. Katherine Honshell of this city; Mrs. Elizabeth Combs of Columbus and three brothers, Clate Crawford of Rockwood, O., and James and John Crawford of Sybene, Ohio.

JOHNSTON, LIEUT. SAMUEL       I.R. NOV. 03, 1864
Married on the 25th ult., at the Ironton House, by Rev. L. Hall, Lieut. Samuel Johnston, of the 5th WV Inf., and Miss Mary E. Hotchkiss, of Cabell Co., WV.

JOHNSTON, THOMAS       I.R. JAN. 07, 1858
Died at South Point on December 22nd, Thomas Johnston, infant son of Thomas and Amelia Johnston, aged 5 weeks and 3 days.

JOHNSTON, WILL B.       I.R. JAN. 21, 1892
Sybene – On the 5th inst., Mr. Will B. Johnston, of Champaigne, Ill., very quietly invaded our little village and took away one of our best and fairest daughters, Miss Anna Kouns. They boarded the steamer Chevalier at 10:30 a.m., arriving at Catlettsburg. They were married by Rev. Boggs of the Presbyterian church, after which they left on the train for their future home in Illinois. The bride was resplendent in a myrtle green traveling suite. The groom wore the conventional black. Our best wishes . . .

JOLLISON, MORRIS        I.R. OCT. 06, 1864
Married on the 2nd inst., at Ironton, by T. A. Brattin, Esq., Mr. Morris Jollison to Miss Anna M. C. Culver, all of Ironton.

JONES,       I.R. JUL. 16, 1868

JONES,       I.R. JAN. 13, 1881

JONES, A. J., ESQ.       I.R. MAY 24, 1888
Of Windsor Twp., died at his home at Willow Wood last Thursday and was buried at Marion on Saturday. He was only 59 years old. During the Battle at Cedar Creek, he lost a leg by a cannon ball. CIVIL WAR VETERAN.

JONES, ALBERT       I.R. MAR. 31, 1892
Marriage license issued to Albert Jones and Rebecca Taylor.

Died in Ashland, Ky., on the 16th inst., Mrs. Annie Amanda Jane, wife of J. Paul Jones, aged 37y3m22d.

JONES, MRS. BARBARA       I.R. JUL. 01, 1905
Mrs. Barbara Jones, the wife of Andrew J. Jones, died at her home in Sedgwick last Saturday from cancer. Mrs. Jones is survived by a husband and eight children. Burial at Bartlett’s station.

JONES, D. W.       I.R. MAR. 05, 1857
Married on the 2nd inst., by Rev. William Morris, Mr. D. W. Jones, of Pike Co., Ohio, and Miss Emily Radford of Quaker Bottom, Ohio.

JONES, DAVID       I.R. DEC. 05, 1878
The venerable David Jones died last Friday and was buried on Sunday. Father Jones was one of our eldest and most respected citizens.

JONES, DAVID EDWARD       I.R. JUN. 10, 1936

JONES, E.M.       IJRN NOV. 17, 1869
Married Oct. 19th by Rev. J. T. Finch at bride’s fathers residence, Mr. E. M. Jones of Baltimore, Md., and Miss Sue Burdett of Burlington.

JONES, EDNA PEARL       I.R. APR. 01, 1875


JONES, MRS. ELIZABETH       I.R. NOV. 25, 1869

JONES, ELIZABETH       I.R. NOV. 04, 1880

JONES, MRS. ELIZABETH H.       I.R. AUG. 14, 1851

JONES, EVAN D.       I.R. MAR. 16, 1899
An old citizen, died last Sunday, aged 80 years and 7 months. He was the father of John D. and Wm. D. Jones and Mrs. Margaret Mitchel of Portsmouth. His only brother, Thos. D. Jones, of Cleveland was with him in his last hours. The deceased was born in Wales and came here in 1870, being employed in the Lawrence mill.

JONES, FRANK       I.R. APR. 02, 1857
Married on March 30th, at Portsmouth, by Rev. Mr. Brown, Frank Jones, of Ironton, to Miss Mary Ann Price, of Portsmouth.

JONES, GEORGE W.       I.R. JUNE 23, 1892
Marriage license issued to George W. Jones and Effie Murnahan.

JONES, HENRY       I.R. NOV. 11, 1852
Married near Haverhill, O., Nov. 4, by Rev. J. Berringer, Mr. Henry Jones and Miss Margaret Sisler; all of Haverhill.

JONES, HENRY       I.R. OCT. 27, 1864

JONES, HENRY       I.R. DEC. 08, 1864
Funeral services of Henry Jones, Co. B., 2nd WV Cavalry, son of our townsman, Wm. Jones, killed some weeks passed at Winchester, Va.. Buried alongside his brother in the Hanging Rock graveyard.

JONES, ISIAH       I.R. AUG. 03, 1865
Marriage license issued during month of July – Isiah Jones and Julia A. Sparling.

JONES, ISIAH       IJRN OCT. 06, 1869
Born on September 29th, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Jones.

JONES, JESSIE J.       IET FEB. 18, 1932
Age 77, died Wednesday at his home on Wolf Creek, back of Proctorville. His wife preceded him in death six months ago. He is survived by two sons, Wilbur and William Jones and one daughter, Mrs. Margaret Rohn, all of Proctorville. Burial in Forgey cemetery on Guyan Creek.

JONES, JIM (colored)       I.R. MAY 22, 1902
Well known plasterer and one of the best known colored residents of this section died last Friday at his boarding house on Buckhorn street. The deceased was 54 years of age and it is said his real name was Nathan Brown, the name of Jones being given him while working with a family of that name. He was brought from Virginia to Crown City, Ohio, by a Mr. Gatewood during the war. He lived for a time at Portsmouth were he married and came to Ironton about 20 years ago. He leaves three children, Theodore, Laura and Ella Jones all of Columbus. His mother and sister reside at Pt. Pleasant, W. Va. . . . considered one of the most agreeable and best dressed colored men in this community. Burial at Kelly’s cemetery.

JONES, JOHN BRYAN        I.R. JUL. 13, 1899
Last Friday, one of the twin children of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. B. Jones died. It was the little boy, John Bryan. He was nine months old and had been a sick child from the start. It is a source of great grief to more than the sorrowing parents that both of these little children could not have lived.

JONES, JOHN E., ESQ.       I.R. APR. 06, 1865
Married on April 3rd, at his residence by David Harris, John E. Jones, Esq., to Mrs. Margaret Pugh.

JONES, JOHNADAH       I.R. JUN. 16, 1864

JONES, JOSEPH       ISWR MAY 22, 1917

JONES, MRS. JULIA MCCALL        I.R. APR. 03, 1903
Wife of William Jones, died at her home on third street, Whitwell, aged 24, leaving two children, a boy and a girl. Burial at the McKnight graveyard, back of Ashland, Ky.

JONES, LINDSEY EDWIN       I.R. AUG. 09, 1858

JONES, MRS. MARGARET E.       I.R. MAR. 26, 1863

JONES, MARTHA       I.R. APR. 19, 1888
Died – Apr. 13, Martha Jones, aged 7 years.

JONES, MARY A.        I.R. MAR. 04, 1886
Died Feb. 24, Mary A. Jones, aged 31 years?.

JONES, MARY ALICE       I.R. NOV. 14, 1878
Died at the residence of Henry Cole, this county, on Nov. 11, infant child of C. W. and Ella Jones of Catlettsburg, age 10 months.

JONES, MOLLIE       I.R. SEP. 22, 1887
Died – Sept. 21, Mollie Jones, aged 18.

JONES, PETER       I.R. DEC. 11, 1856
Died Nov. 22nd in Audrain County, Missouri, Peter Jones, aged about 45 – a former resident of this township, who removed from Ironton to Missouri in the Spring of 1851.

JONES, PHOEBE       I.R. DEC. 23, 1869

JONES, RICHARD       I.R. AUG. 14, 1856
Died Sunday, August 10, in Ashland, Ky., Richard Jones, Esq., age about 60 years – a well known citizen of Greenup county, and at the time of his death, a member of the lower House of the Kentucky Legislature.

JONES, ROGER       I.R. JUN. 16, 1864

JONES, MRS. RUTH        I.R. JAN. 30, 1879
Died in Ironton, Ohio on Wednesday, Jan. 29, Ruth, wife of William D. Jones, age 30 years, of consumption.

JONES, STEPHEN       I.R. MAR. 05, 1885

JONES, T. H. B. COLONEL       IET. DEC. 07, 1938

JONES, THOMAS A.        I.R. AUG. 17, 1905
Thomas A. Jones died at his home near La Grange, Sunday morning, of consumption, aged 55 years. Mr. Jones is survived by three brothers and one sister, the latter being Mrs. King of Union Landing. The burial was at Hecla cemetery.

JONES, WILBUR N.       I.R. MAR. 19, 1903
The 2 year old son of Wert Jones died Sunday at the family home on South third street of lung trouble. Burial at Henry cemetery.

JONES, WILLIAM       I.R. JUN. 09, 1853
Married on the 2nd inst., by Rev. J. H. Creighton, Mr. William Jones to Miss Sarah A. Lewis, all of Ironton.

JONES, WILLIAM        I.R. JUL. 22, 1880

JORDAN,        I.R. AUG. 19, 1880

JORDAN,       I.R. FEB. 13, 1902
The deceased was 68 years of age. He was a former resident of Ironton and a nailer at the Belfont mill until the big strike eleven years ago. He left here to accept a position at Wheeling and had been a resident of that city ever since. The deceased is survived by four children: John Jordan and Mrs. John Mittlehauser of Ironton; Edward Jordan of Ashland, Ky.; and William Jordan of Hammond, Ind. Two brothers Henry and Lucien Jordan also reside here.

JORDAN, EDWARD PERCY       I.R. JUL. 20, 1854
Died on the 18th inst., in this town, Edward Percy, son of E. W. and Augusta W. Jordan, aged 10 months and 1 week.

JORDAN, EDWARD W.       I.R. NOV. 04, 1852
Married on the 27th ult., at Franklin Furance, Edward W. Jordan, Esq., of Portsmouth, to Miss Augusta Ricker, of the former place.

JORDAN, MRS. HESTER A.       I.R. JUL. 09, 1891
Wife of Jonathan Jordan

JORDAN, RICHARD       I.R. JUN. 17, 1858
Richard Jordan of the well known iron firm of Phillips & Jordan, Cincinnati, proprietors of Clinton Furnace, Greenup Co., Ky., died at his residence in Covington last Sunday morning, 13th inst., aged 56.

JORDAN, W. H.       IWR JAN. 07, 1893
New Year Wedding – At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher at Eighth and Vernon streets this afternoon Miss Sarah Frances Dudley, of this city, a sister of Mrs. Fisher, was married to Mr. W. H. Joran, a mechanical draftsman of Indianapolis, Indiana.

JOSEPH, BEALS       IDR. FEB. 03, 1921*

JOSEPH, MRS. WILLIAM       I.R. JUN. 02, 1892
William Joseph killed his wife on a shanty boat, a short distance below Huntington Monday afternoon. He hurled a beer glass and crushed her skull. He was arrested and put in the Huntington jail.

JOY, JOSEPH M.       I.R. JUN. 18, 1868

JUDD, CORYDON       I.R. APR. 13, 1905
Death Sunday, burial at Delaware. Mrs. Lafayette Guthrie, of this city, is in receipt of a message from Delaware, saying that Mr. Corydon Judd died at Bloomingburg, Ohio, last Sunday. He had gone to Bloomingburg to visit his only son, Rev. Burt Judd, death due to stomach trouble and complications. He was born in Rome township, Lawrence County, February 1835. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. William F. Judd of Quaker Bottom, both dying about twenty years ago. His only brother, Merritt D? Judd, of Proctorville, preceded him about three years ago. Interment was in Delaware.

JUDD, M. E.       I.R. MAY 31, 1900

JUDD, MRS. MARY K.       I.R. MAY 07, 1908
Death occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Ballenger of Batchtown(?), Ill., Friday, April 24. Cause was heart trouble. Mrs. Judd was the wife of Mr. Charles Judd, deceased, whose remains rest in Woodland. She was the mother of seven children, two of whom have preceded her to the Great Beyond. For a great many years she made her home with her youngest daughter. The remains were taken to Pleasant Hill, Ill., interred there.

JUDD, MERITT E.       I.R. DEC. 08, 1864
Married on Dec. 1st, at the residence of Thos. Gardner, Esq., by Rev. D. Waddell, Mr. Meritt E. Judd, and Miss Alace C. Gardner.

JUDD, WILLIAM F.       I.R. DEC. 02, 1875

JULIAN, MRS. GERTRUDE (MEANS)       I.R. MAR. 28, 1949*


JUSTICE, ALLEN      I.R. JAN. 09, 1862

JUSTICE, ANNA       I.R. JAN. 16, 1902
Died Nov. 2, 1901 – found dead in bed back of Coal Grove, suffocation.

JUSTICE, ELIAS       I.R. SEP. 25, 1890

JUSTICE, GEORGE      I.R. MAR. 22, 1888
Died, Mar. 20, Geo. Justice, 2 1/2 years old.

JUSTICE, INFANT       I.R. MAR. 03, 1887
Deaths – Feb. 25, infant child of John Justice.

JUSTICE, MARY      I.R. MAR. 15, 1888
Died – March 10th, Mary, infant child of John G. Justice.

JUSTICE, TOM       IWR, JUN. 05, 1897
Fayette Township Notes – Tom Justice (colored) died suddenly Monday night, his death being the result of eating unripe cherries.