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Lawrence County Ohio Index of Burials

7This index was taken from the late Tom Clutters and Perry Campbell’s tombstone readings. Others helping with this project were Norm Nussbaum, Matt Bice, Sara Bice, Linda Haney, late Buddy Haney, Lowell Slimp, Martha Martin (Kounse), late Sheri Pettit, and the late Julian Barnett.

A – Adsit | Ag – Am | An – Az | B – Barn | Barns – Bevins | Bia- Blythe | Boardman – Bowyer | Boyar – Brizendine | Broadhurst-Burchinal | Burd – Bysel |Cabell- Castrup | Cates- Clayton | Clear – Colvin| Combs – Cox | Coy – Cyrus | Dabish – Deering | Deffner – Diddle | Dieckmann – Dzigiel | Eaches – Ehrlick | Eiason – Exum |Fagin – Fortune | Fossett – Fyock | G – Gholson | Giacin – Gorsele | Gose – Gynn | H – Handley | Haner – Hayworth | Hazelbaker – Hibler | Hickes – Hoover | Hopkins – HyselIce-Iwins | J – Jewell | Jiles – Jones | Joplin – Justus |Kade – Killoran | Kimble – Kyle | Laber – Lazier | Leach – Lewis | Liebee- Lyvers | Maberry – Martt| Mascari – Midkiff | Mielke – Montgomery | Moon – Myrtle |MccFaddon – McDyer | McEarchum – McWoin | Nachtigal – Nelson | Nemeth – Nuscher | Oakes-Owrey| Pack – Phoenix | Pickelsimer – Pyne | Q |Rader – Rhon | Rice – Roswall | Roten-Rye | S – Schhwink | Scior – Sexton | Shifflette – Sizemore | Skaggs – Smoot | Snead – Steele | Stegmaier – Szabo | Tabor – Thurston | Tibbs – Tyree | Ubole- Utz | Valance-Vournages | Wadall – Weaver | Webah – Whorley | Wicke – Willum | Wilmer – Wilson | Winder- Wynne | Xanders-Zuercher |

Places in Lawrence County, Ohio

Places in Lawrence County, Ohio
Villages, Townships, and Towns – How Did They Get Their Names?



Lawrence County, Ohio List of Churches

Lawrence County, Ohio Churches

See also: Ironton’s Churches

Abundant Life Baptist State Route 7 Proctorville
Apostolic Church at Jep Station Route 93 Decatur
Apostolic Church of God Burlington
Apostolic Gospel (Greater Faith) 6th & Spruce Ironton
Bald Knob United Brethren Ironton
Berea Baptist Old US 52 South Point
Bethel United Methodist Route 2 Box 39 Proctorville
Beulah Baptist Proctorville
Big Branch Church Big Branch Road Chesapeake
Bride of Christ Baptist Buffalo Creek Road Chesapeake
Brookdale Freewill Baptist Burlington
Burlington Baptist Old Route 52 South Point
Burlington Church of the Nazarene Burlington
Burlington United Methodist Route 4 Box 433 South Point
Burlington Macedonia Church Charley Creek Road Burlington
Calvary Baptist 5th & Quincy Ironton
Campbell Chapel Freewill Baptist Campbell Drive & State Rt. 141 Ironton
Cannon’s Creek United Brethren Pedro
Center Point Church Township Road 159 Scottown
Centenary United Methodist Community Centenary Road Coal Grove
Central Christian 1541 S. 7th. Ironton
Central Christian Church of Christ 309 Big Branch Road Chesapeake
Chesapeake Church of the Nazarene Route 4 Box 56 Chesapeake
Chesapeake Christian 210 2nd Ave. Chesapeake
Chesapeake Pentecostal Martha Street Chesapeake
Chesapeake United Methodist 501 2nd. Ave. Chesapeake
Christ Episcopal Church 5th & Park Ironton
Christ United Methodist 617 Wyanoke St. Ironton
Church of Christ in Christian Union Market St. Ironton
Church of God of Prophecy Jones Drive Ironton
City Mission 710 N. 5th St. Ironton
Coal Grove Church of the Nazarene 135 Center St. Coal Grove
Coal Grove United Methodist 226 Memorial Coal Grove
Community Missionary Baptist Deering
Cornerstone Bible Solida Road South Point
Decatur Missionary Baptist Route 1 Pedro
Defender United Methodist Route 1 Box 346 Chesapeake
Dog Fork Union United Baptist Kitts Hill
Ellison Street Church of the Nazarene 2224 N. 4th. St. Ironton
Elm Street Church of the Nazarene 317 Elm St. Ironton
Etna Baptist State Route 93 Pedro
Fairland Southern Baptist State Route 7 Proctorville
Fairview Missionary Baptist Wilgus
Finley Chapel United Methodist Big Paddy Creek Road Chesapeake
First Baptist Church of Ironton, Ohio (Storms Creek Baptist) 5th & Vernon Ironton
First Baptist Church at Burlington Old Route 52 Burlington
First Baptist of Chesapeake Old Route 52 Chesapeake
First Baptist of Proctorville State Route 243 Proctorville
First Baptist of Sheridan Old Route 52 South Point
First Christian Baptist 2427 S. 11th St. Ironton
First Church of the Nazarene 2318 S. 4th St. Ironton
First Pentecostal Holiness Church US 52 & Sandusky Burlington
First Presbyterian 201 N. 5th St. Ironton
First Southern Baptist of S. Point County Rd 1 South Point
First Tabernacle 1301 S. 10th St. Ironton
First United Methodist 101 N. 5th St. Ironton
Forrest Glen United Methodist Route 1 Box 509 Chesapeake
Franklin Furnace Enterprise Baptist Franklin Furnace
Freedom Baptist Oak Ridge Rd. Kitts Hill
Freedom Enterprise Bapt -Ironton 8th & Quincy Ironton
Freedom Enterprise Bapt -S. Point Solida Road South Point
Gateway Baptist 312 S. 6th St. Ironton
Getaway United Methodist State Route 243 Chesapeake
Gibson Chapel M.E. Jct. of Rte. 775 & 217 Scottown
God’s Holiness Mission 4th & Jones Ironton
Good Hope United Baptist State Route 218 Crown City
Grand Valley Missionary Baptist State Route 218 Scottown
Greasy Ridge Church of Christ Chesapeake
Greater Emmanuel Apostolic Faith Tabernacle 808 Quincy Ironton
Hanging Rock Presbyterian Hanging Rock
Harmony Missionary Baptist State Route 243 Getaway
Haverhill United Methodist
In 1870, My great grand father Joshua Oakes donated the bricks for the church from his Brick and Tile Company.  Submitted by Mary F. Oakes Spencer
Haverhill Lane Haverhill
Highway Baptist Aid
Ice Creek Missionary Baptist Deering
Immanuel United Methodist 801 S. 5th St. Ironton
Ironton Church of Christ 10th & Vine Ironton
Jeffersonville Missionary Baptist Coal Grove
Jehovah’s Witness 1604 Campbell Drive Ironton
Jehovah’s Witness Old US 52 Chesapeake
Johnstown Baptist Deering-Bald Knob Rd Ironton
Junior Furnace Missionary Baptist Franklin Fce
LaGrange Freewill Baptist Porter Gap Rd. LaGrange
Lawrence Furnace United Methodist State Route 93 Pedro
Leatherwood Baptist Route 1 Box 317 South Point
Leatherwood Missionary Baptist Route 1 South Point
Lighthouse Tabernacle Apostolic Church of God Etna-Waterloo Rd Pedro
Linnville United Baptist Linnville
Lorain Street Gospel Mission 4th & Lorain Sts. Ironton
Lucinda United Baptist Proctorville
Macedonia Burlington
Macedonia Macedonia
Macedonia Missionary Baptist Waterloo
Main Street Freewill Baptist Coal Grove
Mamre Baptist Kitts Hill
Marion Aid United Methodist Route 1 Box 83 Thurman
McKinley Chapel United Baptist Route 775 Proctorville
Midland Missionary Baptist
Mt. Calvary Freewill Baptist Center Station Pedro
Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Greasy Ridge Road Chesapeake
Mt. Olive Baptist 4th & Mulberry Ironton
Mt. Olive Enterprise Baptist State Route 93 Pedro
Mt. Pleasant Regular Baptist
Myrtle Ridge Missionary Baptist
Myrtle Tree Missionary Baptist Coal Grove
Nazarene Ironton
New Hope United Methodist Route 4 Box 568 Proctorville
New Valley Missionary Baptist
New Zion Baptist Greasy Ridge Rd.
Oakland Chapel United Brethren Pedro
Ohio Baptist Union Landing
Ohio Furnace Enterprise Baptist Haverhill
Palestine Missionary Baptist Waterloo
Perkins Ridge Missionary Baptist Perkins Ridge Scottown
Pine Grove Freewill Baptist Pine Grove
Pine Grove Missionary Baptist Miss. Bapt
Pine Street United Methodist 4th & Pine St. Ironton
Pleasant Valley Missionary Baptist
Pomaria Baptist Greasy Ridge Chesapeake
Quinn Chapel African Methodist Epls. 8th & Adams St. Ironton
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 9th & Ellison St. Ironton
Rockwood Baptist Church Rockwood Ave. Chesapeake
Rome Church of Christ Proctorville
Rome Presbyterian Route 3 Proctorville
Rose of Sharon Baptist State Route 775 Proctorville
Royersville Missionary Baptist Pine Grove
Sanctuary of Grace Proctorville
Scottown United Methodist Route 3 Box 688 Proctorville
Sedgewick United Methodist 1717 Reynolds Ave. Ironton
Sharon Baptist 2010 S. 5th St. Ironton
Sheridan Enterprise Baptist Lick Creek Rd. South Point
Sheridan Freewill Baptist Old Route 52 South Point
Sheridan United Methodist Route 5 Box 607B South Point
Slabfork Centenary United Methodist John’s Creek Road Pedro
Solida Missionary Baptist Solida Road South Point
South Point Christian 101 Park Ave. South Point
South Point Church of Christ 3rd & Virginia South Point
South Point Church of the Nazarene 406 9th St. South Point
South Point First Baptist Solida Rd & Old US 52 South Point
South Point United Methodist 202 3rd St. E. South Point
Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Coal Grove
Spencer Chapel (Early marriages in this link) Ironton
St. Andrew’ Reformed Franklin Fce
St. Ann’s Catholic 310 3rd. Avenue Chesapeake
St. Joseph Catholic
Baptism records here
905 S. 5th St. Ironton
St. Lawrence O’Toole Catholic 615 Center St. Ironton
St. Mary’s Catholic
(Dr. Cotter story)
Smokey Row Road Pine Grove
St. Paul Lutheran 6th & Center St. Ironton
Storms Creek Missionary Baptist Coryville Rd. Ironton
Sugar Creek Missionary Baptist State Route 141 Hecla
Sunrise Church of the Nazarene South Point
Sybene Missionary Baptist Old Route 53 & Charley Creek Rd. Chesapeake
Symmes Valley Freewill Baptist Willow Wood
Triedstone Baptist Depot Square Ironton
Tri-State Baptist Temple US 52 & Delta Lane South Point
Union Baptist Church Washington Twp. Ohio Blackfork
Union Missionary Baptist State Route 243 & Browning Road Chesapeake
Union United Brethren State Route 775 Proctorville
United Christian Eureka
Warneke Baptist State Route 93 Pedro
Waterloo United Methodist Route 1 Box 83 Thurman
Wayside Chapel Mennonite State Route 93 Warneke
Windsor United Methodist Box 6 Crown City
Woodland Chapel Freewill Baptist State Route 93 Kelley’s Bridge
Zoar Missionary Baptist Zoar Ridge Coal Grove
Zoar Pentecostal Slab Fork Road on Zoar Ridge



Our Listing of Volunteer’s Who Have Helped The Lawrence Register

This page is dedicated to the great people who make this website possible. I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to all the wonderful volunteers who help me keep this site updated and fresh.

If you have helped me and your name is not listed, PLEASE email me and let me know, I DON’T want to exclude anyone from the recognition they deserve. I have a lot of great things planned in the future!

Remember this is YOUR site and if you want to help, please email me,  I would be GLAD to have you. I will send you material to type, along with instructions,  there is no cost involved nor any pressure. I want this to be fun!!   ——- signed Martha J. Martin


  1. Don Ort, who has spent countless hours typing wills, marriages and census indexes and has given us lots of moral support.
  2. Norm Nussbaum, who has been so great in keeping up the enormous task of updating the cemetery indexes. THANKS NORM!!
  3. Roy Haas, has helped us with formatting and lots of support. Be sure and check out his website!
  4. Bill Doughty, who has helped by typing up census records and is a wonderful friend! What a wealth of information he has shared with me!!
  5. Tom Clutters, (deceased) who has been our right-hand-man with the cemeteries; answering emails and helping people find their ancestor!
  6. Barbara Madden, has typed up Narrow Escape stories for those who are interested in the Civil War. We met Barbara this past year-what a lovely person!!
  7. Joyce Knoch, has typed up several Narrow Escape stories of the Civil War!
  8. Jimmie Epling, has donated several wonderful articles on the Civil War page.
  9. Diane Sparling, who is helping us type numerous Narrow Escape Stories.
  10. Herma Deal, is working with misc. articles.
  11. Shirley Reed, who has been transcribing several articles for the website.
  12. Elizabeth Burns, who transcribed the 1867 births for the website.
  13. Henry S. Dillon, who has given us a wealth of information on the Dillon family and is never too busy to chat with us and encourages to keep going! He is now working on the 1850 census index!
  14. Karen Carlyle, from Canada, who is helping type narrow escape stories and anything else we can find!
  15. Debbie Meinhart, is helping with the narrow escape stories and several other info to help us out!
  16. Linda Adkins, who is also helping with the narrow escape stories and other stories.
  17. Maxine Marshall, who has helped with the court indexes and census records!!
  18. Dan Norgard , who is helping type several cemeteries for us, working with Norm Nussbaum.
  19. Debbie Wedder is helping Norm Nussbaum type our cemetery files
  20. Jeanette Johnson , who is helping us type up misc. articles.
  21. Pam Huchison, [the “love my Cincinnati Reds” gal].
  22. Ethel Haines, has offered to submit some information she has.
  23. Lesli Christian, is transcribing various persons wills from Lawrence County, Ohio!
  24. Ken Clark, (deceased) from Texas, is a volunteer who has willingly shared several of his family files with us, and other material!
  25. Charlie Berry, has just joined out team and will be helping us with more census indexes!
  26. Mary Tighe, is helping us type up more court indexes from the journals.
  27. Jeff Hayes, submitted the Massie murder file!
  28. Frank Pratt, submitted Pratt family material!
  29. Heather Bowers, who is helping us with queries and working with us with USGenWeb!
  30. Rob Bower, alphabetized the 1830 census index for us so I could compile it into one page!
  31. James Burcham, who has offered to help with numerous tasks!
  32. Lowell Pankake, has generously typed and coded some of his own family’s wills!
  33. Jim Earles, has also generously typed and sent us several of his family’s wills!
  34. Peggy Wells, is helping us type a lot of interesting articles–Thanks Peg!!
  35. Tricia G. Lynch , submitted her Ballard family file.
  36. John Smith, submitted Bethel UM Church History.
  37. Lorna Marks, has volunteered to type misc. materials from numerous articles.
  38. Paul and Linda Lawrence , typed up the Union Township article.
  39. Brenda Wilson, is assisting us with typing articles.
  40. Mary Hill, who submitted info on James Ditty’s Civil War pension.
  41. Beverly Jones, who submitted Samuel Handley’s will and is typing up Will Books 12-14 Indexes.
  42. Michael Pearcy
  43. Ted Pack
  44. Don Compston, who submitted several photos of tombstones from W.D. Kelley Cemetery.
  45. Mack Gore, who submitted several pictures of the Kelley family.
  46. Kevin Pinson, who has submitted the Wessel and Willis family articles.
  47. Clarence Lee, submitted Descendants of David Reed and Richard Clark from Lawrence County Ohio
  48. Kevin Pinson submitted several Willis obits and other articles.
  49. Beverly Jones typing various newspaper stories.
  50. Minnie Anderson submitted the Sultana story.
  51. Priscilla Newman also submitted the Sultana story.
  52. Emmett Conway submitted the Castleman stories.
  53. Carl T. Murdock submitted some of his families.
  54. Carol Wolf has helped with several stories.
  55. Kay Brown, submitted several military stories.
  56. Jill M. “Shattuck” Stafford, submitted the Shattuck family file.
  57. Betty Webb is our newest volunteer, typing numerous newspaper articles.
  58. Susan, who submitted the Adam Friel Will
  59. Larry & Mary Ann Corder, for submitting their Work on Martha Willis descendants.
  60. Ellen Gammon is typing the Health Dept. Indexes for us.
  61. Michael L. Brown, for submitting many pages to the Families, and for all of his hard work and dedication submitted: Cumpston, Filkins, Jenkins, Lambert,  Martin, Miller, Nance, Platt.
  62. Sharon Kouns who helped with a lot of misc. files.
  63. Thelma J. Cooper submitted the McCoy murders.
  64. Mary E. Coss Staley sent in Gillett Family files.
  65. Christos Christou, Jr. for sending some of his families obituaries.
  66. Tom Keys submitted Keys Family Files.
  67. Sherry sent in Newton Family Bible.
  68. Annie Marie typed in many obituaries and submitted them.
  69. Cindy A. Friley sent in Friley Civil War material.
  70. Teresa Scott Scoggins sent in tombstone photos.
  71. Earl Shockley submitted Shockley files.
  72. Linda Cunningham Fluharty, sent in several obits.
  73. Brenda Rambacher Slone, also sent in several obits.
  74. Nancy Marks Baumgarner submitted several Gillett obits.
  75. Robert Kingery submitted St. Mary’s Baptism Records and more
  76. Richard Skinner sent Samuel Hunter Family
  77. Kurt Hibler typed the Lawrence Mill Explosion story
  78. Stephen H. Martin helping with cemetery stuff
  79. Ann Hunt sent misc. obits
  80. Jim Fathbruckner helped with marriage indexes
  81. Irene (Rose) Warner sent obit
  82. Gary C. Robertson added Hankins marriages
  83. Barbara Shea
  84. Ann Hunt
  85. Susan Alexander
  86. Melissa Girardot
  87. Dave Milem
  88. Jean Grieson
  89. Tom Adkins
  90. Roberta Brumfield
  91. Sandra Nobles
  92. Ray Honaker
  93. Clarke Ketter
  94. Minnie Anderson
  95. Joyce Bradley
  96. Carolyn Hess
  97. Martha Sisler
  98. John Schweickart
  99. Vicki McCraken
  100. Larry McGuire
  101. James Dameron for his great advice