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Gilmore Family Bible

Submitted by: Mary Anne Sutphin

Darius Gilmore, 25 Oct. 1847, died 14 Aug. 1919
R. A. (Rachel Ann Wilson) Gilmore, 4 Feb. 1864, died 2 Apr. 1917
Cleveland Gilmore, 27 Nov. 1885, 
Leonard Gilmore, 7 Frb. 1887, died 19 Apr. 1957
Vinton Gilmore, 3 Oct. 1889, died 23 June 1914
Edward Gilmore, 9 Feb. 1891,
Grace Gilmore, 15 July 1892
Gertrude Gilmore, 24 Feb. 1894, died 16 Oct. 1910
David Gilmore, 7 April 1895,
Daniel Gilmore, 30 Apr. 1897, died 4 Sept. 1963
Ira Gilmore, 27 Dec. 1900, died 16 Nov. 1966.
Minnie Gilmore, 3 Apr. 1903, died 15 Feb. 1904
John Calvin Gilmore, 8 Feb. 1907, died 4 Nov. 1959
Lucy Gilmore, 2 April 1894, died 19 Nov. 1945. (wife of Leonard
Mary Ann Gilmore, 20 Jan 1912, died 19 Apr. 1917
Harold Gilmore, 9 Sept. 1913,
Grace Gilmore, 16 Feb. 1915, died 13 March 1994
Lavina Gilmore, 19 July (wife of Harold Gilmore)
Harold W. Gilmore Jr., 5 Sept. 1933
Marion Gilmore, 12 May 1936
Clarence William Gilmore, 28 Nov. 1938
Myrna Lou Gilmore, 10 Dec 1940
Ethel Marie Gilmore, Nov. 28 1940
Leonard Gilmore, born Ironton, Ohio, and Lucy Brown Colvin, born Gapville KY. united in marriage Ironton, Ohio on 7 Feb. 1910, by Samuel Wilson.

Daniel Gilmore, born Ironton, Ohio and Carrie Whitley united in marriage Ironton, Ohio, 11 June 1919. Witnesses, Calvin Gilmore and Grace Gilmore.

Harold Gilmore and Dollie Buzzard of Darbyville, Ohio, united in
marriage on 4 March 1933.

Harold Gilmore and Lavina Eddings of Mount Sterling Ohio, united in marriage on 11 Sept. 1935.

Grace Lucille Powell and Thomas W. Powell of Ashville, Ohio, united in marriage 1 Apr. 1930 Greenup, KY.

From Bible records kept by Leonard Gilmore until his death, then kept by his daughter Grace Gilmore Powell.

This is a picture of Darius and Rachel Ann Wilson Gilmore, with the youngest child, John Calvin “Callie” Gilmore.(Callie b. 1907) We think the picture was taken ca. 1910/15. Darius, b. Gallia Co. OH. 25 Oct. 1847, died Ironton, OH. 14 Aug. 1919. Rachel “Annie” Wilson Gilmore, b. Ironton, ca. 1865, d. Ironton, 2 Apr. 1918, age 53 yr. 1 mo. 8 da. D/o Brunson Wilson and Malinda George. Darius s/o Matthew Gilmore and Margaret Coffee.

Brawley Family Bible

Submitted by: Molly Placko


George W. BRAWLEY was born October 17, 1836
Samuel I/J? BRAWLEY was born October 24, 1837
James BRAWLEY was born July 4, 1797
Jane BRAWLEY was born October 19, 1798
William C. BRAWLEY was born October 11, 1822
Analiza was born January 11, 1824
Thomas P. BRAWLEY was born April 19, 1826
Joseph BRAWLEY was born April 16, 1828
Amanda BRAWLEY was born January 8, 1830
Alexander G. BRAWLEY was born November 17, 1831
Priscilla M. BRAWLEY was born October 17, 1831


Analiza BRAWLEY died December 20, 1823
Joseph BRAWLEY died December 20, 1834
Amand BRAWLEY died May 22, 1843
Thomas BRAWLEY died July 9, 1850
James BRAWLEY died February 9, 1874
Jane BRAWLEY died October 28, 1876
William BRAWLEY died August 1, 1897
Alexander BRAWLEY died September 25, 1898
Prisilla ADAMSON died January 10, 1912 at Los Angles, CA
James BRAWLEY was married to Jane CALDWELL November 5, 1821
William BRAWLEY was married to Margaret GATES 17 April 1846
William ADAMS was married to Priscilla BRAWLEY 26 May 1852/1853?
Alexander BRAWLEY was married to Ada ?? October 2, 1855
George W. BRAWLEY was married to Margaret HARPER 10 October 1861
Samuel S. BRAWLEY was married to Josephine SIMERMON 5 Dec 1861

Beckett Family Bible

Family Bible of Ezra Beckett

Submitted by Christos Christou, Jr.

Family Bible of Ezra Beckett of Cabell and Huntington, WV and his wife Sarah
Almedia Null of Lawrence Co., OH. Printed King James Version in Cleveland,
OH (before 1930’s) Original in my possession. Christos Christou, Jr.


  • Moses Beckett grandfather
    [Nov. 1, 1800-5 Feb 1877 Cabell Co buried on farm at Mud River,
    Cabell Co, WV]
    Rebecca S[usan] Wilson grandmother
    [Jul. 1, 1802-Jul. 31, 1841 Cabell Co buried at Union Mem. Cem. in
    Milton, Cabell Co, WV]
  • Emsley Wilson Beckett father
    [Aug 28 1832-Feb 10, 1913 Huntington, WV buried Union Mem. Cem in
    Milton, WV]
    married [Sep 26 1854 Cabell Co]
    Mary Susan Roberts mother
    [Feb. 14 1839-Jan. 9, 1897 Cabell Co buried Union Mem. Cem.]
  • Ezra Walker Beckett Jan. 7, 1878
    [Jan. 7, 1878-Feb. 20 1963 Cabell Co, buried SpringHill Cem.]
    married [Mar 4 1903 Cabell Co]
    Media Null July 17, 1877 [July 8, 1875-Dec. 9, 1930 Huntington buried SpringHill Cem. full name Sarah Almedia Null, nickname Media, (birth date wrong per Lawrence Co,
    OH birth records) ] Almedia Dec. 9, 1930 Media’s father’s name Jim Null[James Washington Null May 7 1834-Jun 7 1900 Lawrence Co, OH, mother
    Scyntha Arthur Mar. 31, 1839-Apr 20 1905 Lawrence Co, OH]


  • [children of Ezra and Media Beckett]
    • Clarence Nov. 6, 1904
      [Clarence Ezra Beckette Nov. 6, 1904-Aug 7 1966 Baltimore, buried at
      Mt. Carmel Cem. He added e to end of name which all descendents now carry.]
    • Wm. Ed. Dec. 30, 1907 3:02pm June 1, 1930 died mastoid to meningitis
      [William Edward Beckett Dec. 30, 1907-Jun 1, 1930 Cabell Co, buried
      at SpringHill, unmarried]
    • Alden not quite 5 years when died typhoid fever
      Alden born 1911 died May 4, 1916
      [Alden Carrol Beckett Jun 11, 1911, May 4, 1916 Cabell Co, buried at
    • Mary Ellen little over 7 mos. nothing agreed with her stomach
      Mary Ellen July 12 died Feb 5th 19
      [Mary Ellen Beckett Jun 12, 1914-Feb 5, 1915 Cabell Co, buried at


Ballard Family Bible

Ballard Family Bible

Submitted by the late Martha (Cieglo) Hennagin

Ballard Bible Transcript

Jesse Ballard b. 5-2-1811
Ruhamah Deering b 3-18-1810
Jesse Ballard and Ruhamah Deering married 3-5-1835
Second marriage, Jesse Ballard married Martha Mayhew 2-13-1853

Note from Martha: Martha Mayhew was the widow of Elisha Mayhew and the sister of Ruhamah Deering.

James Robert Ballard b. 1-4-1836

Samuel Henry Ballard b. 4-30-1837

Mary Jane Ballard b. 11-11-1838

Ruhamah Ballard b. 1-20-1841

John W Ballard b. 3-22-1843

Ruhamah Ballard d. 11-12-1852

Elizabeth Ballard d. Aug. 1853

Ruhamah Ballard (the dau.) d. Aug. 1853

Samuel Ballard d. 4-29-1857

James R. Ballard d. 5-8-1857

BallardBible001 (53K)

BallardBible003 (53K)
BallardBible004 (53K)
BallardBible005 (53K)

Rial/Riel Family Bible

Rosa Fullerton Rial/Riel’s Bible

Submitted by Peg Schreiber

(Bible in bad condition, Rosa carried it to church every Sunday and read from it daily. She was a Baptist until her second marriage and her new husband was a Presbyterian–together they became Methodist. She was the daughter of Francis Marion and Elizabeth Keyser Fullerton)

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1897, by JR Jones in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington D.C. (only date available)


Samuel Riel d 8 Mar 1890 (Lawrence Co, Ohio) 42 y, 3 m, 10 d   b 28 Dec 1848 (Lawrence Co)
Married 28 Sept 1882, South Point, Lawrence Co, Ohio
Rosa Riel (nee Fullerton) 12 Apr 1911 (WVa) mother
 b 8 Dec 1865 (Wayne Co, WVa) (Buried Williams Cem now in New Martinsville)

(Samuel was married 1st to Phebe Ann Whaley) (Phebe d bef 1880, Sam and son Lydious are listed in the 1880 c living with brother Jonathan Riel.)
(They had one child, Lydious David Riel (Rial) (Rosa went to court to obtain custody of him)

George Washington Riel 22 Jul 1930-45 y, 8 m, 23 Days
b 29 Oct 1884

John Leslie Riel
19 Jul 1886,  19 Oct 1903-17 years, 3 mos

Mabel Beatrice Riel
6 Jul 1889 23 May 1890 1 y, 10m,  17days

(2nd Marriage to brother of Samuel Riel-he was a widower with 9 children.  They raised his 9, Sam’s 1 and their own 4 children together as one family)
(Benjamin) Franklin Pierce Riel b 13 day of Aug 1853 (Lawrence Co, O)
Second Union 12 Oct 1896, Proctor WVa.,  (by Rev Nana in BFP’s home)
Franklin Pierce Riel, father,  died 11 Apr 1942  88y, 8 m  Wetzel Co., W Va

Second marriage

Elizabeth Mildred D Riel
2 Nov 1897,(Marshall Co, WV) (Died 17 June 2003 at 105, 7 mos. Chestertown, Maryland)

Paul Fullerton Riel
31 Mar 1899 (?Marshall Co. WV?) 7 Apr 1957, 58 y, (Alliance, Ohio)

Alma Grace Rial (in later years she  switched her names around so that she
 was Grace A –she hated Alma) 2 Jun 1902 (?Marshall Co, WV?) 2 Jan 1998,  95 y, 7 m (Chestertown, Maryland)

Alice Vivian Riel 13 May 1904 (?Marshall Co, WV?) 3 Jul 1907,  3 y 2m (screamed one afternoon with pains in her abdomen, several days and several doctors later, she died…unknown causes)

 (Elizabeth A) Aunt Betsy Riel (b Oct 1832, Lawrence Co, Ohio to Isaac  and Elizabeth Melvin Rial, (sister to Sam and Franklin) d Dec 1911-(buried beside Rosa and Vivian in William’s Cem-New Martinsville, Wetzel Co, WVa) 

(Betsy Ann Riel  had “brain Fever” as a child and was mentally slow.  After the death of her parents, and the re marriages of Rosa and Franklin, she came to live with them.  She wove the materials for the family to make their clothing. Betsy fell down the stairs one Sunday morning and suffered skull/brain injuries.  She died shortly afterward.)

 George Washington Riel age 30 yrs, 23 Mar 1914 (Mary Virginia Jergens)

Elizabeth Mildred D Riel age 20 years, 29 Dec 1917 (To Ernest Edward Heinzman, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co,  WVa, son of William Heinzman and Lily Aldina Wilhelmina Protzman)

 Paul Fullerton Riel age 29 yrs, 11 May 1829 (Bertha Schmid)

Alma Grace Riel age 26 years, 14 Nov 1928 (Roy H Bowser, St Marys, WVa)

(Children from first marriage to Samuel Riel— George Washington Riel, b 29 Oct 1884, d 22 Jul 1930 Youngstown, Ohio, Getrude and Curtis at birth, John Leslie Riel b 19 Jul 1886, d 19 Oct 1903 WV, Mabel Beatrice Riel b 6 Jun 1889, d 23 May 1890 Ohio.)

(Samuel and Phebe Whaley’s son, Lydious–b 27 Dec 1875 Lawrence Co, d 24 Aug 1953 WV.)

( ) are my explanations  and/or updates

Peg Schreiber

Robbins / Auckerman Family Bible

Robbins / Auckerman Family Bible

Submitted by Tom Adkins

Taken from “The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Translated Out of the Original Greek; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised” Stereotyped by E. White. New York (stamped John McKerry) no date of publication (title page from the Old Testament portion is missing)


John Robbins married to Mary Cathrine Ockerman December the 29th 1831

John Auckerman was married to Anny Dorrathea Shaver August 22d 1810


John Robbins born the 20th of November 1808

Mrs. Robbins was born the 17th of November 1812

Nancy Robbins was born the 23rd day of August 1829

Serah Ann Robbins was born the 21st day of Novembr 1832

Abigail Robbins was born the 9th day of March 1834

Mary Jane Robbins was born the 27th of February 1835

Joseph Robbins was born the 5th day of January 1837

John Wesley Robbins was born April 14th 1839

John Auckerman the son of Stofel and Elisibeth Auckerman was born the 5th of November 1786


Willim Auckerman was born August the 30th 1811

Mary Cathrien Auckerman was born November the 17th 1812

Jacob Auckerman was born June the 4th 1814

Mary Auckerman was born April the 2nd 1816

Sarey Auckerman was born January the 11th 1818

Salloman Auckerman was born December the 18th 1819

John Auckerman was born December the 18th 1821

Samuel Auckerman was born December the 11th 1823

Daved Auckerman was born April the 19th 1825

Elizibeth Auckerman was born January the 9th 1826

Julian Auckerman was born September the 7th 1828

Hannah Auckerman was born August the 29th 1830

Rebaca Auckerman was born January the 23rd 1833

Dannel Auckerman was born April the 3rd 1835

Joel Auckerman was born October the 6th 1837


Abigail Robbins died the 9th day of April 1835

John Robbins died the 6th day of August 1840

Mary Cathrine Robbins died the 6th day of July 1842

Sarey Ann Robbins died the 6th day of April 1843

Joel Auckerman died the 6th day of February 1842

Anna D. Auckerman died the 25th September 1846

Mary Jane Robbins McCarty died Nov 15, 1913 (much later addition, in pencil)

NOTE: I found an interesting scrap of paper in the Auckerman-Robbins Family Bible. On this scrap of paper (taken from “Periodical #28 of the _____”, apparently a religious association magazine) is a series of names and numbers, as follows:

Mary 52 Sarey 52 (___*) 52 16 18 28 36 34 14

*No name, but corresponds with Jacob

The first number appears to be the year the scrap of paper was written on, 1852. The next subtracted number appears to be each individual’ year of birth. And the third number would be the answer after subtracting, being the age of each individual in 1852.

Also written on the paper is the following list of names and numbers:

Rebecca 19
Hannah 22
Julian 24
Elizabeth 26
Mary 36
Sarey 34

These numbers correspond with each individual’s age in 1852. But why was this incomplete Auckerman census taken? 1852 must have been a special or important year, but what happened? Could this be the date of the Bible? I had first thought that it might be John Auckerman Sr.’s death date, but he was still living in 1870.

A mystery ….

Swain-Baxter Family Bible

Submitted by: Eve Hughes

Descendants of Samuel Swain

1. SAMUEL6 SWAIN (REUBEN5, STEPHEN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born July 26, 1771 in Nantucket MA, and died August 11, 1823 in Gallia County OH. He married MARY BRADFORDCOOK April 07, 1789 in Nantucket MA, daughter of JOSEPH COOK and MARGARET CALEF. She was born August 30, 1770 in Nantucket MA, and died July 05, 1812 in Nantucket MA.

Swain-Baxter Family Bible Records

The Family Bible of Samuel and Mary (Cook) Swain was passed on to their daughter Susan and her husband Zenas Baxter; Bible no longer in existence, but the family pages are in possession of the Nantucket Historical Society at the Folger Library on Nantucket Island, MA. The frontispiece was missing or not salvaged, but the record pages were photocopied by the library staff.

Nantucket 677 Nantucket

Family Record


Samuel Swain, son of Reuben and Hannah Swain, was born 5th m. 26th d. 1771

Mary Cook, daughter of Joseph and Margret Cook, was born 8th m. 30th d. 1770

Samuel Swain and Mary Cook were married 7th m. 4th d. 1789

Samuel Swain, son of Reuben and Hannah Swain was born 5th m. 26th d. 1771

Eliza Wotton, daughter of William and Elisa Wotton, was born 7th m. 14th d. 1772

Samuel Swain and Elisa Wotton were married 6th m. 22nd d. 1813

Samuel Swain, son of Reuben and Hannah Swain, was born 5th m. 26th d. 1771

Theodate Russell, daughter of Samuel and Christina Russell, was born 8th m. 7th d. 1773

Samuel Swain and Theodate Russell were married 1st m. 6th d. 1817


Stephen Swain departed this life the 9th m. 11th d. 1823 aged 30 years 2 m.

Margaret Nixon departed this life 2nd m. 1825, age 23 years

James Swain departed this life 2nd m. 1832, age 37

Hannah Meacham departed this life the 6th m. 17th d. 1845 age 48y. 4m.

Reuben the father of Samuel Swain departed this life in 4th m. 19th d. 1807 aged 82 1/2

Hannah the mother of Samuel Swain died 3rd m. 16th d. 1809 age 71 1/2

Mary the wife of Samuel Swain died 5th m. 7th d. 1812 aged 41 y. 3m. 7 d.

Eliza the wife of Samuel Swain died 1st m. 24th d. 1816 aged 43y 6.m

Paul P. Swain died 2nd m. 7th day 1817

Samuel Swain departed this life 8th m. 3rd d. 1823, age 52 y. 2 m. 8 d.

Lydia Mahala Allin departed this life the 1 m. 12 d. 1868, aged 58 y. 5 m. 2 d.


Samuel and Mary Swain’s children Marriages of their children

Elizabeth Swain b. 1 m. 25 d. 1790 Shubael Baxter & E. Swain 10 m. 1 d. 1812

Joseph Cook Swain b. 8 m. 18 d. 1791

Stephen Bradford Swain b. 7 m. 10 d. 1793 S.B.S. to Susan Hicks 1 m. 1819

James Cook Swain b. 1 m. 25 d. 1795 J.C.S. to Mary Coffin 9th m. 29 d. 1818

Hannah Swain b. 2 m. 26 d. 1797 Denison P. Meacham* H. Swain 3 m. 1816

John Coggeshall Swain b. 10 m. 28d. 1798 (See note** below for John’s marriage.)

Mary Swain b. 10 m. 26 d. 1800 Alphonso Fuller. M. Swain 1814

Margaret Swain b. 10 m. 1 d. 1802 Otis Nixon, M. Swain 10 m. 5 d. 1818

Sarah Ann Swain b. 5 m. 24 d. 1804 Richard Nichols, S.A. Swain 10 m. 5 d. 1818

Susanna Swain b. 3 m. 24 d. 1806 Zenas Baxter & S.S. 11m 12 d 1822

Caroline Swain b. 10 m. 10 d. 1808 S.H. Coleman Caroline Swain 11 m. 1832

Lydia Mahala Swain b. 8 m. 9 d. 1810 David Allin & L. Swain (no date)

Samuel and Eliza Swain’s children

Paul Pears Swain b. 1 m. 10 d. 1816

*The name of Hannah’s husband is incorrectly given in the Nantucket Vital Records as Denison Neachondile. His name is clearly written as Meacham in the family Bible.

** The marriage of John C. Swain was not listed in the family Bible, probably because he married outside the Quaker faith. The name of John’s wife is incorrectly given in the Nantucket Vital Records as Louisa Benton. She was actually Louisa Vincent, daughter of Antoine Claudius and Flore Emilie (Berthelot) Vincent, part of the French 500 who settled Gallipolis in 1790. Their marriage was recorded on 20 July 1826 in Scioto County as Antoine had accepted land in the French Grant and raised his family there.


Zenas and Susan Baxter children

Cynthia Baxter born 5 m. 3 d. 1825

Julius Baxter born 8 m. 18 d. 1826

Charles Baxter born 1 m. 18 d. 1828

Julia Ann Baxter born 4 m. 18 d. 1832

Julia Baxter born 2 m. 1d. 1834

Frances Ellen Baxter born 5 m. 1 d. 1835

Fany E. Baxter born 4 m. 24 d. 1837

Caroline Baxter born 2 month first day 1839

S.M. Baxter born the 5 month 1841 the 29 day

Zenas Swain Baxter born the 4 month 27 day 1843

Susan H. Baxter born the 4 month 2 day 1848

Hariet Augusta(?) Baxter born the 3 month 1 day 1850

Edward Baxter 5th month 5th day 1852

(This last entry marked over, rewritten with 1858.)

Julia Ann Baxter departed this life 8th m. 23 d. 1833, aged 1 year 4 months 3 days

Frances Ellen departed this life the 5 month 8 day 1836 aged 11 months and 8 days

Fanny Eliza Baxter departed this life 8 month 5 day 1838 aged 15 months 12 days

Caroline Baxter departed this life Sept. the 14th 1840 aged 19 months and 14 days

Mary Susan Baxter departed this life 1844 August the 8 month the 25 day aged 3 years 2 months and 27 days

Cynthia A. Newton departed this life the 9 month and 2nd day 1857

Zenus Baxter departed this life 10 mo. 12 day 1865, aged 78 years 4 mo.

Hattie A. Johnston departed this life the seventh month and sixth day in the year of our Lord 1873 age 23 years 5 months and sxth days

Julious Roman Baxter died on the 7 of the month November 1882 age 56 years and 11 days

James H. Baxter, the son of J.R. Baxter, died July the 7 month the 8 day 1884 aged 27 years

Van Horn -Smart Family Bible

Van Horn -Smart Family Bible

Submitted by: T. D. Baker

I have been having difficulty putting these together.

These are written just as recorded in a Van Horn family Bible.


William B. Vanhorn was born August 25.1823

Elizabeth Vanhorn was born April 6,1822

Rhoda Marie Vanhorn was born Feb.17,1880


William Smart was born June 4, 1783

Mary Smart was born Dec.21,1799

Busilley Smart was born July 9th,1811

David baby boy Vanhorn Aug 10 1896

Baby Girl Vanhorn Dec.7 1898

Bertha Vanhorn was born Dec.7 1898

BIRTHS (1800’s)

James K P Vanhorn was born July 21/ 47

Willaim L Vanhorn was born march 14/ 49

David Vanhorn was born July 11th / 51

Mary E. Vanhorn was born July 11th / 51

Sarah E Vanhorn nee (millerom??) was born June 9 1857

Bessie Vanhorn was born Sept ?th 1873

Grace May 7 1894


Effie May Vanhorn was borned May 4/1877

Rhoda Vanhorn was borned Feb.17/1880

Mary Rebecca Vanhorn was borned May 31/1882

Nora Bell Vanhorn was borned May 15th/1886

William Louis Vanhorn was born February 13th, 1889

James Everts Vanhorn was borned December 7/1891

Greca Elizabeth Vanhorn was born May 7 1894


Samual Vanhorn was born June 25 1795

Samual Vanhorn died Sept 8 1824

William Smart died Feb 15 1853

William B. Vanhorn died Sept 24 1851

Mary R. Vanhorn died July 23 1891

Rhoda Fox died March 9 1905 at 1;30 p.m.

W.L.Vanhorn died July 18 1905 at 2:15 a.m.


Mary Smart

Marnie Vanhorn died July 23 1891

David Eckman Vanhorn died June 6,99

Tuesday June 6, 1899

Sarah E Van Horn wife if W. L. VanHorn passed away Sept 7 1943

Rhoda A Van Horn daughter of W.L. and Sarah E. VanHorn passed away Dec.31,1943

Bessie Vanhorn died October the 8 1 age i month and 5 days


James Vanhorn and Annie Fox was married Oct.24 1872

Wm. L. Vanhorn and Sarah Elizabeth Millirom??

was married Nov.30 1876

Notice that the H. becomes capitalized in the later generation.

Bertha Vanhorn was my husband’s grandmother,

Her mother Sarah Elizabeth M???? has her name recorded in two different Bibles spelled three different ways, this is one of my biggest puzzles at this time.

I have come to believe MILLIRONS



Woodyard  Family Bible

Woodyard  Family Bible

Submitted by Nancy Webb

James F. Woodyard

Abraham Woodyard
1.2 Elizabeth Fielder
Birth Date: 27 Jul 1819
Death Date: 18 Mar 1841
Spouse: David Burgis
Spouse Father: Abraham H, Burgis
Marriage Place: Lawrence Co., Ohio
1.3 Katherine Fielder
Birth Date: 1822
1.4 Mary Jane Fielder
Birth Date: 15 Oct 1824
Birth Place: Va.
Death Date: 25 Feb 1870
Spouse: James F. Woodyard
Birth Date: Aug 1822
Isacc Newton Woodyard
Sarah Jane
Mary Elizabeth  
Stephen A.  Spouse: Sarah Elizabeth
Sunday Certificate Beaulah Baptist Church
Susan R.
Sarah Jane Woodyard
Birth Date: 24 Jan 1847
Birth Place: 
Spouse: David N. / W. Edwards
1.4.8 Barbara Woodyard
Birth Date: 16 Feb 1857
Spouse: Abraham Ice
Marriage Date: 13 Feb 1872
Marriage Place
Children: Virginia Virginia Ice
Birth Date: 1 Feb 1857
Birth Place: Rome Twp. Lawrence Co., Ohio
1.4.9 Mary Susan R. Woodyard
Birth Date: 2 Jan 1866
1. Abraham Fielder
Birth Date: 17 Dec 1791/1792
Spouse: Sarah
Birth Date: 4 May 1795
Marriage Date: 11 Aug 1842
Children: Phebe
 Mary Jane
 Anny T.
1.1 Phebe Fielder
Birth Date: 19 Mar 1815
1.5 Sarah Fielder
Birth Date: 14 Jul 1827
1.6 Eleanor Fielder
Birth Date: 30 Nov 1834
1.7 Isaacc Fielder
Birth Date: 30 Nov 1835
Death Date: Jan 1845
1.8 Giles Fielder
Birth Date: 21 Jul  186
1.9 George Fielder
Birth Date: 31 May 1862
1.10 Anny T. Fielder
Birth Date: 24 Apr 1917