Townships of Lawrence County, Ohio

Submitted by Martha J. (Kounse) Martin

Editor’s Note: This historical sketch of Lawrence County, was written by the late Attorney H.M. Edwards, one of the county’s leading history students, and was presented to the Tribune by him shortly before his death on Feb 19, 1939.

        After the establishment of Ironton in 1851, the county seat was removed from Burlington to Ironton where it has remained.  Geographically Lawrence County is divided into fourteen townships, one city and six incorporated villages.

The townships are:

(1) Aid – so named because of a dispute and was decided to get the shortest name possible.

(2) Decatur – named in honor of Commodore Stephen Decatur who served bravely as a naval officer in the War of 1812.

(3) Hamilton – named in honor of Robert Hamilton, who was a pioneer iron master in that section.

(4) Elizabeth –  in honor of Robert Hamilton’s wife.

(5) Fayette – in honor of Marquis Lafayette, who was a popular hero of that time and who visited Burlington in 1826.

(6) Lawrence named in honor of Capt. James Lawrence, for whom the county is also named.

(7) Mason – in honor of the Masonic fraternity and in contradiction to the Anti-Masonic Party of that day.

(8) Perry – in honor of Commodore Oliver H. Perry, who defeated the British on Lake Erie in 1814.

(9) Rome – because of the seven hills that coverage at LaBelle like Rome on the Tibet.

(10) Symmes – in honor of John Cleves Symmes, in whose honor Symmes Creek was named.

(11) Union  in honor of President Andrew Jackson, who saved the Union from rebellion by promptly putting down the nullification of South Carolina.

(12) Upper  so named because it was the uppermost township in Adams County when that county extended to this section.

(13) Windsor –  in honor of Windsor Connecticut, from whence its early settlers came.

(14) Washington  in honor of the father of the Country.

        The six villages are Hanging Rock, Coal Grove, South Point, Chesapeake, Proctorville and Athalia. All other villages are unincorporated, such as Burlington and Superior. There are also places such as Greasy Ridge which goes through several townships.


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