Perry Township

Perry Township, Lawrence County, Ohio

Named in honor of Commodore Oliver H. Perry, who defeated the British on Lake Erie in 1814.

Location of Perry Township in Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY OHIO – History of Perry Township (published 1882, 1887)
From Atlas of Lawrence County, Ohio
Hardesty 1882

From Atlas of Lawrence County, Ohio
1887 D.J. Lake & Company

Perry Township connects Fayette, Lawrence, and Upper, and fronts on the Ohio River. William W. Davidson was perhaps the first settler in Perry in 1799. The first cabin was built by Philip Salliday in 1799.

Other early settlers:
Jonathan Maloan. 1803; Samuel Kouns, Sr., 1812; John Maloan, 1813; John
Johnson, 1814; William Bruce, 1815: John and Sarah (Campbell) Brammer, 1817
(Rock Camp); Lucinda Brammer, 1818 (Rock Camp); John Daniel Brubaker, 1819;
William Alien, 1823; Samuel Kouns, Jr., 1824; George Adkins, James M.
Deering, and John Deering. 1830; Coleman Waller and Belfield Johnson, 1824;
John Ricketts, Sr. and John Ricketts. Jr., 1834; J.A. White, 1835 (Forest
Dale); C.H. Winters, 1839 (Deering); John Hatcher, 1842 (Forest Dale); J.H.
Deering, 1848 (Deering).

Early History: The marriage of Samuel Kouns, Sr. and Catharine Brubaker in 1814, was the first in the township. The first grist-mill was built in 1813 by Daniel and Samuel Brubaker. The mill was run by horse power. The same parties built the first saw mill a short time afterwards. On section 31, at Deering, the first post office was located, but later post offices were built at Forest Dale, Sheridan Coal Works. and Rock Camp. In 1824, on section 29, the first school numbering 40 students was taught by Elizabeth Sackett.

Big Eis (Ice) Creek, Little Eis (Ice) Creek, Lick Creek, and Salliday
(Solida) Creek are the most important streams in the township. The first church was Methodist with a membership of eight persons. Reverend Isaac Reynolds was its pastor. The Baptist Church, organized by Reverend William Fuston and Reverend John Lee, was the second in the township. Early Ministers: William Davidson. John Hill, C.G. Keys, James M. Deering, Joseph D. Keys, and W.R. Bruce.

Near as known, Joseph Bimpson was the first soldier wounded from Ferry, and
Richard Lambert was the first soldier killed during the Civil War. Their
addresses were Sheridan Coalworks Post Office.

Early Schools: One Room: Deering (Route 243); Spring Branch
(Sugar-Creek-Johnstown Road); Ballard (Sugar-Creek-Johnstown Road); Webb
Town (Wildwood Drive). Two Rooms: Ice Creek (Route 243) and Rock Camp
(Deering-Baldknob Road). Three Rooms: Forest Dale (Route 243).The last
teacher at the one room school at Deering, which is presently used as a Boy
Scout cabin, was Shirley Bryant Large.

This area, where the grange, fire house and scout cabin are located was once
known as the Deering Grove. Numerous camp meetings, and political rallies
were held there. Some of the famous personages who gave political speeches
were President Ulysses S Grant; President William Henry Harrison. President
James Garfield, Senator J. A. Honoker. American journalist and lecturer,
William E. Nye; and Mark Hanna, who was a member of the United State Senate
and chairman of the Republican National Committee. The speakers at these
gatherings stayed with John M. Deering, whose home was located at the site
where the late Lawrence Baker’s country store once existed.

Businesses: In Deering are Judy’s, Giovanni’s Pizza, Pruitt`s Garage,
William Large Gun and Machine Shop, In Forest-Dale are Mark`s Mini Mart,
Kev`s Grocery, Rowe Gas and Equipment. Gilbert Beals’ Stove Store. In
Sheridan are Ramada Inn, Grandview Inn. Ethanol Plant, Rollyson’s Aluminum.
Malone Trailer Sales, Giovanni`s Pizza, and Carter’s Lumber. The State
Highway Patrol Station is also located here. The one post office is Perry
township is located at Rock Camp.

Schools: South Point High School and Elementary Number 2 are at South Point,
with Dawson-Bryant Elementary at Deering.

Early Settlers are:
ADKINS, George
ALLEN, William
BRUCE, William
DAVIDSON, William W.
JOHNSON, Bellfield
KOUNS, Samuel, Jr.
KOUNS, Samuel, Sr.
MALOAN, Jonathan