On This Date in History….January 5th

Ironton Register, January 5, 1888


The Furnaces. – Never did the furnaces of this county make as much pig metal as they did in 1887. This is because the coke furnaces have been in blast a great portion of the time. The charcoal production was nearly an average, but seems quite small by the side of the coke iron output. There were 98,254 tons of metal made in the county in the year, and of this, only 12, 341 tons were charcoal; the rest coke or coal. We subjoin a list of the furnaces in this county and the tons of metal produced in the year:

HAMILTON          19,000

IRON & STEEL     10,953

ALICE                  22,700

SARAH                10,340

BELFONT            17,920

VERNON        2,900

PINE GROVE        3,941

HECLA                1,400

VESUVIUS           2,100

OLIVE              2,000

Total                 93,254

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