On This Date in History…February 28th

Ironton Register, February 28, 1878 

The Alice has made over 30,000 tons pig, on present hearth – 20,000 tons being made after it had been supposed the hearth was practically gone, and in fact, after the iron had been breaking out through the walls.

[Alice was built in 1873 and was named for the daughter of George Willard. Blanche Furnace was named for Blanche McGovney who later married Charles S. Gray, son of Col. George Noah Gray.]

Click here to read all about Alice Furnace, which was a twin stack of Big Etna Furnace.

Ironton Register, February 28, 1878

At Washington Furnace, last Monday, occurred a fearful boiler explosion. The boiler parted near the middle, the two ends flying out in opposite directions. The principal damage was to the hot blast. Mr. John Campbell went out there last Monday evening, to consider the question of whether they will repair the furnace to just as it was, or make some important additions and improvements.

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