Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

A man appeared at the Probate Court, last Tuesday afternoon to be naturalized. He was a German and could not talk English much. He didn’t know the names of many things, but when the Deputy Judge Mr. Ross, explained, the man caught the idea, and indicated more than he could tell. After closing a series of theological questions, Mr. Ross asked, ” Who is the President of the United States?” Over this the man labored heroically, and seemed to know and anxious to tell, but somehow he couldn’t remember the name. The man appeared chagrined and rather dazed that he couldn’t answer. Mr. Ross asked if it was Mr. Foraker, and the man looked solemn and confounded, but said nothing. “Is it Cleveland?” Mr. Ross asked again.

The would-be voter looked profoundly serious, but kept provokingly silent. “Is it McKinley?”, then asked the official, and a big smile overspread the man’s face, completely dislodging the look of dubiousness that had gathered there like a black cloud. He couldn’t say McKinley, but when the name was pronounced to him, there was a ready response from his inner consciousness.