Mason Township

Mason Township, Lawrence County, Ohio

Named in honor of the Masonic fraternity and in contradiction to the Anti-Masonic Party of that day.

Location of Mason Township in Lawrence County

History of Mason Township

From Atlas of Lawrence County, Ohio
Hardesty 1882

From Atlas of Lawrence County, Ohio
1887 D.J. Lake & Company

The first settlement in this township was made in 1810, on Buck Creek.
Covington Biven, Uriah Vermillion, Jacob Powell, Robert Rucker, William
Payne, Elias Payne and Daniel Nance were the first settlers. But soon after,
from time to time, came John Rapp, John Alesesser, William Launsford, John
Launsford, John Hegan, John Wilson, James Corn, Samuel Corn, Jesse Corn,
William Corn, Harry Corn, William Rose, Thomas Tagg, Tom Higgins, John
Sampson, John Hally, Elliott Payne and John Payne.

Greasy Ridge, Arabia, Rappsburg and Wilgus were once post offices. There are
no post offices in the township now.

James Helversay taught the first school in the township, in 1822, on Buck
Creek There were about twenty pupils The log cabin school building had paper
pasted up as a substitute for windows. At this time there is one Brick
School in the Township. once there were ten frame school buildings, five of
them on Greasy Ridge.

The first sermon was preached by Blake Strait. in 1822, and the same year
the first church of the Methodist denomination was organized by George
Griffith The first Baptist church was built on Mount Pleasant There are now
several Baptist churches in the township,one Methodist Episcopal. one
Campbellite,one United Brethren. and a Mission.

The township has 36 Sections. The soil is sandy, with a clay sub-soil, and
formations of limestone, iron ore, and stonecoal. The timber is poplar,
black walnut, white oak, black oak, buckeye. The streams are Symmes Creek.
Long Creek, Buckeye Creek. Buck Creek and Sandfork Creek.

Early Settlers are:
BIVEN, Covington
CORN, Harry
CORN, James
CORN, Jesse
CORN, Samuel
CORN, William
MASSIE, Robert
NANCE, Daniel
PAYNE, Elias
PAYNE, Elliott
PAYNE, William
RAPP, John
ROSE, William
RUCKER, Robert
TAGG, Thomas

Name Post Office Occupation Nativity Date of Settlement

Brumfield, R.B. Greasy Ridge Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1843
Brumfield, William Greasy Ridge Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1837
Brumfield, Geo. Saundersville Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1829
Boldman, W.L. Arabia B.S. & Carriage Maker Scioto Co., OH 1882
Bradshaw, W.S. Aid Teacher Meigs Co., OH 1868
Clarey, S.J. Saundersville Farmer Monroe Co., OH 1852
Ellcessor, Rufus Rappsburgh Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1844
Ellsworth, L.W. Rappsburgh Physician & Surgeon Guernsey Co., OH 1851
Fox, Rees Arabia Farmer Gallia Co., OH 1868
Lunsford, Bail Arabia Farmer & Road Contractor Lawrence Co., OH 1851
Massie, Jas. B. Greasy Ridge Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1860
Massie Brothers Greasy Ridge Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1840 & 1847
Massie, R.L. Greasy Ridge Farmer Jackson Co., OH 1830
Massie, Robt. B. Arabia Farmer Giles Co., VA 1832
Marcum, James Arabia Farmer Logan Co., VA 1837
Phillips, Wm. Saundersville United Brethren Clergyman Taylor Co., WV 1876
Powell, W.A. Arabia Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1825
Powell, Thos. H. Arabia Farmer & Teacher Lawrence Co., OH 1856
Payne, T.F. Aid Farmer & Justice of the Peace Lawrence Co., OH 1846
Robinson, R.N. Rappsburgh Farmer Washington Co., OH 1861
Rapp, Abner Rappsburgh Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1838
Rapp, Augustus Rappsburgh Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1827
Slone Brothers Arabia Millers Lawrence Co., OH 1855/1860
Vermillion, Logan Arabia Farmer Lawrence Co., OH 1832
Vermillion, D. Arabia Farmer & Carpenter Lawrence Co., OH 1836
Wiseman, W.W. Arabia Farmer & County Commissioner Monroe Co., WV 1837
Warren, J.M. Aid Farmer Athens Co., OH 1866