Taken from Mr. Walton’s Articles in the Ironton Register


Compiled by Sharon M. Kouns
Last update: April 10, 1998

These are the Marriage Announcements as found in the old papers by year. To find the surname you are researching use Control Key plus F key and enter name for search.Note: inst., means the current month; ult., means the month prior.

Ironton Register, November 18, 1852
At Clinton Furnace, on the 2d inst., by the Rev. S. P. Cummins, Mr. Wesley Crandall, of Empire Furnace, and Miss Nancy Alice Glidden, youngest daughter of Charles Mills Glidden, Esq., of Clinton Furnace, Scioto county, O.

Ironton Register, September 30, 1852
On Sunday last, at Cincinnati, by Rev. Mr. Hart, Mr. Samuel SILVERMAN, of this town, to Miss Caroline LOBLEN, of Cincinnati.

Ironton Register, October 14, 1852
At Austinburgh, on the 4th inst., by Rev. A. J. Avery, Mr. H. W. Parker, of Ironton, and Miss Almira T. Dole, of Austinburgh, O.

On the 4th inst., Mr. Lewis Franklin Wiseman of Lawrence county, to Miss Sarah Jane Carter, of Gallia county.

On the 5th inst., above Burlington, Mr. William T. Scovill, to Miss Mary Ann Dillon.

On Thursday, the 30th ult., at Genova, O., by Rev. Mr. Taylor, Mr. N. H. Parker, of Portsmouth, to Miss S. E. Turner, of the former place.

Ironton Register, May 26, 1853
On the 18th inst., by Rev. J. T. HOLLIDAY, Mr. William W. GILLIT to Miss Jane RADFORD, both of Rome Township.

On the 19th inst., by the same, Mr. Benjamin A. WAKEFIELD to Miss Providence JAMES, of Millersport.

Ironton Register, February 9, 1854
At the Ironton House on the 4th inst., by Jacob Lair, Esq., Bird F. Brumfield, of Ky., to Elizabeth F. Hatten, of Virginia.

Ironton Register, December 7, 1854
On Nov. 30th, by Rev. J. Rowe, Mr. CRIPPS and Miss Eliza KIMBALL, daughter of Asa KIMBALL, both of Union township.

On Nov. 30th, by Jacob Lair, Esq., Joseph HUFFMAN and Eliza PUCKETT, both of Clinton Furnace, Ohio.B

On the 4th inst., by Rev. J. T. Given, Mr. John H. NEVIS, of Kanawha, and Miss Julia BAXTER, of Gallipolis.

Ironton Register, Oct. 28, 1856
On the 7th inst., in Marietta, Rob’t A. Garrison, of Bowling Green, Ky., to Miss S. Fannie Burch, of the former place. Also on the 9th inst., Ichabod NYE to Miss Sarah Gritteau, both of Marrieta.

On the 16th inst., by Rev. Jno. Q. Gibson, Mr. John G. Stewart to Mrs. Susan M. Wilson, both of Greenupsburgh, Ky.

Ironton Register, October 20, 1859
Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Lawrence County, from September 5th to October 1st, 1859.

John Mannon and Sarah Haskinson
Madison Lewis and Martha Corn
William Jasper and Margaret Roush
James Lauhon and Maria McKee
G. W. Sloat and Cynthia J. Henry
Abram Feeler and Elizabeth Gossett
G. S. Scott and Mary E. Anglon
S. M. Graham and Victoria Housen
Jesse Ball and Frances Ball
Isaac Roberts and Sarah J. Favis
B. F. Drown and Martha F. Chadwick
Burrel Brumfield and Malinda Brumfield
Adam Christian and Sarah Ann Tackett
James Rayburn and Sarah J. Wilson
Richard Lewis and Elenor Lewis
Wilson Nance and Lucetta Aleshire
Jeremiah Webb and Eliza A. Webb
Joseph Bruce and Lucinda Pancake
H. T. L. Pratt and Lavina Bellamy
J. J. Harbrow and Carolina Winneki
Leonidas Andrews and Delila Davidson
Jonathan Hite and Eliza J. McCartney
B. T. Earles and Mary J. Miller
J. H. Ferguson and Susan Elkins
James Burton and Seeley Boothe
From October 1st to October 13th.
James Turner and Charlotte Willis
William McKellar and Mary Johnson
Joseph Lutz and Elizabeth Boss
Wakeman Brumfield and Sarah A. Peters
William Means and Martha E. Campbell

Ironton Register, Feb. 9, 1860
Marriage Licenses issued by S. McCown, Judge of Probate of Lawrence county, since January 19th:
Andrew Holly to Ellsa Cremins (?).
William Kelley to Julia Needham.
Hugh Walbright to Ruth E. Doty.
James J. Lewis to Rebecca Bird.
John Webb to Nancy Richey.
Jonathan A. Hunt(?) to Sarah E. Ravenscraft.
Paul Nash/Nosh ? to Margaret Gasmer (?).
John McGuire to Catharine Livingston.
Charles H. Myers to M. Jane Golden.
Samuel Shumate to Elizabeth Greenlee.
Henry Beals to Hanorah Prior.
Dudley Elkins to Ecelia Sullivan.

Ironton Register, Feb. 23, 1860
Marriage Licenses issued in Lawrence County, since the 15th inst.
Pleasant Corn and Delila Hisle.
S. Gotlieb Sites and Malose(?) Richardson.
Patrick McNelly and Mary McMara.
Edward Friel and Bridget Boyle.
Matthew Shaw and Ann Bowron(?).
Samuel Rose and Elizabeth Thompson.

Ironton Register, October 12, 1865
Married. On Tuesday, 10th inst., by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. Sanford MYERS and Miss Martha JONES, both of Greenup County, KY.

Ironton Register, Sept. 6, 1866
By L. A. Griffith, J. P., at the brides father, on the 29th day of August, 1866, John CULBERTSON to Mary S. DWOLER.

On the 21st ult., by Rev. Mr. HUNDEDOSE, Mr. Henry DETMAR, of Ironton, to Miss Charlotte BESTER.

Ironton Register, February 14, 1867
On Thursday morning, Feb. 7, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. A. A. JIMESON, Mr. J. Kyle JOHNSTON, of South Point, and Miss Mary Frances GAVER, of Hanging Rock.

On the 9th inst., at the residence of Mrs. MORE, in Ironton, by J. W. HENTHORN, Esq., Mr. Edward MARSHALL, and Miss Marinda J. AMES, all of Lawrence County.

Jan. 27, 1867, at residence of bride’s father in Green Village, by Rev. W. Gardner, Mr. George W. CHATFIELD and Miss Helen S. CLARK.

Ironton Register, October 10, 1867

On the 2nd inst., at the Probate office, by J. W. Henthorn, Mr. Henry C. Barber and Miss Mary E. Norris; all of Greenup county, Kentucky.
By the same, at the Probate Office, Mr. Barnet F. Coleman and Miss Zelpha E. McCoy, all of the same place.
By the same on the 5th inst., at his office, Mr. Thomas Lee and Miss Jane Parsly, all of this county.
On Sept., 26th in Ironton, by Rev. B. F. Ashley, Mr. John Mitchell and Miss Rebecca Willis.
On the 1st inst., by the same, Mr. John Charlton and Miss Phoebe Mathews.
In Portsmouth, Wednesday evening, October 2nd, by Rev. Mr. Cooper, Albert Holt and Miss Mary Cooper, all colored.
On Wednesday, Sept. 25th, by Rev. L. Hall, Mr. John W. Ballard and Elizabeth Richardson, both of this city.
On Wednesday the 2nd inst., by the same at the Ironton House, Henry W. Stewart and Mary J. Campbell, both of Ceredo, West Va.
At Hanging Rock, on the 1st day of October, by Rev. J. O. Gibson, Mr. Thomas J. Cook and Miss Mary Alieg Ferrill.

Ironton Register, December 5, 1867
Marriage Licenses.
Charles A. Wood and Clarissa Taylor
Smith Haner and Sarah Sayres
Lewis Cloninger and Lucinda Cauliflower
Cornelius H. Ellis and Caroline Pinkerman
Robert Turner and Emma Weekly
Joseph Kelley and Margaret Norris
S. N. Misner and Rachel Gray
Leonard Knight and Martha A. Grimes
A. Mossbarger and Lucy Taylor
Samuel K. Hastings and Martha A. Falwell
Joel Mannan and Mory J. Davis
Perry Carpenter and Elixa Spicer
Hugh Colle and Jane McCaffrey
Van Buren Corbin and Lurania Clark
John Roush and Isadora Ricker
H. W. Partlow and Margaret Ferguson
J. C. Ferrin and Amanda Game
Newton B. Marshal and Sophia Rodgers
David L. Mart and Margaret C. Nolter
V. Dillon, Jr. and Miss Rodgers
James O. Henry and Elizabeth Sharp
Henry Carr and Maria A. White
Nathaniel Boothe and Charlotte Miller
Mathew J. Cullen and Eva A. Sperry

Ironton Register, December 26, 1867
On the 12th inst.,at the residence of the bride’s father in Petersburg, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. Nathaniel Boothe of Ironton, to Miss Charlotte Miller.

On the 13th inst., at the parsonage, by the same, Mr. David Jenkins to Miss Eliza Hobbs, both of Ironton.

On the 22nd inst., at the parsonage, by the same, Mr. Alfred Warffuel to Miss Mary E. Bothwell, all of this city.

On the 17th inst., at the residence of the Bride in Rome Township, by Rev. H. Berkstresser, Mr. Augustus Magee and Miss Amanda Smith, all of Lawrence Co., O.,

On the 18th inst., at the residence of J. P. Matthews, Esq., by the same, Mr. Richard Clark to Mrs. Harriet Smith, both of Lawrence Co., Ohio.

On the 19th inst., by P. R. Polley, Esq., at his office in the city of Ironton, Mr. John Herity and Miss Sarah Jane Christ, all of this city.

Ironton Register, March 5, 1868
ARGO – URICK. – In Ironton, on the 2d inst., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Peras R. Polley, Esq., Mr. James G. Argo and Miss Emily F. Urick.

PARRISH – THOMAS. – On the 20th of February, 1868 at Clinton Station, by A. Worthington, Esq., Mr. Samuel Parrish to Miss Sarah N. Thomas.

FILLINGER – COLLY. – By the same, on the 1st day of March, at Buckhorn Furnace, John Fillinger to Cornelia Colly.

Ironton Register, March 19, 1868
Marriage Licenses granted by the Probate Court during the past week:

William Cook to Margaret Unger
William M. E. Irwin to Sarah J. Rogers
Geo. H. Warfuel to Ruthee A. Morgan
Charles Eckhart to Josephine Miller
Geo. W. Thomson to Mary Null
Albert Woody to Rebecca A. Eicher
A. Pancake to Elizabeth Pierpoint

Ironton Register, April 2, 1868
BURKHAMMER – WILBURN. – On the 21st day of March, 1868, at the residence of Alexander Shoults, by Joseph Stotts, J. P., Mr. James Burkhamer, of Fayette Co., Ohio and Miss Bettie Wilburn, of Ironton, Ohio. – Chillicothe Advertiser

Ironton Register, December 31, 1868
KASSERMAN – STARLIN. – On the 17th inst., at the Bell House in Denver, Colorado, by Rev. J. L. Peck, S. D. Kasserman, Esq., of Denver and Miss Maria C. Starlin, of Ironton, Ohio.

BIVEN – ASH. – On the 19th inst., at Rome, by Rev. H. Berkstresser, Mr. George W. Biven and Harriet A. Ash, both of Lawrence county.

FRENCH – ANDERSON. – On the 24th inst., at Rome, by the same, Franklin French and Julia Anderson, all of Lawrence County.

GRAY-FRAZER. – On the 24th isnt., at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. A. A. Jamison, Mr. Sanderson Gray and Miss Alice Frazer, both of Hanging Rock.

WILLIAMS – MORRIS. – On the 24th inst., by J. W. Henthorn, Esq., at his office in the City of Ironton, John Williams and Melvina J. Morris, all of this county.

IMES – SHARP. – On the 28th inst., at the same place, Sol. H. Imes and Nancy Sharp, all of this county.

HENAGAR – JONES. – On the 27th inst., at the East Ironton Church, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. James P. Henagar and Miss Elizabeth Jones, all of this city.

Ironton Register, April 1, 1869
Marriage Licenses granted by the Probate Court during the past week:

Alex. W. Wood to Sarah E. Cooper
Sm. Mackey to Martha Baty
Charles Roth to Eliza Kuthene
W. M. Dunn to Hannah E. Mayes
John McGown to Amanda Beloat
Henry Hock to Theresa Miller
Geo. Demint to Mary Cauliflower

Ironton Register, May 13, 1869

GRAY – FEURT. – At Powellsville, O., on the 6th inst., by Rev. J.M. Kelly, Mr. Isaac E. Gray, of Pikeville, Ky., and Miss Emma Feurt of the former place.

SHEPARD – MENAGER. – In Gallipolis, O., at the residence of the bride’s father, April 29th, 1869; by the Rev. T. J. Miller, Col. C. A. Shepard and Margaret C. Menager, daughter of Roman Menager, Esq.

NEWSOM – SHALLCROSS. – In Gallipolis, O., on May 4th, 1869, at the residence of the bride’s father, by the Rev. Walter Mitchel, John L. Newsom, first clerk of the steamer Ohio No. 4, and Anna, daughter of Dr. Joseph Shallcross.

Ironton Journal, September 8, 1869
Married at the residence of Rev. C. W. Talbott, August 30, Geo. Dixon and Mrs. Vicey More, both of Ky

Married at the residence of bride, by Rev. C. B. Lewis, Mr. W. W. Swap and Clara F. Peyton, all of Pioneer Furnace, Ohio. (“she’s swapped her name at last”).

Ironton Journal, Sept. 15, 1869
Married at residence of J. C. Stewart, on Sept. 9, by Rev. J. M. Kelly, Mr. Wm. Henry Harrison Irwin and Miss Sarah L. Stewart.

Married Sept. 9, 1869, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, at First German Reformed Church, Frederick Niffenegger and Christine Bentikamp, both of Lawrence county. Ironton Journal, Sept. 22, 1869
Married at residence of bride’s father, by Rev. R. Callaghan, Mr. C. I. Bush to Miss Zoo S. Guthrie, all of Swann Creek, Gallia County, Ohio.

Marrried Sept. 16, by P. R. Polley, Esq., Thos. E. Russell and Electa A. McElroy of Lawrence county, Ohio.

Married Sept. 20, at Grant House in Ironton, Mr. John Brammer and Miss Ruth H. Neal, of Law. Co., Oh.

Ironton Journal, Sept. 29, 1869
Married in M. E. Church, Wheelersburg, Sept. 16, 1869 by Rev. W. N. Middleton, Henry A. Westwood and Susan Wood.

Married Sept. 16, at Bartramville, Oh., on 17th by Rev. John Dillon, Capt. Augustus T. Ward of Marietta, Ohio and Kate L. Wakefield, of Law. Co.

Married in Union Twp., on the 17th, by Rev. Mr. Finch, Hugh Forgey and Mahala Wakefield, both of Law. Co.

Married on the 20th at the residence of officiating minister, Rev. J. H. Gardner, John V. Larimer and Anna G. Radford of Portsmouth.

Ironton Journal, October 6, 1869
Married at Barboursville, W.VA., on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 1869, by Rev. Wm. Gains Miller, Mr. R. D. Bright and Emma Samuels.

Married Sept. 6, at residence of bride by Rev. Mr. Scott of Middleport, Mr. Thed B. Flower of Hecla Furnace to Miss Perlie Walker of Cheshire, Gallia Co., Ohio.

Married Sept. 30, at Recorder’s office, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. Crosby Messer and Miss Susan Eastman, both of Lawrence county.

Married Sept. 29th by C. Matthews, J. P., Mr. John Howell and Miss Louisa Auckerman, all of Sheridan Coal Works.

Ironton Journal, October 13, 1869
Married Oct. 12, by Rev. C. C. McCabe, assisted by Rev. R. H. Creighton, Mr. W. H. Peters and Miss M. Ada Murdock, daughter of J. S. Murdock of Kingwood, WV.

Married Oct. 1, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Ebenezer A. Gore of Alton, Ill., to Maggie E. Wilson, daughter of Hon. John Wilson, late Mayor of Portsmouth.

Married last Wed., at the Presbyterian Church in Ironton, by Rev. E. P. Pratt, Mr. Jesse Swim and Carrie Ramsey of Portsmouth.

Ironton Journal, October 20, 1869
Married Oct. 15, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, Mr. Elizha Moore and Nancy Thompson, both of Law. Co.

Married Oct. 13, at the residence of bride’s mother, by Rev. Walls, John H. Simmons and Miss Sue Cole of Bloom Furnace, Scioto County.

Married October 14, by Rev. J. W. Dillon, Mr. A. W. Starling and Sarah E. Thompson.

Married October 18(16?) by Rev. John Kelly, Lewis Brewer of Boyd Co., Ky and Mrs. Arvilla Spicer.

Ironton Journal, October 27, 1869
Married Oct. 13, West Union, Ohio, by Rev. Jonathan Cockerill, Dr. John Campbell and Hettie Cockerill, all of West Union.

Married Oct. 14, at Marietta, Ohio, by Rev. T. H. Hawks, James Means and Mary Ward Smith, eldest daughter of Gen. T. C. H. Smith.

Married Oct. 21, at residence of Jacob Stein, in West Ironton, by Rev. F. Dieckmann, Stephen Knettal and Mrs. Anna Stampfle, both of Ironton.

Ironton Journal, Nov. 3, 1867
Married Oct. 26, at residence of Mr. A. Kimball, in Union Twp., by G. H. Berkstresser, Israel L. Suiter and Roxey Kimball, of Lawrence co.

Married in Greenup Co., Ky. by Rev. J. C. Tinsley, Mr. Finley D. Smiley and Eliz. Bryant.

Married Oct. 27, by Rev. B. F. Ashley of Ironton, Maj. B. M. Skinner and Miss N. Maria Thomas, all of Pomeroy, Ohio.

Married Oct. 28, by Rev. J. E. Moore, Mr. James Burns and Miss Almira Vicker, both of WV.

Married at Coal Grove, by Rev. Chas. W. Talbott, Thos. Mains and Carrie Massie.

Ironton Journal, Nov. 10, 1869
Married Nov. 4, by Rev. A. A. Jamison, D. D., Mr. John H. Dempsey and Miss Mary E. Trumbo.

Ironton Journal, Nov. 17, 1869
Married Oct. 19, by Rev. J. T. Finch at bride’s father’s residence, Mr. E. M. Jones of Baltimore, Md., and Miss Sue Burdett of Burlington.

Married Nov. 14, by Rev. J. M. Thomas, Mr. Wm. R. Young and Samantha L. Blair.

Married Nov. 15 at the Ironton House, by Rev. J. D. Fry, Mr. Walter F. Shelton and Miss Mary Y. Ferguson.

Ironton Register, June 22, 1871
COX-FRENCH – On the 17th inst., by Rev. J. B. Moore, Mr. Charles Cox and Miss Nancy M. French, all of this county.

Ironton Register, December 14, 1871
ZEEK – DITTY. – On the 7th inst., at the Wesley Chapel parsonage, by Rev. S. C. FRAMPTON, Mr. Jacob ZEEK and Miss Clara DITTEY.

ABBOT – MULLEN. – On 2nd inst., by J. W. ALLISON, J. P., Mr. Patrick ABBOT and Mrs. Ellen Mullen.

FORTUNE – DAVIS. – Nov. 29, by Thos. GOLDEN, J. P., Mr. Thos. J. Fortune and Miss Amanda DAVIS.

HENSEN – RAY. – Dec. 4th, in Union Tp., this county, by Rev. J. J. HOLLIDAY, Mr. Powhatten Hensen and Miss Martha Helen RAY.

Ironton Register, November 29, 1877
WEDDING BELLS. Description of the wedding of Margaret Hempstead to Will P. Walker.

Under Quaker Bottom Notes: Thanksgiving will be observed at Rome this evening, by the marriage of Dr. Feurt, of Millersport, and Miss Ida Morrison, daughter of L. D. Morrison, a beautiful and intelligent young lady. Friends will be entertained at Mr. Morrison’s after the ceremony. A reception will be given the bride at Buckhorn Furnace on the Tuesday evening following.

Ironton Register, Dec. 26, 1878
Marriage Licenses.
Wesley ?. Adams and Rettie Adams.
James Saunders and Mollie Walters.
Thos. A. Russell and Mary A. Biggum.
Alex C. Burns and Diana Templeton.
E. R. Hockinson and Mary A. Danford.
Geo. G. Sterns and Mattie J. Amos.
L. W. Palmer and Amanda J. Woods.
Wm. Herrell and Jennie Neal.
H. K. Maupin and Nancy C. Gerhart.
F. A. Frazier and Margaret E. Turvey.

Ironton Register, Jan. 9, 1879
Marriage Licenses.
William T. Balsley and Lucy Sharp.
Henry T. Eastbrook and Ida Sheppard.
Kizaphan Whitt and Isadora Mart.
Henry Hyden and Nettie Lucus.
Gilea Plybon and Rosa A. Wietecki.
Sam’l Findley and Effie D. Jones.

BALSLEY – SHARP. – At the Parrill House in Ironton, Jan. 1. by Rev. J. A. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Will T. Balsley of Huntington and Miss Lucy Sharp of Hanging Rock.

Ironton Register, Feb. 13, 1879
Marriage Licenses
Albert M. Guthrie and Mary C. Nash.
Henry Harbold and Emesetta Bolan.
Randolph L. Jones and Katie Betts.
Samuel V. Reeves and Sarah E. Sutton.
Nathan A. Sloan and Laura E. Callahan.
James Perry and Sarah Branham.
Charles Wilson and R. A. Abram.

IRWIN – CURRY. – At Hopewell, Ky., by the Rev. C. C. Riffe, Mr. Alexander Irwin and Miss Dove Curry.

Ironton Register, Feb. 27, 1879
Marriage Licenses.
Jacob Gibson and Susanna Greenlee.
Martin Keaton and Columbia McBrayer.
Aaron Shelton and Catherine Harris.
John A. Jackson and Sarah Jessie.
Frank Arnold and Elizabeth Bowland.
Henry Rust and Delila J. Marshall.
David Christian and Rachel O. Blankenship.
James T. Campbell and Hannah C. Haubert.
James H. Powrll and Katie D. Verigan.

GUTHRIE-NASH. – At the residence of D. Hoover on Paddy Hill, on the 12th inst., by Rev. D. Waddle, Miss Mary C. Nash and Mr. Albert M. Guthrie.

Ironton Register, May 1, 1879
Marriage Licenses.
John A. Williams and Mollie Hood.
Louis Miller and Anna Wagner.
Charles A. Mace and Gertrude Vincent.
Isaac M. Gossett and Dilsey V. Jones.

MARRIAGES. (same date) MACE – VINCENT. – At Burlington, O., at the residence of the bride’s mother, by Rev. A. HARRISON, Mr. Carlos A. Mace and Miss Gertrude VINCENT.

Ironton Register, October 2, 1879
HERREN – BRUBAKER. – At South Point, O., September 21st, by Rev. P.M. Robinson, Mr. Chas. L. Herren and Miss Lizzie Brubaker.

Ironton Register, May 12, 1881
Marriage Licenses.
Wm. B. Kearnes and Maletha Haskins.
Isaac W. Ollum and M. J. Simpson.
John Geswine and Mary Kleinman.
James T. Wolfe and Charlotte Watson.
James B. Frailey and Ellen Connor.
Chas. H. Martin and Rebecca J. Johnson.

Ironton Register, November 30, 1882
Marriage Licenses.
James Burns and Lena Marks.
Lafeyette Lambert and Wealthy A. Massie.
Charles E. Hall and Ella S. Tucker.
Rasom Brown and Nettie Smith.
Nathan S. Davis and Agnes Jones.
Thomas Baxter and Abbie F. Stewart.
Harvey Tackett and Louisa Osborne.
John T. (or F.) Killin and Becca Wood.
Elijah V. Johnson and Lydia A. Burgess.
William Carpenter and Sarah E. Mayes.
Chas. N. Doudon (sp?) and Ida M. Radford.
William Manifold and Mary E. Shafer.

Ironton Register, July 28, 1887
Marriage License
Henderson Jackson and Esther Wright
Albert S. Ferguson and Naoma Kouns
Edward Layman and Effie King
H. K. Suiter and Sadie E. Withers

Livingston, John
– I. R. Sept. 8, 1887 – Today, Wednesday, John Livingston, engineer at Pinegrove Furnace, and Miss Alice Patterson, daughter of S. Patterson, occurs at the home of the bride’s father in Russell (KY). May their pathway be joyous.

I. R. Sept. 8, 1887 – We have received a card of invitation to be present at the marriage of Homer W. McCoy to Miss Jessie Danforth, at Washington, Ill., September 20th. We can’t be there but our heart goes out in warm wishes for Homer and his bride. We always like to tell of a Lawrence county boy coming up in the world. A card accompanies the invitation saying, “Mr. and Mrs. Homer W. McCoy, at home, after October 15th, Los Angeles, California.”

Ironton Register, November 3, 1887
Marriage License
Alonzo Ray and Dora Eaves
Sherman Campbell and Ollie Insco
Geo. Faulkner and Jemima Marshall.
Marion W. Cron and Nancy Wells.
John Stillman and Jennie Holliday
Thomas B. Wright and Emma Gossett.
Jno. H. Burcham and Mary E. Martindell
John L. Blake and Nanney Testament
James C. Morris and Maria Mathew
Lewis Salyer and Mary Marshall
Homer Whitehead and Irene Benson
Chas. W. Eckhart and Emma W. Kaneff
Caleb F. Wray and Eliza Jackson.

Ironton Register, November 10, 1887
Marriage License
Chas. H. Chapman and Dolly Lawhorn
John Mornin and Sarah E. Rudolph
Thomas Adams and Mary Ransbottom
Cyrus V. King and Ada Baker
Albert Burke and Emily Jones
John Phillips and America Hensly
Lewis Brownstead and Ann Turvey
Henry Holzappel and Lena Knapp.
Abel L. Gates and Mary Justice.
C. J. McCaffrey and Mary M. Caulliflower

Ironton Register, November 17, 1887
Marriage License
Bejamin Gregory and Martha M. Layman
Eli Jenkins and Lizzie Campbell
Squire Dillon and Hattie M. Null
Drake S. Murdock and Lovella VonSchriltz
E. S. Gilliland and Ida Lewis
Patrick H. Watson and Minty Harris
Sam’l B. Handly and Jane Willis

Ironton Register, November 24, 1887
Marriage License
Soloman Daily and Minerva Markins
James Friel and Bridget McMahn.
Wm. McFann and Mary Ashley
Chas. A. Hodge and Mary E. Suiter
John Muck and Martha Brown
Aaron W. Mace and Janie Neal
Richard Jenkins and Lizzie Thompson
Eugene Baldwin and Maggie A. Payne
Mason Johnson and Dora Geswine
Owen Bartram and Amelia Bartram

Ironton Register, July 30, 1891
Marriage Licenses.
George H. Croley and Kate Ratcliff.
James G. Hauer and Leona Pinkerman.
Reason D. Lemley and Mary Darling.
Robert Marshall and Rosana Bragdon.
John F. Tull and Loretta Thomas.
Wm. M. Vanhoose and Sarah J. Pack.
Wm. H. Burnsides and Bertha Falwell.

Ironton Register, Nov. 12, 1891
To Be Married. – Invitations are out for the wedding of Dr. J. T. McBride and Miss Winnie Gould, which is to take place at the Gould residence at Franklin Furnace, Friday afternoon, Nov. 20th. Dr. McBride is a successful dentist of Jersey City, and Miss Gould is the daughter of the late O. B. Gould. Miss Gould’s friends, who are myriads, will sincerely hope that her wedded life will be bright and prosperous, for she is deserving of all the good that a kind fortune has in store.

Ironton Register, Nov. 12, 1891
Married. – Miss Abbie MaBelle Kemp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Kemp, was married at Monongohala, Penn., last Tuesday, to Mr. William P. Warne. The will be “at home” Fourth-st. after December 10. The Register wishes them a gladsome career in life.

Ironton Register, May 12, 1892
Marriage Licenses.

James Wright and Eliza Bechleham.
Rufus H. Webb and Myrtle M. Houston.
Robert E. Royal and Bertha Wilson.
James M. C. Miller and Cora M. O’Niel.
Edward Dixon and Clara Craft.
Ira Snodgrass and Dide Wall.
Robert Thornton and Mamie McKeny.
George Stafford and Donnie Balengee.
Frank J. Altherr and Alice B. Adams.
Frank Rankin and Suzie Wisecup.
Amel Schmeisser and Magdaline Holtzapfel.

Ironton Register, Sept. 1, 1892
Charles T. Dean and Bertha A. Brown
Isaac Fannin and Lucinda Elswick
Winfield S. Gilliam and Alice Sanders
George S. Dunfield and Sarah Sanders
John E. Rehme and Florence Ward
Cain Adkins and Spicy Watts
Henry T. Broughton and Lizzie Spears
John H. Montgomery and Rachel F. Nance
Will T. Stewart and Annie Brown
John S. Weed and Hattie M. Hoffman
Reese Carico and Lieutitia Landgon
Brice Henry and Candus Estes
David Fleurmion and Emma D. Stewart
Stepen E. Ward and Kate Myers
Milton Cline and Rebecca Johnson
E. S. Payne and Dellie Lambert

Ironton Register, November 10, 1892
YARICO WEDDING. – With all the romance and mystery of love, Yarico can boast of another wedding, the bride being Miss Emma, the beautiful daughter of W. W. WISEMAN. Quite a number of friends and relatives met Thursday, Oct. 27th, at the home of the bride to witness the scene of her marriage with Mr. J. F. VERMILLION of John’s Creek. The ceremony was performed at 12 o’clock, by Rev. PHILLIPS of the M. E. Church, after which all repaired to the dining room where an excellent dinner was served. The presents were too numerous to mention….

Ironton Register, March 16, 1893
WEDDING. – This Thursday at 4 p.m., Judge TYLER and Miss Fannie MATHER will be married, at the Presbyterian church. A large number of invitations have been issued, sufficient to fill the church. Rev. Henry WITHAM, son-in-law of the groom, will preside over the happy ceremony. Messrs. Jos. A. RODGERS, Chas. GRAY, Ed CULBERTSON and Wilbur HALL will act as ushers, and these gentlemen will precede the bride and groom in their march down the aisle to the altar, where the minister will be in waiting. After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. TYLER will hold a reception at the residence of the bride’s parents. This will continue until 10 o’clock, when they will retire to the steamer, which will wait till that hour, and then start on their wedding trip, which will be to New Orleans; on which tour and through all the journey of life, they will carry the warmest good wishes of all this community.

Ironton Weekly Register, June 3, 1893
The home of Rev. P. W. DRUMM, of the Pine Street M. E. church, was the scene of a double wedding Tuesday evening, the interesting ceremonies been performed by Rev. DRUMM. Joseph SAGAR, of Newman & Spanner’s mill, and Miss Cordelia MASSIE were joined in holy bonds, and also Theodore MASSIE and Miss Sarah Belle TILLER were likewise united. All of the parties are from this city, the first named bride and the second named groom being the daughter and son of Vinton MASSIE, of Buckhorn street. Theodore is not of age, but obtained his father’s consent to the marriage and thus is happy with the rest.

Ironton Weekly Register, August 26, 1893
George Heck and Miss Josephine Akers, both of Mt. Vernon Furnace, were married by Squire Henry at his office this forenoon.

Ironton Weekly Register, August 26, 1893
Runaway Marriage. – An event occurred yesterday in Catlettsburg that has created considerable stir in social circles, being no less than the marriage of Miss Anna D. Williams to John Haney, of Normal. It is said that the young couple have been attached to each other for some time, but their marriage was opposed by the grandmother of the bride. The father accompanied them yesterday and the marriage was solemnized at Catlettsburg, by Rev. Mr. Carnahan. Mr. and Mrs. Haney left for Chicago after the ceremony and are now enjoying the sights at the World’s Fair. – Ashland Signal.

Ironton Register, May 14, 1896
Marriage Licenses
William Hill and Melvina Collins.
Henry B. Sanders and Ella Clara DeHart.
Willis Courtney and Mary Frecka.
Fred C. Howell and Nannie Remy.
Ernest Cotton and Rosa Koonan.
Wm. G. Adams and Mary Ackerson.
Albert Glover and Minnie Grimes.
Anderson Prater and Eliza Foster.
James Thomas and Lutie Beaver.

Ironton Registr, October 18, 1900
OCTOBER WEDDING. – Invitations have been issued for the marriage of Miss Bertha WILSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. WILSON, to Dr. Robert E. RUEDY, which will take place at Christ Episcopal Church in this city Wednesday evening, October 31st, at 8 o’clock, followed by a reception at the home of the bride. Dr. RUEDY is a young physician now in successful practice in Cleveland, and the young lady he has won is one of Ironton’s fairest and most estimable daughters. Mr. E. S. WILSON, father of the bride, will return from Porto Rico for this important event, as well as to exercise a few days later at his home the right of franchise of an American citizen.

Ironton Register, October 23, 1902
Charles F. Walker, 25, Pedro, O., and Clara F. Campbell, 21, Vesuvius, O.
Edward B. Craft, 24, Chicago, Ill., and Mary A. Richards, 24, Ironton.
Ralph E. Mitchell, 28, Owensboro, Ky. and Marian E. Campbell, 22, Ironton.
Benjamin H. Elam, 21, Ashland, Ky., and Nettie Stevenson, 16, Ashland, Ky.
Lon Bennett, 22, and Ruth Pine, 19, Lawrence County, O.
W. Va. and Callie Dillon, 20, Lawrence County, O. (first part of this sentence was omitted in paper)
John D. Clifton, 29, Old Town, Ky. and Mary A. Elem, 19, Greenup, Ky.
Thomas Jenkins, 32, and Annie Hunley, 20, Boyd county, Ky.
Thomas Wolfe, 24, and Sallie Grant, 25, Pedro, O.
Willard Staten, 21, and Ida Craig, 18, Ashland, Ky.
Albert Miller, 36, Waterloo, O., and Nancy Breeding, 19, Lawrence.
Noah Hughes, 22, and Sadie Bostick, 17, Gallia county, O.
Robert Bron, 21, Greenup, Ky., and Estle Tyre, 20, Bath Co., Ky.
Fred E. Sims(?) 22, Gallia County,O., and Nora Rainer, 19, Jackson county, O.
Frederick Stevens, 29, Carter county, Ky. and Martha Blevens, 23, Lawrence county, O.
Shed Harris, 24 and Carrel Hayden, 23, Ironton.
William Bess, Huntington, W. Va. Va.(this may go to Dillon above)
Lafayette B. Compton, 30, Parkersburg, W. Va., and Monnie Blankenship, 23, Louisa, Ky.