Woodland Cemetery Confers for More Land

Woodland Cemetery has appointed a committee in relation to purchase of more land.

Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

Daily Irontonian, Friday August 3, 1888

The committee appointed by the City Council to confer with the Cemetery Trustees in relation to the purchase of more land for the enlargement of Woodland Cemetery, has not yet held a meeting. More land for Woodland is need and the sooner it is acquired the better.  The addition should extend toward the County Infirmary building and include high ground.  The low ground north east is as valuable for farming purposes to the Infirmary as the high ground is desirable for burial lots. By the purchase of lower ground, a fair and equitable exchange might be effected between the Cemetery Trustees and County Commissioners whereby the already beautiful cemetery could be extended and made more beautiful.  Woodland Cemetery with a rapidly increasing population, will before many years be found to be too small.



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