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Woodland Cemetery

Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns

IR Nov. 10, 1870 – What to Name It. – Ironton has now a fifty acre cemetery.  Last week a professional graveyard architect was put on it to lay it off in lots, walks and drives.  Now comes the demand for a name.  What shall it be?  This question has agitated the City Council most violently.  Poetic regions have been scoured for a soft, delicious expression, betokening…..(type later)

IR Aug. 5, 1875 – The Cemetery keeper’s house has been struck by lightening several times this year , so that he is now getting used to it.  Very little damage has been done.

IR Mar. 31, 1881 – Mr. D.P. ANDERSON recently erected two beautiful monuments in Woodland.  One is Scotch granite, 14’ high for late I.C. DOVEL, other is John T. EVANS.  Made of Italian marble.

IR Mar. 31, 1881 – p3 c5 Story about enlarging Woodland Cemetery, was then 54 acres…

IR May 10, 1883 – Squire Sutton finished some repairs on the cemetery bridge.

IR Oct. 30, 1890 – The sub-structure of the Cemetery bridge was completed, last Monday, and now is waiting the bridge itself.

IR Feb. 12, 1891 – Woodland cemetery bridge is about completed.  The finishing touches will be put on this Thursday, and Thursday afternoon the Council are invited to go up and inspect it.  Engineer Brown says it is the best bridge in Lawrence county.

IR June 25, 1891 – An addition will be built to the house at the entrance of Woodland Cemetery.

IR Sept. 24, 1903 – More Land. – To be Purchased for Woodland Cemetery. – The City Council met in regular session Friday night, four members present, with Mr. Culbertson in the chair.  The reading of the minutes was dispensed with.  – … A petition from the trustees of Woodland cemetery requesting the council to authorize the trustees to purchase a strip of land adjoing the cemetery owned by Catharine Lambert at a price not to exceed $800 was read and the request granted.  A resolution authorizing the purchase of the land was adopted…

SWR Sept. 3, 1919 – Deaths. – Thurman Moore, aged 29 years, died ..this morning at the home of his father-in-law, Mr. R. H. Sarles, who resides in Woodland Cemetery…[do not have end – strange way to phrase this???]

1914 – picture – The bridge at the entrance of Woodland Cemetery, the most beautiful cemetery in Southern Ohio.






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