Stories & Pictures About Lawrence County, Ohio Cemeteries

 Stories & Pictures About
Lawrence County, Ohio Cemeteries

Submitted by Martha J. Martin

Woodland Cemetery

  • Ironton Register 1871-Woodland Cemetery dedicated.
  • Ironton Register-15 March 1900-Dedication of Hebrew section in Woodland Cemetery. 1st burial was Adam Weiler.
  • Ironton Register 29 Sept 1870, page 4 col 7-“No. 78, an Ordinance; Providing for the purchase of grounds for a public cemetery.”
  • Other cemeteries later moved graves to Woodland for burial.
  • Ironton Register 18 Sept 1890-The cemetery bridge is now town down, and the gate is closed except to persons on foot.
  • Ironton Register 23 Jan 1968-Dispute about ownership of Woodland cemetery.  Coal Grove vs. Cemetery Board.
  • Ironton Tribune 28 Oct 1962-Front Entrance to Woodland Cemetery Open-New entrance open to traffic for the first time since highway construction began in April 1961….
  • Ironton Tribune 4 Feb 1971-“Woodland Cemetery Belongs to Ironton”Ruling handed down by Judge Richard Canter of Scioto County Common Pleas Court…
  •  Morning Irontonian, 11 January 1925, Sunday, Page 16 Woodland Cemetery “City Of Dead”.. Founded in 1871, contains more than 8,00 graves.

Kelly’s Cemetery

  • Plat map of Kelly’s Cemetery is in the Recorder’s Office, Plat Book 1, page 48.  Grave plots are numbered.
  • Ironton Register 18 Jan 1851-“The first cemetery was Kelly’s (at Union Landing), from Story of our Glorious Past” page 5
  • Ironton Register 24 Aug 1854-Kelly lots on public sale.

Newton Cemetery

    • Ironton Tribune-30 May 1964, “Old Cemetery Uncovered” – Located a short distance from the County Home (now Tri-State Industries location). About 200 graves are in the small cemetery…
      • IR July 7, 1870 – No Sale. – The sale of Newton’s lands, near the Infirmary, did not take place last Saturday, owing to the sudden and serious illness of Mr. Cubbage, who was the only person acquainted with the lines and parcels of land. A large number of persons attended.
        • IR Sept. 15, 1870 – New Cemetery – The City Council has effected an arrangement with Dr. O. E. Newton for the purchase of his land, two miles above town, for the purpose of a public cemetery. There are 59 ½ acres in the lot. It is sufficiently large an admirably located for the object designed. The price paid is $10,000, in annual payments of $2,000 each.

Henry Cemetery

        • Ironton Tribune 28 June 1991-“Residents Call for Cemetery Cleanup”-Cemetery is located on Deep Cut Road off US 52…

Perkins Ridge Cemetery

        • Ironton Tribune 21 May 1981-“Perkins Ridge Cemetery Observes Anniversary”

Calvary Cemetery

        • Ironton Register 2 Oct 1890-St. Joseph’s new cemetery adjoining Woodland is being graded and laid off in fine form.
        • Ironton Tribune 20 Apr 1972-A new granite cross has been erected, replacing the cement cross which was erected in the early 1900’s…

Sacred Heart Cemetery

        • Ironton Register 10 May 1883, page 3 col 5-Sacred Heart Cemetery belongs to St. Lawrence Catholic Church, was dedicated last Sunday by Bishop Watterson.



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