Davidson Cemetery – South Point

Davidson Cemetery – South Point



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Erosion also claimed the soil in which William, Barbara and other pioneers were buried. The cemetery was between today’s Ferry and Elm streets with Old 52 on the hillside and the river on the other.  High river water and a deepening ditch created “the hollow” which washed away all but a few graves.  As late as the 1930’s numerous tombstones still stood.  A great-great grandson of Ranger Davidson, Howard T. Ferguson, found the pioneer’s stone covered by river silt in the hollow during a search that preceded ceremonies dedicating a monument to the Revolutionary War veteran in 1941.  The
monument still stands today on the corner of the First Baptist Church lot which overlooks the time-erased pioneer cemetery where the “Ranger” was buried.  The monument was purchased and dedicated by the captain James Lawrence Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was installed by Pearl G. and Dick Davidson, great-grandson and great-great-grandson respectively, of the Ranger.  During the ceremonies, Mary (Molly) Davidson Ferguson, granddaughter of the Ranger, was honored as the last remaining grandchild of an American Revolutionary War veteran in Lawrence County.

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Davidson Graveyard is noted in current Lawrence County Auditor records (Parcel Number 07-030-1800.000.) It is on private property located between Ferry and Elm Streets and bordered by 2nd and 4th Street West (Old U.S. 52) in South Point, Lawrence County, Ohio.

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