Lawrence County Ohio Deeds

Lawrence County Ohio Deed Indexes

Submitted by Martha Hennagin for The Lawrence Register

Last update was 23 December 2012!

Lawrence County, Ohio has been blessed to have our original Deed Books from the Recorders Office digitized and placed online. This site is provided by your tax dollars with the help of the Lawrence County Recorder Sharon Gossett Hager, who we appreciate very much and wish to say Thank You!!!

The down side is the deeds are not indexed online, BUT our great volunteer, friend, and researcher, Martha Hennagin from upstate Washington has taken it upon herself to index them and to give us access to that index! Isn’t the world full of wonderful people???

Please read this introduction from Martha Hennagin!

  • Once you have the book and page numbers you want to look at (from the index in the box below), go to the Lawrence County Ohio Recorders Office website
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  • On the next page, on the left side, under NON INDEXED, select the book page function.
  • On the third page you will enter the book and page number. (sometimes you will have to do this twice). Do not enter anything in the Sequence Page box.
  • We are so lucky to have these deeds available on line! Many are a treasure trove of information!

If you would like to tell Sharon Gossett Hager, our Recorder, how much you appreciate what she has done, please do so here!!

Here is Martha Hennagin’s index of deeds

We are sad to announce Martha Hennagin’s passing in 2016. The Lawrence Register family is deeply grateful to all of her hard work. She will truly be missed. 



,Lucy Ann12137
,Lucy Ann12343
,Mary Ann12137
,Mary Ann12315
,Mary Ann12316
,Mary Ann12317
,Mary Ann12343
,Short Daniel12315
,Short John12137
,Short John12315
,Short John12316
,Short John12317
,Short John12343
,Yellow John12137
,Yellow John12315
,Yellow John12316
,Yellow John12317
,Yellow John12343
Abel, Elizabeth5214
Abel, Elizabeth5231
Abel, Elizabeth heirs5214
Abel, Pamelia5214
Abel, Pamelia5231
Abich, Christian20402
Abram, Joseph8566
Abram, Joseph13206
Ackeson, Thomas10163
Ackley, Abel1028
Acord, Martin14178
Acord, Valentine7523
Acord, Valentine14177
Acord, Zur625
Adams, Alexander11351
Adams, Alfred18551
Adams, Charles Thomas2043
Adams, Esther S11186
Adams, Ezra E11138
Adams, Ezra E.13313
Adams, Henry C.13111
Adams, John1353
Adams, John14357
Adams, John14359
Adams, John14361
Adams, John14362
Adams, John14526
Adams, John19168
Adams, Josiah14215
Adams, Mary12470
Adams, Rensaler206
Adams, Richard796
Adams, Richard797
Adams, Richard7359
Adams, Richard7412
Adams, Richard14215
Adams, Richard admin14373
Adams, Solomon11460
Adams, Solomon18335
Adams, Solomon heirs of206
Adams, William17491
Adkins, Alfred18490
Adkins, Alfred19340
Adkins, Amy2136
Adkins, Amy2137
Adkins, Elizabeth2136
Adkins, Elizabeth2137
Adkins, George15143
Adkins, George15587
Adkins, George18375
Adkins, George2136
Adkins, George A2137
Adkins, George G2136
Adkins, Pleasant A2136
Adkins, Pleasant A2137
Adkins, Pricey2136
Adkins, Priscy2137
Adkins, William15587
Adkins, William19280
Adkins, William2136
Adkins, William2137
Agnew, David784
Agnew, David7150
Agnew, David8136
Agnew, David8280
Agnew, David8419
Agnew, David8420
Agnew, David and others8134
Agricultural Society15496
Aid Twp Board of Ed18545
Aid Twp Dschool Dist 410166
Aid Twp School Dist 111421
Ailsessor, John611
Ailsessor, John612
Ailsessor, John heirs of8429
Ailsessor, John Jr8429
Ailsessor, John Jr8430
Akers, Daniel20157
Akers, James1465
Akers, Margaret20157
Aldrich, Catharine19594
Aldrich, Minerva19594
Aldrich, Mount Calvary19594
Aldrich, Robert19594
Aldridge, Catharine1726
Aldridge, Harriett1726
Aldridge, James1726
Aldridge, Minervia1726
Aldridge, Mount1726
Aldridge, Mount18160
Aldridge, Mount C16261
Aldridge, Mount Calvary16266
Aldridge, Mount. D18160
Aldridge, Robert1726
Aldridge, Stephen878
Aldridge, Stephen9206
Aldridge, Stephen9433
Aldridge, Stephen M.14212
Alesbury, John3272
Alesbury, John463
Alexander, Elizabeth16575
Alexander, John12140
Alexander, John14261
Alexander, John14268
Alexander, John16508
Alexander, John16575
Alford, G. W.1622
Alford, Washington8569
Allen, David13323
Allen, David13324
Allen, David14316
Allen, Isaac B12363
Allen, James7512
Allen, James13145
Allen, James1668
Allen, James16371
Allen, James M20111
Allen, Jno. L20111
Allen, John20231
Allen, John M20142
Allen, John W.14316
Allen, Maria S12363
Allen, Martha20231
Allen, Mary Ann16556
Allen, Mary Ann17467
Allen, Mary Ann18310
Allen, Richard James270
Allen, William6316
Allen, William9151
Allen, Zachariah270
Allison, James13317
Allison, James M18612
Allison, James M18613
Allison, Thomas15565
Allison, Thomas J19416
Allison, Thomas J.15563
Ames, William19129
Amlin, Eliza21152
Amos, Asa5282
Amos, Asa733
Amos, John16636
Amos, William B.14182
Anderson, Benjamin1491
Anderson, George21112
Anderson, Lewis6207
Anderson, Lewis6436
Anderson, Lewis6707
Anderson, Lewis7595
Anderson, Lewis18347
Anderson, Lewis18348
Anderson, William3258
Anderson, William3260
Anderson, William3261
Anderson, William431
Anderson, William555
Anderson, William5169
Anderson, William5309
Anderson, William J3217
Andre, Coluisa19209
Andre, John998
Andre, John13604
Andre, John14351
Andre, John14502
Andre, John1657
Andre, John19209
Andre, Peter Jr998
Andres, John8434
Andres, John W7481
Andres, John W7482
Andrews, Cyrus16498
Andrews, G. R.7296
Andrews, J. H.7482
Andrews, John W7296
Andrews, John W7482
Andrews, John W8377
Angel, Berry13570
Angel, Joshua18151
Angel, Mathiah13262
Angell, Joshua15329
Ankim, Samuel5133
Ankrim, David8209
Ankrim, David12458
Ankrim, James5132
Ankrim, James836
Ankrim, S.5133
Ankrim, Samuel5132
Ankrim, Samuel5133
Ankrim, Samuel836
Ankrim, Samuel8209
Ankrim, Samuel12458
Ankrim, Samuel Sr583
Ankrim, Sarah5132
Ankrim, Saul5132
Ansel, Elizabeth16358
Ansell, John W.15346
Ansell, Michael147
Ansell, Michael15346
Ansill, Jno W20634
Ansill, Martin20634
Anthony, Peter E9291
Apsear, Austin10182
Argo, James G14219
Argo, James G. deceased14185
Argo, Jane widow14185
Argo, Solomon D.14409
Armond, Samuel G.270
Armstead, Richard1271
Armstrong, Dunn13100
Armstrong, J.L.8140
Armstrong, J.L.8141
Armstrong, J.L.9358
Armstrong, J.L.12476
Armstrong, J.L.16342
Armstrong, J.L.16488
Armstrong, J.L.16491
Armstrong, J.L.18141
Armstrong, J.L.18142
Armstrong, J.L.19341
Armstrong, J.L.19342
Armstrong, James L7461
Armstrong, James L19563
Armstrong, James L19565
Armstrong, James L19566
Armstrong, James L20165
Armstrong, James L2119
Armstrong, James L2129
Arnold, Emily15348
Arnold, Richard R270
Arnold, Samuel Greene270
Arthur, Caleb17577
Arthur, Caleb21112
Arthur, Meredith27140
Arthur, Roxy27140
Arthur, Willis8217
Arthur, Willis8219
Ash, Frederick14619
Ashcraft, Harriet14618
Ashcraft, S.21237
Ashcraft, Smith1251
Ashcraft, Smith1255
Ashcraft, Smith1276
Ashcraft, Smith12270
Ashcraft, Smith12369
Ashcraft, Smith12370
Ashcraft, Smith12543
Ashcraft, Smith13151
Ashcraft, Smith13195
Ashcraft, Smith13256
Ashcraft, Smith13633
Ashcraft, Smith14168
Ashcraft, Smith14171
Ashcraft, Smith14187
Ashcraft, Smith14198
Ashcraft, Smith14449
Ashcraft, Smith14457
Ashcraft, Smith14539
Ashcraft, Smith14613
Ashcraft, Smith14618
Ashcraft, Smith158
Ashcraft, Smith1537
Ashcraft, Smith15128
Ashcraft, Smith15223
Ashcraft, Smith15376
Ashcraft, Smith15518
Ashcraft, Smith15537
Ashcraft, Smith16288
Ashcraft, Smith16365
Ashcraft, Smith17330
Ashcraft, Smith1979
Ashcraft, Smith2195
Atkin, Edward20388
Atkins, Alfred947
Atkins, Elizabeth947
Atkins, George947
Atkins, John947
Atkins, Rebecca947
Atkins, Sarah Jane947
Atkins, William947
Atkinson, Levan13515
Atkinson, Lewis13515
Atkinson, Mary13515
Atteson, Hannah162
Atwood, Samuel12226
Audre, John1386
Austin, Charles K.1389
Austin, Charles K.15566
Austin, Frederik14187
Austin, George will of4266
Austin, Lydia8557
Austin, Lydia1389
Austin, Lydia1580
Austin, Lydia15566
Awmeller, John1524
Ayres, Isaac14120
Ayres, Isaac14582
Ayres, Jonathan14120
Ayres, Jonathan14121
Babcock, Elijah5235
Baccus, Ezra9381
Baccus, Peter12257
Bache, Alexander Dallas9229
Bache, Nancy9229
Bagley, Andrew10383
Bagley, Jane10317
Bagley, Jeremiah10317
Bagley, John10317
Bagley, John10389
Bagley, John J10123
Bagley, John J10542
Bagley, John J13301
Bagley, Joseph J16164
Bagley, Peter10269
Bagley, Ransaler19235
Bagley, Rensaler10196
Bagley, Rensaler16299
Bagley, Rensaler17407
Bagley, Rensaler17409
Bagley, Rensaler18529
Bagley, Rensaler,12178
Bagley, Renssaler12438
Bagley, Rhoda10317
Bagley, Sarah10317
Bagwell, Samuel1571
Bagwell, Samuel15528
Bailey, Andrew1177
Bailey, Eli11113
Bailey, Eli S11113
Bailey, Jesse1052
Bailey, Jesse11231
Bailey, Jesse J1052
Bailey, Jesse T8580
Bailey, Jno1186
Bailey, John8580
Bailey, John10389
Bailey, John1118
Bailey, John11181
Bailey, John11186
Bailey, John11387
Bailey, John11392
Bailey, John12164
Bailey, John16361
Bailey, John16362
Bailey, Marcy11113
Bailey, Mary1118
Bailey, Robert16360
Bails, Mary16481
Baird, Abner7352
Baird, Abner7354
Baird, Abner8530
Baird, G. A.1024
Baird, Mary Jane17452
Baird, Mary Jane19238
Baird, Moses7480
Baird, Moses8275
Baird, Robert2118
Baird, Robert3220
Baird, Robert471
Baird, Robert489
Baird, Robert4147
Baird, Robert4336
Baird, Rufus7352
Baird, Rufus7353
Baird, Samuel13280
Baird, Samuel16577
Baird, Samuel17595
Baker, Eliza12239
Baker, Eliza A12239
Baker, George W14389
Baker, George W19622
Baker, George W20118
Baker, George W20575
Baker, Isaac11302
Baker, Isaac19622
Baker, Isaac19632
Baker, James20376
Baker, Joseph15636
Baker, Mary Jane15636
Baker, William12239
Baker, William W10556
Baldwin, Robert12260
Baldwin, W.B.19506
Baldwin, W.G.10506
Baldwin, W.G.19222
Baldwin, Wiley14567
Baldwin, Wiley G14568
Baldwin, Wiley G2079
Baldwin, William M12404
Baldwin, William W12317
Ball, Elizabeth651
Ball, Elizabeth652
Ball, Elizabeth9371
Ball, Elizabeth Stover9371
Ball, Francis16264
Ball, Franklin20157
Ball, James14370
Ball, James14371
Ball, James19322
Ball, Jesse14625
Ball, Jesse15221
Ball, Jesse1630
Ball, Jesse16420
Ball, Jesse20167
Ball, Jesse2176
Ball, Jesse W18601
Ball, Jesse W.16421
Ball, John7570
Ball, Lydia2176
Ballard, A.J.27615
Ballard, Amanda2337
Ballard, Amanda27313
Ballard, Amer7504
Ballard, Amer898
Ballard, Amer10513
Ballard, Andrew J.26344
Ballard, Andrew J.27136
Ballard, Andrew J.27137
Ballard, Andrew J.27138
Ballard, Andrew J.27139
Ballard, Andrew J.27140
Ballard, Andrew J.27141
Ballard, Andrew J.27142
Ballard, Cassandra20506
Ballard, Cassandra2154
Ballard, Cassandra21179
Ballard, Cassandra24556
Ballard, Cassandra26165
Ballard, Cassandra26344
Ballard, Cassandra26398
Ballard, Elisha21612
Ballard, Elisha27490
Ballard, Elisha R.27266
Ballard, Eliza A.27490
Ballard, Elizabeth17312
Ballard, Elizabeth2475
Ballard, Elizabeth3121
Ballard, Harriet7413
Ballard, Harriet8129
Ballard, Harriet8233
Ballard, Harriet8574
Ballard, Harriet9196
Ballard, Harriet9366
Ballard, Harriet9407
Ballard, Harriet9471
Ballard, Harriet9490
Ballard, Harriet9499
Ballard, Harriet10459
Ballard, Harriet10473
Ballard, Harriet10485
Ballard, Harriet11219
Ballard, Harriet18376
Ballard, Harriet19279
Ballard, Harris699
Ballard, James18464
Ballard, Jesse3170
Ballard, Jesse4275
Ballard, Jesse5389
Ballard, Jesse793
Ballard, Jesse7504
Ballard, Jesse7527
Ballard, Jesse835
Ballard, Jesse898
Ballard, Jesse899
Ballard, Jesse967
Ballard, Jesse10302
Ballard, Jesse10303
Ballard, Jesse10409
Ballard, Jesse10410
Ballard, Jesse10471
Ballard, Jesse10474
Ballard, Jesse10511
Ballard, Jesse10513
Ballard, Jesse12517
Ballard, Jesse1457
Ballard, Jesse14577
Ballard, Jesse16284
Ballard, Jesse16533
Ballard, Jesse16534
Ballard, Jesse18474
Ballard, Jesse22597
Ballard, Jesse24247
Ballard, John674
Ballard, John6236
Ballard, John6239
Ballard, John7396
Ballard, John7397
Ballard, John7584
Ballard, John8202
Ballard, John12517
Ballard, John12518
Ballard, John12519
Ballard, John13293
Ballard, John14390
Ballard, John17312
Ballard, John1864
Ballard, John18134
Ballard, John18464
Ballard, John19321
Ballard, John20491
Ballard, John20505
Ballard, John20535
Ballard, John2153
Ballard, John2154
Ballard, John21179
Ballard, John2337
Ballard, John24556
Ballard, John26165
Ballard, John26344
Ballard, John26398
Ballard, John2741
Ballard, John27313
Ballard, John29265
Ballard, John20506
Ballard, Mariah19321
Ballard, Martha16533
Ballard, Martha16534
Ballard, Martha22597
Ballard, Martha24247
Ballard, Martha24657
Ballard, Mary10302
Ballard, Mary18133
Ballard, Mary20348
Ballard, Micajah10409
Ballard, Nancy27138
Ballard, Ruhamah7504
Ballard, Ruhamah835
Ballard, Ruhamah10303
Ballard, Samuel835
Ballard, Samuel8238
Ballard, Samuel10302
Ballard, Samuel10303
Ballard, Samuel17439
Ballard, Samuel18133
Ballard, Samuel18134
Ballard, Samuel20348
Ballard, Sarah10409
Ballard, Sarah18133
Ballard, Sarah18134
Ballard, Sarah18464
Ballard, Stephen1115
Ballard, Stephen1118
Ballard, Stephen4275
Ballard, Stephen4390
Ballard, Stephen6185
Ballard, Stephen6186
Ballard, Stephen14258
Ballard, Stephen19321
Ballard, Stephen27138
Ballard, Susan27142
Ballard, Susan27615
Ballard, Susannah6239
Ballard, William6204
Ballard, William6320
Ballard, William6360
Ballard, William7413
Ballard, William8129
Ballard, William8233
Ballard, William8291
Ballard, William8339
Ballard, William8442
Ballard, William8443
Ballard, William8444
Ballard, William8493
Ballard, William8504
Ballard, William8542
Ballard, William8574
Ballard, William960
Ballard, William961
Ballard, William9186
Ballard, William9366
Ballard, William9407
Ballard, William9409
Ballard, William9471
Ballard, William9490
Ballard, William9499
Ballard, William10214
Ballard, William10459
Ballard, William10473
Ballard, William10485
Ballard, William11219
Ballard, William17312
Ballard, William22392
Ballard, William2475
Ballard, William25101
Ballard, William3330
Ballard, William Admin13610
Ballard, William Admin16411
Ballard, William estate13216
Ballard, William Estate14107
Ballard, William Estate16413
Ballared, Jesse967
Bandolet, Jacob15612
Bandy, Andrew7437
Bandy, Andrew7439
Bandy, Andrew1189
Bandy, Andrew18285
Bandy, Andrew18286
Bandy, George983
Bandy, George9211
Bandy, George10570
Bandy, George1340
Bandy, George1343
Bandy, George1344
Bandy, George16158
Bandy, George19121
Bandy, George20631
Bandy, George Jr10236
Bandy, George Jr18286
Bandy, George Jr18287
Bandy, William20181
Bandy, William2130
Bandy, William2155
Barber, Eugene10414
Barber, Eugene133
Barber, Eugene15158
Barber, Thomas C20569
Barbier, Eugene133
Barbier, Eugene134
Barbier, Eugene15158
Barger, Logan16591
Barger, Logan17440
Barger, Logan2123
Barklow, Johnson175
Barnet, Andrew6197
Barnet, E. S.18628
Barnet, Isaac858
Barnet, Isaac11571
Barnet, Isaac12181
Barnet, Jesse14216
Barnet, John15519
Barnet, John S14434
Barnet, Thomas7551
Barnet, Thomas7554
Barnet, Thomas857
Barnet, Thomas858
Barnet, Thomas18372
Barnet, Thomas E12512
Barnet, Thomas E13401
Barnett, Isaac1669
Barnett, Jesse15162
Barnett, John H14299
Barnett, John H15304
Barnhart, Peter13513
Barnheart, J.P.17538
Barrett, Joseph598
Barrows, D18200
Bartels, David19472
Bartels, Permina19472
Bartels, Pernina19476
Bartle Farm1711
Bartle, Penisa18271
Bartles, C. F.1716
Bartles, Caroline1711
Bartles, David830
Bartles, David12355
Bartles, David1710
Bartles, David1711
Bartles, David1712
Bartles, David1714
Bartles, David1716
Bartles, David18309
Bartles, David19513
Bartles, Eleanor1711
Bartles, Frederick6259
Bartles, Frederick6319
Bartles, Frederick7276
Bartles, Frederick7420
Bartles, Frederick7602
Bartles, Frederick8200
Bartles, Frederick heirs of1711
Bartles, Frederick heirs of1728
Bartles, Penina20486
Bartles, Peter1712
Bartlets, David19476
Bartlett, Francis2124
Bartlett, Francis6449
Bartley, Frederick1234
Barton, William H20546
Bartram William P1516
Bartram, C.C.20122
Bartram, Charles19354
Bartram, Charles20338
Bartram, Charles C21180
Bartram, Elizabeth1516
Bartram, Elizabeth19354
Bartram, Elizabeth and children9420
Bartram, Elizabeth and children1086
Bartram, James19354
Bartram, James A9326
Bartram, James A9374
Bartram, James A12253
Bartram, James A12255
Bartram, James A1516
Bartram, M. S.20496
Bartram, Mark19354
Bartram, Mark20496
Bartram, Mark21247
Bartram, Mark I1516
Bartram, Mark S2141
Bartram, Sarah1516
Bartram, Sarah19354
Bartram, William P12253
Bartram, William P12255
Bartram, William P15262
Bartram, William P16337
Bartram, William P19354
Bartram, William Penn10130
Bass, Elijah14620
Bass, Elijah14621
Bass, Elijah1637
Bass, Elijah17224
Bass, Elijah18611
Bass, Elijah20164
Bass, Elijah21126
Bass, Elijah21127
Bates, Alvin355
Bates, Elizabeth15341
Bates, Moses15341
Bates, Stephen14434
Batham, John19162
Batham, John19629
Batham, John20248
Baty, Alexander1387
Baty, Alexander13416
Baty. Alexander13417
Baumgarner, Daniel7456
Baumgarner, John4272
Baxter, Thomas16503
Baxter, Thomas20492
Bay, George W2182
Bay, George W2183
Bay, Thomas11524
Bay, Thomas11532
Bay, Thomas11533
Bay, Thomas11534
Bay, Thomas12187
Bay, Thomas17119
Bay, Thomas17120
Bayard, George A1024
Baylan, Lawrence19123
Bazel, Elias15351
Bazel, Elias16386
Bazel, Elias16574
Bazel, Elias17332
Bazel, Elias18215
Bazel, Elias20239
Bazel, Elias20414
Bazel, Elias20415
Bazel, Elias20494
Bazel, Elias20539
Bazel, Elias2135
Bazel, Elias2136
Bazel, James B20539
Bazel, Wiley G20494
Bazel, Wiley G21117
Bazell, James B21177
Bazell, Wiley G2062
Bazell, Wiley G21117
Bazwell, Samuel15528
Bazzell, Amon15620
Bazzell, Elias15620
Beall, John20388
Beam, George11527
Beams, G. S.6124
Beams, George6394
Beams, George W6124
Beams, George W6393
Beams, George W6394
Beams, George W.6324
Beams, Marinda6124
Beard, Abner8426
Beard, Robert1194
Beard, Robert2118
Beard, Robert471
Beard, Samuel14271
Beardsley, Bartemeus7444
Beardsley, Bartemius5180
Beardsley, Bartemius9126
Beardsley, Bartemius21212
Beardsley, Bartemuis7443
Beardsley, Bartemuis8625
Beardsley, Bartemuis15356
Beardsley, Bartemuis15601
Beardsley, Bartemuis20121
Beardsley, Hiram10342
Beardsley, Hiram116
Bearight, Ellis14254
Bearing, J. M.14331
Beatty, Alexander181
Beatty, Samuel16208
Beatty, Samuel1858
Beatty, Samuel18178
Beatty, Samuel18550
Beatty, Samuel18555
Beatty, Samuel18604
Beatty, Samuel2064
Beatty, Samuel2065
Bebee, Oliver12140
Bebee, Oliver12141
Beck, Catharine21212
Becket, John9397
Becket, John11376
Becket, John11378
Becket, John13399
Becket, Josiah11561
Becket, Josiah12206
Becket, Martin K16214
Becket, Thomas11376
Beckett, A.J.17549
Beckett, A.J.19496
Beckett, A.J.20371
Beckett, A.J.20403
Beckett, Abiah R20371
Beckett, Abiah R20627
Beckett, Andrew J18196
Beckett, Andrew J20106
Beckett, Daniel K19496
Beckett, Daniel K20388
Beckett, John9290
Beckett, John11376
Beckett, John1246
Beckett, John14284
Beckett, John16277
Beckett, John20107
Beckett, Josiah11560
Beckett, Josiah20163
Beckett, M.K.15388
Beckett, M.L.19418
Beckett, Martin K16215
Beckett, Moses1020
Beckett, Thomas11376
Beckett, Thomas16277
Beckett, Thomas18196
Beckley, Elizabeth17446
Beckley, Emily17446
Beckley, Emily17448
Beckley, Emily17449
Beckley, James12281
Beckley, James12285
Beckley, John17446
Beckley, Laura960
Beckley, Margaret Jane17446
Beckley, Neville17446
Beckley, Neville C17446
Beckley, Solomon2136
Beckley, Solomon475
Beckley, Solomon4137
Beckley, Solomon5241
Beckley, Solomon5291
Beckley, Solomon6177
Beckley, Solomon6374
Beckley, Solomon7310
Beckley, Solomon7395
Beckley, Solomon7416
Beckley, Solomon7549
Beckley, Solomon814
Beckley, Solomon815
Beckley, Solomon8100
Beckley, Solomon8128
Beckley, Solomon8273
Beckley, Solomon8439
Beckley, Solomon8493
Beckley, Solomon8498
Beckley, Solomon8580
Beckley, Solomon960
Beckley, Solomon971
Beckley, Solomon9224
Beckley, Solomon9254
Beckley, Solomon9310
Beckley, Solomon9567
Beckley, Solomon1024
Beckley, Solomon1127
Beckley, Solomon12486
Bee, Michael20589
Beeson, Martha R17527
Beeson, R.S.17523
Belcher, William12235
Belcher, William14229
Bell, Johnson5234
Bell, Johnson6268
Bell, Johnston2165
Bell, Johnston3258
Bell, Johnston3260
Bell, Johnston5212
Bell, Johnston5234
Bell, Johnston6232
Bell, Johnston6266
Bell, Johnston7448
Bell, Johnston7449
Bell, Johnston7450
Bellamy, Elizabeth21177
Bellamy, Joel F9306
Bellamy, John D17546
Bellamy, William L9383
Bellar, Daniel21178
Beller, Dan7560
Beller, Daniel7559
Beller, Daniel9503
Beller, Daniel10351
Beller, Daniel10352
Beller, Daniel10357
Beller, Daniel1532
Beller, Daniel1534
Beller, David17286
Beller, Elisha6367
Beller, Elisha7560
Beller, Lafayette15173
Beller, Lafayette15259
Beller, Nancy10352
Bellomy, Benjamin1139
Bellomy, Benjamin1217
Bellomy, Benjmain1129
Bellomy, Hezekiah C14607
Bellomy, Joel8211
Bellomy, Joel13108
Bellomy, Joel F9306
Bellomy, Joel F10333
Bellomy, Joel F1226
Bellomy, Joel F12568
Bellomy, Joel F13567
Bellomy, Joel F13569
Bellomy, John D17546
Bellomy, John D18116
Bellomy, John D18242
Bellomy, L8240
Bellomy, Matilda13108
Bellomy, Matilda Ann10349
Bellomy, Matilda Ann13108
Bellomy, Matilda Ann13568
Bellomy, William L8211
Beloat, Joseph6524
Beloat, Joseph7598
Beloat, Joseph7599
Beloat, Joseph8403
Beloat, Joseph8520
Beloat, Joseph9430
Beloat, Joseph13211
Beloat, Joseph13411
Belomy, Joel F8211
Belomy, William L8211
Beman, Rufus10304
Beman, Rufus10573
Benedict, John18211
Benedict, L9523
Benedict, Lewis9521
Benedict, Lewis9523
Benedict, Susan9523
Bennet, Abraham6245
Bennet, Abraham6255
Bennet, Abraham76
Bennet, Gilbert4223
Bennet, Gilbert8613
Bennet, Gilbert8616
Bennet, Gilbert8617
Bennet, Gilbert10544
Bennet, Gilbert11469
Bennet, Samuel8115
Bennett, Abiah R20579
Bennett, Daniel K20388
Bennett, Frederick9547
Bennett, John20578
Benson, James13262
Benson, Rufus8131
Bentine, William20232
Bentley, Aholiah15256
Bergen, Martin1917
Bergen, Patrick14199
Bergin, Patrick2051
Bergin, Patrick2061
Berkley, Herman18427
Berry, John M15130
Berry, John M18124
Bertrand, Elizabeth13511
Bertrand, Elizabeth14482
Bertrand, Elizabeth16188
Bertrand, Elizabeth19160
Bertrand, John B12257
Best, Jacob17596
Best, Jacob1897
Best, John A16476
Best, John A16477
Best, John A.16478
Bestow, John C588
Bestow, John C5116
Bettis, William7602
Betts, Eda16625
Betts, Isaac13178
Betts, Isaac13631
Betts, Isaac16365
Betts, Isaac16366
Betts, Isaac18461
Betts, Isaac19266
Betts, Isaac19268
Betts, Isaac C19404
Betts, Rebecca16421
Betts, Samuel1577
Betts, Samuel16625
Betts, Thomas13197
Betts, Thomas13198
Betts, Thomas14504
Betts, Thomas16421
Betts, Thomas17368
Bevan, John H18487
Bevan, John H18489
Bevan, Roland1952
Bevan, Rowland17405
Bevan, Rowland18487
Beven, Roland18489
Beverly, Harrod13281
Beverly, Reuben12545
Beverly, Reuben13478
Beverly, Reuben13479
Bewick, Edward10526
Bewick, Edward11431
Bewick, Margaret11509
Bias, William Evermount1167
Bice, Benjamin16533
Bichele, Aaron13147
Bichele, Charles B13147
Bickle, Charles20138
Bickle, Frank14404
Biggins, Thomas W1388
Biggs, Charles H18515
Biggs, Joseph6303
Biggs, Sarah6212
Billings, John17490
Billips, George W21183
Billips, George W21184
Billips, John1138
Billups, Edward113
Bird, Andrew20136
Bird, David13304
Bird, David13305
Bird, David20136
Bisby, Edwin17533
Bishoff, Jacob19535
Bishop, Benjamin14598
Bishop, Benjamin15240
Bishop, Benjamin1691
Bishop, Benjamin16184
Bishop, Benjamin1876
Bishop, Benjmain15234
Bishop, Eleanor20633
Bishop, Ezra7326
Bishop, Ezra7335
Bishop, Ezra7578
Bishop, Ezra8559
Bishop, Ezra10590
Bishop, Ezra11283
Bishop, Ezra13246
Bishop, Samuel P17199
Bishop, Samuel P17200
Bishop, Samuel P17201
Bishop, Samuel P17202
Bishop, Samuel P17203
Bishop, Samuel P17204
Bishop, Samuel P17205
Bishop, Samuel P17206
Bishop, Samuel P17207
Bishop, Samuel P17208
Bishop, Samuel P17209
Bishop, Samuel P17210
Bishop, Samuel P17308
Bixby, Edwin17533
Bixby, Edwin18340
Bixby, Edwin18612
Bixby, Edwin18613
Bixby, Edwin19293
Black, William12454
Black, William13291
Black, Wilson C17288
Black, Wilson C17289
Black, Wilson C17478
Black, Wilson C18515
Blackburn, Jeremiah13154
Blackburn, Jeremiah15327
Blackburn, Jeremiah1811
Blackburn, Jeremiah18393
Blackburn, William19274
Blackburn, William20576
Blackwell, John A21108
Blagg, Adam18169
Blagg, William13573
Blagg, William18169
Blair, Agnes19594
Blair, Hanna P9124
Blair, Henry11195
Blair, J9124
Blair, Jno8597
Blair, John6371
Blair, John8597
Blair, John12257
Blair, John19594
Blair, Jon7407
Blair, Joseph11597
Blair, Nancy5181
Blair, Nancy5201
Blair, Polly8597
Blair, Robert5129
Blair, Willam heir of5357
Blair, William5181
Blair, William5201
Blair, William5356
Blair, William5357
Blair, William C18203
Blair, William estate5181
Blair, William heirs of8476
Blair, Wilson C18515
Blake, A1623
Blake, A16583
Blake, Burdine1324
Blake, Burdine1325
Blake, Burdine13140
Blake, Burdine13171
Blake, Burdine13172
Blake, Burdine13199
Blake, Burdine13303
Blake, Burdine13473
Blake, Burdine13616
Blake, Burdine1455
Blake, Burdine1493
Blake, Burdine1494
Blake, Burdine14235
Blake, Burdine14286
Blake, Henry6385
Blake, Henry7363
Blake, Henry7430
Blake, Henry8336
Blake, Henry1093
Blake, Henry10104
Blake, Henry10244
Blake, Henry10471
Blake, Henry10479
Blake, Henry10513
Blake, Henry1127
Blake, Henry11369
Blake, Henry11405
Blake, Henry11447
Blake, Henry11448
Blake, Henry11459
Blake, Henry11489
Blake, Henry1251
Blake, Henry1255
Blake, Henry1277
Blake, Henry12198
Blake, Henry12200
Blake, Henry12201
Blake, Henry12251
Blake, Henry12356
Blake, Henry12369
Blake, Henry12446
Blake, Henry12454
Blake, Henry12459
Blake, Henry12460
Blake, Henry12515
Blake, Henry12522
Blake, Henry12537
Blake, Henry12575
Blake, Henry13172
Blake, Henry13178
Blake, Henry13182
Blake, Henry13193
Blake, Henry16304
Blake, Henry Adm14289
Blake, Henry Admin15103
Blake, Henry estate14289
Blake, J. Henry1737
Blake, J. Henry1739
Blake, James C10293
Blake, James H18461
Blake, James H18578
Blake, James H18582
Blake, James H18583
Blake, James H18604
Blake, James H18615
Blake, James H1910
Blake, James H1969
Blake, James H1979
Blake, James H19293
Blake, James H19351
Blake, James H19461
Blake, James H19479
Blake, James H20109
Blake, James H20201
Blake, James H20263
Blake, James H20318
Blake, James H20537
Blake, James Henry18400
Blake, James Henry18403
Blake, James Henry18433
Blake, James Henry20392
Blake, John1646
Blake, John19249
Blake, Lucy Ann20581
Blake, Miles15221
Blake, Miles L14298
Blake, Miles L14300
Blake, Miles L15112
Blake, Miles L16576
Blake, Thomas7476
Blan, Samuel12137
Blanchard, Augustus5354
Blanchard, Leonard6291
Blanchard, Leonard6293
Blanchard, Leonard6295
Bland, Samuel1064
Blandy, Fred19212
Blandy, Frederick15305
Blandy, Frederick18515
Blandy, Frederick1965
Blandy, Henry15305
Blandy, Henry18515
Blandy, Henry1965
Blandy, Henry19212
Blandy, Julia18515
Blandy, Julia1965
Blandy, Mary A1965
Blaney, William20460
Blankenship, Andrew1168
Blankenship, Andrew285
Blankenship, Andrew3114
Blankenship, Andrew3274
Blankenship, Andrew4240
Blankenship, Andrew6402
Blankenship, Andrew12179
Blankenship, Andrew12180
Blankenship, Andrew17225
Blankenship, Andrew17226
Blankenship, Andrew J12179
Blankenship, Andrew J14545
Blankenship, Andrew J17227
Blankenship, Andrew J18337
Blankenship, Andrew Jr14250
Blankenship, Bartley19594
Blankenship, Delila19594
Blankenship, Hannah19594
Blankenship, Hiram2078
Blankenship, Hiram H20317
Blankenship, Isom6266
Blankenship, John7160
Blankenship, John8627
Blankenship, John8637
Blankenship, Madison6369
Blankenship, Madison7268
Blankenship, Madison12180
Blankenship, Madison12181
Blankenship, Madison1669
Blankenship, Madison17518
Blankenship, Madison17520
Blankenship, Madison18317
Blankenship, Madison18337
Blankenship, Marison8103
Blankenship, Mattison13136
Blankenship, Wesley19594
Blessig, Jacob20269
Blessig, Jacob21247
Blessings, Jacob18116
Blessings, Jacob18117
Bliss, Rebecca5214
Bliss, Rebecca5231
Blithe, Asa8620
Blodget, H.M.7269
Blodget, Herman844
Blodget, Herman M844
Blodget, Herman M845
Blodget, Luther7269
Blodget, Luther7308
Blodget, Luther962
Blomeyer, Henry135
Blomeyer, Henry1314
Blomeyer, Lewis1317
Blomier, Lewis15545
Blomyer, Lewis1319
Blonier, Lewis15545
Bloom Furnace1118
Blore, Jane19508
Blore, William19508
Blore, William H.C.15345
Blowers, Bethwel10100
Blowers, James15538
Blowers, James183
Blowers, Mary15539
Bly, Rebecca5214
Blynn, Andrew8637
Blythe, Thomas442
Blythe, Thomas5128
Blythe, Thomas5140
Blyuthe, Thomas442
Boade, Henry15292
Boae, Henry13418
Bobble, William5372
Boehr, Frank18433
Bofs, Nicholas8583
Boggs Alexander19171
Boggs, A.B.19578
Boggs, A.E. M.19579
Boggs, A.E.M.19578
Boggs, Abigail19171
Boggs, Abigial2040
Boggs, Alexander8253
Boggs, Andrew heirs of19171
Boggs, Andrew heirs of20565
Boggs, Andrew heirs of20638
Boggs, Anthony19578
Boggs, Anthony21204
Boggs, Anthony B19576
Boggs, Anthony B19577
Boggs, Araminto19171
Boggs, Archibald19578
Boggs, Archibald19579
Boggs, B. Franklin19563
Boggs, Benjamin F17419
Boggs, Benjamin F19566
Boggs, Benjamin F19567
Boggs, Bowen1225
Boggs, Bowen12272
Boggs, Charles L19579
Boggs, Charles L20224
Boggs, E.M.19578
Boggs, Francis7164
Boggs, Hamilton12501
Boggs, Hiram11139
Boggs, Hiram13574
Boggs, Hiram16231
Boggs, Hiram16232
Boggs, James20133
Boggs, Julia A19171
Boggs, Lamenda19578
Boggs, Lucinda S19577
Boggs, Robert7373
Boggs, Robert7374
Boggs, Robert8506
Boggs, William19124
Boggs, William19586
Boggs, William A14167
Boggs, Wilson19171
Boggus, Benjamin B21133
Bolan, Nelson8619
Bolen, Henry7371
Bolen, Henry133
Bolen, Nelson7371
Bolin, Nelson8617
Bolles, William M19555
Bolles, William M20150
Bolles, William M21135
Boltes, William M201
Bond, James9549
Bond, Jane B9549
Bond, Lucy9549
Bond, William K9549
Bond, William K.6399
Bond, William Key937
Bond, William Key9549
Bond, William Key1041
Bone, Wilhelmina21127
Bone, Wilhelmina E21129
Bootey, Henry18638
Booth, A. J.15213
Booth, Andrew11311
Booth, Andrew12136
Booth, Andrew J12136
Booth, Daniel3169
Booth, Daniel74
Booth, Daniel7306
Booth, Daniel15213
Booth, Henry370
Booth, Robert7380
Booth, Robert19626
Booth, Robert19636
Boothe, A. J.15213
Boothe, Andrew1026
Boothe, Andrew J14371
Boothe, Andrew J16566
Boothe, Andrew J16567
Boothe, Andrew J16568
Boothe, Andrew J16570
Boothe, Andrew J16571
Boothe, Andrew J16572
Boothe, Andrew J18131
Boothe, Andrew J18392
Boothe, Andrew, J16569
Boothe, Daniel9144
Boothe, Daniel9317
Boothe, Daniel9343
Boothe, Daniel10163
Boothe, Daniel15213
Boothe, Elisha9144
Boothe, Elisha1026
Boothe, Elisha16570
Boothe, Henry4385
Boothe, Isaac17344
Boothe, Isaac17364
Boothe, Isaac18539
Boothe, Robert10195
Boothe, Robert1822
Boothe, Robert C1289
Boothe, William16571
Borde, Henry16369
Border, Francis13479
Border, Francis14525
Boring, Thomas W2161
Borun, Benjamin9523
Bory, Benjamin F18404
Bottels, David830
Botts, Frederick9426
Bowan, Frederick16414
Bowden, Sidney2011
Bowden, Sidney2018
Bowdey, Henry18176
Bowen, A. W.11252
Bowen, Abraham20164
Bowen, Anthony4400
Bowen, Anthony51
Bowen, Anthony5138
Bowen, Anthony W7434
Bowen, Anthony W11250
Bowen, Anthony W11251
Bowen, Anthony W.7424
Bowen, Columbus5139
Bowen, Columbus6419
Bowen, Columbus7138
Bowen, Columbus7424
Bowen, Columbus824
Bowen, Columbus965
Bowen, Columbus9132
Bowen, Columbus9334
Bowen, Columbus9418
Bowen, Columbus10268
Bowen, Columbus10290
Bowen, Columbus11362
Bowen, Columbus1319
Bowen, Columbus14484
Bowen, Columbus16178
Bowen, Columbus16283
Bowen, Columbus16603
Bowen, Columbus16604
Bowen, Columbus17299
Bowen, Columbus17414
Bowen, Columbus17415
Bowen, Columbus19292
Bowen, Columbus20458
Bowen, Columbus admin1464
Bowen, Elijah18247
Bowen, Elijah20401
Bowen, George14445
Bowen, George1542
Bowen, George15179
Bowen, Hannah965
Bowen, Joel13
Bowen, Joel16
Bowen, Joel115
Bowen, Joel1124
Bowen, Joel1175
Bowen, Joel1178
Bowen, Joel1181
Bowen, Joel1184
Bowen, Joel1187
Bowen, Joel1232
Bowen, Joel1264
Bowen, Joel26
Bowen, Joel245
Bowen, Joel264
Bowen, Joel285
Bowen, Joel287
Bowen, Joel289
Bowen, Joel2176
Bowen, Joel2272
Bowen, Joel3199
Bowen, Joel3202
Bowen, Joel4114
Bowen, Joel4120
Bowen, Joel4147
Bowen, Joel4171
Bowen, Joel4248
Bowen, Joel532
Bowen, Joel580
Bowen, Joel5111
Bowen, Joel5139
Bowen, Joel5235
Bowen, Joel5247
Bowen, Joel5397
Bowen, Joel5774
Bowen, Joel6179
Bowen, Joel6337
Bowen, Joel6362
Bowen, Joel6405
Bowen, Joel6440
Bowen, Joel6449
Bowen, Joel775
Bowen, Joel7273
Bowen, Joel7424
Bowen, Joel8247
Bowen, Joel8445
Bowen, Joel8529
Bowen, Joel11245
Bowen, Joel11535
Bowen, Joel13354
Bowen, Joel13359
Bowen, Joel Admin9417
Bowen, Joel Admin12432
Bowen, Joel Admin12434
Bowen, Joel Admin12439
Bowen, Joel Admin12471
Bowen, Joel Admin12539
Bowen, Joel Admin1464
Bowen, Joel Admin14445
Bowen, Joel estate1464
Bowen, Joel heirs of7273
Bowen, Joel heirs of16283
Bowen, Joel widow of11275
Bowen, Joel, admin12431
Bowen, John383
Bowen, John532
Bowen, John7118
Bowen, John7309
Bowen, John7513
Bowen, John7514
Bowen, John7515
Bowen, John7516
Bowen, John1637
Bowen, John Admin10556
Bowen, Josel1131
Bowen, Josel1134
Bowen, Joseph13571
Bowen, Joseph13572
Bowen, Joseph1414
Bowen, Joseph15493
Bowen, Joseph15494
Bowen, Joseph1614
Bowen, Keziah8445
Bowen, Mary11252
Bowen, Simon B11532
Bowen, Thomas12281
Bowen, Thomas12285
Bowen, William13326
Bowen, William13411
Bowen, William15180
Bowen, William1611
Bowen, William17532
Bowen, William1864
Bowen, William18247
Bowen, William18572
Bowen, William19414
Bowen, William J20399
Bowen, William J20399
Bowen, William J20400
Bowen, Wilson18611
Bower, Eliza16401
Bower, Michael20604
Bowins, William14621
Bowles, William9160
Bowling James19184
Bowling, Enoch1998
Bowling, Enoch19183
Bowling, Enoch19185
Bowling, Hannah20269
Bowling, James13377
Bowling, James16494
Bowling, James18398
Bowling, James19183
Bowling, Pleasant1072
Bowling, Pleasant1150
Bowling, Pleasant13377
Bowman, Anderson18336
Bowman, Fred7584
Bowman, Fred17617
Bowman, Frederick11483
Bowman, Frederick11484
Bowman, Frederick13110
Bowman, Frederick13565
Bowman, Frederick16146
Bowman, Frederick16373
Bowman, Frederick16374
Bowman, Frederick16414
Bowman, Frederick16455
Bowman, Frederick17617
Bowman, Frederick18300
Bowman, J.J.19104
Bowman, Jacob7337
Bowman, Jacob7338
Bowman, Jacob11483
Bowman, Joel11245
Bowman, Mary17617
Bowman, Samuel7584
Box, Andrew18276
Box, Andrew18277
Boxter, Thomas14447
Boyd, George M17371
Boyd, George W17317
Boyd, George W18576
Boyd, George W19116
Boyd, Mary206
Boyd, Paul12537
Boyd, Robert562
Boyd, Robert563
Boyd, Robert5133
Boyd, Robert1029
Boyd, Robert1030
Boyd, Robert12537
Boyd, Robert13394
Boyd, Robert13395
Boyd, Robert13557
Boyd, Robert13559
Boyd, Robert15102
Boylen, Peter21261
Boyles, Samuel19273
Brace, John11405
Brace, John12530
Brace, John13634
Brace, John21272
Braderick M.E. Chapel1777
Bradley, Benjamin12472
Bradley, Benjamin12473
Bradley, Benjamin14240
Bradley, Edward14240
Bradley, Edward15330
Bradley, John12226
Bradley, John12472
Bradley, John12473
Bradley, John15140
Bradley, John15187
Bradley, John18583
Bradley, John1911
Bradley, John19331
Bradley, John19390
Bradley, John19576
Bradley, John20141
Bradley, John20533
Bradley, Samuel H14376
Bradshaw, James10141
Bradshaw, James10142
Bradshaw, James13378
Bradshaw, James13379
Bradshaw, James13380
Bradshaw, James14100
Bradshaw, James14391
Bradshaw, James15312
Bradshaw, James16319
Bradshaw, James16494
Bradshaw, James17528
Bradshaw, James18399
Bradshaw, James20404
Bradshaw, James21130
Braff, Elias11561
Braff, Elias Admin13624
Bragg, Elias8326
Bragg, Elias10353
Bragg, Elias11558
Bragg, Elias11561
Bragg, Elias14600
Bragg, Elias Admi1612
Bragg, Gideon J20592
Bragg, James14543
Bragg, James14544
Bragg, James16350
Bragg, James Jr2043
Bragg, James Sr16364
Bragg, James Sr2172
Bragg, James Sr21167
Bragg, Sarah2043
Bragg, William20592
Bragg, William2172
Brammer, Anna17564
Brammer, Anthony12147
Brammer, Anthony12149
Brammer, Anthony13197
Brammer, Anthony C13398
Brammer, C.M.17241
Brammer, C.M.1910
Brammer, C.M.2145
Brammer, Charles1921
Brammer, Charles1931
Brammer, Clark916
Brammer, Clark9460
Brammer, Clark10291
Brammer, Clark10298
Brammer, Clark11436
Brammer, Clark12375
Brammer, Clark K10539
Brammer, Clark K1415
Brammer, E. G.10354
Brammer, E. G.14321
Brammer, E. G.14322
Brammer, E. heirs of5294
Brammer, E.G.16250
Brammer, Edmund8110
Brammer, Edmund9153
Brammer, Edmund13146
Brammer, Edmund1482
Brammer, Edmund14553
Brammer, Edmund1578
Brammer, Edmund16453
Brammer, Edmund17573
Brammer, Edmund18238
Brammer, Edmund18441
Brammer, Edmund18588
Brammer, Edmund19111
Brammer, Edmund19284
Brammer, Edmund2092
Brammer, Edmund20102
Brammer, Edward338
Brammer, Edward3133
Brammer, Edward3135
Brammer, Elijah8339
Brammer, Elijah13489
Brammer, Elijah18441
Brammer, Elijah G13146
Brammer, Elijah G13582
Brammer, Elijah G14320
Brammer, Elijah G18441
Brammer, Eljah G14322
Brammer, Ely17564
Brammer, Henry3135
Brammer, Henry4275
Brammer, Henry11117
Brammer, Henry11437
Brammer, Henry11438
Brammer, Henry Admin15451
Brammer, Henry heirs of18428
Brammer, J.1931
Brammer, J.1933
Brammer, J.O.1921
Brammer, J.O.1922
Brammer, James698
Brammer, James8339
Brammer, James8340
Brammer, James9153
Brammer, James11243
Brammer, James11438
Brammer, James12147
Brammer, James12148
Brammer, James12149
Brammer, James12377
Brammer, James14609
Brammer, James16233
Brammer, James1922
Brammer, James1933
Brammer, James O14609
Brammer, James O1578
Brammer, James O16233
Brammer, James O17415
Brammer, Jesse8389
Brammer, Jesse10311
Brammer, Jesse10313
Brammer, Jesse11280
Brammer, Jesse1523
Brammer, Jesse18381
Brammer, Jesse19419
Brammer, Jesse2030
Brammer, Jesse2057
Brammer, John3133
Brammer, John4154
Brammer, John4234
Brammer, John8389
Brammer, John10296
Brammer, John10298
Brammer, John10311
Brammer, John10313
Brammer, John12146
Brammer, John12147
Brammer, John12391
Brammer, John1416
Brammer, John16385
Brammer, John18598
Brammer, John19357
Brammer, John L12391
Brammer, John L12392
Brammer, John L1523
Brammer, John L2030
Brammer, Joseph6350
Brammer, Joseph13558
Brammer, Joseph14592
Brammer, Joseph20354
Brammer, Josiah17239
Brammer, Lucinda21213
Brammer, Mary J19452
Brammer, Mary J19454
Brammer, Mary J19455
Brammer, Mary Jane19380
Brammer, R. C.16297
Brammer, R. C.21213
Brammer, Robert15634
Brammer, Robert C10297
Brammer, Robert C10386
Brammer, Robert C1193
Brammer, Robert C15451
Brammer, Robert C15452
Brammer, Robert C15634
Brammer, Robert C18216
Brammer, Robert C21213
Brammer, Robin16277
Brammer, Rolen7369
Brammer, Rolen10296
Brammer, Rolen12392
Brammer, Rolen16277
Brammer, Rolin988
Brammer, Rolin989
Brammer, Rolin16197
Brammer, Rolland10418
Brammer, Rollin19573
Brammer, Rowlan9501
Brammer, Sarah4275
Brammer, William4234
Brammer, William4388
Brammer, William5286
Brammer, William6404
Brammer, William756
Brammer, William7491
Brammer, William7520
Brammer, William9218
Brammer, William9460
Brammer, William104
Brammer, William10346
Brammer, William10416
Brammer, William10418
Brammer, William10539
Brammer, William11280
Brammer, William11435
Brammer, William11436
Brammer, William1213
Brammer, William1214
Brammer, William1216
Brammer, William12146
Brammer, William12148
Brammer, William12150
Brammer, William12378
Brammer, William13198
Brammer, William13474
Brammer, William1418
Brammer, William1419
Brammer, William18111
Brammer, William18381
Brammer, William195
Branahm, William H admin1654
Branham, B. F.17452
Branham, Benjamin9461
Branham, Benjamin9471
Branham, Benjamin18202
Branham, Benjamin F1272
Branham, Benjamin F12219
Branham, Benjamin F13459
Branham, Benjamin F16456
Branham, Harrison11368
Branham, John16413
Branham, John16414
Branham, Joseph F11363
Branham, Joseph F11368
Branham, W. H.14394
Branham, William15138
Branham, William H14231
Branham, William H15138
Brasel, John8220
Brassfield, Norman16113
Brassfield, R12486
Brassfield, Robert12486
Brassfield, Robert16113
Bratt, Benjamin15287
Bratt, Benjamin15289
Bratt, Mary15289
Brattin, Charity1183
Brattin, Charity20455
Brattin, George20455
Brattin, George2170
Brattin, Jacob18218
Brattin, Jacob20455
Brattin, John20455
Brattin, John2169
Brattin, Jon20455
Brattin, Thomas A19440
Brattin, Thomas A19461
Bratton, Charity17254
Bratton, Charity2170
Bratton, Charity trust20455
Bratton, Charity trust2169
Bratton, George20455
Bratton, George2170
Bratton, Jacob20455
Bratton, James8483
Bratton, James2169
Bratton, James2170
Bratton, John20455
Bratton, John2169
Brayton, George A131
Brayton, George A1517
Brayton, George A1518
Brayton, George A1520
Brayton, George A1521
Brayton, George A1531
Brayton, William D1520
Breeden, James20548
Breeden, James20559
Breeden, Rush20330
Breedin, Abner20423
Breeding, Ezekiel9453
Breeding, James H2096
Breeding, Sarah13195
Breeding, Sarah2096
Breemer, William J17446
Breemer, William J17448
Breemer, William J17449
Bremer, John13632
Bremer, William1748
Bremer, William17446
Bremer, William J13468
Bremer, William J17446
Bremer, William J17448
Bremer, William J17449
Bremer, William Julius17448
Bremer, William Julius17449
Briant, Rosanna1115
Brice, David17498
Brice, Henry7452
Brice, Henry estate1568
Brice, Rebecca13515
Brickwede, Joseph Estate25101
Bridwell, Samuel18175
Brieding, James H2096
Brieding, Sarah2096
Brier, Joseph14616
Briggs, C12411
Briggs, C.12416
Briggs, Caleb1421
Briggs, Caleb1423
Briggs, Caleb14338
Briggs, Caleb14339
Briggs, Caleb15380
Briggs, Caleb17318
Briggs, Caleb17334
Briggs, Caleb17381
Briggs, Caleb20606
Briggs, Caleb Jr8149
Briggs, Caleb Jr9418
Britteau, John M13189
Bromley, Thomas15368
Brooks, Isaac H1995
Brooks, Issac H1974
Brooks, James17389
Brooks, James19274
Brooks, James2129
Brooks, Lewis17434
Brooks, Lewis17435
Brooks, Lewis18254
Broom, Edward1749
Broom, Jane14198
Broom, John Admin16398
Brouillard, Joseph10268
Brow, Charles K1895
Brow, John A1386
Brower, William16546
Brown, Anderson8225
Brown, Andrew13132
Brown, Andrew15519
Brown, Andrew16176
Brown, Benjamin10453
Brown, Benjamin1384
Brown, Catherine6158
Brown, Catherine6344
Brown, Catherine8234
Brown, Charles C14602
Brown, Charles C18185
Brown, Charles C18389
Brown, Charles K15483
Brown, Charles K19469
Brown, Charles K2171
Brown, Christian8234
Brown, Christian6344
Brown, Christian Y6344
Brown, Christian Y8234
Brown, Christian Y.6158
Brown, Danforth19383
Brown, Dorman15562
Brown, Emma S. W.144
Brown, Frederick15146
Brown, Frederick16214
Brown, Frederick G13359
Brown, Frederick G16132
Brown, Frederick G16214
Brown, Frederick G21138
Brown, Frederick G21139
Brown, George4156
Brown, H. P.9124
Brown, Hamilton8597
Brown, Hamilton13598
Brown, Hamilton P8597
Brown, Jno17292
Brown, John10564
Brown, John11406
Brown, John12370
Brown, John1346
Brown, John A15171
Brown, John C17291
Brown, John Carter17291
Brown, John Carter17292
Brown, John J6260
Brown, Milton H8555
Brown, Milton H18331
Brown, Rebecca9118
Brown, Richard H12273
Brown, Richard H12366
Brown, Sarah13500
Brown, Wiliam8111
Brown, William7552
Brown, William11375
Brown, William11522
Brown, William1228
Brown, William1287
Brown, William13114
Brown, William13328
Brown, William13359
Brown, William13491
Brown, William14432
Brown, William15205
Brown, William R18301
Brown, William R20207
Brown, William R20504
Browning, Lucy D1396
Browning, Lucy D1399
Browning, Lucy D13157
Browning, Lucy D14395
Browning, Samuel8498
Browning, Samuel10286
Browning, Samuel11286
Browning, Samuel1396
Browning, Samuel M8498
Browning, Samuel M9393
Browning, Samuel M10286
Browning, Samuel M11286
Browning, Samuel M Admin1396
Browning, Samuel M Admin1399
Browning, Samuel M Admin13157
Brownstead, Ernest14369
Brubaker, Abraham692
Brubaker, Abraham16278
Brubaker, Abraham16279
Brubaker, Abraham2192
Brubaker, Abraham J.692
Brubaker, Dan Jr2192
Brubaker, Daniel5239
Brubaker, Daniel5259
Brubaker, Daniel5394
Brubaker, Daniel6415
Brubaker, Daniel7100
Brubaker, Daniel8309
Brubaker, Daniel8548
Brubaker, Daniel8559
Brubaker, Daniel9158
Brubaker, Daniel10342
Brubaker, Daniel11238
Brubaker, Daniel13100
Brubaker, Daniel13335
Brubaker, Daniel heirs of2039
Brubaker, Daniel Jr2192
Brubaker, Daniel Sr2189
Brubaker, Daniel Sr2190
Brubaker, Daniel Sr2191
Brubaker, Daniel Sr2192
Brubaker, David7100
Brubaker, David8559
Brubaker, David10537
Brubaker, David13100
Brubaker, David14619
Brubaker, David17108
Brubaker, Davis14451
Brubaker, Eliza27137
Brubaker, Elizabeth692
Brubaker, John8364
Brubaker, John14218
Brubaker, John14366
Brubaker, John15133
Brubaker, John16278
Brubaker, John16279
Brubaker, John16359
Brubaker, John will of16278
Brubaker, Joseph2039
Brubaker, Joseph27137
Brubaker, Samuel124
Brubaker, William D2191
Brubkaer, David9158
Brubkaer, David heirs of2039
Bruce, Alfred1573
Bruce, Alfred19502
Bruce, Alfred21213
Bruce, Amaziah13563
Bruce, Amaziah13564
Bruce, Amaziah13565
Bruce, Amos21213
Bruce, Eliza21213
Bruce, Emily21213
Bruce, Findley21213
Bruce, George9492
Bruce, George13563
Bruce, George W842
Bruce, George W9491
Bruce, George W15585
Bruce, Jackson12317
Bruce, Jackson1413
Bruce, James8324
Bruce, James8325
Bruce, James10528
Bruce, James12491
Bruce, James1573
Bruce, James20532
Bruce, James21213
Bruce, John6403
Bruce, John7284
Bruce, John7285
Bruce, John8324
Bruce, John8325
Bruce, John996
Bruce, John10528
Bruce, John1191
Bruce, John14286
Bruce, John15105
Bruce, John2078
Bruce, John20259
Bruce, John21213
Bruce, Lydia Allice21213
Bruce, Mary Jane21213
Bruce, Marygarey21213
Bruce, Rebecca13515
Bruce, Sarah19502
Bruce, Sarah21213
Bruce, Vincent9493
Bruce, Vincent11486
Bruce, Vincent11565
Bruce, Vincent1314
Bruce, Vincent13110
Bruce, Vincent13565
Bruce, Vincent1413
Bruce, Vincent15177
Bruce, Vincent15178
Bruce, Vincent17285
Bruce, Vincent19106
Bruce, Vincent19109
Bruce, Vincent19310
Bruce, Vinton13565
Bruce, William11446
Bruce, William12404
Bruce, William13346
Bruce, William13515
Bruce, William13564
Bruce, William1413
Bruce, William1563
Bruch, Hiram10585
Brucham, John10329
Brucham, William F10329
Bruck, William8359
Bruder, Benjamin heirs of8236
Brumfeild, James L15482
Brumfield, Ames II1398
Brumfield, Amon15625
Brumfield, Amon15626
Brumfield, Amon18105
Brumfield, Burrell14608
Brumfield, George11587
Brumfield, George14608
Brumfield, George19139
Brumfield, Humphrey15482
Brumfield, James816
Brumfield, James817
Brumfield, James8245
Brumfield, James9355
Brumfield, James9356
Brumfield, James12214
Brumfield, James12514
Brumfield, James13452
Brumfield, James13499
Brumfield, James15584
Brumfield, James16548
Brumfield, James18555
Brumfield, James19393
Brumfield, James20267
Brumfield, James2143
Brumfield, James20509
Brumfield, James H16423
Brumfield, James H heirs of20365
Brumfield, James I16638
Brumfield, James II9235
Brumfield, James II9416
Brumfield, James II13360
Brumfield, James L11551
Brumfield, James L15482
Brumfield, James L15584
Brumfield, James L15635
Brumfield, James S15482
Brumfield, James Sr8244
Brumfield, James Sr18328
Brumfield, John816
Brumfield, John817
Brumfield, John9355
Brumfield, John9356
Brumfield, John10545
Brumfield, John13184
Brumfield, John2173
Brumfield, John13499
Brumfield, John II16641
Brumfield, John S1397
Brumfield, John S13499
Brumfield, John S2173
Brumfield, Mary1443
Brumfield, Mary1444
Brumfield, Mary1444
Brumfield, Mary20628
Brumfield, Sartain20365
Brumfield, Sartain20366
Brumfield, Sartin10545
Brumfield, Sartin12529
Brumfield, Sartin14134
Brumfield, Sartin15625
Brumfield, Sartin16290
Brumfield, Sartin16424
Brumfield, Sartin18160
Brumfield, Sartin19185
Brumfield, Sartin19392
Brumfield, Sartin19393
Brumfield, Sartin S16423
Brumfield, William11109
Brumfield, William11551
Brumfield, William18104
Brumfield, William18105
Brumfield, William19392
Brunson, Seymore728
Brunson, Seymour6416
Brush, Benjamin14312
Brush, Benjamin19465
Brush, John14120
Bryan, Epperson13620
Bryan, Henry13264
Bryan, John3252
Bryan, John514
Bryan, John520
Bryan, John547
Bryan, John10198
Bryan, John10576
Bryan, John M12481
Bryan, John M14625
Bryan, John M18535
Bryan, John M20168
Bryan, Sarah A1645
Bryan, William16149
Bryan, William18523
Bryan, William H14364
Bryan, William H14365
Bryan, William H14439
Bryan, William H14623
Bryan, William H15446
Bryan, William H1645
Bryan, William H16108
Bryan, William H16149
Bryan, William H16421
Bryan, William H16537
Bryan, William H16576
Bryan, William H16637
Bryan, William H1764
Bryan, William H18384
Bryan, William H18538
Bryan, William H18601
Bryan, William H19400
Bryan, William H20601
Bryant, Anna942
Bryant, George W21237
Bryant, John8493
Bryant, Peter942
Bryant, Rachel14485
Bryant, Rosana1118
Bryant, Susan8493
Bryant, William1197
Bryat, Epperson Guardian14410
Brynes, Owen15266
Bryson, G. S.13440
Bryson, George16189
Bryson, George W15506
Bryson, George W15510
Bryson, George W16189
Buchanan, James17638
Buchannon, Hord18111
Buchannon, James15634
Buchannon, James18111
Buchannon, Raylor18111
Buchanon, James15634
Buchanon, James18111
Buckhorn Furance8483
Buell, Ebenezer D976
Buell, Ebenezer D.6434
Buffalo Baptist Church13543
Buffington, A. J.16152
Buffington, A. J.16158
Buffington, Addison J16605
Buffington, Eleanor18394
Buffington, Eleanor19159
Buffington, Eleanor20467
Buffington, Eleanor20626
Buffington, James5381
Buffington, James6230
Buffington, James747
Buffington, James7380
Buffington, James7381
Buffington, James7389
Buffington, James7393
Buffington, James7400
Buffington, James826
Buffington, James8115
Buffington, James8322
Buffington, James8361
Buffington, James8475
Buffington, James8554
Buffington, James99
Buffington, James9261
Buffington, James9269
Buffington, James9380
Buffington, James9452
Buffington, James9464
Buffington, James1027
Buffington, James1049
Buffington, James10156
Buffington, James10416
Buffington, James10449
Buffington, James1157
Buffington, James11556
Buffington, James11557
Buffington, James11590
Buffington, James1297
Buffington, James13149
Buffington, James1437
Buffington, James14201
Buffington, James159
Buffington, James1572
Buffington, James1592
Buffington, James15492
Buffington, James164
Buffington, James1625
Buffington, James16151
Buffington, James16152
Buffington, James16158
Buffington, James16175
Buffington, James16350
Buffington, James16526
Buffington, James17142
Buffington, James17487
Buffington, James17488
Buffington, James17496
Buffington, James17584
Buffington, James18305
Buffington, James18333
Buffington, James18334
Buffington, James18335
Buffington, James18394
Buffington, James18560
Buffington, James18561
Buffington, James19158
Buffington, James19368
Buffington, James20192
Buffington, James20193
Buffington, James20362
Buffington, James20363
Buffington, James20364
Buffington, James20465
Buffington, James2163
Buffington, James2173
Buffington, James2183
Buffington, James R16175
Buffington, James R16526
Buffington, James R19158
Buffington, James R19159
Buffington, James R2057
Buffington, James R20364
Buffington, Samuel20363
Buffington, Thomas4226
Buffington, Thomas4232
Buffington, Thomas5204
Buffington, Thomas5218
Buffington, Thomas5381
Buffington, William3248
Buffington, William4232
Buffington, William5218
Buffington, William13242
Buffington, William1572
Buhr, Francis15292
Buhr, Frank13418
Buhr, Frank18580
Buhr, Frank1969
Buhr, Henry13418
Buhr, John13418
Buhr, John18580
Builtteau, I. M.12360
Bumgarner, Abraham4324
Bumgarner, Abraham heir72
Bumgarner, Daniel3140
Bumgarner, Daniel57
Bumgarner, Daniel5225
Bumgarner, Daniel5334
Bumgarner, Daniel65
Bumgarner, Daniel66
Bumgarner, Daniel639
Bumgarner, Daniel10466
Bumgarner, Daniel10467
Bumgarner, Daniel11574
Bumgarner, Daniel11577
Bumgarner, Jacob246
Bumgarner, Jacob248
Bumgarner, Jacob3149
Bumgarner, Jacob10281
Bumgarner, Jacob10466
Bumgarner, John248
Bumgarner, John3151
Bumgarner, John586
Bumgarner, John5194
Bumgarner, John5225
Bumgarner, John10167
Bumgarner, John10194
Bumgarner, John10281
Bumgarner, Mary Ann10181
Bumgarner, Mary Ann10193
Bumgarner, Rebecca widow72
Bunner, Rooban1073
Bunner, Ruben10325
Bunyan, Maurice1948
Bunyan, Morris16344
Burch, Hiram6302
Burch, Hiram10584
Burch, John13109
Burch, John18325
Burch, John18376
Burch, John19130
Burch, John19131
Burch, Malinda19131
Burch, Malinda18114
Burch, Nancy7499
Burcham, Daniel11238
Burcham, G. F.14401
Burcham, George8237
Burcham, George16564
Burcham, George H.753
Burcham, Jno heirs of11564
Burcham, Jno. widow of11564
Burcham, John470
Burcham, John569
Burcham, John570
Burcham, John5165
Burcham, John6376
Burcham, John753
Burcham, John754
Burcham, John8183
Burcham, John9134
Burcham, John9396
Burcham, John10329
Burcham, John11312
Burcham, John11322
Burcham, John2053
Burcham, John20246
Burcham, John20342
Burcham, John20343
Burcham, John20344
Burcham, John20345
Burcham, John20346
Burcham, John F13591
Burcham, John heirs of11564
Burcham, John Jr8231
Burcham, John Jr8409
Burcham, John P18243
Burcham, Nancy8409
Burcham, Nancy11564
Burcham, Nancy widow11564
Burcham, Nathaniel570
Burcham, Nathaniel6105
Burcham, Nathaniel7612
Burcham, Nathaniel9256
Burcham, Nathaniel1036
Burcham, Nathaniel11607
Burcham, Nathaniel12407
Burcham, Nathaniel12408
Burcham, Nathaniel1362
Burcham, Nathaniel13591
Burcham, Nathaniel1531
Burcham, Nathaniel17559
Burcham, Nathaniel18210
Burcham, Wiliam F15127
Burcham, William1361
Burcham, William F10588
Burcham, William F11212
Burcham, William F11312
Burcham, William F15126
Burcham, William F16564
Burger, Logan17620
Burgess, Dyer6303
Burgess, Dyer6314
Burgess, Dyer6465
Burgess, I8136
Burgess, Isabella5351
Burgess, Isabella6127
Burgess, Isabella6312
Burgess, Isabella6314
Burgess, Isabella7115
Burgess, Isabella7134
Burgess, Isabella7150
Burgess, Isabella8134
Burgess, Isabella8136
Burgess, Isabella8137
Burgess, Isabella8280
Burgess, Isabella948
Burgess, Isabella E6254
Burgess, Isabella E6255
Burgess, Isabella E.6251
Burgess, J.11230
Burgess, James6190
Burgess, James6488
Burgess, James7301
Burgess, James8208
Burgess, James9410
Burgess, James10315
Burgess, James10329
Burgess, James10331
Burgess, James11211
Burgess, James11230
Burgess, James12110
Burgess, James13161
Burgess, James13162
Burgess, James13423
Burgess, James13513
Burgess, James1439
Burgess, James14509
Burgess, James estate17369
Burgess, James Exec1545
Burgess, James Exec17369
Burgess, John H21268
Burgess, Mary Ann14509
Burgess, N.D.21268
Burgess, Nathaniel14132
Burgess, Thomas17291
Burgess, Thomas17292
Burgess, Thomas trustee17292
Burgess, Tristian270
Burk, Andrew17267
Burk, Andrew19441
Burk, John5134
Burk, John8270
Burk, Mary2152
Burk, Samuel631
Burk, Samuel6424
Burk, Samuel7333
Burk, Samuel7473
Burk, Samuel10411
Burk, Samuel10458
Burk, Samuel12278
Burk, Samuel12279
Burk, Samuel12280
Burk, Samuel13505
Burk, Samuel14455
Burk, Samuel21171
Burk, W. N.20469
Burk, William534
Burk, William8363
Burk, William1350
Burk, William1351
Burk, William1352
Burk, William1393
Burk, William15139
Burk, William18308
Burk, William Admin2152
Burk, William Jr8363
Burke, James20532
Burke, John593
Burke, Joseph M16370
Burke, Joseph M16371
Burke, Samuel10411
Burke, Samuiel13505
Burke, Wiliam5134
Burke, William593
Burke, William5310
Burke, William8363
Burke, William9559
Burke, William12107
Burke, William16521
Burke, William18151
Burke, William Jr8363
Burkett, Frederick10137
Burkett, Frederick10550
Burkett, Frederick11522
Burkett, Frederick11567
Burkett, Frederick1288
Burlington Academy1073
Burlington Academy10173
Burlington Cemetery13258
Burlington Library3209
Burlington M.E. Church682
Burlington M.E. Church1764
Burlington M.E. Church18154
Burlington M.P. Church20156
Burlington, Town of1161
Burn, William1353
Burn, William13103
Burnahan, Elizabeth16289
Burnet, George W13120
Burnet, Wiliam12297
Burnet, William12225
Burnet, William13315
Burnet, William15458
Burnet, William15459
Burnett, Frederick11567
Burns, Catharine18476
Burns, Clara18645
Burns, Clara20104
Burns, John18476
Burns, Owen18476
Burns, Thomas M12217
Burns, William14537
Burr, Abby8348
Burr, E. W.7464
Burr, E.W.7591
Burr, Ephraim8348
Burr, Ephraim W7464
Burr, Ephriam W7590
Burr, Nathan12360
Burr, Nathan12362
Burr, Shuball12359
Burr, Shuball12360
Burr, Shuball12362
Burr, W K19253
Burrett, Frederick11567
Burt, James1118
Burt, James F.7143
Burt, James W6206
Burt, James W9282
Burt, James W.6306
Burton, E. executrix4351
Burton, Elizabeth4351
Burton, Isaac11423
Burton, Isaac11424
Burton, John14405
Burton, John14406
Burton, John18217
Burton, Nathaniel8591
Burton, Nathaniel9537
Burton, Nathaniel13452
Burton, Nathaniel14205
Burton, Nathaniel15584
Burton, William11
Burton, William1107
Burton, William1110
Burton, William1201
Burton, William287
Burton, William2120
Burton, William2136
Burton, William6177
Burton, William7227
Burton, William estate4351
Burton, William exec4351
Burtram, William P11147
Burwell, John21129
Burwell, Martha21129
Bush, Melissa17587
Bush, S. R.16389
Bush, S. R.18369
Bush, S.R.17587
Bush, Seth16205
Bush, Seth16207
Bush, Seth16208
Bush, Seth R16208
Bush, Seth R16392
Bush, Seth R18359
Bush, Seth R18524
Bush, Seth R20314
Bush, Seth R20508
Butler, Ellen21273
Butler, Joseph11351
Butler, Joseph C11392
Butler, Joseph C12163
Butterfield, Benjamin15156
Butterfield, Jno14120
Butterfield, John14312
Butterfield, John15156
Butts, Sarah12360
Butts, Seth12360
Butts, William19253
Byand, Merritt19164
Byand, Zelda19164
Byard, Charles W143
Byard, Hannah A15534
Byard, M. H.16282
Byard, Martin21155
Byard, Merritt H1695
Byard, Merritt H21155
Byard, Samuel11538
Byard, Wesley13114
Byas, William Evermount1167
Byrne, John1311
Cable, Philip12260
Cable, Samuel4223
Caddick, Thomas15368
Cade, James19270
Cadick, Thomas15368
Calhoon, John12402
Calhoon, John12403
Calhoon, Newton12401
Calhoon, Newton J12402
Calhoon, Newton J12403
Calhoun, John J13307
Call, Charles196
Call, William R12558
Call, William R14134
Callaghan, Benjamin978
Callaghan, Benjamin979
Callan, James1337
Callan, James1339
Calley, Allen17479
Calley, John7437
Calley, John17479
Callicoat, Cyrus B987
Callicoat, Cyrus B19477
Calvin, Charlotte20537
Calvin, Charlotte J20537
Calvin, S.P.20537
Calvin, Stephen P20537
Calvin, Stephen P20603
Calvin, Stephen P20604
Cambia Furnace19482
Cambia Furnace Co15550
Cambia Furnace Co15551
Cambia Furnace Co15555
Cambria Furnace15552
Cambria Furnace15553
Cambria Furnace15554
Cambria Furnace15558
Cambria Furnace15559
Cambria Furnace15560
Camden, John P18612
Camp, Abner373
Camp, James M14541
Camp, James M15217
Camp, James M Jr12431
Camp, Martha16176
Camp, Martha17379
Camp, Martha21129
Camp, Martha widow18347
Camp, Martha widow18348
Campbell Ellison & Co18439
Campbell Ellison & Co1964
Campbell Ellison & Co19218
Campbell Ellison & Co20518
Campbell Ellison & Co agreement18439
Campbell Ellison and Co19630
Campbell Ellison and Co20179
Campbell H C10412
Campbell McCullough & Co18390
Campbell McCullough & Co18397
Campbell McCullough & Co20274
Campbell McCullough & Co20374
Campbell McCullough & Co20376
Campbell Peters & Co21247
Campbell, Alexander5274
Campbell, Alexander5287
Campbell, Alexander638
Campbell, Alexander6434
Campbell, Ann13625
Campbell, Daniel15414
Campbell, Edward C1238
Campbell, Edward C1239
Campbell, Elizabeth13625
Campbell, Elizabeth1873
Campbell, Elizabeth20413
Campbell, Elizabeth20423
Campbell, Elizabeth C1568
Campbell, Elizabeth C1873
Campbell, H21245
Campbell, H. D.11435
Campbell, H.C.10512
Campbell, Hall7102
Campbell, Hall7318
Campbell, Hall7347
Campbell, Hall1110
Campbell, Hall C11164
Campbell, Hall C1748
Campbell, Hall C19190
Campbell, Hall C19192
Campbell, Hall C.841
Campbell, Hannah D20123
Campbell, Hiram14182
Campbell, Hiram14279
Campbell, Hiram1568
Campbell, Hiram15183
Campbell, Hiram15187
Campbell, Hiram1873
Campbell, Hiram18296
Campbell, Hiram18439
Campbell, Hiram18445
Campbell, Hiram20354
Campbell, Hiram20355
Campbell, Hiram20383
Campbell, Hiram D876
Campbell, Hiram D10346
Campbell, Hiram D10417
Campbell, Hiram D10573
Campbell, Hiram D11292
Campbell, Hiram D11293
Campbell, Hiram D12497
Campbell, James13625
Campbell, James16559
Campbell, James16580
Campbell, James16607
Campbell, James16608
Campbell, Jane59
Campbell, Jane5130
Campbell, Jno11471
Campbell, Jno134
Campbell, Jno20413
Campbell, Jno20414
Campbell, Jno2169
Campbell, John4237
Campbell, John7196
Campbell, John8403
Campbell, John9347
Campbell, John1099
Campbell, John11106
Campbell, John11107
Campbell, John11109
Campbell, John11290
Campbell, John11292
Campbell, John11295
Campbell, John11296
Campbell, John11307
Campbell, John11471
Campbell, John11525
Campbell, John11601
Campbell, John12494
Campbell, John12495
Campbell, John1392
Campbell, John13280
Campbell, John13349
Campbell, John14172
Campbell, John14264
Campbell, John14265
Campbell, John14266
Campbell, John14267
Campbell, John14268
Campbell, John14270
Campbell, John14271
Campbell, John14273
Campbell, John14274
Campbell, John14275
Campbell, John14277
Campbell, John14279
Campbell, John14280
Campbell, John14307
Campbell, John14308
Campbell, John14310
Campbell, John14311
Campbell, John14312
Campbell, John14335
Campbell, John14418
Campbell, John14434
Campbell, John14494
Campbell, John14529
Campbell, John14530
Campbell, John14531
Campbell, John14532
Campbell, John14534
Campbell, John15183
Campbell, John15187
Campbell, John15190
Campbell, John15192
Campbell, John15289
Campbell, John15380
Campbell, John15595
Campbell, John16251
Campbell, John1737
Campbell, John1739
Campbell, John1790
Campbell, John17100
Campbell, John17101
Campbell, John17318
Campbell, John17606
Campbell, John17636
Campbell, John1873
Campbell, John1879
Campbell, John18289
Campbell, John18291
Campbell, John18294
Campbell, John18296
Campbell, John18298
Campbell, John18324
Campbell, John18429
Campbell, John18439
Campbell, John18445
Campbell, John18447
Campbell, John19296
Campbell, John19429
Campbell, John19561
Campbell, John20303
Campbell, John20315
Campbell, John20348
Campbell, John20376
Campbell, John20413
Campbell, John20422
Campbell, John20423
Campbell, John20430
Campbell, John20455
Campbell, John20489
Campbell, John20596
Campbell, John2169
Campbell, John2170
Campbell, John3121
Campbell, Jon17636
Campbell, Margaret38
Campbell, Margaret3127
Campbell, Nancy13625
Campbell, Peter21247
Campbell, Peters & Co11473
Campbell, Samuel3114
Campbell, Samuel5349
Campbell, Samuel8356
Campbell, Samuel8358
Campbell, Thomas2281
Campbell, Thomas418
Campbell, Thomas59
Campbell, Thomas560
Campbell, Thomas583
Campbell, Thomas5130
Campbell, Thomas650
Campbell, Thomas6171
Campbell, Thomas6192
Campbell, Thomas6406
Campbell, Thomas7102
Campbell, Thomas7140
Campbell, Thomas7197
Campbell, Thomas7318
Campbell, Thomas8356
Campbell, Thomas13625
Campbell, Thomas C841
Campbell, Thomas C8356
Campbell, Thomas C1618
Campbell, Thomas C1619
Campbell, Thomas C1620
Campbell, Thomas C1621
Campbell, Thomas exec6171
Campbell, Thomas exec6192
Campbell, Thomas Jr7103
Campbell, Thomas Sr433
Campbell, Thomas Sr435
Campbell, Thomas Sr7103
Campbell, Thomas Sr10412
Campbell, Thomas Sr11164
Campbell, Thomas Sr13550
Campbell, William13550
Campbell, William13625
Campbell, William15323
Campbell, William1620
Campbell, William19190
Campbell, William19192
Campbell, Williams7140
Canaan, Wesley D21231
Canfield, Asaph10325
Cannon, John2233
Cannon, John5300
Cannon, Wesley1565
Cannon, Wesley D21231
Canterbury, Levi11296
Cantwell, John31
Cantwell, John33
Cantwell, John4236
Cantwell, John7467
Cantwell, John17564
Capbell, John9347
Capbell, John18289
Carder, Elijah1363
Carder, Elijah B136320
Carder, Malinda1363
Carder, William880
Carder, William12182
Carder, William12183
Carder, William Sr8245
Carity, Augustus17358
Cark, Samuel7416
Carlile, William2225
Carlile, William418
Carlile, William6337
Carlisle Bush & Co14147
Carlisle, Jonathan W14170
Carlisle, William245
Carlisle, William264
Carlisle, William6337
Carlisle, William Jr5397
Carnahan, James12464
Carnahan, James12464
Carner, A.W.16529
Carner, Anthony W17298
Carner, Anthony W19123
Carnes, James993
Carnes, John L20613
Carothers, George13343
Carp, George19163
Carpenter, E. G.770
Carpenter, E. G.7252
Carpenter, Eber G770
Carpenter, Hannah4207
Carpenter, Hannah7527
Carpenter, Hannah8222
Carpenter, Jacob7406
Carpenter, Jacob11230
Carpenter, John16343
Carpenter, John18541
Carpenter, Joseph5214
Carpenter, Joseph5231
Carpenter, Joseph5233
Carpenter, Miles5335
Carpenter, Peter5214
Carpenter, Peter5231
Carpenter, Peter heirs of5214
Carpenter, Rebecca5214
Carpenter, Rebecca5231
Carpenter, Stephen5214
Carpenter, Stephen5231
Carpenter, Thomas5214
Carpenter, Thomas5231
Carpenter, Thomas5233
Carpenter, Thomas exec5214
Carpenter, William444
Carpenter, William4207
Carpenter, William577
Carpenter, William586
Carpenter, William5192
Carpenter, William5194
Carpenter, William5302
Carpenter, William5339
Carpenter, William5340
Carpenter, William653
Carpenter, William6202
Carpenter, William6265
Carpenter, William6266
Carpenter, William6363
Carpenter, William6402
Carpenter, William6409
Carpenter, William763
Carpenter, William7175
Carpenter, William7212
Carpenter, William7221
Carpenter, William7268
Carpenter, William7269
Carpenter, William7356
Carpenter, William7422
Carpenter, William7471
Carpenter, William7527
Carpenter, William814
Carpenter, William8200
Carpenter, William8222
Carpenter, William8230
Carpenter, William990
Carpenter, William995
Carpenter, William9242
Carpenter, William9426
Carpenter, Wooster344
Carpenter, Wyatt12216
Carpenter, Wyatt12328
Carpenter, Wyatt15345
Carpenter, Wyatt1864
Carpenter, Wyatt20399
Carpenter, Wyatt21168
Carpleman, William21141
Carr, James13430
Carr, Jeremiah19209
Carr, Jeremiah19211
Carr, Mary F11228
Carr, Mary F14517
Carrell, James1634
Carrell, James1635
Carrell, James1787
Carroll, James13184
Carroll, James1634
Carroll, John1198
Carroll, John222
Carroll, John234
Carroll, John296
Carroll, Philip194
Carroll, Phillip19532
Carrothers, George14138
Carrothers, George14139
Carrothers, Robert14139
Carson, Jesse C2020
Carson, Levi16104
Carson, Levi18588
Carson, Levi2050
Carson, Levi20479
Carson, Levi21160
Carsons, Levi18338
Carter, Almira16189
Carter, Arty12137
Carter, Arty M11274
Carter, B. Bowen241
Carter, Huldah M heirs of14415
Carter, John241
Carter, John7324
Carter, John9161
Carter, John1217
Carter, John16189
Carter, John18436
Carter, John Huey10280
Carter, John Huey20280
Carter, John Jr835
Cartright, Jesse14468
Cartwright, Jesse14468
Cartwright, Jesse17330
Carver, Anthony W19123
Casady, Rees1770
Case, N. H.7245
Casebolt, Job17632
Caspelman, Caroline21142
Caspelman, Caroline21162
Caspelman, Caroline21244
Caspelman, William21142
Caspelman, William21162
Caspelman, William21244
Caspleman, Caroline21142
Caspleman, William2055
Caspleman, William21142
Cass, N.H.7192
Cassady, Harvey G20392
Cassady, Harvey G21277
Cassady, Reece21277
Cassiday, Letitia F20231
Cassiday, Reese2019
Cassiday, Reese20231
Cassidy, Reese20185
Castroup, Henry11474
Castrup, Elizabeth11474
Castrup, Henry11474
Caul, Timothy7404
Caul, Timothy7405
Caul, Timothy106
Caul, Timothy13255
Caulley, A. J.20396
Caulley, Allen19171
Caulley, Allen20134
Caulley, Allen20396
Caulley, Andrew J2119
Caully, Abel12100
Caully, John21211
Caully, Katharine12100
Cautley, John7349
Cavous, William12546
Cemetery Davidson933
Center Furnace20617
Centers, John18410
Centers, John1937
Centers, John2096
Centers, John20408
Centers, Nathaniel2178
Chaffin, J. H.984
Chaffin, John9426
Chaffin, John H499
Chaffin, John H5219
Chaffin, Lycurgus984
Chaffin, Lyeurgus12383
Chambers Clark & Co15414
Chambers, John19290
Chambers, Robert10192
Chambers, Robert B9126
Chambers, Robert B13595
Chambers, Robert B13598
Chambers, Robert V13598
Chambers, Sarah19290
Chanday, Frank19437
Channel, Robert R15210
Channel, Robert R18162
Channell, R.R.1850
Channing, Ellery6212
Channing, Ruth6212
Channing, Ruth722
Channing, Ruth Gibbs6212
Channing, William Ellery6212
Channing, William Ellery722
Chanous, William12546
Chanwell, R.R.19139
Chapan, George19406
Chaplin, Daniel4238
Chaplin, Daniel4249
Chaplin, John5209
Chaplin, John7592
Chaplin, John7593
Chaplin, John14201
Chaplin, John14348
Chaplin, John exec16333
Chaplin, Moses7592
Chaplin, Moses7593
Chaplin, Moses guardian12182
Chaplin, Polly965
Chaplin, Polly9284
Chaplin, Susannah O917
Chaplin, Susannah O927
Chapman, Frances20125
Chapman, George20125
Chapman, Isaac1132
Chapman, Isaac19173
Chapman, Josiah141
Chapman, Josiah5310
Chapman, Lydia21232
Chapman, Martin5142
Chapman, Martin621
Chapman, Obediah16179
Chapman, Obediah18278
Chapman, Pheamon120
Chapman, Philamon2118
Charmichael, J.E.19166
Charmichael, Jonathan E17211
Charmichael, Jonathan E17638
Charmichael, Jonathon17638
Charmichael, Joshua G. W.17211
Chase, C.M.20527
Chase, Elizabeth18607
Chase, Elizabeth19315
Chase, Merriman20464
Chase, O. G.2018
Chase, O.G.19281
Chase, Owen G18607
Chase, Owen G19147
Chaspny, Franklin18490
Chatfield, David8400
Chatfield, David10590
Chatfield, David B14438
Chatfield, David B15398
Chatfield, Marietta14437
Chatfield, Rosell10153
Chatfield, Roswell12358
Chatfield, Roswell14436
Chatfield, Roswell18104
Chatfield, Roswell18273
Chatfield, Samuel K19175
Chatfield, Seth12358
Chatfield, Seth13336
Chatfield, Seth14435
Chatfield, Seth19175
Chatfield, Stephen7575
Chatfield, Stephen1222
Chatfield, Stephen12478
Chatfield, Stephen1424
Chatfield, Stephen14435
Chatfield, Stephen15108
Chatfield, Stephen17219
Chatfield, Stephen17344
Chatfield, Stephen17599
Chatham, David616
Cheeseman, Joseph W19336
Cheeseman, Joseph W19338
Cheeseman, Runey18142
Cheeseman, William8629
Cheeseman, William8630
Cheeseman, William8631
Cherington, James W12546
Cherrington, James W12546
Cherrington, James W13478
Cherry, William P10148
Chesnutwood, E. G.10471
Chesnutwood, Eli11369
Chester, Joseph15222
Chester, Joseph20546
Chestnutwood, E. J.1292
Chestnutwood, E. J.13141
Chestnutwood, Eli11325
Chick, Charles11561
Chick, John11561
Chick, William12257
Chick, William heirs of11561
Child, Abigail5316
Child, Abigail7230
Child, Asaph B20423
Child, Boyd12537
Child, David5316
Child, David7230
Child, Ellen P18206
Child, Ellen P21169
Child, Enos12537
Child, Enos21169
Child, J. F.7464
Child, J. T.7591
Child, Jno T7591
Child, John8348
Child, John T7590
Child, Joshua5316
Child, Joshua7230
Child, Lucretia5316
Child, Nancy8348
Child, Paul12537
Childers, John19344
Childers, John19346
Chinn, Joseph15341
Chinn, Joseph18636
Chinn, Rebecca15341
Chinn, William3227
Chinn, William3229
Chinn, William3231
Chinn, William542
Chinn, William548
Chinn, William5224
Chinn, William5251
Chinn, William6486
Chinn, William859
Chinn, William860
Chinn, William10529
Chinn, William11217
Chinn, William1332
Chio Iron & Coal20203
Chorpny, Frank17564
Christian, David13214
Christian, David13215
Christian, David20521
Christian, John15321
Christian, Martha15272
Christian, Martha15321
Chrymer, Christopher14405
Chrymer, Christopher Admin14506
Chryner, Christopher13413
Church, Martha Ann20463
Church, Roswell81
Church, Roswell8309
Church, Roswell11238
Church, Roswell1222
Church, Roswell1232
Church, Roswell12475
Church, Roswell13260
Church, Roswell13261
Church, Roswell13567
Church, Roswell13569
Church, Roswell17491
Church, Roswell1896
Church, Roswell19266
Church, Roswell20463
Church, William19263
Churchill, Charles1230
Churchill, Charles2209
Churchill, Charles9525
Churchill, I. L.12214
Churchill, J.L.114
Churchill, J.L.21240
Churchill, John L16449
Churchill, Mary5109
Churchill, S. L.12214
Churchill, Solomon52
Churchill, Solomon5109
Churchill, Solomon5212
Churchill, Solomon5278
Churchill, Solomon6207
Churchill, Solomon6707
Churchill, Solomon Jr279
Churchill, Solomon Jr6178
Churchill, William5197
Churchill, William5278
Churchill, William6178
Churchill, William6244
Churchill, William6436
Churchill, William6489
Churchill, William7152
Churchill, William8481
Cicil, Levi19353
Clar, Abraham14573
Clar, James P13151
Clar, Phoebe P20382
Clarey, Michael17186
Clarey, Turner16291
Clarey, Turner16478
Clarey, Turner17340
Clarey, Turner1991
Clark Cornelius11101
Clark, A.B.1195
Clark, Abel19290
Clark, Abraham14449
Clark, Abraham14456
Clark, Abraham14539
Clark, Abraham14596
Clark, Abraham15534
Clark, Abraham18117
Clark, Abraham18119
Clark, Abram14596
Clark, Accy17433
Clark, Alexander R20172
Clark, Amos577
Clark, Amos5230
Clark, Amos6277
Clark, Amos7207
Clark, Amos1121
Clark, Amos1190
Clark, Amos11195
Clark, Amos14210
Clark, Amos B10339
Clark, Amos B10576
Clark, Amos B1121
Clark, Amos B11195
Clark, Amos B12192
Clark, Amos B12228
Clark, Amos B12445
Clark, Amos widow of13271
Clark, Anderson13296
Clark, Anderson13298
Clark, Anderson14249
Clark, Anderson15162
Clark, Anderson15228
Clark, Anderson15520
Clark, Anderson16162
Clark, Anderson1889
Clark, Anderson18235
Clark, Andrew12213
Clark, Andrew13485
Clark, Andrew14605
Clark, Ann3106
Clark, Anthony190
Clark, Anthony4388
Clark, Anthony1327
Clark, Anthony Jr5268
Clark, Anthony Sr5268
Clark, Anthony W20516
Clark, Asa13113
Clark, Asa15383
Clark, Asa1627
Clark, Asa17433
Clark, Asa21181
Clark, Audley5172
Clark, Barton6341
Clark, Burton584
Clark, Burton585
Clark, Burton6124
Clark, Burton6296
Clark, Carpas1113
Clark, Carpas1212
Clark, Carpas1252
Clark, Carpas21
Clark, Carpas3110
Clark, Carpas3111
Clark, Carpas444
Clark, Catharine5298
Clark, Catharine7447
Clark, Catharine7466
Clark, Cornelius1235
Clark, Cornelius4334
Clark, Cornelius4354
Clark, Cornelius5300
Clark, Cornelius8125
Clark, Cornelius8434
Clark, Cornelius925
Clark, Cornelius926
Clark, Cornelius9259
Clark, Cornelius9529
Clark, Cornelius11100
Clark, Cornelius13564
Clark, Cornelius14313
Clark, Cornelius14323
Clark, Cornelius14391
Clark, Cornelius Sr16236
Clark, Cornelius Sr16237
Clark, Cornelius Sr16238
Clark, Corneluis2101
Clark, Corneluis12564
Clark, Corneluis15216
Clark, Daniel6340
Clark, Darius17610
Clark, Dennis H17415
Clark, Dennis H1943
Clark, Dennis H19291
Clark, Dennis H2089
Clark, Dennis H2090
Clark, Dennis H20117
Clark, Dennis H20458
Clark, Dennis H20634
Clark, Dennis H2125
Clark, Dennis H21126
Clark, Dennis H21197
Clark, Dennis H21236
Clark, Dennis H21253
Clark, Ethan Ray1521
Clark, Ethan Ray1531
Clark, G1195
Clark, George15138
Clark, George17133
Clark, George1817
Clark, George19424
Clark, George19480
Clark, George21235
Clark, George B1196
Clark, George B1197
Clark, George B12192
Clark, George B12228
Clark, George B12445
Clark, George B13480
Clark, George B15321
Clark, H8265
Clark, Henry8562
Clark, Henry12306
Clark, Henry14369
Clark, Henry21230
Clark, Henry21231
Clark, Henry21232
Clark, Henry J17535
Clark, Henry J18568
Clark, Hester15136
Clark, Hester1812
Clark, Hester20524
Clark, J.E.13350
Clark, Jackson15138
Clark, James9455
Clark, James11113
Clark, James11270
Clark, James12469
Clark, James1878
Clark, James N13443
Clark, James N13444
Clark, Jane14596
Clark, Jepsha19485
Clark, Jno E. exec20624
Clark, Jno. E13119
Clark, Joel115
Clark, Joel13271
Clark, Joel15328
Clark, Joel18263
Clark, Joel21164
Clark, John5252
Clark, John629
Clark, John6118
Clark, John9240
Clark, John9326
Clark, John108
Clark, John1011
Clark, John1089
Clark, John10114
Clark, John10133
Clark, John10148
Clark, John10149
Clark, John10164
Clark, John10165
Clark, John10223
Clark, John10339
Clark, John10432
Clark, John10555
Clark, John11113
Clark, John12445
Clark, John13455
Clark, John13456
Clark, John1516
Clark, John E10252
Clark, John E10347
Clark, John E10535
Clark, John E1125
Clark, John E11206
Clark, John E15330
Clark, John E15386
Clark, John E exec20382
Clark, John E exec20624
Clark, John E heirs of20383
Clark, John heirs of15136
Clark, John heirs of1960
Clark, John heirs of2024
Clark, John heirs of2048
Clark, John heirs of2089
Clark, John heirs of2090
Clark, John N.17287
Clark, Joshua19290
Clark, Lucy19290
Clark, Mary5172
Clark, Melicia18250
Clark, Missa22528
Clark, Phebe20382
Clark, Phebe20624
Clark, Quincey15136
Clark, Quincy B15136
Clark, R. H.13210
Clark, Reuben14313
Clark, Richard13443
Clark, Richard14411
Clark, Richard15198
Clark, Richard18346
Clark, Richard H18610
Clark, Richard H18644
Clark, Richard H198
Clark, Richard H199
Clark, Richard H2063
Clark, Richard H20130
Clark, Richard H.22528
Clark, Samuel5353
Clark, Samuel5354
Clark, Samuel5363
Clark, Samuel7415
Clark, Samuel9243
Clark, Samuel1517
Clark, Samuel1518
Clark, Sarah19290
Clark, Sarah20524
Clark, Silas1135
Clark, Silas11113
Clark, Susan16340
Clark, Thomas A15542
Clark, Thomas A15543
Clark, William531
Clark, William5101
Clark, William5250
Clark, William694
Clark, William6342
Clark, William6343
Clark, William6374
Clark, William7156
Clark, William7341
Clark, William7576
Clark, William7577
Clark, William7623
Clark, William116
Clark, William1132
Clark, William13266
Clark, William13419
Clark, William15125
Clark, Wilson925
Clark, Wilson926
Clark, Wilson9542
Clark, Wilson14388
Clark, Wilson15271
Clark, Wilson16236
Clark, Wilson16237
Clark, Wilson16238
Clarke, Alexander R2024
Clarke, Asa19518
Clarke, John E12419
Clarke, John E exec20382
Clarke, John E heirs of20383
Clarke, John E heirs of20624
Clarke, Phebe P20624
Clarke, William531
Clarkson, Abner6200
Clarkson, Abner9211
Clarkson, Abner16157
Clarkson, Abner16158
Clarkson, Abner16159
Clarkson, Abner16160
Clarkson, Abner19565
Clarkson, Daniel12350
Clarkson, Daniel1584
Clarkson, Elizabeth10301
Clarkson, Elizabeth1584
Clarkson, Henry15426
Clarkson, Henry16123
Clarkson, Henry16497
Clarkson, Henry1881
Clarkson, Henry trust16335
Clarkson, Jno.16160
Clarkson, John16155
Clarkson, Samuel6200
Clarkson, Samuel7368
Clarkson, Samuel8246
Clarkson, Samuel16157
Clarkson, Samuel16159
Clarkson, Samuel16160
Clarkston, Daniel10565
Clarkston, Elizabeth10565
Clary, Israel Turner18226
Clary, Turner14205
Clary, Turner14206
Clary, Turner18596
Clary, Turner21216
Clary, Turner21217
Clary, Turner21218
Clay, John1570
Clay, John1668
Clay, John M16370
Clay, John M16386
Clay, John M1988
Clay, John M2136
Clayton, Margaret942
Clayton, William942
Cleary, Cornelius1959
Cleary, Turner14205
Cleary, Turner18432
Clemmons, Daniel11568
Clemmons, William11265
Clemmons, William11465
Clemmons, William11466
Clemmons, William11467
Clemmons, William11468
Clemmons, William11469
Clemmons, William11470
Clemmons, William11471
Clewers, Robert E. G.1172
Clewers, Thomas R Jr8384
Clewes, Thomas10597
Clinefelter, Thomas17407
Clinefelter, Thomas R20549
Clingman, Jacob6167
Clingman, John10484
Clingman, John1345
Clinton Furnace12260
Clinton Furnace12308
Clinton Furnace14492
Clinton Furnace14495
Clippinger, Solomon15540
Cloes, John Sr10597
Cloninger, L C1445
Cloninger, L.E.8462
Cloninger, L.E.20547
Cloninger, L.E.21237
Cloninger, Lewis E8463
Cloninger, Lewis E10207
Cloninger, Lewis E10373
Cloninger, Lewis E11532
Cloninger, Lewis E11533
Cloninger, Lewis E11534
Cloninger, Lewis E11535
Cloninger, Lewis E11536
Cloninger, Lewis E11538
Cloninger, Lewis E16178
Cloninger, Lewis E1870
Cloninger, Lewis S16178
Cloninger, Lucretia20547
Clovers, Robert E. G.1172
Cloves, John1172
Clowes, John12401
Clowes, John Sr10597
Clowes, Thomas R10597
Clutt, Christina heirs of12212
Clutt, Elizabeth12210
Clutt, James12210
Clutt, Jonas12210
Clutt, Madaline12210
Clutt, Mary12210
Clutt, Mary12212
Clutt, Robert12212
Clutt, Williams12210
Clutts, A.A.12210
Clutts, A.E.12210
Clutts, Abraham heirs of12210
Clutts, Jonas12210
Clutts, Lewis12210
Clutts, Madaline12210
Clutts, Mary12210
Clutts, Mary Ann12210
Clutts, Robert12210
Coal Grove Co8366
Coal Grove Co8368
Coal Grove Co8370
Coal Grove Co8372
Coal Grove Co8374
Coal Grove Co8377
Coal Grove Co8379
Coal Grove Co8382
Coal Grove Co11331
Coal Grove Co12105
Coal Grove Co12119
Coal Grove Co12121
Coal Grove Co12122
Coal Grove Co1391
Coal Grove Co13470
Coal Grove Co14577
Coal Grove Co1563
Coal Grove Co16146
Coal Grove Co16281
Coal Grove Co17344
Coal Grove Co17353
Coal Grove Co17439
Coal Grove Co17510
Coal Grove Co17550
Coal Grove Co17583
Coal Grove Co17601
Coal Grove Co1810
Coal Grove Co18370
Coal Grove Co18597
Coal Grove Co1962
Coal Grove Co1963
Coal Grove Co19532
Coal Grove Co19633
Coal Grove Co2038
Coal Grove Co20111
Coal Grove Co20185
Coal Grove Co20216
Coal Grove Co20230
Coal Grove Co20379
Coal Grove Co20388
Coal Grove Co2173
Coal Grove Co21205
Coal Grove Co21222
Coal Grove Co21226
Coal Grove Co21236
Coal Grove Co21258
Coal Grove M.E. Church18597
Cobb, Abby C16326
Cobb, Amelia16326
Cobb, David526
Cobb, David16326
Cobb, David G.W.526
Cobb, David G.W. heirs of16326
Cobb, Elizabeth16326
Cobb, Samuel C16326
Cobb, Sarah16326
Cochrain, David K16396
Cochrain, Thomas Admin1824
Cochraine, David K6165
Cochraine, David K16396
Cochraine, David K16428
Cochran, David K14317
Cochran, Thomas15168
Cochrane, A.J.1910
Cochrane, D. K.663
Cochrane, David K775
Cochrane, David K16428
Cochrane, David K.6394
Cochrane, David N6394
Cochrane, Thomas16396
Cochrane, William Jr18192
Cochrane, William Jr19398
Cochrane, William Sr18192
Cochrane, William Sr19398
Codner, Elizabeth11115
Codner, Elizabeth A11111
Codner, Elizabeth A11115
Codner, Elizabeth Ann9262
Codner, Job1133
Codner, John11115
Codner, John C11112
Cogswell, L8240
Cohn, William M12260
Coimgo, Isabella17448
Coke Ridge Furnace18545
Colby, George16342
Cole, Alamiah1118
Cole, Allamak5160
Cole, Allaniah5162
Cole, Allaniah15277
Cole, Allaniah15627
Cole, Henry13292
Cole, Henry1493
Cole, Henry1494
Cole, Henry14593
Cole, Henry1631
Cole, Henry16265
Cole, Henry16535
Cole, Henry20108
Cole, Jesse11104
Cole, Luke1493
Cole, Luke1494
Cole, Luke14593
Cole, Luke1631
Cole, Luke16535
Cole, Luke20108
Cole, Samuel17297
Coles, Ellen20237
Coles, Ellen20237
Coles, Ellen20261
Coles, Isaac13132
Coles, Samuel15488
Coles, Samuel16536
Coles, Samuel18499
Coles, Samuel19218
Coles, Samuel20237
Coles, Samuel20237
Coles, Samuel20238
Coles, Samuel20261
Colfer, James1955
Colley, Allen17479
Colley, Andrew J16490
Colley, Andrew J16491
Colley, John17479
Collier, Ambrose12518
Collier, Cornelius13457
Collier, Cornelius13458
Collier, Cornelius1465
Collier, Cornelius15538
Collier, Cornelius16441
Collier, Cornelius1962
Collier, Cornelius20362
Collier, Corneluis17350
Collier, J.A.14253
Collier, James169
Collier, James170
Collier, James173
Collier, James566
Collier, James568
Collier, James5320
Collier, James5321
Collier, James6479
Collier, James7512
Collier, James8256
Collier, James8447
Collier, James8533
Collier, James9305
Collier, James106
Collier, James10423
Collier, James13457
Collier, James15538
Collier, James15539
Collier, James16196
Collier, James16203
Collier, James16204
Collier, James183
Collier, James18139
Collier, James A8533
Collier, James A935
Collier, James A9447
Collier, James A9489
Collier, James A106
Collier, James A10293
Collier, James A12518
Collier, James A20603
Collier, John1197
Collier, John13145
Collier, John14577
Collier, John1513
Collier, John1622
Collier, John1773
Collier, John18172
Collier, John1963
Collier, John2019
Collier, John D8531
Collier, Joseph9489
Collier, Joseph1394
Collier, Joseph16288
Collier, Machuk170
Collier, Mary18172
Collier, Masheck5293
Collier, O.S.12386
Collier, O.S.12534
Collier, O.S.14134
Collier, O.S.14294
Collier, O.S.18550
Collier, O.S.18551
Collier, OS.18460
Collier, Patsey170
Collier, Patsey173
Collin, James A7175
Collins, A.M.10589
Collins, A.M.18513
Collins, Am.M.19134
Collins, Amos8382
Collins, Amos M8567
Collins, Amos M10589
Collins, Amos M16616
Collins, Amos M heirs of20118
Collins, Asa M10451
Collins, Erastus8382
Collins, Erastus8567
Collins, Frances19344
Collins, Frances19346
Collins, Harriet P8567
Collins, James14508
Collins, John19535
Collins, John L9207
Collins, John L9208
Collins, John L1037
Collins, John L11578
Collins, John L2145
Collins, Lewis1680
Collins, Margaret19344
Collins, Mary Jane19344
Collins, Mary L8567
Collins, Thomas7137
Collins, Thomas C1170
Collins, Thomas C1171
Collins, Thomas E127
Collins, Thomas E7137
Collins, William8382
Collins, William estate19346
Collins, William heirs of19344
Collins, William L8567
Colninger, Lucretia19376
Colquhoun, Anna21195
Colquhoun, John20203
Colquhoun, John21195
Colter, Adam16181
Colter, Rebecca16181
Colvin, Stephen175
Colvin, William15426
Colvin, William16123
Colvin, William16248
Combs, Amanda14286
Combs, James6228
Combs, James13164
Combs, John6194
Combs, John6228
Combs, John6269
Combs, John7136
Combs, John13164
Combs, John18434
Combs, John heirs of14286
Combs, John heirs of15466
Combs, Jonah325
Combs, Jonah3127
Combs, Jonah5144
Combs, Jonas617
Combs, Jonas6228
Combs, Jonas6269
Combs, Jonas11340
Combs, Margaret11340
Combs, Rush7548
Combs, Ruth13164
Comingo, Henry G17448
Comingo, Isabella17448
Compston, Henry V20164
Compston, Henry V20165
Compston, John20283
Comstack, Benjamin6299
Comstock, Benjamin5244
Conaway, Louis15175
Conden, Daniel6310
Conden, Hannah6310
Conden, Hannah8412
Conden, Richard heirs of6310
Condon, J.W.20105
Condon, Richard5382
Conlan, Darby19129
Conley, John14249
Conlin, James A7175
Conlin, Matthew18382
Conlin, Matthew18387
Conlley, A. J.18497
Conlley, John19342
Connell, Samuel M16123
Connor, Adam20507
Constable, James11110
Constable, James11258
Constable, James11315
Constable, James12115
Constable, James12117
Constable, James12118
Conway, Benjamin F15277
Conway, Benjamin F15279
Conway, Charles9276
Conway, Charles16554
Conway, Charles heirs of12229
Conway, James10292
Conway, James10293
Conway, Lewis8505
Conway, Louisa12229
Conway, Mary9329
Conway, Mary11486
Conway, Nancy12229
Conway, Richard8505
Conway, William6396
Conway, William7342
Conway, William7343
Conway, William8100
Conway, William8343
Conway, William9131
Conway, William9160
Conway, William9255
Conway, William9486
Conway, William10292
Conway, William11486
Cook, Catharine5397
Cook, Cris1638
Cook, Crist16498
Cook, Hannah6293
Cook, Henderson8605
Cook, Henderson12233
Cook, Henderson14454
Cook, Henderson14455
Cook, Henderson14456
Cook, Henderson1544
Cook, J.K.4347
Cook, Jeremiah M20324
Cook, John12403
Cook, John13307
Cook, John14524
Cook, Joseph15401
Cook, Joseph1653
Cook, Margaret2087
Cook, Nancy J20325
Cook, T. K.4345
Cook, T. K.4347
Cook, Terhand539
Cook, Thomas L6293
Cook, Turhand5397
Cook, Turhand K5397
Cook, Tyra8472
Cook, Tyra8493
Cook, William1478
Cook, William1479
Cook, William1480
Cook, William20382
Cook, William20383
Cook, William L20325
Cook, William S20330
Cook, William S20380
Cook, William S20381
Cook, William S20382
Cook, William S20383
Cooke, T K.4345
Cooper, Abel8361
Cooper, Abel9246
Cooper, Abel9252
Cooper, Abel1445
Cooper, David13576
Cooper, David17419
Cooper, Elijah5235
Cooper, Henry6328
Cooper, Henry6329
Cooper, Henry17519
Cooper, Isaac13105
Cooper, Isaac13290
Cooper, Jachonias20637
Cooper, Jachonias2178
Cooper, Jechonias16181
Cooper, Jechonias1890
Cooper, Jechonias1937
Cooper, Jechouias18410
Cooper, Jeremiah17427
Cooper, Jeremiah17428
Cooper, Madison17427
Cooper, Madison18118
Cooper, Madison19565
Cooper, Philip K6174
Cooper, Philip K759
Cooper, Philip R6422
Cooper, Philip R7377
Cooper, Philip R8310
Cooper, Philip R8536
Cooper, Philip R103
Cooper, Philip R11163
Cooper, Philip R13104
Cooper, Philip R1448
Cooper, Philip R14163
Cooper, Philip R14165
Cooper, Philip R20210
Cooper, Philip R.7333
Cooper, Philip R.10411
Cooper, Thomas16161
Cooper, Thomas16625
Cooper, Thomas1770
Cooper, Thomas17630
Cooper, Willis6190
Cooper, Willis6328
Cooper, Willis6369
Cooper, Willis6488
Cope, David19148
Cope, David19188
Cope, David19369
Cope, David20563
Copen, George12339
Copen, George12341
Copen, George12451
Copenhaver, Abraham11576
Copenhaver, Elizabeth3149
Copenhaver, Elizabeth5334
Copenhaver, Elizabeth11574
Copenhaver, Elizabeth11576
Copenhaver, Harvey10193
Copenhaver, Harvey10194
Copenhaver, Harvey10203
Copenhaver, Harvey11576
Copenhaver, John1219
Copenhaver, John246
Copenhaver, John2188
Copenhaver, John3140
Copenhaver, John3143
Copenhaver, John57
Copenhaver, John533
Copenhaver, John5226
Copenhaver, Sarah11576
Copin, George8572
Corbin, Elliott7509
Corbin, Elliott1016
Corbin, Elliott1056
Corbin, George16314
Corbin, George W9512
Corbin, George W1057
Corbin, George W11256
Corbin, George W11463
Corbin, George W2052
Corbin, Sardine18231
Corbin, Sardine18331
Corbin, William7509
Corbin, William18231
Corbin, William20408
Corbin, Williams7509
Corder, Elijah S15637
Corder, William Sr8245
Corkle, William418
Corley, Abel11207
Corley, Abel18141
Corley, Allen13492
Corley, Andrew11207
Corley, Andrew11414
Corley, Andrew J13492
Corley, Andrew J13493
Corley, Andrew J15353
Corley, Andrew J15354
Corley, Isaac17225
Corn, Adam K16460
Corn, George17237
Corn, George17238
Corn, George W16404
Corn, George W20162
Corn, George W20460
Corn, Harvey14376
Corn, Henry12127
Corn, Henry20370
Corn, J.W.17277
Corn, James11261
Corn, Jesse9321
Corn, Jesse9322
Corn, Jesse16527
Corn, Jesse18114
Corn, Jesse20105
Corn, Jesse2123
Corn, Jesse2124
Corn, Martha12127
Corn, Martha18115
Corn, Mary17238
Corn, Mary20182
Corn, Peter8114
Corn, Peter9416
Corn, Peter114
Corn, Peter1484
Corn, Peter14440
Corn, Peter2174
Corn, Rebecca2174
Corn, Samuel15464
Corn, Samuel17237
Corn, Samuel Admin16150
Corn, Samuel Admin17392
Corn, Virginia12127
Corn, William635
Corn, William8177
Corn, William8592
Corn, William8593
Corn, William12127
Corn, William H12127
Corn, William H16527
Cornell, James18139
Cornell, James18361
Corner, A. W.16529
Corner, Adam7544
Cornerigo, Henry17448
Cornerigo, Isabella17448
Corns, Elizabeth13453
Corns, J W13453
Corns, J. Wesley13424
Corns, J. Wesley1471
Corns, J.W.18441
Corns, Wesley13340
Corwin, Daniel W13639
Corwin, Daniel W20530
Corwin, Ebenezer Admin14528
Cory, B. F.17114
Cory, Benjamin20209
Cory, Benjamin F1050
Cory, Benjamin F20258
Cory, Benjamin F20369
Cory, Benjamin F20370
Cory, Benjamin F20372
Cory, Susannah19416
Cott, Robert1873
Cotton, Josiah D14277
Coulter, Adam7461
Coulter, Adam8140
Coulter, Adam8360
Coulter, Adam9532
Coulter, Adam9534
Coulter, Adam1010
Coulter, Adam10364
Coulter, Adam10596
Coulter, Adam1122
Coulter, Adam1134
Coulter, Adam12114
Coulter, Adam12279
Coulter, Adam12476
Coulter, Adam16181
Coulter, Adam17119
Coulter, Adam20223
Coulter, Adam20224
Coulter, Adam20233
Covin, Charlotte J20537
Covin, Peter9416
Cowers, John12336
Cowie, Alice21112
Cox, John942
Cox, Nancy942
Cox, Nelson15525
Cox, Nelson15527
Cox, Nelson16149
Cox, Nelson19327
Cox, Nelson19357
Cox, Nelson205
Coyle, Jesse8154
Coyle, Jesse10535
Craddick, William2075
Craddie, William2075
Craddock, J12486
Craddock, Jno.12486
Cradle, Ann2275
Cradle, Ann4349
Craford, Catharine13625
Craft, Joseph1107
Craft, Joseph L1104
Craft, Joseph L.1107
Craig Neville B17446
Craig, Annie17448
Craig, Eliza17448
Craig, Emily17446
Craig, Emily17448
Craig, Isaac17448
Craig, Isaac17449
Craig, Isabella17448
Craig, Jane Ann17446
Craig, Jane Ann17448
Craig, Jane Ann17449
Craig, Neville17446
Craig, Neville17449
Craig, Neville B17446
Craig, Neville B17449
Cramer, Andrew18232
Crance, Thomas18390
Crandall, Elias19257
Crank, Alfred7232
Crank, Alfred7425
Crank, Alfred7503
Crank, Alfred10552
Crank, Alfred1191
Crank, Alfred12530
Crank, Margaret10552
Crank, Martha21129
Crank, Sylver7425
Crank, Sylvester7232
Crank, Sylvester7425
Crank, Sylvester7536
Crank, Sylvester7538
Crank, Sylvester1060
Crank, Sylvester10107
Cranston, Edward12260
Cranston, John1990
Crawford, Frances13416
Crawford, Frances13417
Crawford, George14492
Crawford, George1541
Crawford, George19492
Crawford, George K14492
Crawford, George K14516
Crawford, George K19491
Crawford, George K19617
Crawford, George K20279
Crawford, Geroge K14515
Crawford, Geroge K19492
Crawford, Henry19167
Crawford, Henry19168
Crawford, Henry19462
Crawford, Hugh6123
Crawford, Hugh6231
Crawford, Hugh714
Crawford, Hugh7432
Crawford, Hugh840
Crawford, Hugh864
Crawford, Hugh9122
Crawford, Hugh9152
Crawford, Hugh9156
Crawford, Hugh9358
Crawford, Hugh9359
Crawford, Hugh10450
Crawford, Hugh10583
Crawford, Hugh10594
Crawford, Hugh1169
Crawford, Hugh11122
Crawford, Hugh12129
Crawford, Hugh13164
Crawford, Hugh13416
Crawford, Hugh13417
Crawford, Hugh15403
Crawford, Hugh15404
Crawford, Hugh Admin21104
Crawford, Isaiah16492
Crawford, James595
Crawford, James845
Crawford, James864
Crawford, James8432
Crawford, James8438
Crawford, James8565
Crawford, James9161
Crawford, James9187
Crawford, James9467
Crawford, James1128
Crawford, James1129
Crawford, James1139
Crawford, James14515
Crawford, James14516
Crawford, James15325
Crawford, James17557
Crawford, James18274
Crawford, James18374
Crawford, James18411
Crawford, James19491
Crawford, James19492
Crawford, James19608
Crawford, James19617
Crawford, James20279
Crawford, James Jr5358
Crawford, James Jr6123
Crawford, James Jr845
Crawford, James Jr19608
Crawford, Jno.5267
Crawford, John595
Crawford, John5358
Crawford, John6231
Crawford, John7201
Crawford, John9105
Crawford, John9108
Crawford, John9122
Crawford, John9130
Crawford, John9395
Crawford, John9511
Crawford, John1167
Crawford, John1169
Crawford, Jonathon595
Crawford, Josiah18460
Crawford, Mary7201
Crawford, Mary1167
Crawford, Nancy8438
Crawford, Nancy19617
Crawford, Samuel7475
Crawford, Samuel964
Crawford, Samuel9152
Crawford, Samuel9395
Crawford, Samuel1290
Crawford, Samuel12205
Crawford, Samuel12482
Crawford, Samuel13257
Crawford, Samuel13613
Crawford, Samuel13614
Crawford, Samuel13625
Crawford, Samuel1953
Crawford, Samuel1954
Crawford, Samuel19156
Crawford, Samuel201
Crawford, Samuel20362
Crawford, Samuel2155
Crawford, Sarah595
Crawford, Sarah18460
Crawford. J1169
Creighton, Charles Halsey17291
Creighton, James H17292
Creighton, James H17293
Creighton, James H18378
Creighton, James Hamilton17291
Creighton, James Hamilton17292
Creighton, John Orde17291
Creighton, Johnston Blakley17291
Creighton, Thomas Lloyd Halsey17291
Creighton, William Ogden17291
Cremans, William B13208
Cremmens, William15269
Cresly, Cynthia14302
Cresly, Jonathan14302
Crichton, James15364
Crichton, James15365
Crichton, James19447
Crill, John2152
Crill, John2155
Crill, John359
Cringle, John17617
Crippin, Amos2125
Crippin, Amos1033
Crippin, Francis2125
Crishton, James19447
Cristal, Robert12569
Critchard, Nathaniel398
Critchton, James13226
Croade, Mary6209
Croley, Isaac17223
Croley, Isaac17608
Croley, William17608
Cron, Adam K19502
Cron, William H13434
Cronacher, Frederick17634
Cronacher, Frederick20240
Cronacher, Frederick20282
Cronacher, Frederick20473
Cronacher, Frederick20485
Cronin, Dennis16405
Cronin, Dennis1844
Cronin, Jeremiah16450
Cronin, Jeremiah1844
Cronin, Stephen16450
Cronin, Stephen1844
Cropsey, Jacob T6212
Cropsey, Jacob T6310
Cross Lavina17288
Cross, Bazel A10119
Cross, Bazel A10120
Cross, Bazel A10122
Cross, Bazel A10132
Cross, Bazel A10432
Cross, Bazel A10487
Cross, Bazel A1178
Cross, Bazel A13353
Cross, Bazel A16144
Cross, Bazel A19358
Cross, Bazel A2050
Cross, Beinmon17617
Cross, Frances Marie17291
Cross, Levi2050
Cross, Lucius8504
Cross, Lucius1084
Cross, Lucius10219
Cross, Lucius12253
Cross, Lucius12255
Cross, Lucius13144
Cross, Lucius17288
Cross, Lucuis12405
Cross, Thirza13144
Cross, Wealthy10122
Cross, William A13353
Crossland, A.D.19222
Crossland, A.D.19506
Crossland, A.D.2079
Crossland, A.D.20302
Crossland, A.D.20331
Crossland, A.D.20474
Crossland, A.D.21156
Crow, Adam K17433
Crow, Rebecca17433
Crowley, Absalom7575
Crowley, Isaac18125
Crowley, Jonathan1355
Crowley, William H guardian18237
Crumbfield, James9416
Crumblish, Isaac8391
Crumlish, Amelia10239
Crumlish, Dan21255
Crumlish, Daniel9312
Crumlish, Daniel10229
Crumlish, Daniel11334
Crumlish, Daniel13167
Crumlish, Daniel20562
Crumlish, Daniel21135
Crumlish, David10239
Crumlish, David20562
Crumlish, Emily11334
Crumlish, Isaac10239
Crumlish, James6240
Crumlish, James6241
Crumlish, James6242
Crumlish, James6397
Crumlish, James M8390
Crumlish, Margaret11334
Crumlish, Margaret21255
Crumpston, Enos11386
Crumpston, Enos14252
Crumpston, Isaac11386
Crumpston, Isaac11468
Crumpston, Jacob10533
Crumpston, Jacob10540
Crumpston, Jacob11242
Crumpston, Jacob11255
Crumpston, Jacob11351
Crumpston, James10160
Crumpston, James10309
Crumpston, James10387
Crumpston, James10533
Crumpston, James10540
Crumpston, James1160
Crumpston, James11122
Crumpston, James Jr10493
Crumpston, James K11351
Crumpston, James Sr10536
Crumpston, Martha Ann1160
Crumston, James Jr9285
Cruss, Lucius1047
Crymer, Christopher14405
Cryner, Christopher14241
Cryner, Christopher14243
Crystal, Robert12569
Cubbage, William N19495
Cubbage, William N2025
Culberton Means & Clark17454
Culberton Means & Clark17456
Culberton Means & Clark17457
Culberton Means & Clark17458
Culberton Means & Clark17459
Culberton Means & Clark17460
Culberton Means & Clark17461
Culberton Means & Clark17462
Culbertson Clark & Means10252
Culbertson Means & Clark1477
Culbertson Means & Clark14125
Culbertson Means & Clark14190
Culbertson Means & Clark14514
Culbertson Means & Clark15386
Culbertson Means & Clark18267
Culbertson Means & Co1182
Culbertson Means & Co12418
Culbertson Means & Co12419
Culbertson Means & Co12420
Culbertson Means & Co12421
Culbertson Means & Co12423
Culbertson Means & Co12424
Culbertson Means & Co12425
Culbertson Means & Co12559
Culbertson Means & Co12559
Culbertson Means & Co13186
Culbertson Means & Co13559
Culbertson Means & Co1476
Culbertson Means & Co20624
Culbertson, Cambridge1873
Culbertson, Clark & Means1125
Culbertson, Emily1873
Culbertson, Jno13350
Culbertson, John10252
Culbertson, John10347
Culbertson, John10432
Culbertson, John10535
Culbertson, John1125
Culbertson, John11206
Culbertson, John12419
Culbertson, John13557
Culbertson, John15386
Culbertson, John1873
Culbertson, John18291
Culbertson, John20380
Culbertson, John20622
Culbertson, Jon13119
Culbertson, Mary1873
Culkins, John20379
Culkins, John21226
Culkins, John21258
Culkins, John21259
Cullen, Israel14616
Cullens, Israel14105
Cullins, John21226
Culver, John8528
Culver, John8538
Culver, John1032
Culver, John1211
Cuming, Andrew J9297
Cuming, Andrew Jackson9297
Cumins, A. J.20189
Cummingham, John12125
Cummings, Joseph1933
Cummins, Alexander359
Cummins, Joseph1028
Cummins, Samuel P10229
Cummins, Samuel P10239
Cummins, Smaule P10108
Cumpston, Alfred F10350
Cumpston, Alfred F10493
Cumpston, Alfred F20605
Cumpston, Enos11386
Cumpston, Enos12143
Cumpston, Enos13203
Cumpston, Isaac11386
Cumpston, Isaac11468
Cumpston, Jacob10533
Cumpston, Jacob10540
Cumpston, Jacob11242
Cumpston, Jacob11253
Cumpston, Jacob11254
Cumpston, Jacob11255
Cumpston, Jacob11351
Cumpston, Jacob14220
Cumpston, James10309
Cumpston, James10350
Cumpston, James10533
Cumpston, James10540
Cumpston, James1160
Cumpston, James11122
Cumpston, James11479
Cumpston, James12112
Cumpston, James15405
Cumpston, James Jr10387
Cumpston, James Jr10493
Cumpston, James K11253
Cumpston, James K11255
Cumpston, James K11351
Cumpston, James K1483
Cumpston, John7369
Cumpston, John11480
Cumpston, John12143
Cumpston, John13203
Cumpston, John13204
Cumpston, John20283
Cumpston, Joseph11480
Cumpston, Joseph11481
Cumpston, Joseph15301
Cumpston, Joseph15302
Cumpston, Sally11480
Cumston, James9281
Cumston, Martha Ann9281
Curry, Zebediah D12169
Curtis, D.M.552
Curtis, Drayton552
Curtis, Ezra16550
Curtis, Ezra18393
Cutler, D. H.18376
Cutler, Ephraim7425
Cutler, Ephraim8185
Cutler, Harvey18376
Cutler, Harvey19170
Cutler, Manassah5172
Cutler, Manasseh9523
Cutlger, Demas Hubbard16162
Cutright, Arvilla10430
Cutright, George W10566
Cutright, George W1284
Cutright, George W1679
Cutright, John456
Cutright, John5140
Cutright, John5142
Cutright, John5143
Cutright, John1284
Cutright, John16403
Cutright, John20232
Cutter, Manassah11613
Dagget, Evin675
Dailey, John C18534
Dailey, John C19486
Dailey, John C19487
Dailey, John C19488
Dailey, John C208
Dailey, John H19487
Dailey, Vincent19488
Daily, John13166
Daily, John C13166
Daily, Vincent19488
Dalmont, Eugene19606
Dalton, George12460
Dalton, George12461
Dalton, George16462
Dalton, George18157
Dalton, George18272
Dalton, George20595
Dalton, George Sr19534
Dalton, Thomas9410
Dalton, William1827
Dalton, William1880
Dalton, William19611
Dalton, William21229
Damarin, Charles A.M.18630
Damerel, Augustin653
Damerel, Elizabeth653
Damrell, Augustin698
Damrell, Augustin699
Damrell, Augustin6132
Damrell, Augustin6133
Damrell, Augustin6307
Damrell, Augustin6411
Damrell, Augustin6479
Damrell, Augustine6175
Damrell, Augustine6410
Damrell, Elisha R8249
Damrell, Elizabeth699
Damrell, Elizabeth6132
Damrell, Elizabeth6133
Dana, Joseph8171
Dana, Joseph8220
Dana, Joseph11137
Dana, Joseph11421
Dana, Maria12359
Dana, William12359
Daniels, Stephen149
Danielson, Luther20561
Darling, Isaac6433
Darling, Isaac7189
Darling, Isaac7307
Darling, Isaac7476
Darling, Isaac7572
Darling, Isaac8160
Darling, Isaac8396
Darling, Isaac8518
Darling, Isaac965
Darling, Isaac10119
Darling, Isaac10122
Darling, Isaac10132
Darling, Isaac10291
Darling, Isaac11159
Darling, Isaac11372
Darling, Isaac11616
Darling, Isaac13575
Darling, Isaac1634
Darling, Isaac1636
Darling, Nancy8160
Darling, Nancy965
Darlington, Gabriel942