About Lawrence County Ohio 1820 Census


 Compiled by Kristy Stevens from

Microfilm # M33-88

This was Lawrence County, Ohio’s first Federal census, as well as most of the surrounding counties’ first.  Many of the townships were not yet formed nor did the enumerator seem to know where the boundaries of the existing townships were located.  Most pages were folded, overlapped, or combined together to form a full-sized page on the microfilm.  Therefore, most pages had more than one township listed on them.  Each full-size page had a handwritten page number at the bottom, although a couple had stamped page numbers on them and one had no number on it at all.  There were neither household numbers, nor line numbers on any of this census. Each transcribed section is separated on its page with a bold line as it was separated on the microfilm. Line numbers were assigned from top to bottom, of each page, for individual households only; totals lines, empty lines, or lines with “brought over” numbers were not counted.

There was a total population of 3499 enumerated in Lawrence County, Ohio for the 1820 census; 1819 males, 1657 females, and 23 free blacks.  The following quantities were found in each township or area:

Burlington (county seat) = 140

Fayette twp. = 436

Union twp. = 519

Symmes twp. = 247

Rome twp. = 399

Upper twp. = 414

Elizabeth twp. = 295

Windsor twp. = 440

Mason twp. = 289

Lawrence twp. = 199

Decatur twp. = 121