Superintendent Shot at Hamilton Furnace

Arrest of Youth for Shooting Mine Superintendent Precipitates Disturbance

Governor of Ohio Sends Soldiers to Scene at Ironton and Crowds Disperse

Columbus, Ohio, June 1-Four companies of militia were today ordered to proceed to Hanging Rock near Ironton on the Ohio River, Governor Herrick ordered out Company K of Portsmouth, Company I of Ironton and two companies from Gallipolis [sic] and Manchester. Colonel A.C. Thompson assumed command. The companies left at once for Hanging Rock on a special train.

 Ironton Ohio, June 1-The arrest of James Fuller, a young striker on suspicion of having shot Superintendent William Jeffries of the Hanging Rock Iron Company, precipitated serious trouble today. Fuller was arrested by Constable Kinkaid and the strikers did not take the arrest in pleasant spirit. They gathered in groups to discuss it. Both sides to the controversy assumed a threatening attitude and Sheriff Payne of this city was called upon for assistance. He investigated and found the situation critical. He thereupon called for troops and his call was approved by the Governor.

When the troops arrived this afternoon, Hanging Rock was placed under martial law and the crowds were dispersed. Harvey Reed, who refused to obey the troops, was arrested. James Fuller was also arrested on a charge preferred before the troops arrived.

San Francisco Call newspaper Thursday, June 2, 1904 page 2