Monitor Furnace

Old map shows the location of the furnace

Monitor Furnace, Monitor Furnace Co., Ironton, Lawrence county. One
stack, 50 x 11, built in 1868 ; annual production, 4,500 net tons ; open
top ; hot blast, John Peters, President.


Advertisement in the Ironton Register newspaper
Monitor Furnace site in 2016

Read all about Monitor Furnace proprietor John Peters HERE

Fun Fact: The Village of Coal Grove was originally named Petersburg!

Portsmouth Daily Times, Portsmouth, Ohio ยท May 30, 1873, Page 3
PETERSBURG, opposite Ashland is the deadest looking part of Lawrence County. I had the pleasure of riding through its streets in a lumbering old stage coach with ray friend, W. G. Bradford, of Ironton. Mudholes, that are from one to three feet, arc perfectly water-tight. The road from this place to Ironton is badly cut up by the heavy ore wagons that are continually passing over it. Petersburg looks like it belonged to a race of people that lived hundreds of years ago, and that it never could conform itself to the appearance of our modern towns and villages. If I were to trade it for Catlettsburg, I wouldn’t ask anything to boot. Monitor Furnace is the only live thing within its border. This is a charcoal furnace that blowed in only three weeks before I was there. They get their coal in the hill at the foot of which the furnace is located. The ore is readily obtained in the immediate vicinity.