Hecla Furnace was located at the intersection of State Route 141 and County Road 181 (Hog Run). It’s now the location of the Upper Township Volunteer Fire Department. 


Same perspective as the previous picture


Hecla Furnace store and church

Ironton Register, November 24, 1887 – It takes lots of corn to run a furnace. 12,500 bushels passed through Hecla cribs in eight months, from March 1 to November 1. Mr. Clark Henry was the crib tender and kept careful account of every pound.

Famous “Swamp Angel” gun was made at Hecla Furnace

Hecla Furnace Cemetery

Hecla Cemetery is located at the intersection of Co. Rd. 7E and State Route 141 on the hill. The fire station just past that is where the furnace sat.