Belfont Iron Works

Belfont Iron Works

Taken from “The Headlight” no date taken.

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey


Belfont Iron Works located at Second Street between Vesuvius and Hecla


A “Then and Now” view of Belfont Iron Works


Sanborn Fire Insurance Map showing the Belfont Furnace, which was across town from Second Street to the river between Jefferson and Madison 



One of the oldest and best-known industries engaged in the manufacture of muck bar, pig iron and cut nails, is the Belfont Iron Works. The Belfont Furnace, owned and operated by the same company, is also a prominent feature among Ironton’s industries, giving employment to a large force of men and producing vast quantities of foundry pig iron and all grades of Bessemer. The nail works operate 126 nail machines and give employment to about 300 men, with a capacity for producing 1400 kegs of nails daily. Muck bar in large quantities and have the highest quality known to the trade, is also made at these works. The products of the Belfont Iron Works and Belfont Furnace are shipped to all quarters, and the city profits much through the representation of such old and honorable institutions. The officers of the Company, Messrs, J. G. Peebles, President; B. H. Burr, Vice-President, and S. G. Gilfillan, Secretary and Treasurer, are staunch in business and finance, able in judgment and executive ability, and ranking among the most honored and respected citizens of Ironton.