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Blast Furnaces Historical Marker
Blast Furnaces Historical Marker located on the lawn of the court house in Ironton, OH
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Union Pine Grove Little Etna Vesuvius
Buckhorn Vernon Hecla Lawrence
LaGrange Center Olive Washington
Oak Ridge Pioneer Monitor Belfont
Grant Big Etna Maggie (Iron & Steel Furnace) Sarah
Hamilton Ironton

Iron Furnace History

Misc Information About the Iron Furnaces
Researched by Sharon M. Kouns
Listing of Iron Furnaces in Ohio and Kentucky
Researched by Sharon M. Kouns
Charles Sheppard relives furnace days
Submitted by Peggy A. Wells
Old Mill-Eagle Mill-Eagle Iron & Steel Co.
Researched by Sharon M. Kouns
Pine Grove Furnace Article from Newspaper
Submitted by Jean Griesan
Events leading up to the Iron Furnaces
Written by Jim Joseph
Belfont Iron Works and Belfont Furnace
Etna Furnace Articles
Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns
Iron Furnaces Booming in Decatur Township
Data regarding the Hanging Rock Iron Region
Swamp Angel made at Hecla Furnace

Another “Swamp Angel” Story

Ohio Iron History – {External link hosted by Emmet Conway}
Obituary of Samuel C. Wurts
Link to more furnace information with maps
Furnace Statistics in 1888
New Furnace Built Where Old Etna Stood
Buckeye Furnace in Jackson County, Ohio
Old Hanging Rock Furnace a Relic of Distant Past
First Iron Furnace
Iron Furnaces Booming in Decatur
Iron Workers Strike  – July 7, 1888 Lawrence Iron Company
Superintendent Shot at Hamilton Furnace  –  Four companies of militia were today ordered to proceed to Hanging Rock near Ironton on the Ohio River. Hanging Rock was placed under martial law and the crowds were dispersed. June 2, 1904
James E. Ellison – General manager of the Layton Sugar company, and interested in other business enterprises, was named president of the Utah Associated Industries to succeed the late John G.M. Barnes at a meeting of the board of directors held today at the Alta Club.