Submitted by Betty J. Berndt

Christian Yingling the emigrant, had three sons that we know of; John, Andrew, and Christian Yingling Jr. They were in Philadelphia about 1710.

Christian Jr., the youngest was born about 1723. He lived in Diggs Choice 1763 (disputed land between Pennsylvania and Maryland), and had seven children. Andrew Yingling, one of Christian Junior’s sons, was a private in the Revolutionary War. Captain Gasselins Company. He enlisted October 14. 1872 and married Frany 1875.

Breaking their home ties they left, and made their way slowly through wilderness, Indian trails, pausing along the way; then crossing the Ohio River and settling in the lower end of Hanging Rock Narrow, Ohio, about 1798.

The Yinglings family burial plot was on the old homestead, near the Ohio River, which has since disappeared, due to the frequent flood waters. Removal of all stones and graves have been made to the Henry Cemetery at Ironton.

Andrew and Frany’s known children are:
Catherine married Aaron Brown; Christian married Martha Lee (daughter of Reverend J. Lee): Andrew; Polly (Mary); Nathaniel, John married first Catherine Delong-second Hannah Shaffer. Francy married William Powell: William married Rebecca Harper; John Yingling married Catherine Delong, prior to April 8, 1820. It is not known what happened to Cathenne. May 19, 1827, Ironton. Ohio, John married Hannah Shafter, the mother of all his children John Yingling except two. Hannah born 1801 and died 1890, Mercer County, Missouri. is buried in the Yingling Cemetery beside her husband John (1802-1887).

John’s nine children were: Amanda (Mrs Pleasant Rose)– nine children, remained in Gallia County, Ohio;
Marry Jane (Mrs. Andrew Collyer)–died 1884 age 24. Mercer County, Missouri:
Charles Wesley came mid 1800s with his folks to Southern Iowa (Marion Township. Wayne Co. and Mercer Co.. Missouri). When he heard of the gold rush in California he went. When he returned he married Caroline Calavan, daughter of James and Nancy Stowe Calavan. about 1859-1860. He died after 1881 (ten children): Margaret born 1861 married first, Vincent Grey; second Charles Johnson;

Nancy Finley born 1663, married Stephen Gerton Vinzant (eight children); 1) Ferry, married Neoma Mobley. 2) Rose, married William Barber: 3) Altha. married Charles Brown; 4) Elma married William Berndt (ten children)–Mary Maebelle married Paul Little (three children); Ferry married Hazel Hashman (two children); Stephen Wesley married Flora Ragan-second Edith Retherford (four children); Nellie, married Newell Beavers (four children); Emest Paul Berndt born and died 1915; first, married Arlene Barnett (two children): Hubert, married Arceal Johnson (four children); William, married Lois Summers (two children): ‘Marvin Dale, married Betty Davis (two children): Larry and Diana Herlihy (four grandchildren, Crystal Ragan. Kyle and Brett Berndt. Kevin Herlihy and step grandchild Scott Jones): David Berndt married Lucille Bryan (one child–5) John married Wilda Davis. 6) Gladys married Aldelbert Ward; 7) Hugh married Faye Manchester: 8) Dennis married Alice Shores.

John James born 1865 married Louisa Vinzant. Jannah married Joseph sawyer, George Sills, Henry Hickman. and Allen Monroe. Ira Howard married Effie Vinzant. Granville Love married Bertha Evans. Guy Oliver married Hulda Underwood: second Amy Hashman. William Albert born and died 1869; Margaret.born 1829 married Elijah Collier: Elizabeth born 1831 married Elisha Collier; Nathaniel married Nancy Johnson: Lucinda born 1838 married Allen Wood: Surelda. born 1840, married George Scott: and John James married Francis Armelda Jane Johnson Christian Yingling the emigrant died January 22. 1755.