Woodside Family Bio

Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

ROBERT WOODSIDE, residing at #917 Wallace Avenue, Wilkinsburg, PA and for many years engaged in the ice business in Pittsburgh and its vicinity, is of Irish ancestry.

John WOODSIDE, a native of Ireland, emigrated to the United States some time during the thirties of the nineteenth century. He settled in Wilkins township, Allegheny county, PA, where he was profitably engaged in the weaving of carpets, coverlets, blankets, etc. He amassed a considerable fortune and built for himself a comfortable home in Penn avenue, in what is now (1907) Wilkinsburg. This is one of the oldest brick houses now standing in the borough. He removed to Burlington, Ohio, in 1852, and died there two years later. He married Sarah RATCLIFF or JACKSON, of English parentage and had children: Sarah, Maggie, who married a Mr. TELLEN; Mary and Annie, who died in infancy, and Robert……..

Source: A Century and a Half of Pittsburgh and Her People by John Newton Boucher 1908, pg 360