Willis #2

Genealogical Works of Robert M Willis
Volume II

Submitted by Oma Griffith

RECEIVED: 8/23/71

FROM: Mrs Elizabeth Burwell Manship

59 Fair Crest Rd.

Ashville, NC 28804

Wharton, Texas

March 17, 1951

Mrs Jas S Beasley

Royal Cake

Nashville 5, Tennessee

Dear Mrs Beasley:

Your address was sent to me by Mrs Jackson of Amarillo, with whom I have had correspondence regarding the EDWARDS Family. It seems many of us are descendants of the illustrious EDWARDS Family, but as their descendants are legion, it is a problem to stay on the right line. I have accumulated much EDWARDS data in my search and occasionally have the thrill of passing some on which ties in and helps someone else or put people in touch with each other who are searching the same line, as research is one of my hobbies. Many people have helped me too on my numerous families, for which I am very grateful.

Mrs Jacksons and my lines are not the same. Your line and my line could be. Here is my line and if it ties in with yours along the way won’t you please let me hear from you.

I go back through a paternal grandmother- Henrietta Randolph M Edwards m Willis McLendon in Talbot Co, GA, 1849. Henrietta the daughter of WILLLIAM POSEY EDWARDS and Winnifred Ann Blow m 1825 in Jones Co, Ga. William Posey Edwaras the only living son of Thomas Lawson Edwards and Mary Heath, m 1798 either in Tenn. or GA and died in Hancock, GA in 1821. Thomas Lawson Edwards was the son of William Edwards b 1777 in NC or Tenn. I do not know who Thomas Lawson Edwards mother was.

William Edwards – the father of Thomas L Edwards – was born in NC in 1751. I don’t know who his mother was.

All of this has been proven by documents up to William Edwards b in NC in 1751 and was also contained in our family records

I am searching from here. Our family records say William Edwards father was Thomas Edwards from Virginia, who went into NC later his family went into Tenn. and then down into Georgia, but don’t know whether Thomas lived to go to Tenn. and Ga. Family records leave the impression that either William Edwards (b 1751) mother or wife was a Lawson and it is probable as the Lawson name has been used as given names in the family. I do not know where the Posey name come into the family, but it has come all the ways down to my father-Posey Augustus McLendon. It could have been through the Heaths too.

A cousin sent me the following record which is as far as I have gotten. She states “this record is given as an exact copy from the Register in Tenn. Furnished and signed by D A Crenshaw”

RECEIVED 8-23-71

Mrs Mary E Miller writing-


Thomas Edwards was our ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while acting in the capacity of a private in the Fourth South Carolina Regiment, commanded by Colonel Bernard Beckman. Thomas Edwards name appears on the records of that organization with remarks showing that he enlisted November 28, 1779.

His name is inscribed upon a bronze monument erected upon the capitol grounds at Columbus, South Carolina, commemorating those who served in the different wars of the United States.

His name is also upon the base of a monument to General Morgan and his men at Spartanburg, South Carolina.

His name is registered in the archives of Greenville, South Carolina as a soldier, patriot and statesman. Traditional evidence shows that Thomas Edwards was a member of the Geneeral Assembly of Greenville, South Carolina and continued to discharge his duties as a Legislator until some time late in the year 1779 when he joined the army or about the first of February, 1780.

Thomas Edwards married Mary Ann MacClanahan.

Their Children were:

William- died unmarried

Peter-Married Polly Salmon

Thomas- married Leah Ford

Lemiel- married Miss Wood } sisters

Jesse- married Miss Wood }

John- married Juliet Massey

James- married Mildred Earl

Edward (Ned)- married Betsey Kendrick

Francis (Frank) – Not known whether he married or not.

Thomas Edwards died – 1832


Edwards, Ellis – Born Sept 11, 1779, place unknown but thought to be in Wise Co, Virginia. Came to

Burke Co, North Carolina about 1800, to Haywood County, about 1805, near Bethel, died and buried there, name of wife unknown.


Edwards, Amelia, April 11, 1785

Edwards, Noami, November 29, 1802

Edwards, Joseph, February 27, 1807

(The above believed to be brothers and sisters of Ellis.)


Edwards, _____

Edwards, Thomas, February 28, 1809

Edwards, Delia Ann, March 21, 1811

Edwards, Philip W, March 12, 1813

Edwards, James S August 11, 1815

Edwards, Mary H , March 8, 1818

Edwards, Berry M, December 24, 1820

Edwards, Elmira H, June, 1825

Edwards, Assenith


Edwards, Weldon M

Edwards, Julius

Edwards, Pickney

Edwards, Laura

Edwards, Mary Jane

Edwards, James A P

Edwards, Martha (Mattie)

Edwards, Rupert, HE- born 10/14/1852 (Mother 2/12/1855)

Edwards, Ellen F

William Edwards Sr, b 1751 in N C, d Oct 23, 1814 in Ga.

William Edwards Sr Children:

Thomas Lawson b Oct 20, 1777

William b Feb 11, 1780

Andrew (Dr) b Feb 3, 1783

John b Mar 8, 1786

David b Jan 13, 1789

Mary b May 28, 1794

James b May 5, 1796

Martha b Apr 19, 1797

Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of Thomas, was born Nov 11, 1798.

From this record, they must have lived sometime in Tenn. to have rated this record in Tenn. Register, what ever kind of magazine that is for we do not have it in our Houston Library. This must be a bible record for the exact dates of birth are given and Mr Crenshaw must know his dates. The Crenshaw name rings a familiar bell but I cannot place him. Does he write for historical publications in Tenn. ?

Now I have really searched the Georgia records. I spent several weeks there two years ago checking in old courthouses. I do not know what GA County William Edwards died in , in 1814, but am afraid it was Washington Co from whence Hancock and others-where his children lived- were cut. And of course most of Washington Counties records were burned along with many others in GA during the Civil War. Neither am I able to locate Thomas Lawson Edwards marriage record to Mary Heath, but they could have married in Tenn. However, James 1880 census records says he was born in GA in 1896 and his father in NC. Perhaps this family lived in the part of NC cut off in Tenn. in 1796, and they did not know where the dividing lines were in those early days.

The EDWARDS, HEATHS, BLOWS, BUTTS, HOWELLS, LAWSONS and other families were together in many Virginia Records and must have come into Georgia together for they intermarried there. By the way, William Edwards son Andrew, who became a doctor, married Blanche K Morgan in 1815 in Hancock Co, Ga. They had a daughter Marie Louisa who married Dr Beasley and lived in Troup Co, Ga. Could your Beasley family be old connection too?

I am so anxious to get DAR bare on these families and feel sure they are excellent Founders and colonial Dame lines. Have you worked yours out yet?

I am planning on leaving here the week after Easter, driving up to Washington for Continental Congress for I want to attend one meeting while I am Regent of my Comfort Wood Chapter, Wharton. I plan to do a weeks research in GA and Carolinas before reaching Washington, then work in KY and Tenn. on my return.

I will be visiting along the way too, but it is not going to interfere with my research. I have some work to do in pa while in Washington, so can’t see any time for anything. I will just be searching until I find what I want, DAR, Congressional, Archives, States and Counties. I would like to finish up several out of my dozen this trip.

Mrs Elizabeth Burwell Manship

59 Fair Crest Rd

Ashville, NC 28804






Jonathan Ward, 106 years of age recently died at his home in Hecla Furnace near Ironton. He was the father of sixteen children. Our attention , by the way, is drawn to a fact, that very really all the some what

Numerous Centenarians, whose death in various parts of the country have been lately chronicled, have had exceptionally large families, which would seem to argue that the parentage of a multitudes progeny is favorable to if not assuring of longevity.

Copied Oct 23, 1971




Route 1, Box 54

Dobson, N C 27017

Written in by hand { Aug 25, 1967

{ Odessa Edwards, dec.

Dear Cousin Robert M Willis,

I was so surprised to get a letter from you. I didn’t mean to wait so long to write you. But I couldn’t tell you any thing you wanted to know. I just kept thinking I might get to go to see of the Beamers & try to find out something out. I don’t drive a car & don’t have a way of my own to go where I would like to go. I never did learn to drive a car. One of my girls is with me now. Her husband is in service in Viet Nam. He is suppose to get out from over there in Feb. We are hoping he will get back OK. His job is working with supplies. I have a girl & her family that lives in Maryland. I went with my son & his family to see them a few weeks ago. We went by Richmond to see Philip & Dora & Charlie & Lillie just for a few mins. Charlie was sick that day. But he is better now. Philip has arthritis awfully bad. He said he hoped to get to come for the reunion. I hope you folks get to come. Charlie said they didn’t guess they would come. They were up to see Rose & Rena & Robert’s the second week end of this month. Lillie’s oldest sister , Mahala, lives close to me. She can walk up here, but this summer I can’t hardly walk to her house. There something bad wrong with my back & hip till I can’t hardly get around when I get on the ground. Tell you mother I will write to one day. I hope you get to come for the reunion & bring her and can come to see me & spend some time. I reckon its about 36 miles from here to Mt Lebanon Church. Well I close for this time. Do you have a family? Send me a picture & one of Alice. Write soon.

From your cousin,

Odessa E





Wesley and Maud Burcham

Route 2, Box 124 – Woodlawn, Virginia 24381


Jan 7, 1969

Dear Folks,

Want to thank you two for the beautiful Christmas card and thanks for you thanking of us. I have sad news to tell you. Brother Roy Edwards passed away New Years’ night. He and his wife live in Williamson, W. Virginia. I wasn’t able to go for his funeral. But sister Lennie and one of her daughters , both sons & wives went . Also 4 of sisters Ida’s children; 3 of Philip’s children Mahala & Hayden & daughter, Barnard & wife. I sure wish he could have been brought back here. But of course he had lived there for years every sense long before he married they didn’t have any children. He had been so very sick the last 4 months. Lennie her daughter & husband and I went see him spent one night with them. He could be up part time and walk to bathroom that was the first of Nov.

Well do hope you all are fine. Write and come to see us when can.

Love and Best Wishes May God Bless

Maude and Wesley



Dear Mr Willis:

Thank you for your letter and information I received yesterday. However, you state in your letter that Elijah Edwards is your Great Grandfather b 1812 d 1888. Going by the information I have before me indicates one of us may be in error. John P Alderman says in his 1850 Census of Carroll Co, Va. Annotated that family # 698 is Elijah and Irene Edwards. He goes on to state that Elijah is the son of Thomas and Mary Edwards family #694. Thomas Edwards is the brother of my Gt Gt Gt Grandpa William Edwards- family # 483 and John Alderman says their father is John Edwards who died at Elk Spur. In 1810. This is as far back as I have been able to trace. It is my heart desire to reach the boat before I die. So if yourself or anyone you may know has anymore information on the “John ” of Elk Spur. Please let me know.

I suggest you get a copy of John P Alderman book the 1850 Carroll Co Census: Annotated because it has more information on the old folks of Carroll & Grayson Co than any source of information I have come across. Bu mail: John P Alderman – Box 647 , Hillsville, VA 24343 zip – the price is $11.00. I’ll send John Edwards of Elk Spur. Had the following children: William & wife Sarah- Thomas & wife Mary –

Elijah, Elisha, Katy, Nancy, Jenny, Easter. It may be possible that the parents of John is Thomas Edwards Eand wife Lucy. Because he had a son named John and a grandson named William but I have no proof that ties them together.

William Greenberry Edwards on the Pedigree Chart is my grandpa and my father’s name is William Sherman Edwards.

Family # 401 list Isaac Edwards & Mary Polly Beamer Edwards. Isaac was the son of Isaac & Catherine Edwards. Isaac was raised on Little Reed and married in 1822. Mary Beamer (1804-1890) , daughter of Philip & Rhoda Beamer. They raised eleven children , first on Little Reed near Killsville & then in Pipers Gap. Isaac was a local auctioneer of his day and man of the old estate records show fees paid to him for “crying” the sale.

As I said before if you could get a copy of the 1850 census it would open up a new world of information in your research of the Edwards & Beamer of your line. My time to do research is now limited and I am at a stand still and any help you could afford me would be welcomed.

I’m sending a copy of a picture I took of the Pauls Creek Baptist Church from atop of the Mountain looking back down at it. I took the picture about 1 ½ years ago. All of my folks some from this area of the county.

Well hope this is of help to you and any other (can’t read rest.)



Dear Mr Willis:

In looking at an old 1969 VA Gen Soc Magazine you ask for information on the parents of Elijah Edwards who married Irena Beamer. By now you more than likely have found all the information you need. But I know they are very few folks working on the line of Edwards and that’s why I write.

Elijah Edwards was the son of Thomas and Mary Edwards. Both Thomas and Mary were born in North Carolina and their monuments give the dates as 1768-1851 for Thomas and 1776-1867 for Mary. Thomas had a brother named William which is my G G G Grandfather. It is believed that the father of Thomas is John Edwards who died at Elk Spur, Grayson Co which is now Carroll Co, VA and the father of John was Thomas Sr and his wife’s name was Lucy.

If you have more information than this on the Edwards family or know someone who does please let me know.


Bobby R Edwards

1059 Johnsontown Rd

Thomasville, NC 27360

3413 Wildbriar Circle

Haughton, La 71037

Jan 3, 1984

Robert M Willis

Route 1 Box 669

South Point, Ohio 45680

Dear Mr Willis:

It was so nice talking to you on Sat. I am very pleased to receive your data on the Beamer & Edwards family from Bobby Edwards & Ben Thomas in North Carolina. I have been searching for the maiden name of Newell combs wife for over 5 years. I would be so appreciative of any help you can give or for addresses of others working on the families.

I note that your data calls Frances Beamer, Florence, but all the census records call her Frances as does the will of Phillip Beamer. Perhaps Florence was her middle name? Note this will abstract from the book, OVER THE MOUNTAIN MEN, Their Early Court Records in SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA, by Anne Lowry Worrell: Pg 54 Grayson Co, Va.

Beamer, Phillip Pro. Nov 1832. Names wife, Rhoady; ch Frances, Teney, Ireney, Manoah, (youngest son), Peter, Henry, Isaac, Richard; grandson, Phillip Edwards. (You will note that for some reason, Mary/Polly & Charita were not named.)

Same pg: Beamer, Henry, dec April returned Feb 1841.

Pg 55: Edwards, Isaac Pro Aug 1825. Names wife, Katherine; ch John, Isaac, others names or number not given. Gr-daughter, Polly Bedsalt. Same pg: Edwards, Catherine, dec Inv ret March 1835.

Page 56: Lundy, Richard, Pro May 1822. Names wife, Mary; & ch Azariah, Daniel, Isaac, Richard, Rhoda Beamer, Mary Harrold, Elizabeth Davis, Samuel, & Sally Davis.

Mr Willis, any of the above wills can be ordered from Virginia State Lib, 1101 Capitol St, Richmond, Va. 23219. The complete will would give more info than the brief abstracts given in the book. Its always interesting to see who the witnesses were.

I am enclosing the family sheet on our line of Combs so you can see where we fit into the picture. Old William was thought to be a brother of an early Zedekiah Combs who died in Grayson Co in 1821. Old Zed married Elizabeth Johnson and had the following ch: Joseph, John, Jermiah, Sarah, William, & Nancy. All the above migrated to West Virginia except Joseph & Nancy. I am glad that you have a copy of Alderman’s annotated census of Carroll Co, in 1850. The book has been a big help to me and I have also corresponded with the Alderman’s and they have sent all known info on our line from Carroll, Grayson, & Patrick County. You will note that Churchill Combs was the only one of our line in Carroll Co in 1850. The rest had moved to Patrick Co except our Zadock who was in Surry Co, N C. By the mid –1850’s part of Patrick became Carroll County and our Combs were known as the Carroll County Combses.

I am aware that the Beamers & Lundy’s were Quakers and have done some research on the Quakers of North Carolina. I can’t find anything in the records indicating that the Combs were Quakers but they had a close relationship with early Quaker settlers. For instance, George Stanfield, one of the old remaining Quakers in Grayson Co, named William & Jane Combs and their eldest son, Zedekiah (Qadock) in his will in 1827. Old George did not seem to have any children so perhaps they were just close neighbors. Jane Combs was a Carter and I can’t find any relationship between Carters & Stanfield’s, but I still have not found Jane’s parents so there might be a connection further back.

Our Combs also had a close relationship to John & Nancy Scudder of Grayson Co but that too remains a mystery. Some think Nancy Scudder was the mother of old Zed & William Combs & had married John Scudder second. Others think she might have been their sister. If you ever run across anything on the Scudders, I would appreciate you keeping my interests in mind. John Scudder died in Grayson Co in 1823.

Going back to Newell & Frances Combs, they seemed to have divorced or separated as they were living apart in the Carroll Co census of 1880. Newell must have been dead by the 1900 census but Frances was still alive. Any info on them would be helpful whether it is good or bad. I am not the least bit sensitive when a skeleton falls out of the closet. It just makes things more interesting. Ha! Ha!

I am happy to say that the sun is shining and we have gotten out of the deepfreeze. So far, Jan has been better than December. People are still trying to repair broken pipes that froze and some schools are still closed.

I hope things are well with you & your wife. I am looking forward to hearing from you & my SASE is enclosed for your convenience. I have the family of Newell & Frances Combs if anyone would like to have it.

Thanking you in advance, I am

Sincerely yours,

Faye Combs

(Mrs William E Combs III)


140 Camine Espanol, Tuscon

Dear Mr Willis,

It is with real regret that after carefully searching my files, particularly those of VA, that I can not find a Patterson line to help you now, but will add your data to those Patterson files, so that I may refer to this as now material appears.

Did I send you the enclosure brochure on our Patterson Association? If not, please hasten to join, for only as we send in our own lines in full—to be published in the mimeographed books, may others know of our needs and particular family. The first Patterson book has been out for some time, but Mr Norman Patterson writes that he needs additional families lines before another may be put out, one worth the effort.

Do write him and send him all of your data- including the Willis side. He may be able to help you now—if not, the publishing of your research later may be the thing which may lead others of your needs to you.

Thank you again for your fine reply. Shall bear you in mind. Hope we both have some luck on our Patterson lines this coming year. Personally, have about come to a seemingly insurmountable stalemate. Hope I send you my own date, last time.


Margaret Bagless Smallhouse

(Mrs Mingston J Smallhouse)

PS If I did send the brochure before—and I don’t keep a carbon of my own letters—tho ;lease give this to another Patterson searcher who may join our family association.



(Hand written on sheet.)

Am sure our families aren’t of same branch – alas! Am sorry that this reply has been so slow but my husband had an operation then holidays intervened. Then I had a lanced finger on my right hand which wouldn‘t allow me to write. Am now trying to catch up.
























140 Camino Espanol

Tucson, Arizona

Nov 9, 1963

Dear Mr Willis,

Noted your Query in the 1965 “Helper”. Didn’t run on this time but did so last year, One which if interested, to which you might refer. Have abstracts of deeds in Bearfield Tp, Perry Co which state that in 1829 John S Patterson, Thomas Gaywood and John Lidey bought at a tax sale from James Wiles—land. That in 1850 one third interest in this was sold to the Wiles heirs by John S Patterson, who was my great grandfather. He married Margaret Johnston of Green Twp Harrison Co, Ohio and was the son of James from Pa to Somerset, Perry co, Ohio.

If you will please give me an out line of your Willis Patterson lines we may “make music” together. Have suspected that the Wiles may be related to my Patterson and that if not that they traveled together , coming, perhaps from the same paces. Have a complication on my Pattersons and hold voluminous files on any and all Pattersons on whom I may gain data. Too, if you are interested will refer you to the Patterson who has now formed a Patterson Family Assoc. and who, already has sent to members of this a mimeographed book consisting of assorted likes and material on any and all Patterson sent him by the members. Another such book is due. Was fortunate to be able to buy a copy from the compiler of the first issue and have already requested that he hold two copies for me of the one promised. Even though you may not be of my Patterson line, do please write me of yours. I have helped many and hope that some day some one may be able to offer me a clue—mine have come the hard way!

My James Patterson md Elizabeth Willliamson at Big Springs Presby ch (ca Newton), Pa in 1805. Have some on the Williamsons and am having research done for me on James Joping to locate his family. Have hunted many years to find Jim and his wife, but have had to “screen” for help. Am lost. No clue at present in sight, other than those long searched. We have located a seemingly fine and professional searcher in Penna. Now, and hope that he may at last help me out.

Will send you my Patterson complication if this is of interest to you, should you reply, in my next letter. Please remind me to do so — this might offer clues, though it was done some time ago and always need to add corrections as data has been found and proved.


Margaret Bayless Smallhouse

(Mrs Kingston J Smallhouse)

Rt 1 Box 228

Monmouth, Oregon 97361

January 2, 1968

Dear Mr Willis,

Thank you for answering my letter so promptly and for all the work you went to on my behalf. I appreciate your labor very much, especially the addresses of other Patterson researchers.

I am sorry I haven’t been as prompt in my reply. Glad the holidays are over—now I can return to my research.

I am also sorry I can’t be of help to you. But I did find in my notes, that on December 19, 1772 John and Martha Patterson moved from Henrico Co, Va. to Rich Square, North Carolina. Since Pattersons left Henrico Co, VA in 1772, perhaps there were others that stayed. Do you know if your Pattersons were Quakers? Mine are and the ones leaving VA were also.

Thank you again for your kindness and wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Sincerely yours,

Juanita R Wilson

An Invitation to Participate in the Patterson & Pattison Family Association


It has been noticed that you are making inquiry and are interested in the name of Patterson or Pattison which has several other variants in spelling, such as Paterson, Patteson, Pattyson, etc. Since this is a somewhat common name it is understandable that here in America it has been spelled in many different ways by members of the family as well as numerous ways found in public records. In Scotland the arms of the Patterson and Paterson families are the same which indicates they were originally of the same family but many of the family in America and Ireland have preferred to add an extra letter “T” to the name or spell it as Pattison which was most often used in England. Since there were many colonial settlers in America of the name that settled along the eastern seaboard states their descendants have since scattered far and wide. This makes it difficult to distinguish one family from another except for those families which somehow managed to retain their family records in spite of wars, frequent moving into newer area, and lack of schools were the youngsters could be properly educated in the three R’s.

In the past 20 years there has been a greatly increased desire among many persons of many different families to try to retrace the steps of their ancestors, either for the sake of knowing from whence they came as a matter of family pride, to locate near or distant relatives or to join some patriotic society where the lineage must be presented accurately as a means of becoming eligible for membership. It is also true that in many families, there suddenly appears some one person who has an insatiable desire to learn all they can about their ancestry and will spend a large amount of their time searching for records which they may never find. All to often the search ends at some point where the problem becomes a hopeless situation and the seacher gives up in despair and disgust with an utterly frustrated feeling. Since most of us have encountered similar situations where we know not which way to turn, family name associations are often the best answer to aid in carrying on this work. In this family association it will be endeavored to bring together those many scattered family records, and compile them into books which can be made available for the present and future generations.

There are many such family associations in America and in order to help others, as well as ourselves, a group of us have organized the Patterson & Pattison Family Association. This includes all of the name in America and elsewhere regardless of the time of settlement, State, or origin or the various ways of spelling the name. Most of us have over the years accumulated a collection of records that pertain to, related, and as near5 as we can tell, unrelated families of the name. It is our thought that others interested in the name would send in their Patterson-Pattison records so they can be copied and added to the association record book along with a definite statement of the problem which the sender is trying to solve. Such records sent in would be copied and mimeographed so they could be added to the family record book and submitted records would be returned to the sender. A suitable number of those books of mimeographed records would be made so they could be sent back and forth so all interested parties would have a chance to use them in their search for particular family connections. With a continual growth of those family records from many interested researchers it should be possible for us all to be helpful to each other. Very often only fragmentary records will be of

(The rest of this record is missing.)











Mrs James Wilson

Rt 1 Box 226

Momouth, Ore 97361

December 4, 1987

Mr Robert M Willis

Route 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio


Dear Mr Willis,

In the Genealogical Helper of September 1987, I found your registration asking an exchange of information in the name of Patterson.

Am not sure I can be of help to you as I have only traced my family to Ohio in 1812.

However, I believe they go back to Northington Co, North Carolina in 1734. Jeremiah Patterson , born 8-2-1789? In North Carolina, married Elizabeth Plummer, 12 –10-1812 in the Stillwater Meeting House, _____? County, Ohio. I think Keremiah’s brother was William born March 28, 1784 in Northampton County, North Carolina and his Grand Father’s name was Benjamin.

If you would (can’t read the rest of letter. Approximately two sentences left.)

Very truly yours,

Jaunita R Wilson




J Allen Edminton

27005 15th Ave So.

Kent, Washington 98031


Dear Genealogist:

Your interest in Genealogy has come to my attention, since I am now a subscriber to the GENEALOGICAL HELPER. I am interested in the Patterson line; you show an interest in the same line in your ad in the Sept 1963 issue of the GENEALOGICAL HELPER.

Enclosed please find information on the above line, available from my records, which I hope will be of value to you. Particulars on each family will be provided if desired.

I would appreciate obtaining any information on the above line which you have.

Most sincerely,

J Allen Edmiston


P S Enclosed please find a stamped, self-addressed envelope.





ROBERT PATTERSON came from Ireland via England marriage

Siblings of Robert Patterson:







(These brothers of Robert Patterson about whom we have no record.)

Robert Patterson b 1-5-1787 d 7-25-1864 married Margaret Nolan b 2-22-1794 d 2-18-1864

Both buried in Patterson Cemetery 1 mile No Old Shiloh Baptist Church on Little Bear Creek in Franklin Co, Ala.

Apparently born in North Carolina. Moved to Tellapoosa Co, Ala. Around 1829. Later moved to Franklin Co

HARDIN PATTERSON married ________Hale child: Fletcher Patterson

Married ________Bolding children: Margaret Ann Patterson (Lasky)

Minerva Patterson (Minah)

Julia Patterson

Married Setina Mink children: Lillie Patterson (Hale)

Will Patterson (Martin)

Ida Patterson (Stanphill)

Ben Patterson (Evan & Harrison)

Ellen Patterson (Hale)

Hardin Patterson a Methodist preacher. Patterson’s Chapel Methodist Church was founded by and named for him.

PETER PATTERSON married Elizabeth Bates/ children; Lucinda M Patterson 1890 (Blackburn Jr)

b 4-2-1815 d 5-26-1899 Choctaw Indian Henderson W Patterson 1842

Mary Armando 1844 (White)

Lily Margaret 1846 (Francis)

Peter Collin 1848 (Powell)

David L 1850 (Hardin)

Eadie E 1852 (Petree)

Mabel M 1854 (Billy Blackburn)

Eliza 1857-1857

Married Eliza Jane Smith children: Varina D Patterson 1862 (Smith)

Beatrice Patterson 1864 (Belding)

Ida Patterson 1867-1869

MABEL PATTERSON married _______ Ray children: UNKNOWN

HARRISON PATTERSON married Messer children; Ellen Patterson (Hale)

Alex Patterson

John Patterson

CAVE NOLAN PATTERSON married Bates. (Sister to Elizabeth) {This information in question.)

JAMES PATTERSON (died young)





ARTHUR WOODARD PATTERSON married children: Robert Patterson

Susan George (Captain in Regel Army. Captured by Deneva Patterson (Phillips)

Yankees. Fed parched corn. Very sick with dysentery. Woodard Patterson (Anderson)

Responded to Masonic sign made by Yankee doctor, who James Pettus Patterson (Blanton)

Fed him from his table. Walked home after War. Nolan Patterson (Hall)

Treasurer of Lee County!) Margie Patterson (Blanton)

Arthur Charlie Patterson (Baldwin)

Pearl Patterson (Temple)

Lula Patterson (Harper)

ISHAM JULIAN PATTERSON married children: Amanda Patterson (Williams)

Margaret Blackburn Cordelia Patterson (Stafford)

Leona Patterson (Grisham)

Dr Columbus Patterson

H Alexander Patterson

Addie Patterson (Gable)

Arthur Patterson (died young)

Alice Patterson (died young)

Married Mary Helen Harrison children: Robert Patterson (died young)

Fannie Patterson (Greenhill)

Annie Patterson (Rogers)

Mary Patterson (Nelson)

Stye Patterson (Thorn)

MATILDA PATTERSON married a George

ROBERT PATTERSON killed at Chickamauga.

NANCY PATTERSON married a Britten


MARY ANN PATTERSON married J B Bolding children: J Tarpley Bolding

(Called Polly Ann ) Annie Bolding (Weatherbee)


above information from Mrs C C Grisson, RFD 3 Box 148C, Juker, Miss.


















P O Box 61

Altheimer, Arkansas 72006

June 6, 1968

Mr Robert M Willis

R # 1 Box # 1

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Dear Mr Willis,

In the GENEALOGICAL HELPER you have listed the name of Patterson to exchange information.

My great great great Grandmother was:

HARRIET PRUDENCE PATTERSON b 1743 (possibly in Pa.)

DIED 1839

John Hall b 1737 died 1784

Married 1763 in S C Both buried in Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery near Clover, S C. Parents of nine children. I have a copy of the deed of Prudence Patterson Hall, also, of John Hall. John Pattison signed John’s will. Tradition as it that Prudence rode horseback and helped drive the cows from Pa to S C. I shall be very grateful for your help. Enclosed slf-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience in replying.

Yours very truly,

Miss Cora Wilson



October 16, 1964

Mr Robert M Willis

Ironton, Ohio

Dear Mr Willis:

You have an interest in the Patterson family.

I refer to Mary Patterson, daughter of Nehemiah Patterson and Esubia Gillete of Minisink, New York. She appears to have married about 1784 Gideon Westbrook who had two children and who resided in the Town of Minisink, New York.

I would like to ask whether you have any information about this family.


William E Westbrooke

4525 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, California 94122



Mrs Mike Bondaya Rita Mills

Rt # 1 Box 28 R- 1 Bailey Add.

Deer Park, Wash 99006 Princeton, Ill 61356

On Patterson 1787 N Y and Mitchell, Ohio Mills & Patterson




Henry Willis’s Children by Robert M Willis


In a sketch written Mar 2, 1902 by Hugh Willis Sr a retired school teacher and a corespondent to the The Ironton Journal wrote that his grandfather, Henry Willis, was a merchant in the City of Richmond, Virginia, and when he died he was worth $75,000 and he, Hugh and Elza Willis, an older brother , was to go into Richmond, Virginia City, and seek the $75,000that the Mayor of that city was holding for Heirs of Henry Willis, to come and collect, but the Civil War broke out in April 1861 and he and Elza could not go and the rebels had it for their own. Also, Hugh Willis Sr wrote that Grandfather Henry Willis served in Revolutionary as Colonel. There is not a record at national archives or any Dept of War records to prove of Henry Willis as a Colonel and for proof of $75,000 . Hugh’s own father Joshua Willis born 1766, would have been 95 years of age died March 28, 1869 age lacking a few days to be 103 years and as for as known the last of Henry Willis’s children to die. The U S 1820 census indicates a Henry Willis with spouse in Windsor Township, Lawrence Co, Ohio, both 45 years of age and upwards. The names of Henry Willis’s children: Isaiah, Joshua Sr, George Sr, Hugh, John, Henry Jr, Andrew, Tabitha, Catheine and Mary. Spouse of Henry Willis Sr name unknown , son-n-law Chas Cooper, Mathis Cooper and Wm Corbin. My great great grandfather was George W Willis Sr born VA believe Monroe Co, May 1800 or shortly after married at Greenup, Kentucky Sept 4, 1808 to Anney Rucker dau of W C and Ann Rucker. George W Willis Sr was son of Henry . George W Willis Sr and Anney Rucker Willis my gt gt grand parents. Anney

Rucker born in Virginia Nov 24, 1787 died here in Lawrence County, Ohio June 30, 1873 age 85 yr 2 mo 6 days.

Their Children;

1. Wyatt Willis b Ohio 1810 m ?

  1. Perlinia Willis b Ohio 1812 m Feb 2, 1830 Joseph Pemberton
  2. Henry Willis b Ohio 1814 m Mar 18, 1840 Sarah Gibson
  3. Marena Willis b Ohio 1815 m Aug 1, 1833 Robert Gibson
  4. Wm R Willis b Ohio 1819 m Feb 6, 1845 Henriette Booth
  5. Geo W Willis Jr b Ohio Dec 20, 1820 m Jan 12, 1843 Elizabeth Patterson my gt grand pa.
  6. John G Willis b Ohio Oct 1822 m Dec 3, 1851 Lurenia Neil
  7. Mary Willis b Ohio 1824 m Nov 11, 1846 Samuel Steed
  8. Electa Jane Willis b Ohio 1827 m Feb 19, 1846 Andy J Booth later Bap minister
  9. Harriett Willis b Ohio 1830 m Aug 1, 1848 Aaron Steed
  10. Roberta Willis b Ohio 1833 m Aug 17, 1853 Sylvester Steed

My great grand parents Geo W Willis Jr and Elizabeth Patterson Willis m Jan 12, 1843. Elizabeth Patterson b Virginia May 29, 1816 dau of John Patterson and Sarah —— Patterson. George W Willis Jr enlisted Aug 1861 in Union Army Co E 5th W VA Vol Inf. Served throughout the conflict until his death Mar 21, 1864 in U S Gen Hosp St Clerysville near Cumberland, md after 4 mo in Libby Prison.

Their Children:

William Taylor Willis b Ohio Nov 21, 1843 enlisted and died in service Co E 5th W VA Inf

Oliver (Dink) Willis b Ohio Sept 17, 1845 d Mar 25, 1914 also vet in 173 d O V I

George Washington Willis III b Ohio May 17, 1847 d July 5, 1888 Cabell Co, W VA

Robert Patterson Willis b Ohio Feb 17, 1849 d Jan 26, 1910 South Point, Ohio

Sarah Samantha Willis b Ohio Jan 21, 1851 d May 21, 1877 South Point, Ohio

John Gilbert Willis b Ohio Sept 20, 1853 d April 20, 1928 Kenova, W VA

Susanna Willis b Ohio Sept 4, 1857 d Feb 23, 1883 South Point, Ohio

My grand parents Oliver (Dink) Willis and Elizabeth Patterson m Jan 12, 1843








Fazenda Tres Barras

17340 Barra Bonita

Sao Paulo, Braxil

21 July 1973

Mr Robert M Willis

Rt # 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Dear Mr Willis,

My copy of WCKFRA BULLETIN for May 1973 just arrived (surface mail). Although you have no date for Patterson in Kentucky, we’d better check it out and see if we aren’t long –lost cousins or something.

My g g g grandfather was James Patterson ( and I hope yours, too, as this is shaping up to be a very interesting family !) who was b in Montgomery Co, Virginia (so he says in his pension application for Rev War) on 5 July 1758. While still very young, he was taken to North Carolina and it was from there, Rutherford Co, that he enlisted in 1775, serving several terms (hitches) and wounded at Cowpens. After the war, he went to Tennessee where he m ? Nelson in 1794. Their children were:


James Patterson b 1795 m Marshall and / or Mary Reed.

Levi Patterson b 1796 m Jane (Greggs) Penrod

Hugh Patterson later a Chrisian minister.

Robert Patterson

Elizabeth Patterson m Alven Solomon in Muhlenburg Co, KY, 1820.

Sarah Patterson m David Renrod, 1825, ” ” ” , 1825.

William Patterson b ca 1809 m Vattie ____; bur in Greenhill County, Sullivan, Ill.

Rachel Patterson m James Crouch, Muhlenburg co, KY , 4 Nov 1821

David Patterson } m Mary “Polly” Harbaugh, Muhlenburg Co, KY, 1826.

Jonathan Patterson} twins b 22 Jan 1806/7 m Christina Forster (When? Where?)

Joshua Patterson b 1811


The mother died in 1811 and in October of that year, James m Sarah (Case?) Davidson, by whom there was no issue. They went to Kentucky ca 1812/15 and lived in Muhlenburg Co, Ca 1830 , they went to Sullivan, Shelby Co (now Moultrie), Illinois, having lived a short while first in Edgar Co. Some of James’ m children may not have gone with him as we have nothing further on James (younger), Robert and some of the girls. James d on 3 Dec 1838 and is buried in the Patterson cmty there in Sullivan. I come down from his twin son Jonathan, who d on the California trail in the winter of 1846, at the pass on the Sierra Nevada Mt and buried there.

If you think that this might be your line, please let me know. Let me know anyway what Patterson you are looking for, I just might have something in my notes, which are vast when it comes to Patterson! Oh, one more thing I had forgotten – James and three of his sons fought in the was of 1812, having taken a raft down the river to fight with their friend Andrew Jackson. Do write and let me know,


(Mrs C) Lilburne Floks Soendsen






Fazenda Tres Barras

17340 Barra Bonita

Sao Paulo, Brazil

July 6, 1981

Dear Mr Willis,

I’m feeling very sorry for myself today because I couldn’t get into Sao Paulo, a trip of five harrowing hours by car, to attend the American colony’s annual 4th of July-day. We usually all go in, meet old friends, exchange The latest news, have a big baseball game and the usual competitions with peanuts or eggs, the old three-legged sack races, father and son wheelbarrow races and so forth. Also, we get to eat real, fresh, gen-you-ine American hot dogs and potato chips, lots of ice cream and , in the last years, something real gooey but good, called Sloppy Joe (and it Is sloppy). We are planning a trip home for next March to attend my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, and I want to see if the Americans eat such a thing. I’d exchange it all for a box of good ol’ doughnuts and a mug of real American coffee! The stuff down here tastes as though it had about 2% battery acid in it (boy, I hope you don’t have any Brazilians in your family! I’m usually quite placid about the whole thing, but, as I said, I’m feeling sorry for myself today). We didn’t go because it was threatening to frost, in fact it did in Parana’ and Chris, my husband, was afraid to go away and let the coffee bushes, sugar cane, mangoes and orchids freeze all by themselves. I’ve tried for 30 years to get them to make smudge pots in the coffee fields, as we do (did?) with oranges, but nobody will either believe me or make the effort to try it: I’m tired now, so have given up heckling them. Let them lose their dumb coffee (no, no, what am I saying! ! Think what it would do to the international market!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!)

Now that I have that off my chest, let me get down to business in hand. And how are you? All well and busy? Nothing very much has changed here except that we are older (and, like wine, better!), the four older children have flown the coop-Lydia Charlotte being in her last year of veterinary medicine and will go up to Merideth Manot/Salem College in Waverly, WV the end of the year for more study; John Christian graduated as an electronic engineer from Maua’ College in December and is now post-grading at MIT in MA (to the great delight of my parents in Conway, NH); Sally graduated last December from Oral Roberts University in OK and is studying business administration now in Sao Paulo’s MacKenzie School; Caroline is taking plastic arts at the Fundacao de Artes in Abauru’ and trying for a scholarship in Italy. So we only have Billy Ken at home with us and at 13, he’s wrapped up in the whys-and-wherefores of an autorama set that he bought with another boy, also taking music lessons for voice and trumpet (his idea, not mine) and judo, along with the inevitable Calvert Course for Americans abroad – being the 5th time I’ve gone through it, I could do it with my eyes blindfolded!

Well this is to tell you that I still haven’t found out who the parents are of my 3 great grandfather, James Patterson, b 5 July 2758, what is now Montgomery Co, VA; d 3 Dec 1839, Sullivan, Moultrie Co, Il; m ? Nelson ca 1794, she d 1811 in TN, CH_ Andrew, James (m Mary Reed) d 19 Aug 1874; Levi (m 1. Jane (Beggs) Penrod, 2. Ann Patterson; Robert; Hugh, later a Christian Minister; Elizabeth (m Alven Solomon in 1820, Muhlenberg Co, KY); Rachel D (m James Crouch, 4 Nov 1821, same place); Sarah (m David Penrod, 1825, same); William D, (m Battie_____); Jonathan (twin) (m Christiana Forester (d/o Thomas & Catherine (Harbaugh) d 14 Oct 1846 in the wagon train to CA and buried in the trail in Bear Valley; David (Twin) b 22 Jan 1807 (m Mary Farbaugh, 1826) and Jonathan b 1811, Maury Co, TN, m in Edgar Co, Il. However, from land grants in NC, I have deduced that James’ father was William Patterson from VA ( I haven’t gone after him yet due to lack of time). A professional genealogist, in answer to an offer of a reward for the name of James’ mother, wrote and said that he thinks her name might have been Frances Nelson – there are two James Patterson Rev. War records that Mr John W Lawrence of Columbia, SC. Thinks are the same (mine) and his wife is named in one as Frances. He is supposed to write to me soon, but it entails a lot of searching.





Nov 1, 1967

I am interested in your information concerning John Patterson who died 1852/3, wife Sarah; resided in Lawrence Co, Ohio. I have an Eliza Elliott Patterson, who was born in Chillicothe, Ohio around 1822/32? She had numerous brothers and sisters, but I do not have their names. Do any of your Patterson’s go along with any of this information? I have enclosed an addressed envelope for your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Mann

Mrs Dennis Mann

1800 Want__us #41D

Des Moines, Iowa 50315

Mary Patterson Peterson

R-3 Pontiac, Ill 611764

On Wm & Annie Cooke Patterson b 1776

1480 Roberta St

Salt Lake City, Utah

May 14, 1966

Mr Robert M Willis

Rt 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio

Dear Mr Willis,

O read your query in the Genealogical Helper concerning the Pattersons from Virginia. I am sending you what little I have on my ancestors and would appreciate very much to have a copy of your Patterson line. I am especially interested in the ones from VA and Texas.

(1850 census of Colombus, Colorado, Texas)

William L Patterson age 30 Farmer, Value real estate ($12,000) born in VA

Virginia Patterson, Wife age 22 born in Texas

John G Patterson age 6 born in Texas

Cynthia Ann Patterson age 4 born in Texas (My Grandmother)

Georgia Nora Patterson age 1 yr born in Texas

My grandmother Cynthia married James Duncan from Pa (Philadelphia)

Georgia Nora married first- Charlie Schultz, 2nd Johnnie Roberts in Texas.

(1860 Census of Colombus, Colorado, Texas)

Williamson L Daniels farmer age 32 (b abt 1798) in Pa Value real estate $6,000

Cynthia Daniels wife age 45 b Mo

Williamson Daniels age 17 b Texas

Virginia Daniels age 13 b Texas My great great grandmother

Cynthia Daniels age 11 b Texas

Mary Daniels age 6 b Texas


When I received the copy of marriage license of Wm L Patterson and Virginia Daniels they also sent me this info.

In acct with E L Litzman, County Clerk of Colorado Co, Texas.


Certified copy – Marriage Lic Wm L Patterson & Virginia L Daniels m 7 Apr 1853

Re: William L Patterson and wife, Virginia Patterson.

Vol K pp236. Deed filed 7/3/1859 Part of J Tumlinson league.

Dec 25, 1852 Deed and bill of sale, Vol H pp 384 N ½ lot 6.blk.14 Colombus and the ferry situated at the foot of Walnut St at Columbus, across the Colorado River.

June 28, 1853 conveyed to M A Shannon by Wm L Patterson and wife, Virginia, same property , vol H pp 414. Deed recorded – Colorado Co- Texas.

I am sending for a certified copy of the deed filed in 1859 in hopes this will give me some idea as to where he was born exactly.

If you can help me with your information I would be very appreciative.


Mrs Ruth D Christenson

1486 Roberta St

Salt Lake City, Utah


700 Umbarger

Muncie, Indiana 47304

May 7, 1974

Mr Robert M Willis

RR 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio 45608

Dear Mr Willis:

Thank you so much for your letter about the Patterson family. I have been attempting to secure information about an “Asa Patterson” who I think was my great, great grandfather. The family lived in Richmond, Kentucky, Madison County around 1820.

One of the sons of Asa was a Tilmond Patterson who migrated to Greene County, Illinois around 1832-36. He settled around Athensville and Roodhouse, Illinois around 1836. Tilmond was born in Richmond, KY, March 25, 1812. As far as I can determine his father’s name was probably Asa. I am basing this information on the KY census for 1820 in which the ages of children are given and I think one of these children was Tilmond.

I have fairly complete information on the Patterson family in Illinois after 1832. However, none of these records give me any definite information on the name of mother or father of Tilmond.

I will keep in my file your letter and the information about Patterson researchers. Possibly from some of them, I will be able to secure more information.

I appreciate your letter and if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.


Rollin King

700 Umbarger

Muncie, Indiana 47304


16 April 1968

Mrs Wm O Shoop

#9 Kensington

Northridge, Calif 91324

Mr Robert Willis

Rt 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Mr Willis-

I recently received your name from a friend who knew I was interested in the Patterson family genealogy. Tonight I pawed my way thru a few dozen Johns, for you, and have many more to go – but first, let me ask if you have checked the “Patterson – Patterson Family Association” Books? – Mr Norman G Patterson of Minn. Is President. I have 2 volumes. If you do not have these & wish me to continue checking I will be happy to do so. Just drop me a card.

My line is Mary Ann Patterson who m Daniel Harbaugh. (Page 102- Vol 2 – if you have the books.)


Jeanne Shoop


January 13, 1968

Mr Thomas E Clegg

1106 W Beardsley

Champaign, Ill. 61820

Mr Robert M Willis

Route #1 Box #1

Ironton, Ohio 45633

Dear Mr Willis:

In the Sept 1967 issue of the Genealogical Helper, I found Ad of Interest.

I am searching for information on a Patterson line also. The Patterson I am searching for is Joseph Patterson.

  1. Joseph Patterson
  1. Born Dec 25, 1732
  2. Married Mary Andrew in April 1834
  3. Children:



David Andrew

Hester ( My line)










  1. Hester Patterson
  1. Parents were Joseph Patterson and Mary Andrew Patterson
  2. Married Matthew Clegg
  3. Children:










This the only information that I have on the Patterson line so if you have any information or advice on this line I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you..


Thomas E Clegg


June 1978

Thank you for your letter as of now, I can’t connect your Patterson to my line but will keep & if I come across anything that will add to yours, I will send it to you, My family came from VA around 1800 & most stayed in KY. Our Gov Carroll is Joseph Patterson , Great-Great-Great Grandson. We are very proud to have a Gov, kin to us.


Irene Willis

Rt 4 Box 368

Litchfield, KY 42754


Patterson Searchers

1) Mrs Cora Wilson , P O Box 67, _________, Arkansas 72004

2) Mrs Wm C Shoop, 19120 Kordhoff #9, Kensington, Northridge, Calif 91327

  1. Mr Thomas E Clegg, 1106 W Beardsley, Champaign, Ill 61820
  2. Mrs Ruth D Christensen, 1486 Roberta St, Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. Mrs Juanita R Wilson,Rt 1 Box 226, Momouth, Oregon 97361
  4. Mrs Margaret B Smallhouse, 140 camino Espanol, Tuscon, Arizona (Mrs Smallhouse has much , much Patterson data , also in Patterson family Ass & history)
  5. Mrs Karen Mann, 1800 Watrus #410, Des Moines, Iowa 50315
  6. Mrs C C Gaise, R-1 Box 1680, Duke?, Ms 38852
  7. Mrs Wm E Westbrooke, 4525 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, Calif 94122
  8. Mrs Mike Bardega, Rt 1, Box 28, Deer Park, Wash 99006
  9. J Allen Edmiston, 27005 15th Ave So, Kent, Wash 98031

The 1963 Officers of the Patterson Family Association

  1. Mr Norman G Patterson , Pres, 7526 Wentworth Ave , S Minneapolis 23, Minn
  2. Mr Carroll R Patterson, Vice Pres, 1370 Clarmont Rd, Decatur, GA
  3. Mrs Alfred R Boyd, Vice Pres, 120 Eastmoor Dr , Silver Spring , MD
  4. C Patterson Haskow, Secretary/Tres. , 1330 Southmore Blvd. , Houston 4, Texas (Texas-late Betty Boone (can’t read address) be sure to write all Will keep your letter in file with other Patterson searchers .Will pass your name and address on to others to exchange. Hope you successful searching thank you very much for writing if you should ever find a John Patterson & wife Sarah b VA about 1770-80’s will be grateful for the info.)
  5. Mrs Harold Starkey, 2228 42nd Ave, Longview, Wash 98632

Sincerely ,

Robert M Willis

July 24, 1961

Patterson Family

Sarah Patterson born 1782 in VA died 1876 age 94 yrs at Perry Twp, Lawrence County, Ohio, no record of Husband, John died 1852-3.


Angus Patterson born in VA died 1893 age 82 yrs at Rock Camp, Ohio, unmarried.

Matilda Patterson born VA 1814 died at Deering, Ohio 1896 age 82 yrs, married 30 August 1849 at Ironton, Ohio to William Allen born 1812 at Pittsburg, PA died at Deering 1893 age 81 yrs.

Elizabeth Patterson born in VA May 19, 1816 died Perry Twp 188? Buried Labanon Cemetery, married 12 Jan 1843 at Ironton, Ohio to George Washington Willis Jr Born Dec 8, 1820, Lawrence County , Ohio, died 1865 Shenandoah Valley (Cumberland, MD) on his way home after serving throughout War. Member Co E 5th W VA Vol Inf.

Nancy Patterson married 30 Oct 1849 at Ironton, Ohio to Daniel Allen, they resided at Deering, Perry Twp, no record of her birth or death, he died 1904 age 77 years.

Berry Patterson born 1824 in VA died 1899 Perry Twp buried Labanon Cemetery. Married 8 Aug 1847 at Ironton, Ohio to Nancy Rop, no record of her birth or death. Apparently died before 1880 Census taken.


1880 Census

Berry Patterson age 56 —-Farmer born VA his father & mother both born in VA

Angus Patterson age 68 sister born VA father & mother both listed born VA

John D Patterson age 27 son born Ohio father & mother born VA

Robert T Patterson age 25 son b Ohio., father & mother born VA

Sarah M Patterson age 22 daughter b Ohio ” ” ” “” “

Nancy A Patterson age 20 daughter b Ohio ” ” ” ” “


Berry Patterson, entered at Ironton, Ohio, March 5, 1865 , Co I, 189th Ohio VOL INF, det Regt Teamster Three months M O at Nashville, Tenn. Sept 28, 1865













Rt 1 Box 7

Mrs Leland Karlburg

Sumner, Nebraska 68878

April 8, 1974

Robert M Willis

Rt 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio

Dear Mr Willis,

I read your ad in the 1963 Genealogical Helper so this is rather late. I’m just starting on my family so I’ll try even older ads if they look promising.

My great grandmother was Olivia Patterson Thomas, b 1 Jan 1840 , Canal Dover, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio. They had one child, Orville V Thomas, b 8 Oct 1864.

Olivia’s parents were—John Patterson b 1802 and Jane Coulter Patterson. Their children –Ellen m C C Millener; Jane; Nancy; Charles m Fannie Bishop and Olivia.

Jane Coulter Patterson died when Olivia was quite young and John remarried. 2nd wife Elizabeth Gurwell, — their children—Rachel m _____ Gordon; William, who was a drummer boy in the Civil War; (We have a picture of him in his uniform) and an unnamed child. John married for the third time – Matilda Armstrong, b 1809, and they had one child, Rose m Paul Ottoe.

John Patterson’s father was David Patterson. His children were John; Charles; James; Mary m ‘Smiley” Harlaugh; and Nancy m _______North.

I do have Olivia’s descendents on down to my children’s generation if you are interested in that. I would be glad to send it to you.

Hope this helps and that you will have information for me. Thank you.



Marjorie Karlberg

(Mrs Leland)


















I wrote to those people that you sent names and addresses for. Most of them wrote back, some had my James in their line (but knew no more than I ) and some didn’t . But it struck me that every single one that had PATTERSONS in VA mentioned that they would put their hand in the fire that those PATTERSONS were all related somehow. Several people mentioned that they thought the P’s might have come to VA via PA. You know what we need, don’t you! A real good, smart computer that all of us could put all our PATTERSON notes and info into and, after a lot of humming and smoking and whatever those things do , in the end come up with all of us placed with out own families, and those families identified with parents and issue, right back to the time when they began to use second names to identify themselves. According to the films we see from the States (I bet you never thought how Steve Austin sounds in Portuguese, did you? Or Buck Rogers? And the Little House on the Prairie families? Starsky and Hutch? Well, we never heard them in English and probably would laugh our heads off at the ‘odd’ sound of their voices!) –anyway according to all those films, those computers are things to stay far away from. According to the Green Hulk series, all they do is give off sparks and fireworks and set buildings on fire! However, I have read that they do good things too, and what better could they do than untangle all us millions of PATTERSONS!

Wouldn’t that be fun? I wonder if that’s asking too much of the future? I sure hope I’m around when they find our how’s who in the PATTERSON lines; that’s going to be exciting! Your John PATTERSON from VA might very well have been son of a nephew or cousin of my James ( and sixty-eleven others!). Oh, my kingdom for a time machine.

My kingdom, of course, being our sugar cane plantation here, a zillion miles from nowhere. I get so used to be surrounded by a green wall most of the year that, when harvest time comes in July (to Dec) and they get around to cutting the cane around our little piece of Beulahland, I’m almost afraid to go our of the house for weeks! Looking outdoors with the cane all cut, a person can see for miles and miles and it seems as though it would be easy to fall off the end of the earth! They’re cutting cane now I don’t know how they stand it out there in that freezing south wind. That wind comes right smack up from the South Pole and cuts right to the bone, although the sun from noon to 4 PM is hot.) but haven’t gotten around to cut near here. They burn the cane the night before they cut it and now the nights are filled with sudden beautiful, powerful flashes bursting and rushing skyward, the carnaubna wax that covers the stalks bursting and popping so that one can bear it from far away. Then comes the thick black cloud that leaves the air filled with longish pieces of carbon that finally disintegrates. The smell of burnt sugar follows, although the fire goes so fast that it really doesn’t have time to burn the cane juice. And in the morning when we awaken, the crew are already at work, cutting the long black stalks with great knives. There is always a prize at the end of the year for whoever cuts the most cane during the harvest, so it goes pretty quickly as the sun dr5ies out the juice if the cane lies in the field more than a day. The fields, divided into sections, to the east and to the west of us have been cut, so they may be doing ours any day now and I’ll get that wide-eyed my-what-a-big-place-the-world-is! Feeling for a few days. Just as one gets used to it and likes it, being able to see comings and goings on the roads for miles, of course the dumb cane starts growing like mad and shuts us into a green world again. So goes life.

Mercy, it’s too cold to stay in this house a minute longer (no heating systems down here!) so I’m going our and work on pruning my grape vines at the north of the house. That way, I’ll be in the sun and out of that nasty south wind. We have out fireplace going every evening and well on into the night while we watch TV and I knit. I’ve got our orchidarium lath house swathed in plastic sheeting in case it should freeze one night. It did for three years in a row, ’77, ’78 and ’79, just one or two nights, but enough to kill millions of coffee bushes and mango trees (not ours, thank goodness).

I hope that, by now, you have had more luck than I have, and have found the families of your John and Sarah. Some day we’ll know the whole secret but, until then, I’ll keep plugging. Who knows…. Good luck and a nice summer to you and yours.



PS Did I ever tell you that I loved the praying hands, Disabled Veterans and American Ex-POWS stamps you used? L.


Route 7 Box 111

Elizabethtown, KY. 42701

Apr 14, 1976

Dear Mr Willis #693:

Noting in our WCK:FRA bulletin you are interested also in N C PATTERSONS: My 2nd Gr Grf Andrew Kernahan Patterson was born Feb 5, 1791 in N C — marr Dec 30, 1816 Hardin Co, KY to Margaret Brashear, d/o Edward & Nancy (?Dyson) Brashear – died Feb 9, 1863 Hardin Co, KY.

Hardin Co Deed Book D, p 611- John & Polly Hibbs of Piccaway Co, Ohio, deed to George Patterson on Dorret’s Run a branch of Mill Creek in Hardin Co, 240 A –1812. A witness was Andrew Kernahan Patterson .

Same, Deed Bk L413 – George Patterson, Sr and Sarah Patterson deed to Andrew and George “for love and affection”, same tract. – 1822. They subsequently sell this land – 1822 and 1825 – and locate in southern Hardin Co, on “Old Sandy”, where they raised their families and lived out their days. They with their wives are buried in the same family cemetery there.

Andrew K Patterson family:

1.) ? son b ca 1817/8 so far unknown to me.

2.) John Patterson b 1820 marr Cynthia Watkins

3.) Nancy Patterson b 1822 m Eden Brashear

4.) Edward Patterson b 1823 m Susan Ann Lanpton

  1. Ruth Patterson b 1826 m Marcellus E Lampton
  2. George Patterson b 1828 d 1850
  3. Thos Patterson b 1832 m Sallie Lucas
  4. Samuel Patterson b 1835 m Willie A _______
  5. Elizabeth Patterson b 1837 d 1845
  6. Sarah Patterson b 1840 m W E Upton
  7. William “Tasty Bill” Patterson b 1841 m Margaret Brashear— (his line)
  8. Margaret Patterson b 1844 m C E Lucas

George B Patterson family:

1.) Andrew K Patterson b 1827 m Caroline Carden

2.) Margaret Patterson b 1832 m James Sullivan

3.) Nathan Patterson b 1832 m Matilda B Tabb

  1. Martha A Patterson b 1837 m Silas Sullivan
  2. Lucinda Patterson 1840
  3. George T Patterson 1845
  4. Sarah A Patterson, 1830 m Phillip E Carden
  5. Susan A Patterson m Andrew Brashear

George B Patterson, Jr born Nov 8, 1802 in S C marr 1824 Hardin Co, KY. Mary Viers, d/o Nathan & Dorcas (Dyson) Viers — died Jul 7, 1863.

After years of research, can find no actual proof that George B Patterson, Sr and Sarah Patterson were parents of Andrew K and Geo Jr, tho I conclude that they were. Neither do I have any actual proof that Andrew K and George were brothers—tho they were certainly buddies!! Can find no trace of the elder Geo and wife after that deed of gift in 1822. Pattersons were very numerous in KY at that time. Was led to believe this family came here (Hardin Co) through Green Co, Ky. And know there were earlier Pattersons there, but again, no proof. Andrew K was certainly proud of that middle name– Have an unproved theory that was his mother’s maiden name.

Will be glad to send other data if this line is interesting to you. Would be happy to hear from you.


Willis Heady

(Mrs M L Heady) #498


Letter dated July 9, 1940, received by Jack M Matthews from Ben H Ashworth, Beckley, W VA

Your letter of July 8, addressed to Mr Charlie Ashworth , has come to my hand. You no doubt intended it for my uncle Charles Ashworth of this city, who died several months ago.

At least some of the information that you desire is contained in the Ashworth family history, partially prepared by Reverend George Ashworth, of Ohio and partly by my cousin, Lula Ashworth, daughter of Charles Ashworth. I have a copy of this history and will give you a brief sketch.

These Ashworth families trace their ancestry to Samuel Ashworth, Sr, who came to America in the service of the English King, but who settled in America after the Revolutionary War. He left three sons, John, Samuel, Jr, and Joel. My grandfather, Armistead A Ashworth, was a son of Samuel, Jr. My father, Robert Matthews Ashworth, and my uncle, Charles Vinson Ashworth, were twin sons of Armistead A Ashworth, whose mother died at childbirth.

John Ashworth settled in Franklin County, Virginia, and had a large generation, many of whom lived in that and adjoining counties. One of John Ashworths children was Mary A Ashworth , who first married John Wyatt Matthews and later Samuel Sink. This family lived in Carroll County near Hillsville and she was called “Polly” and died in 1877. Her children were William R Matthews, John W Matthews, John Sink, Lewis Sink, Stephen Sink, Julia Sink and Susan Sink. John W Matthews was born February 4, 1820, and died February 24, 1894. He married Elizabeth Edwards and to them were born eight children.

Another daughter of John Ashworth was Millie Ashworth, who married Daniel Vinson, and who also lived near Hillsville. They had four children, Armistead W Vinson, Charles W Vinson, Nancy A Vinson, who married a Mr Akers, and John P Vinson.

When my grandmother died at the birth of my father and Uncle Charles, My grandfather broke up housekeeping and the two infants were sent to my grandfather’s first cousins, Mary, Matthews and Millie Vinson. My Uncle Charles was raised by Millie Vinson , from whom he received his middle name. My father was raised by Mary Matthews, from whom he also received his middle name.

My grandfather remarried and sometime before the Civil War my father returned to his home, and just after the Civil War my Uncle Charles also returned. He was about 16 years old at that time. My father died when I was only a child, but I have heard my Uncle Charles speak of his early days in Carroll County, and he often expressed a strong desire to return there to look over old childhood scenes. In fact, we had planned to go there this summer.

This is all of the information I have with respect to the Matthews family. I do not hate the names of the eight children of John W Matthews, I presume you are a descendant of his.

The Ashworth family reunion for this section will be held about a mile from Princeton, West Virginia, on the Oakvale Road, in a grove beside the road on the second Sunday in August. We hold it each year at the same time and place and would be glad to have you be at the reunion this year or any time you













The Children of Mary A Ashworth are the list below;

Mary Beamer – Edwards (Dewey Roscoe Matthew Great Grandmother)

Gena Sumners

Charity Williams

Sally Ann Brauscouse

Frances Combs

Peter Beamer

Noah Beamer

Richard Beamer

Isaac Beamer

Henry Beamer

Irene “Rena” Beamer

Gena Stordar could not have been the mother- probably a sister or cousin.

I know you have the records of Rena Beamer and many more.

If you haven’t the Ashworth History you can go right on back to England.

Carrie S Matthews

210 Adams St

Cealax., VA 24333


April 12, 1969

Mrs Roscoe Matthew

Adams St, Galas, VA 24333

Edmond Edwards came from NC Settled on the south side of the Blue Ridge Mts East of Fancy Gap

His sons names were:

John Edwards )

Mack Edwards.) They were buried at the foot of Fancy Gap Mts.

John Edwards had three sons:

Elijah Edwards (My Gt Grandparents) m 3-19-1838 Irene Beamer

Gabriel Edwards Primetime Baptist minister.

Levi Edwards

The census of 1870 Carroll Co, VA

Elijah Edwards age 58 yrs b June 7, 1812 d July 27, 1888

Irene Beamer Edwards 47 b Aug 19, 1823 d Mar 5, 1907

McFielden Edwards 21 b 1849 m (1) Lundy (2) Williams

Hezekiah Robert (Kiah) Edwards age 16 m Mariah Williams

Leticia (Aunt Tish) Edwards age 14 b 1856 d 1942 mar Floyd Chappell

Mahala Edwards Edwards age 12 b 1858 m in West m ?

Sarah (Ellen) Edwards age 10 b 1861 d 1946 m James M Mitchell

Lucy (Dora) Edwards age 7 b 1863 d 1887 died age 24-unmarried

Calvin older son

Kamuis dau m Jimmie Edwards, their dau Marthie m Bruce Williams; son Richard m Della Stone.

James W Mitchell )

Sarah Ellen Edwards ) My G. parents. R W


John Gilbert Willis

The names of the children are:

Theodore N Willis born August 29, 1852 d 1927

Marena Willis born Jan 29, 1854 died after 1892

Sophia Willis born September 11, 1855 died March 4, 1856.

Samuel V Willis born April 8, 1857 died October 13, 1857

John (Gilbert) Willis born September 4, 1858 died 1928

William H Willis born December 4, 1860 died Mar 3, 1933

Thomas J Willis born February 23, 1863 died W VA

George W Willis born April 19, 1865

The father and mother of Mr Willis came to this county in 1800. Their names were George W and Susannah (Rucker) Willis m Sep 4, 1808 at Greenup, KY.

Thomas and Sophia (Corbin) Neal are the parents of Mrs Willis. They came to this county , 1827.

George W Willis, Jr a brother of the subject of this sketch, was a soldier in the War of the Rebellion. He enlisted Aug 10, 1861, member of Company E, 5th W VA, Vol Inf Serving under General Thomas, reenlisted 1864 and taken prisoner at Strawberry Plains, VA, held four months Libby Prison Reg. George died Mar 21, 1865.



R M Willis Add — Peter M Dunfield

R 1 Box 1 4980 N Marine

Ironton , Ohio 45638 Chicago, Ill

Any additions or corrections welcome.

#1 Zed/Zadock m 2nd Milly Johnson, 1 Mar 1855

#1 Zed/Zadock m 3rd Nancy Ann Edwards c 1863/63

#5 Thomas m 2nd Adokine Hiatt, 6 June 1852

#11 Matilda m 2nd Archibald Haynes 9 Jan 1868

George H Richardson

Route 2 Box 164-A

Woodlawn, VA 24381


Hello Folks,

We sure hope you folks have had a good year this past one. We have had a somewhat better one than last. We sure do miss the folks across the creek, no light over there. It sure looks lonesome over that way. And the two dogs wandering here and there, they too seem sad. Harlin’s folks feed the dogs each day. I sure hope the children keep the old home place.

We sure hope you folks have a very merry Christmas and a healthy , happy New Year.

As Ever,

Geneva & George Richardson & family




Lunsford’s Deaths (these don’t give age) Twp Upper= Ironton Union= Chesapeake


Infant– female Donald & Helen (Blake) Mar 1831 Union

Infant male Basil & Mahala (Taylor) Mar 24, 1888 Mason

Infant male Andrew & Ella (Short) Jan 1896 Upper

Infant female Gordon & Ruth M (Walker) Jan 24, 1914 Harr X

Infant male Gordon & Ruth M (Walker) Mar 16, 1916 ” “

Infant female Lewis & Lana (Bayless) Jan 24, 1918 Upper

Infant male Gordon & Ruth May 27, 1918 Harr’s

Infant male Chas & Essie (Harrison) Nov 6, 1920 Upper

Twins 1 male/1 female Chas & Essie (Harrison) May 20, 1923 Upper

Infant female Donald E & Helen (Blake) Feb 26, 1928 Union

Infant female Martin E & Edna (Yates) Mar 11, 1929 Union

Infant female Buford & Hazel M (Casey) Apr 25, 1929 Upper

Infant male Chas Enoch & Essie (Harrison) June 15, 1929 Wash

Ada (twin) female Basil & Mahala Feb 1, 1874 Mason

Alice Roselyn female C E & Georgia (McKnight) Feb 27, 1909 Aid

Alma Lucille female Carl C & Violet May (Salgers) Jan 26, 1924 Upper

Almenti female Hiram & Lucy (Langdon) July 6, 1874 Union

Arthur Basil male Levi & Eliz (Hicks) Apr 19, 1874 Law.

Azraw ? male Basil & Mahala Nov 2, 1881 Mason

Arfello ? female Basil & Mahala May 28, 1882 Mason

Bonnie Alma female L H & Ellen (Brooks) July 22, 1907 Upper

Carl male Levi & Eliza Nov 27, 1880 Mason

Carl male John & Belle (Jenkins) Nov 22, 1897 Law Twp

Chas E male Jackson & Martha (Vermillion) Apr 27, 1873 Mason

Chas E Jr male Chas & Essie (Jerrison) Jan 15, 1915 Upper

Clarence Levi male Wm Elmer & Winnie (Elam) Jan 30, 1911 Upper

Cordelia female L F & Margaret (Boyer) Oct 2, 1877 Mason

























Copy of a letter written 120 years ago by George W Willis Jr of Rankins Cree, Lawrence County, Ohio, while in Service, Co E, 5th W VA Inf.

Charleston, West Virginia

July 3, 1874

My dear wife and children

After my best respects to you all I can inform you that I am not very well at this time I have got the Diarrhea and has had it for 34 days but I am getting a good deal better sense we have got back here which was July 2d 64 well Betty you and Purlina wrote me a letter being dated June 2d I received it on last b)? day knight and this is Sunday following I am in Hope these few lines may find you all in the best of health you wrote for me to write to you and tell you who was our Officers , General Haunter is our Major Gen. He is over all the West VA, troops and General Sullivan he is what is called Major General he has charge of the first Division and Creek has the charge over the 24 Division which is the one we 5th VA is in and we are in the 1st Brigade 2DIV 8 army Corps General Haze is our Brigadier General there is 6 or 8 Regiments in a Brigade one General over each Brigade our Regmental Officers is not change yet us veterans still serve in our old Regts yet same as before well Betty we have bin to old Stanton Lexington Salem Liberty Buckhannon on the James River and from there to Lynchburg we was gone two months and had to do a good deal of hard fighting. Well, Betty we had liked to all Starved to death on this trip we had to live on quarter rations for 20 days 5 days a bite now and then as we could get it at houses by force we had to rob for our lives or Starve and 5 days without anything our wagons meet us 15 miles the other side of our old Camp Ganley with plenty of provisions so when I say the wagons I was a good deal like Jacob of old when he say his sons wagons I could not keep from shedding tears and had like to a fainted and when I got something to eat I lay down thankful to God for his mercies and goodness to me and went to sleep after which I awoke I felt much better and come on until I have got just below the south of Elk River in site of Charleston. This is all at this time.

G W Willis



Later captured, held 4 months in Libby Prison till Richmond was taken, died March 21, 1865 in Co 9 1st W VA det Inf near Cumberland, Md.


His eldest son William T Willis, Co E 5th W VA Inf died Dec 28, 1862 at Parkesburg, Pa in U S Army, Gen Hosp.


His 2nd son Oliver (Dink) Willis, served in Co A 173rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (died 1914 at South Point, Ohio).















Contents of this volume contain the second half of Browning’s Extracts, a typewritten loose-leaf book kept by J W Browning, county Clerk of Orange County, Virginia, from 1930 to 1936. Much of this data was taken from loose papers and supplemented by items not recorded and are believed to be the only source for this valuable information. The list of King’s Attorneys, Surveyors, Churchwardens, Justices, Sheriffs, Ministers, Magistrates are valuable for those seeking memberships in patriotic organizations. Brief sketches of many Orange County Families that are connected by marriage include the Ballards , Brockmans, Cattertons, Cowells, Salmons, Rhodes, Chapmans, Collins, Ellis, Humes, Macons, Masons, Montagues, Quisenberrys, Simms, Terretts, Towles, Clarks, Smoots and Willis of Orange, Bible records of Graves, Shotwell, Edwards, Salmon, Mahannes, Marshall and Durrett.

Compiler William Everett Brockman

% Midland National Bank

Minneapolis 40, Minnesota Copyright 1959


Copy page 98 and ½ of page 100.


Contributed by Katherine Cox Gottschalk, 650 E Capitol St, NE, Washington 3, D C

John Willis who died testate in Orange County, VA in 1762, married in 1735, in King George Co, Va. Elizabeth Plunkett. (Ro 2 St Paul’s Parish Reg). He was born about 1710 and was the son of William and Sarah Willis of Richmond & King George Co, VA. His mother as the young widow of William Willis Married a 2nd time to Henry Wood by whom she had one son , Henry Wood Jr. As her third husband, Rush Hudson, she had other children, named in her will. This Sarah maiden name unknown married a fourth time, as his 2nd wife, Mrs Edward Turberville. Edward Tuberville had one daughter by his 1st wife, who married Walter Shropshire of King George Co, Va. In the settlement of the estate of Edward Turberville , in Orange Co, VA, the widow, Mrs Sarah Turberville, received one third of his estate and Walter Shropshire received the other two thirds in his wife’s right. The Will of Sarah Turberville is recorded in Book 2, page 526? Orange Co, VA, dated June 18, 1760, and probated May 23, 1731.

She named her children as follows; My son John Willis 1 shilling, my son William Willis 10 shillings; my son, David Hudson 1 shilling; my son Joshua Hudson 1 shilling. To my daughter, Sarah Hawkins, all my wearing clothes. To Rush Hudson’s daughter, Sarah, 1 sheet, to Rush Hudson’s daughter, one trunk. My son Rush Hudon to be Executor of my estate. Wit: Benj Hawkins, Moses Harwood, Kezia Rosser.

John Willis appears on the records of King George Co, VA and also in Orange County, VA. His will recorded in Book 2, page 323, Orange Co, VA, dated November 23, 1761 and probated November 25, 1762, divises as follows: To my son, Wm Willis, Negroes, Thomas & Judith, and a lot of land in Culpepper County, Virginia.

To Edmund Terrill, two Negroes, To Walter Sharpshire, 1 shilling, 3 pence. To each one of my children viz: John, Benjamin, Joshua, James Reubin , Francis, Lewis, Moses and Mary, all of my estate to be equally divided after the death of my wife (Elizabeth). The place I own, formerly belonging to Mr Marks, belongs to my son Benj Willis. The place that I live on to go to my son, John Willis. My son, John and Edmund Terrell and my wife to be Executors of my estate.

The son Benjamin of the above John and Elizabeth (Plunkett) Willis was a rich bachelor. He died testate July 16, 1810, at the age of 70 years, naming all of his brothers and sisters, also some of their children. The estate accounts give details about these heirs as follows; The marriages are taken from Orange Co, etc. Where dates are given.

  1. Reuben Willis, residing 1815 in Orange County, VA, married Ann Garrett in 1776.
  2. Joshua Willis, in Orange Co, VA, 1815. (married Sarah ____? Died 1820 in Madison Co, VA.
  3. William Willis, in 1816 was in KY. He was born February 22, 1742, married and left issue: Issac of Orange Co, VA, William Jr, of KY in 1816; Benjamin, Jr, named for his uncle Benjamin, living 1816 in Louisa Co, VA.
  4. Lewis Willis, living in 1816 in Georgia. (His wife’s name was Edna Tilman). They signed deeds in Orange and in Culpepper Co, before going to Georgia. He was listed as heir of his brother Benjamin’s estate.
  5. Frances Willis, married 1st Thos Morston; 2nd mr Camp. Her husband died before 1815 and she , as a widow, was living in Culpepper Co, VA 1815. Heir of her brother, Benjamin.
  6. Sarah Willis, married Walter Shropshire. Both were deceased by June 4, 1816.
  7. Mary Willis, married Richard Price and was living in KY 1816.
  8. Margaret Willis, married Edmund Terrell who pre deceased her. She was deceased after 1810 and before June 14, 1816.
  9. Moses Willis married 1st Elizabeth Thomas; 2nd Susannah White. He died in 1806 left heirs.
  10. John Willis Jr, married Sarah _____? He died before 1810 leaving issue.
  11. James Willis, living in 1810 married and left at least two sons, James and George Willis, living in Georgia in 1816. ( m Judith _____?)
  12. Benjamin Willis, who died in 1810 unmarried, leaving as his heirs borthers and sisters and the heirs of his deceased borthers and sisters when his estate was settled in 1816.



Other records of the Willis family name in Orange And Culpeper Counties, belong to Henry Willis, Gentleman, of Spotsylvania Co. No relationship or connection has been found or discovered in our research between this Henry Willis, Gent, and the family of the above John Willis or his parents or his grand parents.

( Katherine Cox Gottschalk)


The Willises of VA compiled 1968 by Maud Potter.


ISAAC BOOTH- was born in Union township November 30, 1829; his father Robert Booth , was born in East Virginia in 1792. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He emigrated to Lawrence county in 1816, where he entered government land in Union township, where he was one of the first settler; the country was nothing but a dense forest. He made one of the first clearings in the town.

After his second marriage he settled about two miles from the mouth of Symmes’ Creek, where he spent his last days, his death occurring February 17, 1861. He was always a consistent member of the Baptist church. Nancy Oliver, the mother of Isaac, was born in Pennsylvania, June 3, 1793, and died July 25, 1880. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. Isaac Booth was married to Martha Whitehead in Union toenship December 16, 1856. She is a native of ____ Township, where she was born December 23, 1836. Her father, Samuel Whitehead, was born in Halifax county, Virginia, May 16, 1805, and died October ?, 1881. Her mother, Martha (Bates) Whitehead, was born in the same county as her husband, February 8, 1808. She still survives her husband. They lived in Union township when it was very wild, in 1831, and the experienced _______ hardships of a pioneer life. Mr Whitehead helped to build the Union Baptist church, of which both were members. Mr Whitehead passed away with _____ honors of pure christian resting on him. Isaac Booth’s children are: Eva A (Willis), born September 25, 1857, resides at Coal Grove; Nannie O, _______; Sadie K , February 2, 1861; Samuel W, October 25, 1862; Oliver , July 23, 1864, died May 2, 1872, lamented by all who knew him; Isaac H, ____ 9, 1866; John E, January 16, 1868; William M, September 5, 9169; Emma , June 5, 1871; Georgiana, February 14, 1873; Campbell, December 27, 1874. ______ __ the first reside at home. Eva A Booth, was married to John W Willis at home by Rev R Watson, April 25, 1878. Mr Booth has held the office of Justice of the peace since 1861. He has also been trustee of Union township two ____ _____ Booth, a brother of Isaac, was in the war of 1861, enlisting the year of the war. He was killed June 16, 1862. Isaac Booth first settled four miles up Symmes’ Creek, near Town House, on what is known as the —-ey farm. He then moved to the farm adjoining his present farm. After he purchased the farm on which he now resides and on which he has resided since 1864. He is a producer of grain very extensively and is a moderate raiser of cattle. Mr Booth and his wife and three daughters and one son are members of Union Chapel Methodist Episcopal church. Mr Booths postoffice address is _______, Lawrence County, Ohio.



Exactly 110 years ago today, on July 3, 1864, George W Willis Jr, of Rankins Creek, Lawrence County, wrote to his family while he was serving in Company E, Fifth West Virginia Infantry near Charleston, W VA. Later he was captured and held four months in Libby Prison until Richmond was taken by Federal troops. He died March 21, 1865 in a US Army General Hospital while with Co D, First W VA. Infantry detachment dear Cumberland, Md.

Willis’ letter , submitted to the Tribune by his great-grandson, Robert M Willis of Route 1, ironton, serves as a reminder that, as our nation’s 198th birthday nears, men have fought and died to preserve these United States of America. The letter reads:

“My dear wife and children: After my best respects to you all I can inform you that I am not very well at this time. I have got the diarrhea and have had it for 34 days but I am getting a good deal better since we have got back here which was July 2nd, 64.

Well Betty, you and burlina wrote me a letter being dated June 2nd I received it on last (illegible) day night and this is Sunday following. I am in hope these few lines may find you all in the best of health. You wrote for me to wtite to you and tell you who was our officers. General Haunter is our Major General. He is over all the West VA troops and General Sullivan is what is called Major General. He has charge of the First Division which is the one we 5th VA is in and we are in the 1st Brigade 2 Div, 8 Army corps, General Haze is our Brigadier General. There is 6 or 8 Regiments ia a Brigade. One General over each Brigade. Our regimental officers is not change, yet us veterans still serve our old regt yet the same as before.

Well, Betty, we have bin to old Stanton, Lexington, Salem, Libberty, Buckhannon on the James River and from there to Lunchburg. We was gone two months and had to do a good deal of hard fighting. Well, Betty, we had liked to all starved to death on this trip. We had to live on quarter rations for 20 days, 5 days now and then as we could get it at houses by force. We had to rob for our lives or starve and 5 days without anything. Our wagons met us 15 miles the other side of our old Camp Gauley with plenty of provisions so when I saw the wagons I was a good deal like Jacob of old when he saw his Sons’ wagons. I could not keep from shedding tears and had like to a fainted and when I got something to eat I lay down thankful to God for his mercies and goodness to me and went to sleep after which I awoke I felt much better and come on until I have got just below the mouth of Elk River in site of Charleston. This is all at this time. G W Willis.”

Willis’ eldest son, William T Willis, with Co E 5th W VA Inf, was also a victim of the war, dying Dec 28, 1862 at Parkesburg, Pa in a U S Army Gen Hosp. A second son, Oliver (Dink) Willis, served in the Co A 173rd Ohio Volunteer Inf. He died in 1914 at his home in South Point, Ohio.












1967 G H Willis Searchers

  1. Mrs Gertrude Carey, 515 Florey, Kilgore, Texas 75662 C23 Willis in Ore. early
  2. Willa Darr, 950 Muirfield Rd, Los Angeles, Calif 90019 D 20 Willis N Y
  3. Mrs Ruby Frease, Box D, Syracuse, Kans 67878 F 125 Shelby Co, KY
  4. Mrs Ray Hill, 242 W South First St, Montrose, Colo 81401 H 185 Davis Willis New England
  5. Chester R Johnson, P O Box 426, Bynum, Ala 36253 J 36 Willis Davis Terrell NC
  6. Mrs Joan Peavy, 4018 Capri, Corpus Christi, Tex 7841
  7. Mrs Betty Moore Majors, 505 N Atlantic St, Tullahoma, Tenn 37388 M 19 Willis Davis NC Tenn
  8. Mrs Joan Meeker Pettengill, Box 158, Hamilton, Mo 64644 P 93 Willis Va
  9. Mrs Hickman Riley, 4825 Montgomery Ave, Downers Grove, Ill 60515 R 84 Willis Davis
  10. Mrs Leo C Ruby, Box 125, Holyoke, Colo 80734 R 159 Willis KY
  11. Mr John Shriner, 28 Farewell Ave, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701 S 130 Mildred Hoard Willis b 1802 Culp VA to KY.
  12. Mrs James Stewart, Rt 1 Box 531, Bartlesville, Okla 74003 S 269 David Willis 1818 Ten n
  13. Mrs LD Stokes, 4022 St Ives Court, Louisville, KY 40207 H 83 Willis VA KY
  14. Mr Stephen P Sutton, 1916 Whittier Ave, Springfield, Ill. 62704 S 310 Willis VA
  15. Miss Minnette A Willis, 1717 G St. N W, Washington, DC 20006 W 157 James J Willis 1783 m Lucy Nash
  16. Pearl Willis, 3827 Entrat Pl, Kennewick, Wash 99336 W 158 Daniel Moran b 1756
  17. Charles F Alexander, 709 Belle Meade Blvd, Nashville, Tenn 37205 X 4 David Law m Ava Willis Pittsylvania Co, VA
  18. Mr Thomas G Banks, 716 N E 21st St, Oklahoma City, Okla 73105 X 25 Willis VA & Ga
  19. Mrs William S Nale, RR # 4, Salem, Ind 47167 X 378 Levi Willis m Eliz Meyers, Pa Andrew Hunter (rest illegible)
  20. Mr Clarence L Carter, Cheyenne Ave, Pueblo, Colo 81003 Page 255 G H wrote Dec 11-67
  21. Faye Preucel, 1025 Mesa Drive, Camarillo, Calif 93010 mine page 266
  22. Homer C Cooper, 145 Pendleton Drive, Athens, GA 30601

George W Willis Sr and Susannah (Anney) Rucker Willis had the following children all born Law Co, Ohio.

  1. Wyatt Willis b ca 1810 head fam 1830-40
  2. Purlina Willis 1812 m 1830 Joseph Pemberton
  3. Marina Willis 1815-1873 m 1833 Robert Gibson
  4. Henry Willis ca 1817 m 1840 Sarah Gibson
  5. William R Willis 1819 m 1845 Henriette Booth
  6. George W Willis Jr 1820-65 m 1843 Elizabeth Patterson
  7. John G Willis 1822-1892 m 1852 Lurenia Neal
  8. Mary Willis 1824-1903 m 1846 Samuel Steed
  9. Harriet Willis 1830- 1870 m 1848 Aaron Steed
  10. Roberta (Bird) Willis 1833-1882 m 1853 Sylvester Steed
  11. Electa Jane Willis 1827-1897 m 1846 Rev Andy J Booth


From Athens, Ohio Messenger 1877

Jonothan Ward, 106 years of age, recently died at his home in Heda Furnace near Ironton. He was the father of sixteen children, our attention by the way is drawn to a fact that very nearly all the somewhat numerous centenarians whose death in various parts of the country have been lately Chronicial have had exceptionally large families, which would seem to argue that the parentage of a multitudinous progeny to favorable to if not assuring of longevity.

Copied Oct 23, 1971

Seek parents of the following:

Geo Willis b 1783 in VA m 1848 Law Co, Ohio & wife

Susannah Rucker b 1787 in VA m 1873 Law Co, Ohio

Hugh Mitchell b app 1770 d 1813 Stokes Co, NC & wife Anna Davis b 1770 m 1832

Richard Beamer 1685 Giles Co, VA to Carroll Co, VA Wife Rhoda Lundy

Phillip Beamer b 1715 d 1800 Carroll Co, VA Wife

James Pigman b 1817 VA d 1887 Law Co, Ohio & wife

Elizabeth Dunfield b 1822 VA d 1887 Law Co, Ohio

John Patterson b approx 1780 VA died 1853 Law Co, Ohio & wife, Sarah b 1782 VA died 1876 Law Co, Ohio

Joseph Vaughn m 1832 Mahala Carter, Stokes Co, NC

Francis Carter m 1812 Elizabeth Dalton died 1859 ? Stokes Co, N C

Elizabeth Morgan 1764 d 1844 m Jesse McAnally Stokes Co, N C

Elijah Edwards b 1812 m wife Sarah Beamer b 1823 Carroll Co, VA

Peter L Beamer b 1802 d 1877 Carroll Co, VA

Wife Elizabeth Cooley b 1807 Carroll Co, VA

Peter Cooley (d 1832) & wife Mary Hanks m May 29, 1806

Abraham Cooley (Englishman) crossed ocean to NY before 1774

Sarah Reeder (French Descent)

Free Query Robert M Willis Nov 7, 1970

My Ann’s Charles McAnally b Scotland 1686 d Pa m Huston

Charles Jr b Pa 1731 d NC 1810 m Jesse McAnally b 1760 m Elizabeth

Jan 27, 1968

Dear Mr Willis,

Noticing your name in the Genealogical Helper- and noting that you also list the name “Carter”.

My husband’s grandfather was Berry Edwards. His brother was Charles Carter Edwards.

They were sons of William Edwards and Nancy Carter.

I have our branch of the Edwards family back to 1614 Wales, and a connecting family of Rutledges back to Ireland. The two families are connected through the Miller family, each married several Millers.

My husband is from White County, Illinois.

The two genealogies are about 25 pages or so of typewriting. I will type them up for you for $5, if you want them.

Also my husband’s cousin, a 80-year old retired newspaper editor has had her biography written in hard-cover book form, it is 207 pages and costs $5.

Before the actual biography starts, there are seven pages devoted to genealogical information on about the Edwards family, eleven pages about the Rutledges, and 13 pages about the Gowdys.

Makes interesting reading.

Hoping to hear from you.


Trudy Lee (Mrs Edward Lee)

2116 Lomina Avenue

Long Beach, Calif 90815

September 6, 1970

704 Auber Lane

Manchester, Mo 63011

Mr Robert M Willis

Box 1 R 1

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Dear Mr Willis, Re; Patterson

Guernsey Co, Ohio

Your letter April 9, 1969: of which you wrote:

“The Finleys, Connor’s and Pattersons all related and many more. Guernsey Co, Ohio.

Robert Finley married Susanna Patterson 1740 dau of Robert Patterson of Strowens, County Tyrone, Ireland.

My Gt Gt Grandparents were John and Sarah Patterson from Virginia to this county between 1834 and 1843.

John died 1862/3, Sarah died 1876 age 94 years.

Their children 1. Agmess b 1811 d 1893 unmarried

2. Matilda b 1814 m Wm Allen 1847

3. Nancy M m Daniel Allen 1847

4. Berry b 1824 m 1849 to Nancy Roopm

5. Elizabeth m George W Willis Sr 1843

Elizabeth Patterson b VA 1816 d 1883 m 1843 Geo W Willis Jr

My problem Mary Jane McVickers b 1817 Hampshire Co, VA Mother was a Patterson.

Married 1843 Joseph Garrett at Guernsey Co, Ohio ________? Area.

Re: Early records of Hampshire Co, VA by Sage

Page 129 wills

Patterson? James 7/19/1811 pr 3/1812 w Janet


  1. Joan
  2. James land liberal education
  3. Alex land
  4. Robert land
  5. Thomas
  6. Betty McVicker

609 East Wiley Street

Marion, Indiana 46952

February 22, 1979

Dear Sir:

I’m researching Mary Jesse Patterson and her Mother, Elizabeth who lived in Jamilton, Ontario, Canada. Jesse died in Alexandria, Indiana in 1902. She had a brother, Georgie Patterson, who lived in Buffalo, New York and eastern Ohio at one time.

If this completes a connection with your research I would like to hear from you. Thank you.


J Richard Sutton


  1. Mary Patterson Peterson , R-3 , Pontiac, ill 61764
  2. Irene Willis, Rt 4 B 365, Leitchfield, KY 42754
  3. Mrs M L Heedy, Rt 7 Box 111, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
  4. Mrs Leland Karlburg, Rt 1 Box 7, Sumner, Nebraska 68878
  5. Mrs Betty Boone, 704 Auber Lane, Manchester, Mo 63011
  6. Mr Rollin King, 700 Umberger, Muncie Ind 47304
  7. Mrs Wm O Shoup, 19120 Nordhoff St #9, Kinsington, Northridge, Calif 91324
  8. Mr Thomas E Clegg, 1106 W Beardsley, Champaign, Ill 61820
  9. Mrs Ruth D Christianson, 1486 Roberto St, Salt Lake City, Utah
  10. Mrs Cora Wilson, P O Box 67, Altheimer, Arkansas 72004
  11. Mrs Juanita R Wilson, Rt 1 Box 226, Momouth, Oregon 97361
  12. Mrs Wm B Westbrook, 4525 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, Calif 94122
  13. Mrs Mike Burdega, Rt 1 Box 28, Deer Park, Wash 99006
  14. Mrs C C Guisser, Rt 1 Box 1680, Juka, Miss 38852
  15. Mrs Karen Mann, 1800 Watrous # 410 , Des Moines, Iowa 50315
  16. Mrs Margaret B Smallhouse, 140 Tuscon, Ariz
  17. Mrs Harold Starkey, 2228 42nd , Longview, Wash 98632
  18. Mr Robert M Willis, Rt 1 Box 668, South Point, Oh 45680
  19. Mr J Richard Sutton, 609 E Wiley St, Marion, Ind 46952
  20. Mrs Gaylord Cole, 609 Smokey Row, Mooresville, Ind 46158
  21. Ritta Millis, Rt 5 Bailey Add, Princeton, Ill 61356



Ref. Patterson

Lawrence Co, Ohio

G Helper 26


Dear Mr Willis,

My Joseph Garrett b 1817 VA (m Mary Jane McVicker) son of Joseph Garrett b 1790 VA or Guernsey Co, Ohio.

Family chatter says from Patterson Valley, where? Connection with a Patterson in marriage. I find them in Grernsey Co, Ohio in 1843- but children born in Ohio after 1825 – 3 Joseph Garretts listed in 1830 Ohio census. One in Lawrence Co, Ohio.

Do you know of a Patterson Valley?

Do you have a connection PATTERSON- GARRETT



Happy to share and send family sheets of inter—- to you. A card for openers.


Betty Boone






John and Sarah Patterson, both born in the state of Virginia married in Virginia prior to 1811.

John Patterson died here in Lawrence County, Ohio 1852/3. Sarah Patterson died here Perry township, 1876, age 94 years. They came from Virginia, some time between 1824-1843.

Their children:

  1. Agnus Patterson born in VA, died 1893 at Rock Camp, Ohio, age 82 years, unmarried.
  2. Mitilda Patterson born 1814, died at Dearing, Ohio, 1896 age 82 years, married 30 Aug 1849 at Ironton, Ohio to William Allan born 1812 at Pittsburg, Pa , died at Deering, 1893 age 81 years.Their daughter, Mary Allen m John Keys. Their daughter, Lillian Keys m Frank Bruce
  3. Wm 1st married _____ Alford
  4. Elizabeth Jane Patterson born in VA, May 29, 1816, died Perry Township, 1881, buried Labanon cem. M Jan 12, 1843 to George W Willis Jr, born Law Co, Ohio Dec 8, 1820 died in service in Union Army, Mar 21, 1865. Their children all b Law Co, Ohio.1.) William T Willis b Nov 21, 1843 d at Parkersburg, W VA in service in Union Army, Dec 28, 1862 , buried in Moore Cem, Rankins Creek.3.) George W Willis III b May 17, 1847 d near Huntington, W VA, July 5, 1888 m at Ironton, Ohio Feb 2, 1868 to Nancy Ann Buttrich b 1844 d 1908.5.) Sarah S Willis b Jan 21, 1851 d May 21, 1877 unmarried , buried Lebanon Cem.7.) Susanna Willis b Sept $, 1857 d Feb 23, 1883 unmarried buried Lebanon Cem.My father, James R Willis, b Feb 10, 1883 d Aug 22, 1948 (only son of Oliver (Dink) & Arethea E (Pigman) Willis m 1st July 16, 1904 LaNora Robinson b Apr 1, 1885 d 1908; m 2nd May 6, 1912 Alice Mitchell (my mother) b Carroll Co, VA d here, May 29, 1969.
  7. 6.) John G Willis b Sept 20, 1853 d at Kenova, W VA, Apr 30, 1928 m Mar 9, 1884 at Galliopolis, Ohio to Margaret Cofer b 1863 d 1910.
  8. 4.) Robert P Willis b Feb 17, 1849 d Jan 10, 1910 m Mar 7, 1887 to Susan Cardwall b ca 1863 d 1890 buried Lebanon Cem.
  9. 2.) Oliver (Dink) Willis b Sept 17, 1845 d Marr 25, 1914 m Mar 3, 1878 Arethea E Pigman b at Sybene, Law Co, Ohio Jan 23, 1853 d Perry township, both buried Lebanon Cem.
  10. Nancy Patterson m Oct 30, 1849 at Ironton, Ohio to Daniel Allen, he died 1904 age 77, they resided near Deering in Perry twp, no record of her death or death found.

Their children:

  1. Perry Allen
  2. Samuel Allen
  3. Tillie Allen
  4. Reynolds Allen m Sarah Hackworth

Their Children Were;

    1. Tom Allen
    2. Sam Allen
    3. Ed Allen (lives on the old home place in Perry Township)

Tom m ? had these children:

    1. Rev Clifford Allen
    2. Dan Allen
    3. Reynolds Allen
    4. Mrs Donald (Kathryn Allen) Malone
    5. William Allen
    6. Ed Allen


  1. Barry Patterson born 1824 in VA, d 1899 in Perry Twp, buried Lebanon Cem, m at Burlington,

Ohio Aug 8, 1847 to Nancy Rop, she d before 1880.

Barry Patterson enlisted at Ironton, Ohio Mar 5, 1865 in Co I, 189th Ohio VOL Inf, det Regt, Teamster Three Months M O at Nashville, Tenn, Sept 28, 1865.

Their Children:

1.) John D Patterson b 1852 d 1927 m Sarah Wise, Buried Sugar Cem.

Their children were among others:

    1. Wm Patterson

Stanley (Pat) Patterson of Ironton, Ohio, Rt # 1 and m Audrey Clay.

This sheet compiled by Robert M Willis

The Meadow Creek (Baptist) Church still standing, 3 miles S, of Galax and 3 miles from NC. On Sept 26, 1840 Jonathan Edwards joined this church along with some of our Isoms. I am almost certain he was the father of Rosa who m- our Sowell Isom. His son told me his mother Rosa was related to Rev Jonathan Edwards of Rev War fame. Also, Sowell, when history of our Isoms in Ore was written up said Rosa was related to Jonathan. I don’t think it was the Mass one, but certainly this Jonathan of Grayson co when Rosa was born. She was born at Meadow Creek— our records say, and this church, still standing, was Meadow Creek in Georgia.

Dear Mr Willis,

Your last letter to me dated Oct of 1964. Have you no new data on your Edwards line? If you have, please send me what you have. I am sending you my latest. Hope it helps.

I can’t find a thing on Beamer. Stranger, too as I have loads of data in that area of VA. Did you ever check Orange and Caswell Co, NC??? Elijah Edwards must be related to you – and you can see he is not listed on the tree I am sending.

There are many records in this Meadow Creek Church if you could get someone there to check it out. Our people who checked the records had only time to look for Isom and Simcox. Only reason the Edwards showed up was they included the whole list that joined that same day.

ISOM and CHOATE are my lines. Am also working HALE- COLE-MESSERSMITH-GULLION- to name a few. Rebecca Cole m John Isom in Grayson Co 1800. Justina Hale m Andrew (Andre) Messersmith in Grayson Co 1822. Barnabas Messersmith m Elizabeth POWER or POWELL in Wythe Co, VA 1797. I think his father John Messersmith m a Gullion in Wythe Co area during Rev War period.

I take the Helper. But if you know anyone working my lines in VA let me know. We can maybe help each other.

Forgot to say—David Isom m Sarah Choate (Choat-Shoat) 1823 not found in Grayson so may have been married in Ashe Co, NC area. Sarah was dau of Sabret and Mary (Woodfork-Woolfolk) Choat of Ashe Co, NC area of Alleghany, now. Sowell who m Rosamond (Rosa or Rosey) Edwards married Oct 21, 1858 Ashe Co, N C,. Now you may find your couple were married there too.

My cousin visited several cemeteries around Sparta, N C. Many Edwards. I will list ones born abt 1820 or earlier. Meshack b 1830 Cloey b 1831. David b 1827. Creed b 1837. Guess these are the nearest if any mean anything to you, will send name of Cem.

Sorry this letter is such a jumble, but I think you can make it all out. Please, if you have any data on Edwards send it along and I may be able to put it together. At least I will try. Yours Truly,

Mary Margaret Elliott

Mrs Gail Elliott

2470 Polk St

Eugene, Ore 97405

Oct 8, 1964

Mr Robert M Willis

Rt 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Dear Mr Willis,

I would like to compare Edwards trees. Your Elijah Edwards of Carroll Co, VA (Carroll from Grayson 1842). My Rosamond (Rosa) Edwards was born 1839 Meadow Creek, Grayson Co, VA (on map near Carroll). She married Sewell Isom in Grayson Co. Her brother, Thomas J married Elizabeth Isom in Grayson and may have lived in Whytheville, VA area before coming to Ore.

These Isoms were the children of Sarah Choate born 1805 prob Bush Creek area (now Alleghany Co, NC) Ashe Co, N C. Sarah was the daughter of Richard and Sallie (Sarah) Edwards Choat. Sarah Choate Isom had a sister who married David Edwards and lived in Wilkes Co, N C.

Sabret Choate (Choat-Shoat) father of Richard- Will, Ashe Co, N C 1821 signed by William Edwards.

The Isoms also married Cox from Rev War times. The Cox married Edwards also. Edwards still in Alleghany Co, N C and Mouth of the Wilson related to Cox- now here in Ore.

Now these Edwards were related to Rev Johnathan Edwards- Rev War New England. Am still trying to link up the two lines. I have data that suggest they did come South- besides what I was told by Sewell Isom himself.

The Edwards-Choates-and Isoms (Ishams) appear together in Henry Co, VA area in 1770-80’s. Isham

Edwards shows again there was an early marriage or friendship here.

Before I write a book- meaning long letter- let me hear from you. I’ll bet you have a Cox-Cole-Hale-Isom

or someone on your tree related to us. 1860 census, Grayson, shows Richard, oldest brother of my great grandfather, John Isom, returned to VA from MO. His wife had died and he hired a housekeeper- Nancy Edwards.

My maiden name was Stevenson- my mother Cleek- her mother Isom. Being from Ohio- yes I’m related to Adlai.

Yours Truly,

Mary Margaret Elliott













Mrs Gail Elliott

2470 Polk St

Eugene, Ore. 97405

Nov 18, 1964

Dear Mr Willis,

I just received part of my Edwards tree. I’m sure it is yours too. Anyway it will give you leads to work on.

Robert Edwards settled in New York but died in England. His sons- William, Thomas, Frankie and others.

William settled in VA and then went to Orange Co, NC. Married Elizabeth Morris of VA.


  1. William, born Oct 15, 1776 Orange Co, N C d Mar 28, 1842 m Nancy Carter. His daughter Sara married Richard Choates.

This tells me that William was prob one that witnessed Sabret Choat will- Ashe Co, NC 1821—an Att.

Other c- Thomas, Nathaniel, David, Jonathan, Joshua, Nancy m- Fender and Jane m- Duncan. (Sara b- 1809, Nancy b 1815 and Jane b 1817. Shows age of most children of William.)

Now Jonathan may be the ancestor of the Rosa Edwards Isom I told you about. The David listed may be the one that married a Choate and lived in Wilkes Co, NC.

Before I forget, I found Elijah Edwards and John Isham. Together with others, signed the petition to form Caswell Co from Orange Co, N C. Your line may be from this Elijah. Petition signed 1777.

  1. Starling Edwards. (They list 6 daughters and no wife.)
  2. David Edwards was State Representative of Ashe Co, NC in 1812. Died there and buried near West Branch of Elk Creek. Wife Elizabeth Andrews.

c- William, Richard, Henry. Berry married Ruth Davis, dau of Thomas Davis. List 12 c but not an Elijah so won’t list. David, Hiram, Morris, S O, (Just listed sons). He had 13 children in all. No birth dates but one Phoebe married A S Cox in 1845. They lived first in Alleghany Co, N C.

Susan Edwards, dau of William and Nancy Carter, married Charles Toliver. Two of their children married sisters of my David Isom of Grayson Co, VA.

No Beamer is mentioned in this tree.

Hope this helps you or someone who writes you. Anytime you find data that fits this tree- let me know and I can help others.

This William tree is the same that went to Ala and GA.

Yours Truly,

Mary Margaret Elliott




June 14, 1969

Dear Robert,

After all these years— why not call me Mary Margaret. So happy to get your new data. I have piles of mail but find sending you the following of more interest. At least I hope I haven’t sent before.

From back—Descendants of Solomon Cox of Cole Creek. Pub 1955.

One of the first deeds in Carroll Co, VA. Henry Edwards and Letitia gift of land for the Harmony Meeting House on Good Spr. Rd. These EDWARDS buried Guynn-Varrell Cem near Hillsville. Henry died 1848 age 75l LATITIA d 1835 age 62.


  1. Catherine b 1812 m Joseph Cox b 1814. M in 1849 Wyoming, Ill, Joseph son of Nathan and Ann (Dixon) Cox.
  2. Martin m Polly Ward. Piper’s Gap, Carroll Co near Wards Mill.
  3. Jane m Abraham Cooley to Toulon, Ill.
  4. Mary m Lilas Ward—prob bro of Polly.

The Cox in this book were Quakers from Delaware and Pa to Orange Co, NC and back into VA about 1771. These Quakers built meeting house top of hill, 2 miles S E Galax, laid out graveyard. Land given by Joshua Hanks and Wm Riddick 1792-3 same yr Grayson formed. Records kept by Joshua Stoneman now at Gulligord College, N C.

Henry Co Deed Bk April 21, 1783 – James Cooly of Henry Co, VA to Isham Choat 154 acres on N branch N Fork Chestnut Creek.

COLE VALLEY, get it’s name from COLE CREEK , branch of Chestnut Creek, a branch of New R. Believed named for Wm Rodney Cole. Old spell and P O took spelling of COAL but NO coal found in area.

Don’t forget COOLEY’S lived in Henry Co, VA area near Isham Edwards

John and Rebecca (Cole) Isom sold Sept 27, 1825 land to Joshua Hanks. Deed Bk 5, pg 97 Grayson Co.

Joshua Stoneman witness will of John Isom Sr. Edward’s Hill near Meadow Creek church (Primative Bapt formed 1785, Grayson co Abt ¾ mile S of Galax and ¾ miles from N C. Jonathan Edwards and c of John Isam Jr joined 1840.

Dr Joshua D Stoneman of Carroll Co was a Quaker.

As of now my ISOM line goes like this: John Isom Sr 1st wife unknown. 2nd Rebecca Cole son-Spencer Isom m Susannah Cox, prob dau of Samuel Cox son- David Isom m Sarah Choate, dau of Sebert and Mary (Woodfork – Woollfolk).

Choat of N C Sebert had bro Isham Choat. Son- John Isom m Elizabeth (Messersmith) Duncan, dau of Andrew and Justina (Hale) Messersmith dau- Sarah Isom m Henry Cleek — orig spelling Gluck dau- Lillian Cleek m Chester L Stevenson (related to Adlai) dau- Mary Margaret Stevenson m Gail D Elliott.

I sent you our EDWARDS line related to the Isom and Choates—from Orange Co, N C.

So you see, the Edwards family is as hard to sort out as the Cox line.

Thanks so much for sending latest data. Wish more would do the same. In time we’d get somewhere. I’ll watch for your BEAMERS but so far nothing.

Hope I sent swomething new to help you. And keep in touch.

Yours Truly,

Mary Margaret Elliott

PS Just noticed your Ashland, KY postmark. Do you live near by? Just yesterday wrote a Charles Barker—2860 Main St West wood, Ashland, KY concerning names he works in S W VA and N C.


Descendants of Solomon Cox of Cole Creek, VA Pub 1955

These Cox were Quakers—first ones to VA settled in Orange and Caswell Co, NC. Among Orange Co, N C . Deeds— 1784 William Edwards.

Solomon Cox to Cole Creek abt 1773. Deeds on Wilson, Chestnut, and Crooked Creeks.

Cole Valley prob got it’s name from Cole Creek, a branch of Chestnut Creek, a branch of New River. Carroll Co, VA.

One of the 1st deeds in Carroll Co, VA Henry Edwards and Letitia gift of land for the Harmony Meeting House, on Good Spur Road. These Edwards buried in Guynn-Worrell Cem near Hillsville.

Henry Edwards b 1773 d 1848 age 75. Letitia d 1835 age 62.


  1. Catherine Edwards b 1812 m- Joseph Cox
  1. Martin Edwards m Polly Ward
  2. Jane Edwards m Abraham Cooley
  3. Mary Edwards m Silas Ward

Harry C Ward, Galax, VA helped on this book. He may have Edwards Data.????

The Edwards Family, from John Calvin Davis Bk by Sherman and McPherson.

Robert Edwards of NY. Son William to VA to ORANGE CO, N C. (Remember the Elijah Edwards and John Isham who were there 1777??) Hand written to the side: “What about Elijah ? 1777

William Edwards d 1779. 1st Census of Orange Co 1780 shows him as a resident. (note he died 1779 so???) Anyway m Elizabeth Morris of VA.


  1. William Edwards b Oct 15, 1776 in Orange Co, N C d 1842 m Nancy Carter.
  1. Thomas J Edwards b 1835 m Elizabeth Isom
  2. Nathaniel Edwards
  3. David Edwards m sister of Sarah Choate Isom of Grayson Co, VA.
  4. Jonathan Edwards, his dau? Rosmund b 1839 Meadow Creek, Grayson Co m Sowell Isom.
  5. Joshua Edwards
  6. Sarah Edwards b 1809 m Richard Choates
  7. Nancy Edwards b 1815 m Fender
  8. Jane Edwards b 1817 m Duncan
  1. Elizabeth Edwards m Henry Brewer
  2. Polly Edwards m Cil Brewer
  3. Sally Edwards m Jacob Crouse
  4. Starling Edwards
  5. David Edwards of Ashe Co, N C m Elizabeth Andrews (One record says 1st Anders 2nd Jane Reever)


  1. William Edwards
  2. Richard Edwards
  3. Henry Edwards d ?? Berry Edwards m Ruth Davis and children listed – 12 in all
  4. David Edwards m Mattie Reeves?
  5. Hiram Edwards
  6. Morris Edwards
  7. S O (Solomon) Edwards m Amazie McMillan
  8. Phoebe Edwards m A B Cox (have his Cox book)
  9. Sallie Edwards m Hutch Burton
  10. Mahala Edwards m Henry Richardson
  11. Betsy Edwards m Jesse Connly
  12. Thursey Edwards m Washington Woods.
  1. Susan Edwards m Charles Toliver; their day Francis m George Isom.

Note: Senter Edwards, son of Berry (d), m Jane Coat? John Fender Sr m Miss Toliver.





5942 McClain Lane

Paradise, Calif 95969

February 25, 1964


Dear Sir:

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

I am sorry that we could not help one another, but maybe we will get some information that will help one another.

Genealogy is also a hobby with me. I haven’t been at it very long. I started last June. It is very interesting.

Not knowing any thing about it I thought that if those who were interested would get together we might be able to help one another. I got the names of the ones in Paradise from the County Librarian and invited them to my house the early part of this month. They all enjoyed it and want to continue. There were 6 of us. This is a town of about 13,000. It doesn’t seem that many but it is strung out all over the hills. Paradise is in the foot hill of the Sierra Mountains. So I thought that 6 was quite a few for this community.

I looked up Ironton on the map and it doesn’t seem too far from Brown Co, Ohio. I hope to be able to go to Brown Co, Ohio some day.

Thank you again.


Sarah Bush





WILLIS, sent to Mrs Mildred Ezell

By Mrs Walter L Haney, 5935 Estes Sr, Arvada, Colorado

Microfilm: Marriages from Culpeper Co, VA. Complied by the Utah Genealogical Society, Denver Library.

William R Hopkins to Mary Jane Willis – Dec 28, 1836

Ephraim House to Mahala Willis – Aug 7, 1832

Benjamin Leavell to Elizabeth Willis – Oct 21, 1811

William Poulter to Jane Willis – Dec 16, 1788 Minister Wm Mason 134 p Culpeper Co

Benjamin P Pulliam to Caroline C Willis – Oct 29, 1846

Charles Willis to Lucy Shelton – Jan 16, 1794 p 93 Wm Mason

Edward Willis to Frances Towles – Jan 18, 1787 p 93 Wm Mason

John Willis to Jane Dogan – Oct 25, 1784 p 92 Min Isaiah Tatum , Culpeper Co

John Willis to Edna Brog (Brant) – Dec 22, 1802 p 8 Min F Kabler

Joshue Willis to Asey Willis – Jan 9, 1815 p 95 James Garnett, Bap Min

Owen Willis to Sarah A Garnett – Dec 10, 1844

Robert Willis to Emily Hudson – April 14, 1824

Robert T Willis to Mary Ward – Jan 5, 1818

Wm Hisle to Jane Willis Dec 27, 1796 p 53 Lewis Conner, Bap Min , Culpeper Co

Chesterfield County, VA Marriage from same source.

Benjamin Willis to Rebecca Terrell – Dec 16, 1833 (dau Edmund Terrell)

John Willis to Sally Thomas – April 27, 1772

James Willis to Elizabeth Gordon – Aug 7, 1827 (Isaac Willis & John C Gordon)

James A Willis to Virginia A Willis – May 12, 1853

John Willis to Lucy Madison- July 1, 1839 (dau of Ambrose Madison)

Larkin Willis to Mary





Gordon _ July 12, 1823 (John C Gordon)

Moses Willis to Elizabeth Thomas _ Apr 20, 1781 (Jos Thomas)

Reuben Willis to Anne Garnett – Sept 17, 1776

Reuben G Willis to Rebecca A Holiday – Dec 19, 1861

Southland Willis to Rebecca Lancaster – Dec 13, 1834 (Larkin Lancaster)

Moses Willis to Susanna White – July 3, 1791 p 92 James Garnett Bap Min

Albemarle County, VA Marriage Bonds 1780-1868

(Typed by the Genealogical Society of Utah)

1794 May 19 – John Willis to Mary Binge

1787 May 22 – William Willis to Polly Ballard (Bondsman, James Ballard)

1800 Apr 8 – Robert Willis to Mary Rhodes (She of Wright Co, VA)

1795 July 20 – Nathaniel Banks to Elizabeth Willis

Index to marriages of old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, VA 1655-1900 by Eva Eubank Wilkerson,

1953 (Whitter & Shepperson – Richmond, VA)

1698 – John Willis m Mary Coghill dau of James Coghill

1715 – John Willis to Mary Duchbarry

1806 Oct 20 – John Willis to Rachel Howerton

1873 Dec 23 – Martha Willis to David Holmes

1691 – Richard Willis m relicit of Richard Bray

1711 – William Willis (Westmoreland Co) to Mary Kirk (dau of Thomas Kirk) Wm d 1714

1846 – Wm H Willis to Eliza White, sur Wm White, Fredericksburg/ found in Cumberland County, VA

Nov 3, 1816 – James Willis m Sarah Martin in Pittsylvania County

Jan 25, 1814 – Andrew Willis m Sarah Johnson

Nov 8, 1838 – Benjamin Willis m Charlotte J Briggs

May 21, 1788 – William Willis m Rozzy Pigg (James Pigg Sur)

Culpeper County, Virginia – Data on Willis family from Nancy R Roy, 5576 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, California.


1749 A 65 John Willis, wife Nancy, Son of Col Henry Willis

1765 D 682 Elizabeth Willis, wife of John , Co of Orange, witness to Deed—Wm Willis, & others.

1771 F 438 Lewis Willis (One of Carters [of Stafford] Trustees; also mentions Chas


1776 H 622 John Willis & wife Sarah of Orange Co to James Willis of Culpeper Co

1777 I 128 John Willis and wife, Sarah, County of Orange

1776 I 134 James Willis and wife, Ann of Culpeper Co

1776 I 274 John Willis & Behetten, his wife, Culpeper Co

1779 I 345 Joshue Willis, County of Culpeper

C 223 Joshue Willis

N 30 Lewis Willis, Culpeper County

1789 P 97 Lewis Willis and wife, Edney to Wm Willis of Culpeper Co land on Rapiden

River: wit Oliver Garnett, Richard Jones & Moses Willis

P 578 James Willis and Ann, witnesses Wm William, etal

Q 248 John Willis and Sarah, his wife

S 159 Edmund Willis and Fanny, his wife, wits; Reuben Garnett, etal

1799 S 399 William Willis, Culpeper Co to Benjamin Willis; wit; Lewis Willis-land on

Rapiden River.

1796 T 74 Lewis Willis and wife Edney, Culpeper Co

1796 T 61 Lewis Willis and Edney to William Willis

1797 T 191 Joshue Willis, to Hackley, Culpeper Co

1802 X 98 William Willis, the elder, of Culpeper

1894 Z 226 William Willis, & wife concerning Deed of 1802

1817 Z 330 William Willis, to

Z 254 Edmund Willis & Frances, his wife, to Sandy Willis, wit Reuben Garnett

1805 AA 265 Wm Willis & Elizabeth to Robert Patton of Freedericksburg

1816 HH 423 Wm Willis and Roland Botts to Benjamin Willis, late of the County of

Orange — Signed by Wm Willis, etal

1824 QQ 445 Wm C Willis of Orange Co to Ambrose Madison, his son-in-law, late of

Orange, signed Wm Willis, etal, land along Rapiden River lying in Culpeper Co

To corning of Isaac Willis containing 200 acre


Edmond Edwards, came from N C settled on the South side of the Blue Ridge Mts East of Fancy Gap, Carroll Co, VA. His sons were John Edwards and Mack Edwards. They were buried at the foot of Fancy Gap Mts.


Gaverial Edwards, Primitive Baptist Min

Levi Edwards

Elijah Edwards b June 7, 1812 d July 27, 1888 mar’d Mar 19, 1838 to Irene (Rena) Beamer [Rena Beamer b Aug 19, 1823 d Mar 5, 1907 (buried Beamer Cem) Carroll Co, VA , my grt grt grandparents R M W]

Their Children;

  1. Calvin Edwards
  2. Kanvis Edwards m Jimmie Edwards
  3. McFielden Edwards m 1st —— Lundy, not learned how many ch had dau m Jessie Mitchell
  4. Hezekiah (Robert) Edwards m Williams.
  5. Letilica Edwards b 1856 m Floyd Chappell
  6. Mahala Edwards b 1858 m Galt Res Kansas City
  7. Sarah (Ellen) Edwards b 1861 m James Mitchell (my grandparents).
  8. Lucy (Dora) Edwards b 1863 d 1887 unm James M Willis

The Rucker Family

Peter Rucker, first of the name settlers in Virginia about 1690. The tradition is that he was a French Huguenot, ship-wrecked near the mouth of the James River, and that he swam ashore, living there for a time. Peter Rucker may have been a French Huguenot, for he was naturalized with a number of frenchmen. We know, too, that his children were Protestants. His son, John, in 1732, assisted in locating an Episcopal Church.

At a Court held for Orange County on Thursday ye 23 Day of Febry. 1743. The last Will and Testament of Peter Rucker Dec’d being presented into Court by James Rucker and Ephraim Rucker Exrs.

Mentions children: John, Peter, Thomas, Elizabeth Pearce, Margaret Tinsley, William, Mary Offall, James, Ephraim, Ann Cook.

Elizabeth, wife of Peter Ricker, may have died in 1752, the year when his slaves were divided.

John Rucker 2nd Peter 1st ] appears first in Essex County. Later he moved to Orange County, now Madison, and died there in 1742, still a young man. His wife, Susanna, may have been the daughter of Frederick and Sarah Coghill, of Essex County. Their children: Peter, John, Ambrose, Benjamin, Rueben, Isaac, Anthony, Sarah, Winifred, Mildred, Phoebe, Margaret.

The Coghill family came to Virginia in 1664. James Coghill lived in Essex Co below Fredericksburg on Cockleshell and Potobacco Creeks. He died there in 1685, leaving a will in which he mentions his wife, Mary, who later married ________ Dusberry. She died in 1715, leaving a will. Her granddaughter, Susanna Coghill, may have married John Rucker, son of Peter 1st as Frederick Coghill deeded to John Rucker 56 acres of land for “love and affection”. John and Susanna Rucker later sold this land, formerly of James Coghill’s. Or Peter 1st Rucker may have married Elizabeth, the daughter of James Coghill. Since the above land was leased to Peter before it was deeded to son, John, James’s will does not mention a daughter, Elisabeth.

Will of James Coghill, probated Sept 2, 1685. Children: William, James, David, Frederick, Margaret, Mary. Mary married John Willis, Mention in her mother’s will, probated Dec 20, 1715.

John Willis of Richmond co patent land, beginning at the head of Mary Gunstocker, on Indian or the Rappahannock River, in the clive adjoining Thomas Goffe, to John Arnold’s, 19 March 1696/7 (Vol 2, p 264, N N L Gr) The same day Thomas Kendall patented 105 acres of land in Richmond Co in the clive, to John Willis’s, at the head of Warasque Creek (same book and page. B 2 p 260 NNL Gr).

Thomas Goffe of St Mary’s Parish, Richmond Co, deeded to his daughter, Margaret, wife of Isaac Arnold, land adjoining said Goffe and John Willis Jr Margaret, wife of Thomas Goffe, signed the deed, Feb 26, 1707. (D B 4, p 126, Rd Co).

Thomas Rucker 2nd (Peter 1st ), d in Culpeper, 1763; m Elizabeth Reynolds dau of Cornelius 2nd

Cornelius 1st ), of Essec Co. Thomas Rucker of St Anne Parish, Essex, bought 100 acres of land from James Taylor of St Stephen Parish, King and Queen Co, May 27, 1725 (DBA, p 143). Spotsylavania Co.

In 1739 he bought from John Rucker 539 acres of land on the North side of the Rapidan River, on Maple Run.

Thomas Rucker of Culpeper on July 16, 1761, sold to Michael Erhart of same, for L12, 240 acres of land in Culpeper, adjoining Julius Christy.

Samuel Angels and Thomas Rucker on Rapidan River (D V C p 534) Culpeper co Witness; William Lightfoot, Thomas Chew, Benjamin Chew.

(Continued next page)

Elizabeth, the Widow of Thomas Rucker, died in Culpeper in 1788.

Children mentioned in will: John, George, Thomas Jr, Cornelius, Peter, William, Mauldin, Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Isaac, Easter (Estha), Frankey.

Peter 3rd Rucker (Thomas 2nd Rucker, Peter 1st), b Orange Co, VA, d Mississippi, in 1759, Thomas Rucker deeded to son Peter 122 acres of land in Culpeper, VA.

He served in Pennsylvania at Fort Pit, during the Revolutionary War, later to moved to Miss below Natches. Children were: Jonathan, Katherine, Susanna, William.

Jonathan and wife Ann, patented 255 acres of land on Pearl River, La.

Elijah Edwards b June 7, 1812 d July 27, 1888 m March 19, 1838

Irene (Rena) Beamer b Aug 19, 1823 d March 5, 1907 bur Beamer Cem

Their children were:

  1. Calvin Edwards
  2. Kanvis Edwards m Jimmie Edwaards
  3. McFielden Edwards m (1) Lundy (2) Williams
  4. Hezekiah (Robert) Edwards m (1) ______ (2) Williams
  5. Letilica Edwards b 1856 m Floyd Chappell
  6. Mahala Edwards b 1858 m Galt res Kansas City
  7. Sarah (Ellen) Edwards b 1861 m James Mitchell
  8. Lucy (Dora) Edwards b 1863 d 1887 vwm

McFielden Edwards and 1st wife S Lundy not learn how many children they had Hattie Edwards first cousin of my mother. My mother was Alice (Mitchell) Willis, dau of Sarah (Ellen) Edwards and James Mitchell.

Robert M Willis

P O W ‘S

Staff Sgt Emedy L Marccotte Fort Knox, KY

Staff Sgt Carl B (Smokey) Davis W VA

Staff Sgt Brocher Fort Knox

Staff Sgt Carl R DeCamp Rt 1, Columbus Grove, Ohio

Cpl. James Ross Brown Jr Decator, Ill

Cpl Frank L Bobeck Lima, Ohio

Edwards Family

John Edwards came from NC settled on the South side of the Blue Ridge Mts East of Fancy Gap. His sons were: John Edwards and Mack Edwards. They were buried at the foot of Fancy Gap Mts.

John Edwards had three sons:

  1. Elijah Edwards b June 7, 1812 d July 27, 1888 m March 19, 1838 to Irene (Rena) Beamer b Aug 19, 1823 d March 5, 1907 bur Beamer Cem.
  2. Gabriel Edwards Primitive Baptist Minister
  3. Levi Edwards


Elijah Edwards b June 7, 1812 d July 27, 1888 md Mar 19, 1838 Irene (Rena) Beamer b Aug 19, 1823 d Mar 5, 1907.

Their dau, Sarah Ellen Edwards b 1861 d 1946 Mar’d 1888 James Mitchell . Their dau (my Mother) Laura (Alice) Mitchell mar’d J R Willis Mar 1912 d May 2, 1969.


24 Aug 1973

T-Sgt & Mrs R D Igou

Fr 318308576

PSC Npc 21138

APO San Francisco 96230


Dear Mr Willis,

I want to thank you for your kind letter of 30 July. I am sorry to take so long in answering but as you can see I have been busy moving.

I have Abram’s marriage record and it is indeed recorded in Gallia Co. Family tradition has always contended that Abrams father was a Thomas. While at Salt Lake I found Thomas Edwards in West Virginia, who had a son Abraham of the same age as mine. Now I just have to prove they are one and the same— no easy task I’m afraid.

Thank you very much for the addresses of Edwards researchers. When I get better organized here I will write them. I do appreciate your sending them to me.

Again thank you for your letter and help.


Lynn Igou

PS I love your New Spirit of ’76 address labels. I haven’t seen them before and would sure like to know where you ordered them.









No Willis or Rucker, listed in Tax records of years – earliest thru 1824 of Adams or Scioto Counties, Ohio





From 1812 the records for Adams County, Ohio Byrd Twp under, “for whom entered” entry no 3747 is a Robert Patterson, asignee.











Mrs Lynn Igou

P O Box 6

Ridgecrest, Calif 93555

21 July 1973

Mr Robert M Willis

Rt 1 Box 1

Ironton, Ohio 45638

Dear Mr Willis,

I was looking through back issues of the Genealogical Helper and I saw your ad in the Sept 1967 Issue concerning Edwards of VA, W VA and Ohio. I have been searching for my father’s Edwards ancestors in W VA and have found several Edwards although I’ve found very little on my line. If I knew the names you are searching for, it is possible that I have something that you could use. Of course it has been five years since you placed this ad so you may no longer need any Edwards information.

I make a habit of copying everything I find because I never know if it may be connected to my line some-

Where else along the line. Since you are searching the same area it is possible that you may have come across something concerning my line or miracles of miracles we may even be searching the same line. (I found that to be rare indeed.) anyway I am enclosing my line.

Edwards, Abraham H (Abram) b 20 Mar 1838 Virginia

D 21 Jan 1885 Wirt Co, W VA, buried at Wolverton Cemetery, Munday,

Wirt Co, W VA

M 16 Aug 1866 in Gallia Co, Ohio Mary M Evans b 1835 Ohio d 3 Mar

1898 Gallippolis Twp, Gallia Co, Ohio. Her parents were born in Wales.


Evan D J b 31 Oct 1868 Clay Twp, Ritchie Co, W VA d 4 Jan 1869

Clay Twp.

Mary Margaret (Maggie) b 21 Jan 1870 Ritchie Co, WVA m Bleathen,


Isabelle (Bell) b 7 or 9 May 1872 Ritchie Co, W VA m Holbert, “Black”

Sarah Ada (Addie) b 10 Aug 1874 Calhoun Co, W VA m Smeltzer, ___

Charles W b 24 Mar 1877 Wirt Co, W VA

Isaac Newton b 24 May 1879 Wirt Co, W VA

William Clyde b 22 Sept 1881 Walker, Wirt Co, W VA d 5 Jan 1945 m

_______, Effie

*Elon b 12 June 1884 Munday, Wirt Co, W VA d 2 Feb 1966 Lake

City, Erie Co, Pa, buried in Erie m Edith Ailes 23 May 1904

In Philadelphia.

*Elon is my grandfather.

According to Abraham’s civil war pension records he spent the 17 years prior to the Civil War in Scioto, Jackson and Gallia Cos in Ohio. However according to his sisters’ testimony he lived with his family in VA until 1860 when he moved to Ohio. The sisters names are Mrs Mary Margaret Coulson and Mrs Ann Crawford, both residing near Ellenboro in Ritchie Co, W VA. Also Mary Margaret Coulson was born around 1842.

At this point I am stuck. I have gone through many W VA records as well as some in Gallia Co, but have found nothing further. If you have any information on this line I would appreciate knowing and I am more than willing to share any Edwards information I have with you.

I am enclosing a SASE for your convenience and I will look forward to hearing from you.


Mrs Lynn Igou

Early Virginia Immigrants 1623 – 1666 by George Cabel Greer

Willis, Thomas – 1637 – by Thomas Weston, Charles River Co

Willis, Mary _ 1653 – by Thomas Willis, York Co

Willis, _____= 1653 – by Richard Stornell, ______ Co

Willis, Ann _ 1653 _ by James Watson, Isle of Wright co

Willis, Jane – 1652 – by Tho Stevens, Lancastor Co

Willis, John – 1656 – by Richard Gible, Northumberland Co

Willis, Margery- 1654- by Capt Nicho Marteau, Westmorland co

Willis, Godfry- 1654- by Capt Nicho Marteau, Westmorland Co

Willis, Wm – 1653- by Anto Hoskins, Northhampton co

Willis, Thomas –1635 – by Samuel Weaver, Northhampton, Co

Willis, Eliza – 1637 – by William Hatcher, Northhampton Co

Willis, Eliza – 1636- by Wm Clarke, Henrico Co

Willis, Edwaard – 1635- by Thomas Butler Clark and Pastor of Denbie, Warrasquinoake, Co

Willis Walter – 1637 – by John Davis, James City Co

Willis, Tho – 1637 – by Phillipp Taylor, Accomack Co

Willis, Walter – 1638 – by Thomas Stampe, James City Co

Willis, Eliz – 1638 – by William Clarke, Henrico Co

Willis, Tho – 1643 – by Phillipp Taylor, Northhampton Co

Willis, Richard – 1650 – by John Hallawes, Gent, Northumberland co

Willis, John _ 1642- by Thomas Guyer, ______ Co

Willis, Walter – 1639 – by Thomas Stamp, James City Co

Willis, Thomas – 1638 – by Lieut John Upton, Isle Wright Co

Willis, James _ 1649 – by George Burcher, Charles City Co

Willis, John – 1650 – by Thomas Mulford, Nansemond Co

Heads of Families VA 1790

Page Whites Blacks Dwellings County Year

Willis, Ann 34 – 5 Mecklenburg 1782

Willis, Edmund 107 8 1 Shenandoah 1785

Willis, Elizabeth 44 1 6 Sussex 1782

Willis, Francis 69 11 Houses Gloucester 1784

Willis, Sr Francis 20 10 36 Frederick 1782

Willis, Jr Francis 53 11 63 Dorcester 1783

Willis, Henry 110 Greenbriar 1783-6

Willis, James 68 3 1 Gloucester 1784

Willis, James 110 Greenbriar 1783-6

Willis, John 40 4 24 Orange 1782

Willis, John 42 3 1 Pittsylvania 1782

Willis, John 53 6 Gloucester 1783

Willis, John 56 4 2 Middlesex 1783

Willis, John 96 6 2 Orange 1785

Willis, John 98 1 Orange 1785

Willis, Jno 110 Greenbriar 1783-6

Willis, John Jr 97 2 Orange 1785

Willis, Lewis 39 4 6 Orange 1782

Willis, Lewis 96 1 Yes Orange 1785

Willis, Lewis 97 5 Yes Orange 1785

Willis, Major 42 3 4 Pittsylvania 1782

Willis, Major 100 2 Yes Pittsylvania 1785

Willis, Margaret 93 6 Yes New Kent 1785

Willis, Meshack 23 6 Halifax 1782

Willis, Moses 96 2 1 Orange 1785

Willis, Robert 56 7 2 Nanesmond 1783

Willis, Robert 73 8 Yes Nansemond 1784

Census of Virginia 1790

Records of the state Enumeration’s 1782-85

No Piclelheimer – Pickellymer – Beckalheimer – Beckelyner – Brimer – Hamener – Shriner

  1. Amherst Co has one Thomas Becknal list as head of house with 9 white souls
  1. Rockingham Co, one George Hammer listed as head of house 5 whites, 1 dwelling, 4 horses?
  2. Shanendoah Co, one Martin Shriner, head house, 5 whites, 1 dewelling, and 2 other dwellings?1785 Shanendoah Co, lists the following Harnner, Nicholes, ? ?
  3. Manley Jeramun, John, Thomas and Burnet all of A——? County

1782 James and Henry Huneres of Mulenburg Co

1783 one Jacob Hannon listed as head with ______ _______ Shanendoah county region

1782 one George Shriner with 9 whites Frederich Co

1782 one George Shriner with 8 whites ——-shire Co

1784 (unable to read)

1784 Benjamin ____ ? 3 whites 1 dwelling (unable to read rest)

1753 Thomas ——-? (unable to read rest)

1785 ——- Becknall ? whites Amherst Co, VA

1783-5 Hintons lists Elizabeth ——? 7 whites ? blacks (unable to read rest)

  1. Henry with 11 whites, 22 blacks; William with 4 whites, ? dwelling
  2. and a William with 7 whites and 1 dwelling all of Lancaster Co, VA

1782-3 McCormack, Francis with 16 whites and 3 blacks of Frederick Co

  1. Hugh McCormack with 7 whites, no blacks, Cumberland Co, VA
  1. John McCormick with 3 white, no black, Hampshire Co, VA

Note the difference in dwellings, also note Frances with 1 white 3 blacks














US Census (1790 Virginia) from Manuscript “Heads of Families 1782-6”


Morris, Ambrose 9 white souls Pittsylvania Co, VA

Morris, Ann 6 white souls Princess Ann Co, VA

Morris, Anne 4 white souls Princess Ann Co, VA

Morris, Calas head of family Greenbier Co, VA

Morris, Chislon 6 white, 8 black souls, Greenville Co, VA

Morris, Fain age 20, carpenter, 7 slaves, 4 cattle, 5 houses, inhabitant and property in City of Richmond,

VA 1782

Morris, Elizabeth 6 white, 11 blacks New Kent Co, VA

Morris, James 5 white Chesterfield Co, VA

Morris, James 6 white, 3 dwellings Norfolk Co, VA

Morris, James 7 white, 4 dwellings Amelia Co, VA

Morris, Jabes 4 white, 5 black Greenville Co, VA

Morris, John 11 white Greenville Co, VA

Morris, John 4 white Chesterfield Co, VA

Morris, John 8 white Charlotte Co, VA

Morris, John 6 white, 1 black Fluvanna Co, VA

Morris, John 4 white Monongalia Co, VA

Morris, John 11 white Monongalia Co, VA

Morris, John 8 white, 3 black New Kent Co, VA

Morris, John 6 white Orange Co, VA

Morris, John 3 white Orange Co, VA

Morris, John 4 white, 1 black Warwick Co, VA

Morris, John 3 white, 5 dwellings, Warwick Co, VA

Morris, John 9 white Amherst Co, VA

Morris, John 7 white, 3 dwellings, Amherst Co, VA

Morris, John 10 white Gloucester Co, VA

Morris, John 7 white, 2 dwellings, Hampshire Co, VA




























Windsor Township, Vol 4, Page 159 This age group includes Heads of Families, page 167.

Henry Willis James Willis

1 male under 10 yrs of age 2 males 16 & 18 yrs of age

2 males 26 and under 45 yrs 2 males under 26 yrs

1 male 45 yrs and upwards *Henry 1 male 26 & under 45 yrs

1 female under 10 yrs 2 females 10 & under 16 yrs

1 female 16 & under 26 yrs 1 female 16 & under 18 yrs

1 female 45 yrs & upwards *Spouse 1 female 26 & under 45 yrs

1 engaged in agriculture Windsor Township

1 engaged in manufacture

Fayette Township Fayette Township

Vol 4, page 170 Vol 4, page 171

Isaiah Willis George Willis

1 male under 10 yrs of age 2 males under 10 yrs of age\

1 male 16 & under 26 yrs of age 1 male 10 & under 16 yrs of age

1 male 26 & under 45 yrs of age 1 male 26 & under 45 yrs of age

3 females under 10 yrs of age 2 females under 10 yrs

1 female 26 & under 45 yrs of age 1 female 26 & under 45 yrs of age

2 engaged in agriculture, Fayette Twp 1 engaged in agriculture

Symmes Township

Joshua Willis (Farmer)

2 males under 10 yrs of age

1 male under 16 yrs of age

1 male 26 — 45 yrs of age

1 female under 10 yrs of age

2 females 10 & under 16 yrs

1 female 16 & under 26 yrs of age

1 female 26 — 45 yrs of age


Hugh Willis died abt 1829 with family. Son named Wm B Willis.

Concord Township, Ross County, Ohio.


5 families 1820 census, 39 on roll.

All that was found in 1820 census Lawrence Co, Ohio














Aid Township Aid Township

Vol 36, page 54 Vol 36, page 54

Joshua Willis Maray Willis (way spelled in record)

1 male under 5 yrs of age 1 male 10 & under 15 yrs of age

1 male 10 & under 15 yrs 1 female 10 & under 15 yrs

1 male 15 & under 20 yrs 1 female 15 & under 20 yrs

1 male 20 & under 30 yrs 1 female 30 & under 40 yrs

1 male 50 & under 60 yrs Mary, widow of Hugh Willis, m 1833 Rev

1 female under 5 yrs of age Edward Dickey.

1 female 10 & under 15 yrs

1 female 15 & under 20 yrs

1 female 40 & under 50 yrs

Windsor Township

Vol 36, page 60

Andrew Willis

2 males under 5 yrs of age

1 male 20 & under 30 yrs

1 female 5 & under 10 yrs

1 female 10 & under 15 yrs

1 female 20 & under 30 yrs.

Fayette Township

George Willis

1 male 5 & under 10 yrs of age

2 males 10 & under 15 yrs

1 male 15 & under 20 yrs

1 male 40 & under 50 yrs

2 females under 5 yrs of age

1 female 5 & under 10 yrs

1 female 10 & under 15 yrs

1 female 40 & under 50 yrs

Union Township

Wyatt Willis

1 male 15 – 20 yrs of age

1 female under 5 yrs of age

1 female 20-30 yrs


5 families – All that were found in 1830 census.









Grayson Co, VA 1830 Census

Males Females

Edwards, Stokes 2 10-15, 1 20 –30, 1 70-80 1 40, 50

Edwards, Allen 2 u 5, 2 5-10, 1 20-30 1 20-30

Edwards, Henry 2 20-30,1 50-60 2 15-20, 2 20-30, 1 50-60

Edwards, Wm 3 u 5, 1 5-10, 2 15-20, 1 20-30, 1 40-50: 1 u 5, 1 5-10, 1 15-20, 1 20-30, 1 40-50

Edwards, Joshua 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50 1 u 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

Edwards, John 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50 1 u 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

Edwards, Isaac 1 u 5, 1 10-15, 1 30-40, 1 60-70 I u 5, 2 5-10, 1 30-40

Edwards, Annual 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 20-30 1 50-60

Edwards, John 2 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 30-40 2 u 5, 2 10-15, 1 30-40

Edwards, Isaac 3 u 5, 1 30-40 2 u 5, 1 20-30

Edwards, Thos. 2 u 5, 1 5-10, 1 15-20, 2 20-30, 1 50-60; 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

Edwards, John 1 u 5, 1 5-10, 1 30-40 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 30-40

Edwards, Sarah 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 40-50 1 10-15, 1 30-40

Edwards, Wm 1 5-10, 1 30-40 1 u 5, 1 20-30

Edwards, Wm 2 20-30, 1 60-70 1 60-70

From Vol 2- Hist & Gen Reg NC

Edwards, Wm Sr – Aug 7, 1785 & Nov 1795 (term)

Sons Thos, Benj, John, Wm, Absolom, Nathan, wife Tabitha, daughters Mary & Dorcas.


Lawrence Co, Ohio 1840 Census

Fayette Township

Vol 14, page 7

Wyatt Willis

1 male under 5 yrs of age

1 male 5 & under 10 yrs

1 male 30 & under 40 yrs

1 female under 5 yrs of age

1 female 5 & under 10 yrs

1 female 10 & under 15 yrs

1 female 30 & under 40 yrs

1840 US census Henry Willis 40 to 50 years of age; female 40 to 50 years, Windsor Township. Apparently Henry not listed and passed away 1849. Polly living with Wm McKee her son-in-law and daughter Rachel. This Henry & Polly Willis had these three children: Thompson Willis lived near Andis, raised a large family; Greenbury Willis lived Solida Creek near South Point; * Polly mar’d Wm McKee, lived Fayette Township. May have been others, but these 3 all identified and had large families.

Henry Willis never used Sr or Jr the same of George Willis. I never knew my own gr-gr-great grandfather was Junior, till 1958. I started, found some marriage. I also did research on Brammer, they came from VA with Kelley’s, Lee’s. I am or have been feeling or looking on Ward Blankenship.

*Correction the above Rachel Willis m Wm McKee Jr. Polly was living with son-in-law Wm McKee and her dau Rachel. Polly maiden name Polly Tucker b 1796 d 1874.






1840, Henry & spouse, 40 to 50 years of age, Windsor Township. By 1850, apparently this Henry not listed and also poss on 1860 Polly Willis in home of Wm McKee, her son-in-law, also 1870. Polly died 1874. They had 3 children: dau Rachel married Wm McKee Jr, lived Fayette Township; Thompson Willis mar’d Margaret Smith and settled near Andis on Myrtle Ridge; 2ndson was Greenbury Willis mar’d Barbara Lambert and settled Fayette Township. May have been more than 3 children, but these three were for sure. The same was with George Willis or his son George never identify themselves Sr or Jr. I have done some on Brammer. I notice the wife Sanders Russell of Wilgus was Mary Brammer. The Brammers came to this County early were related to Kelley’s, Lee’s. My wife’s line to her grandfather John C Brammer, he had brother Samuel, 2 sisters. The father died when they were young that as far back to this John C Brammer, he served in War of ’65. Died 1903. Raised large family, two sons settled Hareline Washington. Here is researcher kin to her mother Brammer.


Henry Willis Jr married March 18, 1840 to Sarah Gibson.

1850 Lawrence County Census report

Lawrence Twp page 689

Willis, Henry age 37 born Ohio

Willis, Sarah 35 Ohio

Willis, Greenberry 7 Ohio

Willis, John 5 Ohio

Willis, James 3 Ohio

  1. U S Census record

Lawrence Twp

Dwelling 608

Family 601

Willis, Sarah age 43 occupation farming born Ohio

Willis, Greenberry 16 ” ” ” “

Willis, John 14 ” ” ” “

Willis, James 12 ” ” ” “

Willis, George 9 ” ” ” “

Willis, Almeda 8 ” ” ” “

Willis, Henry Jeff 5 ” ” ” “

Apparently the father died between 1855-60. Greenberry married Nov 10, 1865 to A M Mitchell.

In 1840 Census of Lawrence Co, Windsor Co.

Listed Henry Willis age 40-50 probably Henry Jr father.

1 male age 5-10

1 female age 50-60

1 female age 20-30

probably others married, not listed.

Symmes Twp 1840 census

Henry Willis age 20-30

Female age 20-30

(This could be Henry Jr & Sarah just married) son of George




In 1820 Census of Lawrence County, Mason Township.

Listed a Henry Willis age 45 years up. (This may or may not be Henry Jr, grandfather)

Female age 45 years up (suspect wife)

Female age 16-18 years (suspect daughter)

Female age under 10 years (suspect daughter)

Male age under 10 years (suspect son)

Male age 26-45 years

Male age 26-45 years

Henry Willis purchased 292 acres land Sep 10, 1817, Windson Twp. Also listed 1820 census Windsor Twp.



Page 53

  1. Sarah Edwards 62f, $800 b VA; Jane 30f, b VA; Isaac 30m farmer, b VA; William 28m, farmer, b

VA; William J 1m, b VA; Sarah A Thomas 17f, b VA.

This is the widow of James Edwards who died in the 1820’s leaving a widow and four children. He

was probably the grandson of John Edwards of Lovells Creek.

  1. Jesse Dickens 48m farmer, $1500, b VA; Susannah 43f b VA; Nancy 24f b VA; Sarah 18f b

VA; Reuben 15m farmer, b VA; Jesse 11m b VA; Webb 9m b VA; John 7m b VA; Susannah 6f

B VA; Elizabeth 2f b VA.

Jesse was the son of Thomas and Mary Dickens; he married in 1824 Susannah Webb, daughter of

James A and Sarah (Goad) Webb. They lived on Burks Fork for years, but a few years before this

Census he moved to Orchard Gap. He took up the practice of medicine about this time. He lost four

sons in the Civil War and he remarried Nancy Goad, in 1865. There were eleven children in the first

family and one by the last marriage. He died in 1868.

  1. John Edwards 56m farmer, $200 b VA; Roan 26f b N C; Mary 18f b VA; John J 15m b VA;

Kitty J 12f b VA; Henry H 7m b VA; Joseph B 3m b VA; Greenberry A 11/12m b VA;

William P 20m b VA.

Written in ( G-G-Grandpa Ask J A where he got info on Mt Jo)

Another of the Lovell Creek Edwards family, this man was known as Mountain John Edwards. He

Married first Nancy Mankin and remarried Roan King about 1842. There were eight children of the

First family and about six of the second. He was a veteran of the War of 1812, going to Norfolk with

The county militia.

  1. George W King 33m farmer b NC; Eliza 26f b NC; Presley 7m b NC; Ann E 6f b NC;

Mary F 3f b N C; John F 4/12m b VA.

George W King came here from Carolina a year or two before this census and settled south of the

Mountain. I have not learned who his parents were.

  1. Lewis M Johnson 29m farmer, $2000 b VA; Dealey 31f b VA; Lucy J 2f b VA; Mary A R

1f b VA; Francis Jones 18m farmer b VA.

Lewis was the son of Jabez and Mary Johnson, a member of an old family which had been on the

Crest of the mountain for three generations. He married Delia Wheeler in 1846; she was Vincent

Wheeler’s daughter.



  1. Greenberry Johnson 27m farmer $300 b VA; Mary A 65f b VA.

Jabez Johnson died in 1840, leaving ten children. Mary shown here, is his widow and Greenberry is

The youngest son.

  1. Zeno Tate 48m farmer $100 b VA; Milly 47f b VA; Greenberry 25m b VA; John A

18m farmer b VA; Uriah 17m farmer b VA; Armistead J 13m b VA.

Zeno was the first of the Tate family. He married Milly Edwards in 1823: she was William

Edward’s daughter. It is not clear from the census how many children they had but there were some

older ones already gone from home.

  1. Greenberry Edwards 40m, farmer, $200 b VA; Jane 35f b VA; William A 18m farmer b

VA; Charles H 16m farmer b VA; James L 13m b VA; Nancy 11f b VA ; Jarvis J 7m

B VA; Greenberry 6m b VA; John W 3m b VA; Margaret J 11/12f b VA.

Greenberry was probably William’s son; I have not been able to identify Jane and cannot find the

Marriage record. There were eleven children.

  1. William Edwards 95m blacksmith, $100 b NC; Sarah 95f b VA; Sarah A 8f b VA.

He was probably the son of John Edwards who lived near Elk Spur and died in 1810. I do not know

Who William married . He was old, but not 95 years old. He and Sarah died not long after this


Written in by hand ” G-G-G-Grandpa ?3-1765 86 years old.”

  1. William Tate 24m farmer $40 b VA; Cloyer 16f b VA; Levi 3/12m b VA.

William (died in 1901), was one of the sons of Zeno and Milly (Edwards) Tate. I do not know who

Cloa was.

























Grayson 1850 US Census

7/15/50 Wm Edwards 43 farmer $300 born NC

Martha Edwards 35 VA

Sally Edwards 10 VA

7/?/50 Mary Edwards 61 $500 NC

Mary Edwards 23 VA

Robert Roten? 11 VA

7/10/50 Jonathan Eedwards 43 farmer $1350 NC

Jane Edwards 43 NC

Nancy Edwards 21 NC

Sally Edwards 19 NC

Rosamund Edwards 10 VA

Mary Edwards 5 VA

John Edwards 2 VA

7/18/50 Harvey Edwards 31 farmer $100 NC

Malinda Edwards 32 NC

Lucinda Edwards 7 NC

John Edwards 5 NC

Nancy Edwards 21 NC

Cecil Edwards 37 farmer $600 VA

Violet Edwards 38

May or Mary Edwards 11

Cecilia Edwards 7

Grace Edwards 3

Mary Ann Edwards ?

Ma Edwards 6/12

7/1/50 John D Edwards 41 mail carrier VA married Dec 11, 1834

Catherine Edwards 33 (Robertson/Robinson) VA

Wm Edwards 13

James Edwards 11

Robt Edwards 9

John Edwards 7

Neldon Edwards 3

Letitia Edwards 3/12 (All born VA)
















Carroll 1850 Census

8/27/50 Bryson Edwards 45 farmer VA

Nancy A Edwards 36

John B Edwards 15

Richard Edwards 13

Turaney J Edwards 11 female

Alfred Edwards 9

Francis N Edwards 7 female

Eliz H Edwards 5

#201 Isaac Edwards (age not listed) farmer

Polly Edwards 46 (Beamer)

Nami ? H Edwards 22 farmer

Joshua A Edwards 22 farmer

Jonathan H Edwards 19 school teacher

Absalem Edwards 16 farmer

Mahaly Edwards 13

C____ Edwards male

Richard Edwards 8

Phil Edwards 5

John Edwards 36 or 26 VA

Dean ? Edwards 26 NC

Mary Edwards 18

John Edwards 15

Kitty Edwards 12

Henry Edwards 9

Joseph B Edwards 3

Graminberry (Granberry?) Edwards 11/12

Wm P Edwards farmer

Granberry Edwards 40 farmer

Jane Edwards 35

Wm A Edwards 18

Charles H Edwards 16

Louisa Edwards 13

Nancy A Edwards

J Edwards 7 male

Granberry Edwards 6

John N Edwards 3

Margaret J Edwards 11/12

William Edwards 75 blacksmith NC

Sarah Edwards 95 VA

Sarah A Edwards 8

Wm Tate 20 farmer

Clayry Tate 16

Jim Tate 11/12

James Edwards 30 farmer

Adeline Edwards 28

Margaret D L Edwards 4

Eliz J Edwards 2

Nancy E Edwards 1/12

Carroll 1850 Census Cont’d

Thomas Edwards 79 farmer NC

Mary Edwards 70

Nortine Edwards 14 male

Narnel Edwards 22

Charity Edwards 18

Elijah Edwards 35

Irene (Beamer) Edwards 28

Caloin ? J Edwards 6

Conder Edwards

McFielden/McHelom ?Edwards 1

Elijah Edwards 21

Margaret Edwards 20

James Edwards 19

Polly Edwards 18

John Edwards 59

Mary Edwards 56

Letitia Edwards 21

Gloria Edwards 20

Henderson Edwards 17

Jefferson Edwards 14

James H Edwards 13

Elisha C Edwards 40

Agnes Edwards 39

Polly Edwards 10

Eliz Edwards 9

F Edwards 8

Bryal ? Edwards 6

Riley Edwards 5

Markin Edwards 43

Mary Edwards 44

Elizabeth Edwards

Wapley? Edwards

Hasten Edwards

Andrew J Edwards 27

Polly Edwards 20

James C Edwards 2

John Edwards Jr 50

Edith Edwards 48

Jordan Edwards 21

Paulina Edwards 13

James M Edwards 25

Panulia ? Edwards 22



1850 Carroll Co Cont’d


Argentine Edwards 36

Mary Edwards 36

Clark Edwards

Jacob Edwards

Francis Edwards

Euphamey Edwards

William Edwards 68 NC

Elizabeth Edwards 68 VA

Rebecca Edwards 40

Annual Edwards 28

Wm Edwards 20

Aaron C Edwards 18

Julian Edwards 4 female








From the US Census record of 1860 Lawrence County, Ohio Township: Fayette


Dwelling Farm # name age occupation birthplace

257 253 Willis, Greenberry 38 farmer Ohio

Willis, Barbara 37 housewife Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 18 Ohio

Willis, Henry 16 Ohio

Willis, Polly 15 (Hatcher) Ohio

Willis, Rachel 13 m Ball Ohio

Willis, William 11 Ohio

Willis, Josiah 9 Ohio

Willis, Richard 7 Ohio

Willis, Thomas 6 Ohio

Willis, Julia 5 (James Hill) Ohio

Willis, Jud___ 2 male (can’t make out rest of name-believe Jettie) Ohio

Willis, Alonzo 2 mos

Willis, Polly 65 Kentucky

Polly Willis died Jan 10, 1874 Fayette Twp. She was mother of Greenberry , widow of Henry age 78. (RW)

Matilda Willis m Wm Siburthring 27-12-1871 (12 children)








From US Census record of 1860 Lawrence County, Ohio Fayette Township


Dewelling # Farm # Name age occupation birthplace

312 308 Willis, George 39 farmer Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 44 keeps house Virginia

Willis, Wm T 15 Ohio

Willis, Ohen? D 14 male (this is Oliver D –RW) Ohio

Willis, George W 13 Ohio

Willis, Robert P 11 Ohio

Willis, Sarah S 9 Ohio

Willis, John G 6 Ohio

Willis, Susan 2 Ohio

Patterson, Sarah 75 Virginia

Patterson, Agnes 49 Virginia


Sarah Patterson died 1876 Perry Twp age 94 Widow of John Patterson , who died 1851-2.

Agnes Patterson died 1893 Rock Camp age 82 unmarried.

Geo Willis died in Shanendoah Valley Mar 21, 1865 on way home after serving throughout the war.

Also son Wm T died in W VA Dec 28, 1861/2 , while serving in the Union Army. RW





From US Census record of 1860 Lawrence County, Ohio Fayette Township


Dwelling # Family Name Age Occupation Birthplace

414 410 Pigman, James 39 Engineer on steamboat Georgia, NC or VA

Pigman, Eliza 38 keeps house Virginia

Pigman, William 17 Cooper Ohio

Pigman, John A 14 Ohio

Pigman, Leaner M 13 Ohio

Pigman, Sarah A 10 married Beam Ohio

Pigman, Arethea 7 married Dink Willis Ohio (grandmother)

Pigman, Amanda E 5 married Lewis Walters Ohio

Pigman, Elvira A 3 married Clark Ohio

Pigman, Emma J 4 mos married H Shelton Ohio

This same family of Pigman’s still in same township, etc. in the 1870 census record.

James Pigman died 1887 at Burlington. RW

I found no Patterson’s in the 1860 Census record except for those living with the Willis family. RW









From US Census record of 1860 Lawrence County, Ohio Lawrence Township


Dwelling # family Name Age Occupation Birthplace

608 601 Willis, Sarah 43 widow/ farming Ohio

Willis, Greenberry 16 farming Ohio

Willis, John 14 Ohio

Willis, James 12 Ohio

Willis, George 9 Ohio

Willis, Almeda 8 female Ohio

Willis, Henry J 5 Ohio


610 603 Willis, William 51 farmer Virginia

Willis, Elizabeth 48 keeps house Virginia

Willis, John H 24 farms Ohio

Willis, William 19 farms Ohio

Willis, Charles 16 Ohio

Willis, Edward 14 Ohio

Willis, Burdine 12 male Ohio

Willis, Perry 10 Ohio

Willis, Mary 8 Ohio (Law Twp)

Willis, Wilmington 6 male Ohio

Wilmington died at 8 yrs of age in 1862 and was 1st to be buried in Willis Cemetery. RW




611 604 Willis, John 37 farmer Ohio

Willis, Lurania (Neal?) 32 housekeeper Ohio

Willis, Theodore N 7 male Ohio

Willis, Marrianne 6 Ohio

Willis, John (Gilbert) 1 Ohio




123 120 Willis, Andrew 47 wagon maker Ohio

Willis, Naomi 41 keep house Ohio

Willis, Isaac N 19 Ohio

Willis, Sarah A 16 Ohio

Willis, James H 14 Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 12 Ohio

Willis, Andrew 10 Ohio

Willis, Joshua 8 Ohio

Willis, Cornileus 8 Ohio

Willis, Hannah 4 Ohio








Note from Robert Willis:

1870 Census of Lawrence County, Ohio is very badly- blotted, smeared, etc. Many pages can not be read, if there should have been any Willis on those, I could not make them out.



From US Census of Lawrence County, Ohio 1870 Elizabeth Township


Dwelling # family Name Age Occupation Birthplace

530 519 Willis, Fielden 39 Labor Ohio

Willis, Eliza (Minnard) 34 keep house Ohio

Willis, William 13 Ohio

Willis, Andrew 9 Ohio

Willis, (can’t read) 7 female Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 3 (married David Cockrowe) Ohio

Willis, Charles 2 Ohio


571 559 Willis, William 43 farmer Ohio

Willis, Viola 45 keep house Ohio

Willis, Sarah 12 Ohio

Willis, Mary 7 Ohio

(married John Rugles? See Ben 1880)

Willis, Fielden 6 married Alice Ruggles Ohio

Willis, Jane 2 Ohio

Willis, Martha 2 months Ohio


152 147 Willis, John 37 ox driver Tenn.

Willis, Rebecca 29 Keep house Ohio

Willis, Nancy 12 Ohio

Willis, Henry 11 Ohio

Willis, Sarah 9 Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 6 Ohio

Willis, John 3 Ohio

Willis, Mary 11 months Ohio


Aid Township

60 53 Willis, Elza 61 farming Ohio

Willis, Keziah 45 keeps house Ohio

Willis, John 26 works on farm Ohio

Willis, George 14 attends school Ohio

Willis, Sidney 12 male Ohio

Willis, Carlisle 10 female Ohio

Willis, Amanda 8 or 9 attends school Ohio








1870 Census Lawrence County, Ohio

Vol 84, page 549, line 15 Upper Township Vol 84, op page 549. Line 25 Upper Township

Name Age Birthplace Name Age Birthplace

Elizabeth Willis 28 (K H) Ohio Joseph Willis 28 kps. Iron furnace Ohio

Margaret Willis 8 at home Ohio Ellen Willis 24 kps house Ohio

Eliza Willis 23 helps K H Ohio James Willis 3 Ohio

Marie Willis 70 Infirm Ohio Joseph Willis 2 Ohio

John Willis 2 Ohio

Enoumerated June 11, 1870. Margaret Willis 1 Ohio

Post Office: Ironton, Ohio. No property listed.

Enumerated June 10, 1870. P O Ironton, Ohio.

No property listed.

Vol 80?, op page 461, line 2. Perry Township Aid Township

Name Age Occup Birthplace Name Age Occup Birthplace

Elizabeth Willis 54 Kps house VA Joshua Willis 33 farming Virginia

(Widow of Geo W Jr, he died in War 1865. Mary A Willis 19 Kps house Ohio

Mother of Wm T also died in War in 1862.) dwelling # 260 family #247

Oliver D Willis 24 laborer Ohio

(Also War Vet.)

Robert Willis 21 laborer Ohio

Sarah S Willis 19 helps kp house Ohio

John G Willis 16 laborer Ohio

Susanna Willis 12 attends school Ohio

Enoumerated June 28, 1870. Post Office Ironton, Ohio. No property listed even tho she owned her own farm and lived in Perry Township.

Vol 84 , page 821, line 11 Fayette Township

Name Age Occup Birthplace

Susannah Willis 84 Infirm Virginia

(Widow of Geo W Willis Sr, lists with granddaughter Emily (Pemberton) Crawford family. Emily daughter of Joseph & Perlinia (Willis) Pemberton. )

John Crawford 38 laborer Ohio

Emily Crawford 35 house wife Ohio

Sarah Crawford 16 Ohio

Mary Crawford 12 Ohio

Anthony Crawford 9 Ohio

Electa J Crawford 4 Ohio



Vol —, page 436, line 25 Perry Township

Name Age Occupation Birthplace

Andrew Willis 68/57 works farm Ohio

Naomi Willis 50 Keeps house Ohio

Andrew Willis Jr 21 works farm Ohio

Cornelius Willis 17 (twin) wrks farm Ohio

Joshua Willis 17 (twin) wrks farm Ohio

Hannah Willis 14 Ohio

Enumerated June 30, 1870. Real estate $500. Personal Prop not listed.

P O Ironton, Ohio.

1870 cont’d


Vol 84, page 464, line 6 Perry Township

Name Age Occupation Birthplace

James H Willis 23 laborer Ohio

(Son of Andrew & Naomi Willis)

Elizabeth Willis 21 wife Ohio

Cornelius Willis 1 son Ohio

Enumerated June 30, 1870 P O Ironton, Ohio


Vol 84, op page 414, line 18 Lawrence Township

Name Age Occupation Birthplace

Isaac H Willis 23 farmer Ohio

(son of Andy & Naomi Willis)

Nancy J Willis 24 wife Ohio

Josephine Willis 4 dau Ohio

Hannah Willis 1 dau Ohio

Enumerated July 21, 1870. P O Aid. Real estate $600. Per property 250.

Note about Joshua Willis marrying in Ironton (Can’t read rest of notations by Robert Willis)

Suppose Henry Willis over 45 and spouse also over 45, were father and mother of all? R W

25 Willis families and single listed in 1870 census. 156 on roll.

1870 Census cont’d

Vol 84 , page 413, line 12 Lawrence Township Vol 84, op page 412, line 14 Lawrence Township

Name Age Occup Birthplace Name Age Occup Birthplace

William Willis 55 farmer VA



















From U S Census 1880 Lawrence County, Ohio Perry Township


Dwelling # family # Name Age Occupation Subject Father Mother

198 201 Willis, James H 33 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 29 wife KY KY KY

Willis, Cornelius J 11 son Ohio Ohio KY

Willis, Sarah A 9 dau Ohio Ohio KY

Willis, Edward 7 son Ohio Ohio KY

Willis, Mary Lou 5 dau Ohio Ohio KY

Willis, Oscar 3 son Ohio Ohio KY

Willis, Benjamin P? 1 son Ohio Ohio KY


196 199 Willis, Andrew 68 farmer Ohio VA VA

Willis, Naomi 61 wife Ohio VA VA

Willis, Andrew 26 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Harliss? Jackson 5 grandson Ohio Ohio Ohio

Aid Township

83 85 Willis, John H 42 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Abigail (Slavens) 39 wife Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, William 20 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, John 18 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Charles E 13 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Guard 8 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Elizabeth 5 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Harvey 3 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Simeon 5 mos son born Dec Ohio Ohio Ohio

Aid Township

17 19 Willis, T J 44 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Laura (Wood) 36 wife Ohio VA VA

Willis, Nellie 8 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, John E 7 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Orin 5 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Perry Township

107 109 Willis, Thompson 26 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Bell 22 wire Ohio Ohio Miss.

Willis, Clinton 2 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Charles ½ born April son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Fayette Township

453 454 Willis, John W 32 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Eva A 22 wife Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Eugene P 1 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Taylor, Mattie A 10 neice Ohio VA Ohio

Mattie dau of Wm & Martha (Willis) Taylor.

Elizabeth Township

286 301 Willis, Ples. 44 laborer Ohio VA VA

(married Asa Layne) Willis, Lucy 19 dau Ohio Ohio VA

(married Frank Sites) Willis, Susan 13 dau Ohio Ohio VA

(married James Dalton) Willis, Angeline 11 dau Ohio Ohio VA

(married Frances Dalton) Willis, Wellington 16 son Ohio Ohio VA

(married Ed Cary) Willis, Elizabeth 9 dau Ohio Ohio VA

(married Wm Jordan) Willis, Nancie 4 dau Ohio Ohio VA

1880 Census Cont’d

Windsor Township Birthplace

Dwelling # family # Name Age Occup Subject Father Mother

209 219 Willis, Theo 27 farmer Ohio KY KY

Willis, Amy 20 wife Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Oscar 2 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

207 217 Willis, Green B 35 farm hand Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Lucinda 37 wife Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Cada 13 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Joseph 10 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, John 8 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Frank B 4 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Loanden T 1 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Perry Township

72 76 Willis, George 31 laborer Ohio Ohio VA

Willis, Ann 36 wife Ohio NY Ohio

Willis, Wm 9 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Esther 7 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Rose 2 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

Buttericks, Elizabeth 61 mother-n-law Ohio NY Ohio

141 143 Willis, Elizabeth 64 keeping house VA VA VA

Willis, Robert 31 son Ohio Ohio VA

Willis, John 26 son Ohio Ohio VA

Willis, Susanna 22 dau Ohio Ohio VA

142 144 Willis, Oliver D 34 farmer Ohio Ohio VA

Willis, Aretha E 27 wife Ohio NC VA

136 138 Patterson, Berry 56 farmer VA VA VA

Patterson, Agnes 68 sister VA VA VA

Patterson, John D 27 son Ohio VA VA

Patterson, Robert T 25 son Ohio VA VA

Patterson, Sarah M 22 dau Ohio VA VA

Patterson, Nancy A 20 dau Ohio VA VA

342 351 Willis, Thompson 64 farmer Ohio Ohio VA

Willis, Margaret 62 wife Ohio VA VA

Willis, Landen 23 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Hester A 26 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Leander 21 son Ohio Ohio Ohio

307 313 Willis, Hugh 22 boarder in house Ohio Ohio Ohio

of James Deering

(son of Hugh & ? [Crowley] Willis)

279 283 Willis, John W 39 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Amanda 33 wife Ohio KY KY

Willis, Emma 11 dau Ohio Ohio Ohio

195 198 Willis, Joshua 25 farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio

Willis, Mary 18 wife Ohio Ohio Ohio


Family 138 Township not given

James Willis age 45 born in Ohio and his parents listed as born in Ohio. In house of Madison Dunn age 65 born VA

Wife Letha Dunn 63 VA

Son Joseph Dunn 19 Ohio

No date of enumeration.


Family 82 Township not listed

Albert Willis age 14 born in Ohio (son of Hugh and Thebe (Crowley) Willis) His parents both born in Ohio. In home of Samuel Jenkins age 23

Mary J Jenkins wife 21 (dau of Hugh & Thebe & sister of Albert)

No date of enumeration.


*5 singles and 43 Willis families, 241 on Roll of 1880 census.

*Total 1820 thru 1880 census, 11singles, 105 families, 703 0n Roll. All past on as far as I know except Purl Willis age 88 years, resides San Diego, California. Son of Rev James and Elizabeth (May) Willis.

Mrs Elizabeth (Willis) McNeal age 92 years resides Hollywood, California, daughter of John & Abigail (Slavens) Willis. Her brother Simeon S Willis, Govenor of KY 1943-1947. He died April 2, 1965 at Frankfort, KY at age 85 years 4 mos 1 day.

Purl Willis died Oct 12, 1972.

*This information gathered by Robert M Willis.






Books on Willis Families

  1. History of the First Century of the Christian Church in Shelby County, Kentucky 1832-36 by

Elizabeth Maddox Willis

  1. Shelby County, KY Marriages 1792-1800 by Katherine (Bryant) Smith
  2. Notes of Kentucky Veterans of War of 1812 by G Glen Clift
  3. Folks in Haverhill, Mass. In 1783 by James Duncan Phillips
  4. Mayflower and Their Descendants and Their Marriages
  5. History of Shelby County, KY by George L Willis (1929) 268 pages
  6. Historic Families of Kentucky by Thomas Marshall Green 304 pages (1959) some Willis family
  7. A Family History by Anne W Willis, Rome, GA. (1946) 207 pages Some errors in the history, corrected in Mrs Maude Potter’s book, Willises of Virginia (1968) 168 pages Copies obtained from Miss Marie Willis, Rt 1, Box 22, Mars Hill, N C 28754.
  8. The Willis Family of VA compiled 1967, 156 pages. Miss Adelaide (Rutherford) Willis, 35 South Reed Ave, Mobile, Ala 36604.
  9. Two Centuries With a Willis Family and Their Kin by Douglas M Willis, 922 Clear Fork Drive, Dallas, Texas 75232.

Ironton, Ohio Register August 31, 1871

Sudden Death of Elza Willis

On last Thursday, Elza Willis, of Marion, in this County (Lawrence Co, Ohio) was at Campbell Brammer’s Justice of the Peace, engaged in the case of the State vs Thomas Bennett, for shooting Walker Wilson. The

Matter had just been settled for the day and all were getting ready to go away. Mr Willis stood near the Porch and was saying that the matter had been arranged as well as possible and they would all be back Saturday morning to complete it. The remark had scarcely passed his lips, when he began to reel and then fell full length, his mouth striking on the edge of the porch. Our informant, who was the first to take hold of him, said he never spoke a word, and then was hardly a pulsation after he fell. He had not been excited and at the moment was cool and apparently as well as he had ever been. Just a while before he was talking about the boys being unable to work hard. They were to weak, but “us old fellows” said Elza, beating himself on the breast, ” We are the ones that can stand it.”

Elza Willis was widely known in this County and was a man of firm convictions and bold in declaring them. Every one had a hearty salutation for him when ever he was met. We saw him a day or two before he died and had a long talk with him. He was an old resident of this county and was an active man in its early days. He was probably 55 or 60 years old.






Elza Willis was born in this county at Russell Place now called Getaway, Lawrence Co, Ohio. Born June 8, 1808, died August 24, 1871, age 63 years 2 months 16 days, son of Joshua and Mary (Blankenship) Willis. His first wife, Elizabeth Ward, born in Virginia, March 30, 1807 and died April 4, 1854. They had the following children: Mrs George (Julia Ann) Russell; Mrs Wm M (Martha) Taylor ; Mary Sue Willis, Thomas J Willis, Joshua Boyd Willis, Mrs Shadrack (Ruth) Smith, Sarah Jane Willis, dec; Edward Willis, dec; John W Willis, William Willis, dec; and Elizabeth Willis, dec.

Thomas J, Joshua B, Edward and John W were soldiers in the late War.

Elza Willis married second Kaziah George, October 6, 1855, who survives with following children. George W Willis, born October 18, 1856; Sidney Elza Willis, born May 18, 1858; Carolisle Willis, born August 26, 1859; and Amanda M Willis born August 24, 1861.

Elza Willis had the following brothers and sisters:

  1. Andrew Willis b ca 1812 survivor & 1894
  2. Hugh Willis b Sep 3, 1817 survivor & 1903
  3. Julia Ann (Willis) Hunt dec 1864-5
  4. Clarissa Willis Goolsby survivor
  5. George W Willis b ca 1826 d May 1, 1856 unmarried
  6. Mary Willis Bragg b 1829 survivor died 1886
  7. John Willis b 1815 died 1849
  8. Joshua Willis Jr died young in W VA (Guyandotte, W VA)
  9. Elizabeth Willis b 1813

A list of Willis family researchers of KY. You may know or have had correspondence with.

  1. Mrs Wm H Smith, 324 Auesway Drive, Lexington, KY
  2. Mrs Marcia C Hughson, Box 695, Cottulla, Texas 78014
  3. Mrs Nancy T Samuels, 4783 Lubbock Ave, Fort Worth 15, Tx
  4. Mrs Helen Willis McKinney, P O Box 64, Columbia, KY 42728
  5. Mrs L D Stokes, 4022 St Ives Ct, Louisville, KY 40207
  6. Mrs Johnny M (Ada) Walker, Box 23, San Diego, Ca 92112
  7. Mrs Nancy R Roy, 8545 Mission Gorge Rd, Space Santee, Ca 92071
  8. Mrs Johnny Grease, P O Box D, Syracuse, Kans 67878
  9. Miss Janet K Pease, 10301 West 62nd Place #102 , Arvado, Colo 80002
  10. Mrs Martha Renesu, % Phillip Powell, Rt !, Glasgow, KY 42141
  11. Mrs Emily B Barnes, Box 1105, Snowflake, Ariz 85937
  12. Mrs Joyce H Ellis, Rt 7, Crestwood Dr, Greenville, SC 29609
  13. Mrs Leo C Ruby, PO Box 125, Holyoke, Colo. 80734
  14. Mrs Margaret Heinek, PO Box 416, New Carlisle, Md 46552
  15. Mrs Betty Majors, 505 N Atlantic St, Tullahoma, Tenn 37388
  16. Miss Eileen B Duke, 3646 Shirlwood Ave, Memphis, Tenn 38122
  17. Mrs Huldrich Steinert, 853 E Millbrook Way, Bountiful, Utah 84010
  18. Mrs Pauline James, 900 N Fonda, LaHabra, Calif 90631
  19. Mr Warren A Tilton, 307 N Adams Ave, Mason City, Iowa 50401
  20. Mrs Winston Tall, 808 Golf Lane, Wheaton, Ill 60187
  21. Mrs Felix B Hays, 932 W Main, Franklin, Tenn 37064
  22. Mrs Rogers Melriel Clark, 925 Brewer, Memphis, Tenn
  23. Mrs James C Crabb 122 Chelsea, Dumas, Tx 79029
  24. Mr T E Henry, 1524 Coleman, Fort Worth, Texas
  25. Mrs Forrest B Doshier, 1501 Rusk St, Amarillo, Texas 79102
  26. Mr Howard Horton Harvey, PO Box 932, Sherman, Texas 75090
  27. Mrs L M Thaxton, 1506 W 304 St, Austin 3, Tx
  28. Mrs F T Day, Box 13, Tulia, Texas 79088
  29. Mrs Margaret Heinek, Box 416, New Carlisle, Ind 46552
  30. Mrs Gertrude C Dean, Midway, GA 31320
  31. Miss Eileen B Duke, 3646 Shirlwood Ave, Memphis, Tenn 38122
  32. Mrs Ray Hill, 242 W So 1st Street, Montrose, Colo 81401
  33. Mrs J A Carrico, Jr, 12994 E Center Ave, Aurora, Colo 80010
  34. Mrs Dale Lowell, 4314 Hazelbrook Ave, Long Beach, Calif 90808
  35. Mrs Alice Wilson, Box 5, Pasco, Wash 993301
  36. Treacle Ebersole, 10021 Tujunga Canyon Blvd, Tujunga, Calif 91042
  37. Mrs Samuel N Bowen, 4700 S W 3rd St , Miami, Fla
  38. Dayton Royse, 1633 Queenstown Rd, Oklahoma City 16, Okla (Seek & has info on KY branch.)
  39. Miss Janet K Pease, 10301 W 62nd Place, #102, Arvado, Colo 80002
  40. Monte Hugh Knight, % Pigg & Parsons, Murray County Shopping Center, Columbia, Tenn 38401
  41. Mr Joseph D Hinesley, 273 A Wesson Circle, Redstone Arsenal, Ala
  42. Mr Paul Barker, Box 1336 So Side Station, Springfield, Mo 65805
  43. Mr John Riley Malone Sr, P O Box 390, Homer, La 71040
  44. Mr Garland C Black Jr, 5306 Easton Dr, North Springfield, VA 22151
  45. Mr Robert M Willis, Route 1 Box 1, Ironton, Ohio 45638
  46. Carolyn F Bates, 364 Laird Ave N E, Warren, Ohio 44088
  47. Charles M Frowfelkner, 1653 Cranberry Lane, Warren, Ohio

I have more than 80 names and addresses of Willis researchers throughout the Country no connection found to my Henry Willis, Sr of VA,

The Willises of Virginia edited by Maud Potter 1968, copies purchased from Miss Marie Willis, Rt 1 Box22, Mars Hill, NC 28754.

Two Centuries With a Willis Family & Their Kin, Ed 1963 by Douglas M Willis, 922 Clearfork Dr, Dallas, TX 75232. Copies can be purchased from him. I have purchased both these family histories, very interesting. R W

Odd sheets with some missing.

Service Co, 1st Remd Regt Captured Soldiers

  1. Pfc Benjamin L Kedzielawa, 9 Charles St, Palaepsie, N Y
  2. Pfc Raymond A Myers no Add Ind
  3. Pfc William J Kimole Add
  4. Pfc Robert H Hudson, Add
  5. Pfc George (Victor) Cassella, Alameda, Calif
  6. Pfc Karl R Farrow, 1518 Ashland Ave, Columbus, Ohio
  7. Pfc Estil Marshall, Scioto Co, Franklin Fce, Ohio & Middletown, Ohio
  1. Pfc Frank L Bobeck, Lima, Ohio
  2. Pfc Nathan Aronoff, 1262 Wilson Ave, Youngstown, Ohio
  3. Pfc Fred B Boyer, no add
  4. Pfc William C Ward, Shadyside, Ohio
  5. Pfc Wilbur G Mauger, R R 3 , Thornville, Ohio & Newark, Ohio, Phoenix, Ariz
  6. Pfc (Truly Yours) Robert M Willis, Rt 1, Box 669, S Point, Ohio 45680

Service Co

Attach with maintenance Co other 1st Armd, Regt Co’s, Battalion’s etc in convoy on escape of enemy forces at or near Faid Pass, sidi-Bou-Zid all mix up. Run into the enemy waiting in Tanks. All scramble for cover pined down to my knowledge none of Service Co men were killed few wounded a number of others killed & wounded.

So may print all or some or none or any amount at your pleasure.

Robert M Willis

Held 815 days until end of etc. May 8, 1945.

  1. Peggy
  2. Mary
  3. Jane

Ex: sons John and Robert

Wit. Adam and James Hearne

John ( or Johnston) Malick

The chances are good that I may very well claim Betsy as Mother of my Mary Jane McVicker. (W 1817)


1850 census Richland Township Gurnsey Co, Ohio

Joseph Garret 62 VA

Hetta Garret 62 VA (maiden name Potter)

Elwood Garret 18 Ohio

Wm Luke Garret 17 Ohio

Nancy Patterson 77 Ireland

Elizabeth Patterson 27 PA

Nancy Patterson 27 PA

Mark Patterson 25 PA

Mary Patterson 22 Ohio













1850 Census Richland Twn cont’d

John Patterson 38 PA

Mary Patterson 38 Ohio

William Patterson 12 Ohio

Thomas Patterson 10 Ohio

Nancy Patterson 8 Ohio

Wesley Patterson 6 Ohio

Mary Patterson 4 Ohio

James Patterson 2 Ohio

Samuel Patterson 2/12 Ohio

This Joseph Garrett is the father of the Joseph Garret who married Mary Jane McVicker—her mother a Patterson.

Can you identify this Patterson? Senecaville is in Richland Twp

Happy to share,

Most sincerely,

Betty Boone

Mrs Betty Boone

John Patterson d 1852/3

Spouse: Sarah b 1782

D 1876


William Patterson father of:

Andrew Patterson

Spouse: Elizabeth Cole

B abt 1784 Eastlam Barnstable, Mass

Daughter: Eleanor Patterson

B 9 April 1827

Md 13 Nov 1844

D 8 Jan 1902

Spouse: James Edmiston

E Patterson birth & death dates from tombstone at St James Cem, Chilhowie, VA. Have more Cole this line.