Written and researched by Sharon M. Kouns

Through the years of researching the Kouns family, I have been fortunate enough to have received many letters pertaining to different families that connected with the Kouns name. I take this time to share those with you. I am not sure where the original source came from, if anyone can shed some light on this, please let me know. I have more information of some of these lines. If you are connected in anyway, please email me. Sharon M. Kouns

Also spelled Scoville & Scovill

Related families: Gillen, Kouns, Dillon, Isaminger, Hampton, LaFever, McClure, Bagley,

Letter dated 1896 Shreveport, La., February, 1896

Curtis Scovell born Dec. 1st, 1795 in Saybrook, Conn.
Matthew Scovell born Dec. 31, 1797 in Saybrook, Conn.
Laura Scovell born about 1800 in Saybrook, Conn.
They all moved to Lawrence County, Ohio, with their mother about 1820, their father having been killed by falling through an open hatch of a ship at Saybrook, Conn.

Curtis Scovell’s Family
Curtis Scovell married Ann Gillen in Lawrence County, Ohio, Feb. 1, 1825.
Ann Scovell died Oct. 4, 1865 in Lawrence County, Ohio.
Curtis Scovell died July 9, 1870 in Lawrence County, Ohio.
Their eleven children born at Burlington, Ohio as follows:
Wm. Tiley Scovell born Nov. 13, 1825 died: July 1, 1895 New Orleans, La.
Married: Oct. 5, 1852 Mary A. Dillon
Sarah E. Scovell born: Nov. 29, 1827 died: March 9, 1856 Lawrence Co., Ohio Married: Jan. 22, 1880 George W. Kouns
Noah Scovell born March 6, 1830
Rachal T. Scovell born Apr. 13, 1832 Married: Oct. 26, 1852 Stephen Dillon
Mary J. Scovell born Aug. 30, 1834 died: Oct. 04, 1862 Lawrence Co., Ohio Married: Aug. 30, 1859 G. W. Isaminger
Laura A. Scovell born Sept. 13, 1836 died: May 30, 1870 Lawrence Co., Ohio Adeliza Scovell born: Oct. 2, 1838 died: Sept. 19, 1840 Lawrence Co., Ohio
Emily A. Scovell born April 1, 1841 died: July 23, 1881 Ashland, Boyd Co., Ky. Married: Dec. 29, 1864 A. P. Kouns 2nd Married: Oct. 27, 1870 Wm. Bagley Matthew L. Scovell born Sept. 9, 1843 Married: Aug. 26, 1867 Mary P. Hampton Guilotta Scovell born Feb. 23, 1846 Married: Sept. 13, 1870 Andrew LeFever
Edith M. Scovell born May 3, 1850 Married: May 3, 1871 William McClure

Wm. Tiley and Mary Dillon Scovell’s Family
Dora K. Scovell born: April 17, 1855 died. Jan. 17, 1862
Infant Son born: March 2, 1857 died: March 30, 1857
Laura Scovell born: April 10, 1858 died: Sept. 18, 1859
Frank E. Scovell born: July 1, 1860
Mrs. Mary Dillon Scovell and her only surviving child, Capt. Frank E., lives in New Orleans. Frank is Captain of Red River Line Steamer.

George W. Kouns and Sarah Scovell’s Family
Louis E. Kouns born: Mar. 28, 1850
Curtis Scovell Kouns born: July 4, 1851
Creighton Kouns born: Jan. 17, 1854 died: Oct. 4, 1876
Sarah Kouns born: Mar. 1, 1856 died: Dec. 12, 1891
Capt. L. E. Kouns, married, lives on his farm near Burlington, Lawrence Co., Ohio. Capt. C. S. Kouns, married, lives in New Orleans, Captain of Red River Line Steamers.

Stephen Dillon and Rachel Scovell’s Family
W. F. Dillon born: Oct. 9, 1853 Married, lives in Shreveport, La. General Freight Agent, Red River Line Steamers.

George W. Isaminger and Mary J. Scovell’s Family
Emily Isaminger born: July 1, 1861 died: Sept. 9, 1884

Andrew P. Kouns and Emily A. Scovell’s Family
Henry D. Kouns born: Oct. 31, 1864 married Lives in Shreveport, La., is Chief Clerk on Red River Line Steamers. Anna Kouns born: April ?, 1867 married: Wm. Johnson, lives in Ashland, Ky.

Wm. H. Bagley and Emily Scovell Kouns’ Family
Mary E. Bagley born: Oct. 22, 1871 Laura Pearl Bagley born: July 24, 1873
Emily A. Bagley born: May 5, 1876
Nellie Rachel Bagley born: Jan. 24, 1878
Ed. Scovell Bagley born: April 30, 1880 Live in Ashland, Ky.

Matthew L. Scovell and Mary Hampton’s Family
Tiley M. Scovell born: Mar. 17, 1862 Minnie L. Scovell born: Nov. 05, 1870
Curtis Scovell born: Mar. 18, 1873
Millard G. Scovell born: Sept. 22, 1877 Capt. M. L. Scovell lives in Shreveport, La., General Agent Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad. Tiley H. is married and lives in Shreveport, a member of the firm of Hicks Company, Lmtd., Wholesale Grocers. Curtis is with the Engineering Department of the Kansas City, Shreveport and Gulf Railway Company, home in Shreveport, La. Millard G. is Stenographer for General Manager F. S. Hammond of the K. C. S. & C. Ry., at Shreveport.

Andrew LeFever and Guielotta Scovell’s Family
Louis Kouns LeFever born: May 28, 1874
Nellie LeFever born: July 23, 1879
Matthew L. Scovell LeFever born: Aug. 28, 1885 Live in Montrosa, Iowa.

Wm. McClure and Edith M. Scovell’s Family
Curtis Scovell McClure born: May 15, 1872
Noah W. McClure born: July 4, 1874
Ralph W. McClure born: Aug. 17, 1879
Clara May McClure born: Jan. 12, 1882 Edith and her children all live in Shreveport, La. Curtis is Cashier at the Texas and Pacific Ry. Co., Shreveport, La. Noah is shipping clerk for the Wholesale Grocery Company of W. F. Taylor.