Misc. Stories about the Norton Family

Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

Daily Irontonian Friday, August 3, 1888
window is the headquarters for relics and curiosities.  The latest is a helmet of brass, surmounted by a plume of the coarsest white horse hair.  It is said t have been worn by Hamilton Wilson of Hamilton Twp, in this county, during the Mexican War.


Mrs. F. D. NORTON will give a reception to her son and new daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. NORTON this Thursday evening.  The honored guests were married at Knoxville, last month, and this is the bride’s first visit to Ironton.  The roomy mansion will be filled with a pleasant company.

Ironton Register, Thursday, December 20, 1894


The reception given by Mrs. F. D. NORTON to Mr. & Mrs. Jesse R. NORTON, last Thursday night was a very happy occasion.  The elegant rooms were filled with guests, and every appointment glided so smoothly that the social feature was ever at its height.  The ladies were never more beautifully arrayed.  Mrs. F. D. NORTON, Mr. & Mrs. H. E. NORTON, and Mr. & Mrs. J. R. NORTON stood in the receiving line in the order named, and at once every guest was made agreeably at home.  Mrs. J. R.NORTON, the bride, came a total stranger to this community, and at once took the hearts of all by her genial and sensible manners.  Altogether, it was a rare evening and will be remembered as one of Ironton’s happiest social affairs.

Ironton Register 17 Dec. 1894