The McGonigle Family

Submitted by Mary E Coss Staley
Wheeling Area Genealogical Society

James McGonigle born 1822 in Donegal Ireland, married Mary McClain. They left Ireland in 1848, and settled in Ironton in about 1870. James Died June 8, 1900, in Bridgeport, Ohio and
Mary McClain McGonigle died Aug 6, 1920 in Bridgeport, Ohio.



Hannah (Nora) McGonigle, born in Pittsburgh April 10, 1850, died in Bridgeport, Belmont Co.-Aug 6, 1920. Married Dennis McGee in Lawrence Co….


John McGonigle Born May 10, 1851, died in Wheeling, WV, May 11, 1916
Married Margaret Dugan in Lawrence Co…


William McGonigle, born in Ohio, died in Lawrence Co. married Arrena Rouse in Lawrence Co..


Hugh McGonigle, born in 1855, Died about 1917 in KY, married Susan M. Dixon , May 22, 1886, in Lawrence Co..


Anna McGonigle, born Feb 28, 1857 in KY, died Feb 7, 1920 in Shadyside Ohio, Belmont Co., married Philip McGee, DEC 7, 1880 in Lawrence Co..


George McGonigle, Born in KY, Sept 10, 1857, died June 11, 1914, in Barton Ohio, Belmont Co., marrid Hannah McGee, Feb 16, 1886 in Lawrence Co..


Katherine(Kate) McGonigle Born June 5, 1861 in Ashland KY, died in Bridgeport Ohio April 2, 1940, married August Mauck(Muck) April 24, 1883, in Pine grove, Lawrence Co..


Mary McGonigle Born 1863, died Feb 21, 1900 in Pease Township Ohio Married John McGee June 15, 1886, in Lawrence Co..


James McGonigle, born DEC 16, 1865 in Ohio, died Jan 6, 1914 in Bridgeport Ohio(unmarried)


Daniel S McGonigle, born in Lawrence Co., Oct 30 1865, Died June 16, 1949, in Bridgepoet Ohio, married Mary E, Gallagher in Belmont Co..


Margaret C. McGonigle, Born in Ironton Ohio, April 25, 1873, died March 2, 1945, in Bridgeport, Ohio Married Anthony Riley July 5, 1894, in Charleston, WV.

Submitted by Mary E Coss Staley
Wheeling Area Genealogical Society