Mannon-Manning Family

Submitted by George Hall
and Nancy Shaw

My Manning-Mannon family that came to Lawrence County Ohio originated in modern Buckingham County Virginia. In an early record found in Albermarle County Virginia it mentions the lands of Buckingham. This area would become Buckingham County Virginia in 1758. On an early tax list that survived is a mention of a Samuel Mannon. It is not proven but believed that he is the father of Henry Mannon and Boaz H. Mannon and Davis Mannon. The early Mannons from the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s are found mainly in Maryland. It is probable that they came from this area but not proven.

Henry Mannon

Revolutionary Soldier Henry Mannon was born 8 Oct 1759 in Buckingham County Virginia. He married a Lucy _____? Also found as Elizabeth, Maiden name unknown. IN 1780 they lived in Henry County Virginia. According to his Rev War Pension, they then moved to Franklin County, Virginia 1 year after the Rev War. He lived here for 9-10 years then moved to Kanawha County VA modern WV. He settled near the mouth of Cole River at the modern day Boone County-Kanawaha County line near modern St. Albans, and lived here for 20 years. Then he moved to Lawrence County Ohio around 1820, he lived near Scottown in Windsor Township in Lawrence County Ohio, on Perkins Branch. He received a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War in 1833. He died 12 Feb 1838 and his buried in the Mannon Cemetery on Perkins Branch where he had lived. It is not known when his wife died but she did survive him upon his death.

Children of Henry Mannon and possible wife Lucy also found as Elizabeth..?

1. Mary manning born around 1780 or so married Nicholas Smith, 1800 in Kanawha County VA modern WV..
2. Elizabeth Manning born around 1785 married John Will inn 1802 in Kanawah County VA-modern WV
3. Fanny Mannon born around 1787 married Randolph Lively 24 Apr 1804 in Kanawha County VA modern WV
4. William Mannon born around 1790 married Elizabeth Bowman 1812 in Kanawaha County VA modern WV
5. James Mannon born around 1791, may have married twice (unsure) died March 22 1850….buried in the Cemetery with his father Lawrence County Ohio..
6. Moses Mannon born around 1794 married Salley Parsons 12 Feb 1818 in Kanawha County VA- modern WV
7. Samuel Mannon
8. James Mannon

Boaz H. Mannon

Boaz Mannon was believed to be a brother to Henry Mannon listed above.
His birth date is not known but believed to be around 1865-1870. The birth of one of his children William was born in 1805 and gives the location as Tennessee, so they family must have moved there first before arriving in Eastern Kentucky. He is found in Floyd County Kentucky in the 1810 census. He was then found on the 1818 tax list for Lawrence County Ohio, and is also on the 1820 Census for Lawrence County, in Windsor Township. There is no proof that he and Henry are brothers but their ages are very close and each had some children by the same names. They were also neighbors on Perkins Branch near Scottown in Lawrence County Ohio. Boaz died about 1822 in Lawrence County Ohio. Boaz wife Judith died 12 March 1837 in Allen County Ohio. Boaz Mannon left a Will, an Administrative and Testamentary record as well. Written 29 Oct 1822 and recorded 6 Oct 1823 in Lawrence Count Ohio, Witnessed by Peter Wakefield, Jonathan _____ , and Joseph McKnight. It is noted that Peter Wakefield and family came from Franklin County Virginia. The Mannon and Wakefields must have known each other back in Virginia as well.

Their children..

1. Samuel Mannon Junior
2. James Mannon
3. William Mannon born abt 1805 in Tenn., married Sarah May, 28 May 1828 in Lawrence Co. Ohio. She was born about 1812 in Bath County Virginia. William died April 1866 in Allen County Ohio, Sarah died 29 December 1892 at Delphos, Allen County Ohio.
4. John Mannon
5. Boaz Mannon Jr.
6. Edmond Mannon
7. Julia Mannon
8. Sophia Mannon
9. Elizabeth Mannon
10. Juda Mannon
11. Mary Mannon

Davis Mannon

Davis Mannon, was born in Buckingham County Virginia, according to his Rev War Pension Statement. He lived in Henry County VA in 1781, He received a Pension at age 79 in Franklin County Virginia at the home of Peyton Ellison, no kinship was given, it was stated that he was too infirm to attend court. No proof but only other Mannon found in this time frame from Buckingham Co. VA to Henry Co. VA and later Franklin Co. Virginia, relationship and apparent age seems to add possibility that he is the brother to Henry and Boaz Mannon.

2nd Mannon File…

These are notes that have been compiled from the fall of 1997 to the present, February 1998.. The material is about the Mannon-Mannin-Manning family of Buckingham County Virginia.

Buckingham County Virginia was formed in 1761 from Albermarle County Virginia. It was being organized as early as 1758… There is mentioned in the records of early Albermarle a section of land known as the “Buckingham” named in honor of the Duke of Buckingham. This County has been hard to research because of a fire that occurred in 1869.. Many records were destroyed. There is some records of the Tilloston Parrish that has survived that was located in Buckingham County. There is a book by Edythe Rucker Whitley called Genealogical Records of Buckingham Co. Virginia that has been very helpful containing many of the existing records. There is also other bits and pieces found out there on the County..
My main focus is on a Henry Mannon born in 1759 in Buckingham County as recorded by his Revolutionary War Pension. Another soldier named Davis Mannon I believe to a brother of Henry. He was born in 1753 also in Buckingham County according to his Revolutionary War Pension.
Both he and his believed brother Henry moved to Henry County with their families around 1780. Just after the Revolutionary War Henr moved into Franklin County, the exact area is not known I need to check deeds in this time frame. Franklin County was formed in 1785 out of portions of Henry County Virginia… There is portions of a 1764 tax list for Buckingham County that has survived, it is in alphabetical order and stops in the G’s, so we can not see what Mannon families lived there at that time….

In Buckingham County Virginia in the 1773-1774 tax list it mentions a David Manning adjacent to a John Brammer Jr. In the same line.. One may be a slave..? Or one living with another..?? There is no explanation given for the extra name in the same household… Also in this same list is a William Manning and a Samuel Manning, these two men must be at least 21 years of age as based on this tax list each being born at least by 1752 or before.. I believe one of these men may be the older and the other a son though not proven…If this is correct then one of them may be the father of my Henry Mannon and his believed brother Davis Mannon…In 1787 the State of Virginia set up a special census to count all persons over the age of 21.
This was done at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War…In 1787 there is no Mannins-Mannons-Mannings in Buckingham County Virginia…
Henry Mannon I can not locate in 1787. I believe him to be in Franklin County Virginia as mentioned according to his Rev War Pension but he is not listed in this State Census that all of Virginia had done for this year..
However in Franklin County Virginia there is a William Mannin in this 1787 State Census. He is listed in Tax list B, Robert Hairston, commissioner.. He would have to be born by at least 1766 to be old enough, at least 21 to be on this tax list.. His exact birthdate is not known..
In the 1787 State Census of Henry County Virginia is a John Mannin, Tax list B, George Waller, commissioner, In Tax list B, Edward Tatum, commissioner is a Samuel Mannan… so now in 1787 we have a Samuel, John, and a William Mannin-Mannon who live adjacent within the 2 County area. I wonder if Davis and Henry are 2 of these, possibly a William Henry Mannon..? Or a John Davis Mannon..?? I do not know…if these 3 men are not the 2 brothers I am looking for then I wonder where is Davis and Henry are in th 1787 State Census of Virginia..?

From researcher Paul, he gives information that a William Mannon born around 1790 or so was born in Franklin County Virginia. He moves to Montgomery County Virginia by 1815 when a James Mannon was born, this most likely his son, this area now according to Paul is Floyd County Virginia ….this shows a definite movement or migration of this William of Franklin to SW Virginia…his father most likely is either Davis Mannon, John Mannon, or Samuel Mannon …there is no way he could be the son of my Henry Mannon because my Henry had a son named William who married Elizabeth Bowman in 1812 in Kanawha County Virginia modern West Virginia…so this narrows it down to one of the above most likely.

From researcher Joanne,, she gives a John Mannin , in 1800 tax list of Mason County Ky and one in Fayette Co Ky, Floyd County Ky was formed in 1799-1800 from Mason-Flemming-and Montgomery Counties of Ky.. She gives in 1820 Floyd Co Ky, a John Mannin exempted from paying taxes because of infirmities, this is obviously the elder John mentioned in 1800 Mason.. She gives his birth as around 1745, In the 1810 census of Floyd County there is a Boaz Mannin, listed as over 45, 3 males under 10 and 1 male 10-16..this Boaz as mentioned by Joanne is mentioned in a court record in early Floyd as He and David Spurlock, Samuel Lain, Alex Lackey, and William Mann, to mark a road around Mannins fence or to continue the old road’’ This Boaz Mannin born around 1775 or so, most probably the son of John Mannin….She gives that his name might be John Boaz Mannin… the children she has listed are Henry born 1790, John Mannin born abt 1790, married Susannah Shubart 30 Sept 1812 in Bath County KY, Meredith Mannin born abt 1800 in Virginia, Tubal mannin, born abt 1800 Virginia, and a Tarelton mannin born abt 1816 KY….

My material I have collected and compiled, my Henry Mannon born in Albermarle County Virginia in 1759, this area was actually to become Buckingham County in in 1761 2 years later…His father is possibly either a David Mannin or a William or Samuel Mannon, .one of his brothers Davis moves with him to the Henry County Virginia area around 1780…Both brothers later end up in Franklin County Virginia, Franklin formed out of part of Henry County VA, Other possible brothers based on some of he names mentioned include a Samuel Mannin and a John Mannin, and a William Mannin……. My Henry moves to Kanawha County Virginia modern West Virginia around 1798-1800, he lives on the Coal River until around 1821 when he moves to Lawrence County Ohio…One interesting comment is when he moves to Lawrence County Ohio he lives near a Boaz Mannon…!!! He is only 11 years older than this Boaz Mannin., quite possibly be a brother. This Boaz born around 1770 or so marries a Judith and moves first to Tenn. based on the location given for some of his kids in Lawrence County Ohio Census ’s.. He does not show up until the 1818 tax list of Lawrence County Ohio, he is on the 1820 Census of this County. He died before 1823 and he did leave behind a will naming his children in Lawrence County Ohio.. His wife Judith moved to Allen County Ohio with some of his children before she died…. Many thanks to the above Joanne, who found a Boaz Mannon in the 1810 Floyd County Census, this is probably the same Man..!! If not, for sure a first cousin.. Many Floyd County pioneers came from central and then SW Virginia to Floyd and Pike Counties. .quite a few other lines came from SW Virginia to Tenn. Then to Floyd County as well. My Henry Mannon died in Windsor Township in 1838, he was buried in the Mannon Cemetery on Perkins Branch at Scottown, Lawrence County Ohio…His wife may have been an Elizabeth…

Children of Henry Mannon and possible wife Elizabeth..?

1. Mary Manning born around 1780 or so married Nicholas Smith, 1800 in Kanawha County VA modern WV..
2. Elizabeth Manning born around 1785 married John Will inn 1802 in Kanawha County VA-modern WV
3. Fanny Mannon born around 1787 married Randolph Lively 24 Apr 1804 in Kanawha County VA modern WV
4. William Mannon born around 1790 married Elizabeth Bowman 1812 in Kanawha County VA modern WV
5. James Mannon born around 1791, may have married twice unsure ..died March 22 1850….buried in the Cemetery with his father Lawrence County Ohio..
6. Moses Mannon born around 1794 married Salley Parsons 12 Feb 1818 in Kanawha County VA- modern WV
7. Samuel Mannon
8. James Mannon

Children of Boaz Mannon and Judith as taken from his will in Lawrence Co Ohio, and abstracts from her estate settlement that was filed in Allen County Ohio, shortly after her death ……
Samuel Mannon James Mannon, William Mannon, John Mannon, Boaz Mannon Jr., Edmond Mannon, Judith Mannon, Sophia Mannon, Elizabeth Mannin, Mary Mannon,…

This above material is very interesting, more work needs done to separate the various Mannon boys and find relationships to each other…the Boaz could be a John Mannon or the son of a John Mannon, I feel my Henry Mannon may be the son of a William, just speculative not proven, a William in early Buckingham County Virginia, his first boy name William, no children found with the Samuel name for his kids, again no proof just speculating….another interesting comment in early Buckingham County records there is a family of Boaz,!!!! A Thomas, Meeshach, Archabald, and Daniel Boaz is listed in the 1773-1774 tax list of Buckingham Co VA….This family may have married into the Mannons possibly one of the early Mannon Men….

Feb 1998

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