Coons, Koons, Koontz, etc. of Virginia

Submitted by:  Sharon Milich Kouns


Berkley Co. from Northern third of Frederick in 1772

Frederick divided into Berkley, Jefferson, Morgan and Frederick

Abraham Coontz to Elizabeth Lucas 15 May 1790

Samuel Coontz to Emily Perrell 24 Dec 1840 by Thomas Perrell

Eve Coons to Jacob Gottshall 19 Aug 1797 suretor: Jacob Coon

Catherine Coons to Jonathan Jones 30 Jul 1813 sponsor: Nathaniel Jones

Catherine Coons to Henry Miller 30 Aug 1798 sponsor: Jacob Coons

Elizabeth Coons to John Snider 22 Apr 1807 sponsor: David Coons

Henry Coons to Mary Howe 19 Feb 1789 (s/o Jacob Sr.)

Henry Coons – parents were emigrants from Germany. Married Mary Ann Howe, moved to Ross Co., OH about 1807 when son John was 10. Moved to Jackson Co. Ohio later. Living in Jackson Co. on 1820 census w/1male under 10; 1 male 16-26 and 2 adults 45 or over.

1. John Coons s/o Henry and Mary Ann Howe

2. Rachel Coons d/o Henry and Mary Ann Howe

m. Helrey of Fairfield Co. OH

3. Mary Ann Coons m. ____ Allcutt

4. Elizabeth Coons m. 15 Jan 1809 Ross Co. Oh to John Botkin

may have had 5. Wilson Coons

6. Phillip Coons

Jacob Coons, Jr. to Elizabeth Geiger 15 Mar 1800

Katherine Coon to James Bostick (Bottwick) 04 Jun 1789

Mary Coon to John Engle 22 May 1800 (Jacob Coons)

Philip Coon to Christena Starr (Stow) 30 Jan 1812

Polly Coons to John Aillyard (Hilyard) 07 Jul 1803 sponsor: Jacob Coons


Balzer Koontz deeded 132 acres in Frederick Co. to Woolry Kessler on August 5, 1770.

John Coons buried at Milledville Cemetery 1792-1882 – Vet of War of 1812 born Fredericksburg, VA had issues:

1. Margaret b. 1824 2. Jones b. 1824 3. Jacob b. 1827 4. Mary b. 1830 married J. Rankin

Frederick Co. Virginia Marriages: 1771-1825 by Davis

Kuntz, Jacob and Dolly Boman 30 Jan 1798 surety: Humphrey R. Johnston (Frederick Co. VA Marriages 1771-1825 by Eliza Timerlake Davis)

Coontz, Peter and Mary Grim 11 Oct 1801 surety: Alexander Balmain

Koons, Philip married 25 Jun 1787 Abigail Baker in Frederick Co. VA.by Christian Streit, bondsman Henry Bear. This Philip was s/o George and Elizabeth Koons

1.1 Heinrich Koons b. 12 Jul 1790

1.2 Abraham Koons b. 27 Jul 1796


Archibald McKinney to Magdalena Coon d/o Philip 13 Oct 1791 or 18 Oct 1792.

Abraham Kuhn to Rhody Sharp d/o Aaron 8 Mar 1817 by Levi Shinn

Elias Sapp to Elizabeth Koon d/o Conrad 21 Dec 1808 by Isaac Morris

John Koon to Evaline Randall 22 Nov 1836 by Wm. Lucas

David Prunty to Sarah Koon d/o Joseph 10 Dec 1827 by Levi Shinn

Aaron Pettit to Nancy Koon d/o Anthony 11 Sep 1817 by Levi Shinn

John Hurley d/o Joshua to Phebe Kuhn d/o Joseph 28 Oct 1816 by John J. Waldo

Jacob Koon to Elizabeth Ash- d/o Adam 4 Feb 1797

John Coon s/o Peter to Catherine Coon d/o Jacob 24 Nov 1798

Anthony Koon to Sarah Pile 17 Jul 1799 by John Denham

George Tetrick to Mary Coon d/o Joseph 15 Jan 1787 by Isaac Edward

Henry Hynman (Wynman) to Charity Koon 23 Sep 1794 by J. W. ?

Joseph Coon to Elizabeth Snider April 1795 by John Denham

George Smith to Elizabeth Coon 22 July 1800 by John Denham

Abram Coon to Sarah J. Smith 03 Apr 1838 by Wm. Lucas

Benjamin Coon to Catherine Smith d/o George 03 Aug 1822 by Jno Wald__

Samuel H. Koon to Mary A. Nay __ May 1840 by Caleb Foster


(Keyser Family Records)

1844 Jacob Koontz will dated, probated 1846 names:

(Jacob’s wife was Barbara Beaver – see Lionbarger newsletter p.4 Nov. 1983)

1. Joseph, dec’d

2. John, dec’d

3. Jacob, dec’d

4. Isaac Koontz m. Annie Keyser

5. Mary Koontz m. a Matterback

6. Elizabeth Koontz m. a Rosenberger

7. Barbara Koontz m. a Hays

8. Anna J. Koontz d. 15 Jun 1850 m. 12 Nov 1815 Woodstock, VA to Abraham Linebarger b. 1792 Shenandoah Co. VA d. 24 Jun 1868, Hancock Co. IL. moved to Hancock Co. Illinois then to CA d. 1868 in California the s/o John Lionbarger had issues:

8-1 Margaret Frances Lionbarger

b. 12 Jun 1835 VA

8-2 Rebecca Ann Lionbarger

b. Oct 1831 Page Co. VA

8-3 Mary Catherine Lionbarger

b. 03 Apr 1833 VA

8-4 Barbara Lionbarger

b. 10-15 Sept 1816 Shenandoah Co. VA

8-5 Elizabeth “Betsy” Lionbarger

b. 26 Apr 1818

8-6 Jane Amanda Lionbarger

b. 27 Feb 1820

8-7 Abraham L. Lionberger

b. 27 Feb 1828 Page Co. VA

8-8 Isaac Lionberger

b. 1822

8-9 Isabella Lionberger

b. 11 Jan 1824

8-10 Thomas Jefferson Lionberger

b. 02 Dec 1825

8-1 Margaret Frances Lionberger – d/o Abraham and Anna (Koontz) Lionberger was b. 12 June 1835 Va d. 21 Mar 1881 of Kidney trouble, bur: Providence Cem. St. Mary’s Twp., Hancock Co. IL. Margaret m. 17 Sept 1857 to Elisha P. Burner b. 19 Mar 1830 Massanutten, Page Co., VA (a twin) d. 08 Jan 1873 the s/o John R. and Elizabeth (Strickler) Burner.

8.1.1 Mary Genette Burner b. 30 Jan 1860

bur: Holland Cem. d. 21 Feb 1881 Measles

m. William T. Hough

8.1.2 Harvey Burner b. 10 Apr 1862 d. 01 Nov 1863

from diptheria

8.1.3 William Oscar Burner b. 17 Mar 1864

d. 14 Feb 1890

8.1.4 George Elisha Burner b. 28 Oct 1867 Bentley,

Hancock Co. IL

m. 07 Mar 1889

Mary Eliza O’Harra

8.1.5 Thomas Elijah Burner b. 04 Jan 1869

m. 27 Dec 1896

Lena Massie

8.1.6 Harriet Esteline Burner

b. 03 Jun 1871

m. 22 Feb 1892 John Perry Mathias, MD

8-2 see Lionbarger newsletter for issues Nov 1985

8-3 ” ” ” ” “

8-7 ” ” ” ” “

9. Susanna Koontz m. a Burracker


(from History of Harrison Co. VA by Henry Haymond)

1. Joseph Coon s/o Philip Koon was b. 04 Apr 1720 near Philadelphia PA d. 06 Apr 1798 and is buried in Harrison Co. VA.

(The Monongalia Story) – Jospeh Coon asee to Michl Oxx is intitled to four hundred acres of land on the waters of West fork adjoining the land of John Tucker to include his Settlement made thereon in the year 1772. Harrison County. Joseph Coon, son of Philip, was born near Philadelphia in 1720, and came here with three of his sons, Anthony, Conrad, and Philip. He supervised the building of Coon’s Fort, where his daughter Maudline was killed by the Indians in 1777 (Lough,304-6, 386; Withers 218,219). His land was described as “near the right hand fork of Bingamon Creek on the left hand side as you up to it, including a large bear wallow” (Lough, 261,262)(History of Harrison Co. VA by Henry Haymond)

The Monongalia Story, VOL I, by Earl L. Core – MARION COUNTY – Fort Coon, Joseph Coon (occasionally spelled Koon) built this small blockhouse to protect the fifty families who had settled in rolling country about four miles upstream from what is now the town of Everson. The stockade consisted of eight small cabins and a large two-storied blockhouse, the latter overlooking Coons Run. It was within a short distance of today’s Harrison County line. The fort suffered many attacks, including those which sons, daughters, and grandchildren of the builder were killed. He died in 1798, and is buried near the site of the fort.

ATTACK AT COON’S FORT – Soon thereafter, according to Withers, two Indians visited the Coon’s Fort settlement on the West Fork. Maudline Coon, a daughter of Joseph Coon, “came out for the purpose of lifting some hemp in a field near the fort.” While she was thus occupied, two neighbors, Thomas Cunningham and Enoch James, came by, conversed briefly with her, and passed on. Before they had gone far they heard the report of a gun. They looked back just in time to see an Indian run up to the fallen girl and scalp her. The people of the fort turned out in pursuit, but were unable to find the Indians.

JOSEPH COON DIES – Joseph Coon, of the builders of Coon’s Fort (Monongalia Story, vol. I, pp.347,348), died on April 6, 1798, and was buried near the old fort, in Harrison County. A son of Philip Coon, he was born April 4, 1720, near Philadelphia. He married Catherine Cunread and they had seven children, namely, Conrad (1751-1817), married Anne Barbara Stauffer; Joseph Jr. (1752-1830?) married Elizabeth Snyder, then Elizabeth Daniels; Anthony (1755-1835), married Anne Nancy Hellen; Mary, married George Tetrick; Philip (1757-1835?); Elizabeth, married George Smith; and Catherine.

Harrison Co. Virginia marriages also shows a Charity Coon d/o Philip Coons that married Henry Wynman on 15 Sept 1794 (History of Harrison Co. VA by Henry Haymond, Morman Records and Mrs. Bernice S. Chandler, 770 Brianwood Ct., Orange City, Florida 32763)

Issues of Joseph Coon:

1.1. Anthony Coon b. 1755 near Philadephia d. 1835 married Anne Nancy Hellen.

The Mongongalia Story – Anthony Coon is Entitled to four hundred acres of land in Monongalia county on the Cole Lick Run adjoining the lands of Conrad Coon to include his Settlement made in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy six. Anthony Coon, son of Joseph, was born near Philadelphia in 1755 and married Anne Nancy, daughter of Thomas Hellen (Lough, 386)

Battle of Brandywine, Germantown & Paoli, Anthony Coon enlisted for three years Capt. David Scotts Company of Virginia Regulars (History of Harrison Co. VA by Henry Haymond)

1.1.1. Jacob (eldest son) b. 1790 Worthington, Marion County, WV, served in RW three years m. 27 Feb 1813 Monongalia Co. VA to Sarah Jane Crouch d/o Thomas Crouch, a Welshman who lived in Monongalia Co. WV, bondsman was Thomas Crouch. Thomas Coon b. 03 Apr 1813 d. 14 Jul 1853 m. 13 Mar 1839 to Mary Ann Walker who d. 28 Apr 1847. Sarah Koon b. 1842 Leota Koon b. 1844 Caroline Koon b. 1847 Dr. Samuel Coon b. 1815 m1 1845/6 Julia Ann Ogden b. 1825 near Worthington, Marion Co. WV, d. 12 Nov 1863. Samuel m2 to Sarah Johnson b. 1844 Missouri. Dr. Samuel and Julia Koon settled in Crittenden Co. KY. Sarah E. Koon b. 1848 Jasper N. Koon b. Apr 1850 Helen V. Koon b. 14 Dec 1853 d. 23 Jan 1867 Rachel A. Koon b. 1856 Mary Alice Koon b. 16 Jun 1857 d. 29 Jun 1881 married Levi C. Frazier. Julia Ann Koon b. 1861 m. a Mr. Boaz.

Samuel Coon by Sarah Johnson Issues: Sarah J. Koon b. 1866 Samuel J. Koon b. 1868 Estelle Koon b. 29 Jan 1870 d. 30 Aug 1893 married Ayres Hard on 29 Sep 1890. Clara Maude Koon b. 22 May 1871 d. 5 Sep 1939 married Henry Brasher Anthony Coon b. 10 Jan 1816 was 8 years old when his family moved to Kentucky. Anthony was b. near Worthington, WV. Lived near Caldwell Springs, KY. On 01 Feb 1842 he married Nancy Boaz b. 20 Nov 1823 KY. Jacob A. Koon b. 29 Nov 1842

d. 21 Jun 1884 Martha Koon b. 09 Apr 1844 Mary Koon b. 17 Apr 1846 d. 15 Dec 1876. John Koon b. 31 Mar 1848 Benjamin T. Koon b. 24 Jan 1850 d. 15 Jan 1876 Sarah S. Koon b. 17 Jul 1852 George D. Koon b. 05 Jun 1854 d. 29 Aug 1873 Charles C. Koon b. 15 Jul 1856 W. Goldman Koon b. 01 Jan 1859 Nancy Jane Koon b. 16 Mar 1863 J. Henson Koon b. 04 Jan 1819 near Worthington, Marion Co., WV, d. 09 Nov 1874. He m. Margaret Scott Glenn of Kuttuwa, Lyon Co. KY. He m. 2nd Mary A. _______. Harvey Koon b. 1847/8 William Henry Koon b. 22 Jul 1849 d. 20 Jun 1897. William Henry Koon m. 12 Nov 1873 Frances Ann Jackson b. 05 Mar 1853 d. 29 Dec 1927. Collin H. Koon b. 08 Nov 1874 d. 27 Dec 1894 Sarah Jane Koon b. 14 Nov 1876 d. 01 Jul 1904 Ida Belle Koon b. 07 June 1878 b. 23 May 1890 John Jackson Koon b. 23 Mar 1880 Leila May Koon b. 19 Jan 1886 d. 23 May 1890 Robert Carter Koon b. 22 Jul 1887 d. 20 Jul 1918 killed WW I. William David Koon b. 06 Jul 1890 d. 1962/3 Floyd Koon b. 22 Aug 1895 d. 26 Jan 1928.

J. Henson married 2nd Mary A. _________ b. 1832. Thomas Koon b. 1855 Frances Koon b. 1857 J. E. Koon b. 1857 Mary W. Koon b. 1859 Jeff D. Koon b. 1862 Robert Koon b. 1862 Elizabeth Koon b. 1865 Fred Koon b. Jun 1869 Rachel Koon b. 16 Aug 1820 d. 04 Aug 1854 married a Mr. Bennett. Jacob Koon b. 28 Aug 1822 d. 28 Sep 1840 age 18y1m.

(Jacob Koon moved his family to Caldwell Springs, Crittendon Co.,KY in 1824)

1.1.2. Mary Coon b. prior 1793 d. before 1810

1.1.3. Abraham Coon b. 179__

1.1.4. Samuel Coon b. 13 Feb 1796

1.1.5. Benjamin Coon b. 12 Oct 1800

1.1.6. Nancy Coon b. 1801/2

1.1.7. William Ellen Coon b. 1806

1.1.8 Isaac Coon b. 16 Nov 1786

1.2. Conrad (Coonrod) Coon b. 1751 d. 1817 married Anna Barbara Stauffer.

The Monongalia Story – Coonrod Coon is intitled to four hundred acres of land in Monongalia County on the Stone Cole lick run adjoining the lands of Phillip Coon to include his settlement made in the year 1776. Conrad Coon, son of Joseph was born in 1751 (Lough, 386)

1.3. Philip Coon b. 1757 d. 1835?

The Monongalia Story – Philip Coon is entitled to four hundred acres of land in Monongalia County at the stone coal lick adjoining the lands of Joseph Coon to include his settlement made in 1776. Philip Coon, son of Joseph, was born in 1757 (Lough,386)

1.4. Maudline Coon – killed by Indians at Coon Fort Monongalia Co. VA in 1777.

1.5. Joseph Coon, Jr. b. 1752 d. 1830? m1. Elizabeth Snyder m2. Elizabeth Daniels.

1.6. Mary Coon m. 15 Jan 1787 George Tetrick.

1.7. Elizabeth Coon m. 22 Jul 1800 George Smith

1.8. Catherine Coon.



1. Philip Koontz b. 1745 d. 1843 age 98 m. Elizabeth Coontz

1785 Aug 22 Shenandoah Co. VA a Philip Koontz m. Anna Keyser

1802 – John Counts and wife Magdeline of Russell County, VA deeded property to Philip Counts of Shenandoah Co. VA this was the same property deeded in 1765 to John Countz by Christian Bumgarner (from Keyser family)

According to my older notes this Phillip was the s/o John and Mary Magdelene Counts, Sr. I need to verify all this but I will list what I had in my notes – the children of John and Mary Magdelene _______ Counts, Sr.:

1. Eve Counts m. a Maticks

2. Mary “Mollie” b. ca 1767 m. Jacob Rasnake

3. John Counts, Jr. b. ca 1769 m. Margaret Kelly

4. Lissey Counts m. Harry Willard

4.1 Martin Willard

5. Catherine Counts m. 1792 Rockinham Co. to John Gray

s/o Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray was a nephew of Philip

Counts who married Anna Keyser)

6. Christian Counts

7. Phillip Counts m. 22 Aug 1785 Shenandoah Co. to

Anna Keyser (Phillip Counts had a nephew named Jonas


8. George Counts

3. John Counts, Jr. b. ca 1769 d. 1843 Russell Co. VA m. Margaret Kelly a sister to Edward Kelly.

3.1 Sarah Counts m. James Smith

3.2 Joseph Counts b. ca 1789 m1 _____ m2. Sarah Long

3.3 John Counts b. ca 1791 m. Phebe ________

3.4 James Counts b. ca 1793 m. Eve

3.5 Christine Counts b. ca 1793 m. Richard Colley

3.6 Margaret Counts b. ca 1797

3.7 Elizabeth Counts b. ca 1799 m. Geo. L. Jesse

3.8 Joshua Counts b. 1802/5 m1. Martha Kiser d/o Mary

Jesse and A. Kiser m2 Margaret _______

3.9 Nancy Counts b. ca 1803 m. Jefferson Jesse the s/o

John and Mary Jesse

3.10 Ezekial Counts b. ca 1805

7. Phillip Counts the s/o John and Magdalena Counts m. 22 Aug 1785 Shenandoah Co. Va to Anna Keyser. They had at least 3 sons and 3 daughters.

7.1 Jacob Counts b. 1790-94 m. 06 Jun 1816 to

Maria Derting

Jacob Koontz b. ca 1782 d. 1853 age 71

m. 22 Sept 1814 Gallia Co. OH

Sarah Fee

Jacob Koontz

m. 11 Dec 1815 Gallia Co. OH

Nancy Ward

(This would eliminate the Jacob/Maria as the s/o Philip s/o John/Magdalena of Shenandoah Co. – Need more proof)

(if the 2 Jacobs that m. in Gallia Co. were the same as Jacob of Shenandoah then he married in 1814; 1815; and 1816 so it is very doubtful they are the same)

( a Jacob Kountz of Springfield Twp. Gallia Co. OH “an old citizen” died 21 Dec 1853. (from Gallia Co. newspaper).

Jacob Koontz tombstone in Fairview Cemetery or Long Cemetery in Springfield Twp reads Dec 24, 1853 age 71y – thus he was born ca 1782 – In same section (35) is Edward Koontz 1867-1909; W. E. Koontz,s/o E. & M. b/d Oct. 8, 1902; Jacob (above) and Luther E. Koontz 1882-1965

7.2 Elizabeth Counts m. 04 Feb 1814 Shenandoah Co. VA

Robert Carter

7.3 John L. Koontz

b. ca 1787

d. 20 Sept 1862 age about 75 years at his residence in Green Twp. Gallia Co. OH ” a resident of Gallia County for 50 years. (Came to Gallia Co. then ca. 1812)

m. 13 Dec 1812 Gallia Co. Oh

Elizabeth Rion by Wm. Blagg

7.3.1 Lewis Koontz b. ca 1813 m. Clarinda Yiney

1838-Lewis Koontz was moved from Gallipolis to Patriot for 1.50 this included hauling his family. (From “Symmes Creek” by Wayne B. Ingles)

(a Lewis Koontz m. Rowena R. Hayes on 05 Sept 1852 by Stephen Sisson in Gallia Co. OH) Pamelia Koontz b. ca 1837 Charlotte Koontz b. ca 1840 William Koontz b. ca 1842 Charles Koontz b. ca 1844 John A. G. Koontz b. ca 1846

d. 04 Oct 1874 Patriot, OH age 27

m. 18 Jan 1874 Gallia Co. Oh

Matilda Rankin

by: J. B. Lewis JP Mary Koontz b. ca 1850 Julia Koontz b. ca 1852 Eli Koontz b. ca 1856

1833-1843 Shenandoah Co. VA – Philip Koontz will dated bene: Jacob Koontz and Elizabeth Carter.

Robert Carter was the administrator of the estate of John L. Koontz filed accounting in 1862 Gallia Co. Ohio, according to Marie Koontz Arrington of VA this John L. was the s/o Philip Koontz of Rockingham. (My indications is that Philip is the brother of Jacob, Martin and Peter) Peter Koontz, Sr. had son Peter Koontz Jr. whose issues moved into Gallia Co. OH.; The above shows that John L. s/o Philip also moved into Gallia Co. OH; It may be possible that the Jacob and Peter found in 1806 in Greenup Co. KY is also of this line need to find connection. There was possible another brother John (brother to Peter, Philip, Jacob and Martin – John’s will states he had a nephew Eli H. Koontz (Eli H. was s/o Philip s/o Peter Jr. – confusing!) Now I think this John was a nephew of one of the brothers – need to verify!!!

7.1 Jacob Counts the s/o Phillip and Anna Keyser Counts m. 06 Jun 1816 Shenandoah Co. VA to Maria Derting

7.1.1 Harrison Koontz m. 16 Oct 1842 Susan Hisey

bondsman: Lewis J. Hisey

7.1.2 Sarah V.

7.1.3 William

7.1.4 Anna

7.1.5 John H. H.

Asberina Derting age 15 lived with them

1785 Shenandoah Co. VA Census lists heads of families as:

1. John Countz 2. George Countz and 3 Jacob Countz

Coons, George Washington, of County of “Shanandoah,” State of Virginia. Brothers and sisters living in the State of Ohio, Highland County, Liberty Township: Michael, Isaac, Abigail, Nancy. Will states youngest of his brothers and sisters are Michael, Isaac, Abigail, Nancy. (When Nancy “shall arrive at lawful age”). Executors: “My brother William R. Coons to my property in Ohio, David Kaupmann and Ambrose C. Booton to my property in Virginia.” Witnesses: Elizabeth Windle, John B. Kaupman, Elizabeth Funk. Proven in Shenandoah Co. Virginia March 13, 1815 (from Highland Co. OH Wills)

Augusta County VA – records Philip, age 50 years, and had land 26 or 27 years. This deposition made Nov. 1802 thus he was born ca 1752 (from History of the Descendants of John Koontz).

Rockingham County VA – Philip Koontz is holder of Rev. War pension Certificate #12437

1830 Shenandoah Co. VA census shows a Philip Kountz age 50-60 no other family

1833 – 1843 Shenandoah Co VA Philip’s will dated bene: Jacob Koontz and Elizabeth Carter

1840 Jun 01 – The US Census of Rev. War pensioners listed Philip as age 95 years head of family thus this Philip would have been b. 1745

1788 May 31 Philip Counce 5 horses and one male over 16

Rokingham Co. VA

1792 Aug 15 Philip Counce 3 horses 0 tithables

Rockingham Co VA

This Philip was a brother to Jacob Koontz, Martin Koontz and Peter Koontz, Jr. of Rockingham Co VA and sons of Peter Koontz Sr. Jacob Koontz moved to Bourbon Co. KY.

1792 list of tithables Rockingham Co. VA shows following assessment in vicinity of SMITH CREEK:

1. Phil Counze 2. Peter Counce Sr. and son Phil

3. Peter Counce Jr. 4. Martin Counce

Keezletown district: 5. John Counce (from Keyser family history)

Ballser Kouns or Coontz of Holland Dutch descent settled in Rockingham Co Va in 1700’s (article on Chas. W. Kouns)

QUERY: Willa Rosean Hall (Mrs. Wm.), 1502 Peosta, Helana, MT 59601 letter dtd 8 Feb 1986:

The following was taken from micro-film at LDS library in Salt Lake, Utah 10-1982 film #560189 “Koontz – Leota Hiemme Koontz Family 1710-1963”

JOHN HENRY KOONTZ (Koons) s/o John Henry Koontz was born in Pipe Creek, Maryland. Records in Frederick, MD. Will drawn up 8-4-1800, probated 1-19-1816. Wife Fronica Kimmel born in Red Run, York or Adams Co. PA ca 1725.

(Fronica Kimmel – b. ca 1725 in Red Run, York, PA. She was the d/o Valentine and Anna Marie Baltzer Kimmel; m. John Henry Koontz and they resided Frederick Co. Maryland. There were 5 children.) (research by Kenneth M. Kimmel rec’d by Willa Hall 2-2-84 from Charles L. Byer, 6364 Rambler Dr. #10, Pensacola, FL 32505)


JH1. Magdalene Koontz b. Frederick Co. m. John A. Bogen

JH2. John Henry Koontz, Jr. b. Frederick Co.

JH3. Elizabeth Koontz b. Frederick Co.

JH4. Baltzer Koontz b. Frederick Co.

JH5. Mary Koontz b. m. Englehart Klein

Henry Koontz was a silversmith and watch maker. He was among the gunsmiths who made the 1st Penn. Rifle (from “Maryland Silversmiths” 1715-1830 pub. 1930)

Henry’s will included tract of land worth $280 purchased from Stephen Shermandine. Henry, Jr. received 42 acres of Mountain land from his father’s will.

codicil: Henry Koontz Sr. 31 Oct 1822 Frederick Co. Nickolas Dill & M. Cuzel drew up will for Fronica (Kimmel) Koontz 10 May 1805, probated 16 Nov 1831. List children:

George Koontz

John Koontz

Henry Koontz, Jr.

Anna Marie Studey

Jacob Koontz

Catharine Koontz

Abraham Koontz

(contradictory to above list of children – WJH)(WJH= Willa Hall, 1502 Peosta, Helena, MT 59601)

Henry Koontz buried Silver Run, Maryland (Carroll Co) St. Mary’s old Cemetery (lots of Koontz buried there). St. Mary’s Reform Church.

Henry was evidently John Henry and went by Henry. His father also John Henry evidently went by John and lived in Frederick Co. and had at least 3 children:

John Koontz

William Koontz

Abraham Koontz

(some of this information was taken from Documents in “The Maryland Germans” by J. Hall, Pleasants and Howard Sill)

JH4. Baltzer Koontz b. ca 1765 Frederick Co. Maryland, d. 10 Aug 1835 Stark Co. OH. (Church affiliate: Luthern) He was 1st Justice of Peace in Stark Co. OH 1817- Married 30 June 1789 Catharine Harmoney (Harman) b. ca 1770 who was from Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA, bur: Stark Co. OH. I would like to kow if this marriage took place in MD or PA and where they lived until the early 1800’s when they immigrated to Stark Co. OH. Their children were:

JH4-1 John Koontz b. 22 May 1790

JH4-2 Henry Koontz b. 16 Dec 1791

JH4-3 Baltzer Koontz b. 08 Nov 1793 d. 12 Nov 1877 Whitley Co. IN bur: Evergreen Cem.

m. 21 Feb 1822 Stark Co. OH to Susannah Whisler and they raised 14 children living first in Stark Co. OH and later in Whitley Co. IN.

JH4-4 George Koontz b. 15 Dec 1795

JH4-5 Catherine Koontz b. 16 Dec 1797

JH4-6 Sciras Ko ontz b. 20 May 1800

JH4-7 Harriet Koontz b. 29 Jan 1803

JH4-8 Henry Koontz b. 27 Jan 1805

Wayland’s Virginia Valley Records shows landowners of Rockingham Co. VA as follows:

Dist.8 – Counce, Martin 165 acres 1789

– Counce, Peter 246 acres 1789

– Counce, Phillip 90 acres 1789

Peter Koontz, Sr.

I. Peter Koontz, Jr. b. ca 1750 m. Catherine ?

II. Philip Koontz

III. Jacob Koontz

IV. Martin Koontz died 05 Mar 1805 m. Christina

V. Mary Koontz m. Jacob Bargle

had issue: Henry Bargle that m. Mary Coontz d/o Martin

Koontz (cousins)

VI. Catherine Koontz m. Adam Rickbaugh – Adam m2. to Mary

Koontz on 22 May 1807

I. Peter Counce, Jr. b. ca 1751 d. prior to 1836 married Catherine or Chris ?

1. Philip s/o Peter Koontz Jr. and Catherine?

2. Daniel Koontz s/o Peter Koontz, Jr. and Catherine ?

3. Adam Koontz m. Caty Whitmier

An Adam Kuntz m. 15 Oct 1815 Shenandoah Co. Va. to

Nancy Winsbrough d/o James (is this same?)

4. John Koontz m. Catherine Koontz d/o Philip Koontz

5. Susan Koontz m. 1792 Andrew Huling

6. Dinah Koontz m. Benjamin Talisman

7. Elizabeth S. Koontz m. _________ Fox

8. David Koontz b. ca 1805

9. Joseph Koontz

10. female Koontz m. Samuel Huling

1. Philip b. 15 Nov 1772 Rockingham Co. VA d. 08 Dec 1825 in Rockingham County VA m. 1st Elizabeth ? b. 21 Feb 1778 d. 05 Feb 1817

m2. 28 Jun 1821 to Polly Crumby b. d. 07 Sep 1879 Fort Scott, Kansas

Wayland’s Virginia Valley Records pg. 422 shows a Philip Koontz, Thos. Hinton and John Walton as witnesses on the will of Christian Miller dated 01 Feb 1821. (was this the right Philip or his uncle?)

ibid. Harrison County, VA shows Martin Coonce, 1 tithable, 3 horses; Peter Coonce with 1 tithable, son Peter and 5 horses; Philip Coonce 1 tithable and 5 horses; and George Fridely

1-1 Mary Koontz b. 4 Oct 1799 and married 29 Mar 1827 Rockingham Co. VA to William Wood b. 07 Aug 1804 VA d. 02 Jan 1880. William Wood m2 to Sarah Shiers on 16 Apr 1858. Mary must have died between 1853-1858. William Wood and Mary had a total of 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls. Three girls and youngest son died in Gallia Co. OH

1-1-1 Lewis R. Wood b. 17 May 1833 Gallia Co. OH m. 17 Apr 1856 Elizabeth Brandbury.

1-1-1-1 William P. Wood born 19 Jan 1857 d. 28 Feb 1877.

1-1-1-2 Harrison H. Wood born 07 Mar 1859.

1-1-1-3 Laura E. Wood born 30 Oct 1866.

1-1-1-4 Flora M. Wood born 30 Oct 1866.

1-1-1-5 Charles E. Wood born 11 Feb 1869.

1-1-2 Sylvester P. Wood -m1. 22 Sept 1852 Elizabeth Bing. Elizabeth Bing b. 1830 the d/o Harrison Wood and his 2nd wife Mary (Mauck) Bing. Elizabeth was Harrison’s stepdaughter. Sylvester P. Wood m2. 14 May 1871 Lucretia Cahoon.

1-1-2-1 Mary A. Wood b. 28 Jun 1854.

1-1-2-2 William L. Wood b. 05 Nov 1856.

1-1-2-3 Margaret E. Wood b. 24 Jan 1859 d. 26 Mar 1867.

1-1-2-4 Nanny P. Wood b. 11 Aug 1861 d. 03 Jan 1880.

1-1-2-5 Elmor E. Wood b. 03 Jul 1864

1-1-2-6 Ida B. Wood b. 02 Jul 1868

1-2 Peter Perry Koontz – the s/o Philip and Elizabeth Koontz was b. 1 Mar 1803 d. 1861 m. Elizabeth Ann Lincoln b. 1818 (pages 357-358 of ? Among Jacob’s children was a daughter, Elizabeth, an a son, John … (this is regarding Jacob Lincoln a brother to Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather). Another of Jacob’s sons was David Lincoln. … tombstone may be seen in Lacey Spring Cemetery, he having settled at the “Big Spring,” where he acquired a tract of the original Harrison land from Col. John Koontz.

“Of the children of David Lincoln,” says an article in the Baltimore Sun. of February 13, 1909, “three spent their entire lives in Rockingham County – Mrs. Peter Lincoln Koontz, of Athlone; …”

Rockingham Co. VA Will of Peter P. Koontz probated 1861 listed wife and 7 children. Testator was Eli H. Koontz (Eli H. was the son of Philip, Eli H. b. 12 Jan 1817) Son, David Edwin, left home before he was 21 and married against his father’s will.

1841 Peter Koontz witness on will of John Carpenter

1852 P.P. Koontz proved will of Margaret Bazzle

1822 Peter Koontz was appraiser will of D. Smith

1834 Peter P. Koontz witness will of John Smith

Issues of Peter Perry and Elizabeth Ann Lincoln Koontz

1-2-1 David Edwin Koontz b. 1839

1-2-2 Reuben Franklin Koontz b. 1842

1-2-3 Ann Eliza Koontz b. 1844

1-2-4 Mary Elizabeth Koontz b. 1846

1-2-5 Philip Peter Koontz b. 1848

1-2-6 Wilson Eli Koontz b. after 1850

1-2-7 William Abraham Koontz b. after 1850

1-2-1 David Edwin Koontz – Will of Peter P. Koontz dated 12 Jun 1861 states: My son, David Edwin, having left home long before he was 21, against my will, and married without my consent, has received his share in advance (to be so considered). (Virginia Valley Records, Rockingham Supplement by Wayland, pg 416)

1-3 Inf. Daughter b. 25 Nov 1807 d. same day

1-4 Rueben Koontz b. 24 Mar 1812 d. 22 Feb 1842

no issues

1-5 Eli H. Koontz b. 12 Jan 1817

1-6 Dianna Koontz b. 03 May 1801

1-7 Christena Koontz b. 02 Oct 1806 never married

1-8 Phoebe Koontz b. 27 Jul 1809

1-9 Sabrina Koontz b. 01 Apr 1814

1-10 Wilson Asbury Koontz b. 13 Nov 1821

1-11 Elizabeth S. Koontz b. 1824

1-4 Reuben Koontz – s/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary – was born 24 Mar 1812 d. 22 Feb 1842. No issues.

1-5 Eli H. Koontz – s/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary – was b. 12 Jan 1817. Eli H. married Harriet Conrad. Eli H. Koontz was witness to his brother’s, Peter P. Koontz, will dated 12 Jun 1861. John Koontz of Rockingham Co. VA had nephew named Eli H. Koontz.

1-5-1 Mary Koontz b. ca 1843

1-5-2 Peter Koontz b. ca 1845

1-5-3 John Koontz b. ca 1847

1-5-4 Elizabeth Koontz b. ca 1849

1-6 Diana Koontz – d/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary – was born 3 May 1801 Rockingham Co. VA. Diana Koontz married to Simeon Roach b. 1803 Berkely Co. VA.

1-6-1 Eliza Roach – d/o Simon and Diana (Koontz) Roach, married 18 Dec 1857 to Henry Beardsley b.03 Feb 1821 the s/o Andrew J. (b. 20 Oct 1788) and Alice (Newton) Beardsly b. 16 Aug 1788 d. 19 Jul 1850. Henry Beardsly settled in Gallia Co. OH in 1833.

1-6-1-1 Ruhama Beardsly b. 10 Jan 18__

1-6-1-2 Diana M. Beardsly b. 14 Mar 1860 d. 14 Jan 1881

1-6-1-3 Effie A. Beardsly b. 10 Feb 1863 m. 01 Jun 1887 Elmer E. Rase (Rose?) by John Wesley McCormick.

1-6-1-4 Frank L. Beardsly b. 21 May 1864 m. 16 Jun 1886 Eliza L. Dove by Richard Coulter.

1-6-1-5 Nellie A. Beardsly b. 06 Sep 1866 m. 02 Dec 1891 George B. Sawyers by George Alten.

1-6-1-6 Mary F. Beardsly b. 14 Mar 1870 m. 08 Dec 1897 to James B. McCormick by John Wesley McCormick

1-6-1-7 Henry E. Beardsly b. 06 Nov 1873 “Harry” E. Beardsley m. 15 Jan 1896 to Adda Anna Wood by G. H. Sollers.

1-6-1-8 Kate E. Beardsly b. 01 Jan 1878

(Hattie E. Beardsley m. 20 Oct 1869 to Richard Priestly – not sure if she is one of the above)

1-6-2 Amantha S. Roach – b. 02 Jun 1839 Gallia Co. OH m. 08 Apr 1868 Gallia Co. OH to John H. Wood b. 18 Feb 1831 d. 12 Feb 1877.

1-6-2-1 Harry A. Wood b. 05 May 1869

1-6-2-2 Mary D. Wood b. 27 Jul 1872

1-6-2-3 Carrie E. Wood b. 21 Apr 1877

1-6-2-4 Nellie A. Wood b. 28 Aug 1879

1-7 Christena Koontz – d/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary – was born 02 Oct 1806. Christena never married.

1-8 Phoebe Ann Koontz – d/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary – was born 27 Jul 1809. Phoebe m. 05 Feb 1840 to Charles C. Wood. Phebe Ann Koontz,”late of Rockingham Co. VA” in Raccoon Twp by Rev. Anthony on Feb. 5, 1840 (from Gallia Co. newspaper)

1-9 Sabina Koontz – d/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary – was born 01 Apr 1814. Sabina married Woodville A. Freeman.

1-10 Wilson Asbury Koontz – s/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary was born 12 Nov 1821. Wilson Asbury m1.______ m2. Louisa Koontz the d/o Daniel and Elizabeth Walker Koontz. They were 1st cousins

1-11 Elizabeth S. Koontz – d/o Phillip and Elizabeth or Mary was born 1824. Elizabeth married Abraham Thompson.

2. Daniel Koontz – the s/o Peter Koontz, Jr. and Catherine was b. 11 Nov 1779 d. 22 Jan 1873 m. Elizabeth Walker. Changed spelling to COUNTS

2-1 Lewis Counts

2.2 Mary A. Counts m. ________ Thompson

2.3 Joseph Counts

2.4 Christena Counts m. ________ Williamson

2.5 Louisa Counts m. Wilson Asbury Koontz

2.6 Daniel A. Koontz m. Rachel L. Tracy

2.7 Levi Counts b. ca 1832 m. Mary A. ________

2.8 Adam Counts b. ca 1843

2.9 Elizabeth Counts b. ca 1836

2.10 Webster Counts

2.11 Peter Counts

2.12 John Counts

2.13 female Counts m. ___________ Creath

3. Adam Koontz – the s/o Peter Koontz Jr. and Catherine? m. 29 Jul 1808 Shenandoah Co. VA to Caty Whitmier, she was ward of William Baly. (Baty)

3.1 Joseph W. Koontz b. 1809

4. John Koontz – the s/o Peter,Jr. m. Catherine Koontz the d/o Philip, Phil Kunts consent surety, Wm. Baty.

4.1 Hannah Brown Koontz m. Henry Cowan

4.2 Christena Koontz m. Samuel Brown

4.3 Catherine Koontz never married

4.4 Mary Brown Koontz m. Henry Louker

4.5 Joseph Koontz never married

John Koontz will 22 Mar 1852 Rockingham Co. VA

5. Susan Koontz – the d/o Peter, Jr. m. 1792 Rockingham Co. VA to Andrew Huling

4.1 Nathaniel Huling b. Illinois

7. Elizabeth S. Koontz – d/o Peter, Jr. m. _______ Fox

7.1 George Fox

9. Joseph Koontz – s/o Peter, Jr. m. ____________

9.1 John B. Koontz

9.2 M___________

II. Philip Counce – the s/o Peter Koontz, Sr.

1. Mary Koontz m. 17 Feb 1801 Rockingham Co. VA

to David White

2. Sally Koontz m. 23 Oct 1810 Rockingham Co. Va

to John Hoop

3. Phoebe Koontz died 06 Nov 1862 Rockingham Co. Va

m. 14 Oct 1812 Rockingham Co. to James Foley

4. Peter Koontz m. Susan ___________

5. John Koontz m. 04 Oct 1803 Gallia Co. OH to Mary


6. Elizabeth Koontz

7. Martin Koontz m. 04 Jan 1807 Gallia Co. Oh to Lydia


8. Jacob Koontz

5. John Koontz – s/o Philip Koontz m. 04 Oct 1803 Gallia Co. Oh to Mary Rickabaugh.

Mary Koontz m. 22 May 1807 to Adam Rickabaugh Gallia Co. Oh.

John Koontz m. 12 Mar 1808 to Sally Boyles Gallia Co. OH

(Did this John and Mary divorce or were they 2 sets of people?)

8. Jacob Koontz – s/o Philip Koontz

8.1 William Koontz b. ca 1824

8.2 George Koontz b. ca 1831

8.3 Julia Koontz b. ca 1830

8.4 Sarah Koontz b. ca 1832

8.5 Lydia Koontz b. ca 1834

8.6 Peter Koontz b. ca 1838

8.7 Jacob Koontz b. ca 1840

8.8 Mary Koontz b. ca 1842

8.9 Elizabeth Koontz b. ca 1843

8.10 Eliza Koontz b. ca 1845


2. Jacob Koontz b. d. Jacob Koontz of Bourbon Co.KY appointed his brother Philip Koontz in Rockingham Co. VA his attorney to receive his part of the estate of his brother Martin Koontz (Rockingham Co. D.B. 0000. p. 145)

3. Martin Koontz d. 1805 Rockingham Co. VA. His will dated 12 May 1805 and probated in June 1805 mentions his wife, Christena; Mary Bagle; Barney and Christian Whetebaker; and makes Philip and Peter Countz his executors (Wayland “Virginia Valley Records.” p. 400).

m. Christena ?


3-1 Mary Koontz – d/o Martin & Christena Koontz m. Henry Bargle the s/o Jacob and Mary Koontz Bargle

3-2 Daughter Koontz m. Whetabaker


3-2-1 Christian Whetebaker

3-2-2 Barney Whetebaker

4. Peter Koontz, Jr. b. ca 1739 d. in Rockingham Co VA prior to 1836. On Nov 26, 1836 Daniel Counts of Madison Co. OH and Peter P. Koontz of Rockingham Co., Va., deed to Joseph Counts of Ross Co., Oh land in Rockingham C. which Martin devised to his brothers, Philip, Jacob and Peter Koontz; it is stated that Peter P. was deeded the interest of Adam Countz another of Peter’s children (Rockingham Co. D.B. 12.275). Peter Koontz’s eldest son Peter, Jr. was a tithable in his father’s family in 1788 (Wayland, “Virginia Valley Records,”) p. 106) and an independent tithable in 1790 so must have been born by 1769.

(Peter & Christena _______ Koontz had a daughter, Catherine Koontz, born 1771/1764? Rockingham Co. VA who married 1 May 1785 Rockingham Co. VA to Adam Rickabaugh b. 03 Jan 1761 Shenandoah Co. VA d. 23 Jul 1836 Gallia Co. OH the s/o Henry and Magdalene ( Lionberger) Rickabaugh.) (See Rickabaugh family – does this go under this Peter or his father?)

(goes under Peter Koontz, Sr.)

Adam Rickaback (Rickabaugh) married 2nd to Mary Koontz on 22 May 1807 Gallia Co. Oh by Samuel W. Blagg. Mary Koontz b. 01 Aug 1783 d. 15 Mar 1826

5. John Koontz

Rockingham Co. Va will of John Koontz probated 2 Mar 1852 May Court 1852 W.B. “A”, p 219 mentions:

5-1 Hannah Brown Koontz dec’d and her children

m. Henry Cowan

5-2 Christena Koontz and to her children

m. Samuel Brown

5-3 Catherine Koontz never married

5-4 Mary Koontz and her heirs

m. Henry Louker

5-5 Joseph’s part placed in hands of Catherine

Nephew Eli Koontz, exector

6. Jacob Swallow – Records of Augusta Co. Virginia by Chalkley,page 246: page 287 – 2d Mar 1796 Jacob Swallow’s will – To brothr, Peter Kountz, tract whereon Philip Dull lives; to brother Peter Kountz’s eldest son; to Mary that was formerly my wife, but now absconded and left my bed and board without any provacation; to sister, Mary Smith; to brother and sister, vis: Paul Koontz, John Kountz, Wm. Kountz, Polly Smith and Sarah Kerler. Executors, John and Wm. Koontz. Teste: J. Ray, Wm. Willson, Samuel McCorkell. Proved 27 Oct 1817, by William Wilson; Joseph Ray is since dead; Samuel McCorkle is out of Commonwealth. John Krountz qualifies.

Page 225 by Chalkley – John Hughes vs. Jacob Swallow’s representatives – O.S. 306; N.S. 109-Bill, December 1819. In 1803 orator purchased tract in August on Piney Run from Jacob Swallow. It was conveyed 11th March, 1785, by John Tate to Thomas Stephenson, who died, intestate, and the land desceded to his three daughters, viz: Susannah, wife of John Cook; Mary, wife of Jacob Swallow; wife of William Hughes, mother of orator, who died, intestate, when orator was infant only 3 days old and he inherited 1/3 of her interest. Mrs. Swallow died without children. Jacob moved about the state, then went west and there died, testate. Will in Augusta dated 27 October 1817. Paul Koontz lived in Maryland and is now dead. William Koontz lives in Maryland. Polly Smith, wife of Jacob Smith, lives in Indiana. William Koontz (executor of Jacob Swallow) and Sarah Keller and her husband, Ludwick Keller, live in Rockingham. Samuel Gibson deposes 14 April 1821, at house of Thomas Brown in Augusta, he was born and raised in Pennsylvania and resided near neighbors to Thomas Stevenson or Stinson and went to school there with his children; also knew him in Virginia after he moved. John Huse was recognized as Thomas’ grandson by his daughter Jane (?), who married William Huse. They were married in Pennsylvania. John is not the son of _________ Cooper, who married Rachel Stinson. The Coopers removed from this county 20-30 years ago. David Brand deposes, as above, John was son of Mrs. Mary Huse. Maj. William Wilson, ditto, was well acquainted with William Hughes, who said John was his son. Deed 25 March 1805, by Jacob Swallow and John Cook and Susannah, heirs of Thomas Stephenson, deceased, to John Hughes, their interest in tract on Pine Run, 200 acres.

7. Mary Koontz – a/k/a “Polly” Koontz named in Jacob Swallow’s will. She married Jacob Smith and they moved to Indiana.

8. Paul Koontz – named in brother Jacob Swallow’s will. Paul Koontz lived in Maryland and was dead prior to December 1819.

9. William Koontz moved to Maryland

10. Sarah Koontz – named in brother Jacob Swallow’s will. She married Ludwick Keller and they lived in Rockingham Co. VA

Catherine Koontz b.1771/ 1764 Rockingham Co. VA d.1806 in Gallia Co. Ohio, the d/o Peter and Christena () Koontz. married 1 May 1785, Rockingham Co. VA to Adam Rickabaugh b. 03 Jan 1761 Shenandoah Co. Va d. 23 Jul 1836, Adamsville, Gallia Co. Ohio, the s/o Henry and Magdaline (Lionberger) Rickabaugh/Riggenbacher. Adam Rickabaugh m2 22 May 1807 Gallia Co. OH to Mary Koontz b. 1 Aug 1783 d. 15 Mar 1826.

Issues of Catherine Koontz and Adam Rickabaugh:

1. Lydia Rickabaugh b. 1789 Rockingham Co. VA d. after 1853, OH m. 04 Jan 1807 Gallia Co. OH to Martin Koontz.

Martin Koontz was the s/o Philip Counce.

2. Christena Rickabaugh b. ca 1787 Rockingham Co. VA d. before 1836 OH m. 08 Dec 1807 Gallia Co. OH to Dominick Donally or Donally Dominick.

3. John Rickabaugh b. ca 1794 Lincoln Co. NC, married 1st 7 Feb 1814 Tabitha Shelton, m2. Phebe White.

4. Elizabeth Rickabaugh b. 19 Mar 1800 Rockingham Co. VA m. William Blagg b. 1797 VA s/o Sam Blagg

5. Peter Rickabaugh b. 20 Mar 1802 Ross Co. OH m. 10 Apr 1823 Helen Wood.

6. Ann Rickabaugh b. 05 Dec 1804 Gallia Co. OH d. 14 Oct 1884 Ross Co. OH m. 19 Jun 1832 Gallia Co. OH to Senit Allen

7. Mary Rickabaugh b. 05 Feb 1806 Gallia Co. OH d. 15 Jul 1835 Gallia Co. OH m. 18 Sep 1825 Gallia Co. OH to Harrison Wood b. 07 Sept 1802 Charleston, WV the s/o Nehemiah and Eva (Rufliner) Wood. Nehemiah d. 21 Sep 1824 and Eva d. 29 Jan 1821. Harrison married 3 times. Harrison’s 2nd wife was Mary (Mauck) Bing they married 06 Apr 1840. Mary was b. 19 Apr 1806 d. 09 Feb 1868 the d/o Joseph and Elizabeth (Buzwell) Mauck. Mary Mauck m1. William Bing and had issues: Nancy Bing b. 13 Jul 1828 and Elizabeth Bing b. 14 Feb 1830. Harrison’s 3rd wife was Permelia (Ridgeway) Atwood b. 1802 Gallia Co. they married 01 Nov 1870. Permelia was the d/o David and Elizabeth (Wagoner) Ridgeway. Permelia’s 1st husband was Nehemia Atwood who d. Dec 18 Harrison did not have children by 2nd and 3rd wives.

(a Harrison Wood m. Laura Koontz, both of Gallia Co by Rev. I. Z. Haning on 10 Apr 1870 in Gallia Co. – where do they fit in?)

Samuel Watson and Bethesema, his wife, and other heirs of Nehemiah Wood vs. Charles Wood, also an heir.

Ch.1, 478-515. Aug. 29, 1840. Owned land in Perry, Raccoon, and Greenfield Twp.

Andrew, Noah, Harrison, and William M. Wood, of full age, and Joseph, Davis, James P., Lewis, Nancy, Margarita Wood, under 21, and Jane Wood, widow of Nehemiah Wood, heirs. Nehemiah died in 1823 or 1824. All land was ordered sold. Plots drawn. (from Abstracts of Gallia Co. Chancery Records by Evans & Wood)

Ch.2, 109-112. July 14, 1842. Sect. 1-5-16 which is Perry or Walnut Twp.

John Groves vs. Elizabeth Watson, et al. Clear title. Groves purchased land Dec. 1, 1817 from Nehemiah Wood who died in 1824. Groves wants deed. Heirs of Wood were Elizabeth Watson, Andrew, Noah, Harrison, William M. Charles, Joseph, Perry, and David Wood, Nancy Kerr, wife of Richard S. Kerr, and Magnesia Hutchins. Deed ordered. (Elizabeth is properly Bethsama, Perry is James Perry, Davis is Luther Davis, and Magnesia is Magnetia. (MAW = Mary Ann Wood’s note to book)

7-1 Bethsama Wood b. 02 Jan 1827 m 8 June 1850 to W. F. Masterson, md 2 2 Feb 1860 Joseph Williams.

7-2 Andrew J. Wood b. 30 Dec 1829 d. 01 Feb 1863 Soldier War 1861 Killed Memphis, TN

7-3 John H. Wood b. 18 Feb 1831 m. 8 Apr 1868 Amanda S. Roach.

7-4 Caroline Wood b. 30 Dec 1832 m. 1 Mar 1857 Henry S. French.

7-5 David R. Wood b. 12 Jan 1835 d. 20 Feb 1871

m. 01 Nov 1870 to Mary E. Smith

Issues of Mary Koontz and Adam Rickabaugh:

8. Joseph Rickabaugh b. 29 Nov 1810 Gallia Co. OH m. 4 Aug 1832 Ritta Troth.

9. Rachel Rickabaugh b. 16 Oct 1812 Gallia Co. OH m. 18 Oct 1840 S. W. Cooper

10. Adam Rickabaugh b. 20 Aug 1815 Gallia Co. OH m. 1 Feb 1814 Catherine McCoy.

11. William Rickabaugh b. 20 May 1818 Gallia Co. OH m. Sophia Chabot.

12. Mahaly Rickabaugh b. 11 Feb 1823 Gallia Co. OH, single in 1836.

13. Unnamed baby died infancy.

(From Lionberger Family Newsletter: some info from Colleen Rickabaugh, 1305 W. Clay St., Ukiah, CA 95482 and Georgene Sonnes, 12224 Franklin Circle, Omaha, Nebraska 68154)


Will Book O – page 34 – GEORGE KOONTZ, Shenandoah County. Wife: Elizabeth

Children: 1. John Koontz

2. Mary Koontz

3. Eveline Koontz

4. Henry Koontz

5. William J. Koontz

6. George Koontz

EXOR: John Koontz WIT: William Payne, William Thompson and Peter Bushong Dated: 9 April 1819 Proved 12 Feb 1827

Will Book T – page 529 – MICHAEL KOONTZ, SENIOR, Shenandoah County.

Wife: Mary

Children: 1. Michael Koontz

2. Catherine Koontz

3. Sarah Koontz

4. Polly Koontz

5. Anna Koontz

6. Susan Koontz m. Jacob Beard

7. Mary Koontz m. John Weaver

8. Lydia Koontz

9. Samuel Koontz

10. John Koontz

ll. Barbara Koontz

12. Christina Koontz

Exors: Wife, Mary Koontz and son, Michael Koontz Wit: Levi Rinker and George Tarleson

Dated 17 Dec 1836 Proved 13 Mar 1837

Following from: Larry T. Palmer, 776 Rosser Ave., Waynesboro, Virginia 22980:

Michael Koontz b. d. 26 Nov 1836 St. Johns German Reform Church records. Married: Anna Marie/Mary ______ (??Carwell/Kewell) 6 known children born in Washington Co. Maryland:

M1. John M2. Anna Marie/Mary M3. Peter M4. Susan/Susannah

M5. Margaretha M6. Michael

M1. John Koontz b. d. ca 1809 Augusta Co. Va; m. 09 or 16 Aug 1802 Augusta Co. VA to Mary Shirley (Shiery) b. d. in Augusta Co. VA ca 1831 (Widow m2. in Augusta Co. VA 08 Apr 1811 to Jacob Beard) ( a Michael Shyrigh and Mary Koontz were adm. of John Koontz 23 Nov 1807 Augusta Co. VA my notes 3,24 and 33N smk) issues:

(Virginia Valley Records by Wayland)

M1-1 Geoge Koontz m. Augusta Co. Va 26 Sep 1822 to Elizabeth Hanger

M1-2 Catherine Koontz b. 05 Oct 1807 d. 15 Feb 1833 bur: m. Augusta Co. VA 22 Jul 1827 George Teaford (George Teaford (WID) m/2 Augusta Co. Va 16 Oct 1834 Mary Ann Fleisher)

M1-2-1 John Henry Teaford b. 22 Apr 1828 (recorded at St. Peters Union Church) He was a school teacher in Rockbridge Co. Va. Served in Civil War and was captured at the “Battle of the Wilderness.” He died at the Elmira, New York prison.

M1-2-2 Mary Elizabeth Teaford b. 17 Feb 1830 (recorded at St. Peters Union Church). Married Augusta Co. VA 25 Sept 1848 to John G. Houseman b. ca 1825. They were in Rockbridge Co. Va 1840. They were active in organizing the Bethany Luthern Church. Migrated to Santa Paula, CA.

(TEAFORDS – from Mrs. Mason T. Wood, 3509 Morgan Ave., Ashland, KY 41101)

August Co. Va Courtouse: Michael Shuey, gdn; George Shuey, surety for George Koontz, orphan of John Koontz dtd 26 Aug 1822

George Koontz, guardian; John Shirley, surety 22 Jul 1827 of Catherine Koontz orphan of John Koontz. This is the same day tht Catherine Koontz marries.

M2. Anna Marie Koontz b. ca 1785 m. in Augusta Co. VA 28 May 1818 to John H. Weaver b. ca 1789 d. 30 Jan 1856 Walkers Creek.

M2-1 John H. Weaver b. 02 Nov 1821 St. Johns German Reform Church records d. 30 Mary 1889 m. Augusta Co. Va 23 Nov 1841 Margaret Rebecca Runkle b. 17 Nov 1818 d. 20 May 1875. They are bur: United Brethern Church Cem. She is the d/o Christian and Margaret Rebecca (Potter) Runkle.

Jacob H. Weaver (WID) married in Rockbridge Co. Va 31 Oct 1878 Sarah M. Wiseman b. 14 Sep 1838 d. 01 Jan 1892. She is buried at the Mt. Hermon Luthern Church Cem.

M2-2 Michael Weaver – b. 28 Feb 1826 St. Johns German Reform Church records d. 10 Nov 1896 m. Augusta Co. Va 02 Aug 1848 to Margaret Smiley b. 20 Oct 1825 d. 25 Dec 1898. They are buried at the United Brethern Church Cem. She is d/o James and Barbara (Potter) Smiley.

M3. Peter Koontz b. ca 1796 m. Rockbridge Co. Va on 06 Jul 1818 Sarah Potter b. d. ca 1821 Rockbridge Co. VA. All 9 children recorded at St. Johns German Reform Church:

Peter Koontz (WID) m. Augusta Co. VA 28 Sept 1824 to Elizabeth Palmer b. 15 Apr 1796 St. Johns German Reform Church the d/o Adam and Christina (Kershner) Palmer, Elizabeth Palmer was cut out from her father’s will.

George L. Clemmer vs. David Potter’s heirs – O.S. 291; N.S.103 Bill, 1820 – David Potter of Rockbridge died, leaving children (wife already dead), viz: Margaret Runkle, wife of Christian Runkle; Catherine; Susanna, wife of John Wambuck (Warnburck); Mary, wife of Benj. Baltzer; John; Sarah, wife of Peter Koontz; Eve, Charles, Barbara, David (infant). John Potter has since died, leaving a widow Mary and two infants, Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah Koontz is also dead, leaving husband and infant, Mary. Deed 1st Sept 1795 by William Rhea and Elizabeth of Rockbridge County to David Bottorf of same place, 250 acres in Rockbridge. Recorded June, 1796.

M3-1 Anna Marie Koontz b. 24 Apr 1819 m. Augusta Co. VA. 27 Aug 1839 Joseph Muck:

1850 Rockbridge Co. VA Census:

Joseph Muck age 43

Mary 28

Susan 10

Jacob 09

Rachel 11/12

Rachel Southers 19 (who is she?)

Susannah Beard 49 (Koontz, 2nd wife of Jacob Beard)

M3-2 Michael Koontz b. 17 Jul 1820 d. ca 1821

M3-3 Johanes Koontz b. 26 Sept 1826

M3-4 Henry Christian Koontz b. 22 Jul 1828 he is not on the 1850 census with his family

M3-5 Margaret Ann Koontz b. 25 Apr 1832

M3-6 Elizabeth Jane Koontz b. 19 Mar 1834 she is on the 1850 census with her family (another Jane Eliza Coontz d/o Peter Coontz d. 1835 according to St. Johns German Reform Church Records.

M3-7 Sarah Catherine Koontz b. 08 Nov 1836

M3-8 David Palmer Koontz b. __ Nov 1838

M3-9 William Henry Koontz b. 12 Sep 1842

M4. Susan/Susannah Koontz – b. ca 1801 m. 20 Dec 1833 Augusta Co. VA to Jacob Beard (WID) Rockbridge Co. VA courthouse WIll Book 39 Page 308 – written 24 Apr 1844 and proved 03 Jun 1844 mentions only his wife Susan.

M5. Margaretha Koontz – m. Johanes Wilhelm

M5-1 Susanna Wilhelm b. 02 Nov 1820 St. Johns German Reform Church sponsors were the grandparents, Michael Koontz and wife, Anna Marie. (Anna Marie was a Wilhelm or Unrue or Carwell/Kerwell)

M6. Michael Koontz – m. 07 Dec 1810 Augusta Co. Va to Susanna Miller d/o Adam Miller (1753-03 Feb 1828) and Susan _____ (1757-06 Aug 1840) they are buried St. Johns German Reform church Cemetery. Michael and Susanna (Miller) Koontz were in Elkhart Co., Ind. in 1839.

M6-1 Margarethe Koontz b. 11 Oct 1811

M6-2 Anna Marie Koontz b. 27 Dec 1814

M6-3 Michael Koontz (Aug. Co. Deed 60/127 – 1839

M6-4 Richard Koontz (Aug. Co. Deed 60/127 – 1839

M6-5 Johnnes Koontz

(all 6 of these children born Washington Co. Maryland)

1839 – this family was in Elkhart Co. Indiana – lived 12 miles from Jacob and Mary (Carwell) Wilhelm.

Augusta Co. Virginia Deed Recordings:

Hays Creek – Brownsburg in Rockbridge Co.

Whiskey Creek – Churchville in Augusta Co.

It is very interesting to note that near Brownsburg is a Carwell/Koontz Hill.

1820 – 44/433 Michael Carwell and wife Elizabeth to Michael Koontz 141 acres on Hays Creek

1828 – 50/285 John Weaver and wife Mary to Adam Palmer 8 acres.

1837 – 58/217 heirs of Michael Koontz, deceased: Jacob Beard and wife Susan; Peter Koontz; John Weaver and wife Mary.

1839 – 60/140 on Hays Creek – Michael Koontz of Elkhart Co. Ind. to Peter Koontz of Augusta Co., Va. This land was Michael Carwell purchased by Michael Koontz – 40 acres. Michael Koontz sons are Michael and Richard.

1845 – 65/152 Washington Swoope, esceutor of George Keller, deceased – 233 acres for $2330.00 to Peter Koontz. This is on Whiskey Creek.

1845- 65/261 Peter Koontz and wife Elizabeth – 30 acres on Hays Creek to Jacob Bowman

1845 – 65/405 Peter Koontz and wife Elizabeth – 140 acres on Hays Creek for $2300.00 to John Sproul

1854 – 74/444 Peter Koontz and wife Elizabeth – 233 acres for $3250.00 to George A. Wilson. This is on Whiskey Creek

Rockbridge Co. Virginia Deed Recordings:

1821 Mary Koontz to Geo. L. Clemmer BkN P38

1834 John Creek Lewis Nutty S 336

1834 John Creek Polly B(P)otter S 336

1843 Joseph Muck Geo. L. Clemmer X 164

1843 Peter Koontz Geo. L. Clemmer X 164

1850 Susan Beard Joseph Muck BB 38

1854 Joseph/Mary Ann Muck to Hugh Brownlee DD 182

with Susan Beard/

1779 Mar 11 Michael Koontz (Counts) granted 236 acres in Shenandoah Co. VA. (Northern Neck Grants Book “R” p. 129)

1782 Michael Koontz was charged with same acreage but it was located in Rockingham Co. VA (check map to see when County name changed)

Michael Koontz appears in the tithables of Rockingham Co. in 1788 and 1789 but not in later years.

Michael Koontz with wife Mary deeded land in Augusta County, VA in 1820 and he was dead prior to 1837.

1820 Mar 7 Michael and Mary deeded 128 acres to Michael Connell

1837 Jan 28 Michael’s daughters and their husbands and Mary his wife deeded land of Michael Koontz deceased to Peter Koontz of Augusta Co. VA. (from Nassau-Seigen immigrants)

The Augusta Co. records show that on 7 Mar 1820 Michael Koontz and Mary, his wife, of Augusta Co. deeded 128 acres to Michael Connell (Deed Book 44 p. 435) and that on 28 Jan 1837 his two son-in-laws Jacob Beard and Susannah his wife of Rockbridge Co. and John Weaver and Mary his wife of Augusta Co. deeded one noiety of the land of Michael Koontz, deceased to Peter Koontz of Augusta Co. (DB 58 p.216)

Shenandoah County Virginia Marriage Bonds by Ashby

Koons, Peggy to Elias Kendell 04 Nov 1797 bondsman: John Stoop

Koontz, Adam to Caty Whelmoyer (Whitmoyer) 29 Jul 1808 Caty was ward of William Bazley

Koontz, Ann to Alex Keyser 22 May 1820 bondsman Isaac Koontz

Koontz, Ann to Daniel Kiblinger d/o John 31 Jan 1825

Koontz, Barbara to Frederick Kirks 10 Feb 1795 bondsman George Koontz

Koontz, Elizabeth to John Rozenberger 19 Sep 1808 d/o Jacob and Barbara

Koontz, Daniel to Elizabeth Mauck 17 Feb 1824 d/o David Mauck s/o Isaac Koontz

Koontz, Elizabeth to John Brubaker 18 Oct 1819 d/o John Koontz

John and Elizabeth Koontz Brubaker were members of the Mill Creek Baptist Church – they had:

1. Andrew Jackson Brubaker – b. 05 Jan 1829

d. 06 Feb 1909


m2. Anna E. Mauck b. 19 Jun 1842 d. 11 Nov 1906

d/o Joel and Magdalene Lionberger Mauck

1-1 Mary Susan Brubaker b. 15 Feb 1876

1-2 Joseph Abraham Brubaker b. 15 May 1877

member of Mill Cr. Primitive Baptist

1-3 Martha Rebecca Brubaker b. 21 Apr 1880

1-4 Annie Virginia Brubaker b. 05 Oct 1881 d. 20 Apr 1923 m. Joseph C. Beasley of Greensboro, NC

Koontz, Mary to Zachariah Shirley 12 May 1841 Bondsman: Michael Koontz

Koontz, Susannah to John Reed 12 Apr 1841 bondsman: Michael Koontz


1802 – John Counts and wife Magdeline deeded property to Philip Counts of Shenandoah Co.

1785 – the above property was deeded to John Countz by Christian Bumgarner.

1803 – John Counts named sone Philip in his will.

1794 – June – George McCoy sued John Counts in Russell Co. VA

(above from Keyser Family history)