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Richard KIMBALL was born in 1594 at Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England. He brought his family
to America in 1634 on the Ship “Elizabeth”. Before coming to this country he married Ursula
SCOTT in Rattlesden about 1611. She was the Granddaughter of Sir William SCOTT and Lady
Mary HOWARD, daughter of Charles HOWARD, Earl of Nottingham.

The leaders of a new colony asked him to come as a Wheelwright to Watertown, MASS. He owned
considerable property in what is now Cambridge, but was then called Watertown in the state of
MASS. In 1637, he was given a lot and forty acres of land beyond the North River. In 1653 he was
one of the town’s three surveyor’s.

Richard was proclaimed a Freeman on 6 May 1635 (WHERE??) and then was invited to settle in
Ipswich, MASS, where he spent the remainder of his life.

After his death on 22 June 1675, in Ipswich, Mass., the inventory of his Estate was worth 737
pounds, excluding the settlements made to his children at the time of their marriages.

His children were:

1.Abigail KIMBALL b. ca 1613 d. 17 Jun 1658 Salisbury, MA. She married John SEVERANS

2.Henry KIMBALL b. ca 1615 married Mary WHITE ca 1640.

3.Elizabeth KIMBALL b. 1621

4.Richard KIMBALL b. 1623 married Mary ??

5.Mary KIMBALL b. 1625 married Robert DUTCH

6.Martha KIMBALL b. 1629 married Joseph FOWLER

7.John KIMBALL b. 1631 Rattlesden Suffolk Co, England married Mary
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8.Thomas KIMBALL b. 1633 d. 3 May 1676 married Mary SMITH

9.Sarah KIMBALL b. 1635 married Edward ALLEN 24 Nov 1658

10.Benjamin KIMBALL b. 1637 d. 11 Jun 1695 married Mercy HAZELTON Apr 1666

11.Caleb KIMBALL b. 1639 d. 9 Apr 1688 married Anna HAZELTON 7 Nov 1660

John KIMBALLb. 1631 Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England married Mary BRADSTREET b.
1635 England..

He came to America with his parents in 1634

John & Mary’s children were:

1.John KIMBALL b. 8 Nov 1657 d. 24 Feb 1658

2.Mary KIMBALL b. 10 Dec 1658 married Deacon Thomas KNOWLTON 17 May 1682

3.Sarh KIMBALL b. 29 Jul 1661 married John POTTER; Had one child.

4.Hannah KIMBALL b. 1662; Died young.

5.Rebecca KIMBALL b. Feb 1664 married Thomas LULL 21 Jan 1689

6.Richard KIMBALL b. 22 Sept 1665 d. 26 May 1715 married Lydia WELLS 12 Feb 1688

7.Abigail KIMBALL b. 22 Mar 1667 married Isaac ESTY 14 Oct 1689

8.John KIMBALL b. 16 Mar 1668 d. 4 May 1761 Preston, CONN married Sarah GOODHUE
2 Dec 1692; Had nine children.

9.Benjamin KIMBALL b. 22 Jul 1670 d. 28 May 1716 married Mary KIMBLE; Had eight

10.Moses KIMBALL b. Sept 1672 d. 23 Jan 1750 married Susannah GOODHUE 1696; Had ten

11.Aaron KIMBALL b. Jan 1674

12.Joseph KIMBALL b. 24 Jan 1675 Ipswich, MASS d. 1761 married Sarah ??

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Joseph and Sarah’s children:




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Philemon and Katherine LOWEN KIMBALL’S children:


2.Asa b. 27 Mar 1737 at Ipswich, MASS. He married Hannah SWEET

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He resided in Gloucester, RI where he was a most important person before and after the
American Revolution. He acted on many committees and in various capacities for the State.
He served in the Rev. War as Major of the 2nd R.I. Regiment and was promoted to Lt./Col. of
the 4th Reg of Militia in 1781. He was a member of the Legislature in 1780. He received
from the Government a large grant of public lands for his services in the war. On these, he
settled his family.




Asa and Hannah SWEET KIMBALL’S children:

1.Amherst KIMBLE



4.Asa KIMBLE b. 27 Mar 1767 at Gloucester, RI. Married 1. Sarah OWEN; 2.
Aurelia B. HIBBARD b. 1779

(Aurelia’s father and grandfather were both Officers in the Rev War. She taught the
first Sunday School in the area of Burlington, OH, using her home as the
meeting-place. She is buried in Burlington Cem, Fayette Twp, OH.)

See below for more family information

Asa his first grist-mill in Barton, VT in 1787. In 1816, he went to Condor, NY, then
soon traveled to Burlington, Lawrence Co, OH.

5.Prudence KIMBLE

6.Paul Tew KIMBLE

7.Philemon KIMBLE

8.Peyton Randolph KIMBLE

9.Stephen KIMBLE

10.Sarah KIMBLE

11.Lucinda KIMBLE

12.George Washington KIMBLE

CHILDREN of Asa and Sarah:

1.Maria KIMBLE

2.Rebecca KIMBLE

3.Anstress KIMBLE


5.Asa KIMBLE b. 22 Jan 1804 at Barton, VT. Married Julia BAGLEY b. 13 Aug 1806
See family information below

He was a large land-owner in Lawrence Co, OH and in 1854 he erected a fine home
which is still standing at the mouth of Symmes Creek in Lawrence Co, OH (1933). He
was engaged in farming and boat building.

SOURCE: Marjorie Kimball TEMPLETON Notes in Sharon KOUNS’


vs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BILL IN CHANCERY

Elhanan W. WAKEFIELD, Marinda & George W. BEAMS, Admr. of Timothy
WAKEFIELD, late of said county, deceased and Thomas S. WAKEFIELD,
Harriet WAKEFIELD, Joel HOWE, and Rebecca, Wife, and Michael
JOHNSTON and Arathusa, his wife Heirs and Legal representatives of an infant
Child, deceased, which was the heirs of said Timothy WAKEFIELD, Defts.




Pleas before ……County of Lawrence at courthouse in Burlington on the
thirteenth day of March 1834.

Be it remembered heretofore towit, on the first day of March in the year 1833,
the said complaint by Solomon Beckley, his attorney files in said court his bill of
complaint against the said defendants in the words and figures following to wit–

“To the Honorable the Judges of the court of Common Pleas in the county of
Lawrence in the state of Ohio, in Chancery…..Your orator Asa KIMBALL, of
said county that from a short time before the 12 Dec 1826, he had deposed of his
property in this county and had purchased a tract of land in West Bloomfield, NY,
where his friends reside and which place he was about to remove. About the
same time one said Timothy WAKEFIELD of said county (now deceased),
intermarried with Amy, a sister of your orator, and there upon, property much
regard and Friendship (which no doubt was sincere) for your orator —– solicited
him to remain and reside in this county, also he advised your orator to dispose of
his land in N. York and purchase a farm in this county. Your orator further —–
that Martin And Isaac FRAMPTON of said county were the owners of a tract of
land to wit part of fractional Section 32, and 33 of Range 16, Township 1,
bounded south by the Ohio River, west by Christian KOONS (now Andrew
KOONS) land, North by the North line of said Fractional Sections and east by
Symmes Creek, containing 125 acres, which land said Martin and Isaac proposed
to sell for the sum of $1600, to be paid for in five annual installments and said
Timothy, knowing the premises, advised your orator to purchase the tract of land
and knowing also that your orator was then unable to make the payments as
required, and was indisposed to involve himself in so great a debt-paid Timothy,
to induce your orator to make said purchase, purposed that he should dispose of
his New York land and such other property, as he could spare for what it would
fetch, and pay over the proceed to said Martin & Isaac and that your orator should
immediately enter upon the premises and cultivate the farm to the best advantage
and apply the proceeds to the farm purpose and so far as these means should fall
short of making the installments aforesaid, he proposed to furnish slank (an article
which said Timothy then had to sell and which was not a cash article) to your
orator for the purpose of building Flat Boats for the Cincinnati Market, whereby
your orator might raise money sufficient to meet the proposed payments for said
land and said Timothy further proposed and agreed to and with your orator that he
would wait upon him, your orator, for the payment of said Plank till all the
payments for said land should be completed and a reasonable time there after,
giving your orator a reasonable and convenient opportunity to make said money
which might be due for such plank-after the whole of the payments for said land
should be completed. Your orator further states that said Timothy further
purposed to join him, your orator in the securities to be given to said Martin and
Isaac for the payment of said land. To all which proposed and stipulations, your
orator at the special instance and request of said Timothy, agreed and the said
purchase was made and completed on the 12 Dec 1826 at the final Confirmation
of the Contract, a Deed was made by said Martin and Isaac to your Orator and
said Timothy jointly and a mortgage given at the same time of the premises to
secure the payment in five annual installments as aforesaid. And also joint
promissory notes to the amount of each installment were given to your orator and
said Timothy to said Martin and Isaac-your orator further states that the Deed was
made to said Timothy jointly with himself for the purpose of Indemnifying said
Timothy for the advances which it was expected he would make and as a security
for his obligations entered into aforesaid and not with any view or expectation
on the part of your orator or on the part of said Timothy that he should have any
apart of said Land with the except understanding to the Contray. Your orator
further states that the amount of purchase money for aforesaid Land was $1600
that to effect a sale of his New York land and accomplish this Contract, he
necessarily sacrificed about $200 which was done principally to gratify his
Brother-In-Law (said Timothy) and his wife, the sister of said orator. That
immediately after said purchased, your Orator entered on said land and has solely
occupied to this time. That he has from time paid to said Martin & Isaac the
installments and on the — of March 1831 (or 1834) paid them in full and has a
receipt in full from under their hands ready to be sworn in court and has taken up
and caused to be cancelled said notes. Your orator further states that he has no
written evidence of the agreement aforesaid between your orator and said
Timothy, but believes that he can prove the acknowledgment and confessions of
said Timothy in his lifetime that he held the title aforesaid in trust as aforesaid and
not in his own right, and this will be informed by your honors, as your orator
believed from the following fact and circumstances. First your orator was put into
the possession solely and has occupied without going or being required to give
any account for the rights or rents. Second, he alone has paid all the instruments
and paid the taxes occurring on said Land. Third, said Timothy has never treated
your orator otherwise, than as sole owner of said premises, and has frequently
declared him to be owner aforesaid. Forth, said Timothy furnished plank as he
proposed to your orator during the time of payment aforesaid to the amount of
$375.35 which was charged on his book to your orator, and at his death renamed
at a book account against him, and which has been Liquidated by arbitration
between your orator and the Administrators of said Timothy deceased towit on
the 5th day of August 1831 and which your orator acknowledge he justly owes,
and is now ready to pay as your Honors shall desire, all which plank were
delivered by said Timothy in pursuance of his agreement, first herein stated, and
on no other ground or contract whatsoever. Fifth, said Timothy in his lifetime or
any of his Representatives, since never paid a cent toward said Land except the
plank aforesaid changed to and delivered to your orator and which amounted to
the sum of $375.30-aforesaid only-. Your orator further states that in the day of
Feb 1831, said Timothy WAKEFIELD died interstate, that Marinda, his widow,
and relict, and Elhanan W. WAKEFIELD, have been duly appointed and now
are acting Administration of said Estate and claim the aforesaid sum of money
(the amount of said plank account as Liquidated by arbitrators as part of the pett?
of said estate, your orator, further states that said Marinda has since intermarried
with One George W. BEAMS, of said Lawrence County, whom with said
Marinda his wife and said Elhanan, Administrators, aforesaid, your orator prays,
my be made Defendants to this bill of Complaint. Your orator further states that
said Marinda widow of said Timothy at his death was e???rent and hers since
had) since a son born the –(blank) day of May 1831, who was the sole and single
heir of said Timothy, which son died the same month and that, the heirs of said
infant son so far as your orator has been informed and believes the following
named persons, viz-Thomas S. WAKEFIELD, a brother of said Timothy,
deceased of Granville in the state of New York; Harriet WAKEFIELD a sister of
said Timothy now supposed to be residing in the State of Vermont; also Rebecca,
Mother’s sister of said Timothy and wife of Joel HOWE residing as believed In
Vermont State; also Sarah another sister of said Timothy and wife of Rufus
EWENS residing as is believed in New Jersey and another (another sister of said
Timothy and wife of Michael JOHNSTON, residing in New York state, which
then Representatives (in case any of them should be deceased) are as your orator
is informed and believes, the Legal and only Heirs…. of said Timothy, deceased.
(The remainder is abstracted due to space-MK) One moiety of said estate has
descended to the brother and sisters aforesaid of Timothy, dec’d, and that Marinda
will be entitled to dower in the same, unless prevented by in this court. Orator
willing to pay the debt due for the plank and willingly to perform the agreement
made between him and Timothy. Pray that one monity of said tract of land be
conveyed by said heirs in whom the same is invested to your orator, and Marinda,
wife of George W. BEAMS, be prohibited from claiming and having dower in
any part of paid premises. Orator prays that Thomas S. WAKEFIELD, Sarah &
Rufus EWENS, Asathusa and Michael JOHNSTON, Rebecca and Joel HOWE
and Harriet WAKEFIELD heirs of said infant of said Timothy, dec’d, with said
Elhanan W. WAKEFIELD and Miranda and her husband George BEAMS, for
land to be conveyed and grant to orator the relief which the nature of this case

Signed Solomon Beckley, Attorneys


>From the Gallipolis Weekly Journal 18 June 1833, an article was printed
concerning the petition of land. The Heirs listed failed to plead answer, and the
Complainant prayers were granted, and the cause is continued for the further
consideration of the court.

In Sept term in the year last, this case was continued, and at the present time, 13
Mar 1834, the said Asa KIMBALL alone should have the land and the
conveyances were made by said Timothy for certain advances to be furnished
and made by said Asa after the completion of the payments for the land. The
other defendants and heirs in no wise filed any answer pleas or demumer to this
Bill, as they were ruled to do by this court. It is ordered that Marinda shall within
sixty days from this time of enduring this decree, make and deposit with the
Clerk of this Court a good, authentic and valid deed at conveyance of one
undivided moriety of the said tract of land in said Bill mentioned…….


Marriage recorded Lawrence Co., OH; Book 1-2-3 Page 86;

Amy Kimball-Timothy WAKEFIELD


Children of Asa and Aurelia:


2.Naomi KIMBLE

3.John Brenau Hereford KIMBLE

4.Augustine KIMBALL

5.Augustine Hibbard KIMBLE

Childern of Asa and Julia:

1.Amy KIMBLE b. 8 Jan 1830 at Lawrence Co, OH. Married Isaac Frampton
GILLEN b. 23 May 1823.

(He resided in Lawrence Co, OH where he was a farmer. He served six terms
as trustee of Union Twp. He built the first grist-mill in the county, just above
the mouth of Symmes Creek)

See family below for additional information

2.Henry KIMBLE

3.Eliza KIMBLE

4.Asa KIMBLE Asa KIMBLE b. 4 Aug 1837 at Lawrence Co,OH. Married
Alice FRAMPTON See family information below


6.Amanda KIMBLE

7.Sarah Jane KIMBLE

8.Roxanna KIMBLE

9.Orlanda KIMBLE

10.Myra KIMBLE

11.Roxie KIMBLE

Children of Asa and Alice:

1.Asa Albert KIMBALL


Children of Amy and Isaac Frampton GILLEN:

1.Eva Inez GILLEN

2.William GILLEN

3.Rachel Ann GILLEN

4.Mary Alice GILLEN

5.Elijah Cecil GILLEN

6.Julia Gertrude GILLEN

7.John Isaac GILLEN

8.Frank Arthur GILLEN

9.Sarah E. GILLEN

10.Martin Hunter GILLEN

11.Clarence Edgar GILLEN