John L. Kouns


Researched by Sharon Milich Kouns

Christian Kouns

b. 1759 Frederick/Augusta or Rockingham Co. VA

d. 05 Dec 1837 Gallia Co./Lawrence Co. Ohio

bur: Kouns Family Cem. Chesapeake, OH

m. 1777

Anna Lamp or Lamb

b. ca 1760

d. 22 Oct 1824 Gallia Co./Lawrence Co. Ohio

bur: Kouns Family Cem. Chesapeake, OH


1. John L. Kouns b. 29 May 1780 Greenbrier Co. VA

2. Christina Kouns b. 1782

3. George W. Kouns b. 1784

4. Henry Kouns b. 1785

5. Jacob Kouns b. 1787

6. Phillip Kouns b. 1789

7. Sarah Kouns b. 1792

8. Samuel Kouns b. 1795 Greenbrier Co. VA

9. Nancy Kouns b. 1798

10. Andrew P. Kouns b. 1801 Greenbrier Co. Va

11. Helen H. Kouns b. 1805 Greenbrier Co. VA

1. John L. Kouns – s/o Christian and Anna (Lamp) Kouns

b. 29 May 1780 Greenbrier Co. VA

d. 10 Jun 1851 age 70y11m12d Boone Co. Indiana

bur: Rosston Cemetery, Boone Co., IN

m1. Elizabeth ?

m2. Eleanor Miller

b. ca 1784 VA or MD

d. 15 Jun 1848 age 64y8m Boone Co., Indiana

bur: Rosston Cemetery Boone Co., IN

1810 Greenup Co. KY Census:

John Koons – head of household

3 males age 17-26

1 male age 27-45

1 female 17-26

1 female 27-45

1 male slave age 36-55

1820 Greenup Co. KY Census:

John Koons

3 males under 10

2 males 16-26

1 male 26-45

1 male over 45

1 female 26-45

1830 Greenup Co. KY Census

John L. Kouns

1 male 05-10

1 male 10-15

1 male 15-20

1 male 50-60

1 female 40-50

1 slave between 36-55

1850 Boone Co. Indiana Census

John L. Kouns age 70 male b. VA

Elizabeth age 64 female b. MD

James Spencer age 16 farmer b. KY (grandson)

Philip Spencer age 14 b. KY (grandson)

(children of their daughter, Evaline Kouns who m. James C. Spencer)

Greenup Co. Deed dated 13 Mar 1844 where John Kouns and Eleanor of Boone Co. Indiana sold land in Greenup Co. KY


1-1 Absalom S. Kouns

1-2 Christian Kouns

1-3 David M. Kouns

1-4 John M. Kouns

1-5 Abraham Kouns

1-6 Henry Kouns

1-7 Eveline Kouns

1-8 Marinda Kouns

m. 2 Jul 1823 Greenup Co. KY

Thomas A. Barr

(was she a daughter of John L. She must have died without issue before 1851 as she was not named in John L. Koun’s partition to divide real estate)

These 7 children and/or their children was named in the Partition to divide the real estate of John L. Kouns on 18 Nov 1852 in Boone Co. Indiana.

1-1 Absalom S. Kouns – s/o John L. Kouns

b. 10 Apr 1803 Greenup Co. Ky

d. 10 Aug 1854 Linn Co., IA

bur: Linn Co., IA

m. Elizabeth T.

b. ca 1801 OH


1-1-1 Henry T. Kouns

b. ca 1829 KY

1-1-2 Andrew P. Kouns

b. ca 1832 Ky

1-1-3 Isaac H. Kouns

b. ca 1834 KY

1-1-4 Ellen M. Kouns

b. ca 1836 Ky

1-1-5 Nancy L. Kouns

b. ca 1843 IN

1-1-6 Mary W. Kouns

b. ca 1840 IN

1840 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Absolam Kouns head of household

1 male 20-30

1 female under 5

1 female 20-30

1850 Boone Co. Indiana Census

Absalom Kouns b. ca 1803 KY

Elizabeth b. ca 1801 OH

Henry T. b. ca 1829 KY

Andrew P. b. ca 1832 KY

Isaac H. b. ca 1834 KY

Ellen M. b. ca 1836 KY

Mary W. b. ca 1840 IN

Nancy L. b. ca 1843 IN

Absalom S. Kouns died intestate ca 10 Sep 1854 in Linn Co., IA, leaving property to be administered by David M. Kouns, his brother.

1-2 Christian Kouns – s/o John L. Kouns

b. 10 Apr 1815 Greenup Co. KY

d. 12 Sep 1870 Boyd Co. KY

bur: McCormick Cemetery, Boyd Co. Summit, KY

ml 29 June 1836 Greenup Co. KY

Amanda Triplett

b. 03 June 1815 Greenup Co. KY or

b. 03 Oct 1817 ?

d. 17 Feb 1849 Greenup Co. KY 32y8m14d

bur: Kouns-McCormick Cem. Summit, KY

d/o John M. Triplett b. d. 17 Feb 1849

bondsman: John M. Triplett

m2 22 Jan 1850 Bondsman: Mordecai Farmer who was owner of the adjoining farm. Mordecai Farmer was also the 2nd husband of Abigale (Gilkerson) Salmon.

Elizabeth Samuels/Salmons

b. ca 1839 KY

d. prior to 1861

d/o Jacob and Abigale Gilkerson Salmon

(see Ashland “Tree Shaker” Gen. Newsletter dtd Jan. 1993 p.14) Jacob Salmon was son of Thomas and brother of Joseph Salmon.

m3 06 Dec 1861 Catlettsburg, KY

wit: David Miller & William Thomas

Ellen Goodman

b. 1839

married by: John Miller, Surety: John L.

Kouns Wit: Wm. Thomas, David Miller

(John Miller m. 16 Dec 1873 Mary Kouns)

1840 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Christian Kouns

1 male 5 and under

1 male 20-30

1 female 5 and under

1 female 20-30

1841 Christian Kouns bought a farm of 156 acres from Abel Powell for $667.00 in Greenup County. This farm was located on the East Fork of the Little Sandy River and in 1860 this section of Greenup County became Boyd County. In later years as Christian sold parts of the farm, the language used in describing the land leads me (Curtis Puckett) to believe that besdie the usual hardwood and bottom land that was so necessary for farming in that area, the farm had the facilities to make salt, an iron forge and a water mill.

1850 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Christian Kouns age 36 M b. KY farmer RE $1000

Elizabeth age 21 F b. KY (nee Salmons)

John L. Kouns age 12 M b. KY (m. Louisa Coon)

Letitia Kouns age 11 F b. KY (m. William Abrams)

William T. Kouns age 8 M b. KY (m. Jane Gard)

Mary A. Kouns age 6 F b. KY (m. Wm. A. Hammonds)

Frances V. Kouns age 4 F b. KY (m. Otho Gard)

Abraham Kouns age 2 M b. KY (m. Nancy J. Nealey)

Christian C. Kouns age 1 M b. KY (m. Margaret Wilson)

1860 Census:

Christian Kouns age 48 b. KY farmer

Elizabeth 35 b. KY

William T. 18 b. KY

Mary A. 16 b. KY

Frances V. 15 b. KY

Abraham 13 b. KY

Christian C. 01 b. KY

Christian states on his 3rd marriage application that his father was born in Greenbriar Co., VA and his mother was born in VA. There is no record of his second wife’s death or what happened to her. Christian and Ellen were married almost 9 years when he died in 1870. Christian died intestate, for reasons not given in the records, John Jacob Kouns, Sheriff of Boyd Co. was appointed administrator of Christian’s estate. After almost two years of court proceedings, Ellen received what was left of Christian’s estate. During these proceedings, Ellen was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Nothing came of the arrest, but she did have to appear in court to explain why she was carrying a gun.

1-2-1 John L. Kouns – s/o Christian Kouns

b. ca 1838 Greenup Co. KY

d. 18 Dec 1899 Ashland, Boyd Co. KY

m1 10 Sep 1857 Greenup Co. Ky

consent of Christian Kouns, father and

John M. & Rebecca Coon, parents

Hiram Miller, Bondsman

Louisa Maria Coon

b. 1837-1841 KY

(John L. Kouns b. ca 1841 Boyd Co. Ky m. 26 Aug 1890 Boyd Co. Ky to Mary Gallistine b. 1862 Bracken Co. Ky; her parents were born in Germany; witn: S. Ferguson, William Kouns, W. H. Kouns, A. S. Ferguson)

1860 Boyd Co. KY Census:

J. L. Kouns age 21 male b. KY

Maria L. 19 fem. b. KY

Charles H. 1 male b. KY

Anna B. 4/12 fem. b. KY

1870 Boyd Co. KY Census:

John L. Kouns age 32 Mgr Iron Furnace

Louisa age 32 b. KY

Charles H. age 13 b. KY

Anna B. age 10 b. KY

Rebecca age 09 b. KY

Mary L. age 06 b. KY

Amanda age 04 b. KY

Naimoi age 9/12 b. KY

1880 Boyd Co. KY Census:

John L. Kouns age 42 keeps livery stable

Louisa age 42 wife keeping house

Anna age 17 dau. single

Rebecca age 18 dau. single

Mary (Mollie) age 15 dau. single

Amanda age 12 dau. single

Naimoi age 10 dau. single

Will age 05 son single

Virgie age 03 dau. single

Jacob Miller age 18 single, a boarder

1-2-1-1 Charles H. Kouns

b. 19 Feb 1858 Greenup Co KY

d. 18 Jun 1882

bur: Belmont St., Boyd Co. KY

m. 03 Jan 1880 Greenup Co. KY

Visa Collins

b. 1850 Breathitt Co. KY

Charles H. Kouns marriage license states his parents were both born in Virginia.

1-2-1-2 Anna Belle Kouns

b. 1861

m1. 06 Mar 1881 Wit: William Kouns

Charles Kouns, Alice Husk

Alexander Harris

b. 1860 Staffordshire, England

Alexander Harris was shot in the hip during Ashland’s Tragedy of 2 girls being raped and murdered and a crippled boy was also murdered. Harris was shot during the fight over the prisoners.

Anna Belle Kouns

m2. Patrick Sylvester McCabe

1-2-1-2-1 John Harris

1-2-1-2-2 Mary Marguerite McCabe

m. Howard E. Gumm

12122-1 Marcella G. Gumm

b. 1912

m. _______ Ricca

12122-2 Richard Gumm

12122-3 Howard S. Gumm

1-2-1-3 John L. Kouns

b. 10 Mar 1872

d. 20 Jun 1874

bur: Belmont St., Ashland, Boyd Co.


1-2-1-4 Rebecca Kouns

b. 1860 Ky

1-2-1-5 Mary “Mollie” L. Kouns

b. 1861/64 Boyd Co. KY

m. 12 Jul 1887 Catlettsburg, Ky by J. M. Lank. Wit: Alice and Willie A. Lank

M.F. Will Morford lived Columbus, OH

1-2-1-6 Amanda “Addie Belle” Kouns

b. 1865

m. 10 Feb 1892 Boyd Co. Ky

by: W. G. Jolly Wit: Charles &

Frank Gates

William Dyer

b. 1866 Boyd Co. KY

1-2-1-7 Naiomi Kouns

b. 1869-72

m2. 06 May 1901 by Chas. W. Sutton

Ashland, KY Wit: James D. Clark and

P. S. McCabe

Robert M. Magee (his 3rd marriage)

b. 1853 Lawrence Co. OH

s/o Ephraim & Sarah Beckett Magee

1-2-1-8 Virgie “Virginia” Kouns

b. ca 1877

m. lived Logan, WV

1-2-1-9 Will Kouns

m. lived Columbus, OH

(according to letter from Mrs. Marcelle G. Ricca, dtd March & Apr 1991)

John L. Kouns m2 to Mary Gallistine and had issues:

1-2-1-10 Lourdan Kouns

b. 1891 KY

1-2-1-11 Ida F. Kouns

b. 1893 KY

1-2-1-12 Robert L. Kouns

b. 1896 KY

1-2-2 Letitia Kouns – d/o Christian Kouns

b. ca 1839/41 Greenup Co. KY

m. 23 Nov 1858 Greenup Co. KY

William Abrams

b. Mar 1836 KY

1860 Boyd Co. Census

William Abrams


Thomas J. age 4 months

1870 Boyd Co. KY Census

William Abrams teamster


Thomas J. age 10

Virginia B. age 06

Ann E. age 04

John L. age 7 months

1880 Boyd Co. KY Census:

William Abrams age 43 mgr Iron Furnace

Letitia age 39

Thomas age 19

Jennie B. age 16

Elizabeth age 14

John age 10

John Gard age 06 nephew

1900 Boyd Co. KY Census

William and Letitia Abrams living in Ashland, KY he is 64 years of age, married 41 years and she has had 5 children and three are still living. Thomas J. age 39 and John L. age 29 still living at home.

1910 Boyd Co. KY Census:

William and Letitia Abrams living at 211 Winchester Ave., Ashland, KY. William is 74 years of age, no employment, states that he has been married 50 years, Letitia is 69 years old, had five children of which two are still living, both at home, Thomas age 49, divorced, occupation – pilot on steam ferry and John L. age 40, single, a teamster with his own team.

1-2-2-1 Thomas J. Abrams

b. 20 Apr 1860



OBIT: ADI, 03 Oct 1935 p. 12 – Captain T. J. (Dick) Abrams, retired river steamboat pilot died this morning at 4:30 at the home of his brother, John Abrams of Summit, KY. Mr. Abrams, a pioneer river Captain, was one of Ashland’s most beloved business men. To Know him was to like him and throughout his life time no one with whom he ever came in contact spoke other than good of him. He was born in Bellefonte, April 20, 1860, the son of William and Leticia Abrams and attained his 75th birthday last April. He moved to Ashland in 1886, purchasing the local wharfboat and operating it for several years. When he sold the wharfboat he bought a half interest in the ferry boart operating between this city and Coal Grove, Ohio, and known as the Belle of Ashland. Later Mr. Abrams and Captain Bill Kouns had the old Winona ferry boat built and operated it for a number of years until Mr. Kouns sold his interest to Captain John Murphy of Ashland. The Winona was rammed by ice during the winter of 1918 and sunk. Mr. Abrams at that time was on vacation in Cuba. The Winona was replaced by the City of Ashland. Mr. Abrams sold his interest in the ferry boat business to Mr. Murphy about four years before the bridge connecting Ashland and Coal Grove was built. He had been in retirement since that time. His only near relatives were his brother, John, with whom he made his home, and Mrs. John Abrams, his sister-in-law. His health became bad about two years ago and a year ago his brother, in hopes on improving Mr. Abram’s health, left his home on Central Ave. and moved to Summit. Mr. Abrams was a charter member of the Ashland B.P.O.E., but had not been active for some time because of ill health. Funeral services will be cnducted from the Alexander Funeral Home, 2416 Winchester Ave., Saturday afternoon at 1:30. Rev. R. G. Crowell will officiate after which interment will be made at the Ashland Cemetery. The body was removed today to the Alexander Funeral home and will be there until after the service. Friends who wish to view the remains may call. Pall bearers will be W. F. Perdue, Donald Boyles, J. Boyd Stewart, John Steel, A. C. Queen and L. Y. Johnson.

1-2-2-2 Jennie Belle Abrams

b. 1864

1-2-2-3 Ann Elizabeth Abrams

b. 1866

1-2-2-4 John L. Abrams

b. Jan 1871

still single in 1910 age 40

1-2-3 William Thomas Kouns – s/o Christian Kouns

b. 11 Aug 1842 Greenup Co. KY

d. 16 Aug 1910 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Belmont St. Ashland, KY

m. 01 Mar 1863 at home of Wm. Gard

Jane Gard

b. 07 Sep 1840 Fayette Co. PA

d. 09 Mar 1898 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cem. Belmont St.

d/o William Gard b. 11 Jun 1817 d. 09 Apr 1880 and Margaret ____ Gard b. 20 Sep 1820 d. 12 Apr 1886.

Bondsmen: William Kouns and William Gard

1870 Census Boyd Co. KY

William T. Kouns age 28 teamster

Jane age 29 keeps house b. PA

William C. age 05 died prior to 1880

John age 04 never married

Charles age 02 died prior to 1880

Henry age 5/12 m. Sophia Fitzer

Chris Kouns age 21 (brother to Wm. T.) teamster

Charles Fowler age 25 teamster, boarder

1880 Cenus of Boyd Co. KY

William T. Kouns age 39 furnace hand

Jane age 40 keeps house

John A. age 14 never married

James Henry age 10 m. Sophia Fitzer

Samuel A. age 08 never married

George W. age 06 m. Emma Hewlett

Otho G. age 04 m. Sarah Hutchinson

Rebecca age 02 still at home age 31

1900 Census of Boyd Co. KY

William Thomas Kouns 56 (widow) b. Ky parents b. Germany

Edward age 35

John age 33

Samuel age 28

Rebecca age 22

1910 Census of Boyd Co. KY

William T. is living at 323 18th St. in Ashland

age 67 he now says his parents b. KY

John A. age 44 single Ashland Chief of Police

Samuel A. age 37 single works steel mill

Rebecca age 31 single at home

1-2-3-1 William C. Kouns

b. 1865 Ky

d. prior to 1870 census

1-2-3-2 John A. Kouns

b. 09 Feb 1866 Boyd Co. KY

d. 21 Oct 1910 Boyd Co. KY

never married

John A. Kouns was chief of Police for

City of Ashland, KY

1-2-3-3 Charles Kouns

b. 1868 Ky

d. prior to 1880 census

1-2-3-4 James Henry Kouns

b. 27 Jan 1870 Boyd Co. KY

d. 19 Sep 1930

bur: Ashland Cemetery


Sophia Fitzer

b. 05 Mar 1872 Lawrence Co. OH

d. 02 Jul 1964

bur: Ashland Cemetery

1-2-3-4-1 Orpha Kouns

b. Apr 1893 KY

m1 02 Oct 1913

John Bell Tierman

b. 1886 Ashland,KY

s/o F. Will and Mary Bell Teirman

m2 12 Jan 1924

George L. Beloat

b. 1888 Boyd Co. KY

s/o Walter and Caroline Bates Beloat

1-2-3-4-2 William Edward Kouns

b. Nov 1895

d. 1936

bur: Boyd Co. KY


Edna Clouse

b. 21 Oct 1895 OH

d. 24 Jun 1917 age 21

bur: Woodland Cem. Ironton OH

d/o C. & Elizabeth Keen Clouse

1-2-3-4-2-1 Ernest H. Kouns

b. 1917

resided: 2502Pamela Dr

New Albany, IN

(Ernest said his mother died when he was 3 months old and he was raised by his grandmother, Sophia)

1-2-3-4-2-1-1 Gerald E. Kouns

lives Cincinnati OH

1-2-3-4-3 Norman Kouns

b. 1902 KY

m. 5 Feb 1927

Garnett Dempsey

b. 1905 Inez, KY

1-2-3-4-4 Gaylord Kouns

b. Oct 1901

m. 14 Oct 1933

Myrtle Saunders

b. 1903 Carter Co KY

1-2-3-4-5 Mrs. Wylie McClure

(either Goldie Mae or Helen)

1-2-3-4-6 George W. Kouns

b. 04 Mar 1885 Boyd Co. KY

d. 09 Feb 1923 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 20 Dec 1913 by Robert Kinnard, Wit: Wilbert Frecha and Myrtle Ash

Sarah (Joseph) Wilson

her 2nd marriage

b. 1885/95 Law. Co. OH

d. 1922

d/o Beals & Sarah Lambert Joseph

OBIT: ADI, Friday, 09 Feb 1923 – GEORGE W. KOUNS, born 04 Mar 1885 in Ashland, KY, son of James Henry and Sophia Fitzer Kouns died 09 Feb 1923 from a car-train accident that occured the 6th of Feb. His wife, Sarah Joseph, died in 1922. Mr. Kouns was working as a bricklayer on Lexington Ave. He accepted a ride to Winchester Ave. with the men he was working with. They were hit by a train crossing the 24th Street crossing between Carter and Central Ave. Mr. Kouns was the only fatality.

Surviving are his parents, two sisters, Goldie and Orpha at home, five brothers, Edward, Gaylord, Norman, Orville Kouns, all at home, and Charles Kouns of Cleveland, OH.

1-2-3-4-7 Charles Hobart Kouns

b. Nov 1898

1-2-3-4-8 Goldie Mae Kouns or Helen

one of them m. McClure

1-2-3-4-9 James C. Kouns

b. 1910 KY

1-2-3-5 Samuel A. Kouns

b. 05 Mar 1873 Hood’s Creek Boyd CO

d. 03 Oct 1941 Ashland

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 06 Sep 1919 by Rev. W. C. Reeves, wit: R. D. Horton and Dixie Graham.

Hattie Hamond

b. 1879 Lawrence Co. OH

d/o W. H. and Julia Bruce Hamond

(may have also married Harriet B. ?)


NOTE: Marriage Record Book 14A page 141 shows a Samuel A. Kouns and Vadie Brown, born 1876, no other information on the bride. The marriage date is 10 Jan 1894. A note attached to the page says the license was never used.

OBIT: ADI, Saturday, 04 Oct 1941 Front Page – SERGENT SAMUEL A. (COLONEL) KOUNS, 64, a member of the Ashland Police Department since February of 1926, was stricken with a heart attack last night at his home and died almost instantly a few minutes before he was scheduled to go on duty at eleven o’clock. Sergent Kouns was born near Hood’s Creek on 05 March 1877, a son of the late William T. and Jennie Kouns, and was a life long resident of Boyd Co. he had been on desk duty at police headquarters since his appointment to the force. A brother, the late John Kouns, was at one time chief of police here. Before joining the police department, he was an employee of the old Ashland Steel Company for thirty years. He was a member of the Ashland Lodges of the BPO Elks, the Knights of Phythias and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Several years ago, he was appointed a Kentucky Colonel by former Governor Ruby Laffoon.

Mr. Kouns, clothed in his uniform, went for a walk with his dog early yesterday evening, returned home and was seated in a chair when he was stricken. Mrs. Kouns telephoned police headquarters, requesting that they get her a doctor. Patrolman Norman Berry and Warren Rayburn secured the service of a hospital staff physician and went to the Kouns home, but the veteran officer was dead when they arrived. Coroner Dr. J. C. Hall made an investigation and returned his findings of death due to a heart attack. Sergeant Kouns is survived by his widow, Mrs. Harriet B. Kouns and two brothers, Otho G. and George W. Kouns, both of Ashland. The body was removed to John Steen Funeral Home.

1-2-3-6 Rebecca Kouns

b. 1878

1-2-3-7 Otho G. Kouns

b. 22 Feb 1876 Boyd Co. KY

d. 14 Apr 1958 Russell, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

ml. 15 Oct 1889 Ironton, OH

Sarah Hutchinson

b. 18 Dec 1877 KY

d/o John and Mary Shay Hutchinson

m2 18 Sep 1905 Ironton, OH

Agnes Darby

b. 30 Mar 1884 Garner, KY

d/o Alex and Lida Hutchinson Darby

OBIT: ADI, 14 Apr 1958 – OTHO KOUNS, 82, of West Russell, KY, a retired steelworker died at 3 p.m. today in Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, following an extended illness. Mr. Kouns had made his home in West Russell for the last four years, moving there from Ashland where he had lived for 57 years. He was the son of the late William and Jennie Kouns, and retired from his employment 10 years ago. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Agnes Darby Kouns, one son, Sam Kouns of New York City, NY; and three daughters, Mrs. Zella Blair of Ashland, Mrs. Mary Fannin of Russell, and Mrs. Fred Hays of Dayton, OH and three grandchildren. The body was removed to the John Steen Funeral Home where friends may be received after 10 a.m. Tuesday. Rites will be conducted at the funeral home Wednesday at 1:30 p.m with burial in the Ashland Cemetery.

1237-1 Robert L. Kouns

b. 1894 Boyd Co. KY

d. 22 May 1934 Boyd Co. KY


Elia Maria ________


OBIT: ADI, May 22, 1934 – ROBERT LEWIS KOUNS, age 40, died Tuesday 22 May 1934 from pneumonia. He was the son of Otho and Sarah Hutchinson Kouns. Surviving are his wife, Elia Maria Kouns, one sister, Mrs. Zella Blair of Greenup, KY; two half brothers, Bernard and Samuel Kouns, both of Ashland; and three half sisters, Mary, Doris and Othel Kouns all at home. Mr. Kouns was a resident of Westwood, a World War I veteran, an ARMCO employee and a former candidate for magistrate in the 4th district.

1237-2 Zella M. Kouns

b. 1901

1237-3 Edith Kouns

b. 1903

by 2nd marriage:

1237-4 Bernard C. Kouns

b. 1908

1237-5 Douglas Kouns

1237-6 Sally Kouns

1-2-3-7-1 Robert Lewis Kouns

b. 1894 Boyd Co. KY

d. 22 May 1934 Westwood, Boyd


Elia Maria _____

1-2-3-7-2 Zella M. Kouns

b. 1901 KY

m. Blair

by 2nd 1-2-3-7-3 Samuel Kouns

1-2-3-7-4 Mrs. Fred Hays

1-2-3-7-5 Othel Kouns

1-2-3-7-6 Mary Kouns

1-2-3-7-7 Doris Kouns

1-2-3-7-8 Bernard C. Kouns

(Was their dtr Edith b. 1903 the one who married Fred Hays? 1-2-3-7-4)

1-2-3-8 Edward Kouns-s/o Wm. T. & Jane Gard

b. 21 Sep 1864 Boyd Co. KY

d. 09 Nov 1910 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 21 Oct 1900 Wit: W. T. Kouns and

Otis (Otho) Kouns

Annie Jayne Brown

b. 22 Aug 1863 Greenup Ky

d. 10 Jul 1936 Boyd Co. KY

bur: McKnight Cem. Westwood, KY

d/o Henry & Mary Darley Jayne

her 2nd marriage

1-2-3-8-1 William T. Kouns

b. 1901

d. 29 Jun 1951

bur: Ashland Cemetery

William T. Kouns never married. He resided at 329 19th St., Ashland, KY. He was employed at Mansback Metal Company, a veteran of World War II.

1-2-3-8-2 Edna Kouns

b. 13 Oct 1905 Ashland, KY

d. 20 Feb 1990 Portsmouth OH

m. Stanton Houck of Maryland

OBIT: ADI, 21 Feb 1990 p.15 – EDNA KOUNS HOUCK, 84, formerly of Ashland, died Tuesday in the Scioto Memorial Hospital in Portsmouth, OH, following a long illness. Mrs. Houck was born Oct. 13, 1905, in Ashland, a daughter of the late Edward and Anna Jaynes Kouns. Her husband, Stanton Houck, preceded her in death. Surviving are several cousins. The funeral will be conducted at 11 a.m. Thursday in the Ashland Mausoleum chapel by the Rev. Harley Johnson. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. There will be no visitation. Arrangements are under the direction of the Steen Funeral Home.

Anna Kouns was living at 1932 Front St., Ashland, KY at the time of her death. Her husband preceded her in death 26 years ago. Brothers and sisters; Charles Jaynes of Olive Hill, KY; Millard Jaynes of Huntington, WV; Mrs. Albert Urban of Columbus, OH; and Mrs. George Kazee of Ashland, KY. Burial in the McKnight Cemetery, Westwood, KY.

1-2-3-9 George W. Kouns s/o Wm. T. & Jane Gard

b. 26 May 1874 Boyd Co. KY

d. Feb 1943 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery


Emma Hewlett

b. 06 Sep 1872

d. 27 Dec 1950

bur: Ashland Cemetery

d/o William & Minnie (West) Hewlett

William Hewlett 0bit. in ADI 3/27/1923 – age 80 dies, leaves one daughter, Mrs. George Kouns.

OBIT – ADI, Wednesday, December 27, 1950 – MRS. EMMA JANE KOUNS, 78, died at 12:25 a.m. today at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Harry Stanley, 2016 Greenup Ave., Ashland, KY, following an illness of three years. Mrs. Kouns, a member of the Methodist Church, was born in Ashland, September 06, 1872, a daughter of William and Minnie West Hewlett. Her husband George Kouns died in 1943. Funeral services will be conducted Friday at ___ p.m. at the daughters residence with the Rev. C.F. Froderman and the Rev. Harold Daniels officiating. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. The body will be removed frm the John Steen Funeral Home to the home of the daughter today at 5 p.m. Surviving are three sons, John Walter, William and George Kouns, Jr., all of Ashland; five daughters, Mrs. Dale Carlisle, Loraine, OH, Mrs. John Womack, Dayton, OH; Mrs. Josephine Clark, Portsmouth, OH, Mrs. Ted Bunting and Mrs. Glen Ross, of Ashland; eight grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren.

1-2-3-9-1 Minnie Jane Kouns

b. 30 Sep

m1. George “Buck” Moore

m2. Dale Carlisle

no children

1-2-3-9-2 Anna Virginia Kouns

b. 1893 Boyd Co. KY

m1. George “Buck” Moore

m2. 30 May 1911

Clarence Jaynes

b. 1890 Ashland, KY

s/o Ed and Mollie Jaynes

12392-1 Charles Jaynes

b. 23 Jul 1912 Boyd Co. KY

d. 1978

m. Bonnie Conley

12392-2 Harold Jaynes

b. 30 Sep 1914 Boyd Co. KY

m1. Renee ________

m2. Jemma Lykins

1-2-3-9-3 Bessie Adale Kouns

b. Feb 1899 Boyd Co. KY

d. 01 May 1929 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery


12393-1 Dorothy L. Kouns

b. 29 Jul 1920

m. 19 Mar 1938 by Rev. L. H. Tipton, wit: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bunting

Harry Stanley

b. 1918 Catlettsburg, KY

s/o Harry and Lona (Cole) Stanley

123931-1 Theodora Jane Stanley

m. Edwin Conley, Jr.

1239311-1 Teresa Conley

m. Barry Gillum

1239311-2 Edwin Brian Conley

m. Retha Johnson

1239311-3 Philip Conley

12393-2 William T. Kouns

b. 09 May 1924 Boyd Co. KY

m1. 25 Mar 1946 by Rev. W. H. Muncy, Greenup, KY Methodist Church, wit: Norman & Blanch Muncy. (who did he marry 1st)

m2. 06 Jan 1951 by Rev. Kelly McGraw, Baptist, Westwood, KY wit: Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bunting

Betty Jo Dixon

b. 1922 Boyd Co. KY

d/o J.W. and Norma (Hall) Dixon

123932-1 Robert Gregory Kouns

b. 14 Jun 1948

m. Debra Sue Byrd

1239321-1 Krena Jo Kouns

b. 27 Oct 1973

1239321-2 Kyra Lee Kouns

b. 13 Feb 1977

1-2-3-9-4 Jennie Louise Kouns

b. 30 Jul 1899 Boyd Co. KY

d. 25 Apr 1969 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 17 Jul 1920 Ironton, OH

John M. Womack


d. 11 Dec 1971 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

s/o William and Anna (Morrison) Womack


OBIT: ADI, Friday, 25 Apr 1969 – MRS. JENNIE L. WOMACK, 69, Scope Towers died there at 12:40 a.m. today following a six week illness. Born July 30, 1899, in Ashland, she was the daughter of George W. and Emma Hewlett Kouns. She was a member of the South Ashland Methodist Church, and a former employee of Unives Lens Company of Dayton, OH. Surviving are her husband, John M. Womack; a stepdaughter, Mrs. Lois Rankin of Ashland; two brothers, Walter and George both of Ashland, and four sisters, Mrs. Ted Bunting, Mrs. Harry Stanley, and Mrs. Glen Ross, all of Ashland and Mrs. Earl Joseph of Portsmouth, OH. Funeral service will be conducted at 3:00 p.m. Monday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. Kenneth Halbrook and the Rev. L.B. Hicks. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetry.

1-2-3-9-5 George W. Kouns

b. 22 Jul 1901 Boyd Co. KY

d. 10 Aug 1981 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 02 Feb 1927 by C. B. Wellman, J.P. Boyd Co., wit: B. F. Blair and Thomas Burchett.

Mabel Stephenson

b. 12 Apr 1901 Catlettsburg,KY

d. 23 Nov 1979 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

d/o Alfred & Mary (White) Stephenson

OBIT: ADI, Saturday, 24 Nov 1979 – MRS. MABEL KOUNS, 78, 431 31st Street, Ashland, KY, died at 1:15 p.m. Friday at her residence following an extended illness. Mrs. Kouns was born 12 Apr 1901 in Ashland, KY, a daughter of the late Alfred and Mary White Stephenson. She was a member of the First Church of the Nazarene. Surviving are her husband, George W. Kouns; a son Harold Kouns of Dayton, OH; a daughter, Mrs. Helen Clemons of Ashland, a foster son, Harold Jaynes of Ashland, a sister, Mrs. Bessie Parsons of Ashland; four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Funeral service will be conducted at 1 p.m. Monday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. John Dennis and the Rev. Frank Shepherd. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery.

OBIT: ADI, Monday, 10 Aug 1981 p. 16 – GEORGE W. KOUNS, 80, 431 31st Street, Ashland, KY, died at 8:45 a.m. today in Kings Daughters Hospital following a brief illness. Mr. Kouns was born 22 Jul 1901, in Ashland, a son of the late George W. and Emma Hewlett Kouns. He was a retired employee of ARMCO Inc. and a member of the First Church of the Nazarene. His wife, Mabel S. Kouns, died in 1979. Surviving are a son, Harold Kouns of Dayton, OH; a daughter, Mrs. Helen Clemons of Ashland; a brother, Walter Kouns of Ashland; four sisters, Mrs. Ruth Ross, Mrs. Mabel Bunting and Mrs. Harry Stanley, Jr. all of Ashland; and Mrs. Josephine Joseph of Portsmouth, OH, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Service will be conducted at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. John Dennis and the Rev. Frank Shepherd. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. Pallbearers; Philip Meadows, Roger Mayo, Donald McKenzie, Carl Parsons, Earl Garvin and Bill McKenney.

12395-1 William A. Kouns

b. 19 Dec 1922

12395-2 Geoge W. Kouns

b. 02 Feb 1924

12395-3 Helen L. Kouns

b. 22 Jun 1925 Ashland, KY

d. 20 Nov 1984 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery


Leonard Clemons

b. 09 Nov 1925

OBIT: ADI, Tuesday, 20 Nov 1984 – MRS. HELEN L. CLEMONS, 59, of 31st Street, Ashland, KY, died this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Paula Mayo of Ashland, following an extended illness. Mrs. Clemons was born 22 Jun 1925, in Ashland, a daughter of George W. and Mabel Stephenson Kouns. She was a member of the Ashland First Church of the Nazarene and was a switchboard operator at Kings Daughters Medical Center for 23 years. Additional survivors include another daughter, Mrs. Deborah Meadows of Ashland; two brothers, Harold “Tommy” Kouns of Dayton, OH and Harold “Buddy” Jaynes of Ashland and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at 11 a.m. Saturday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Revs. Everett Robertson, Frank Shepherd and George Gates. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery.

123953-1 James R. Clemons

b. 1954

123953-2 Paula K. Clemons

b. 19 Dec 1955 Boyd Co.


Roger R. Mayo

b. 22 Jul 1951

1239532-1 Karen Rae Mayo

b. 18 Sep 1974

123953-3 Deborah A. Clemons

b. 06 Apr 1959 Boyd Co.

m. Phillip M. Meadows

b. 19 Sep 1957

1239533-1 Sarah E. Meadows

b. 20 May 1982

1239533-2 Philip M. Meadows

b. 03 Dec 1985

12395-4 Harold C. Kouns

b. 07 Feb 1929

1-2-3-9-6 Frances Elizabeth Kouns

b. 22 Jul 1901

1-2-3-9-7 Josephine Viola Kouns

b. 1905 Ashland KY

m1. 29 May 1926 by Rev. J.W. Critus, Methodist, Ashland, KY wit: Wilma Frail and Nora Critus. Earl Clark

b. 1899 Greenup, KY

s/o Joseph B. and Carrie Stanley Clark

m2. Earl Joseph


1-2-3-9-8 John Walter Kouns

b. 06 Sep 1907 Ashland, KY

d. 18 Feb 1984 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 31 Oct 1927

Grace V. Martin

b. 12 Jan 1907 Martin Co. KY

d/o David B. & Hattie Allen Martin

OBIT: ADI, Sunday, 19 Feb 1984, p. 28 – J. WALTER KOUNS, 76, of 5506 Blackburn Ave., Ashland, KY, died at 10:00 a.m. Saturday in Kings Daughters hospital following an extended illness. Mr. Kouns was born 06 Sept 1907 in Ashland, a son of the late George W. and Emma Kouns. He was a retired employee of Mansbach Metal Company. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Grace Martin, a son David G. Kouns of Cincinnati, OH, a daughter Mrs. Wanda Kouns of Ashland; four sisters, Mrs. Mabel Bunting, Mrs. Dorothy Stanley, and Mrs. Ruth Ross, all of Ashland, and Mrs. Josephine Joseph of Portsmouth, OH and six grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at 1 p.m. Tuesday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. George Yates. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery.

12398-1 Wanda Lee Kouns

b. 24 Jun 1929 Boyd Co.

m. 24 Feb 1951 by the Rev. Frank C. King, Methodist, Ashland, KY wit: Jack and Ruth Kestling. Ivan Earl KOUNS

b. 12 Jun 1930 Ashland, KY

s/o Lewis Edgar & Margaret Farmer Kouns

123981-1 Rickey L. Kouns

b. 12 Jul 1955

123981-2 Kimberly S. Kouns

b. 15 Feb 1958

123981-3 Heather a. Kouns

b. 30 Aug 1967

12398-2 David G. Kouns

b. 29 Apr 1935 Boyd Co. KY


Virginia Lee Bugg

b. 1939 Jefferson Co. KY

d/o Walter Gladys Wallace Bugg


1-2-3-9-9 Mabel Edna Kouns

b. 1907 Boyd Co. KY

m. 06 Dec 1918 Greenup Co. by J. D. Wilson, J.P. wit: Mrs. O. G. Kouns and O.V. Birely

Ted Bunting

s/o George and Leva Tolliver Bunting


1-2-3-9-10 Ruth Alice Kouns

b. 1913 Ashland, KY

m. 25 Aug 1934 Greenup, KY by the Rev. Hayes, Church of Christ, Greenup, KY wit: Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bunting.

(who did she marry)

1-2-4 Mary A. Kouns – d/o Christian Kouns

b. ca 1844 Greenup Co. KY

m. 31 Aug 1864

William H. Hammond

b. 1843

s/o John and Sarah Gard Hammond

1870 Boyd Co. Census:

William Hammond age 26 laborer b. KY

Mary age 26 b. IN (note below)

Henry Clay age 05

Sarah A. age 04

Mary age 02

Chrisley age 5/12

Note: the only thing out of line with this census is Mary’s place of birth, Indiana. Mary is the fourth child of Christian and Amanda Kouns, although her grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins lived in Indiana, there is no record of Christian living there. William’s mother is Sarah Gard a sister to William Gard, the father of John (Otho) Gard who married Francis Virginia Kouns, daughter of Christian Kouns and younger sister of Mary Ann Kouns, wife of William Hammond.

1880 Boyd Co. Census:

indicates the Gards still living in the Cannonsburg area.

Otho (John) Gard age 35 collier

Mary age 34 keeps house

Simon age 11

Elizabeth age 10

William age 07

Amanda age 06

John age 04 all at home.

Unable to find this family in 1900 or 1910 Boyd Co. Census

1-2-4-1 Henry Hammond

b. 1864

1-2-4-2 Sarah Hammond

b. 1866 Boyd Co. KY

m. 25 Dec 1892

William Scott

1-2-4-3 Mary Hammond

b. 1867

1-2-4-4 Christopher Hammond

b. 1869

1-2-4-5 John Hammond

b. 1872 Boyd Co. KY

m. 15 Feb 1900

Alice Dunley

1-2-4-6 William Hammond

b. 1873

1-2-4-7 Orlando Hammond

b. 1875 Boyd Co. KY

m. 1899

Mina Clark

Many yeas later, Mina (Clark) Hammond married Christopher Christian Kouns, Orlando’s first cousin. Christopher was the second son of Christian and Margaret (Wilson) Kouns. The obituary of Mina Hammond Kouns shows that she has two daughters living, Mrs. Eva Nance and Mrs. Mabel Cordle, both of Columbus, OH. These children would be by Orlando Hammond.

1-2-4-8 Oliver Hammond

1-2-5 Frances V. Kouns – d/o Christian Kouns

b. ca 1846 Greenup Co. KY

m. 20 Jun 1867 by Thomas J. Berry

at Joseph Burdett’s

John Otho Gard

b. 1844 KY

s/o William and Margaret Gard

1870 Census Boyd Co. KY

Otho Gard age 26 Collier

Frances 23 keeps house

Simon 02 b. OH

Virginia 10/12 b. KY

Christopher (unlegible) age 15 laborer

(possibly Christopher Kouns, France’s younger brother)

1-2-5-1 Simon Gard

b. 1868

1-2-5-2 Virginia (Elizabeth) Gard

b. 1869

1-2-5-3 William Gard

b. 1873

1-2-5-4 Amanda Gard

b. 1874

1-2-5-5 John Gard

b. 1876

1-2-6 Abraham Kouns – s/o Christian Kouns

b. ca 1848 Greenup Co. KY

d. 17 Jun 1891 Civil War VET

bur: Belmont St., Boyd Co. KY

m. 20 Aug 1871 Wayne Co. Tennessee

Nancy Jane Nealy

b. 1854 Tn

d. 18 Nov 1898 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery Belmont St.

1850 Census Greenup Co KY:

Abraham Kouns age 2 b. KY with Christian & Elizabeth.

Abraham’s widow and Christian’s widow lived 28th & Carter, Boyd County KY in 1897

Abraham Kouns was in Co. K 45th KY Inf Civil War

John L. and William T. Kouns appeared before a notary public on the 12th day of Apr 1899, saying they were brothers of Abraham Kouns, deceased, residents of Ashland, KY, and that Samuel Bert and George Clifton Kouns were the only living children of Abraham’s under 16 years of age, and that William H. Kouns, their brother is their legal guardian.


1-2-6-1 George Clifford Kouns

b. 05 Apr 1887 Knoxville, TN

d. 23 Aug 1937 Ashland KY

bur: Belmont St. Ashland, KY

m1. Mildred ____________

m2. 10 Jan 1917 Ironton, Lawrence Co. OH

m.2 Ida Cooksey m1 Mildred Smith

b. 01 Apr 1889 or 1897?

(Clifford G. & Mildred on 1910 Boyd Co. KY Census)

OBIT: ADI, 24 Aug 1937 – GEORGE CLIFFORD KOUNS, 50, died yesterday afternoon at 3:10 o’clock at his home at 332 17th St. after several years illness. Mr. Kouns resided in Ashland for the past 46 years during which time he had made many friends who mourn his passing. He was born in TN. The body was removed to the John Steen Funeral Home and will be taken to the Kouns residence at 1 p.m. today. Funeral services wll beheld Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Centenary M.E. Church at 29th Street and Winchester Ave. The Rev. C.B. Fuggitt will be in charge of the services, assisted by the Rev. O.P. Smith, and Rev. S. L. Branham. Burial will follow in the Ashland Cemetery. He was a member of the Junior Order of American Mechanics and the Eagles. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Ida Kouns, one sister, Mrs. Leonard Hern, Ashland, and one brother, Charles Kouns of Newport, KY. Five brothers and two sisters preceded him in death several years ago. The body will be removed from the house to the church at 1 p.m. Thursday where it will lie in state for one hour before the services. Active pallbearers; A.F. Fisher, R.D. Soper, J.W. Carews, J. P. Ripple, James Barker and French Smith. Honorary pallbearers; Curt Hutchinson, Henderson Griffith, Rev. J. F. Richardson, of the Junior Order of American Mechanics Logde; and Paul Estep, William Besse, and E. G. Manning of the Eagles Lodge.

1-2-6-2 William H. Kouns

b. 08 Jan 1873/5 Stewart Co TN

d. 20 Aug 1935 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m1. 25 Dec 1899 Ironton, OH

Martha Ann Turman

b. 21 May 1881 Turman’s Ferry KY

d. 07 Jul 1917 Ashland Boyd Co KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

d/o John James C. Turman b. Utah d. 1915-6 & Virginia McClellan Turman b. Buchanon, KY

resided Normal, KY

m2. possibly Elliot Co. Ky

Betty Rucker

b. 21 Nov 1892 Elliot Co. KY

d. 21 Jul 1929 age 36 Catlettsburg KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

Wm. H. Kouns and his sister, Mary F. Kouns boarded with their mother Nancy Kouns at 28th & Carter, Ashland, Boyd Co. KY in 1897 she was listed as widow of Abraham.

1900 Boyd Co. KY Census:

William H. Kouns age 27 b. Jan 1873 steelworker

married less than one year

b. TN f.b. KY m.b. TN

Martha age 18 b. May 1882

b. KY f.b. KY m.b. KY

Samuel B. Kouns age 16 brother

b. Oct 1884 TN day laborer

Leonard Hern age 31 brother-in-law

married less than one year

Mary F. Hern b. Jan 1880 TN sister to Wm. H.

Garnet Hern b. one month b. KY child of Leonard & Mary

1910 Boyd Co. KY census:

William H. Kouns age 37 m. 10 years steelworker

Martha A. Kouns age 27

Raymond M. age 08

Luther N. age 06

Bernard T. age 04

Virginia B. age 01 all living at home

Following are some of the locations where William and his second wife, Betty, lived according to the Ashland City Directories; in 1917-1918, he is a widow living in Normal, KY; 1920-21, he has remarried (Betty Rucker) working at at the Sement Solvay Coke Plant, and is still living in Normal, KY; in the 1924-25 directory, he and Betty are living at Elizabeth and Normal; (sometime in 1925, the family moved to Kitts Hill, OH where Ruby was born; in the 1930-31 directory, he is living at 3626 Valley Street, Catlettsburg, KY with his son, Luther and his daughter, Virginia.

OBIT: ADI, Wednesday, 21 Aug 1935 – W.H. KOUNS, 62, a resident of Ashland for the last forty-five years, but recently residing at Leach Station, died at his home thee at 6:30 o’clock yesterday evening after a very brief illness. Mr. Kouns, who was well known throughout this section, and who had a host of friends who will regret to learn of his sudden passing, had been in failing health for some time. Yesterday, however, Mr. Kouns told members of his family that he was feeling good. Then about 6 o’clock he was stricken and the end came about a half an hour later. For the last several years Mr. Kouns had been emplyed by the Ashland Refining Co. at the Leach Plant. Surviving Mr. Kouns are ten children, Raymond and Bernard Kouns of Ashland; Luther N. Kouns, Stanton, KY, Mrs. Virginia Price and Mrs. Elza Puckett of Catlettsburg, KY, and Helen, Donald, Ruby, and Betty Kouns at home. He is also survived by two brothers, Charles E. Kouns, of Newport, KY, and Clifford Kouns of Ashland, KY, and one sister, Mrs. Leonard Hern of Ashland, KY. The body will be taken to the home of Bernard Kouns, 508 Gartrell Street, late this evening where it will remain until the time of the funeral. Funeral will be held from the Centenary M.E. Church, Friday afternoon at two o’clock with Rev. R. G. Crowell and Rev. O.P. Smith, pastor of the church, in charge. Burial will follow in the Ashland Cemetery.

NOTES by CP: The following was written by Byron Morris, son of Flossie Turman Morris, younger sister of Martha Turman. (The neighborhood Byron mentions is now the 4400 block of Boyd Street in Ashland, KY) “Martha Ann Turman was born at Turman’s Ferry, Boyd Co., KY.” The Turman farm was located on the banks of the Big Sandy River about a mile downstream from Rockville, now known as Buchanan. She was born May 21, 1881 on the Turman home place, attended the Kavanaugh one room school and the Kavanaugh Church (Methodist), both located about a mile down river, but in line with the fmaily home. She remained at home, helped with the work until her marriage, at the age of 18, in 1899 to William Kouns. Martha was never in good health and doctors recommended that she move to another climate which she refused to do. Her husband provided hired help all their married life to relieve her of the house work. Martha died July 7, 1917 at Normal, a neighborhood on the eastern limits of Ashland, KY and a short distance from the Ohio River. The home where the family lived for many years was between the C & O Railroad tracks and the Ohio River. Martha died a few days after her 36th birthday and was buried in the Ashland Cemetery.

One time mom told me she wanted to show me where she lived as a little girl and we drove up to Boyd Street, as I remember the house it was a two story house with blue stained glass (small panels surrounding the larger glass) in the front door. I commented that I liked the door with the stained glass, but mom said they hated it when she was little, thought it looked tacky. Another cousin, Allen Turman who was Superintendent of Boyd County Schools for many years, wrote about all of his cousins and the following about his first cousin, Martha “Puss” Turman. “Martha was the third daughter of the late John and Virginia Turman family. She and I were the same age. As my sisters, Emma and Cora had both died in 1893 and 1894 respectively. I just adopted Martha as my sister from that time until 1898 when my sister, Bessie (Lockwood) was born. She, as had her brothers and sisters, attended the Kavanaugh School. She was a beautiful, sweet and lovable young lady. From the time she was old enough until her marriage she dated a host of young swains, with whom she had grown up or had come into the community from other places to work. She married William Kouns, an Ashland boy and I think both were employed at the Norton Smelter when they married. They had several children. I knew Raymond, Lute, Bernard and Virginia. Bernard was a preacher and throught from the few times that it was my privelege to hear him preach, that he really had the Divine Call. The only work that I recall that Martha ever did was the few times my mother needed extra help and she would get Martha to come and live with us for a few weeks. She lived in Ashland most of her life.”

In 1984, the Centenary United Methodist Church, located at 2901 Winchester Ave., Ashland, KY celebrated their 100th birthday. In honor of that achievement, they published their membership for 1914 along with the many other important events that happened over the past 100 years. Martha Kouns and her son, Raymond were members of the church. Many of the Kouns family were members of this church and had their funerals there.

OBIT: ADI, Monday, 22 July 1929 – MRS. BETTY ELIZABETH KOUNS, died Sunday, 21 July after a brief illness of a few weeks. The Kouns family lived in the Park Addition of Hampton City, Catlettsburg, KY. Surviving Mrs. Kouns is the husband, William H. Kouns, three daughters; Helen, Ruby and Betty and Donald, all at home, five step children; Raymond, Luther, Bernard, Virginia and Vera Mae. Burial will be at the Ashland Cemetery.

1-2-6-2-1 Donald Lee Kouns

b. 23 Jun 1923 Boyd Co.

d. 17 Jan 1984 San Deigo CA

bur: Bonita, CA

(his mother is Betty Rucker)

m. 20 Nov 1946 Lexington KY

Juanita Blanton

b. 18 Sep 1927

d/o Ora and Letha Tackett Blanton

12621-1 Donald Ray Kouns

b. 09 Aug 1948 New Orleans

m. 14 Feb 1986 Las Vegas NV

Diana Wengenstein

b. 23 Dec 1953 San Diego CA

d/o Henry & Dorothy Sarra Wengenstein

12621-2 Larry Dean Kouns

b. 10 Oct 1953 San Diego CA

m. Jul 1972 San Diego CA

Paula Smith

b. 14 May 1956 San Diego CA

d/o Walter Smith

126212-1 Gregory Dean Kouns

b. 12 Dec 1972 San Diego

126212-2 Brandon Daniel Kouns

b. 27 FEb 1979 San Diego

1-2-6-2-2 Bernard Turman Kouns

b. 16 Jun 1905 Ashland

d. 09 Aug 1954 Ashland

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. Mary Irene Fowler

b. 1905/6 Catlettsburg KY

d/o John & Laura Davis Fowler

(Mary I. Kouns m2 George W. Smith

on 19 Mar 1959)

OBIT: ADI, Tuesday, 10 Aug 1954 – The REV. BERNARD T. KOUNS, 49, founder and pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle for six years, died in Kings Daughters Hospital, Monday at 2:55 p.m. after an extended illness. He retired from Armco Steel Corp. in 1951 after 31 years of service. He was born in Ashland, June 16, 1905, the son of William H. and Martha Turman Kouns. In addition to his pastoral duties at the Gospel Tabernacle, he was pastor of the Crum Chapel on 45th Street for four years. The body will be removed from the John Steen Funeral Home to the residence this afternoon. Friends may call at the residence after 6 p.m. The Funeral service will be conducted at the Gospel Tabernacle Wednesday at 3 p.m. The Rev. E. A. Ronk will officiate and will be assisted by the Rev. E. A. Curry and the Rev. John Craig. Friends may view the body at the church from 2 to 3 p.m. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. Pallbearers will be W. M. Dennis, Gordan Staten, Joe Hurst, Oma Moore, Albert Springer, and Thomas Franklin. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Mary Kouns; four sons, Bernard, Jr., Jack and William Kouns, all of Ashland, Thomas Kouns at home; one daughter, Mrs. Wallace Mills of Flatwoods; one brother, Raymond Kouns of Ashland, a half brother, Donald Kouns with the US Navy; two sisters, Mrs. Elza Puckett of Middleport, OH and Mrs. George Price of Catlettsburg; three half sisters, Helen and Ruby Kouns, both of Ashland and Betty Kouns of Baltimore, MD.

NOTE: Rev. Bernard Kouns wrote his autobiography and several copies are in the family.

1-2-6-2-2-1 Laura Jean Kouns

b. 20 Jun 1926

m1 21 Jul 1943 Div.

Wallace H. Mills

b. 23 Jan 1920 Inez KY

d. 12 Feb 1988 Ashland

bur: Rose Hill Burial

s/o Garfield & Eliz. Goble Mills

OBIT: ADI, Sunday, 14 Feb 1988 – WALLACE HOWARD MILLS, 68, of 922 Kilgore Dr., Ashland, formerly of Westwood, died Friday at his home. Mr. Mills was brn Jan. 23, 1920, in Inez, KY, a son of Garfield and Elizabeth Goble Mills. He was a disabled veteran and a member of the American Legion Post 76 and attended the Catlettsburg Church of God and the Centenary United Methodist Church. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Phyllis Sparks Stith Mills; five sons, Bernard Mills of Greenup, Wallace Mils, Jr., of Worthington, James Mills, Jeffery Mills and Stephen Mills at home; a stepson, Gregory Stith of Ashland; three daughters, Bonnie Trimble of Raceland, Gwen Geyer and Sandy Gillian, both of Worthington; a brother, Garfield Mills of St. Cloud, FL; three sisters, Virginia Harris and Murel Spalding, both of Ashland, Mrs. May Mills of Columbus, OH, 18 grandchildren; and two great grandchildren. The funeral will be conducted at 1 p.m. Monday at Miller Funeral home in Ashland by the Rev. Tom Mullins and the Rev. Michael Gibbons. Burial will be in Rose Hill Burial Park. Friends may call from 6 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. Military graveside rites will be conducted by Paul G. Blazer High School ROTC.

126221-1 Bonnie L. Mills b. O6 Nov 1944

126221-2 Bernard L. Mills b. 17 Jun 1946

126221-3 Gwendolyn I. Mills b. 28 Feb 1948

126221-4 Sandra K. Mills b. 06 Jul 1950

126221-5 Wallace H. Mills b. 24 Jun 1952

126221-1 Bonnie L. Mills

b. 06 Nov 1944 Ashland, Boyd Co. KY

m. 06 Mar 1962

Ronald Trimble

b. 03 Sept 1940 Paintsville, Johnson Co., KY

s/o Leo and Oma Hensley Trimble

1262211-1 Sonja Lynn Trimble

b. 1963

m. Randell Vanderhoof

1262211-2 Robert Dale Trimble

b. 1964

m. Debrah Wright

1262211-3 Ronald E. Trimble

b. 1971

126221-5 Wallace H. Mills

b. 24 Jun 1952 Ashland, Boyd Co., KY

m. 12 Apr 1974 Catlettsburg, KY

Patricia Christian

d/o Charles and Marie Adams Christian

1262215-1 Laura Beth Mills b. 11 Mar 1975

1262215-2 Jennifer Mills b. 18 Dec 1981

1262215-3 Janice Mills b. 18 Dec 1981

1-2-6-2-2-2 Wm. Bernard “Buddy” Turman Kouns, Jr.

b. 28 Mar 1927 Ashland KY

m. 17 Oct 1944 Catlettsburg, KY

by: Rev. M. A. Hay Catlettsburg, KY

Ruth Virginia Johnson

b. 1928 Catlettsburg

d/o Chas. & Mattie Lewis Johnson

1-2-6-2-2-2-1 Brenda J. Kouns

b. 28 Apr 1947 Boyd Co.

m. 29 Jul 1967

Melvin Weis

b. 17 Oct 1945 Boyd Co.

1262221-1 Kimberly L. Weis

b. 1968

1-2-6-2-2-2-2 Reba R. Kouns

b. 14 Mar 1956

m. 21 Sep 1974

Charles E. Manning

b. 09 May 1948

Morgan Co. KY

s/o Murden and Mandy Salyer Manning

1262222-1 Jeremy D. Manning

b. 14 Sep 1976

1262222-2 Joshua A. Manning

b. 29 Oct. 1979

1-2-6-2-2-2-3 Sherry L. Kouns

b. 02 Aug 1950

m. 24 Aug 1968

Donald E. Castle

b. 09 Dec 1945

s/o John I. and Virginia Runyon Castle

1262223-1 Angela D. Castle

b. 1973

1-2-6-2-2-3 Jack Baines Kouns

b. 25 Nov 1928

d. 15 May 1977

bur: Golden Oaks Mem. Gdns.

Catlettsburg, KY

m. Gloria Lou Richardson

b. 04 Nov 1932 Boyd Co. KY

d/o Edgar & Della Perry Richardson

OBIT: ADI, Monday, 17 May 1977 – JACK B. KOUNS, 53, Rt. 3, Catlettsburg, KY died at 10:45 p.m. Saturday in King’s Daughters Hospital. Mr. Kouns was born Nov. 25, 1928 in Catlettsburg, KY, a son of Mrs. Irene Fowler Kouns Smith of Ashland and the late Bernard Kouns. He was a navy veteran of WWII, was employed at ARMCO as a tinner and was a member of Fred M. Gross Masonic Lodge 958 F&AM. Surviving in addition to his mother, are his wife, Mrs. Lou Richardson Kouns; two daughters, Mrs. Bobby Lee Young, and Sarah Johns, both of Ashland; three brothers, Bernard Kouns, Jr. of Westwood; Billy Joe Kouns of Ashland and Thomas E. Kouns of Westwood; a sister, Mrs. Laura Vanhoose of Catlettsburg, KY; four grandchildren. Funeral service will be conducted at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Neal Funeral Home in Catlettsburg by the Rev. William Johnson. Burial will be in Golden Oaks Memorial Gardens. The body is at the funeral home where friends may call from 4 to 9 p.m. Tuesday and until service time Wednesday. Masonic service will be conducted at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home. Active pallbearers will be William Murphy, Charles Boyd, Ronnie Robertson, Doug Moore, Paul R. Williams and Bob Queen. Honorary pallbearers will be James Hunley, Charlie Hale, Robert Remmele, Loval Mulky and Jerry Mansbach.

1-2-6-2-2-3-1 Roberta L. Kouns

b. 17 Jan 1951

m. 14 Aug 1971

James N. Young

b. 13 May 1949

s/o Jay and June Adams Young

1262231-1 Heather A. Young

b. 08 Aug 1973

1262231-2 Amber D. Young

b. 06 Jul 1976

1262231-3 Jimma L. Young

b. 23 Sep 1981

1-2-6-2-2-3-2 Sarah J. Kouns

b. 03 Feb 1954

m. 07 Jan 1977

Kenneth Parfitt

s/o Mr. & Mrs. Gene Parfitt of South Bend, Indiana

m2. Chris Stemmer

1262232-1 London Parfitt

1-2-6-2-2-4 Robert Matthew Kouns

b. 11 Dec 1930

d. 07 Sep 1950

KIA Korean War

NOTE: ADI 20 Aug 1981 – Catlettsburg – Sarah Johns, a native Boyd Countian and a Nashville recording star, will be the emcee for the Tiny Miss and Little Miss Logging Days contest Sunday. Miss Johns left the area to pursue a country western singing career in Nashville. She has been recording on the RCA label for the last 4 1/2 years. In her last three concerts, she has appeared with Hank Williams, Jr., Bob Hope and Charlie Rich. Admission to the contest . . . .

(Sarah Johns a/k/a Sarah J. Kouns)

1-2-6-2-2-5 Billy Jo Kouns

b. 23 Oct 1933 Ashland

m. 17 May 1950

Patsy J. Carpenter

b. 1933 Menifee Co. KY

d/o Robert & Hazel Horn Carpenter

1-2-6-2-2-5-1 James Elwood Kouns

b. 02 Aug 1954

m. 29 Jul 1978

Cosetta Gail McKenzie b. 06 Nov 1957 d/o James & Shirley Litteral McKenzie

1262251-1 Jamie Lea Kouns

b. 1979

1262251-2 James Mathew Kouns

b. 1981

1262251-3 Jesse Lee Kouns

b. 1982

1262251-4 Jerry Lynn Kouns

b. 1987

1-2-6-2-2-5-2 Linda Jean Kouns

b. 28 Apr 1951

m. 23 Nov 1971

Paul Edward Gillum

b. 25 Aug 1947

1262252-1 Arita Dawn Gillum

b. 1973

1262252-2 Paul Everett Gillum

b. 1975

1262252-3 Christena Jean Gillum

b. 1977

1-2-6-2-2-5-3 Donald Ray Kouns

b. 05 Aug 1960

m. 19 Feb 1980

Lillie Ann Helms

b. 08 Oct 1964

d/o John Arlin & Christiane Gehrimger Helms

1262253-1 Kari Ann Kouns

b. 1980

1262253-2 Donald Ray Kouns II

b. 1982

1262253-3 Terra Beth Kouns

b. 1985

1262253-4 Nicholas Andrew Kouns

b. 1987

1-2-6-2-2-5-4 Ronald Jay Kouns

b. 05 Aug 1960

m1. 12 May 1978

Darlene Delaney

b. 13 Jul 1961

m2. 03 Aug 1984

Jamie Helms

1262254-1 Ronald Jay Kouns II

b. 1978

1262254-2 Laura Jane Kouns

b. 1981

1262254-3 Jason Eric Kouns

b. 1988

1-2-6-2-2-5-5 Steven Mathew Kouns

b. 25 Jan 1953

m. 02 Sept 1979

Juanita Sue Layne

b. 21 Nov 1957

d/o Bennie & Rachel Wheeler Layne

1262255-1 Steven Adam Kouns

b. 1980

1262255-2 Tiffaney J. Kouns

b. 1984

1-2-6-2-2-5-6 Billie Sue Kouns

b. 13 Aug 1957

m. 31 Jan 1976 VA

James Ollie White

b. 29 Mar 1956

1262256-1 Lisa Rae White

b. 1976

1262256-2 Lesly Ann White

b. 1980

1-2-6-2-2-5-7 Carol Ann Kouns

b. 04 Mar 1958

m. 15 Oct 1977 VA

Jack Damron

b. 05 Dec 1955

1262257-1 Billy Jack Damron

b. 1978

1-2-6-2-2-6 Thomas Earl Kouns

b. 06 Apr 1937

m. 15 Jun 1955

Dovetta Stith

b. 20 Nov 1937

d/o E. A. & Hattie Broods Stith

126226-1 Thomas E. Kouns

b. 12 Jan 1956

m. 05 Jun 1974

Marissa L. Blanton

1262261-1 Maruica Beth Kouns

b. 1977

1262261-2 Kristian Michell Kouns

b. 1982

126226-2 Melissa M. Kouns

b. 08 Dec 1958


Raymond Stephenson

126226-3 Timothy Ray Kouns

b. 20 Aug 1960

m. 31 Aug 1979

Kelley Sue Thomas

1262263-1 Stephen Ray Kouns

1262263-2 Jason Thomas Kouns

126226-4 Betty Jo Kouns

b. 13 Nov 1965 Greenup Co

m. 29 Dec 1984

Greg A. Jackson

b. 21 Sep 1964 Boyd Co.

1262264-1 Jeremiah Jackson

b. 01 Feb 1989

1262264-2 Debra Marie Jackson

b. 26 Jun 1991

126226-5 Robert M. Kouns

b. 1963

1-2-6-2-3 Raymond Moore Kouns

b. 07 Jul 1901 Ashland, Boyd Co. KY

d. 17 Feb 1977 Ashland, Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 14 Feb 1924 Ironton, OH

Lillie Johnson

b. 09 Apr 1902/5 Wayne Co. WV

d/o W. M. and Cynthia Thompson Johnson

1-2-6-2-3-1 Roberta Kouns

b. 1925 d. 1927

bur: Ashland Cemetery

1-2-6-2-3-2 Glen Moore Kouns

b. 09 Jun 1928 Ashland, KY

m. 23 Nov 1949

Vanda Fraley

b. 19 Aug 1929

d/o Raymond L. and Sarah Tackett Fraley

126232-1 Vicki L. Kouns

b. 01 Apr 1951

m1. Gary Scaggs

m2. 22 Dec 1973

Paul D. Myers

b. 12 Dec 1946 Lawrence Co OH

d. 15 Jun 1989 Lawrence Co OH

bur: Woodlawn Cemetery Ironton

s/o Gene and Ella Cable Myers

1262321-1 Eric Matthew Myers

b. 1979

OBIT: ADI, 15 Jun 1989 – PAUL D. “BUTCH” MYERS, 42, of South Point, Oh., died Thursday in Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital following a long illness. Mr. Myers was born Dec. 12, 1946, in Lawrence Co. Ohio, a son of Ella Cable Myers of Coal Grove, Ohio and the late Eugene Myers. He was a retired employee of the National Mines Service Co. in Greenup, a member of the Coal Grove Nazarene Church, past president of the International Union of Machinests and Aerospace workers at Greenup and a Kentucky Colonel. Surviving in addition to his mother are his wife, Mrs. Vicky Kouns Myers; a son, Eric Matthew Myers, at home; three sisters, Wanda Morrison of Denver, CO, Loretta Fosson of Ashland and Virginia Allen of South Point; six brothers, Gary Myers of Deering, OH, Richard Myers and Kenny Myers of Kitts Hill, OH, Richard Myers of Franklin Furnace, OH, Bill Myers of Ironton, OH, and Michael Myers of Coal Grove, OH. The funeral will be conducted at 1:30 p.m., Saturday at the O’Keefe Baker Funeral Home in Ironton by Tom Fields and Gary Miller, ministers. Burial will be in the Woodland Cemetery at Ironton. Friends may call after 6 p.m. today at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Kidney Foundation, Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, St. Christopher Drive, Ashland, KY 41101.

126232-2 Ricky G. Kouns

b. 04 Feb 1953 Boyd Co. KY

m. 06 Jun 1973 Wise, VA

Clara Sue Bryant

b. 02 May 1954

d/o Walter Bryant

1262322-1 Yetta Rae Kouns

b. 1973

1262322-2 Derrick Andrew Kouns

b. 1983

1-2-6-2-4 Luther Neely Kouns

b. 1903/4

d. 11 Jan 1951 Coal Grove, OH

bur: Ashland Cemetery

never married

Luther had a tour of duty in the Navy shortly after WW I, he was in long enough to get tatooed as I (Curtis Puckett) remember. He worked as a short order cook, did a little painting and odd jobs. In 1933, he was working at Slade, KY on a CCC project that was to become Natural Bridge State Park.

OBIT: ADI, Thursday, January 11, 1951 – LUTHER N. KOUNS, 47, Coal Grove, OH, died in Kings Daughters hospital here today at 6:10 a.m. after an illness of 11 days. Mr. Kouns has been a resident of Ashland most of his lifetime, moving to Coal Grove four months ago. He was employed in a Coal Grove restaurant until he became ill. He was born in Ashland, a son of the late William H. and Martha Turman Kouns. The body is at the Lazear Funeral Home pending completion of funeral arrangements. Surviving him are three brothers, the Rev. Bernard T. Kouns and Raymond Kouns of Ashland, and Donald Kouns of the US Navy in Millington, TN; and five sisters, Mrs. George Price of Catlettsburg, KY, Mrs. Elza Puckett, Miss Helen Kouns, Miss Ruby Kouns, all of Ashland and Miss Betty Kouns of Baltimore, MD. Funeral will be Saturday, at 2 p.m. at the funeral home with the Rev. A. J. Springer officiating. Burial in the Ashland Cemetery.

1-2-6-2-5 Virginia Belle Kouns

b. 14 Apr 1909 Ashland, KY

d. 03 Nov 1985 Catlettsburg, KY

bur: Golden Oaks Cem. Ashland

m1.Clyde Jones

m2.26 May 1931

George Henry Price

b. 28 Nov 1888 Buchannon, KY

d. 03 May 1968 Catlettsburg, KY

bur: Golden Oaks Cem. Ashland

OBIT: ADI, Saturday, 04 May 1968 – GEORGE HENRY PRICE, 79, of 1212 Wilson St., Catlettsburg, KY, died at 6 p.m. Friday in an Ironton Hospital. Born 28 Nov 1888 in Lawrence County, KY, he was the son of the late Thomas and Missouri Cornwell Price and was a retired construction worker. He had resided in Catlettsburg most of his life and was a member of the Catlettsburg Church of Christ. Surviving are the wife, Mrs. Virginia Kouns Price; three sons, William Price of Pittsburg, PA; Fred Price of Catlettsburg, KY and Paul Price of Huntington, WV, one daughter, Mrs. Mildred Schellinger of Pittsburg, PA, and seven grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Monday at the Southside Freewill Baptist Church by the Rev. Clifford Booth. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Sunday at the Kilgore & Collier Funeral Home in Catlettsburg, KY. Burial will be in the Golden Oaks Memorial Gardens.

OBIT: ADI, Wednesday, 06 Nov 1985 – MRS. VIRGINIA KOUNS JONES PRICE, 76, of Catlettsburg, KY, died Tuesday in the J. J. Jordan Geriatric Center in Louisa, KY, following a long illness. Mrs. Price was born 14 Apr 1909, in Boyd County, KY, a daughter of William and Martha Kouns. Her husband, George H. Price died in 1968. She was a member of the Southside Freewill Baptist Church in Catlettsburg, KY. Surviving are two sons, Fred Price of Ashland, KY and Paul Jones of South Point, OH, three sisters, Mrs. Elza Puckett of Ironton, OH, Miss Helen Kouns and Miss Ruby Kouns of Ashland, and seven grandchildren. The funeral will be conducted at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Kilgore & Collier Funeral Home in Catlettsburg by the Rev. Henry Skaggs. Burial will be in the Golden Oaks Memorial Gardens. Friends may call at the funeral home after 4 p.m. today.

12625-1 Paul Edward Jones

b. 15 Sep 1927 Lawrence Co KY

m. 31 Dec 1953 Greenup Co. KY

Della Ross

b. 26 Sep 1935 Stiltner, WV

d/o Robt. & Carrie Davis Ross

126251-1 Michael Jones

b. 02 Aug 1955

m. 31 Dec 1974 Lawrence Co OH

Debra Ward

b. 24 Apr 1955 Geneva NY

d/o Carroll & Earnestine Ward

126251-2 Janet Jones

b. 22 Jan 1959

m. 15 Aug 1987 Lawrence Co. OH

Terry W. Dolin

s/o Andrew Dolin

126251-3 Paulett Jones

b. 20 May 1965


Charles Yaniko, Jr.

b. 05 Jun 1960 Lawrence Co. OH

s/o Charles & Betty Mullins Yaniko

12625-2 Frederick A. Price

b. 24 Nov 1934 Boyd Co. KY

m. 03 Apr 1963 Catlettsburg KY

Maude Thompson

b. 19 Jul 1917 Carter Co. KY

d/o Fred & Liza Wright Thompson


1-2-6-2-6 Vera Mae Kouns

b. 25 May 1911 Ashland, KY

d. 10 Apr 1896 Ironton, OH

bur: Highland Memorial Gardens South

Point, OH

m. 05 Jun 1929 Greenup, KY

Elza Puckett

b. 06 Apr 1907 Huntington WV

s/o Bill Thompson & Tennesse Trogdon, adopted by his aunt ca 1914, Emer Belle Thompson Puckett and William Puckett.


b. 22 Mar 1930 Catlettsburg, KY

m. 29 May 1953 Ashland KY by Rev. Bernard T. Kouns, wit. Louise Hall and Frank Stafford

Ruth Virginia Williamson

b. 01 Mar 1933 Catlettsburg, KY

d/o Robert & Mollie Beasley Williamson

126261-1 Cathy Jean Puckett

b. 03 Sept 1957 Ashland

m1 23 Sept 1978 Tell City IN

Ronald Moore (div)

m2.22 Feb 1986 Ashland KY

Andrew McCue

1262611-1 Audra Lynn McCue

b. 1986

126261-2 Julia Ann Puckett

b. 07 Feb 1963 Ashland, KY

m. 19 Sep 1981 Westwood, KY

William Sheridan Melvin

b. 14 Apr 1957 Boyd Co. KY

s/o Jacob & Lucille Brown Melvin

1262612-1 William Joseph Melvin

b. 1982

1262612-2 Justin Curtis Melvin

b. 1988

1262612-3 Jessica Nicole Melvin

b. 1990

1-2-6-2-6-2 James Elza Puckett

b. 27 Aug 1930 Catlettsburg

m1. 28 Jan 1961 Columbus OH

Jean Wiley

d/o Thomas & Edna L. Robbins Wiley

m2. Sandy Fultz

b. Middleport OH

d/o Henry & Bessie Graves Fultz

by 1st marriage:

126262-1 Laura Lynn Puckett

b. 25 Aug 1961 Columbus OH

m. Sep 1983

Michael Minner

126262-2 Christine Annette Puckett

b. 19 Nov 1963 Columbus, OH

m. 17 Mar 1990

Jay Garrison

126262-3 Ellen Beth Puckett

b. 19 Nov 1969

1-2-6-2-6-3 Michael Joseph Puckett

b. 09 Mar 1947 Ashland KY

m. 22 Oct 1978 Delaware OH

Sandy Zeiter

b. 06 Oct 1948 Montpelier OH

126263-1 Ashley Alane Puckett

b. 12 Jun 1978

126263-2 Evan Zeiter Puckett

b. 03 May 1981

1-2-6-2-6-4 Wanda Lee Puckett

b. 19 Jul 1931 Catlettsburg

m. 28 May 1950 Catlettsburg

Ralph W. Tagg

b. 28 Sep 1928 Greasy Ridge

Lawrence Co. OH

s/o Clarence & Della Bellville Tagg

126264-1 Ralph W. Tagg,Jr.

b. 08 Jan 1951 Columbus, OH

m. 31 Jul 1976 Galloway,

Madison Co. OH

Carisle Ann Roberts

b. 26 Sep 1955

d/o Randal & Ruth Carisle Roberts

1262641-1 Jennifer Ann Tagg

b. 24 Jun 1977

1262641-2 Alexander Robert Tagg

b. 18 Jan 1984

126264-2 Bradley Tagg

b. 1960

1-2-6-2-6-5 Dorothy Marie Puckett

b. 18 Dec 1934 Catlettsburg

m. 31 May 1952 Hammond IN

John Wishon

b. 03 Aug 1913 Columbus OH

d. 06 Jun 1979 Columbus OH

bur: Forest Lawn Cem. Columbus

s/o John & Edna Green Wishon

126265-1 Diana Jean Wishon

b. 23 Dec 1952 Columbus OH

m. Russell Baker

126265-2 Russell Phillip Wishon

b. 15 May 1954

d. 15 May 1954

bur: Greenlawn Cem. Columbus

126265-3 Karen Marie Wishon

b. 13 Feb 1957 Columbus

m. 22 Aug 1987 Licking Co OH

William F. Skipper

b. 21 Dec 1959 Fayette, NC

s/o Arthur & Pauline Phipps Skipper

1262653-1 Shauna Lynn Skipper

b. 19 Aug 1988 Columbus

1-2-6-2-6-6 Billy Layne Puckett

b. 13 Jan 1933 Catlettsburg

d. 15 Mar 1966 Fairborn, OH

bur: Fairborn, OH

m. 19 Oct 1958

Lois Ann Chapman

126266-1 Mike Puckett (a)

126266-2 Johna Kay Puckett

126266-3 Mark Curtis Puckett

b. 04 Jun 1959 Xenia OH

m. 28 Apr 1978 Fairborn Oh

Jennifer Denece Vinson

b. 02 Feb 1959 Cape Cod MA

d/o Jimmy Dale & Geneva Fyffe Vinson

1262663-1 Amanda Lynn Puckett

b. 26 Apr 1982 Xenia OH

126266-4 Lee Ann Puckett

By 2nd marriage to Betty E. Rucker

1-2-6-2-7 Helen Louise Kouns

b. 18 Jul 1921 Boyd Co. KY

m. Paul Brown

12627-1 Patricia Brown

b. 10 Apr 1941 Henshaw, WV

m1 19 Jul 1958 Ashland KY

Robert Martin

b. 17 Sep 1937 Grayson, KY

m2 05 Jan 1966

David Burke

b. 04 Jan 1944 St. Louis MO

126271-1 Steven Scott Martin

b. 06 May 1959

m. 03 Jul 1986

Betty M. McSorley

b. 01 Nov 1969 Ironton, OH

126271-2 Rebecca E. Burke

b. 1967

m. Donald Martin, Jr.

126271-3 Shelia C. Burke

b. 15 Aug 1968

m1. Scott

m2. Jack E. Caudell

b. 15 Jul 1965 Winchester KY

1262713-1 David Scott

b. 1988

see 1-2-6-2-1 Donald Lee Kouns also by this marriage he is in wrong line up.

1-2-6-2-8 Ruby Allene Kouns

b. 19 Aug 1925 Law. Twp Lawrence Co OH

d. 10 Apr 1990 Flatwoods, Greenup Co KY

bur: Golden Oaks Memorial Gardens


Charlie Miller

OBIT: ADI, Wednesday, 11 Apr 1990 – RUBY A. KOUNS, 64, of Fields Ave., Flatwoods, died Tuesday at her home following a long illness. Miss Kouns was born Aug. 19, 1925 in Kitts Hill, OH, a daughter of the late Bill and Betty Rucker Kouns. She was a retired presser for Hope Cleaners. She moved from Ashland to Flatwoods 16 years ago. Surviving are a son, Robert Keith Miller of Flatwoods, and two sisters, Helen Kouns of Lexington and Betty DeHaven of Baltimore, MD. The funeral will be conducted at 11 a.m. Friday at the Carman Funeral Home in Flatwoods by the Rev. Gilbert Dock. Burial will be in the Golden Oaks Memorial Gardens in Ashland. Friends may call from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home.

12628-1 Robert Keith Miller

b. 18 Apr 1963

1-2-6-2-9 Betty Elizabeth Kouns

b. 14 May 1929 Boyd Co. KY

m1. Charles W. Oats

b. 22 Mar 1924

m2. Patrick L. DeHaven


d. May 1977

12629-1 Kathy Oats

1-2-6-3 Samuel Bert Kouns

b. 18 Oct 1883 LeGrange, TN

d. 14 Oct 1933 Ashland Ky age 49

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. Katherine Elizabeth Gang

b. 1884 Stewart Co. TN

d. 12 Feb 1971 Baltimore, MD

OBIT: ADI, 14 Oct 1933 – SAMUEL BERT KOUNS, 49, husband of Katherine Elizabeth Kouns of 2506 Winchester Ave., died this morning at 9:30 at the home following a heart attack. He was born Oct 18, 1888, in LaGrange, TN, the son of Abram and Nancy Jane Neely Kouns. Mr. Kouns had been employed as a car inspector for the C&O for the past 16 years. Funeral service will be held from the Centenary M.E. Church with Rev. P.E. Thornburg in charge, but the time of the last rites and place of burial have not been determined. he leaves his widow, one son, Conrad Kouns at home, one daughter, Betty Anne Kouns, at home, three brothers, Clifford of Ashland, Charles E. of Newport and William Kouns, of Leach, KY, and one sister, Mrs. Leonard Hern, of Ashland. ADI-Oct 1933 – Funeral service for Samuel Bert Kouns, 49 year old car inspector for the C&O who died of a heart ailment yesterday morning at his home, 2505 Winchester Ave., will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 from the Centenary M.E. Church with Rev. J. E. Thornbury in charge. Interment will be made in the Ashland Cemetery. His six cousins, William C., Edgar, Sam and John Kouns and Lando Hammonds will act as pallbearers. The body will be taken to the church at 1:30 and will lie in state until time of the funeral. At that time it will be closed and will not be opened again.


1-2-6-3-1 Conrad A. Kouns

b. 1910 Ashland KY

d. 25 Oct 1969 MD

m. unknown

12631-1 Samuel Kouns

12631-2 Ruby Kouns

1-2-6-3-2 Betty Anne Kouns

1-2-6-4 Charles Edward Kouns

b. 1881 Stewart Co. TN

d. 07 Jan 1942 Newport, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

occupation: Engineer

m. 02 Dec 1916 Ashland, KY

Nellie Trent

d/o Albert & Lilian Murphy Trent

b. 07 Dec 1893 Greenup

d. 03 May 1961

bur: Ashland Cemetery

OBIT: ADI, January 08, 1942 – CHARLES E. KOUNS, 60, of Newport, KY, a former resident of Ashland, died yesterday morning at the Spears Hospital, Dayton, KY, after an illness of two weeks. Mr. Kouns, a native of Tennessee, was the son of the late Abraham Kouns and came to Ashland when a young man, residing here until 20 years ago. He was employed as an engineer at the Newport Rolling Mill Company and was a member of the Methodist Church. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Nellie Trent Kouns, four daughters, Mrs. Jesse Jones of Newport; Mildred, Doris and Mary Alice, at home; one son, Private Arnold Kouns of Camp Polk, LA; also several nieces and nephews living in Ashland. The body will be brought to the Yelton Funeral Home Friday afternoon. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery, but no funeral arrangements have been made.

1-2-6-4-1 Frances C. Kouns

b. 20 Jan 1921 Ashland, KY

m. 24 Jun 1939

Jesse Jones

b. 1917 Nashville, TN

12641-1 Donald L. Jones

b. 23 Apr 1940 Campbell Co KY

12641-2 Bertha J. Jones

b. 08 Jan 1943 Campbell Co KY

12641-3 Brenda C. Jones

b. 18 Jan 1948 Campbell Co KY

12641-4 Dorothy C. Jones

b. 10 Sep 1953 Campbell Co KY

12641-5 Jesse L. Jones

b. 13 Oct 1958 Campbell Co KY

1-2-6-4-2 Mildred Kouns

b. 1923 Campbell Co. KY

m. 05 Sep 1942 Newport KY

Lee Gilbert Flemming

b. 1924

12642-1 Lee G. Flemming

b. 23 Feb 1945 Kenton Co KY

12642-2 Richard Flemming

b. 04 Jun 1948 Kenton Co KY

1-2-6-4-3 Doris K. Kouns

b. 02 Dec 1925 Campbell Co KY

m1. Pat Pellillis

b. 1923 Newport KY

m2. _______ Fieno

12643-1 Pasqualine A. Pellillis

b. 05 Jul 1945 Kenton Co. KY

12643-2 Steven C. Pellillis

b. 30 May 1949 Kenton Co. KY

12643-3 Cheryl G. Fieno

b. 12 Jul 1964 Campbell Co KY

1-2-6-4-4 Mary Alice Kouns

b. 19 Feb 1929 Campbell Co KY

m1. _______ Eagan

m2. _______ Plantholt

m3. _______ Bock

12644-1 William E. Eagan

b. 26 Mar 1948 Campbell Co KY

12644-2 Marietta Eagan

b. 14 Jun 1949 Campbell Co KY

12644-3 Michael D. Eagan

b. 11 Dec 1950 Campbell Co Ky

12644-4 Sandra L. Eagan

b. 05 Jul 1954 Campbell Co KY

12644-5 Timothy P. Eagan

b. 18 Jan 1956

12644-6 Frank J. Plantholt

b. 27 Sep 1960 Campbell Co KY

12644-7 Connie S. Plantholt

b. 09 Apr 1962 Campbell Co KY

1-2-6-4-5 Arnold Edward Kouns

b. 19 Apr 1919 Ashland

m. 17 Nov 1945 Campbell Co KY

Bertha Mather

b. 08 Jun 1921 Alexander KY

12645-1 Howard C. Kouns

b. 31 Jul 1947 Kenton Co KY

m1. 23 May 1966 Newport, KY

Anna V. Heath

b. 09 Feb 1948

m2. April Potter Miller Beleu

by 1st marriage:

126451-1 Kenneth James Kouns

b. 17 Jan 1967

Campbell Co. KY

m. Kathy King

from Ft. Wright, KY

126451-2 Bradley Justin Kouns

b. 08 Jun 1970

Campbell Co. KY

12645-2 Ronald E. Kouns

b. 05 Apr 1951

1-2-6-4-6 Charles E. Kouns

b. 20 Jul 1927 Campbell Co KY

d. 20 Jul 1927 Campbell Co KY

1-2-6-4-7 Garnet Lillian Kouns

b. 13 Oct 1917 Ashland KY

1-2-6-5 Mary Frances “Fannie” Kouns

b. 1879 Stewart Co. TN

d. 24 Apr 1939 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. Leonard Hern

OBIT: ADI – Injuries sustained in an automobile wreck in which two cars and a truck figured last night, proved fatal to Mrs. Leonard Hern, 60 year old resident of 456 Twenty-ninth Street this morning at 2:50 o’clock in the Kings Daughters Hospital. The accident occurred on the east side of Biggs Hill, near Grayson, KY. According to Hubet Counts, county attorney of Carter County, Mrs. Hern was riding in an automobile being driven east from Olive Hill by Howard Byron, her son-in-law, of Buchanan, KY. Counts said that the Byron car was following an unknown truck which struck a North Carolina car, traveling in the opposite direction, and knocked it into the Byron car, completely demolishing it. The truck continued on its course without stopping. State police are investigating the collision. Mrs. Hern was removed to the hospital here suffering from a broken leg, broken hip, internal injuries, and shock. She was the only one injured. Mrs. Hern was born at LaGrange, TN, the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Kouns. She was a devoted member of the Centenary Church here, and the Mary Wesley Bible Class. Surviving are her husband, Leonard; two daughters, Mrs. Howard Byron, Buchanan, and Mrs. Norvel Bulger, Ashland; one brother, Charles E. Kouns, Newport, KY, and four grandchildren, Billy, Adelade, Margaret Lynn, and Jane Frances Byron, all of Buchanan. The body is at the John Steen funeral home, and will remain there until two o’clock tomorrow afternoon where it will be removed to the residence. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

1-2-6-5-1 Garnet Mae Hern

b. 18 May 1900

d. 02 Nov 1952 Ashland KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. Howard D. Byron

OBIT: ADI, 02 Nov 1962 – MRS. GARNET HERN BYRON, 62, of 456 29th Street, died at 7:30 a.m. today in Kings Daughters Hospital following an illness of one day. She was the wife of Howard D. Byron, a shift superintendent for Ashland Oil and Refining Co. Mrs. Byron was county treasurer for the Boyd County Homemakers Club. She was a member of Centenary Methodist Church and chairman of the church’s Circle One. A native and lifelong resident of Ashland, Mrs. Byron was born May 18, 1900, a daughter of the late Leonard and Fannie Kouns Hern. Surviving in addition to the husband are three daughters; Mrs. Harold Conley of Ironton, Miss Margaret Lynn Byron at home and Miss Jane Francis Byron of Cincinnati; a son, William H. Byron of Warenton, VA; a sister, Mrs. Mary Frances Bulger of Washington, D.C., and four grandchildren. The body is at the Miller Funeral Home. Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

1-2-6-5-1-1 Adlee Byron

m. Harold Conley

1-2-6-5-1-2 Margaret Lynn Byron

1-2-6-5-1-3 Jane Frances Byron

1-2-6-5-1-4 William H. Byron

1-2-6-5-2 Mary Frances Hern

m. ________ Bulger

1-2-6-6 Daughter Kouns

1-2-6-7 Son Kouns

1-2-6-8 Daughter Kouns

1-2-6-9 Son Kouns

1-2-6-10 Son Kouns

1-2-7 Christian Christopher Kouns – s/o Christian Kouns and Amanda Triplett Kouns

b. 26 Aug 1848 Greenup Co. Ky

d. 23 Sep 1893 Ashland, KY

bur: Belmont St. Ashland, KY

m. 12 Sept 1872 by Wm. Sherrett

Margaret Wilson

b. 07 Aug 1851 Greenup Co. KY

d. 21 Aug 1943/8 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

d/o David and Nancy (Rice) Wilson

David Wilson b. 29 Dec 1824 d. 20 Jul 1884

Nancy Rice Wilson b. 19 Sep 1833 (from Delong Genealogy)

ADI, Thursday, 06 Aug 1942 (Picture) – MRS. MARGARET WILSON KOUNS, a life long resident of Ashland who has reached the venerable age of ninety-one years, will celebrate that birthday tomorrow, Friday, August 7 at her home, 2909 Winchester Ave. Her friends and relatives are invited to call during the day.

Mrs. Kouns takes an alert interest in the affairs of the day. She has lived during four wars (American Civil War, Spanish American War, World War 1 and WW II). She had a son who served in the Spanish American war, and now has a grandson who is Chief Petty Officer on the U.S.S. Salt Lake City. He (Ormand Kouns) was in Pearl Harbor at the time of the December attack.

Mrs. Kouns also has a great grandson serving with the Air Corps in Florida. Her eight children include six sons and two daughters, who are; C.C. Kouns, William H. Kouns, John L. Kouns, Ezra W. Kouns and Edgar L., all of Ashland and James A. Kouns of Oakland, Calif. Mrs. B. F. Nolte and Mrs. Margaret Nolte at home, also 43 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.

OBIT: ADI, Sunday, 22 Aug 1948 (picture) – Death claimed yesterday a prominent woman, believed to have been the oldest resident of Ashland. She was Mrs. Margaret Wilson KOUNS, age 97 years, who is survived by her six sons and two daughters, two brothers, 36 grandchildren, 57 great grandchildren and 8 great great grandchildren.

She had lived thru four wars that involved the United States. Born in (what is now) Boyd County, August 7, 1851, a daughter of David and Nancy Rice Wilson. Mrs. Kouns saw the Civil War, the Spanish American and both World Wars. A son served during the Spanish American and many of her descendents saw action in World Wars I and II. The picture above was taken when she celebrated her 91st birthday and the Independent reported then that Mrs. Kouns still took an alert interest in the affairs of the day.

Mrs. Kouns died yesterday morning at 11:30 o’clock at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Nolte, 2209 Winchester Ave., where she had lived for several years. She had been in ill health for one month. Her husband, who preceded her in death some time ago, was Christian C. Kouns. Her lifetime was spent in Ashland and she was a member of the Centenery Methodist Church.

The body is at the John Steen Funeral Home where funeral service will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday. The Rev. H.L. Moore, pastor of Centenery Methodist Church, will be in charge of the services, and will be assisted by the Rev. W. B. Corder. Grandsons of the deceased will serve as pallbearers.

The six surviving sons are, C.C., William H., John L., Ezra W., Edgar L. Kouns all of Ashland; and James A. Kouns of Oakland, Calif.; the two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Nolte and Mrs. Virginia Nolte, both of Ashland; and two brothers, David Wilson of Red Fields, Iowa and Mose Wilson of Enterprise, KY.

1880 Greenup Co. Census:

Christian Kouns age 29 b. KY

Margaret 28 b. KY

David 7

Christian C. 5

William H. 4

James A. 1

1900 Boyd Co. Census:

Margaret Kouns with children 6-11

1-2-7-1 Lewis Edgar Kouns

b. 19 Feb 1890 Ashland, Ky

d. 13 May 1958

bur: Rose Hill Burial Park

m. 28 Aug 1909 Lawrence Co OH

Margaret Elizabeth Farmer

b. 14 Aug 1890 Hanging Rock OH

d. 14 Sep 1970

bur: Rose Hill Burial Park Boyd Co

d/o Wm. and Anna Leahy Farmer – William Farmer, father of Mrs. Edgar Kouns died 06 Apr 1927. Surviving is his wife, Mrs. Anna Farmer, Mrs. J. N. Bush, Portsmouth, Ohio, Mrs. Clarence Butz, Middletown, OH; Mrs. Howard Burns, Mrs. Edgar Kouns and Mrs. Julia Brown all of Ashland.

OBIT – ADI Mon. 14 Sep 1970 – MRS. MARGARET E. KOUNS – d/o William Farmer and Anna Leahy, w/o Louis Edgar Kouns names children – Melvin, Paul and Ivan of Ashland, KY; Mrs. Andrew Waginger of Hanging Rock, OH; one sister, Mrs. Bess Chatfield of Ashland, KY. Mrs. Kouns, a resident of Scope Towers, died at Kings Daughter’s Hospital after an extended illness. She leaves 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Burial Rose Hill Burial Park, Ashland, KY.

1-2-7-1-1 Melvin R. Kouns

b. 12 Jul 1934 Boyd Co. KY

d. 12 Aug 1978 Ashland, KY

bur: Rose Hill Burial Park

Boyd Co. KY

m. 25 Jan 1958

Barbara Ann Gallaher

b. 1938 Boyd Co. KY

d/o James and Delia Lemon Gallaher

OBIT: ADI Mon 14 Aug 1978 – MELVIN R. KOUNS, 44, the son of Lewis Edgar and Margaret Farmer Kouns, husband of Barbara Gallaher Kouns, leaves the following children at home Kevin L. and Melva K. Kouns; two brothers, Paul and Ivan Kouns both of Ashland and one sister Mrs. Barbara Waginger of Hanging Rock, Ohio.

The family resides at 3615 Valley Drive, Ashland, Ky. Mr. Kouns was a teacher at the Ashland Youth Development Center, a former teacher in the Fairview and Boyd County School Systems. He was a graduate of Ashland High, U.K., a baseball coach at Georgetown College in 1959. A member of the 1st Methodist Church, Elks Club, and the U.K. Kmen Assoc. Burial, Rose Hill Burial Park, Ashland, KY.

1-2-7-1-1-1 Kevin L. Kouns

b. 05 Nov 1961

m. 21 Apr 19__

Bobbie Franklin

1-2-7-1-1-2 Melva K. Kouns

b. 1963

1-2-7-1-2 Paul Endrue Kouns

b. 08 Dec 1914 Ashland

m. 26 Dec 1933 Wayne Co. WV

Ann Moore

12712-1 Darryle L. “Sam” Kouns

b. 11 Sep 1936 Ashland

12712-2 Donald F. Kouns

b. 17 Jul 1939 Ashland

d. 21 Jun 1959 Ashland

OBIT- ADI Mon 22 Jun 1959 – Donald Ford Kouns, 19, s/o Paul and Anne Moore Kouns, was a sophomore at Ashland Community College. He was killed in an auto accident on 13th Street Hill Sunday night. He lived with his parents at 2500 Hilton Ave., Ashland, KY. Service 1st Baptist Church, Ashland, Ky burial Ashland Cemetery, Belmont St., Ashland. arrangements by Miller Funeral Home. Survived by grandmothers – Mrs. Anna Moore and Mrs. Margaret Kouns.

1-2-7-1-3 Ivan Earl Kouns

b. 24 Jun 1929 Ashland

m. 24 Feb 1951

Wanda Lee Kouns

b. 12 Jun 1930 Ashland

d/o J. Walter and Grace Martin Kouns

12713-1 Ricky L. Kouns

b. 12 Jul 1955 Ashland

12713-2 Kimberly S. Kouns

b. 15 Feb 1958 Ashland

12713-3 Heather Ann Kouns

b. 30 Aug 1967 Ashland

1-2-7-1-4 Barbara A. Kouns

b. 06 Jul 1931 Ashland

m. Andrew Waginger

12714-1 James E. Waginger

b. 04 Oct 1956

12714-2 Joseph L. Waginger

b. 14 Sep 1957

12714-3 Andrea E. Waginger

b. 28 Feb 1959

12714-4 John E. Waginger

b. 13 Oct 1961

12714-5 Paul J. Waginger

b. 17 Jan 1963

12714-6 David A. Waginger

b. 14 Sep 1964

1-2-7-1-5 William L. Kouns

b. 1911

12715-1 Terry Lewis Kouns

1-2-7-1-6 Eleanor Frances Kouns

b. 04 Feb 1923

d. 25 Mar 1923

bur: Ashland Cemetery

OBIT: Funeral service for Eleanor Frances Kouns, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Kouns, were held yesterday afternoon at their home on 27th Street and Carter Ave. Rev. Mr. Hilas Miller officiated and Mrs. Fawn Donaldson Carroll sang two beautiful numbers, Precious Jewels and Sunbeams. The floral offering was unusually lovely. Burial followed in the Ashland Cemetery. The little girl was only 7 weeks old. She died of pneumonia. Two brothers, Paul and William Kouns, at home. (ADI)

1-2-7-2 David Elby Kouns

b. 30 Mar 1873 Boyd Co. KY d. 1893 Boyd Co. KY Typhoid Fever

bur: Belmont St. Ashland, KY

cause: typhoid fever

1-2-7-3 Christian/Christopher C. Kouns

b. 08 Apr 1874 Boyd Co. KY

or b. 28 Apr 1875

d. 18 Jan 1959 age 83

bur: Belmont St. Ashland, KY

m. 23 Jan 1884 home of Wm. Belcher

Mary E. Green

b. 1863 Scioto Co. OH

m2. Mina Frances (Clark) Hammonds

b. 12 Mar 1882 Ashland, Boyd Co KY

d. 05 Feb 1971 Ashland, Boyd Co KY

bur: Rose Hill Burial Park Ashland

d/o Ennis & Flora Arthur Clark

(no children by this marriage)

OBIT: Mina Frances Kouns – d/o Ennis Clark and Flora Arthur was b. 12 Mar 1882 d. 05 Feb 1971 age 88. She was married to late Christopher C. Kouns, surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Eva Nance and Mrs. Mabel Cordle both of Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Kouns’ home is at 1138 Belmont St. Ashland, KY. She died while a patient at the Elmwood Nursing Home. She was a member of the Central Baptist Church, 29th & Bath Ave. She has 8 grandchildren, and 3 great great grandchildren. Burial, Rose Hill Burial Park, Ashland, KY. (ADI Sat. 06 Feb 1971)

(Note from CP: Mina Frances Clark m. Orlando Hammond b. 1875 Boyd Co. KY the s/o William and Mary (KOUNS) Hammond. Mary A. Kouns was the d/o Christian and Amanda (TRIPLETT) Kouns.

Orlando Hammonds and Christopher C. Kouns were first cousins, owned a Saloon together and were close friends. Christopher’s wife, Mary died, Mina’s husband, Orlando, died, Christopher and Mina were married. Christopher’s daughter, Edna Marie Kouns m. Arnold Trent a brother to Nellie Trent who married Charles Edward KOUNS the s/o William H. Kouns who was Christopher C.’s first cousin)

OBIT: ADI, Monday, 19 Jan 1959 p.2 CHRISTOPHER C. KOUNS – Chris C. Kouns, 83, 1138 Belmont St., Ashland, KY., a retired Armco Steel Corporation policeman, died Sunday at 11:45 p.m. at Kings Daughters Hospital, following an illness of several months.

Mr. Kouns, a native of Ashland, was employed by Armco in Ashland, from 1924 until 1946.

Mr. Kouns was born in Ashland 28 April, 1875, the son of the late Christian and Margaret Wilson Kouns.

The body is at the Lazear Funeral Home where friends may call after 3 p.m. Tuesday. Arrangements are incomplete, pending word from relatives.

Surviving in addition to the widow, Mrs. Mima Hammond Kouns, is a son, Ernest L. Kouns, of Chinda Lake, California, a daughter, Mrs. Arnold Trent of St. Andrews, Florida, one step son, Lando Hammonds of Ashland, two step daughters, Mrs. Glen Nance and Mrs. Emzie Cordle both of Columbus, Ohio, two sisters, Mrs. Virginia Nolte and Mrs. Margaret Nolte, both of Ashland, four grandchildren and eighteen great grandchildren.

ADI, Tues. 20 Jan 1959

Funeral services for Chris C. Kouns 84, 1138 Belmont St., a retired Armco policeman who died Sunday night will be conducted Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. at the Lazear Funeral Home by the Rev. Lee Gore and the Rev. G. R. Tomblin. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. Pallbearers will be Arthur Blevins, Shelton McCain, Cecil Wurts, Harry Clark, Fred Dean and Ballard Fields.

1-2-7-3-1 Edna Marie Kouns

b. 1902 Ashland, KY

m. 1920 Wit: Shirley Martin & Virgil Goodman

Arnold Trent

b. 1899 Russell, KY

s/o Albert & Lillian Murphy


(according to her father’s obituary Mrs. Arnold Trent lived St. Andrews, Florida)

1-2-7-3-1-1 Arnold L. Trent

b. 07 Jul 1921

1-2-7-3-1-2 Charles M. Trent

b. 29 Mar 1923

1-2-7-3-2 Earnest Leonard Kouns

b. May 1899 KY

Possibly m. 2 Sep 1939

Mary E. Conroy

(need to verify)

(according to his father’s obituary (1959) Earnest lived China Lake, California) (Leonard was living in Detroit, Michigan in 1944 according to his brother, Harry’s, obit.)

(according to CP – Earnest had one daughter, Mary who lived in Detroit, Michigan in 1940 – thus, the above marriage may have been a 2nd marriage or not the correct one – need to verify)

1-2-7-3-3 Harry Kouns

b. 1904/5 Boyd Co. KY

d. 28 Oct 1944 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

OBIT: HARRY KOUNS – Harry Kouns, 40, of 32nd and Bath Ave., died this morning at 5:15 o’clock at his home following an illness of two months. Mr. Kouns was born in Ashland, a son of C.C. Kouns and the late Mary Green Kouns and lived his entire life in this city. The body of Mr. Kouns is at the Lazear Funeral Home and will remain there until 10 a.m. Sunday when it will be removed to the residence. At 1 p.m. Monday the body will be taken to the Centenary Methodist Church where it will lie in state for 1 hour. Funeral rites will be held at 2 p.m. with the Rev. M. L. Moore, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery.

Mr. Kouns is survived by his father, stepmother, two sisters, Mrs. Marie Trent and Mrs. Teresa Hall, both of Ashland; one brother, Leonard Kouns of Detroit, Michigan; his grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Wilson Kouns, of Ashland; three step brothers, Charles and Lando Hammonds of Ashland, and William Hammond of Lexington, two step sisters, Mrs. Eva Brown of Ashland and Mrs. Mabel Caudill of Columbus, Ohio. (ADI Saturday October 28, 1944 p.6)

1-2-7-3-4 Trudy/Teresa M. Kouns

b. 1908 Boyd Co. KY

d. still living in 1944 according to her brother, Harry’s, obituary

m. Ellis Hall

(not mentioned in her father’s obit. must have died prior to 1959)

1-2-7-4 William Henry Kouns

b. 21 Jun 1874 Boyd Co. KY

d. 16 Jul 1953 Boyd Co. KY

m. 28 Oct 1899 Lawrence Co. OH

Hattie Ransbottom

b. 11 Jun 1870 Lawrence Co. OH

bur: Ashland Cemetery

d/o James and Elizabeth Milstead Rausbottom

m2. Jan 1870 OH

Binite Florence Ransbottom Bennet


Bertie Ransbottom Barnett/Bennet

(his sis-in-law)

b. 18 Jul 1882 Lawrence Co. OH

d/o James and Elizabeth Milstead Rausbottom

d. 08 Feb 1932

bur: Union Cem. Chesapeake, OH

(no children by this union)

Mrs. Kouns (Bertie) was found dead in bed at 2718 Beech Street, Ashland, KY on the 8th of Feb 1932.

m3. Claudie Cosset

b. 1894 North Carolina

d/o Elicha Billings & America Osborne

OBIT: ADI, Tuesday, 09 Feb 1932 – MRS. BENITE FLORENCE KOUNS, 50, 2718 Beech St., was found dead in bed yesterday at her residence. A native of Lawrence Co., Ohio, Mrs. Kouns was born July 18, 1882, the daughter of James Ransbottom and Elizabeth Milstead. Surviving are her husband William H. Kouns. Also, three children by a previous marriage, Raymond, Inez and Ida Bennet, all at home; three sisters, Mrs. Jane Barnett, Mrs. Fanny Lage, Mrs. Rachel Cassidy, all of Chesapeake, OH; and one brother, James Ransbottom, of Chesapeake, OH. Burial will be in Union Cemetery in Chesapeake, OH.

OBIT: WILLIAM HENRY KOUNS – William Henry Kouns, 78, 2852 Carter Ave., died today at 11 a.m. at his residence following an illness of one year. A native of Boyd County, Mr. Kouns was born June 21, 1875, a son of Christopher C. and Margaret Wilson Kouns. He was a member of Centenary Methodist Church and of the Ashland Encampment of Spanish-American War Veterans. Prior to his retirement, his occupation was carpenter work. The body is at the John Steen Funeral Home. Arrangements are incomplete.

Survivng are his wife, Mrs. Claudia Kouns, one son, Ormond Kouns, of the U.S. Nanvy, Bremerton, Wash.; one daughter, Mrs. Arlie H. Daniels of Kerz, Ky.; one step son, Harold C. Cossett, Catlettsburg, Ky.; one step daughter, Mrs. H. Delbert Lakin, Ashland; five brothers, C. C. Kouns, John L. Kouns, Ezra W. Kouns and Edgar L. Kouns, all of Ashland and James A. Kouns, Oakland, California, two sisters, Virginia Nolte and Margaret Nolte, both of Ashland, twelve grandchildren and three great grandchildren. (ADI Thurs. 16 Jul 1953 p.6)

1-2-7-4-1 Jessie Marie Kouns

b. 25 Aug 1900 Boyd Co. KY

d. 23 Sep 1902

1-2-7-4-2 Rod D. Kouns

b. 17 Aug 1902 Boyd Co. KY

d. 16 Aug 1962 Boyd Co. Ky

Bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 19 Aug 1926 Boyd Co. KY

Marguerite Evans

b. 12 Feb 1906 Boyd Co. KY

d. 11 Jul 1981 Ashland, KY

Bur: Ashland Cemetery

d/o Ben W. & Laura Adams Evans

OBIT: ADI Sat. 16 Aug 1962 names Rod D. Kouns,52, the s/o William H. and Hattie Ransbottom, wife, Marguerite Evans, sons, Ben D. and Richard E. Kouns, at home; brother, Ormond Kouns of Bremerton, Washington; sister, Mecleta Daniels of Kerz, KY. Mr. Kouns (Rod) lived at 2826 Frankie St., Ashland, KY. He was employed at the #2 plant of Ashland Oil as a guard. He died following an illness of two months.

OBIT: ADI Mon. 13 Jul 1981 Marguerite Kouns,age 75 – d/o Ben Evans and Laura Adams, husband was Rod Kouns; two sons, Richard Kouns of Ashland, KY and Ben Kouns of Wauchula, Florida. Mrs. Kouns (Marguerite) passed away at Kings Daughter’s Hospital after a brief illness. She resided at 3101 Winchester Ave., a retired employee of C.H. Parson Co., a member of the South Ashland Methodist Church. Pallbearers were: Robert J. Buyalos, Thomas B. Buyalos, Norman Lanthorne, Thomas Lake, Ronald Montague, and Charles E. Montague.

1-2-7-4-2-1 Benjamin D. Kouns

b. 12 Aug 1927

m. Martha Lou Pendergrass

b. Coffeeville, Mississippi

Address: 904 Harvey St., Wauchula, Florida 33873

1-2-7-4-2-1-1 Jay Todd Kouns

b. Miami, Florida

m.(1) Apr 1988

Cyndi Kaye Oldham

m. (current) Sherri A. Kouns, from Wauchula, Florida, (Married 4-3-04)

Address: 2622 Bahia Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406

2. Second Daughter born Heather Leanne, D.O.B. 9-30-91
3. Step-Daughter Savannah Leigh Faircloth, born 11-11-90
1-2-7-4-2-1-1-1 Holly Breanne Kouns

b. 14 Sep 1988

1-2-7-4-2-1-2 Mandi Leigh Kouns, b.1963

1-2-7-4-2-2 Richard Evans Kouns

b.1944 Boyd Co

m. 12 Aug 1967

m. by Rev. John Dantz, Holy Family Church, Ashland, KY. Wit: Ben Kouns and Lynn Buyalos.

Jane Ann Buyalos

d/o Thomas B. & Lotti Mazzei Evans

Richard Kouns, Human Resources Supervisor at Kentucky Electric Power, address: 528 Sunset Dr., Ashland, Ky 41101.

1-2-7-4-2-2-1 Richard E. Kouns

b. 1968

1-2-7-4-2-2-2 Melissa A. Kouns

b. 1971

1-2-7-4-2-2-3 Robert T. Kouns

b. 1972

1-2-7-4-2-3 James Ormond Kouns

b. 1931 Boyd Co

d. 1932 Boyd Co

bur: Ashland Cemetery

OBIT: ADI, Friday, 21 Oct 1932 – JAMES ORMAND KOUNS, 11 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Kouns of 2244 Adams St., died this morning at 11:00 o’clock after an illness of a few days. The parents and one brother, Ben D., age 5, survive.

OBIT: ADI, Saturday, 22 Oct 1932- Funeral service for James Ormand Kouns, 11 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Kouns, whose death occured yesterday, will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at the home. Interment will be in the Ashland Cemetery. Surviving are the parents, one brother, Ben D., age 5 and the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kouns and Mr. and Mrs. Ben W. Adams.

1-2-7-4-3 Bertha Kouns

b. 26 Aug 1904 Boyd Co. KY

d. in youth

1-2-7-4-4 Ormond Bernard Kouns

b. 29 Sep 1905 Boyd Co. KY

m1 22 Aug 1931 by Rev. P.E. Thornburg, Methodist, Ashland, KY; wit: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart.

Edna Stewart

b. 1908 Paris, KY d. 1979

d/o Richard Stewart & Ada Gilbert

m2 Buford Roberts

(no issues by either marriage)

NOTE: On the 1910 Boyd Co. Federal Census, Ormond B., age 5 is living with his family at 1410 Central Ave. The membership of the Centenery United Methodist Church for the year of 1914 has the following: Mecletia is in class #3, Ormond is in class #6 and R. D. is in class #8 and they live at 1410 E. Lexington Ave. In the 1924-25 Ashland City Directory, he is living with his parents at 1805 Central Ave. During World War II, the American Legion Post erected, in 1944, a Memorial Wall honoring the men and women serving in the armed forces from Boyd Co. Ormond Kouns and twelve others bearing the Kouns name was listed on the wall. He was a career man with the US Navy, finally settling in Oregon.

1-2-7-4-5 Mecleta Kouns

b. 10 Jul 1907 Boyd Co. KY

m. 10 Apr 1937 Louisa Ky

Arlie H. Daniels

b. 08 Aug 1901

d. 19 May 1966

bur: Sitka, KY

NOTE: Mecletia Kouns is listed on the 1910 Boyd Co. Federal Census as being two years old, living at 1410 Central Ave. with her parents. Her mother, Hettie, died and her father married Hettie’s sister, Bertie. In the 1929 Ashland City Directory, Mecleta is living at 2612 Hampton Street, in the 1933-4 city directory, she is a saleswoman for the S. K. Kress Co., living at 2513 Montgomery Ave., in 1935-6, she was a clerk living at 2909 Winchester Ave.

Meclitia married Arlie Daniels in 1937 and lived in Kertz, KY for some time. Her husband worked at construction work and she traveled with him.

1-2-7-4-5-1 William H. Daniels

b. 02 Jan 1940

Johnson Co. KY

m. Irene Music

m2. Geraldine ______

1-2-7-4-5-2 Arlie O. Daniels

b. 1945

Nashville, TN

m. Betty McKenzie


1-2-7-4-5-3 Elizabeth Ann Daniels

b. 1947

m. Sidney Eagleston

1-2-7-4-5-3-1 Darin Eagleston

b. 1970

1-2-7-4-5-3-2 Cynthia Eagleston

b. 1978

1-2-7-4-5-4 Margaret Jean Daniels

b. 1949

Johnson Co. KY

m. Roy Dell Winn

b. 1948

1-2-7-4-5-4-1 Christina Winn

b. 1971

1-2-7-4-5-4-2 Kelly Winn

b. 1976

1-2-7-4-5-4-3 Timothy Winn

b. 1986

1-2-7-4-6 Lillian Kouns

b. 23 Dec 1908 Boyd Co. KY

d. 07 Jan 1909

1-2-7-5 James Albert Kouns

b. 15 Feb 1879 Boyd Co. KY

(must have died prior to 1959 as he was not mentioned in his brother Christian’s obituary; he was living in 1953 in Oakland, California according to his brother, Wm. Henry’s obituary)

m. 20 Aug 1899 Ironton, OH

Amanda Hurst

b. 16 Jul 1879 KY

d/o John and Lizzie Bailey Hurst

NOTE: According to Ova O. DeLong’s Genealogy, James Albert Kouns worked as a smelter, he poured the first heat ever poured at the American Rolling Mill’s Ashland Plant. While rescuing a charger operator that was knocked out by steam, when on Open Hearth Furnace was overcharged upon a wet floor, Bert suffered severe burns. He came to California to seek different employment, but his service was needed by the Bethleham Steel Co. Some years later he experienced almost the same kind of accident.

1-2-7-5-1 Wanda Kouns

b. 1901

1-2-7-5-2 Carrie Kouns

b. 1903

1-2-7-5-3 Hazel Kouns

b. 1905

d. Apr 1991 at 1089 Arkell Road, Walnut Creek, California

m. ____ Truscott

1-2-7-5-3-1 Tinse Truscott

(info from Ruth Elizabeth Truscott, 1089 Arkell Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94598)

1-2-7-5-4 one child died prior to 1910

1-2-7-5-5 Myrl Eugene Kouns

b. 08 May 1914

1-2-7-5-6 Arthur Franklin Kouns

b. 1917

1-2-7-6 John L. Kouns

b. 16 Nov 1882 Boyd Co. KY

d. 24 Jun 1964 Boyd Co. Ky

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 4 Jun 1905 Boyd Co. KY

m. by Rev. W. B. Corden, Wit: Walter Gates and Alberta Corden.

Dora McNeal

b. 22 Oct 1886 Greenup Co. KY

d. 12 Jan 1957 Boyd Co. KY

d/o John and Martha (Barney) McNeal

bur: both Belmont St., Ashland KY

OBIT. of JOHN MCNEAL – John McNeal, 74, of 706 Greenup Avenue, died at his home Sunday evening at 6 o’clock following an illness of several days. Mr. McNeal was well known throughout the city, having served from 1908 until 1912 as fire chief of the city of Ashland. Prior to this he was employed by the old A.C.& I. Company.

He was a native of Greenup county, having been born there in 1855. He came to Ashland forty years ago and has resided here ever since.

In 1880 Mr. McNeal was united in marriage with Miss Bertha Barney. To this union seven children were born, five of them are still living. Mr. McNeal is survived by his widow, and five children, Mrs. JOHN KOUNS of Ashland, and Mrs. Lum Lawson of Ashland and Mrs. Marion Pickens of Newport, Ky., and Mrs. M. L. Williams of Ashland, Mrs. Roland Wilson of Ashland and one grandson, whom he reared, Arthur Duncan and by serveral other grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He is also survived by four brothers, Theodore, Matt, Joe and Marion, all of Ashland and one sister, Mrs. Mary E. Hood of Ashland.

Funeral service is to be held from the residence at two o’clock Wednesday afternoon with Rev. Crowell in charge, and burial is to follow in the Dixon Cemetery. (ADI Mar 18, 1929 p.2)

OBIT: ADI, Saturday, 12 Jan 1957 p.8 – MRS. DORA MCNEAL KOUNS, 70, 3200 Bath Avenue, died at the residence today at 8:15 a.m. after an extended illness. Mrs. Kouns was born in Greenup County, Oct. 22, 1886, a daughter of the late John H. and Martha Barney McNeal. She had been a life long member of the South Ashland Methodist Church. Survivors include her husband, John Kouns, Sr., five sons, Edgar Cecil, John Jr., Gene R., Ablen B., and Clifford Kouns, all of Ashland; six daughters, Mrs. Howard Bryan of Raceland, Mrs. Russell Fout and Mrs. James Workman, both of Ashland, Mrs. Jack Stone, Mrs. Ova DeLong, and Mrs. Donald E. Moore, all of San Francisco, CA; four sisters, Mrs. Lum Lawson of Ashland, Mrs. Mark Williams of Pittsburg, CO, Mrs. Harold Wagoner of Newport, KY, and Mrs. C. B. Shusher of San Antonio, TX; 40 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. The body is at the John Steen Funeral Home. Arrangements are incomplete.

ADI, Sunday, 13 Jan 1957 p.12 – Funeral services for Mrs. Dora McNeal Kouns, 70, 3200 Bath Avenue, who died yesterday morning at her residence, will be conducted at 2:00 p.m. Monday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. J.I. Meyer and the Rev. E. J. Sparrow. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. The body is at the funeral home where friends may call. Pallbearers will be the following grandsons; John L. Kouns, III, James Kouns, Carl Fout, James Workman, William Bryan, Cecil Bryan, Ronald Bryan and Michael Kouns.

OBIT: ADI, Wednesday, 24 Jun 1964 p.10 – JOHN L. KOUNS, SR., 81, of 3200 Bath Avenue, died at 4:05 a.m. today in Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital after an extended illness. He was born in Ashland, November 16, 1882, a son of the late Christopher and Margaret Wilson Kouns. A member of the South Ashland Methodist Church. Mr. Kouns was a Kentucky colonel and a retired state highway employee. Survivors include five sons, John L. Kouns, Jr. and Clifford Kouns, both of Ashland; Edgar C. and Alben B. Kouns, both of Coca Beach, Fl.; Gene R. Kouns of St. Petersburg, Fl.; six daughters, Mrs. Howard Bryan of Flatwoods, Mrs. Russell Fout and Mrs. James Workman, both of Ashland, Mrs. Jack Stone, Mrs. Ova DeLong and Mrs. Donald Moore, all of San Francisco, CA; a brother, Ezra W. Kouns of Ashland; two sisters, Mrs. Virginia Nolte and Mrs. Margaret Nolte, both of Ashland; 43 grandchildren and 40 great grandchildren. The body is at the John Steen Funeral Home. Arrangements are incomplete.

ADI, Fri., 26 Jun 1964 p.8 – Services for JOHN L. KOUNS, SR., 82, 3200 Bath Avenue, will be conducted at 1 p.m. Saturday at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. K. C. Halbrook and the Rev. Glen David Vaughn. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. Serving as pallbearers will be Howard Cecil and William Bryan, Carl Fout, Anthony Workman, and David, James and John Kouns. Honorary pallbearers are Harry King Lowman, William D. Arthur, Ott Willis, Clifford Smith, John W. Woods, Judge A.R. Imes, Gerald Lyons, and Que Fannin.

1-2-7-6-1 Alma Christine Kouns

b. 21 Sep 1911 Boyd Co. Ky

m. 28 Sep 1934

wit: A.P. Keyser & James A. Banks

by: J. H. Dawson, Ashland KY to

Russell Lee Fout

b. 30 Jul 1913 Cabell Co. WV

s/o Charley & Emma Leech Fout

(Alma may have been stepdaughter to John L. her marriage certificate says her father was John Elkins or perhaps she was married to a Kouns – need to check this out)

12761-1 Carl Fout

b. 01 Jun 1936 Ashland

m. 30 Jul 1953

Carolyn Berger

127611-1 Amy Jo Fout

b. 01 Dec 1960

127611-2 Carl E. Fout, Jr.

b. 01 May 1963

127611-3 Jon Carter Fout

b. 08 Oct 1965

12761-2 Leona M. Fout

b. 13 Sept 1951 Ashland

m. Larry Brown

127612-1 Robin R. Brown

b. 08 Apr 19__

(note age difference of 15 years between Leona & Carl)

1-2-7-6-2 Mary Margaret Kouns

b. 31 Oct 1913 Franklin CoKY

d. 07 Feb 1988 San Fran. CA

bur: San Francisco, CA

m1. 29 Jan 1934 by Rev. Henry

C. Strait Wit: Kersha

Hall & Emma Strait

Gordon “Peg” Ireson

b. 1905 Cedar Bluff, VA

d. 16 Nov 1935 Ashland KY

s/o John W. & Eliza F. Raines


Note: Gordon “Peg” Ireson was a Justice of the Peace and an alcoholic. He died in 1935 at the age of 30.

m2. 10 Aug 1951 Ashland, KY

Jack Stone

b. 08 Mar 1907 Checkoslakia

d. 11 Oct 1964 San Fran. CA

bur: San Francisco, CA

Mary Margaret Kouns worked as a factory worker in Bridgeport, CT during WWII and later in Louisville, KY. She came back to Ashland and accepted a job as baby sitter for Jack Stone. She died in San Leandro, CA.

OBIT: ADI, Thursday, Feb. 11, 1988 – MRS. MARGARET STONE, 74, of San Francisco, Calif., formerly of Ashland, died Sunday in a San Francisco nursing home. Mrs. Stone was born Oct. 31, 1914 in Ashland, Ky., a daughter of John L. and Dora McNeal Kouns. Her husband, Jack Stone, preceded her in death.

Surviving are a son, Jack Stone of San Francisco, a daughter, Dora Thurman of Monterey, Calif., a stepson, Jack Stone of Clarion, Iowa; three sisters, Mrs. Ova (Thelma) Delong of San Francisco and Mrs. Russell (Christine) Fout and Mrs. Geraldine Workman, both of Ashland; three brothers, Gene Kouns of St. Petersburg, Florida; Alben Kouns of Cocoa Beach, Fla., and Clifford Kouns of Russell, Ky., and six grandchildren. The funeral was conducted at 7 p.m. Tuesday at a San Francisco Funeral home. Burial was in a San Francisco cemetery.

12762-1 Dora Ireson

b. 14 Apr 1935 Ashland

m. Wendell Thurman

Note: Wendell Thurman retired as a military helicopter pilot. After retirement, he founded a business in home building, also as a broker in real estate.

127621-1 Gena Thurman

b. 07 Dec 1957

127621-2 Lisa Thurman

b. 02 Dec 1959

127621-3 Michael Thurman

12762-2 Jack David Stone

b. 04 May 1952 Ashland

m. 12 Jun 1967

Margarete Beteta

b. 02 Feb 1950

1-2-7-6-3 Thelma Louise Kouns

b. 07 Jan 1918 Franklin Co KY

m. 07 Jan 1939 by

Rev. L. L. Hatton

Wit: Ted Delong & Audrey Harper

Ova O. Delong

b. 18 Jan 1913 Morgan Co. KY

s/o T. J. & Sarah M. Brown Delong

12763-1 Larry David Delong

b. 02 Aug 1948 Ashland

m. Adela Beteta

127631-1 Erik Alexander Delong

b. 14 Apr 1979

12763-2 Garry Joseph Delong

b. 12 Mar 1942 Ashland


Note: Garry Joseph Delong played pro hockey.

12763-3 Darlene Delong

b. 01 Jan 1946 Ashland

d. 13 Mar 1946 Ashland

bur: Ashland Cemetery

12763-4 Sharon Louise Delong

b. 09 Nov 1947

San Francisco, CA

m. 03 Jul 1978

Michael John Stonehouse

s/o Albert & Deloris Stonehouse

127634-1 Kimberly Stonehouse

b. 25 Nov 1978

San Jose, CA

127634-2 Sean Michael

b. 25 Nov 1979

San Jose, CA

12763-5 Samuel J. Delong

b. 27 Jan 1949

San Francisco, CA

m. 21 Mar 1978

Shirley Irene Rameriz

b. 12 Jan 1949

San Francisco, CA

d/o Frank and Irene Rameriz

Note: Sam Delong has worked for more than 14 years as an electrician for United Airlines.

127635-1 Jay Nathaniel Delong

b. 01 Sep 1976

San Francisco, CA

127635-2 Marc Gregory Delong

b. 08 Aug 1978

San Francisco, CA

1-2-7-6-4 Edgar Cecil Kouns

b. 1906 Ashland Boyd Co KY

m1. Nellie Craft

d. prior to 1946

occup: glaizer, foreman at

Castle Showcase

one child by this marriage

m2. 29 Mar 1946

by Rev. D.H. Mathery at First

Christian Church Catlettsburg

Emma Vaughn

b. 12 Sep 1910 Paintsville,KY

d. 13 May 1990 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

occup: press operator at

Henrite Mfg. Co.

d/o Arthur M. and Mollie Campbell Vaughn

Edgar and Emma resided at 1728 Hilton Ave., Ashland, KY. In 1956 Edgar C. and Emma were living at 3021 Lookout Street, Ashland, KY. He was employed at Tri-State Glass Co., John Kouns was manager.

OBIT: EMMA VAUGHN KOUNS, 80, of 3815 Blackburn Ave., died Sunday at her home. Mrs. Kouns was born Sept. 12, 1909, in Paintsville, a daughter of the late Arthur “Mid” and Molly Campbell Vaughn. Her husband, Edgar C. Kouns, preceded her in death. She was a member of the Old Orchard Church of Christ and the Greenhill Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, at Rush. Survivng are a brother, Glenn Vaughn of Catlettsburg; a sister, Sally Jackson of Ashland; and several nieces and nephews.

The funeral will be conducted at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Kilgore and Collier Funeral Home in Catlettsburg by a nephew, Glenn David Vaughn, minister. Burial will be in the Ashland Cemetery. Friends may call from 6 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. An Eastern Star Service will be conducted at 7 p.m. today at the funeral home by the Greenhill Chapter. (ADI, Mon. May 14, 1990 p.11)

1-2-7-6-4-1 Dortha Frances Kouns

b. 21 May 1928 Boyd Co

1-2-7-6-5 Dorothy Cleo Kouns

b. 16 Nov 1908 Boyd Co KY

bur: Ashland Cem.

m. 10 Aug 1925

Howard Sanford Bryan

bur: Ashland Cem.

s/o Jerry S. and Anna McGown Bryan

1-2-7-6-5-1 Lorie Lee Bryan

b. 30 Apr 1926 (twin)

1-2-7-6-5-2 Loraine Virginia Bryan

b. 30 Apr 1926 (twin)

1-2-7-6-5-3 Helen Wyvonna Bryan

b. 16 Apr 1927 Boyd Co.

m. Chester A. Watson

127653-1 Sharon K. Watson

b. 13 Jul 1950

m. Evan Walden

127653-2 Carol Ann Watson

b. 15 Apr 1953

m. David Moore

m2. David Vinson

127653-3 Patricia Jo Watson

b. 17 Mar 1960

m. Charles Hatcher

1-2-7-6-5-4 Howard Sanford Bryan

b. 06 Apr 1930 Boyd Co.

1-2-7-6-5-5 William J. Bryan

b. 03 Mar 1933 Boyd Co.

1-2-7-6-5-6 Chester C. Bryan

b. 18 Jul 1935 Boyd Co.

1-2-7-6-5-7 Dortha L. Bryan

b. 21 Mar 1938 Boyd Co.

m. Otis Lunsford

1-2-7-6-5-8 Ronald B. Bryan

b. 18 Nov 1940 Boyd Co.

1-2-7-6-5-9 Jerry J. Bryan

b. 25 Sep 1942 Boyd Co.

m. Bonnie Howard

1-2-7-6-5-10 Roe Wendal Bryan

b. 02 Mar 1945 Greenup Co

1-2-7-6-5-11 Martha E. Bryan

b. 31 Dec 1949 Greenup Co

1-2-7-6-6 John Lobert Kouns

b. 20 Sep 1909 Boyd Co. KY

d. 30 Dec 1974 Gainsville, FL

bur: Rose Hill Mausoleum

Ashland, KY

m. 18 Nov 1928 Greenup Co. KY

Margaret Louise Hacquard

b. 07 Jan 1910 Greenup Co. KY

d/o G. L. & Mayme Sebastin Hacquard

John L. Kouns, the s/o John L. and Dora McNeal Kouns was a World War II veteran, a retired mail carrier, and a resident of Daniels Fork, Boyd County, Kentucky. Mr. Kouns died in Gainsville, Fla. He leaves 21 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, also leaving four sons, John L. Kouns of O’Brine, Florida; Mickey Kouns of Sarasoto, Florida; Jimmy Kouns of Vero Beach, Florida; David Kouns of Dayton, Ohio and two daughters, Mrs. Peggy Lou Ratliff and Mrs. Mamie Jane Roberts both of Ashland, KY; four brothers, Jack and Alben Kouns of Cocoa Beach, Florida; Gene Kouns of St. Petersburg, Florida and Clifford Kouns of Flatwoods, KY and five sisters, Mrs. Christine Fouts and Mrs. Geraldine Workman of Ashland, KY; Mrs. Cleo Bryan of Flatwoods, KY; Mrs. Thelma Delong and Mrs. Mary Margaret Stone of San Francisco, California. He was 70 years old. (ADI Monday, 31 Dec 1979)

1-2-7-6-6-1 John L. Kouns III

b. 19 Jun 1929 Ashland

m. 06 Aug 1948 Westwood

Doris Evelyn McClurg

b. 1931 Morehead, KY

d/o C. R. and Jessie Williams McClurg

127661-1 Johnny C. Kouns

b. 20 Jun 1949 Boyd Co.

m. 22 Jul 1983

Gail Moore

1276611-1 Britney Michelle

127661-2 Diana K. Kouns

b. 22 Apr 1952 Boyd Co.

m. Billy Prine

1276612-1 Shawn Prine

1276612-2 Hether Prine

127661-3 Rebecca L. Kouns

b. 03 Jan 1954 Boyd Co.

m. _______ McNeal

1276613-1 Renee McNeal

1-2-7-6-6-2 Herman Russell”Mickey”


b. 16 Oct 1931 Boyd Co.

m. 05 Apr 1953 Ashland

Ruth A. McClurg

b. 06 Dec 1933 Boyd Co.

d/o Claude R. and Jessie Williams McClurg

127662-1 David Bruce Kouns

b. 05 Apr 1956

St. Petersburg, FL

127662-2 Keith Bryan Kouns

b. 05 Apr 1961

St. Petersburg, FL

127662-3 Mark Russell Kouns

b. 14 Aug 1963

St. Petersburg, FL

m. 10 May 1986

Sarasota, Fl

Susan Schaeffer

b. 13 Jan 1963 AL ?

1276623-1 Nathaniel Ryan Kouns

b. 16 Sep 1988

Sarasota, FL

1-2-7-6-6-3 Jimmy F. Kouns

b. 10 Nov 1934

Boyd Co. KY

m. 30 Oct 1953

Darlene Hutchinson

d/o Roy and Elizabeth Green Hutchinson

127663-1 Jimmy F. Kouns

b. 14 Oct 1954 Boyd Co

127663-2 Ronald L. Kouns

b. 21 Aug 1957 Boyd Co

127663-3 Roger D. Kouns

b. 05 May 1959 Greenup Co

127663-4 Kimberly A. Kouns

b. 18 Mar 1963 Boyd Co

1-2-7-6-6-4 David L. Kouns

b. 07 Dec 1936

m. 13 Aug 1955 Greenup Co

Janet Sparks

b. Portsmouth, OH

d/o Ellis and Dorothy Jones Sparks

1-2-7-6-6-5 Peggy Lou Kouns

b. 10 Jun 1939 Boyd Co.

m. 14 Mar 1960 Greenup Co

Bob Ratliff

b. 14 May 1937 Johnson Co

s/o Bert & Mamie Murray Ratliff

127665-1 Bobbi A. Ratliff

b. 06 Jan 1961 Boyd Co

m. Jack Green

d. 03 Feb 1985 Atlanta GA

car accident

1276651-1 Becky Green

b. 22 Oct 1980

1276651-2 Jack Green

b. 01 Sep 1981

1276651-3 Natasha Green

02 Aug 1982

127665-2 Teri Ratliff

b. 29 Aug 1962 Boyd Co

m. 04 Oct 1982

Timmy Stone

1276652-1 Nina Rae Stone

b. 16 Feb 1989

127665-3 Randy Joe Ratliff

b. 1965

1-2-7-6-6-6 Mayme June Kouns

b. 26 Sep 1946 Boyd Co

m. 20 Jul 1968 Boyd Co

Dale Roberts

b. 09 Jun 1941

s/o Brigham Y. and Emiline McCalvin Roberts

127666-1 Patrick Y. Roberts

b. 12 Oct 1969

127666-2 Michael D. Roberts

b. 09 Jun 1972

1-2-7-6-7 Joseph Stanley Kouns

b. 1916

d. 06 Nov 1924 Ashland, Ky

Joseph Kouns, age 8, was hit by a car while walking on Blackburn Ave., near the Old Orchard Church of Christ. The driver, a local minister, didn’t stop and later told the police that he couldn’t bear to see anybody suffering.

1-2-7-6-8 Geraldine Kouns

b. 19 Dec 1919 Boyd Co KY

m. 11 Mar 1939

James E. Workman

b. 31 Jan 1914

d. 01 Mar 1980

bur: Dixon Cem. Westwood Ky

s/o Charles & Ethel Cooper Workman

OBIT: ADI, Friday, 02 May 1980 p.21 – JAMES E. WORKMAN, 66, 3545 Workman Dr., died at his residence following a sudden illness. Mr. Workman was born 31 Jan 1914 in Ashland, a son of the late Charles and Ethel Cooper Workman. He was a member of the Old Orchard Church of Christ, and he was a Army Veteran of World War II and a retired employee of the Chessie System.

Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Geraldine Workman; three sons, Tony, James and Timothy Workman all of Ashland; a daughter, Mrs. Janet McKenzie of Ashland; two brothers, Charles Workman of Lima, Ohio and Robert Workman of Ashland; five sisters, Mrs. Bertha Jones of Greenup, Mrs. Laura Dixon and Mrs. Jean Barnett, both of Catlettsburg, Mrs. Mary Alice Rice of Michigan, and Mrs. Minah Crouch of Maryland; and eleven grandchildren.

Funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Sunday, at the John Steen Funeral Home by the Rev. Robert Shockey and the Rev. Charles F. Thomas. Burial will be in the Dixon Cemetery.

The body is at the funeral home where friends may call from 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday. Pallbearers will be John Hogsten, Louie Bond, Mack Pickett, John Combs, Jim Fields and Larry Branham. (ADI Friday, 02 May 1980 p. 21)

12768-1 James E. Workman, Jr.

b. 14 Mar 1940 Ashland KY

m1. Mary Chambers

b. 02 Jan 1940 Eunid OK

m2. Barbara Brown

127681-1 Timothy Wayne Workman

b. 29 Oct 1960 OK

m. 26 Dec 1989

Connie Coleman

127681-2 Joyce Louise Workman

b. 19 Apr 1962

m. Raymond Reyes

Houston, Texas

127681-3 Tammy Jean Workman

b. 1964 Alabama

m. Mark Laber

Ironton, OH

1276813-1 Karen Laber

b. 1982

1276813-2 Elizabeth Laber

b. 1985

1276813-3 Joseph Stanley Laber

b. Nov 1988

by second marriage to Barbara Brown

127681-4 Robin Workman

b. 1988

12768-2 Anthony Wayne Workman

b. 28 Dec 1941 Ashland

m. Joyce Caudill

b. Aug 1947

127682-1 Paula Ann Workman

b. 1964/5

m. David Rice

1276821-1 Ashton Brook Rice

b. 01 Feb 1990

127682-2 John Michael Workman

b. 1971

12768-3 Janet Susan Workman

b. 25 Aug 1943 Ashland, KY

m. 27 Dec 1960

Cecil McKenzie, Jr.

b. 09 Mar 1941 Ashland, KY

s/o Cecil E. & Arvelie Ruth Whirley McKenzie

127683-1 Geraldine Susan McKenzie

b. 30 Oct. 1962

m. Darren Wessell

127683-2 Diana Lynn McKenzie

b. 09 Nov 1964

m1. Steve Fraley

m2. Kenneth Taylor

1276832-1 Jennifer N. Fraley

b. 19 Mar 1982

1276832-2 Ashley Michelle Taylor

b. 21 Apr 1987

127683-3 James Everett McKenzie

b. 21 Jan 1971

12768-4 Timothy Lee Workman

b. 07 Dec 1947 Ashland

m. Mildred Cornwell

127684-1 Jessica Rose Workman

m. Mike Cantrell

1-2-7-6-9 Gene Russell Kouns

b. 30 Nov 1921 Boyd Co. KY

m. 21 Jul 1941

Helen Phillips

b. 21 Aug 1923

d/o Ethel McKenzie

12769-1 Michael Lynn Kouns

b. 27 Feb 1940

m. Naiomi Dennison

12769-2 Phillip Eugene Kouns

b. 26 Dec 1946

12769-3 Kerli Joe Kouns (adopted)

b. 18 Dec 1948

12769-4 Randal Kevin Kouns

b. 1954

12769-5 Kimberly Kouns

b. 1962

d. 22 May 1963

1-2-7-6-10 Alben Barkley Kouns

b. 1923 Boyd Co. KY

m. 26 Sep 1943 by Rev. H. L. Clay, Methodist, Greenup, Ky. Wit: John L. Kouns, Russell Fount

m. Lena Mae Karnap

b. 1922 Boyd Co. KY

127610-1 Carol S. Kouns

b. 19 Sep 1944 Boyd Co

127610-2 Richard A. Kouns

b. 02 Jan 1954 Boyd Co

1-2-7-6-11 Cathrine D. Kouns

b. 15 Jan 1926 Ashland, KY

d. 19 Jan 1973

m. Donald Moore

127611-1 Donnie Moore

1-2-7-6-12 Thomas Boggas Kouns

b. 1928

1-2-7-6-13 Clifford Glen Kouns

b. 20 Oct 1930 Ashland KY

m. 20 Jun 1949 by Rev. C. D. Harsh, Methodist minister in Greenup Co. KY Wit: Delmar and Betty Sturgill

m. Patricia Snoddy

d/o Arthur & Gertrude Bishop Snoddy

In Feb. 1953, Clifford Kouns was working as a lab tech. at the Allied Chemical Coke Plant at 40th & Winchester Ave., Ashland, Ky. His father-in-law, Art Snoddy was also working there in the Power House. Clifford left Solvay and moved to Florida for a short time. When he returned to the Ashland area, he worked as a guard at the Federal Correctional Prison at Summit, Ky. In 1960 Clifford and Patty are living at 3021 Lookout Street, Ashland. In 1984 they were living at 412 Cardinal Road in Kenwood, Greenup County, Ky. In the late 50’s or early 1960, Clifford went to work for the ARMCO Steel Plant in Boyd-Greenup Counties.

127613-1 Glenna L. Kouns

b. 29 Sep 1950 Boyd Co

m. 26 Jul 1968 by Rev. Charles S. Steele, Old Orchard Church of Christ. Wit: Stephen Elkins and Leslie O. Castle.

Charles T. Elkins

b. 31 Aug 1949

s/o Charles E. & Patricia Boggs Elkins

1276131-1 Erica L. Elkins

b. 10 Sep 1970

1276131-2 Erin L. Elkins

b. 23 Feb 1976

127613-2 Christie L. Kouns

b. 02 Jul 1955

127613-3 Clifford G. Kouns

b. 10 Dec 1956 Boyd Co

m. 28 Oct 1967 by Rev. Charles E. Towriss, Church of God. Wit: Jackie Nolen and Steven Kouns.

Judith Gail Johnson

b. 10 Nov 1958 Ironton OH

d/o Andrew & Delores Pennington Johnson

127613-4 Steven B. Kouns

b. 01 Feb 1960 Boyd Co

1-2-7-7 Ezra Wilson Kouns

b. 11 Jul 1884 Ashland, KY

d. 11 Mar 1966 Ashland, KY

bur: Dixon Cem. Westwood, KY

m. 8 Jan 1917 Ashland, KY

by Rev. John Wake at Ashland, Ky; Wit: Emma Smith & Bill Sexton.

Laura B. Schmauch/Shelton?

b. 1881 Ashland, KY

d/o A. S. & Mary E. Hornbuckle Schmauch – Laura Schmauch was the d/o Anthony Shelton although she gave the name of A. S. Schmauch as her father on her marriage application with Ezra. She had four boys and four girls by her first husband ______ Schmauch. Eutretta, Virginia and Alberta were three of her girls names that were living with her and Ezra, and Norman, her son. In 1920, Ezra and Laura were living at High and Oakview in Ashland. In 1929, they were living at 2214 High St. and Ezra was working as a teamster. In 1930-31 he was employed at ARMCO. In 1937-38, only Laura is shown living at 2214 High Street. Ezra either lived in or visited Lawrence County Ohio at different times during his lifetime. Charles Kouns, son of Samuel W. Kouns, a descendent of the Kouns family of Lawrence County, OH recalled his father talking of “cousin” Ezra from Kentucky. This strengthens my belief that the Kouns’ of KY and OH were related. In 1942, Laura is living at 1159 2nd Circle Prospect and Ezra, Gerald and wife, Frances and Lincoln are living at 4262 Putman St. In 1944, Laura is listed in the Ashland City Directory as the widow of Ezra Kouns, living at 363 Ringo Street, Ashland, however, in 1962, Ezra is living at 3222 Moore Street and Laura is living at 1915 High Street. In 1964, Ezra has retired and Laura is no longer listed in the city directory. In May 1966, Ezra died after a brief illness leaving 19 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. His residence was 3201 Moore Street at the time of his death. Steen Funeral home handled the arrangements. Burial was at Dixon Cemetery, Westwood, Boyd co., KY (ADI Sat. 21 May 1966)

1-2-7-7-1 Gerald Elwood Kouns

b. 22 Apr 1919 Ashland, KY

m1. 17 Mar 1941/2

Frances Ethyl Andres

b. 25 Jun 1921/3

d/o Thomas and Anna Riffe Andres

(Gerald on mar. record says his mother was Laura Shelton)

m2.Judith A.(Wells) Moore

b. 04 Oct 1941

1-2-7-7-1-1 Gerald Brian Kouns

b. 30 Jun 1954 Ashland

m. 13 Nov 1976

Karen L. Hicks

b. 03 Jun 1955

Huntington, WV

d/o James & Nellie Murray Hicks

1-2-7-7-1-2 John Anthony C. Kouns

b. 08 Sep 1946 Ashland

m1 Judy Thompson (Div)

127712-1 John Gerald Kouns

John Anthony C. Kouns

m2 19 Aug 1981

Debra Ann (Wheeler)Riffe

(Div) b. 1955 Franklin Co. OH

1-2-7-7-1-3 Elizabeth Ann Kouns

b. 14 Jun 1942 Ashland

m1 Jim Strother

m2 Bill Fultz

127713-1 Susan A. Strother

b. 20 Nov 1961 Boyd Co

127713-2 James Strother

1-2-7-7-1-4 Madalom Jay Kouns

b. 09 Aug 1943 Ashland

m1. 15 Aug 1962

m1 Donald R. Kazee

b. 1935

s/o John & Mabel Toler Kazee

m2 Bob Smith

127714-1 John Paul Kazee

b. 1967/8

127714-2 Gerald Franklin Kazee

b. 1967/8

127714-3 Robert Jeffery Smith

b. 1963 ?

(need to verify dates of 1st and 2nd marriages must be reversed)

1-2-7-7-1-5 Charles P. Kouns

b. 03 Feb 1948

m. 16 Jun 1966

Jennifer Jones

b. 18 Nov 1947

d/o Charles E. & Evelyn Spence Jones

1-2-7-7-1-6 Connie Louise Kouns

b. 23 Jan 1949 Ashland

m1 Jim Booth (annuled)

m2 Nov 1969

Clell Adkins

m3 12 Nov 1977

Harold Davis

127716-1 Clell Harvey Adkins

b. 1973

127716-2 Harold Leslie Davis


1-2-7-7-1-7 Sabra Jan Kouns

b. 13 Jan 1958 Ashland

m._____ Miller

127717-1 Nikki Jo Miller

b. 22 Apr 1984

1-2-7-7-1-8 Dannie Joe Kouns

b. 01 Mar 1960 Ashland

d. 12 Aug 1974 Ashland

1-2-7-7-1-9 Rick H. Kouns

b. 23 Dec 1963 Ashland

1-2-7-7-2 Lincoln Wilson Kouns

b. 09 Jun 1917 Ashland, KY

m. Betty Clark

b. 13 Jul 1925 Lawrence Co OH

12772-1 Sharon Kouns


127721-1 Donna C. Gilbert

b. 06 Mar 1959

m. 28 May 1977

Wise, VA

Mike Phillips

127721-2 Linda D. Gilbert

b. 23 Sep 1960

127721-3 Oakie Martin Gilbert

b. 14 Oct 1961

127721-4 Tamara S. Gilbert

b. 19 Oct 1964

127721-5 Pamela G. Gilbert

b. 09 Oct 1965

127721-6 Heath Gilbert

b. 22 Feb 1969

127721-7 Dwayne E. Gilbert

b. 1970

12772-2 Mary B. Kouns

b. 22 Mar 1944 Ashland

m1. 25 Jul 1961 Columbus

Gary E. LeGore

m2. Harold R. Alley

m3. 30 Apr 1987

Richard A. Kincaid

127722-1 Christi Ann LeGore

b. 26 Oct 1962 Ashland

127722-2 Gary Scott LeGore

b. 09 Nov 1963

Yerdun, France

127722-3 Denise Elaine LeGore

b. 08 Jan 1968

Fort Erwin, CA

127722-4 Misty Dawn Alley

b. 08 Jun 1973 Ashland

(no children by 3rd marriage)

12772-3 Lincoln W. Kouns, Jr.

b. 18 Aug 1948 Ashland

m. 22 Jul 1970

Bonnie Geraldine Riffe

b. 21 Jan 1946

127723-1 Lincoln Lewis Kouns

b. 06 Jan 1972

127723-2 Travis Wilson Kouns

b. 29 Mar 1973

127723-3 Bonnie Lynn Kouns

b. 28 May 1974

12772-4 Karen Kouns

b. 22 Nov 1942 Ashland KY

m. 08 Oct 1966

Cecil S. Huffman

b. 04 Jan 1943

s/o Frank F. & Rosa Riffe Huffman

127724-1 Patti Jenine Huffman

b. 16 Jan 1969

127724-2 Michael David Huffman

b. 28 Oct 1970

127724-3 Paula Frances Huffman

b. 18 Nov 1977

12772-5 Carey Ann Kouns

b. 22 Dec 1951 Ashland

m. 27 May 1970

Thomas Lee Payne

b. 17 Feb 1952 Ashland KY

s/o Clarence & Edna Crace Payne

127725-1 Leigh Ann Payne

b. 16 Mar 1971 Ashland

127725-2 Thomas L. Payne

b. 03 Jul 1975 Ashland

127725-3 Jeremy S. Payne

b. 22 Feb 1979 Ashland

12772-6 Rebecca F. Kouns

b. 09 Feb 1953 Ashland

m. 09 Apr 1970

Robin A. Stewart

b. 14 Nov 1952 Kenova WV

s/o John C. & Virginia Cumpton Stewart

127726-1 Pennie R. Stewart

b. 11 Oct 1973

127726-2 Paige R. Stewart

b. 23 Nov 1974

127726-3 Robin A. Stewart

b. 1976

12772-7 John Keith Kouns

b. 31 May 1956 Ashland

m. 20 Oct 1975

Nicki Gail Ison

b. 21 Dec 1955 Boyd Co KY

d/o William & Rose Hall Ison

127727-1 John Michael Kouns

b. 04 Mar 1978

127727-2 Jeffrey Keith Kouns

b. 09 Oct 1980

12772-8 Rocky King Kouns

b. 19 Apr 1958 Ashland

m1 26 Feb 1978

Denise A. Hill

b. 19 Jul 1960

Oakland Co. MI

m2 21 Mar 1987

Dianna S. Bradley

b. 24 Apr 1965

127728-1 Bradley Cundiff

b. 1983 (stepson)

127728-2 Megan Kouns

b. 24 Apr 1988

12772-9 Barbara Kouns

12772-10 Robin L. Kouns

b. 10 Jun 1964 Ashland

m. 21 Sep 1974

Chester R. Collins

b. 17 Jan 1965

s/o Alvis & Nancy Stacy Collins

1-2-7-8 Letitia Kouns

b. 17 Mar 1886 Boyd Co. KY

d. 1903 Boyd Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

(Letitia was not mentioned as a sister to Christian in his obit. of 1959 – she was still living – need to verify)

1-2-7-9 Virginia Kouns

b.14 May 1888 Ashland, KY

d. 08 Sep 1970 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 17 Jan 1911

Ben F. Nolte

b. 1889 Ashland, KY

d. Nov 1945 ca

s/o Henry & Dora Henstead Nolte

(brother to Wm. Henry Nolte that married Virginia’s sister, Margaret (1-2-7-11). Miss Margaret Kouns was a witness at Virginia and Ben’s marriage)

1-2-7-9-1 Benjamin F. Nolte

b. 23 Apr 1914

m. Susan Langley

12791-1 Ben Frederick Nolte

12791-2 Edwin Nolte

12791-3 Raymond Douglas Nolte

1-2-7-10 Abraham Kouns

b. 28 Dec 1880

1-2-7-11 Margaret Kouns

b. 21 Mar 1893 Ashland, KY

d. 22 Oct 1966

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 01 Dec 1919

by: J. W. Fannin of ME Church

William Henry Nolte

b. 1883 Ashland, KY

d. 1934 Ashland, KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

s/o Henry & Dorthy Hemstead Nolte, Wit: B.F. Nolte, Virginia Nolte (see 1-2-7-9)

1-2-7-11-1 William H. Nolte

b. 14 Dec 1922

m. Leila Griffith

1-2-7-11-2 Roy L. Nolte

b. 04 Nov 1925

m. Charlotte (Garnes) Keller

her 2nd marriage

127112-1 Rick Lee Nolte

b. 16 May 1955


1271121-1 Justin Nolte

1-2-7-11-3 Tommie J. Nolte

b. 07 Apr 1928 Ashland KY

d. 04 Jan 1990 West Palm Beach FL

m. Vivian L. Caines

1-2-7-11-4 Merna Nolte

b. 04 Nov 1924 Ashland KY

m. 16 Dec 1944

Charles Edward “Jack” Patton

b. 11 Jul 1923 Boyd Co. KY

s/o Callie and Minnie Farson Patton

127114-1 Judith Marie Patton

b. 08 Jun 1952 (a)

Georgetown, Kentucky

m. 21 Aug 1975 Buffalo, NY

Sam Chambos

1271141-1 Kimberly Suzanne Chambos

b. 15 Apr 1979

1271141-2 Kellie Marie Chambos

b. 02 Sep 1984

(info from Merna Patton 7 Sep 1991)

127114-2 Mark Edward Patton

b. 27 Feb 1955 (a)

Hopkinsville, KY

m. Katherine Kipler

b. 25 Jan 1956 Buffalo, NY

1271142-1 Nicole Ann Patton

b. 12 Oct 1977

1271142-2 Michelle Lynn Patton

b. 02 Dec 1978

1-2-7-11-5 Rolland Nolte

1-2-8 C. H. Kouns – s/o Christian & Ellen Kouns

b. ca 1866 Boyd Co. Ky

m. 31 Oct 1921

Maude Callihan

b. 1871

d/o James M. & Sophia Davison Callihan

1-2-9 Emma Kouns – d/o Christian & Ellen Kouns

b. ca 1866

m1 _______ Vaughn

m2 Archie Williams (col)

1-3 David M. Kouns – s/o John L. Kouns

b. 1816

m. 24 May 1834 Greenup Co. KY

Maggie Ann VanBibber

(I show this David M. under Jacob Kouns line – need to verify which son he was)

David M. Kouns assigned his 1/7 part of his father’s estate to Jacob Tipton.

1850 Greenup Co. KY Census

David M. Kouns age 34 M b.KY

Mager Ann Kouns age 32 F b. KY

Christian Kouns age 14 M b. IN

Thomas Kouns age 10 M b. IN

Eveline E. Kouns age 5 F b. IN

Fana Ann Kouns age 1 F b. KY

Marinda A. Kouns age 13 F b. IN

William Henry age 23 M b. OH laborer

William Henry killed 09//1861 unrelated?

1-3-1 Christian Kouns s/o David M. and Maggie VanBibber.

b. ca 1836 Indiana

1-3-2 Thomas Kouns – s/o David M. and Maggie VanBibber

b. ca 1840 Indiana

1-3-3 Eveline E. Kouns – d/o David M. and Maggie VanBibber

b. ca 1845 Indiana

1-3-4 Fana Ann Kouns – d/o David M. and Maggie VanBibber

b. ca 1849 Kentucky

1-3-5 Marinda A. Kouns – d/o David M. and Maggie VanBibber

b. ca 1837 Indiana

1-4 John M. Kouns – s/o John L. Kouns

b. ca 1820 KY

m. 1857

Ann ________

b. OH

bur: both buried Rosston Cem. Boone Co. IN

John M. Kouns was appointed administrator of John L. Kouns estate.


1-4-1 Virginia Kouns

b. ca 1842 IN

1-4-2 Clinton Kouns

b. ca 1844 IN

1-4-3 Elzy Kouns

b. ca 1847 IN

1-4-4 Henry Kouns

1-4-5 John Kouns

1-4-6 Emily Kouns

1-4-7 David Kouns

? 1-4-8 Amanda Kouns

b. ca 1849 IN

1-5 Abraham Kouns

b. 1807

d. prior to 1852 and before 1850 census

prior to 1849 as Sarah “Sally” remarried 1849

to George W. Campbell

m. 27 Oct 1827 Greenup Co. KY

Sally Rice

d/o Ezekial and Elizabeth Miller Rice

Bondsman: Sam C. Spencer possibly father of James C. Spencer who m. Evaline Kouns, Abraham’s sister.

WILL of EZEKIAL RICE, Apr. 30, 1862, signature proven June 9, 1862, recorded June 10, 1883. To son James M. Rice, all my real estate lying on Little Fork, Carter Co. After my debts are paid all personal property to be divided among my 11 children: James M. Rice, Jacob Rice, Jeremiah Rice, Cindarilla Rice, Ruth Carter, SARAH RICE, Ezekial Rice, William M. Rice, Eleanor Mullins, Hannah Miller, and my grandchildren, who are the children of Mary Gollahugh, deceased, to take 1/12th part. Witn. Bazil Rucker & J. R. Botts.

Was Sally Rice the d/o or granddaughter of this Ezekial need to verify?

Note: Abraham’s mother was Eleanor Miller the sister of Elizabeth Miller, thus they married cousins.

1830 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Abraham Kouns – head of household

1 male under 5

1 male 20-30

1 female 20-30

1840 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Abraham Kouns – head of household

2 males 5 or under

1 male 5-10

1 male 10-15

1 male 30-40

1 female 5 and under

1 female 5-10

1 female 30-40

1850 Greenup County Ky Census Shows Abraham’s children living with George W. and Sarah (Rice- Kouns) Campbell:

Sarah was apparently the widow of Abraham.

George W. Campbell age 49 m VA laborer b. 1800 d. 1850

Sarah (nee Rice m. Kouns) 40 f Ky m. 20 Oct 1849 Greenup Co.KY

Jasper Kouns 16 m Ky

Jacob Kouns 14 m Ky

Ire (?) Kouns 12 m Ky

Abraham Kouns 8 m Ky

Marinda Kouns 6 f Ky

Frances M. Campbell 4/12 f Ky

1-5-1 Nelson Joseph Kouns

b. ca 1838 KY

(1850 Greenup Co. KY Census a Nelson Kouns is living with David Devore family)

(1860 Nelson Kouns age 22 b. Ky living Carter Co. KY)

(Mary Kouns, adm. of Nelson Kouns dec’d 25 May 1863)

1-5-2 Jasper Kouns

b. ca 1834 KY

1-5-3 Jacob Kouns

b. ca 1842 or 1836 KY

1-5-4 Marinda A. Kouns

b. ca 1841/44 IN

1-5-5 Abraham Kouns

b. ca 1844 IN d. 18 Jun 1892

1-6 Henry Kouns s/o John L. Kouns

b. 1808-1813 Greenup Co. KY

d. 02 Apr 1850 Greenup Co. KY

bur: McCormick Cem., Summit, Boyd Co.,KY

m. 8 Oct 1836 Greenupsburg bondsman: John C. Kouns

Maria Triplett

b. ca 1813 KY

d. 26 Nov 1876 Boyd Co. KY

bur: McCormick Cem., Summit KY

d/o John and Lourana Triplett

1840 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Henry Kouns head of household

1 male 20-30

1 male 30-40

2 females 5 and under

1 female 20-30

The area where Henry and Maria lived with their family in Greenup Co. became a part of Boyd Co., KY in 1860, therefore, this family became a part of the Federal Census of Boyd Co., KY in 1860. Henry Kouns died prior to 1860.

1850 Greenup Co. KY Census:

Henry Kouns age 42 m Ky farmer

Mariah 37 f Ky

Elizabeth A. 12 f Ky

John A. 9 m Ky

Ellen C. 6 f Ky

William 5 m Ky

Lurina 2 f Ky

Amanda 6/12 f Ky

1860 Boyd Co. KY Census

shows Maria Kouns with the above six children as Henry died prior to 1860. This Maria (Triplett) is a sister to Amanda Triplett wife of Henry’s brother, Christian.

1-6-1 Elizabeth A. Kouns

b. ca 1838 Greenup Co. KY

m. 20 Nov 1865 by T. J. Ewing

Alex Ralston

b. 1835 Gallia Co. OH

1-6-2 John A. Kouns

b. ca 1841

(John Kouns age 12 b. IN living with Silas Woodward family on 1850 Greenup Co. KY Census)

1-6-3 Eleanor C. Kouns

b. ca 1844

m. 15 May 1878

James M. Harvey

(not proven that Eleanor was the d/o of Henry)

(Eleanor Kouns age 8 b. IN living in Ben Ulen household on 1850 Greenup Co. KY census)

1-6-4 William Kouns

b. ca 1841-1846 Greenup Co. KY

bur: Ashland Cemetery

m. 02 Sep 1884 Newport, KY

Lida Handley

Misc- The Catlettsburg Sentinel, 12 Jan 1876; Dr. Black accompanied by W.H. Kouns, R.A. Hamond, G. W. McRinn and H. Bartlett passed thru Catlettsburg on their way to examine some lands and minerals near Cassville (what is now Fort Gay, WV) in Wayne Co., WV recently purchased by Dr. Black. The people mentioned are stockholders and directors in the Big Sandy Navigation and Railroad Company.

William H. Kouns was quite wealthy by the standards of his time. In his last will and testament filed in Catlettsburg, he left his estate with the exception of money to buy his headstone and funeral expenses, to the Methodist Church Executive Council in Nashville, TN. This may have included the real estate where the present First Methodist Church of Ashland, 18th and Carter Ave. now stands. His son, Gus, somehow had this will changed, got some amount of money, sold the real estate and moved to San Francisco, CA.

Misc- The Ashland Express, Wednesday, 02 Jul 1884; William H. Kouns and J. R. Martin moved from Ashland Kentucky to Kansas to go into the stock business.

Misc- The Ashland Express, 03 Sep 1884; Capt. William H. Kouns married at Dayton, KY 02 Sep 1884. They left after the ceremony for Worthington, Kansas.

1-6-4-1 Gus Kouns

b. Sep 1885 KS

1-6-5 Amanda Kouns

b. ca 1848

1-6-6 Lurina Kouns

b. ca 1848 (must have died without issue)

(there was a Lourana Kouns on 1860 Boyd Co KY census with her mother so she wasn’t dead prior to 1852 if same person. Why wasn’t she named as heir on John L. partition of real estate?)

1-7 Eveline G. Kouns d/o John L. Kouns


d. prior to 1852

m1. 26 Jan 1828 Greenup Co. KY

James G. Spencer

m2. 4 Jul 1837 Boone Co. IN

John Kouns

1-7-1 Henry Spencer

1-7-2 James Spencer

(must have lived in IN in 1852)

1-7-3 Philip Spencer b. ca 1843

1-7-4 Miranda Ann Kouns b. ca 1848

1-7-5 John Kouns b. ca 1850

1-7-6 William Kouns b. ca 1852

Very little is known about the Spencer family other than a document naming John L. Kouns’ heirs, Henry, James, and Philip Spencer are named as Evaline’s children as are Marinda, John and William Kouns, Evaline’s children by her second marriage to John Kouns. Both Evaline and John Kouns are said to be deceased prior to 1852. John Kouns is the son of David M. Kouns the younger brother of Evaline. David M. Kouns married Ann Kouns the d/o Henry Kouns, younger brother of John L. Kouns.

1-8 Marinda Kouns – d/o John L. Kouns

m. 02 Jul 1823

Thomas A. Barr

Marinda was not mentioned at all in her father’s estate. Perhaps she was dead prior to 1852 and without issue.