Jaynes – Groce Family

Submitted by Bruce Adkins kabaybruce@zoomnet.net

James Jaynes =m= Feb. 28, 1835 in Ironton, OH. to Elizabeth Warren
Their Daughter:
Lavicia Jaynes =m= 1858 in Ironton to Israel Ezra Groce
b. June 16, 1838 b. 1831 in PA.
d. May 18, 1909 d. Sept. 10, 1883
Their Children (born and raised in Ironton, OH.)
Rebecca Groce =m= Henry Thompson
William Groce =m= Ellen
Jeanette Elizabeth Groce =m= Edgar Berkley
Julia Ann Groce never married
John Groce =m= Lilly Marines
Esther Groce =m= Andrew Foster
Mary Ann Groce =m= John Patrick O’Shaughnessy
Ezra Frank Groce died at 2 yrs. old.

By GGGranddaughter, Nancy C. Adkins at kabaybruce@zoomnet.net