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Written and compiled by: Sharon Milich Kouns

Jacob Kouns married: Sarah Chapman ?
Jacob Kouns came from Pennsylvania to Mason County, Kentucky in 1792. Mason County became Greenup County in 1803.
Note: Kentucky just became a separate state in 1792
1806 Jacob Kouns was on Tax List of Boyd Co. KY
1806 Jacob Kouns was one of three men appointed to superintend building a temporary courthouse.
1814 Jacob Kouns was Sheriff of Boyd County, Kentucky.
(Posssible that he was a brother to John and Peter Kouns as all three were on 1806 Tax list of Boyd Co. KY.
1815 Jacob Kouns died around this year.

1. Sarah “Sallie” Kouns d/o Jacob and Sarah Chapman
m. 16 Sep 1804 Greenup Co KY to Jacob Neal
m. 2nd Thompson Ward

2. John C. Kouns
s/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 19 Sep 1787 Washington, Pennsylvania
d. 17 Jan 1867 Greenup Co. Ky
bur: Riverview Cemetery, Greenup, KY
m. 21 Nov 1818 Greenup Co.,KY
Elizabeth Smith d/o Martin & Nancy Price Smith
b. ca 1795 VA
d. 22 Jan 1866
bur: same as John C. Kouns

3. Elizabeth Kouns d/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
m. 07 Apr 1815 Greenup County, KY Joseph Davidson

4. Jacob Kouns s/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 1786
d. 14 July 1841 Ballard County, KY
m. Nancy Ward
d. 1833 Cabell Co., WV
1814-1815 Jacob Kouns was Sheriff of Greenup Co KY

5. Nathan Kouns s/o Jacob and Sarah Chapman

6. George Washington Kouns s/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 15 Jun 1803 PA
d. 20 Mar 1870
bur: Kouns Cemetery, Boyd Co., KY
m. 2 Feb 1827 Elizabeth Prosser
1838 Aug 17 – Carter Co., KY Deed Book A = George W. Kouns of Carter Co. to Thompson Ward of Fleming Co. and William Kouns of Greenup Co., the following described property: 17 stacks of hay, 1 stack of oats, 2 stacks of wheat, 1 stack of rye, all of which is on the farm on which the said George W. Kouns resides. George W. Kouns stood indebted to Charles Riggs for about 330 or 340 dollars for a judgement obtained against him by Riggs in the Greenup Circuit Court; Kouns had given a note to Riggs in Jul 1836. (pg.14)
1838 Oct 8 – Carter Co., KY Deed Book A = Thompson Ward, of Fleming Co., of the first part, and Joseph R. Ward, Samuel McCormick and Isaac Bolt, of the second part. On May 21 1838, Thompson Ward had purchased at a Sheriff’s sale — made in an execution in favor of Samuel G. Shaw, and against George W. Kouns — 700 acres of land and two negro boys, Alexander and David, part of the estate of George W. Kouns. The land was subject of a mortgage to Samuel Shaw for $1950.00, dated Oct. 5, 1837.
1839 Feb 9 – Carter Co., KY Deed Book A = (recording date) Isaac Bolt, Sheriff of Lawrence Co., Ky., sold the George W. Kouns land of 700 acres on East Fort (of Little Sandy) to Thompson Ward. This land lay on East Fork, between the place where the widow Burns had once resided and the place where her son Roland T. Burns had once resided; “it crosses Four Mile Ck. at its mouth and runs up the west shore of East Fork and crosses that stream, the tract where G.W. Kouns now resides.”
1839 Feb 23 – Carter Co.KY Deed Book A = William M. Peassor, of Mason Co., VA., surviving administrator of John Peassor, deceased, late of Prince William Co., VA., party of the first part, and Samuel McCormick, of Greenup Co., KY., of the second part; witnessesth; that whereas Elizabeth A. Kouns, wife of George W. Kouns, and now of Carter County, KY, is one of the children and heirs of said John Peassor, decd., and as such is entitled to an interest in the dower estate of her mother, the late Elizabeth Peassor, decd. who was the widow of the said John Peassor, decd., now therefore in consideration of the premises and $1 in hand paid, I, William M. Peassor, do sell and convey to the Samuel McCormick 5 horses of the following description (descriptions included). Elizabeth Kouns was to enjoy the free and full use of this property.
1870 Boyd County Ky Census shows Elizabeth age 67 b. VA living with son Charles H. and his wife, Sarah A. Kouns
1880 Boyd County KY Census shows Elizabeth age 77 b. Va living with son Charles H. and his wife, Sarah A. Kouns

7. William Kouns s/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 1802
m. 3 Apr 1821 Greenup Co KY
Nancy Womack d/o Tignal and Nancy Womack
b. 11 Aug 1799
d. 22 Feb 1889
William Kouns was a County Court Justice between 1804 – 1850 list also John C. Kouns.
1858 Oct 4 – Be it remembered that on this day personally appeared Wm. S. Kouns, Allen Myer, and Lewis D. Ross & John M. Powell . . .

8. Miriam Kouns d/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 31 Jan 1804
d. 2 Sep 1877
bur: Archer Womack Cemetery, Rt. 2 Greenup, KY
m. 4 Jul 1823 Greenup Co., KY Archer Womack
b. 17 Sep 1797
d. 5 Apr 1887
bur: same as Miriam

9. Maria Kouns d/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 1804

10. Amanda Kouns d/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
m. 4 Apr 1829 Greenup Co., KY Greenville Mortimer Bostick

(Notes: there was a John C. Kouns of Scott Co., KY named in Greenup Co., suit against Robert Johnson. Need to see if I can find date. smk)
1812 John C. Kouns was Major in War of 1812 Gen. Jackson’s escort at New Orleans
1822 John C. Kouns was granted Tavern license
1827 John C. Kouns built Kouns House in Greenup
1828-1831 John C. Kouns was Representative from Greenup Co Kentucky
1845 John C. Kouns gave land where Methodist Episcopal Church was built.
1804-1850 Listed as Greenup Co. Court Justice along with William Kouns
1850-1857 Member of Legislature from Greenup Co KY
1860 Greenup Co.KY Census shows:
J.C. Kouns age 73 male Farmer born PA
Elizabeth age 67 female born VA
1866 John C. Kouns was Major 1st KY Reg 1866 served in State Legislature
1866 Jan 22 Elizabeth Smith Kouns died age 72y5m25d
1867 Jan 7 John C. Kouns died age 79y3m20d He was a Mason on the same stone with these two is Edward Hollingsworth, who died in 1851 no age given.
2-1 William Smith Kouns s/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith
b. 26 Jul 1817
d. 16 Dec 1888
bur: Riverview Cemetery, Greenup Co.,KY
m. 21 Oct 1841 Greenup Co., KY Caroline A. Vanbibber
b. 9 Oct 1822 d. 11 Jul 1904
bur: Riverview Cemetery, Greenup

2-1-1 Amelia Kouns
b. 1843
m. 11 Dec 1862 George Hockaday

2-1-2 Anna W. Kouns
b.26 Mar 1844
d. 10 Feb 1905
bur: Riverview Cemetery Greenup Co KY
m. 27 Feb 1872 John Sidenstricker
moved to Tennessee

2-1-3 Mariah Kouns
b. 1847

2-1-4 William H Kouns s/o Wm. S. & C. Vanbibber Kouns
b. 7 Jan 1849
d. 18 Jun 1902
bur: Riverview Cem. Greenup Co. KY
m. Fannie Roberts
b. 1855
d. 1939
bur: Riverview Cem. Greenup Co KY
2-1-4-1 Leroy Kouns
b. 1876
d. 1953
bur: Riverview Cem. Greenup Co KY
2-1-4-2 Ethel Kouns
b. 1879
2-1-4-3 Tanner Kouns
b. 1884

2-1-5 Lettie Maude Kouns
b. d. 23 Jul 1851 age 8mo 23d
bur: Riverview Cemetery, Greenup Co KY

2-1-6 Elizabeth “Bettie” Kouns
b. 1857
m. John Ball moved to Georgia

2-2 Elizabeth Ann Kouns d/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. 15 Feb 1822 or 10 May 1822
d. 27 ? 1857
m. 1 Dec 1845 Greenup Co. KY Edward M. Hollingsworth
b. d. 7 Jun 1851 age 33y 7m 26d
bur: Riverview Cem. Greenup
on same stone with John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
2-2-1 John K. Hollingsworth
b. 18 Dec 1848
d. 08 Nov 1894
2-2-2 Mary S. Hollingsworth
b. ca 1848 KY
m. 19 Dec 1871 William J. Sands
2-2-3 Lydia J. Hollingsworth
b. ca 1849 KY

2-3 Sarah Ann Kouns d/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. 4 May 1827
d. 4 Nov 1912
m. 20 Oct 1850 or 12 Nov 1850 Joseph Pollock
(Postmaster Greenup 1850-1861)
b. 15 Feb 1812
d. 22 Jul 1899
2-3-1 John Edward Pollock
2-3-2 Joseph Pollock Jr.
2-3-3 Elizabeth Pollock
m. 21 May 1879 Thomas H. Paynter
b. Lewis Co. Ky
bur: he and Elizabeth are buried in Frankfort, KY cemetery. Thomas came to Greenup about 1875. He studied law and was a state Senator in 1905 US Senate.
History of Greenup Co., KY :(picture) Next below the Presbyterian Church is the Paynter House, built in 1877. The original resident of this brick house was Thomas H. Paynter, who was born in Lewis County and came to Greenup about 1875. He was a lawyer who was elected State Senator in 1905. After one turn in the State Legislature, he was elected to the United States Senate. This house was Paynters home from 1877 to 1910 and has had numerous owners: the Wilsons, the Rubys; the J.D. Atkinsons, and the present owners, the Lowdenbacks. The house may have been used as a parsonage at one time for the Church next door. It is listed in Kentucky Landmarks in Kentucky Highlands.
2-3-3-1 Winifred Paynter
m. Morton K. Yonts of Louisville, KY
lived Frankfort KY
2-3-3-2 Pollock Paynter
b. Greenup KY

2-4 Nancy S. Kouns d/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. 11 Aug 1824
d. 1893
m. John Winn
b. 1819
d. 1904
occupation: saddler
2-4-1 John W. Winn (Doctor)
b. 20 Mar 1848 Greenup Co., KY
d. 1914
m. 27 Sep 1871 Greenup Co., KY Sarah W. Childerson
d/o G.W. and Malinda Meyers Childerson
b. 07 Feb 1849
d. 1933
2-4-2 Elizabeth Winn
b. ca 1843
d. 21 Sep 1850
2-4-3 Harriet Winn
b. ca 1846
d. 1915
m. 31 Oct 1870 Hugh Alexander
b. 27 Aug 1841
d. 25 Oct 1875

2-5 Maria (Andra) Kouns d/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. ca 1829
m. Andrew Biggs

2-6 Manali Kouns (male) s/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. ca 1832

2-7 Jacob Kouns s/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. 23 Jul 1819
d. 28 Dec 1822

2-8 J. K. Kouns s/o John C. & Elizabeth Smith Kouns
b. 22 Oct ? 1816

S/O JACOB AND SARAH CHAPMAN Married: ELIZABETH PROSSER 6. George Washington Kouns s/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. 15 Jun 1803 PA
d. 20 Mar 1870
m. 02 Feb 1827 Elizabeth Prosser
b. 13 Nov 1803 VA
d. 10 Jan 1894
bur: two large footstones inKouns Cemetery #117 Boyd County, KY read “G.W.K. and E.A.K.”
6-1 George William Kouns or William George Kouns
b. 12 May 1844 Carter Co.,KY
d. 12 Apr 1895 Blaine, Lawrence Co., KY
m. 08 Sep 1868 Julia Evelyn Fuller
b. 16 Jan 1851 Greenup KY
d. 28 Aug 1897
bur: Kouns Cemetery #117
Other children possibly of William & Julia Fuller Kouns since they are all buried in same cemetery together:
6-1-1 Charley Kouns
b. & d. 1882
6-1-2 Minnie Kouns
b. & d. 1881
6-1-3 Lizzie Kouns
b. 1871 d. 1874
6-1-4 Nora Kouns
b. 1872 d. 1874
6-1-5 Mary Kouns
b. 1869 d. 1869
6-1-6 George William Kouns
b. 27 Nov 1874 Boyd Co. KY
d. May 1945 Louisa, Lawrence Co KY
m. 27 Nov 1895 Cynthia Ann Moore
b. 19 Jul 1874 Blaine, KY
d. 19 May 1935 Louisa, KY

6-1-1-1 William E. Kouns
b. 1896
d. 1955
6-1-1-2 Julia Ann Kouns
b. 03 Mar 1902 Blaine KY
m. 21 Jun 1923 William Herbert Hewlett
b. 01 Nov 1899 Blaine, KY
d. 1937 Huntington, WV

6-1-1-2-1 Margaret Ann Hewlett
m. ? Young

6-2 Charles H. Kouns
b. ca 1827
d. 1906
bur: Kouns Cem. Boyd Co. KY #117
m. Sarah A. ?
b. 1842 LA
d. 1880
bur: Kouns Cemetery #117
1870 Boyd Co KY Census
Charles H. Kouns age 42 b. KY
Sarah A. age 27 b. LA
George W. age 7 b. LA
Minnie Maude age 4 b. LA
Louie C. age 3 b. LA
Elizabeth A. age 67 b. VA
Olive A. Kouns age 21 b. KY
Alex Gipson age 21 labor b. Tn
Brady ? age 15 labor b. Ind.
1880 Boyd Co KY Census
Charles H. Kouns age 53 b. KY fb.KY mb.KY
George W. age 17 LA KY LA
Maude W. age 15 LA KY LA
Louisa age 12 LA KY LA
Elizabeth Hall 45 LA LA LA Aunt
William H. 17 LA LA LA Son
John Jayson 23 LA LA LA laborer
Elizabeth A. 77 VA VA VA Mother
6-2-1 George W. Kouns
b. ca 1863 LA

6-2-2 Minnie Maude Kouns
b. ca 1865
m. 27 Mar 1890 Wirt French
6-2-2-1 Daughter French
b. & d. 1893

6-2-3 Louisa Kouns
b. ca 1868

6-3 Mary Elizabeth Shute
b. ca 1830
m. ? Shute

6-4 John J. Kouns s/o George Washington & Elizabeth Mastin Prosser Kouns
b. ca 1831 VA
d. 1923
bur: Kouns Cemetery #117 Boyd Co KY
m. Nancy R. Womack
b. 17 Jun 1831 KY
d. 10 Mar 1900 Boyd Co. KY
bur: Koons Cem. #117 Boyd Co. KY
1850 Greenup County Census John J. Kouns not listed
1860 John J. Kouns is on Boyd Co. KY census
1870 John J. Kouns is on Boyd Co. Ky Census
1880 John J. Kouns is on Boyd Co. KY Census
1900 John J. Kouns age 68 Boyd Co. KY Census
Georgia age 40
Sally age 30
Julia Banfield, granddaughter, age 22
Millie Kilgore, granddaughter, age 8

6-4-1 Cynthia Elizabeth Kouns
b. ca 1858 Carter Co. KY
m. ca 21 Sep 1871 Boyd Co. KY
at the home of J.J. Kouns to
Conelius J. Banfield
b. d. 5 Nov 1877 age 23y10m
Elizabeth Banfield b. ca 1857 age 41 b. KY fb.KY mb.VA was living with her brother Theodore on 1900 Boyd Co. KY census.
6-4-1-2 Louella Banfield
b. ca 1878
Louella Banfield, granddaughter, age 2 b. 1878 on 1880 Census with grandfather, John J. Kouns
Julia Banfield, granddaughter, age 22 b. 1877 on 1900 Census with grandfather, John J. Kouns. Her name must have been changed or misspelled in the 1880 census.

6-4-2 Frances J. Kouns
b. ca 1859 Carter Co KY
m. 25 Dec 1889 Boyd Co KY William Kilgore
6-4-2-1 Millie Kilgore
b. ca 1892
1900 Boyd Co.KY Census shows Millie Kilgore, granddaughter, age 8 b. 1892 living with grandfather, John J. Kouns

6-4-3 Georgianna Kouns
b. ca 1860
d. 1940
m. never married
1900 Boyd Co. KY Census shows Georgia, age 40, living with her father John J. Kouns.

6-4-4 John William Kouns
b. ca 1865 Boyd Co KY
m. 25 Jun 1890 Fannie Williamson

6-4-5 Sallie Kouns
b. 1870
d. 1958 Boyd Co. KY
m. never married
bur: Kouns Cem. Ashland

6-4-6 Theodore Kouns
b. 1872 Boyd Co KY
d. 1930
m. 15 June 1898 Boyd Co. KY Lucy Johnson
m. 2nd 28 Nov 1924 Melvina Porter
1900 Boyd County Kentucky Census
Theodore May 1872 age 28 Farmer b. KY fb.KY mb.KY
Lucy Apr 1875 age 25 b. KY fb.KY mb.KY
John J. Apr 1899 age 01 b. Ky fb.KY mb.KY
Elizabeth Banfield 1857 age 41 b. KY fb.KY mb.VA she would be Theodore’s sister who married Cornelius Banfield.
6-4-6-1 John J. Kouns
b. 1899
d. 1920
6-4-6-2 William Douglas Kouns
b. 1901 Movity, Boyd Co. KY
m. 4 Jun 1928 Mary Helen Wesley
6-4-6-3 Annie Louise Kouns
b. 1904
m. 3 Nov 1922 Charles B. Queen
6-4-6-4 George Kouns
6-4-6-5 Theodore Kouns
b. 1914 Boyd Co. KY
m. 23 Aug 1935 Edna L. Holbrook
6-4-6-6 Mary Kouns
m. ? Diamond
6-4-6-7 Hala K. Kouns
m. 1st James J. Justice
m. 2nd ? Stirr
6-4-6-8 Frances Kouns
m. ? Vanover
6-4-6-8-1 Maxine Vanover
6-4-6-9 James K. Kouns
b. 1910 d. 1911

6-5 Stephana Louise Kouns
b. ca 1834
m. ? Calvin

6-6 Miriam Prosser Kouns
b. 1836-40 Carter Co.
m. 06 Nov 1866 John W. Poage
b. 1840 Greenup Co KY

6-7 Sarah Mahala Kouns
b. 1830 Carter Co. KY
m. 17 Jan 1871 Joseph McCormick
b. 1833 Cabel Co. VA (now WVA)

6-8 Caroline Margaret Kouns
b. 18 May 1840 East Fork KY
d. 08 Mar 1889 East Fork, KY
bur: East Fork now Movity, KY
m. 28 Jan 1868 William Williams
b. 18 Mar 1840 Cannonsburg, KY
d. 5 Feb 1917 Ashland KY
6-8-1 George W. Williams
b. 13 May 1869 Boyd Co. KY
d. 8 Oct 1950 Jackson OH
m. 24 Sep 1912 Sophia Wells
b. 24 May 1873 Johnson Co. KY
d. 15 Aug 1950 Jackson OH
6-8-1-1 Will A. Williams
b. 16 Apr 1914 Dewey, KY
m. 1st 7 Aug 1936
P. Carroll Burns
m. 2nd 22 Jul 1947
LaWylodine Branton

6-9 Emily Lenora Kouns
b. 1845
m. 14 Dec 1869 William Neville Bostick
b. 1848 Lawrence Co., Indiana

6-10 Olive Ann “Obee” Kouns
b. 1849 KY
m. ? Martin
1870 Boyd Co. KY Census shows Olive A. age 21 b. KY living with Charles H. and Sarah A. Kouns. This was her brother number 6-2.

6-11 Frances Jane Kouns
b. d. infancy

7. William “Buck” Kouns s/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman
b. ca 1802 PA
d. Aug 1853
m. 03 Apr 1821 Greenup Co KY
Nancy Womack d/o Tignal and Nancy Womack
b. 11 Aug 1799
d. 22 Feb 1889
7-1 John Wilson Kouns
b. 1829 KY
d. 1914
m. 6 Feb 1854 Greenup Co KY
Cassandra E. Lyon
b. 1837 d. 1920
History of Greenup County: Elizabeth Lyons Stark b. VA in 1802. She died Riverton at home of her daughter, Mrs. Cassie Kouns, July 3, 1894. She is buried in the Kouns burial ground up on a hill.
1879-1882 J. W. Kouns was Sheriff of Boyd or Greenup Co KY
1892 J. W. Kouns was County Judge (Boyd or Greenup Co.KY)
7-2 Sarah Kouns
b. 1835
7-3 Frank Samuel Kouns
b. 1838
7-4 Nancy Kouns
b. 1840
7-5 G. W. Kouns
b. 1841

10. AMANDA KOUNS d/o JACOB & SARAH CHAPMAN Married: GREENVILLE MORTIMER BOSTICK 10. Amanda Kouns d/o Jacob & Sarah Chapman (see Smith research below)
m. 04 Apr 1828 Greenville Mortimer Bostick
10-1 William Neville Bostick
b. 01 Sep 1847
d. 20 Dec 1930
m. Dec 1868 Emma Lenora Kouns
10-2 Jacob Kouns Bostick
b. 23 Jun 1833

email dated ll/17/97 from Darrell Smith

I love this stuff. I have found tie in my database with your Kouns database 🙂

Your Amanda Kouns, daughter of Jacob Kouns and Sarah Chapman, married Greenville Mortimer Bostick.

If I’m reading your charts correct, they had at least 2 sons.

Jacob Kouns Bostick ———- b. 23 Jun 1833
William Neville Bostick———- b. 01 Sep 1847

This being the case … Allow me to introduce some new data 🙂

William Neville Bostick married 1) Emma Lenora Kouns (Do you have any dates?) and 2) Mary Elswick.

Mary Elswick was born in 1862 and died in 1935. It’s obvious that Mary was his second marriage 🙂 William and Mary had at least one son, that ties into my family line.

Vintson or “Vint” Bostick (1890-1988) who married Laura Mae Heaberlin b. 06 Jan 1890 in Greenup County, KY and died 20 Feb 1979 in OH. Vint and Mae were married on 03 Oct 1909 in Greenup County, KY.

Laura Mae Heaberlin is child 7 of 8 born to Thomas McCreary Heaberlin b. 03 Aug 1845 Russell County, VA and d. 08 Apr 1922 in Wurtland, Greenup County, KY and Alice Ann Cochran b. 27 May 1854 in Greenup County, KY and died 17 Aug 1931. Thomas and Alice were married in Greenup County, KY on 03 Feb 1869.

Laura Mae Heaberlin had six children with Vint Bostick

Margie m. William “Bill” Elkins
Louise m. Walter Elswick
Lloyd m. Aileene Holt
Albert m. ?
Pauline m. ?
Olive m. Rancie Elswick

Oh yes … Your William Neville Bostick, 2nd spouse Mary Elswick, son Vint Bostick and wife Laura Mae Heaberlin (plus Laura’s parents) are buried in the Heaberlin Cemetery in Wurtland, Greenup County, KY.

Visit Heaberlin Cemetery

Thanks again!
Darrell Smith

P.S. Let me know if I’m reading something wrong on your charts. I don’t see Caroline A. Van Bibber in my database, but I will check with Bruce to see if he has anything.
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