Hankins Family From Lawrence County Ohio


I am descendant of Daniel Hankins Jr. born 30 jan 1805 Va., he married Ann Collier in Lawrence Co., Ohio. She was born 1805 in Va. Bible records have Daniel’s death as 2 Nov 1871. ( perhaps Decatur Co Iowa) I have bible records of Daniel Hankins m Ann Collier which lists their ten children.

Of these ten children, they are as follows:
Bible Records data:

  1. 1. Roland Hankins b 15 Dec 1825
  2. 2. Rebecca Hankins b 25 Jan 1827
  3. 3. Sarah Jane Hankins b7 Oct 1831
  4. 4. Nancy Hankins b 5 May 1833
  5. 5. Alexanderia Hankins b 27 Apr 1836
  6. 6. James Hankins b 29 Aug 1839
  7. 7. Lucinda Hankins b 4 Jun 1842
  8. 8. Amos Hankins b 27 Oct 1844
  9. 9. Enos Hankins b 27 Oct 1844
  10. 10. Mary Ellen Hankins b 22 Feb 1848

To continue with update on these lines: info not in Bible:

Roland Hankins m Mary Elisabeth Davison in Madison Co. Ind 1848-50 by a Andrew Frey four children all born Decatur Co Iowa
1. Melinda Ann Hankins
b 17 Jan 1850
d 24 Nov 1825 Baker, Ore.
m William Jasper Beavers 8 Feb 1866
2. James Ulysses
b 6 May 1852
d 3 Oct 1939 Ten Sleep, Wy.
m Mary Phylemena Pegar/Peggar
3. Harriet Jane
b 6 May 1854
d 5 May 1930 Okl City Okl.
br Bell Palines, Ks.
m Albert Spargur Jr.6 may 1875
4. Mary Elisabeth
b 26 May 1856
d 18 Aug 1921
m Julian Bedford Pequette
Note: Julian Pequette and Mary Pegar were brother and sister, one took French spelling of name

Roland married

2. sister of first wife:
Barbara Ellen Davison b 1832
d 1912 Silvies, Ore
note: Davison parents were Elizabeth Hepler m first to William Davidson 2 to Joseph Hankins (bro to Daniel HankinsJr.)

children: six all born Bates Co Mo.

1. Mary Ellen Hankins b 1854 m Daniel Carter
2. Amamda Jane b 1856 m Henry Clay Lutz
3. Nancy Ethel b 10 Mar 1859-61
m William Baker
m John William Hankins
son of m Sarah E. Beavers
4. Roland Jr. b 25 Jul 1866
d7 Oct1929 Klamath Falls Ore
m Olive James 8 nov 1897
5. George Washington b 22 Oct 1868-9
d 9 jan 1940 br Canyon City Or
m Nora Hopper 2 Dec 1892
6. James Pleasanton b 9 Oct 1871
d 13 Feb 1943
m Sarah Anna Hopper
2 Dec 1892
note: Hopper’s were sisters

Rebecca Hankins b 25 Jan 1827 Lawrence Co Ohio d 24 Jan 1910 Attica Ks
m James Carl Melton 1 Oct 1848


Sarah Jane Hankins b 7 Oct 1831
d 22 Aug 1903
m Richard T. Baker
5 Nov 1854
Richard died 1863 civil war of yellow fever
children: Feridoon, Mary Ann, Lucretica and Ruth

Nancy Hankins b 5 May 1833
no history found on her

Alexanderia (as spelled in family Bible was actually Alexander (male)
b 27 Apr 1836
d 2 Apr 1863 St Luis Mo
civil war pnemonia
no issue of family in records

James Hankins b 29 Aug 1839 Ind
d 24 Aug 1922 Hay Springs Ne
m Arrlempa Hankins
22 Jan 1860
note: Arrlempa dau of Joseph Hankins (bro to Daniel Hankins Jr. and mother Elisabeth Hepler m Wm Davidson m Joseph Hankins)
she was born 24 Feb 1839 d 28 Apr 1922
six children: Edgar, Arthur, Orpha, Libba, Leona, Ada

Lucinda Hankins b 4 Jun 1842 Ind
d 14 Oct 1860 (? Iowa)

Amos Hankins b 27 Oct 1844 Ind
d 19 Jul 1908 Burns, Ore
m Sarah E. Beavers
13 Oct 1862/64
eight children: Lucinda A., Fanny Jane, Clara A., Charles Cordell, John William, Ernest Frank, Nannie Mrytle and Thomas Denzil (have extensive charting on these lines) marriage taken from Beaver Family Bible, out of Iowa

Enos Hankins b 27 Oct 1844 Ind
d 12 Jul 1917 Ore
m Catherine Berry 15 May 1867
she born 3 Feb 1852 Cananda
d 29 Sep 1927 Ore
several children died early, records in Bible,
Olive 16 Feb 1869 Iowa d 16 Aug 1874
Flora 19 Mar 1871 Iowa d 2 Sept 1890
Edward Berttren b 8 Sept 1881 Milbrook Ks
d 10 Feb 1883
William b 11 Feb 1884 Ashland Ks d 1 May 1890
adopted Edna Orwig (twin deaf) 6 Jul 1894 Clatskanie Ore m George Edward Duggan

Mary Ellen Hankins b 22 Feb 1848 Iowa
d 6 Jan 1925 Athol S.D.
br Carlton, Neb.
m John Wesley Beavers
nine children:
Alia Jane, Cora Mae, Freely, Wynona (Nona),Walter, Lou Ella, Ralph, Leota, Eva”Anna”

This is just a sketch of Daniel Hankins Jr. linage in hopes it will help others find our tree. Please include it somewhere in your Ohio history records as a distant cousin Everett Paul Hankins added some history to your records. Another cousin of Hay Springs, Neb, Clarabell Hunter had done some charting and going over her notes had nmany names and lines wrong. Both her and Paul have passed away. Any family can contact me at snowflake-midnight@att.net or call 530 868 5555, or cell 530 531 5515. I plan on completing work for LDS records on all lines of Hankins as I have it. note: Elisabeth Hepler m William Davidson later m Joseph Hankins as Elisabeth Davison lived in Mechanicsburg Ind in 1872, have old letter from her at that time Joseph still livieng. They had children on 1850 Census Ellen age 17, Arrlempa age 11, Elizabeth age 9, Frances A., age 7 and Joseph age 5. Some notes indicate sister m John Hamm, (Ellen m Hurling(could of been a Davison) and Christina m Hurling bro, no issue This hx is unclear to me have old letters from some of them spelling could be Kisling/Hurling. Am tracking Joseph and Elisabeth children. Also, Joseph first wife m Agnes Collier 18 Dec 1818 Lawrence Co Ohio don’t know if they had any children. Please let me know or forward any queries onto me. Thank you so much.

Georgie Ann Hankins Waddell
I decend from Roland m Mary E. Davison
Melinda Ann m Wm J. Beavers
Lenna Jane Beavers m Ernest Frank Hankins
George Geary Hankins m Viola Jensen
Georgie Ann Hankins
and I decend from Roland’s brother, Amos Hankins m Sarah E. Beavers
Ernest Frank Hankins m Lenna Jane Beavers
George Geary Hankins m Viola Jensen
Georgie Ann Hankins

Hope this helps you sort out my tree alittle bit. Anyone who plans on summiting my notes above to LDS church, please contact me first so confirmation of facts is done between us.
As I say, several enteries are made wrong in church temple and I need to get my records into church so all of you can find your linages.

I have Daniel Hankins m Ann Collier Bible records, please make these corrections when transferring my data into your records. Thanks, Georgie Ann Hankins Waddell

QUERY: Does anyone know what became of Joseph Hankins’ first wife, Agnes Collier? They were married 18 Dec 1818 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Who were her parents? Did they have any children? Please contact me, Georgie Ann if anyone is interested in our family. Thanks.