Written and researched by Sharon M. Kouns

(41) Robert B. Hamilton was born about 1807 and married 8 Jan 1835 in Hanging Rock, Lawrence Co., OH, (192)Eliza Jane Donaldson who was born 11 May 1815 in Pittsburgh, PA. Robert B. died 21 Oct 1858 in Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH. Eliza Jane died 21 May 1875 in Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH and was buried in Cincinnati, OH, Springrove.  

Ironton Register Oct. 28, 1858  
DIED – On the 21st inst., at his residence in Ironton, ROBERT B. HAMILTON, well known for many years as proprietor of Centre Furnace, in his 51st year. He had not been in good health for some months past, but transacted his business as usual. While at Wheeling, the week before his death, he became quite ill, and started for home, and arrived on Sunday evening, to live than than four days. Without giving precise dates, we will state that Mr. Hamilton was a native of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. About 30 years ago, he went to Adams county, Ohio, and was for a time, we believe, engaged at one of the old Furnaces in that county. About twenty-five years ago, he came to this county, and if we are not mistaken, was at first employed at Pine Grove Furnace. Subsequently, in company with _____ McCoy, now of St. Louis, he built the Hecla Furnace. About twenty years ago, in 1839, we think, in company with James Rodgers, Wm. Shiras, Wolf and Bartels, he bought Centre Furnace, of which Furnace for some seven or eight years past, he had been the sole proprietor.  

Ironton Register Oct. 28, 1858  
The death of Robert B. Hamilton, of Ironton, a prominent Iron man in Lawrence county for a about a quarter of a century, is noted under the usual head in another column. There has been great mortality among the Furnace men of this immediate vicinity, in Lawrence county, Ohio and Greenup county, Kentucky, within the last ten years, in proportion to their number. First in January (?), 1849, Samuel Seaton, of Greenupsburg, builder and proprietor of New Hampshire Furnace. In the latter part of 1849, John T. Woodrow, at Ohio Furnace; he had been a proprietor in Raccoon Furnace; in 1850, Andrew Dempsey, of Etna Furnace, Henry S. Willard, of Buckhorn Furnace, George Steece, of Mt.Vernon Furnace, John F. Steele, of Pine Grove Furnace, and John Patton of Pennsylvania Furnace. In 1851, Henry Blake, of Hecla Furnace. In 1852; Joseph W. Dempsey, of Vesuvius Furnace. In 1854, James W. Means, of Ironton, a proprietor in Lawrence Furnace. In 1855, James Richey, of Ironton, who had been proprietor in Jackson and Centre Furnace, and James O. Willard, of Ironton, a proprietor in Buckhorn Furnace. In 1856, Robert Hamilton of Pine Grove Furnace, and Archibald Paull, of Wheeling, one of the builders of Bellefonte Furnace, and for many years proprietor of Amanda Furnace. In 1857, L. D. Hollister of Raccoon Furnace, died at Covington. In 1858, John E. Clark, of Ironton, a proprietor in Lawrence Furnace, John Culver, of Catlettsburg, one of the builders of Amanda Furnace, and Robert B.Hamilton. In all, eighteen deaths, within ten years, among the Furnace men of these two counties. In addition, recollect the death, in Jackson county of Reese Thompson, one of the proprietors of Iron Valley Furnace; and perhaps there maybe others. Marriage Record – Lawrence Co. Ohio – married by Stephen W. Manning Book 1-2-3 page 209.  

Ironton Register May 27, 1875
DEATHS – HAMILTON In Ironton, Friday, May 21st, Mrs. Eliza J. Hamilton, in the 61st year of her age. The deceased was born near Pittsburgh, May 11th, 1815; married to Robert B. Hamilton, at Hanging Rock, January 8, 1835;came to Ironton from Centre furnace in 1856. Her husband died in 1858. Her remains were taken to Springrove,Cincinnati, for interment.  Children:  238*Annis Hamilton  683*Belle Hamilton d. 11 Dec 1894  685 Thomas Hamilton  687*unknown Hamilton  (238) Annis Hamilton, daughter of Robert B. and Eliza Jane (Donaldson) Hamilton, married 1875 in Lawrence Co.,OH, (239) William Henry Enochs, Gen., son of Henry and Jane (Miller) Enochs, who was born 29 Mar 1842 in Noble Co., OH.