History and Genealogy of the John Hagaman Branch of the Hagaman family

Written and compiled by Benjamin Franklin Hagaman


This booklet History and Genealogy of the John Hagaman Branch of the Hagaman family which was written and compiled by Benjamin Franklin Hagaman with the help of his daughter, Nellie Hagaman Stark, has been compiled under adverse circumstances, because of the family being so widely scattered. Therefore it is not claimed to be exactly authentic, but as nearly so as circumstances would permit. In all research work we have tried to get data required. In some instances we have failed. For these, which further research work may gather, with other added items of interest, and corrections of errors, a later edition might be published. For any mistakes we may have made we are truly sorry, and to all who contributed information, or funds, we are very grateful. The booklet also includes a short sketch of the Thomas Hagaman Branch, written by Harriet Hagaman and a genealogy of both families, together with a genealogy of the John Hagaman Branch of Carrollton, whom we feel are related. We dedicate this work to the memory of those Ancestral Pioneers who helped in the building of a nation on this Western Continent.

“At the beginning of life we choose our end. By the choice of every day we determine what we shall become.”


“My life is but a weaving

Between my Lord and me;

He chooses all the colors

And works on steadily.”

“Oftimes He weaveth sorrow;

And I, in blinded pride,

Forget He sees the upper,

And I, the underside.”

“Not till the loom is silent.

And the shuttles cease to fly.

Shall God unroll the fabric,

And show the Unknown Why.”

“The dark threads are as needful

In the weaver’s skillful hand,

As the threads of gold and silver

In the pattern He has planned.”

Author Unknown

Benjamin Franklin Hagaman, son of Amos, who was the son of John Hagaman, who settled in Carroll Co., Ohio in the early part of the 18th century. Died Oct. 6, 1942, in his 92nd year.





To My Kindred:

These facts concerning the early history of the John Hagaman branch of the Hagaman family, and which I pass on to you, are given as I remember them having been related to me by my mother, and other members of the Hagaman family, together with facts obtained in research work, court records, etc. Away back in early Colonial times, the Ancestors of the Hagaman family emigrated to America from Holland, that little country bordering the east shore of the North Sea, whose people are noted for their integrity, uprightness of character, their industry, fortitude and thrift. Of such ancestry any family might well be proud, and such character emulate. Across the Atlantic they came, braving ocean dangers of that early day. Here, on this then wilderness continent they sought homes and happiness for themselves and their children, having embraced, and brought with them, the principles which have ever dominated the people of Holland.

How many westward moves these ancestors of ours made after their arrival here, before settling in the State of Pennsylvania, we do not know. Tradition says, that at what is now Hagerstown, Maryland, there was, in very early days, a settlement of Hagamans, the eldest of whom owned all the land, and that, just previous to his death, he destroyed all papers, so that the Hagamans who lived there would not lose their homes. Our ancestors may have been among these. However, of this, we have no authentic record. The first place of residence here, of which we do have record, was in the State of Pennsylvania. So we will say that somewhere in the State of Pennsylvania they founded homes for themselves and their families. Then sometime, in the early part of the 18th century, John Hagaman, my grandfather, and a brother of his, whose name I do not know, following the lead of the early pioneers, came pn into the Ohio country, which to them was then the “Far West.” In what is now Carroll County, 0., near a little town called Perrysville, these brothers established homes. What later became of this brother I do now know. Grandfather John brought with him to this new home as his wife, a woman whose maiden name was Mary De Groff. To them during those years of adventure a number of children were born. I had been led to believe that these were, six sons, John, George, James, Jackson, Jesse and Amos. These are characteristic names in the Hagaman family and have been passed on from generation to generation. These were the only children of grandfather John, of whom I had any knowledge, until recently, July 9th of this year, when in company with my wife, daughter Nellie, and son Clyde and wife, I visited Carroll County in an attempt to locate my birth place, of which I had heard so much from the older members of the family. At Waynesburg, 0., Mrs. Luella Marshall, granddaughter of Jesse Hagaman, joined our company, and we visited the Recorders Office in Carrollton. In a search of the records we found to my surprise, that my father’s home had also been the home of grandfather John, and that this land had been deeded to my father, Amos, by the Hagaman heirs in 1849. Another surprise awaited us when we found that there were two sons and a daughter of grandfather John of whom we had not known. We also found that grandmother’s given name was Mary, and this we had not known before reading the record. A copy of the record follows:

In 1830, Andrew Jackson, President of the United States granted to James McLaughlin by Patent deed, the East half of the South-east quarter, O Section 12, Township 13, Range 6, containing 74.79 acres in what was then Jefferson Co., Ohio.

In 1833 James McLaughlin conveyed same to Andrew Forman.

In 1838 Andrew Forman and wife conveyed same to John Hagaman.


In 1849, John Hagaman Heirs, by Sheriff of Jefferson Co., transferred same to Amos Hagaman.

James M. Thomas, Sheriff

of Jefferson Co., 0.


Amos Hagaman

To All Whom These Presents

Shall Come, Greeting:


Whereas, on the first day of July A.D. 1848 Jackson Hagaman filed in the Court of Common Pleas of Jefferson County, Ohio, his petition for Partition against Mary Hagaman, widow of John Hagaman, deceased; Nathaniel Fields and Elizabeth, his wife; Michael Hagaman; George Hagaman, John Hagaman, David Hagaman, James Hagaman, Amos Hagaman, and Jesse Catrell, demanding partition of certain real estate hereinafter mentioned and particularly described and also of a certain other tract of land situate in the County of Jefferson, of both of which tracts the said John Hagaman died seized and whereas such proceedings were had on said petition that at the September Term of said Court, A.D. 1848, the sheriff of said county of Jefferson was ordered to sell said real estate at public auction whereupon the said sheriff, in pursuance of said order, and having caused the same to be duly advertised as required by law, did on the 5th day of February, A.D. 1849 sell one of the tracts in said Petition described and hereinafter particularly mentioned at public auction, to one Amos Hagaman, at, and for the sum of Three hundred and seventy-eight dollars, which said sale was afterwards, to-wit, at the May term of said court, in the year Eighteen hundred and forty-nine approved and confirmed and the said Sheriff ordered to Execute and Deliver a Deed in fee simple to the said Amos Hagaman, the purchaser, for the real estate so by him sold, as aforesaid. All of which will more fully and at large appear, reference being had to the records and proceedings of said Court.

Now, therefore Know Ye, that I, James M. Thomas, Sheriff of said county of Jefferson, in consideration of the premises and by virtue of the powers in me vested by law as such Sheriff, and under and in pursuance of said Court, do by these presents, grant, bargain, alien and convey unto the said purchaser, Amos Hagaman, of Carroh County, Ohio, and unto his heirs and assigns forever, one of the tracts in said petition nicirtioned and so as aforesaid by me sold to him, and which is described as follows, to-wit: The East half of the Southeast Quarter of Section twelve (12), Township thirteen (13), and Range Six (6), of the Steubenville Lond District, lying and being in the County of Carroll, in said State. Containing Seventy-four (74) acres, and seventy-nine one hundredths of an acre, more or less, being the lands patented to James McLaughlin and by him conveycd to Ardrew Foreman. who conveyed to the said John Hagaman, Deceased, with all and singular the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging.

To Have and To Hold the said premises unto him, the said Amos Hagaman, and unto his heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony Whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal as such Sheriff this fifth day of June, in the year Eighteen Hundred and Forty-nine.

Signed, sealed acknowledged and delivered in the presence of: Moses Dillon, James McKinney.

James M. Thomas Sheriff of the County of Jefferson (Seal) The State of Ohio, Jefferson County, S.S.:

Before the undersigned authority on this the fifth day of June, A.D. 1849, personally appeared James M. Thomas, Sheriff of Jefferson County, who acknowledged the signing sealing and delivery of said deed to be his free and voluntary act and deed as such Sheriff.

Given under my hand and seal officially, this 5th day of June, A.D. 1849 (Seal)

James McKinney, Justice of the Peace


In a further search of the records we found that it was in 1830 that President Jackson, President of the U.S. granted to James McLaughlin by Patent Deed this tract of land. It was conveyed by McLaughlin, to Andrew Foreman in 1833, and in 1838 Andrew Foreman and wife conveyed the same to John Hagaman. Whether this was the year that grandfather came to Ohio we cannot say, but it is the first date we have of any transactions.

Then in 1849 as aforementioned this tract was conveyed by heirs to my father Amos. Those on record whose signatures were on the deed as heirs were: John Hagaman (Eldest Son), Mary Hagaman (My Grandmother), Elizabeth Hagaman Fields (daughter), Jackson Hagaman (son), Michael Hagaman (son), George Hagaman (son), David Hagaman (son), James Hagaman (son), Amos Hagaman (son), Eliza Hagaman (probably, for Jesse Catrel, grandson). From this we judge that grandfather John died about 1847 or 1848. The two sons of whom we had not known, were Michael and David, and the daughter, Elizabeth, who married Nathaniel Fields. Eliza, who signed the deed, was probably the widow of Jesse Hagaman, as his signature is not recorded, and she may have signed as guardian for Jesse Catrel her grandson, for we have it on record that his grandmother Hagaman raised him, his father John Catrel, having died when he was quite young. This, however, is a matter of conjecture and we leave it a problem for those interested to solve.

In a further search of the records we found transfers of this Hagaman homestead down to the present owners, which transfers were as follows:

Amos Hagaman sold same in 1853 to John Butterfield; same to John Graham; same to Alex Graham; same to Elizabeth Elliott; same to Charles Gotschall; same to W. E. and Roy McIntosh, the present owners.

We located these present owners and found that they do not live on the us the location of the farm. However they gave us the location of the farm, which lies one mile north, and one mile west of Perrysville. Having found the location we visited this site of my birth, and I stood on the ground on which our log cabin home once stood upon the floor of which, my first baby steps were taken, for it was in that log cabin home that I first learned to walk. The house has been torn down and the logs of which it was built were used in the building of two log cabins at Stony Lake Summer resort. This lake, covers a part of the farm which was once owned by Mrs. Luella Marshall’s grandfather, John Catrel, and on this farm her father, Jesse Hagaman Catrel, was born. This farm joins the old Hagaman farm on the east, and brother John and sisters Nancy Jane and Mary, were early playmates of this cousin of ours, Jesse Catrel. About 50 feet to the northwest of where the cabin stood, is a massive rock upon which the older children played. This rock in my judgment would weigh around 100,000 tons, and any descendants of the family who would care to visit the site of their ancestor’s home, would be thrilled by this massive rock, which stood as a sentinel over that log cabin home.

The hearthstone of the old fire place, which once reflected the heat and glow of the fire in the fire place, which upon cold wintry days, gave warmth and comfort to the family, still rests in its place, though now is crumbling. The barn, which stands across the road from where the house stood, and which once sheltered the live stock belonging to grandfather John, and my father, is in a state of decay, but the stalls where once the horses stood are still there. The old spring house, which is just back of the massive rock, is in a fairly good state of preservation considering the length of time which has elapsed since it was built. The spring flows on, though, as far as I have any knowledge, all the Hagaman clan who quaffed of its cool sparkling water, except myself, have passed on. We were given the location of the cabins which have been built from the logs of this Hagaman home, and we could see them from the north shore of the lake. One by one the family of grandfather John drifted away from this, their early home in Carroll Co., and of some no trace can be found. Anyone into whose hands this booklet finds its way, who can give any information concerning members of the family should report the same. By chance we have found those whom we believe to be descendants of John, the eldest son of grandfather John, of whom we had lost all trace, and with the help of these we have traced their ancestry back to grandfather John, of Carroll Co., 0. This eldest son, John, is said to have lived for a time after supposedly leaving Carroll Co. (probably about 1849) in Jackson, Ohio. Leaving there, he settled at Big Branch, two miles from Chesapeake, 0., in Lawrence Co., on a farm, about 1854. Here, the remainder of his earthly life was spent, and the log cabin in which the family lived on this farm near Chesapeake, still stands, a monument to those who once called it home. He was twice married, having had one daughter, Sarah, by his first wife who was a Miss Fields, or Simons. Both names have been given us. Which is correct we cannot say. He later married Sarah Hyett and five sons and three daughters were born to them. Sarah died from blood poisoning resulting from a scratch of her pet cat. Their children were Anna, Elizabeth, Jacob, Harriet, Taylor, John, Hiram, and Elijah. Of these children, but one, John Hagaman, now in his 87th year, survives, and resides in Chatsworth, 111. John, the father was interred in Union Cemetery, Chesapeake, 0., where quite a large number of this branch of the family rest.

It has been very interesting this tracing descendants of this Uncle of whom we had lost all trace-something like finding treasures that had long been lost, then regained, giving one a thrill at again having them in one’s possession. It was through Bernice Hagaman, than of Huntington, West Va., who is the daughter of John E., granddaughter of Taylor and great granddaughter of John, that we got trace of the family. It all came about the result of a football game which Ohio Wesleyan University played with Marshall College team, in which Edwin Hagaman of Delaware, 0. played on the 0. W. U. team. Bernice, and her brother, noticing his name in the football line-up was interested, seeing their names were spelled alike, and the correspondence which ensued resulted in the discovery of these many relatives.

In this research work we have found that this eldest son John, was born near Big or Little Round Top Mountain, near Gettysburg, Pa., in 1805. So it must have been there that John, the first progenitor of whom we have any record, lived before coming on into Jefferson, now Carroll Co., 0. As Gettysburg lies in such close proximity to Hagerstown, which lies just across the Pennsylvania- Maryland State line, it does look probable that our ancestors might once have lived there. A genealogy of this branch of the family will follow this sketch, a reading of which by members of other branches of the family, will reveal to them how many relatives they have had, of whom they have had no knowledge. And those of each branch, in perusing the genealogy of the other branches of this large family tree, will find that we all have a host of relatives of whom we have hitherto not known. In this research work, through a visit which my nephew, Charles Touby made to Carroll Co., recently, ancestors of another John were discovered. This John spelled his name Hagaman. Mrs. Laura Wagner, daughter of Peter Hagaman, who was the son of John Hagaman is one of these descendants. She is a resident of Carrollton, 0., and her grandfather John owned a farm one mile from Carrollton, which further research showed was purchased in 1834. This John may have been a son, of the brother of grandfather John, as the date would seem to indicate. Charles also found that one George Hagaman bought a farm in what is now Carrollton in 1834, and Amos Hagaman bought a farm one mile from Lamartine in 1836, and sold it in 1848. What connection these held to the family we do not know. It is not probable that this Amos was my father, as he would have been but sixteen years of age, quite young to purchase a farm, in 1836. This George may have been my uncle George, though we have no knowledge of this being so. They, too, may have been sons of Grandfather John’s brother. But this, again, is conjecture and just something for anyone who so desires, to fathom. This John, had 4 sons, Richard, Peter, James, and William, and one daughter Elizabeth. Most of the members of this family spell the name Hagerman, but Richard, the oldest son, and his family, spelled it Hagaman. A genealogy of this branch will be given further on.

Amos, my father, was the youngest of grandfather’s sons. Here in this new land of their adoption, grandfather John, and grandmother, reared their children, lived, and died, leaving examples of sterling character, and fortitude, Somewhere in Carroll Co., 0., they lie awaiting the Resurrection morning. A cousin of grandfather John, Thomas Hagaman, by name, came on into Ohio from Cayuga Co., New York, and settled in Bronson Twp., Huron C., 0., about the same time that grandfather settled in Carroll Co., 0. A sketch of his family history will be given further on in this history. Of the brothers of my Father, I remember but two, uncle George, and uncle James. Uncle George married Nancy Lucas. They lived in Jefferson Co., 0., for a time, where John, ‘the eldest son, one of their sixteen children was born. Later, they moved to the vicinity of Jelloway, Knox Co., Ohio. Here, in this new home the remainder of their earthly days were spent, and in the little cemetery near Shadley Valley Church, they await the time when the dead in Christ shall rise. Of the children born to them, I remember John, Anna Maria, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Amos, Francis Leroy, Almyer, Orlando, and Caroline. These cousins of mine were very near and dear to me in my early boyhood days, when we roamed the hills of Knox Co. together. John, the eldest son in 1857 took unto himself a wife. He must have been looking well to future happiness for himself and children, for he chose as his bride a young woman of sterling Christian character-one who was to bring a halo of glory to motherhood and home – She whom he chose was Julia Walls, who was loved and respected in her community. After a few years residence at Jelloway, 0., they established their home in Mt. Vernon, 0. Seven children came into their home to gladden their lives. The children were: Charles Homer, George Royal, Harriet Emma, Olive Elnora, Lulu Edna, Anna Belle, and Clyde, who died in infancy. Of this once happy family, only the four girls survive, the father, mother, and sons having passed on. Cousin Maria married Mathias Stonebrook, of Carroll Co., 0. They, too, settled in Knox Co., 0., and nestling at the foot of one of Knox County’s hills, near Jelloway, the house in which they lived and died and where their eight children were born, still stands, though now uninhabited. Of the eight children, but two, John, and Mary, grew to manhood and womanhood. They both never married and had families, but both have passed on.

Cousin Caroline, married Daniel M. Tilton, a young school teacher of the community. For a time they lived on a farm, to the north of Jelloway. Later they built a home on the farm which they purchased a short distance south of Jelloway, and here, amid the scenic beauty of Knox Co. hills they lived in happiness and contentment, with the seven children which came to bless their home until the year 1870, when cousin Caroline passed on. In the little Shadley Valley cemetery she was laid to rest near her father and mother and others of her kindred.

The children were Homer Curtis, Ellis Ellsworth, Amos Hunter, Charles Summer, Mary Frances, Maria Jane, and William Royce. Daniel, later, married Amelia Watson. Their children were Josephus, Howard, and Babina Alice. Of cousin Caroline’s family, but three survive: Ellis, Amos, and William Tilton.

Cousin Elizabeth Hagaman married William Dunlap and both died in middle life. Cousin Thomas Hagaman, married Emeline Walls DeWitt, a sister of Julia, cousin John’s wife, soon after his return from the Civil War. After a brief three years of married life, Thomas passed away, having contracted a malady during the war, that caused his early demise. They had two children, a girl, Georgia Anna, and a boy, Brady Crawford, born a few months after his father’s death. Cousin Almyer, later married Emeline, the widow of his brother, Thomas and naturally inherited a foster daughter and son. Bradie died when seven years old, and Georgia Anna passed away in 1901.

Cousin Orlando married Kate Brandinburge Sibert, whom I never knew. They had three sons, Homer and Carl, who died in young manhood, and Harry who died in 1929. Orlando later married Emeline Dressel, who was born in Tenlersdrif, Germany. They had one son, Fred Raymond, who survives, and resides at Gambier, Ohio. Orlando died in 1892 or ’93 and was interred in a Zanesville, 0. cemetery. Uncle James Hagaman was married to a woman whose name I do not remember. They had two children, George and Belinda They, too, settled in Knox Co. near Jelloway, coming into the Co. after George and Amos had located there. After the death of his first wife he married the widow of George Bowers, Lavina, by name. To them was born a son, Sherman Hagaman and a daughter, Etta. But of these we have no further record.

The following facts concerning the Amos Hagaman branch, and some items of interest in regard to the Sell family will be of interest to their descendants. Amos, the youngest of the sons of John Hagaman, married Elizabeth Sell, who was the daughter of Benjamin Sell my grandfather, arid for whom I was named. Her mother’s (my grandmother) maiden name was Fowler. She was a widow when she married grandfather Sell, having been previously married to a man whose sir name was McCarty. They had one son David McCarty. He married a woman whom we know as Aunt Betsy McCarty. They had three children, John, William, and Mary McCarty. These were half cousins of mine. The children of Benjamin Sell were two sons, Uncle John, and Uncle George Sell. Uncle George Sell is said to have been connected, by marriage, in some way, to Lord Nelson. I do not know whom either married. They had, besides these two sons, three daughters, Aunt Mary Sell who married Hezekiah Norrick, Aunt Jane Sell who married James Severns, and Elizabeth Sell, my mother, whom, as I have said, married Amos Hagaman. I understand there are decendants of Uncle John Sell living in the state of South Dakota. Uncle George Sell, married Mime Norrick. Their children were, Mahala, who married a man by the name of Travis, Jennie, who married a Ward, Ben Sell who married a woman whom we called Cora Bell, and a second son, Thomas Sell.

General George A. Custer, for whom Uncle George, Sell was named, and his two brothers were first cousins of my mother, Elizabeth Sell Hagaman. General Custer, his two brothers, and a nephew, were killed at the Battle of Big Horn in the War with the Sioux Indians, June 25, 1876. Early in the morning of the 28th of June 1876 all troops except those left to care for the wounded of Reno’s force repaired to the battlefields and buried the dead of Custer’s column, and as few tools were available and the ground baked hard, interment was not complete in all cases. Custer was buried beneath a huge mound and an attempt was made to mark the graves of our identified offices and enlisted men. In all 212 bodies were buried where they fell. Custer’s defeat was due to the failure of Reno’s force to attack at the time agreed upon. A national Memorial was erected at New Rumley, Ohio, his birthplace, to the memory of Gen. Custer. To come back now to father’s family. In what is now Carroll Co., 0., near the little town of Perrysville (Lamertine P.O.) father Amos and mother Elizabeth, lived those first happy years of their married life and in this locality four of their five children were born. These were brother John, Sisters Nancy Jane and Mary E., and I, Benjamin F., who was born on the farm once owned by grandfather John. After some years spent here, heeding the entreaties of Uncle George to come to Knox Co. Ohio to make their home that they might be near each other, father and mother, about the year 1853, decided upon this change of residence. Near the little village of Jelloway, they bought a farm and took up their abode, close to their kindred. Here they began life anew. Into this new home came a sweet baby girl, Hannah Catherine, completing the family circle. For a time all went well, here, amid congenial neighbors and friends. Then unexpectedly a cloud overshadowed our home, of God called father, Amos, Jan. 6, 1854, leaving mother Elizabeth with the little farm and five young children to look after and care for. The shadow of this cloud was yet upon us, when, early in the spring following father’s death, little Hannah Catherine after a brief sojourn of eighteen months went to be with father. Mother knew in whom to trust, and by earnest effort on her part, with the help of Him who careth for the widows and orphans, she kept the four remaining children together. Then, six years later another cloud enveloped not only our home, but the homes of our community, state and nation. The great Civil War was on. Brother John, desiring to be of service to the nation, enlisted at the beginning of the war, but upon examination was found to be too small of stature, and was ordered home. Being determined to enlist, he left the recruiting officer, saying: “I’ll go home and grow awhile, and will be back later.” In 1863 he enlisted in Co. I, 2nd Ohio, Heavy Artillery and was mustered into service at Camp Sheridan, 0. Other young men of the community, including cousins Thomas, Amos, and John Hagaman, left their homes and loved ones, and went forth to engage in that great struggle to save the Union. Thomas served in the same Co. and regiment in which brother John served, Amos, in Co. E, 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and cousin John left his wife and three small children to serve in Co. F., O.V.I., 142nd Regiment. Many were the hearts that were aching for loved ones who were absent, with a fearful dread that they might never return. During those long anxious years, I, Benjamin, longed greatly to go into service, but being far below the age limit, it was impossible for me to do this without running away, and falsifying as to my age. This I was sometimes tempted to do, but the thought of my widowed mother, and her hard struggle to carry on, with a heart already burdened because of one son in the service, deterred me, and I stayed on with she and Sister Mary, to “keep the home fires burning.” Sister Jane had married, just previous to this time, Josephus Tilton, a young school teacher of the community, and had gone to housekeeping not far from our home. Brother John was honorably discharged from the service in August 1865, at which time I had not yet reached my 16th birthday. A little later, another Young man of our community, William Toby, returning from the service of his country, wooed and won the hand of sister Mary, and they were married, taking up their residence close by. Then, brother John, on Oct. 22, 1865, took unto himself a wife in the person of Clementine D. Grigsby, and their first home was a short distance south of mother’s home. Thus, one by one, the brother and sisters had flown the home nest, and mother and I, alone, were left, of our cherished family circle. To the best of my ability, I tried to cheer her, and for a brief time we were happy in each others’ companionship. But Soon illness came to mother and slowly, but surely, it dawned upon us that the home must be broken up. After weary months of suffering, at the home of brother John, mother laid life’s heavy burdens down, and on my 17th birthday, Dec. 1, 1867, she went to be with those whom she had “loved and lost awhile”. Sadly we laid her to rest close by the side of father and little Hannah Catherine in the little God’s Acre, just south of Shadley Valley Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Church in which, in life, with many others of the family, she worshiped. Here, in this hallowed plot of ground they await, with many of their kindred, the time when “the earth and sea shall give up their dead.” Mother’s passing was a sad blow to us, especially so tome, for, being but four years of age at the time of father’s death, I was too young to remember much about him, and mother had been both parents to me. The other members of the family had established homes for themselves, but I was motherless and alone, at seventeen. Soon after mother’s death the family began to scatter. Sister Jane and husband, leaving the vicinity of Jelloway took up their residence far to the north at Hartland Center, near Norwalk, Huron Co., 0., in a farm which they purchased there. Soon after this, sister Mary and husband, April 5, 1870, took possession of the farm which they had purchased at Hartland Center, near the farm on which sister Jane resided. To sister Jane and Josephus Tilton during those early busy years of their married life, four sons were born, Greeley, Sydney, Carey, and Johnnie who died of diphtheria quite young. But one son survives, Carey, of Greenacres, Washington. They also had four daughters, Laura, Ella, Minnie and Grace. Ella passed away in early girlhood. The other daughters survive. To sister Mary and William Toby were born, two sons, Charles C. and Edwin H., and two daughters Marguerite Mae, and Bessie and these children survive. Through hard work and thrift Sister Jane and husband built a nice new home on the site of their first home there. Sister Mary and husband had the ill-luck of having a new home burn down with most of the contents, and on the site of this, they built another nice new home. From these homes these children of Sisters Jane and Mary went out to found homes for themselves. These sisters lived here, on the beautiful plains of Huron Co., in close proximity, for many years, and from this locality they passed on, sister Jane, on the home farm, and sister Mary at her home in Norwalk, where she lived after the death of her husband, and both, with their husbands rest in beautiful Woodlawn cemetery, Norwalk.

A further record of these families will be given in the genealogy which follows this sketch.

About a year after mother’s death, in the year 1868, brother John and wife and their little daughter Elizabeth, who was born on their farm near Jelloway, migrated to Waterloo, Ia. I accompanied them on this overland journey which was made in a covered wagon, the prevailing mode of travel for emigrants of that day.

Here, in this Hawkeye State, three more children came into brother John’s home, Edith, John, and Minnie. After a time spent here they moved on, into what was then Dakota Territory, in Clay Co., the most Southeastern Co. of the Territory, now Clay Co., South Dakota. Here their other children were born. These were Ella, Ida, Charles Wesley and Ethel. John and Ida died of diphtheria when quite young and Charles Wesley is also deceased. Here in this new country they suffered the hardships which were common to those who settled the western prairie countries, and here brother John and wife now rest in the little cemetery at Wakonda, S.D.

To come now to myself and family. After a time spent at Waterloo, Ia., I went on into Dakota Territory and pre-empted a claim of 160 acres, in the site where Sioux Falls now stands. However I never proved up on this claim. I then came back to Ohio, and to the scenes of my boyhood days. During the short time which I spent at my old home town of Jelloway, I went, with a friend of mine, John Tilton, brother of Josephus and Daniel, to visit his uncle, Anthony Jones, his wife Margaret and family, who lived to the south, near Martinsburg, Licking Co. It was here that I met their daughter, Elizabeth, who came in from church, soon after our arrival in their home. And then it was, on that first evening of our meeting that I vowed that with her consent, I would make her my wife. So, after a brief courtship, I, Benjamin F. Hagaman, and Elizabeth A. Jones were united in marriage, one winter day, Jan. 7, 1874, while sleet hung heavy on trees and fields, and all about us, on this, our wedding day, the forests which surrounded her home, looked more like crystal, than living trees. The scenic beauty of that day I have never forgotten. After our marriage we settled first in Huron Co., 0., near Olena, and not far distant from the homes of sisters Nancy Jane and Mary. Here, two daughters were born, Nellie Orell, and Margaret Loumoin. Later we moved to Delaware Co., 0., and here two sons, Edwin F. and Sydney Clyde and a daughter, Callie Blanche were born. Those first early years of our married life, while happy, were yet years of hardships. But together we met them one by one. After a few years spent in Delaware Co., one day we turned our faces westward, leaving the home we had built in Delaware, 0., to strangers, and building another, near the home of brother John, near Wakonda, S.D. Here we formed new friendships, and for five years endured the hardships of cold Dakota winters, blizzards, prairie fires, etc. And here, too, we enjoyed the close fellowship which we had with brother John and family, and our new-found Dakota friends. But Ohio ties were strong, and in 1890 we came back to the state of our birth and the loved ones here, and settled near the little village of Berkshire, on a farm which we purchased there. On this farm we plodded life’s way, with the children God had given us for thirteen years. Then a shadow-like unto the ones that had darkened my boyhood home, came upon us as the death angel hovered near, and after a year of suffering my wife Elizabeth passed on. She now rests from her labors in the little cemetery at Sunbury, 0.

Later, I married Mrs. Mary Stickney, and after her demise, Mrs. Rose Swartz. We reside at Berkshire, 0. The youngest member of my family at this writing is Sue Ann Hagaman, my great granddaughter born March 27, 1938. She is the infant daughter of my son Clyde’s son Raymond Hagaman, and is the great great granddaughter of Amos and the great, great, great, granddaughter of John.

Being now in my 88th year and the last survivor of my father’s family, I have lived to see my children to the fourth generation. During my life span, it has been my painful lot to stand by the grave-sides, or to know of the passing of all other members of my father’s family.

With the poet I can say–

“Friends, my soul with joy remembers

How like quivering flames they start

When I fan the living embers On the hearthstone of my heart.”

I have tried so to live that I would bring no disgrace to the name which I bear. It is my heart’s earnest desire that my children, and all others connected with the family, shall keep the family name untarnished. In this sketch, we have gone Tar back in our thinking, recalling large numbers of the family, who, after having been called into action, each for a brief life span, have filled their places well, and then passed on. This brings to our minds the lines of Bryant’s Thanatopsis:

“They that tread the earth are but a handful to the tribes that slumber in its bosom.”

During the intervening years that have elapsed since that day when our progenitors first landed on our Eastern shores from far off Holland, Hagamar descendants have spanned this continent. They have hit the trail from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. At Long Beach, California, Ethelyn Hagaman Davis, daughter of Charles W.. granddaughter of brother John, great granddaughter of Amos, and great great granddaughter of John, resides. At Los Angeles, Mary Brockenmeir and Margaret Sumpkins, sisters, and daughters of Edith Hagaman Donahue, two other great great granddaughters of John, have established their homes. While a decendant of Jesse Hagaman, Joseph H. Lane, son of Minnie Catrel Lane, and great great grandson of John, resides in Lenox, California. While Oscar Hagaman, son of Hiram, and grandson of John, of Chesapeake, 0., resides in this same state, at Receda, California. The far North-west State of Washington, too, claims as residents, a number of descendants of grandfather John. Here Carey J. Tilton and son Earl reside, Carey, at Green Acres, and Earl at Spokane. Earl is a grandson of sister Nancy Jane Hagaman Tilton, great grandson of Amos, and great great grandson of John. Farther west and north, at Seattle, in this same state, Ellis Elmore, Willard Royce, and Evelyn Caroline Tilton, great great grandchildren of John Hagaman, great grandchildren of Uncle George, grandchildren of cousin Caroline Hagaman Tilton, and sons and daughters of Charles Sumner Tilton reside, while a brother of theirs, Kenneth Elwood Tilton, resides at Grand Coulee, Wash. Then further to the north-west, on Juan De Fucu Strait at Port Angeles, Wash, another great great grandson of John, Charles Orville Hagaman, son of Charles W., resides. While far to the south-east in Florida’s sunny clime John J. Hagaman, son of Charles W. and another great great grandson of John, is attending school, and resides with his mother, at Tampa. In the genealogy to follow this sketch, we have record of descendants living in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Va., Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida, South Carolina, Dist. of Columbia, Alaska, Gcorgia, and Ohio.

In the U.S. Navy, at Florence, South Carolina, Harold F. Hagaman, son of Sydney Clyde, my grandson, great grandson of Amos, and great great grandson of John, is stationed as Rccruiting Officer for the U.S. Navy. While far out in the Pacific on the Battleship U.S.S. Chester, Carlyn W. Hagaman, son of Charles W., Grandson of John J., great grandson of Amos, and great great grandson of John, is stationed. Thus they, in the Navy, one on the Atlantic coast, the other in the Pacific, stand ready at the present writing to help to defend our shores.

In civil life we have entered upon varied activities of life. Many have tilled the soil, thus bringing forth sustenance for their families and other families. In this, they have lived close to nature, and to nature’s God. There have been many who have gone forth to war at their country’s call, and these have helped to preserve the nation. Some have entered the legal profession. Others have been doctors, and these have battled against the ravages of disease. Some have been carpenters, and these have helped to build the homes, churches, etc., of the nation. Besides these, many other pursuits of life have been followed by different members of the family. But the teaching profession has appealed to more of our young people than any other one profession. Thus we have helped to build a more intellectual citizenry. They have been affiliated with the Church, and its programme of evangelism. Their women have “looked well to the ways of their households” and have brought up their children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” May they, of the coming generations of the family, attain to greater heights in civic, intellectual, and spiritual life, than past generations have attained, until that day when the kingdoms of this world have become the “Kingdom of our Lord.” May they remember too, that:

“The clock of life is wound but once,

And no man has tile power

To tell just when the hands will stop

At late or early hour.

Now is the only time you own:

Live, love, toil with a will,

Place no faith in tomorrow, for

The clock may then be still.”

This brief sketch has been written in the hope that it may be of interest and help to this, and future generations of tile Hagaman family.

The following poem written by Mrs. W. W. Brown on one of her late birthdays I find applicable to my own life.


In looking back o’er all the years,

I’ve had my hopes, I’ve had my fears;

In retrospection it appears

I’ve had more sunshine farg, than tears.

Sometimes a cloud would hide the blue,

I would not know just what to do;

Then through a rift would shine a gleam,

Right down my pathway, it would seem.

To guide: So I would surely know

This was the way that I should go.

The later milestones quickly pass,

Much faster than when one’s a lad, or lass.

The many things I’ve tried to do,

Have dwindled down to just a few;

And others, that are just begun,

Are those I fain would have well done.

Perhaps, in order to abide,

I’ll finish on the other side;

Where faith is perfected in sight,

The darkened glass in clear, and bright.

The golden sunset’s gorgeous ray,

Is just before the close of day;

In quiet beauty to unroll,

With just a glimpse, it calls the soul.

So may we listen, not afar

Slip through the golden gates ajar;

And welcome on the other shore

Our loved ones there to part no more.

But until then, make most of life,

Serenly without noise or strife;

Be cheerful. helpful, never glum,

In doing this, the other’s won.

And now into the kind care and keeping of our Heavenly Father, who has been the guide and help of past generations of the family, we commit all living members in the sincere hope that all may know Him whom to know is Life Eternal. May all names herein recorded, be recorded also in the “Book of Life.”

Benjamin Franklin Hagaman

(Grandson of John)

Now in my 88th year.

Written with the help of my daughter, Nellie Orell Hagaman Stark,

June 28, 1938.

Michael Hagaman, son of John & Marh Hagaman, married Sarah Crofe, Apr. 24, 1821, in Fayette Co. Pa. They had nine children. This information obtained by Harold F. Hagaman from Fayette Co. Pa. Records, after publication of this book.


First progenitor of whom we have any authentic record.

John Hagaman, died in Carroll Co., Ohio, probably about 1847 or 1848.

Married Mary De Groff of Pennsylvania in the early part of the 19th century.

Their Children:

John Hagaman, Jr., B. Aug. 30, 1805; D. Jan. 17, 1892.

George Hagaman, Died Aug. 28, 1870.

James Hagaman, no record of date of birth or death.

Jackson Hagaman, no record except signature to deed.

Jesse Hagaman, no record of date of birth or death.

Amos Hagaman, B. April 15, 1820; D. Jan. 6, 1854.

These were the only children of whom we had any knowledge until

recently when a search of Carroll Co. records revealed the fact that

there were two other sons.

Michael Hagaman, no record except signature to deed.

David Hagaman, no record except signature to deed.

Also a daughter

Elizabeth Hagaman, no record except that she married Nathaniel Fields.

John came to Ohio from Pennsylvania, in the early part of the

18th century and settled near Perrysville (Lamartine, P.O.), Carroll Co.


(John, Eldest Son of John)

John Hagaman, Born, Aug. 30, 1805, at Big, or Little Round Top, near Gettysburg, Pa., Died,

Jan 17, 1892, at Chesapeake, 0.

Married (-) Fields, Elizabeth Simmons, March 8, 1829. One Daughter.

Sarah Hagaman, born 1835, died 1915.

Later married Sarah Hyett, Born Aug. 15, 1815, Died Jan. 17, 1887.

Their children

Annie Hagaman, Born 1841, Died 1934, at the age of 92 years.

Elizabeth Hagaman, Died young in years.

Jacob Hagaman, Born March 24, 1845, Died March 17, 1928.

Harriet Hagaman, Dates not known.

Taylor Hagaman, Born Sept. 19, 1848, Died Dec. 28, 1907.

John Hagaman, Born Dec. 25, 1851

Hiram Hagaman, Born Oct. 15, 1852 Died Oct. 31, 1930.

Elijah Russell Hagaman T3. Dec. 25, 1857 in Lawrence Co., 0. D. Dec. 30, 1925

John was a School Teacher in his earlier life and later a Stone cutter. He

lived at Jackson, Ohio, for a time, after, as we suppose, leaving Carroll

Co. Then about 1854, he settled at Big Branch, 2 miles from Chesapeake,

0., on a farm where the remainder of his earthly days were spent. He

was interred in Union Cemetery, Chesapeake, Ohio. The children are all

deceased except John, of Chatsworth, Il.


(Sarah, daughter of John)

Sarah Hagaman, deceased.

married Asa Heffner, of Chesapeake, 0., deceased.

Their children

Asa Heffner, Born 1863, Died 1937.

Wesley Heffner

Sadie Heffner, Born April 11, 1867.

Olive Heffner, Born Oct. 9, 1872.

Wesley Heffner, son of Sarah, deceased.

married Lois Bagley.

Nine children: Florence Heffner, Luella Heffner, Walter Heffner,

Lennie Heffner, Nellie Heffner, Sidney Heffner, Russell Heffner, El

mo Heffner, Loyd Heffner.

Sadie Heffner, daughter of Sarah.

married John Eaton.

Their children: Bessie Lee Eaton, Born Aug. 13, 1887.

John married Elizabeth Fields. Correct information obtained from Jefferson Co. Ohio records, after publication of book.

Homer Eaton, Born Aug. 16, 1889, Died June 11, 1892.

Bessie Lee Eaton married W. E. Hicks. Three children, Virgides


Olive Heffner, daughter of Sarah.

married Creg Pike

Their children, Jimmie Pike, Lydia Pike, Stephen Pike. These three

died of diphtheria when quite young.


(Daughter of John)

Annie Hagaman married Joseph Langdon, Died Dec. 1914.

Their children

Jasper Langdon, Born 1861, Died 1929. Ephraim Langdon, Born 1864, Died 1921. Ida Langdon, 1865 or 1866.

Annie later at the age of 66 years married Armstrong D. McKee, who preceded her in death a number of years.

Annie Hagaman Langdon died in Dec. 1934 having attained to the age of 92 years, and over the longest life record recorded in this Hagaman genealogy. They lived at Chesapeake, 0.

Jasper Langdon, son of Anna, married 1883 Emma Fullerton, Born 1864, Died 1921.

Their children: Rachel Langdon, Born 1884, Died 1916; Curtis Langdon, Born 1885; Lena Langdon, Born 1887; Forrest Langdon, Born 1888; Myra Langdon, Born 1891; Ida Langdon, Born 1893, Died 1919; William E. Langdon, Born 1894; Goldie Langdon, Born 1896; Ephraim Langdon, Born 1900, deceased.

Curtis Langdon, son of Jasper married Hazel Wallace. Their children:

Evelyn Langdon (married, no children)

Annie Langdon, Ruth Langdon, J. T. Langdon.

Curtis Langdon resides in Augusta, Ga.

Lena Langdon, married Glen Hamlin (no children) Address, Mrs. Lena Hamlin, h.R. Chesapeake, Ohio.

Forrest Langdon, son of Jasper, married Hattie Black. Their children:

Dorothy Langdon (married, one child)

Winifred Langdon

Mildred Langdon (married, no children)

Forrest Langdon, Jr., Georgie Langdon, Ida L. Langdon, Bobbie


Myra Langdon (daughter of Jasper) married W. L. McMillen.

One daughter, Irene McMillen.

Myra Langdon McMillen lives in Huntington, W. Va.

Irene McMillen married Sam Taggart (no children). Irene McMil

len Taggart lives in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Ida Langdon married Everett Carrico, two children, one grandchild.

Mabel Carrico, Herman Carrico.

William E. Langdon, son of Jasper, married Emma Paul, 1919.

One daughter, Rosemary Langdon.

Address: William E. Langdon, Chesapeake, 0.

Goldie Langdon married Charles Gregg, deceased.

One son, Charles Gregg, Jr.

Goldie Langdon Gregg lives in Chillicothe, 0. Ephriam Langdon, daughter of Annie, married Lizzie Riddle 1886.

Their children: Harry Langdon, Born 1887, deceased; Gertrude Langdon, Born 1888; Fred Langdon, Born 1892 deceased; Annie Langdon, Born 1894, deceased; Nellie Langdon, 1896; Herman Langdon, Born 1900, died in infancy; Lennie and Leonard Langdon, twins, Leonard died in infancy; Gladys Langdon, died in infancy.

Gertrude Langdon, daughter of Ephraim, married Lee Maddy.

Three children.

Fred Langdon, deceased, married, had one posthumous son.

Nellie Langdon married Otho Leffingwell, no children.

Lonnie Langdon, married, has 2 or 3 children.


(Son of John)

Jacob Hagaman married Aug. 12, 1866, at Chesapeake, Ohio. Elizabeth Bates, Born May 1847, Died March 31, 1922.

Their children: John Herbert Hagaman, Born August 1875. Charles Hagaman, born April 13, 1878, died April 18, 1931.

Jacob served in the Civil War as Sergeant, Co. A, 173rd Ohio

Volunteer Infantry. In civil life he was a carpenter and farmer.

John Herbert Hagaman, son of Jacob, married 1898 Ida Lewis, Born 1884.

Their children: Charles Hagaman, Born March 30, 1899; Anna Hagaman, Born Feb.

4, 1901; Gordon Hagaman, Born 1908; Constance Hagaman, Born 1911; Maxwell

Hagaman, Born 1914; Iretta Hagaman, Born 1917; Pearl Hagaman, Born 1919;

Lorain Hagaman, Born 1921; Betty Hagaman, Born 1927. John Herbert is a farmer

and resides at Big Bay Michigan.

Charles Hagaman married Callie Riddlebarger.

Four children, Marcella Hagaman, Wanda Lee Hagaman, 2 boys. Anna Hagaman married William Young.

Their children: Fred Young, Richard Young. Anna later married Albert Sibley

One daughter, Mary Anna Sibley. Address: Mrs. Anna Sibley, Kansas City, Kansas. Gordon Hagaman married Helen Hefner.

Their children: Ruth Hagaman, Billy Hagaman and 2 others. Constance Hagaman married Thomas Alley.

4 or 5 children Lorain Hagaman married.

Charles Hagaman, son of Jacob, married October 1898. Jennie Cremeans, Born Nov. 11, 1877. Their children: Enid Hagaman, born July 16, 1899. Virginia Ruth Hagaman, Born Sept. 13, 1915. Charles was a school teacher. Enid Ifagaman, daughter of Charles, married Sept. 12, 1923. Frank Puntenney, Born Feb. 1, 1896.

Their children: Joanne Puntenney, Born March 24, 1927.

Frank Puntenney, Born July 13, 1924.

Frank was a World War Veteran. Over-seas 13 months. Served in the 83rd Div., 308th M.O.R.S. He was honorably discharged July 29, 1919. Present address: Enid Puntermey, 1224 Mayo St., Sciotoville, Ohio.


(Daughter of John)

Harriet Hagaman married Hiram Ransbottom after the Civil War.

Their children: Mollie Ransbottom, Annie Ransbottom, Thomas Ransbottom, Ella

Ransbottom, Elizabeth Ransbottom, Born Jan. 22, 1882. Hiram served in the Civil War.

Mollie Ransbottom married Thomas Adams. The children: Kenneth Adams, Loyd Adams, Ernest Adams, Pearl Adams. Kenneth Adams married Bessie Russell.

Their children: Margie Adams, Russell Adams, Jack Adams, Bettie Lou Adams,

Boyd Adams, Rose Mary Adams. Loyd Adams married Sybil Gibson.

Their children: Doris Jean Adams, Sidney Hope Adams. Ernest Adams married Evelyn Kineade.

Their children: Eugene Adams, Adne Ruth Adams. Pearl Adams married Edward King.

Their children: Mary Philis King, Emerson King, Edwin King,

Louis King.

Annie Ransbottom married Fred Booth of Chesapeake, 0.

Their children: Lillian Booth, Garland Booth, Elmer Booth, Velma Booth.

Lillian Booth married Tom Russell

Their children: Freddie Russell, Joe Russell, Dan Russell.

Garland Booth married Mary Foke

one daughter, Mona Lee Booth.

Elmer Booth married Goldie Lynch (no children)

Velma Booth married Ralph Farley

one daughter, Maxine Sue Farley.

Thomas Ransbottom married Lena Cassady (deceased)

No children. Thomas later married. He resides in Ironton, Ohio.

Ella Ransbottom married Sam Bowman.

Their children: Elbert Bowman, Wilbert Bowman, Katie Bowman,

Lennie Bowman, Anna Bowman, Max Bowman, Merrill Bowman,

Everett Bowman.

Elizabeth Ransbottom married June 10, 1902.

Henry Pemberton, Born 1880.

Their children: Russell Pemberton, Born March 28, 1884.

Raymond Pemberton, Born Feb. 16, 1886; died when 10 yrs. of age.

Elsie Ruth Pemberton, Born Feb. 13, 1919.

Have lived in Illinois for the past 30 years. Address: Mrs.

Elizabeth Pemberton, Piper City, Ill.

Russell Pemberton married Feb. 6, 1929.

Eleanor Anderson of Huntington, West Va.

Their children: Neil Russell Pemberton, 4 years of age.

Glen Pemberton, 2 years of age.

Address: 2121 Donald Ave., Huntington, West Va.


(Son of John)

Taylor Hagaman, deceased, married Mary Alice Wilson Sept. 1869. Their children: Isaac Hagaman, Born April 8, 1871. John Edward Hagaman, Born July 29, 1872. Abraham Hagaman, Born Dec. 25, 1880.

Taylor was a School Teacher. Lived for many years at Chesapeake, 0. Interred in Union Cemetery, Chesapeake, 0. Isaac Hagaman, son of Taylor, married April 28, 1889. Ida Howell, Born Dec. 26, 1871, Died Nov. 30, 1926.

Their children: Lee Taylor Hagaman, Born May 12, 1890; Rachel Hagaman, Born 1892, Died 1901; Eliza Hagaman, Born 1894; James A. Hagaman, Born Sept. 1896; George Hagaman, Born June 15, 1898; Pearl Hagaman, Born July 14, 1900; Abraham Hagaman, Born Feb. 23, 1903, Died at the age of 23 years; Susan Hagaman, Born April 12, 1905; Raymond Hagaman, Born 1906, Infant deceased; Benjamin E. Hagaman, Dec. 13, 1906; Olan Hagaman, Born 1908. Infant deceased; Ruth Hagaman, Born Sept 9, 1913.

All of Chesapeake, 0., except Susan who resides in Huntington, W. Va.

Lee Taylor Hagaman, son of Isaac, married, Sept. 6, 1915.

The family resides at Chesapeake, 0.

Their Children: Delta Mae Hagaman, Born Aug. 26, 1916; Velma Hagaman, Born March 30, 1918; Mary Hagaman, Born Sept 16, 1920; Merrill Hagaman, Born July 3, 1922; Shirlene Hagaman, Born Oct. 8, 1924; Juanita Hagaman, Born July 22, 1926; Pauline Hagaman, Born Aug.26,1928; Robert Lee Hagaman, Born Sept. 8, 1934; Evelyn Hagaman, Born July 6, 1937.

Delta Mae Hagaman married Jan. 21, 1934.

Cecil Philips, Born March 30, 1907.

One daughter, Virginia Philips, Born Oct. 5, 1935.

James A. Hagaman (son of Isaac) married March 1, 1919.

Mabel Webb, Born October 5, 1900

Their children: Bernard Hagaman, Born March 8, 1920; Maxine Hagaman, Born Jan. 7, 1922; Norman Hagaman Born March 30, 1923.


George Hagaman, son of Isaac, married Sept. 9, 1922. Bessie Tomlinson, Born May 23, 1904.

Their children, George Hagaman, Jr., Born April 25, 1923. Erma Hagaman, Born March 4, 1926.

Pearl Hagaman, daughter of Isaac, married Dec. 24, 1919. Roy Baise, Born Aug. 30, 1895, Died Oct. 14, 1928.

Their children: opal Baise, Born Nov. 26, 1920; Lorena Baise, Born Jan. 29, 1923. Lorena Baise married March 24, 1930. Andrew Adkins, Born April 23, 1900.

Susan Hagaman married Bert Bradley, Born March 21, 1905. Their children: Betty Jean Bradley, Born April 12, 1924; Bobby Joe Bradley, deceased Jan. 1929; Peggy Sue Bradley, Born Jan. 1, 1930; Johnnie Bradley, Born Sept. 21, 1932.

Benjamin E. Hagaman, son of Isaac, married Jan. 13, 1929. Kathryn Nicely, Born Jan 13, 1913. One daughter, Betty Jean Hagaman, Born Dec. 11, 1929.

Ruth Hagaman married April 23, 1936 Layne Moore, Born Jan. 28, 1903.

John Edward Hagaman married April 11, 1891. Sarah Catherine Rule, Born April 6, 1875, Died March 29,1931. Their children: Benjamin Franklin Hagaman, Born Jan. 14, 1893. Homer Paul, Hagaman, Born Aug. 20, 1895. Bernice Elizabeth, Born Feb. 12, 1908, not married.

John E. later married Adelaide Keller Aug. 10, 1935. John E. a stone cutter by trade lives at present on a farm. Address: Route 1, Lavalette, W. Va. Present address of Bernice E., 775 Stanley Ave., Columbus, Ohio.

Benjamin Franklin Hagaman married Blanche Hulbert. Their children: Charles Edward Hagaman Opal Pauline Hagaman.

Benjamin later married Hazel Floyd. Benjamin F. is a machinist by trade. Charles E. in training for Radio Dept. of U.S.Navy. Benjamin’s address 2705 River View Ave., Huntington, W. Va.

Homer Paul Hagaman married Ethel Miller.

Their children: Homer Hagaman, Jr.; Harold Loyd Hagaman, Helen Isabel Hagaman. Homer is an electrical engineer. Homer, Jr., studying electrical engineering. They reside at 103 Cedar St., Huntington. W. Va.

Abraham Hagaman (son of Taylor) married Queen Victoria Rule. No children.


John, son of John Jr.

John Hagaman married Margaret S. Halferty Bagley, died April 20, 1883. Their children: Blanche Hagaman, Margaret Hagaman.

John later married Dec. 25, 1887 Emma Margaret Carver, died Oct. 30, 1933.

Their children: Jean Hagaman, Born Nov. 28, 1889 at Forrest Ill.

Lotta Hagaman, Born Nov. 2, 1892; Sarah Ellen Hagaman, July 9, 1894;

Viola Mae Hagaman, May 5, 1896. These three died Nov 26, 1914

in an automobile accident with train at railroad crossing.

John resides at Chatsworth, Ill. Was 86 years old Dec. 25,


Blanche Hagaman married October 11, 1918 at Forrest, Ill. (Blanche born 1880)

James Richardson Melvin-no children.

Blanche resides at Forrest, 111.

Margaret Hagaman married Willis Grover Andrews.

Their children: a son, John Lewis Andrews.

Margaret resides at Pilmer City, Ill.


Son of John

Hiram Hagaman, son of John, married at Chesapeake, 0. Sarah Caroline Langdon, Born Sept. 13, 1858, died May 15, 1919.

Their children: Albert Hagaman, Born about 1876, deceased; Oscar E. Hagaman, Born Sept. 26, 1878; Frederick B. Hagaman, Born Aug. 16, 1880; Bennie Hagaman, Born 1881 or 1882, deceased; Estella B. Hagaman, Born July 11, 1883; Nelle M. Hagaman, Born Sept 6,1885; Walter E. Hagaman, Born about 1886, deceased; Lydia R. Hagaman, Born May 20, 1894; Amanda Grace Hagaman, Born Jan. 6, 1899.

Oscar E. Hagaman (son of Hiram) married Mary Seafkes.

Their children: Orlin Hagaman, married, one child, lives in Alaska.

Floyd Hagaman, lives in Alaska.

Clifford Hagaman, killed in motorcycle accident.

Hiram Hagaman

Caroline Hagaman

The children all graduated from High School and the four boys played in the High School Band. Oscar resides in California. Address, Receda, California.

Frederick B. Hagaman married Minnie Jewkes.

Their children: Harold D. Hagaman, Born October 13, 1904, died Jan. 29, 1915; Lois Verda Hagaman, Born Nov. 28, 1909, died March 25, 1910; Elva Fern Hagaman, about 21 years of age. Fred resides on R.R. 2, Niles, Mich. Elva Fern graduated from Edwardsburg Mich. High School. She was awarded a State Teachers Scholarship, attended college in Kalamazoo, Mich. and the past winter taught school in Marne, Mich.

Estella B. Hagaman married Willard L. Goodall 1908.

One son, Herman Ishmael Goodall, Born 1909. Address, Chesapeake, 0.

Herman Ishmael Goodall married Helen Davis.

Their children: Rose Mary Goodall, Willard Earl Goodall, David Lee Goodall.

Ishmael attended Marshall College and played in Me College Band and Orchestra. Resides in Chesapeake, 0.

Nelle M. Hagaman married Aug. 24, 1906 J. Earl Campbell, born July 8, 1880 -no children.

They reside at 2554 First Ave., Huntington, W. Va. Lydia Ruth Hagaman married Ralph Solomon (deceased) 1917

Their children: Ralph Vernon Solomon, Born 1919; Virginia Eloise Solomon, Born 1922; Twins, Maxine Stelle Solomon, Marian Nelle Solomon, Born 1925. Ralph Vernon graduated June 16, 1938 from Central High School, Kalamazoo, Mich. Address: Mrs. Lydia Solomon, 428 Winstead St., Kalamazoo, Mich.

Amanda Grace Hagaman married Dec. 25, 1919. Elmer T. Lewis, Born 1898 or 1899.

Their children: Retha Joe Lewis, died at the age of 3 years.

Elmer Lewis, Jr., died when but 16 days old. Address: Mrs. Grace Lewis, Chesapeake, 0.


Son of John

Elijah Russell Hagaman married in 1877 at Huntington, W. Va. Nancy Agnes Newman, born Jan. 25, 1858; died Dec. 1, 1911.

Their children: Emma Hagaman, born Feb. 28, 1879 in Lawrenco Co., 0. Susia 0. Hagaman, born May 18,1881; died May 1898 in Huntington W.Va. Effie Hagaman, born Sept. 12, 1883; died April 7, 1912. Della Hagaman, born Nov. 18, 1885 in Lawrence Co., 0. Jesse Hagaman, born Nov. 25, 1887 at Huntington, W. Va. William Hagaman, born March 2, 1892 in Lawrence Co., 0.

Susia 0. Hagaman and Effie never married. Effie died in

Lawrence Co., 0., and Susia at her father’s home in Chenova, Ill.

Emma Hagaman married in April 1899 at Knoxville, Tenn.

William Brent McClellan of Pennsylvania-no children.

Their address: Jacksboro, Tenn.

Della Hagaman married in 1906 at Huntington, W. Va.

Adoph Watts who died in Huntington, W. Va.

The had one daughter, Alice Watts, born 1907.

Della later in 1918 married Clarence Bridges who died in Bloomington, Ill. Della resides at present at the home of her brother Jesse. Address, Route 2, Lucasville, Ohio.

Alice Watts married Earl Blankenship in 1926 at Knoxville, Tenn. They reside in Tennessee.

Jesse G. Hagaman married in 1910 at Portsmouth, 0.

Jennie Allen, born March 26, 1890; died Nov. 5, 1936.

Their children: Margaret L. Hagaman, born Mar. 12, 1911 at Cheneva, Ill.; Catherine M. Hagaman, born June 7, 1914 at Bloomington, 111.

Dorothy P. Hagaman, born Feb. 5, 1916, at Bloomington, Ill.

Mabel L. Hagaman, born May 10, 1918 at Pontiac, 111. died Jan. 1, 1902. Twins, Aldecne and Aleene Hagaman, born Jane 3, 1920 at Pontiac, 111. Twins, Clarence and Fairance Hagaman, born June 6, 1922 in Scioto Co., 0. Clarence died Sept. 7, 1937.

Gertrude E. Hagaman, born June 3, 1924 in Scioto Co., 0.

Jesse Hagaman, Jr., born Aug. 16, 1926 in Scioto Co., 0.

Address: Jesse,G. Hagaman, Box 100, Lucasville, Ohio.

Margaret L. Hagaman married Dec. 6,1929.

Charles Hackworth, born March 6, 1911 of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Their children: Robert Harold Hackworth, born Feb. 27, 1931 at Portsmouth 0.; Donald Eugene Hackorth, born July 29, 1937 at Portsmouth, 0.

Present address: Route 2, Lucasville, 0.

Catherine M. Hagaman married Dec. 23, 1933.

Autie Adkins, born July 10, 1904 in Morgan Co., Ky.

Their children: Phyllis Verneda Adkins, born May 29, 1934 at

Lucasville, 0.; Lewis Garland Adkins, born Sept. 26, 1935 at Lucasville, 0.;

Della Darline Adkins, born Oct. 29, 1936 at Lucasville.

Dorothy Hagaman married October 6, 1934.

Lewis Hill, born July 30, 1911.

Their children: Patricia Ann Hill, born March 17, 1935 at Lucasville, 0.; Bonita Alice Hill, born May 22, 1936 at Lucasville, 0.

William Hagaman married Arta Burns.

Their children: Nora Hagaman, born July 19, 1921; Infant son born Sept. 30, 1926, died Oct. 8, 1926; Arleeta Hagaman, born March 30, 1930.

William served in the World War from April 1917 to Aug. 1918. Enlisted at Huntington, W. Va. with the 156th Machine Gun Batallion. Served over-seas twelve months. Resides at 442 10th St., West, Huntington, W. Va.


George, son of John –

George Hagaman (died Aug. 28, 1870) married May 15, 1829 Nancy Lucas,

died Jan. 16, 1875.

Their children, 16 in number.

John Hagaman, born Jefferson Co., 0. Dec. 3, 1834, died April 24 1921.

Anna Maria Hagaman, died July 30, 1921.

Elizabeth Hagaman, died in middle life.

Thomas G. Hagaman, died July 16, 1869.

Mary Hagaman, died June 11, 1866

Amos Hagaman, died July 30, 1873

Samuel Hagaman, died Nov. 1849

George Hagaman, Jr., died July 22, 1845

Harriet Emma Hagaman, died Nov. 18, 1853

Frances Leroy Hagaman, died quite young

Stewart Almyer Hagaman, died 1907

Orlando Hagaman, died 1892 or 1893 Caroline Hagaman, died June 11, 1870. No record for three, one pair of twins; these probably died young. George in his early married life settled in Knox Co., 0., near Jelloway. Interred in Shadley Valley Cemetery, Jelloway, 0.


John, son of George

John Hagaman married August 18, 1857

Julia Walls, born Oct. 16, 1838; died, October 17, 1920.

Their children: Charles Homer Hagaman, born July 11, 1858; died Nov. 8, 1936; George Royal Hagaman, born April 20, 1861, died March 6, 1933; Harriet Emma Hagaman, born July 8, 1864 at Jelloway, 0.

Olive Elnora Hagaman, born Dec. 20, 1866

Lulu Edna Hagaman, born Dec. 13, 1869

Anna Belle Hagaman, born May 14, 1873

Clyde Hagaman, born April 28, 1882, died Aug. 19, 1882

John Hagaman was a member of Co. F., Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 152nd Reg. in the Civil War. He was a carpenter by trade in civil life. Was a resident of Mt. Vernon, 0., the greater part of his life, and here he passed away at the age of 86, being the last survivor of his father’s family and having lived a greater number of years than any other member of the George Hagaman family. Interred in Mt. Vernon Cemetery.

Charles Homer Hagarnan married June 21, 1883

Mary Etta Bishop, born at Mt. Liberty, 0., June 15, 1865, died July 22, 1904.

Their children: Fred B. Hagaman, born April 13, 1884 at Mt. Vernon. Augusta Leona Hagaman, born Aug. 13, 1886 at Willoughby, 0., died March 24, 1901 at Mt. Vernon, 0.

Charles Homer later married Myrtle Gaines whose present address is 401 Walnut St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Charles was a pattern maker. Was employed for a number of years by Cooper Co., Mt. Vernon, 0.

Fred B. Hagaman married June 23, 1909 in Richmond Va. E. Josephine Dunning, born at Marysville, Missouri.

Their children: Frederick Homer Hagaman, born Sept. 6, 1913 at Terre Haute, Ind; Carolyn Augusta Hagaman, born Nov. 20, 1914 at Mt. Vernon, 0.

Fred B. attended Ohio State University for three years. Graduated and received his M.A. degree from Columbia University, New York City. Was with the KYX. in France in Y.M.C.A. work during the World War. He is a teacher of Mechanical and Architectural Drawing at Cleveland Heights School, Cleveland. His address: Fred B. Hagaman, 3165 Overlook Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Frederick Homer Hagaman is the last of grandfather John’s family to bear the family name. He was graduated in Commerce and Business Administration from Ohio State University in 1935. Now with the General Electric Co. He resides at his father’s home when not traveling.

Carolyn Augusta graduated from Ohio State University in Ceramic Art and Design in 1936. She is a Kitchen Specialist Kitchen Planning and Designing. With the Potter Bldg. and Equipment Co., Cleveland, 0. Resides with her parents at 3165 Overlook Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

George Royal Hagaman married Feb. 21, 1884

Ida Mae Weaver, born June 22, 1863

One daughter, Ethel Vera Hagaman, born Dec. 2, 1884.

Addess, Mrs. Ida Hagaman, 205 S. Park St., Mt. Vernon, 0. Ethel Vera Hagaman married May 29, 1915.

Ray A. Grimwood, born June 9, 1880

Ethel Vera graduated from Mt. Vernon High School, class of 1903. Resides at 26 Watters Ave., Akron, Ohio.

Harriet Emma Hagaman married Dec. 30,1883 at Mt. Vernon, Ohio. William J. Russell

Their children: Edith Alberta Russell, born Aug 6, 1886 at Wyandott, now Kansas City, Kansas; Will J. Russell, born Aug. 4, 1889 at Kansas City, Kansas. William J. and Emma resided in Mt. Vernon, 0. until 1886, when they moved to Kansas, living in Kansas City for over twenty-seven years. They then moved to Topeka, Kansas where they now reside. William has been prominent in Masonic and Odd Fellow work. He has been Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of I.O.O.F. for twenty-seven years. On Dec. 30, 1933 William and Emma celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Address, Route 1, Topeka, Kansas.

Edith Alberta Russell married Oct. 17, 1907 at Topeka Kansas

Corbin Fuller Ellis

One daughter, Edith Elma Ellis, born Oct. 11, 1908 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Edith Alberta and husband now reside at Port Huron, Mich. Edith Elma Ellis married May 9, 1931, at Columbus, O.

Richard Harvey Millar of Mt. Clemens, Mich.

One son, Richard Harvey Millar, Jr., born April 21, 1936 at Mt. Clemens, Mich.

William Harvey, Jr., is the 7th generation. John of Carroll Co., 0., 1st of whom we have any record. George, 2nd; John, 3rd; Emma Hagaman Russell, 4th; Edith Alberta Russell, 5th; Edith Elma Ellis Millar, 6th; and William Harvey Millar, Jr. 7th.

Edith Elma attended O.S.U. Her husband Dr. Richard Millar graduated from O.S.U. in Dentistry.

William J. Russell married Iva Beatrice Cole Aug. 4, 1917 at Topeka, Kansas – No children. William J. was in Military Service during the World War. They reside in Topeka, Kansas.

Olive Elnora Hagaman married French W. Severns Nov. 25, 1891

Their children: Edna Mildred Severns, born Nov. 30, 1893; Robert Darling Severns, born Aug. 17, 1896; John Edgar Severns, born Sept. 28, 1901; Betty Julia Severns, born April 7, 1908; Mary Josephine Severns, born Feb. 2, 1910. Olive and French Severns reside on the Martinsburg Road, Mt. Vernon, 0.

Edna Mildred Severns married Walter Stuart Engelhardt Oct .11, 1919 Two daughters Martha Jane Engelhardt born July 22, 1921, Mary Elizabeth born Aug. 20, 1926.

Edna Mildred graduated from Mt. Vernon High School; to Ohio University at Athens. Walter graduated from Ohio U. at Athens in 1914. He served his country in France during the World War. He joined Co. L, 7th Infantry, Ohio National Guard in Athens, 0., 1913 Was a Sergeant in this company. This Co. was inducted into the Federal Service July 15, 1917 and he was transferred to Headquarters Co., 136th Field Artillery at Montgomery, Alabama. From there he was elected to go to 3rd Officers Training School at Camp Stanley, Texas, Jan. 1918. April 23, 1918 he sailed for France where he attended Sanmur Artillery School and received a commission as 2nd Lieut. July 12, 1918. From there he went to an AntiAircraft School and was given charge of the 17th Ken. 19th Ken. 11th Anti-Aircraft Batterys of the Coast Artillery. Was honorably discharged from the 11th Anti-Aircraft Battery of the Coast Artillery Corps, Jan. 4, 1919.

Their present address is 1311 Vance Ave., Coraopolis, Pa.

Robert Darling Severns married Margaret Sutphin Mild Mch. 17, 1934 No children Robert D. graduated from Mt. Vernon High School. Attended 0. S. U. until enlisting in officers Training School at Camp Gordon, Ga.

They reside in Mt. Vernon, 0.


John Edgar Severns married Dorothy Lee Penn Oct. 5, 1926

No children

John Edgar graduated from Mt. Vernon High School. Attended Military School at Sweet Water, Term. He resides in Mt. Vernon, 0.

Betty Julia Severns married Robert Black Kerr Oct. 18, 1928

Their children: Betty Louise Kerr, born June 2, 1933; Marjorie Ann Kerr, born Jan. 11, 1935.

Betty Julia graduated from Mt. Vernon High School. Attended Miami University. Resides in Mt. Vernon, 0.

Mary Josephine Severns married Donald H. Birnie Aug. 17, 1933. One son, James Robert Biinie, born March 5, 1937.

Mary Josephine graduated from Mt. Vernon High School and attended Miami U. at Oxford. Donald graduated from 0. S. U. in Pharmacy. They reside in Millersburg, 0.

Lulu Edna Hagaman married Nov. 23, 1892.

Frank H. Branyan, born Dec. 23, 1868.

Their children: Julia Elizabeth Branyan, born July 22, 1898; Arthur Donovan Branyan, born Sept 30, 1900; Frederick Eugene Branyan, born July 12, 1909. They reside at 106 West Hamstramck St., Mt. Vernon, 0.

Julia Elizabeth Branyan married Herbert H. Clemm Oct. 20, 1920. One daughter, Virginia Ann Clemm, born Sept. 21, 1921.

Julia graduated from Mt. Vernon High School, attended Otterbein U. and Kent State College. Herbert attended Denison U. Was in service in the World War, a Corporal in 2nd Co., 1st Training Battallion at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, 0. for eleven months. Expecting to go to France soon, when war ended. Address: Fredericktown, 0.

Arthur Donovan, Branyan married Sept. 7, 1922

Anna Dale Hull, died Feb. 3, 1938 in Columbus, O. One son, John Arthur Branyan.

Arthur at present is a salesman with the Gates Rubber Co., Columbus, O. Address Northwest Blvd, Grandview, Cols., 0. Anna Bell Hagaman married Dr. Harry Waldorf Blair, Sept. 14, 1892.


Their children: Dorothy Juliet Blair, born Aug. 23, 1896; Howard Holt Blair, born Feb. 21, 1900; Esther Mary Blair, born Oct. 14, 1903 William Harry Blair, born March 29, 1909.

Dr. Harry graduated from Western Reserve U. class of 1892. Served during World War as Captain in Medical Corp. Stationed at Camp Greenleaf, Ga., and Camp Lee, Va. Dr. Harry is a practicing physician at 6 S. Gay St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

Dorothy Juliet Blair married Bernard Purinton, Jan. 11, 1917.

Their children, John James Purinton, born Sept. 12, 1918; Harry Blair Purinton, born Oct. 11, 1924. Dorothy graduated from Mt. Vernon High School and attended O.W.U. Bernard attended O.S.U. Address Box 96, Wellsville, Ohio.

Howard Holt Blair married Elizabeth Wilken Oct. 11, 1923

Their children,–John Howard Blair, born March 31, 1925; Harriet Ann Blair, born Sept. 30, 1927; Louise Hagaman Blair, born Jan. 24, 1930; Nancy Blair, born Oct. 13, 1934. Howard graduated from Mt. Vernon High School and from O S.U. in 1923, M.A. degree from Columbia U. Served in U. S. Navy during the World War at Great Lakes Camp. Elizabeth graduated from Mt. Holyoke College, class of 1922. Address 1998 Cambridge Ave., Upper Arlington, Columbus, O.

Esther Mary Blair married June 18, 1924 Charles Yantis Neher,


One son, Charles Blair Neher, born March 10, 1925.

Esther graduated from Mt. Vernon High School, attended 0. W. U., Delaware, 0. Charles graduated from 0. W. U,. class of 1923. . Esther and son Charles reside at the home of her father, 6 S. Gay St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

William Harry Blair married Lillian Higgins Nov. 25, 1937.

William graduated from Mt. Vernon High School, attended 0. S. U. and graduated from Cleveland School of Art in 1936, Lillian graduated from Notre Dame School for Girls. Address, E. Liverpool, Ohio, Box 729.


Daughter of Geo. Hagaman

Anna Maria Hagaman, born Sept. 12, 1831, died March 18, 1897

Married Mathias Stonebrook, born Aug. 28, 1829, died Dec. 1, 1871

Their children: Frances Elizabeth Stonebrook, born Feb. 3, 1854, died Oct. 6, 1854; Maranda Stonebrook, Lorn April 15, 1857, died Sept. 13, 1861; Thomas Stonebrook, born June 4, 1859, died Sept. 16, 1861; Sarah Eunice Stonebrook, born Sept. 9, 1861, died Feb. 7, 1862; Mary Alice Stonebrook, born March 9, 1863, died May 8, 1906; Susan Edith Stonebrook, born Nov. 28, 1865, died July 31, 1867; John E. Stonebrook, born July 28, 1867, died April 20, 1935; Agnes Stonebrook, born Oct. 18, 1869, died Nov. 11 1870.

Mathias served in the Civil War, a member of Co. F, 142nd Reg., Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Mustered into service, May 2, 1864, and mustered out with his Company, Sept. 2, 1864 at Camp Chase, Columbus, O.

Alice Mary Stonebrook married August 30, 1893 George W. Story, born July 26, 1846, deceased.

Their children: John Vawter Story, born July 31, 1894 (no further record); George Ralph Story, born March 23, 1897, died May 12, 1898; Emma Mabel Maria Story, born Oct. 14, 1898 (no further record); Frances Catherine Story, born May 2, 1903. Alice Mary was a school teacher for a number of years before her marriage. Frances Catherine Story resides with an aunt, a Mrs. Lattimer in Washington, D. C.

John Edward Stonebrook married, June 12, 1902

Sarah Beek, born July 19, 1872

Their children: John Kenneth Stonebrook, born May 22, 1903; Mary Lois Stonebrook, born Oct. 29, 1904; Albert Clyde Stonebrook, born July 6, 1906; Ruth Evelyn Stonebrook, born Oct. 2, 1911. John graduated from Mt. Vernon High School and Mt. Vernon Business College. Taught school for a number of years before and after marriage. Was doing office work previous to demise. Address of Sarah: Mrs. John Stonebrook, 5 Wooster Ave., Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

John Kenneth Stonebrook married Elizabeth Sleeman June 30, 1930.

Their children: Margaret Emily Stonebrook, born Jan. 21, 1932; George Edward Stonebrook, born June 28, 1933; Sarah Marie Stonebrook, born Feb. 27, 1936. John Kenneth’s occupation is manager of Wall Paper store. Address: 231 West First St., Mansfield, Ohio.

Ruth Evelyn Stonebrook married William C. Buell May 28, 1933.

One son, William C. Buell, Jr., born Jan. 1, 1934.


Daughter of George

Elizabeth Hagaman married William Dunlap-no children. They lived near Jelloway, Knox Co., 0. Both died in middle life.


Thomas, son of George

Thomas Hagaman married Sept. 29, 1866 Emeline Walls Dewitt, born Sept. 15, 1843. Their children: Georgia Anna Hagaman, born Sept. 29, 1866, died April 11, 1901; Brady Crawford Hagaman, born Nov. 6, 1870, died about age of 7.

Thomas served in Co. 1, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery in the Civil War. Died about four years after returning from the war and a few months before his son Brady was born, at Lima, Ohio. Georgia Anna Hagaman married Edward Freeman Their children: Addie May Freeman, born May 1893; Ida Freeman, born 1895.


Almyer, son of George

Almyr Stewart Hagaman married July 7, 1870

Emeline Walls DeWitt Hagaman, widow of Thomas. No children.

He had a foster daughter, Georgie Anna, arid a foster son, Brady, daughter and son of Emeline and Thomas. Brady died about the age of seven years. Almyr was a railroad engineer for a number of years. He died about 1907, at Kawkawna, Wis. Emeline died July 28,1915 at Cleveland, 0., at the home of Fred Raymond Hagaman, son of Orlando.


Orland, son of George

Orlando Jester Hagaman, born about 1860, died 1892 or 1893

Married Kate Brandinburge Seibert

Their children: Homer Hagaman and Carl Hagaman, both died in young manhood of Tuberculosis, Harry Hagaman died 1929 Orlando later married at Zanesville, 0., Emelia Margareth Dressel, born Aug. 29, 1868 in the village of Tenlersdrif, German.

One son, Fred Raymond Hagaman, born July 13, 1891 at Bannesville, 0.

Orlando in early life was a railroad conductor. Later took up carpentering and stone cutting. Specialized in Church building. After Orlando’s death Emma married a Mr. Hill. Orlando was interred in a Zanesville cemetery .

Harry Hagaman, died Sept. 1929, married Bertha Swartz Sept. 24, 1901.

Frank J. Hagaman, born July 26, 1903; Katherine Margaret Hagaman, born Aug. 8, 1905; Carl Orlando Hagaman, born Jan. 14, 1907, died Nov. 28, 1929. Harry lived in St. Marys, Ohio.

Frank J. Hagaman married Leona Conner on July 30, 1935

Their children: Harry Noble Hagaman, born June 10, 1936; Katherine An Hagaman, born Jan. 30, 1938.

Frank J. entered the Great Lakes Training Station when fifteen years of age. Served six years in U. S. Navy and three years in Cavalry. Harry Noble Hagaman the last of this family to bear the family name. Family can be reached by addressing, care of Noble, Noble & Noble, Physicians and Surgeons, 319 W. *Spring St., St. Marys, Ohio.

Katherine Margaret Hagaman married Urvin Stinson 1924.

Their children: John Hagaman Stinson, April 14, 1926; Harry William Stinson, October 12, 1929.

Address Saginaw, Mich.

Carl Orlando Hagaman, died Dec. 1929 married Margaret Slemons 1926 Their children, Mary Margaret Hagaman,.born Aug 8, 1927;

Carlee Hagaman, born May 23, 1930.

Carl Orlando was accidentally shot and killed while hunting, four months after the death of his father, Harry. Carlee, a posthumous child, born six months after her father’s death.

Fred Raymond Hagaman married Sept. 3, 1914 Neva May Porter, born April 9, 1897.

Their children: Richard Raymond Hagaman, born Sept. 2, 1916; Robert

Burton Hagaman, born June 9, 1918, died Sept. 18, 1918; Ruth Naomi

Hagaman, born March 13, 1921; Wanda May Hagaman, born July 18, 1922; Dorothy Jane Hagaman, born Dec. 5, 1926; Virginia Rose Hagaman, born March 9, 1929; Norma Lee Hagaman, born Aug. 8, 1932; Alice Louise Hagaman, born Feb. 21, 1934.

Fred’s early life was quite melodramatic, having been lost to his mother until the age of 13 years, when, through the colums of a newspaper information was given which resulted in his being located and claimed by her at the home of Harry Hagaman, his half-brother, in St. Mary’s, Ohio. Fred is a builder by occupation. The family resides in Gambier, Ohio.

Richard Raymond Hagaman married Aug. 14, 1936.

Leah Agnes Warren, born May 18, 1918

One daughter, Helena Jermet Hagaman, born May 30, 1937.


Daughter of George

Caroline Hagaman married Daniel M. Tilton July 1859

Their children: Hosme Curtis Tilton, born April 25, 1860, died Nov. 6, 1932; Ellis Ellsworth Tilton, born June 9, 1861; Amos Hunter Tilton, born June 17, 1862; Charles Sumner Tilton, born Oct. 20, 1863, died March, 30, 1922; Mary Frances Tilton, born Aug. 7, 1865, died Oct. 24, 1926; Maria Jane Tilton, born Dec. 6, 1866, died Oct. 5, 1927; William Royce Tilton, born March 2, 1869.

Danicl later married 1872 Isabel Watson

Their children: Josephus Howard Tilton, March 10, 1873;agabina Alice Tilton, Aug. 31, 1874.

Daniel served in the Civil War, a member of Co. F, 142nd Reg., Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Mustered into service May 2, 1864 and mustered out with his company, Sept. 2, 1864 at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio. He was a school teacher in early life. All the children were born near Jelloway, 0.

Hosmer Curtis Tilton, died June 29, 1928, married Sept. 27, 1888.

Jessie Vincent, born March 6, 1862, died June 29, 1928.

Their children: Lorna Mae Tilton, born Oct. 13, 1889; Herbert Tilton, born April 9, 1898; Roscoe Tilton, born Oct. 10, 1902; Mabel Tilton, born July 15, 1894, died May 12, 1895; Webber Tilton, born Oct. 14, 1896, died April 1897.

Hosmer Curtis was a graduate of Capitol City Commercial College, Columbus, Ohio. Was a teacher for a number of years.

Lorna Mae Tilton married Nov. 24, 1909

William J. Haverstick, born June 2, 1888.

Their children: Elwyn G. Haverstick, born Aug. 17, 1910; Er Haverstick, born Jan. 16, 1917; Marion Haverstick, born J 16,1918.

Lorna Mae is a High School graduate. Address: 298 W South St., Akron, Ohio.

Elwyn Haverstick married September 3, 1936 Ruth Cochran, born Feb. 12, 1917

One son, Milton Bennett Haverstick, born Oct. 20, 1937. Address: 213 E. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio.

Herbert G. Tilton married Sept. 3, 1927 Nina Scott, born Aug. 26, 1 Their children: Richard Ellis Tilton, born Dec. 28, 1928; A Paul Tilton, born Aug. 11, 1935; Norman Duane Tilton, born 1 17,1938.

Herbert and Nina are High School graduates. Address: Kling St., Akron, Ohio.

Roscoe Tilton married Nov. 29, 1923 Lucille Neston, born June 24, 1 Their children: Patricia Lou Tilton, born Aug. 16, 1929; Cu Roscoe Tilton, born Aug. 6, 1936.

Roscoe is a High School graduate. Lucile graduated Business College. Address: 16th St., Kenmore District,

ron, Ohio

Ellis Ellsworth Tilton married Oct. 10, 1886

Estella F. Knoderer, born Nov.S; 1861, died April 10, 1931.


Their children: Roe Ellsworth Tilton, born June 1, 1888; Earl Monroe Tilton, born Feb. 23, 1892; Luella May Titlon, born Oct. 8, 1896; Erma Amelia Tilton, born Feb. 10, ?

Ellis E. has grammar school, normal, business education. Taught four years in Commercial College of Accounting, Commercial law, etc. Address: 1505 Indianola Ave. Columbus, O. Roe Ellsworth Tilton married Feb. 3, 1909

Hazel Jamison of Lakeside, 0.

One daughter, Betty Jane Tilton, born March 9, 1920, at Lakeside.

Roe Ellsworth has a grammar school education, North High School and took engineering work at Ohio State University for a time. Address: 2499 N. 4th St., Columbus, Ohio. Earl M. Tilton married June 28, 1916 Elizabeth Singleton of Columbus

Their children: Ann Elizabeth Tilton, born Sept. 6, 1920; David

Ellis Tilton, born July 26, 1924; Martha Jean Tilton, born June

3, 1929.

Earl M. is a graduate of North High School, Columbus. Graduated in Ceramic Engineering at O.S.U. Address 1555 Belmont Ave., Columbus, Ohio Luella May Tilton married July 25, 1922 in Detroit, Mich. Cecil H. Hart of Williamsfield, 0.

One daughter, Phyllis Ann Hart, born Jan. 1, 1929 in Pittsburgh.

Luella May is a graduate of North High School, Columbus, O., also of Ohio State University, Columbus, O. Address: Luella M. Hart, No. 16, 732 Rosemont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Erma Amelia Tilton married Harold R. Wheeler, Dec. 30, 1932 in Columbus, O.-No children.

Erma is a graduate of North High School and College of Arts of Ohio State University, Columbus, O. Taught three years in High School at Ashland, Ky. Address: Erma A. Wheeler, 1415 Navahoe Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. Amos Hunter Tilton married Dec. 20, 1890 at Lemars, Iowa. Lydia Caroline Kuhler, born Dec. 16,1876

Their children: Vanita Augusta Tilton, born June 2, 1902, died Jan. 1, 1923; Ellsworth M. Tilton, born May 12, 1905.

Amos has a grammar school education. Address: Amos H.

Tilton, 35th St., N.W., R.D. 2, Canton, Oiho.

Vanita Augusta Tilton, died 1923, married Robert Musser 1922

No children

Ellsworth M. Tilton married Helen Hunter June 14, 1934 at Simpson M. E. Church Canton, 0.

Ellsworth graduated from Canton High School, attended 0. W. U. at Delaware, 0., for three years, finished at Mt. Union College, Alliance, 0. Then three years at Boston Seminary. Helen graduated at Wooster College and was a teacher in High School. Ellsworth is now a Methodist minister at Cottage Grove, Oregon. Charles Sumner Tilton, died March 30, 1922, married Aug. 14, 1903 at Seattle, Wash., Lucy Caroline Blackburn, born Feb. 6, 1878, died Sept. 26, 1937.

Their children: Kenneth Elwood Tilton, born Sept. 15, 1905 ;Esther Loletta May Tilton, born June 30, 1908; Ellis Elmore Tilton, born Sept. 19, 1909; Willard Royce Tilton, born Dec. 15, 1913; Evelyn Caroline Tilton, born March 18, 1917.

Charles Sumner graduated from Vashon College, Wash. Was a teacher for 30 years and principal of Seward High School, Seattle. Lucy Caroline attended Central High School, Seattle. Esther Loletta graduated from Broadway High School, class of 1928, Dietitian Chicago, 111. Has resided at the A. G. Heitman home since 1931. Address 6441 North Lakewood Ave., Chicago. Elmore is a graduate of Broadway High School, class of 1927. Is a Radio Technician, Seattle, Wash. Willard graduated from Broadway High School, class of 1934. Is a florist in Seattle, Wash. Evelyn graduated from Broadway High School, Seattle, Wash. Taking post-graduate work as nurse. Elmore, Willard and Evelyn reside at 1136

Broadway Ct., Seattle, Wash.



Kenneth Elwood Tilton Married June 16, 1933 at Coupeville, Wash.

Elma Evelyn Robards, born March 26, 1908

One son, Iwbert Charles Tilton, born July 23, 1935.

Kenneth Elwood graduated from University of Washington in Chemical Engineering. Is Chemical Engineer at Grand Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, Wash. Address: Box 1592, Grand Coulee, Washington

Mary Frances Tilton married Nov. 2, 1885

Joseph MeManis, born April 6, 1860, died July 11, 1913.

Their children: Herbert Ray McManis, born Sept 6, 1886, died April 12, 1908, not married; Burgess Monroe MeManis, born Feb. 24, 1889, died June 12, 1918; Russell Earl MeManis, born Aug. 29, 1891. Mary Frances had a grammar school education.

Burgess M. McManis married Edith Neil

One daughter, Barbara McManis, now a nurse.

Russell E. MeManis married August 19, 1922.

Mary Alice DeVoe, born Sept. 15,1902

Two sons: Russell Edwin McManis, born June 17, 1923; Donald Ray McManis, born Nov. 9, 1927. Russell is employed in office of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Pittsburgh. Address: 6408 Marchard St., EX., Pittsburgh, Pa. The sons Russcll and Donald reside at 68 Columbus Rd., Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Maria Jane Tilton, died Oct. 5, 1927, married Oct. 28, 1885

Isaiah McManis, born April 13, 1856, died Oct. 10, 1933-no children. Maria Jane (Jennie) had a grammar school education.

William Royce Tilton married Edith B. Roher June 5, 1901

Their children: Daniel Monroe Tilton, born Sept. 26, 1905; William Harold Tilton, born April 26, 1909.

William Royce has a grammar school education. Address: Warner Rd., S.E., Canton, Ohio

Daniel Monroe Tilton married Inez L. Strong of Canton, July 9, 1923 Their children: Daniel Royce Tilton, born Aug. 31, 1924; Emmet Roy Tilton, born Oct. 19, 1925; Betty Jane Tilton, born Jan. 11, 1927; Sally Ann Tilton, born April 9, 1936. Daniel attended grade and high school in Canton. Has followed the printing trade since graduation. Address: R. D. 5, Canton, Ohio.

William Harold Tilton married Ethel Wolary of Canton, May 9, 1932.

One daughter, Dorma Lou Tilton, born Feb. 25, 1933.

William Harold attended grade and high school in Canton, and shortly after graduation secured a position as inspector with a large machine corporation in Endicott, N. Y. Address: 22 McKinley Ave., Endicott, New York.


James, son of John, first progenitor mentioned

James Hagaman, son of John, married (name of first wife not known)

Their children: George Hagaman, lived at Warsaw, Ind.; Belinda Hagaman

(no record)

George is said to have lived at, or near Warsaw, Ind. (No fur

their record.)

James later married Lavina Bowers, widow of Geo. Bowers. Their children: Sherman Hagaman, no record; Etta Hagaman, no record; Tillie Bowers, a daughter of Lavina.

JACKSON HAGAMAN – Son of John – No record except signature to deed.

MICHAEL HAGAMAN – Son of John – No record except signature to deed.

DAVID HAGAMAN – Son of John- No record except signature to deed.

ELIZABETH HAGAMAN – Nathaniel Fields Branch

Elizabeth Hagaman, daughter of John, married Nathaniel Fields prior to 1849. Their children: John Fields, married Anna McCullum June 30, 1856; Emma Fields, no record.

(Eliza Hagaman) daughter-in-law of John, and widow of Jesse Hagaman whose name does not appear on deed. She probably signed deed as guardian for her grandson, Jesse Hagaman Catrel who at that date, 1849, was but nine years of age.


Jesse, son of John

Jesse Hagaman, son of John, married Eliza – Not able to determine to

date her maiden name. She died 1844. They had a daughter, Mary Hagaman. We have no further record of Jesse.

Mary Hagaman, died 1844, daughter of Jesse, married John Catrel, May 1839.

Their children: Jesse Hagaman Catrel, born April 11, 1840, died Jan. 29, 1909; Infant, born 1844. Both mother and infant died at time of its birth. The farm on which Jesse H. Catrel was born situated one mile north of Perrysville, Carroll Co., 0. is now a Summer Resort with a made lake, named Stony Lake, a golf course and picnic grounds with cottages on either side of the lake having been thus transformed by the wealthy folk of Carrollton.

Jesse Hagaman Catrel married Mary A. Umpleby, born March 27, 1840, died June 11, 1921.

Their children: Carrie Evelyn Catrel, born Jan. 8, 1867 died May 20, 1918; Minnie Martha Catrel, born July 20, 1868, died March 10, 1913; Bertha Luella Catrel, born Nov. 2, 1870. Jesse, having been left motherless at the age of four years, was raised by his grandmother Hagaman, and educated in Carrollton schools. He was a Civil War veteran. Enlisted in Co. A, 80th Reg., O.V.I., Oct. 21, 1861. Re-enlisted June, 1864. Was appointed Sergeant Nov. 6, 1864. Promoted to Q.M. Sergeant, March 1, 1865. Honorably discharged Oct. 21, 1865. Served four years. In civil life be was a teacher having taught school for 35 years.

Carrie Evelyn Catrel married Scott E. Newell (deceased) May 15, 1888 One son, Jesse Newell, born April 30, 1889, died Aug .1, 1889. Carrie was a fine musician and a music teacher.

Minnie Martha Catrel married Cornelius H. Lane (deceased) July 2, 1900.

One son, Joseph H. Lane, born April 19, 1901.

Minnie was a milliner and conducted a millinery store for a number of years at Scio, 0. Joseph Lane resides in California. Address: Joseph H. Lane, 11121 Hawthorne Blvd., Lenox.

Bertha Luella Catrel married Stanton James March 15, 1891.

They had one son, Paul James.

Bertha later married June 13, 1896 George L Marshall died Nov. 1937 Their children: Charles J. Marshall, born May 2, 1897, died Aug,

3, 1897; Lucile Marshall, born June 7, 1900, died April 6, 1924.

Lucile was a teacher for some years before her death. Address: Mrs. George L. Marshall, R.D., Waynesburg, Ohio.

Paul James married 1917 Ellen Lane, born 1904 in N. York state. They had one daughter Hazel Lane, born Jan. 14, 1920.

Paul was a Bugler at Camp Chillicothe during the World War. He is a musician having formed the Paul James Co., Elaine & James, Royal Entertainers. Permanent Address: Paul James, R.D., Waynesburg, Ohio.


Amos, Son of John

Amos Hagaman married Elizabeth Sell, born Feb. 14, 1822, died Dec. 1, 1867

Their children: Nancy Jane Hagaman, born Dec. 11, 1841, died April. 25,

1909; John J. Hagaman, born Dec. 14, 1844, died June 12, 1907; Mary E.

Hagaman, born Jan. 24, 1847, died April 8, 1930; Benjamin Franklin Hagaman, born Dec. 1, 1850; Hannah Catherine Hagaman, died in infancy.

Nancy Jane, John J., Mary E., Benjamin F. were born in what is now Carroll Co., 0. Hannah Catherine at Jelloway, Knox Co., 0. Amos and Elizabeth lived in Carroll Co., 0. until about the year 1853 when they moved to Jelloway, Knox Co., 0. They, with the infant daughter were interred in Shadley Valley Cemetery, Jelloway, Ohio.

Daughter of Amos


Josephus Tilton Branch

Nancy Jane Hagaman married July 26, 1859

Josephus Tilton, born April 4, 1836, died June 21, 1917.

Their children: Horrace Greeley Tilton, born June 16, 1860 at Jelloway, 0., died June 21 1932 at Rapid City. S.D.; Effie Ellen Tilton, born Aug. 21, 1861, died Sept. 28, 1877; Sydney Ellsworth Tilton, born Feb. 2, 1863, died August 29, 1933; Laura Etta Tilton, born Oct. 9, 1864; Carey J. Tilton, born June 23, 1866; John Russell Tilton born Aug. 1, 1874, died Oct. 28, 1879; Minnie Sabina Tilton, Nov. 7, 1876; Grace Jane Tilton, born Jan. 12, 1878. Josephus was a school teacher in early life. They lived near Jelloway, 0., where Greeley, Sydney, Ella, Laura, and Carey, were born until March 1868, when they moved on a farm which they purchased near Norwalk, 0. Here the other children were born. From Sept. 1884 to March 1886 they lived ‘In Delaware, 0. while the children were in school there. They then returned to their farm near Norwalk. Both rest in Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, 0.

Horrace Greeley Tilton married August 27, 1889 at Wellington, Ohio.

Eleanor Mary McDermot, born Feb. 20, 1860 at Berea, 0., died June 8, 1925 at Vermillion, S.D.

Their children: Ella Tilton, born July 6, 1891 at Norwalk, 0., died Apr. 25, 1892 at Vermillion, S.D.; Paul Ellsworth Tilton, born Oct. 2, 1892, at Vermillion, S.D.; Florence Tilton, born May 4, 1894 at Vermillion. Horrace Greeley taught school in early life. Graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University. Later studied law, and entered upon this profession soon after his marriage at Vermillion, S. D. He was at one time Prosecuting Attorney of Clay Co. and later for a number of years Probate Judge in the same Co. He with his wife and little daughter Ella were interred in Bluff View Cemetery, Vermillion, South Dakota.

Paul’s address: Lock Box 410, Redfield, South Dakota.

Florence Tilton married Dec. 21, 1936 Fred Ahlfeld of North Mancliester, Ind.-No children. Florence received her B.A. degree from the University of S. Dakota in 1916. Attended Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware for one semester in 1918. Graduated from a three year course at Chicago Art Institute in 1920. Received the B.A.E. degree from Chicago Art Institute in 1926. Received the degree of M.A. frorn Teachers College, Columbia in 1930. Did graduate study one year at the University of Minnesota in 1935-36.

Was an Art Teacher in several schools before her marriage. Address: Mrs. Fred Ahlfeld, R. 3, Box 86, North Manchester, Indiana.

Sydney Ellsworth Tilton married March 9, 1893 at Delaware, Ohio Kathryn Volk, born Sept. 27, 1869, died March 5, 1933.

Their children: Kenneth Ellsworth Tilton, born Jan. 9, 1894; Beulah May Tilton, born Oct. 18, 1902; Percy Lester Tilton, born July 4, 1898; Dorris Ferm Tilton, born March 29, 1901; Josephus Tilton, born Jan. 24, 1904, died 1928. Sydney attended Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware, 0. Immediately following their marriage they took up their residence in South Dakota where the five children were born. They later moved to North Carolina, meanwhile building a home in Delaware, 0., where they lived for some years. Kate

was interred in Oak Grove Cemetery, May 9th, 1933, just forty years from the day she was married, and Sydney died just 6 months and 4 days later. Both Sydney and Kate passed away in North Carolina. Kate, at the home of their daughter Beulah, and Sidney at the home of his son Kenneth. Interred in Oak Grove Cemetery, Delaware, 0.

Kenneth E. Tilton married Muriel Joy Headley of South Dakota

Muriel’s grandfather Headley married Ann Bowman. Her father, Mr. Headley, married Emma Watson, whose father married a Linderman.

Their children: Maurice Ellsworth Tilton, born Aug. 25, 1920; Daryl Lester Tilton, born July 5, 1922; Ruth Joy Tilton, born July 26, 1924; Dora Lee Tilton, born Dec. 10, 1927; Marilyn Marie Tilton, born Aug. 15, 1931.

The children were all born at Havelock, N.C. Address: P.O. Box 1784, 1304 Club Blvd., Durham, N.C.

Percy Lester Tilton married Retha Birch of Delaware, Ohio.

Their children: Doris 0. Retha Tilton; William Ellsworth Tilton; Jackie Berch Tilton.

Percy served in the U. S. Navy for several years. The family resides in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Beulah Tilton Married Dec. 22,1922

  1. Frank Bland, born May 5, 1897

They have one son, Delmar Earl Bla nd, born Aug. 14, 1924.

Beulah and Frank graduated from Vanceboro, N. C. High School same class, May 3, 1920. Beulah attended Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware and Frank, Kings Business College, Raleigh, N.C. Address: 2209 Queen St., Winston Salem, N. C.

Dorris Fern Tilton married Dec. 21, 1918 John Bernard Smith, born March 13, 1891 Their children: John Bernard Smith, Jr., born Jan. 10, 1920; Robert Sidney Smith, born July 3, 1921; Glenwood Smith, born Aug. 24, 1923.

John Bernard Sr. is a Construction Engineer. a graduate of of Moore’s University Alabama, and Chicago Technical School. John Bernard Jr. graduated from Central High School Washington, D.C., class of 1938. The children all reside at home. Address: Mrs. Dorris Smith, 1748 Columbia Road, Washington, D.C.

Laura Etta Tilton married Dec. 17, 1890

Fred R. Welch, died Jan. 26, 1924.

Their children: Ruth Harriet Welch, born Feb. 12, 1893; Vesta Elnora Welch, born July 3, 1898, died Feb. 14, 1934.

Laura attended 0. W. U. at Delaware, 0. They lived on a farm near Norwalk, 0., until Fred’s health failed, when they moved to Norwalk where he passed away. Laura resides at her home, 107 Benedict Ave., Norwalk, Ohio.

Ruth Harriet Welch married Dec. 19, 1923

William L. Smith, born Aug. 30,1886.

Ruth is a graduate of Norwalk High School, class of 1910. Also graduated from Ohio University, class of 1915. She taught school in Norwalk schools for a number of years before her marriage. Will is a retired business man. They reside at 240 E. Main St., Norwalk, 0.

Vesta Elnora Welch married March 5, 1921

Ross L. Chapin, born Oct. 14, 1898

Their children: Robert F. Chapin, born Jan. 20, 1924; Maurice L. Chapin, born Sept. 7, 1927;

Vesta passed away Feb. 14, 1934. Interred near her father in beautiful Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, 0. She was a graduate of Norwalk High School, class of 1918.

Carey J. Tilton married Loie Minkler of Vermillion, S.D. filed. Nov. 1918. They had 2 sons: Earl Tilton, Bert Tilton.

Bert passed away just two days before his mother’s death, Nov. 1918. Both were laid to rest in a Spokane, Washington Cemetery.


Earl M. Tilton married Velma Verda Mann, of pioneer stock of Wall Walla, Wash, previously from the State of Indiana.

They have one daughter: Barbara Joyce Tilton.

They reside at 2517 E. Pac., Spokane, Wash. Carey is a orchardist. Address: Greenacres, Washington.

Minnie Sabina Tilton married Aug. 14, 1895 Holton M. Lowe, born Marc 7, 1876 Their children: Stanley Tilton Lowe, born July 14, 1898; Kenneth Holton Lowe, born Nov. 14, 1903; Helen Mary Lowe, born Sept. 23, 1905 Charlotte Jane Lowe, born April 9, 1908.

Before their marriage both taught school in Huron Co schools. Holton later graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, 0., class of 1902. Later, in 1916, he graduate from University of Michigan Medical School. Has been i practice for 22 years. Has been attending physician at birth of 3,300 babies. Minnie attended 0. W. U. Conservatory o Music. They reside at 203 Chestnut St., Battle Creek, Mich.

Stanley Tilton Lowe married July 14, 1921

Bernice Jones, born Oct. 26, 1896

Their children: Marjorie Jane Lowe, born Oct. 26, 1922; Stewar

Ryan Lowe, born June 10, 1929.

Bernice graduated from Holland Mich. High School and University of Michigan, class of 1918. Stanley graduated from Ann Arbor High School, 1916, and from the University of Michigan, class of 1921. Was with the Kimberly Clark pa per mills at Neenah, Wis. for three years. Then returned to U. of Mich. Studied medicine, graduating in 1928. He took his interneship at Blodgette Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich is now a practicing physician with address at 74 Sherman Rd. Battle Creek, Mich.

Kenneth H. Lowe married Aug. 17, 1926 Dorothy Graham, born Nov. 4, 1902

One child: Julia Ann Lowe, born May 5, 1931

Dorothy graduated from Battle Creek High School, also attended the University of Wisconsin. Kenneth graduated from Battle Creek High School. He also attended Olivet College and U. of Mich. Literary and Medical School, graduating in 1930. He interned at Blodgette Hospital in Grand Rapids and St Gulses in Cleveland. He is a practicing physician, the third in the family, in Battle Creek, Mich. Address: 187 N. Union St., Battle Creek, Mich.

Helen Mary Lowe married Richard Wentworth Feb. 9, 1924

Their children Helen Louise Wentworth, born Nov. 27, 1926;

Richard Wentworth, born Dec. 3, 1924. Helen later married William Page

One child, Carolyn Lowe Page, born Jane 15, 1936.

Helen graduated from Battle Creek High School and attended Olivet College. William attended University of Michigan.

Charlotte Jane Lowe married Arthur Eggleston Dec. 28, 1927.

One son, Arthur E. Eggleston, born Nov. 29, 1929. Charlotte later married Victor Harter (One daughter)

Nancy Jane Harter, born Dec. 11, 1932, on the 91st anniversary of the birth of her great grandmother, Nancy Jane Hagaman Tilton, for whom she was named. Charlotte graduated from Battle Creek, Mich. High School. Attended U. of Mich. and Rockford College, Ill. Victor graduated from U. of Mich.

Grace Jane Tilton married June 21, 1899

Mortimer James Norton, born Feb. 2, 1878, East Norwalk, Ohio.

Their children: Worthing Rexford Norton, born July 3, 1900; Gertrude Bott Norton, born Feb. 28, 1903; Rita Jane Norton, born Oct. 16, 1904; Laura Marie Norton, born May 22, 1907; Ruth Helen Norton, born Jan. 1, 1914, not married.

Mortimer taught school in Huron Co., 0. in early life. They moved to North Carolina in 1915, where they have since resided. Ruth attended University of North Carolina at Greensboro, N.C. Their address: Williamston, N. C.

Worthing Rexford Norton married Thella Mae Sillbray of Cadillac,

Mich on April 3, 1926.

One son, by adoption, William Vance Norton, born May 14, 1933. Worthing graduated from University of Michigan in Civil Engineer.

Gertrude Bott Norton married Dec. 25, 1934

William Henry Carstarphen of Williamston, N.C. – no children. Gertrude graduated Harcourt Place School, Gambier, Ohio and attended Brenau College, Gainsville, Ga.

Rita Jane Norton married June 2:4, 1926

James Robert Everett of Williamston, N. C.

One son, Roland Mortimer Everett, born June 23, 1928

Rita graduated from Blackstone College for girls, Blackstone,


Laura Marie Norton married April 21, 1928

Melvin Tillinghast Sullivan of Aberdeen, S.C.

Two daughters: Judith Norton Sullivan, born Aug. 20, 1930; Jane

Gray Sullivan, born July 9, 1934. Laura attended Anderson College, Anderson, South Carolina.


Son of Amos

John J. Hagaman son of Amos, married October 22, 1865. Clementine D. Grigsby, born Feb. 22, 1846, died

John J. Hagaman enlisted for Civil War service in 1863 in Co. I, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery. Was mustered into service at Camp Sheridan, 0. Was Honorably discharged in August, 1865. In 1868 migrated to Waterloo, Ia. Later moved to Clay Co. S. Dakota where he lived to the time of his death. Eight children were born to them, six daughters and two sons: Mary Elizabeth Hagaman, born at Jelloway, 0., Feb. 11, 1867; Edith Jane Hagaman, born at Black Hawk, Ia., June 21, 1869; John M. (deceased) born at Black Hawk, Ia., Sept. 13, 1871; Minnie Hagaman, born at Waterloo, Ia., Dec. 22, 1873; Ida Hagaman (deceased), born at Wakonda, S.D., May 2, 1876; Ellasyph Elvira Hagaman, born at Wakonda, S.D., Sept. 24, 1879; Charles W. Hagaman, born at Wakonda, S.D., Aug 2, 1881; Ethel 1. Hagaman, born at Wakonda, S.D., Oct. 15, 1883.

John and wife were interred in the Wakonda, S.D. cemetery. Mary Elizabeth Hagaman married July 2, 1886

Wilber B. Gallop, died Dec. 16, 1928

Their children: Vernie Harold Gallop, born April 20, 1887 at Wakonda, S.D., died May 29, 1932; Earl Geraldine Gallop, born Sept. 17, 1897, at Lynch, Nebr.; Orvillo Naverne Gallop, born July 27, 1906 at Lynch, Nebr.

Mary Elizabeth taught school for a number of years in S.D.

After her marriage she with her husband and eldest son

Vernie migrated to Nebraska, taking up a claim near Lynch.

She taught school in Nebraska schools after locating there.

She now resides in Lynch, Nebraska.

Vernie Harold Gallop, married April 8, 1914

Gladys May Lewis, born May 26, 1890

Their children: Grace La June Gallop, born June 16, 1915; Wilber

Lewis Gallop, born April 1, 1918; Bernetha Allene Gallop, born

June 17, 1921

Bernetha is a sophomore in Lynch High School.

Grace La June Gallop married Kenneth Crooks Nov. 30, 1935.

One daughter, Patrica Kay Crooks, born Sept. 7, 1937.

Patricia is the 7th generation, the great, great, great, great grandaughter of John Hagaman of Carroll Co., 0. our first progenitor of whom we have any record. John, 1st; Amos 2nd; John J. 3rd; Mary Elizabeth Hagaman Gallop, 4th; Vernie Harold Gallop, 5th; Grace LaJune Gallop Crooks, 6th; and Paricia Kay Crooks, 7th. They reside in Nebraska.

Wilber Lewis Gallop, son of Vernie, not married-has enlisted in

the Signal Corps of the U. S. Army for three years. Is stationed at Des Moines, Iowa.

Earl Geraldine Gallop married Ruth Veich 1920.

Their children: Margaret Adeline Gallop, born Feb. 7, 1921; Velma Corrine Gallop, born May 5, 1922; Virgil Leroy Gallop, born Aug. 7, 1923, died April 8, 1929; Ralph Earl Gallop, born Sept. 10, 1925; Donald Maurice Gallop, born Oct. 25, 1927; Lorelle Elwin Gallop, born April 5, 1929.

Four of tnese are living and in school. Margaret was a senior in Lynch, Nebr. High School was a champion speller of Boyd Co. Nebr. and represented her Co. for four consecutive years in the Inter-State Spelling Contest, once in Sioux City, Ia., once at Shenandoah, Ia., and twice at Omaha, Nebr. Velma is a Sophomore in Lynch High School. The family reside at Lynch, Nebraska. Margaret died Feb. 28, 1938.

Orville Naverne Gallop married Inez Sinclair. One son, Charles Carol Gallop, born Sept. 6, 1936. Address: Potosi, Wisconsin.

Edith Jane Hagaman married July 5, 1892

John Francis Donahue, died March 11, 1933

Their children: Agnes Floy Donahue, born July 2, 1894; Helen Orell Donahue, born April 29, 1896; John Dewey Donahue, born April 26, 1898, died Aug. 1901; Charles Francis Donahue, born March 8, 1900; Donald Daniel Donahue, born Feb. 7, 1902, died Feb. 16, 1905; Mary Clementine Donahue, born Oct. 1, 1904; Margaret Regina Donahue, born Dec. 19, 1906; Thomas Edward Donahue, born Jan. 31, 1910; Leo

Leroy Donahue, born Sept. 15, 1911.

Edith was a teacher in S. D. schools before her marriage, and in Nebraska schools, after locating there. Thomas E., not married, resides in Clearwater, Nebraska. Leo Leroy, not married, resides with his mother at their home, Anoka, Nebr.

Agnes Floy Donahue married Van W. Bearinger Oct. 22, 1918

Their children: Van William Bearinger, born Aug. 31, 1919, now attending college at Wayne, Nebr.; Helen Jane Bearinger, born Feb. 13, 1922, now a junior in Orchard High School, Orchard, Nebr.; Patricia Ann Bearinger, born Feb. 7, 1927, died Feb. 13, 1927

Agnes was a school teacher before her marriage. Address: Royal, Nebraska (Antelope Co.)

Helen Orrell Donahue, died Sept. 1922, married June 1922

James Reffe- had only a few months of married life.

Helen taught school before her marriage. Interred at Creighton, Nebraska.

Charles Francis Donahue married Mildred McQuistan April 4, 1924.

Their children: John William Donahue, born Aug. 22, 1925; Patricia Lou Donahue, born Dec. 19, 1929.

Charles and family live in Yankton, S. D.

Mary Clen-icn,ine Donahue married Frank Brockenmeir July 12, 1932 One son, Larry Joe Brockenmeir, now four years old.

They reside in Los Angeles, California. Mary was a school teacher before her marriage.

Margaret Regina Donahue married Ralph Sumpkins May 7, 1934

One son, Terry John Sumpkins, born Sept. 20, 1935

Margaret was a teacher before her marriage. Attended 0. W. U. at Delaware for one year. The family now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Minnie Hagaman married Frank Roach April 1896

Their children: Ella Clementine Roach, born Jan. 21, 1897, died IJOWQ

John Franklin Roach, born Aug_llf-, 1898; Myron Adney Roach, born

April 17, 1900; James Arthur Roach, born April 6, 1902; Floyd Amos

Roach, born June 24, 1904, died Feb, 24, 1904; Melvin Grigsby Roach,

born Jan. 30, 1906; Mary Magdalene Roach, born March 18, 1908; Sarah Ruth Roach, born Aug. 16,1911; Barbara May Roach, born Nov. 27, 1904, died Nov. 30, 1914. Minnie was a school teacher before her marriage. Frank at present is a Rural Mail Carrier and they reside in Wakonda,

South Dakota.

Ella Clementine Roach married Willard Noonan May 17, 1920 at Mayfield, South Dakota

Ella died after 3 years, 2 mo. and 2 days of happy married life. No. childrcn. Ella taught school for 4 years before her marriage.

John Franklin Roach married Lena 1. Barker March 28, 1921, at Vermillion, S. D.

Their children: Marjorie Jean Roach, born Oct. 5, 1923; Allan Merle Roach, born April 29, 1927; Ella Mae Roach, born April 10,1929. John F. Roach and family reside on the Roach farm near

Wakonda, South Dakota.

Myron Adney Roach married Nov. 1930 at Yankton, South Dakota. Mary Moss

One son, Myron Leroy Roach, born 1931.

Myron lives near Gayville, South Dakota

James Arthur Roach married Ellen Hart July 17, 1928 at Bradley, S. Dakota. They have no children.

James Arthur is Supt. of Thorpe Consolidated Schools and resides at Garden City, S. D. He has a B.A. degree from Northern State Normal at Aberdeen, S. D.

Melvin Grigsby Roach married Olinda Gross Rhode April 21, 1930 at Osrnond, Nebr.

One child, Carmen Lindy Roach born Sept .30, 1931.

They reside in Osmond, Nebraska. Melvin has been principal of the high school there for nine years. He has a B.A. degree from Yankton College, Yankton, S. D.

Mary Magdalene Roach married Curtis E. Lefler March 24, 1926 at Wakonda, South Dakota.

Their children: Madlaine Charlotte Lefler, born Dec. 28, 1926 at Wakonda, S.D.; Curtis Lefler, Jr., born Jan. 19, 1933 at Yankton, S. D. They reside in Sheldon, Iowa.

Sarah Ruth Roach, married Don Schaller Jan. 6, 1931 at Yankton, S.D.

One daughter, Patricia Ann Schaller, born June 18, 1936, at Sioux City, Iowa. Ruth graduated from Wakonda High School and attended Frankton College. Address: Floyd Ave., Sioux City, Iowa.

Ellasyph Elvira Hagaman married Sept. 23, 1899 in Niobrara, Nebr. Ira Allen Saddler, born Jan 23, 1870, Van Buren Co., Ia.

Their children: Viola Blanche Saddler, born Aug 1, 1900 in Clay Co., S.D.; Zella Mae Saddler, born Aug. 3, 1902, in Yankton, S.D.; Lloyd Allen Saddler, born Nov. 13, 1904 in Benton Co., Mo. has been a bedridden invalid with arthritis for 12 years; Margaret Clementine Saddler, born June 5, 1909, in Gregory, S.D.; Evelyn Dellaparetta Saddler, born Jan. 5, 1912 in Tripp Co., S.D.; John Melvin Saddler, born Dec. 23, 1915 in Benton Co., Mo., died June 25, 1935. Killed by a bolt of lightning during an electrical storm. Interred in Laurel Oak Cemetery, Windsor, Mo. Greatly missed; Lottie Pauline Saddler, born April 4, 1921 in Benton Co., Mo.; Charles Edwin Saddler, born April 15, 1925 in Benton Co., Mo.

Viola Blanche Saddler married Dec. 25, 1920 in Benton Co., Mo., Alva Leroy Howard, born April 26. 1896 in the state of Texas.

They have one child, a daughter, Wilma Le Howard, born July 18, 1927 in Benton Co., Mo. Alva Howard is a farmer and they reside on a farm near Warsaw, Mo. Their address is Warsaw, Mo.

Zella Mae Saddler married Sept. 26, 1922 in Clinton Co., Mo. Frederick Leroy Bowen, born Sept. 28, 1895 in Wandsor, Mo.

They have one daughter, Marjorie Le Bowen, born Nov. 26, 1926 in Windsor Mo. Frederick Leroy is an electrician in the mines, and their address is Windsor, Mo.

Margaret Clementine Saddler married Oct. 14, 1926 in Warsaw, Mo.

Ernest Efton Poague, born May 4, 1906 in Benton Co. Mo.

They have one son, Harold Gene Poague, born Aug. 2, 1927 in

Benton Co., Mo.

Ernest and Margaret work in a shoe factory at Windsor, Mo.

Evelyn Dellaparetta Saddler married Feb. 18, 1928 at Warsaw, Mo. Garth William Beek, born March 18, 1902 at Garin, Mo.

They have one son, Jack William Beek, born in Benton Co., Mo. They reside on a farm and their address is Novelty, Mo.

Ella Hagaman Saddler taught school I year near Centerville, S.D. and two years near Butte, Nebr. before her marriage. I. A. Saddler is at present a farmer and they have resided on their present farm for 25 years. Their address is Warsaw, Mo. Charles Wesley Hagaman married Oct. 22, 1902 at Viborg, S. D.

Serena Thompson, died April 4, 1910.

Their children: Charles Orville Hagaman, born Feb. 4, 1904 on the old Hagaman homestead, Willowdale farm near Wakonda, S.D.; Ethelyn Margaret Hagaman, born July 17, 1905 on the same farm; Serena Clementine Hagaman, born Aug. 25, 1907 on a farm near Yankton, S.D., died March 4, 1911 at the home of her maternal grandmother, near Viborg, S.D. exactly 11 months after her mother had passed on. Charles W., later married Amanda F. Christensen.

Their children: John J. Hagaman, born July 30, 1915 and Carlyn Wallace Hagaman, born the day war was declared with Germany, April 6, 1917.

Both were born on the Hagaman farm near Wakonda, S. D. Charles Orville Hagaman married Feb. 24, 1926 at Vermillion, S.D. Violetta Nelson

Their children: Marjorie B. Hagaman, born March 21, 1927; Marlyn B. Hagaman, born Dec. 18, 1928.

Charles Orville and family reside at Port Angeles, Wash.

Ethelyn Margaret Hagaman married June 1, 1933 Marvin W. Davis, of Long Beach, California. No children.

Their address: 1041/2 Glendora, Long Beach, California.

John J. Hagaman (eldest son of Charles’ second marriage) is attending college in Florida and makes his home with his mother at Tampa. Carlyn Wallace Hagaman, younger son of second marriage is in the U. S. Navy on the Battleship, U.S.S. Chester, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean at present.

Charles Wesley Hagaman died Jan. 21, 1919 and was interred near the body of his first wife, Serena, in the little cemetery at Wakonda, South Dakota.

Ethel 1. Hagaman married Dec. 6, 1905 at Willowdale Farm, Wakonda, S. D. Elmer Ames Stevens, of Casey, Iowa. No children.

Ethel was a school teacher for 2 years before her marriage, after which they resided near Casey, Iowa for two years. Moved to Gregory, S. D. for 2 years residence. Then took up a homestead claim near Cooper, S. D. where they now reside. Address: Cooper, South Dakota.

Daughter of Amos


Wm. Toby Branch

Mary E. Hagaman married Jan. 3, 1867 at Jelloway, 0. Frederick William Toby, born Nov. 23, 1843 in Hurdsau, Nassau Co., Germany.

Their children: Charles Clifford Toby, born Sept. 5, 1868, at Jelloway, 0.; Edgar Hagaman Toby, born May 5, 1871; Marguerite Mae Toby, born Sept. 5, 1873; Bessie Toby, born July 20, 1876. Frederick William Toby enlisted for service in the Civil War at the age of 20 years, Oct. 12, 1864, in Co. I, 9th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry under Captain Thomas Brown. Was honorably discharged at Lexington, North Carolina on July 20, 1865.

Mary Elizabeth was a teacher in Knox Co. Schools before her marriage. They moved to Huron Co. 0. in 1870. Both Mary and William rest in Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, 0.

Charles Clifford Toby married Clara L. Webb, Sept. 30, 1892. One daughter, Letha May Toby, born July 1, 1893.


Charles later married Mrs. Louie B. Morr, of Cleveland, 0., born Aug. 16, 1876.

One son, Donald C. Toby, born Oct. 22, 1918, died Jan. 4, 1921.

Charles attended high school at East Townsend, 0., and 0. N. U. at Ada, 0. He taught school in early life. Moved to Cleveland, 0. in March 1898. Accepted a position with the White Sewing Machine Co as Traveling Salesman, which position lie held until 1910, when be was sent to Canada as manager of their Wholesale offices, for the Dominion of Canada, taking up his residence in Hamilton, Ont. where he remained until Sept. 1916, when they returned to the States and bought a home in Spencer, 0. where they now reside. Charles was the first and is present President of the Hagaman Reunion Society. Address: Spencer, Ohio.

Letha May Tooy married Roy Krause-No children

Letha later married Hugh Dyar

Children of Hugh, by a former marriage: Patricia Dyar, John


Letha graduated from Central High School in Cleveland. 0. The reside on Belvoir Blvd., Warrensville, 0., a suburb of Cleveland.

Marguerite Mae Toby married Jan. 6, 1897

Frank F. Hart, born April 17, 1867

One daughter, Lucile Toby Hart, born April 21, 1898.

Marguerite Mae was a school teacher in early life having taught in Huron Co. schools before her marriage and later, in Cleveland schools. Frank was a traveling salesman for a number of years. Is now in business for himself, The Hart Specialty Co. They reside at 1352 Lakeland Ave., Lakewood.

Lucile Toby Hart married Ray E. Gourley, Nov. 29, 1919.

Their children: Richard Hart Gorley, born Aug. 12 1924; David Ray Gourley, born June 18, 1932. Lucile graduated from Lakewood High School, class of 1916. Ray is a veteran of the World War, having served in Battery D, 135th Field Artillery in France. Had a ten months hospital record. Was honorably discharged July 7, 1919. Now a traveling Salesman. Address: 21106 Morewood Parkway, Rocky River, Ohio.

Edgar Hagaman Toby married Nov. 1, 1893 Minnie R. Sherman, born Nov. 17, 1872

Their children: Leona Mildred Toby, born Feb. 27, 1899; Thelma Marguerite Toby, born April 11, 1904. Edgar (Dick) and Minnie were school teachers in Huron Co. schools before their marriage. Dick continued teaching for some time after marriage. Leona graduated from Norwalk High School, class of 1917. Received her B.S. degree at Denison University in 1934. Has been a teacher, but at present not teaching. Thelma graduated from Norwalk High School, 1921. Received her B.A. degree at Denison University in 1925, and her M.A. degree at University of Michigan in 1932. At present teacher of English and Speech in Ashley Senior High School, Ashley 0. Both girls reside at their father’s farm home. Address: R.D., Norwalk, Ohio.

Bessie Toby married March 1, 1899 Virgil E. Cissne, of Loudonville, Ohio, born Oct. 11, 1875.

Their children: Carlton Melvin Cissne, died July 2, 1918 when but 19 years of age; Charles Robert Cissne, born June 1, 1909. Virgil is a baker by trade and conducted a bakery business for many years. Carlton was interred in Woodlawn Cemetery, Norwalk, 0. Present address of Bessie and Virgil: 226 Lincoln St., Amherst, 0.

Charles Robert Cissne married Sept. 6, 1929 Mildred Bacon, born May 26,1912.

Their children: Nancy Jane Cissne, born June 9, 1931; Carol Jean

Cissne, born Aug. 31, 1934; Elizabeth Ann Cissne, born July 15,


So far as we know she is the latest to make advent into this large Hagaman family. Charles is a baker by trade and conducts a bakery in Norwalk. Address, Charles R. Cissne, 82 Benedict Ave., Norwalk, Ohio.


Son of Amos

Benjamin F. Hagaman, son of Amos, married Jan. 7, 1874 Elizabeth Ann Jones born Feb. 20,1846, died April 24, 1904.


Their children: Nellie Orell Hagaman, born Jan. 25, 1875, Huron Co., 0.; Margaret Loumoin Hagaman, born Sept. 27, 1876, Huron Co., 0.; Edwin Franklin Hagaman, born April 6, 1879, Delaware, 0.; Sydney Clyde Hagaman, born May 10, 1883, Delaware Co., 0.; Callie Blanche Hagaman, born April 14, 1884, Delaware Co., Ohio. Benjamin F. later married Mrs. Mary E. Stickney. After her demise he married Mrs. Rose Swartz. He is now in his 88th year, the last survivor of his father’s family, having attained an age greater than any other member of his family. With the help of his daughter Nellie he has compiled this genealogy His address is Route 2, Sunbury, Ohio.

~~Nellie Orell Hagaman married May 15, 1898 Selah Van Stark, born Dec.

25, 1870, died April 29, 1931.

No children of their own. They raised a boy, a nephew of Van’s, son of his brother, James, Clovis E. Stark, whose mother died when he was six years of age. He is a graduate of North High School, Columbus, O., where he was captain of the North Basketball Team. Attended 0. W. U., playing on this University’s Basketball Team for three years. Was their star player on ~he 1935-36 team. Both Nellie and Van taught school in Delaware Co. schools in early life. In later years were engaged in Restaurant and Grocery Business. Van was interred in Oak Grove CEmetery, Delaware, 0. Nellie now conducts the grocery business which they established in 1927. She resides at her home, 311 E. Central Ave., Delaware, Ohio. ~

Margaret Loumoin Hagaman, daughter of Benjamin married May 10, 1899 Fletcher Sebring, born July 26, 1875, died July 6, 1933. Their children: Elizabeth Lucile Sebring, born Aug. 1, 1901; Franklin Earl Sebring, born Jan. 25, 1905; George Sebring, born Dec. 1, 1906. Fletcher was a carpenter by trade. Is interred in Cheshire Cemetery, Delaware Co., 0. Margaret resides at 40 Parsons Ave., Delaware, Ohio.

Elizabeth Lucile Sebring married Dec. 25, 1921 Ralph E. Curry, born June 10, 1891.

A veteran of the World War. Served in the Rainbow Division. Enlisted at Delaware, 0., June 4, 1917. Embarked for service over seas Oct. 24, 1917. After some time in regular service in 166th Infantry, because of disability, his feet having been frozen, and not able to march, was transferred to Wagon Supply Co. Debarked April 25, 1919. Honorably discharged at Camp Sherman, 0., May 17, 1919.

Their children: Ralph E. Curry, Jr., born Dec. 22, 1922; George F. Curry, born Feb. 4, 1924; Frank M. Curry, born Jan. 23, 1926; John W. Curry, born Nov. 20, 1927; James R. Curry, born April 9, 1930; Thomas E. Curry, born Feb. 14, 1932., These all reside with their parents, Lucile and Ralph Curry, at 63 Stillson St., Delaware. Lucile is a graduate of Berlin High School,, class of 1919.

Franklin Earl Sebring married March 19, 1929. Gertrude Dennis born Aug 18, 1906.

They have two children, twins, a boy and girl: Max E. Sebring, Mary E. Sebring, born July 24, 1934. Franklin is a graduate of Willis High School, Delaware, and Ohio State University. Is employed by the Hydraulic Co., Mt. Gilead. Office work and chief photographer. Present address: Route 1, Mt. Gilead, Ohio.

George Sebring Married 1927 Ruby Amanda Shuster, born March 19,


Their children: George Franklin Sebring, born July 6, 1928 at Delaware; Erdin Louise Sebring, born March 1, 1930 at Delaware. George attended Willis High School at Delaware. Is an em

ployee of the Big Four R.R. and resides at 40 Parsons Ave., Delaware, Ohio.

Edwin Franklin Hagaman, married Dec. 24, 1899.

Annie May Foster, born March 27, 1881, died Aug. 14, 1916.

Their children: Eva Frances Hagaman, born Oct. 7, 1900 in Delaware Co., 0.; Bessie Elizabeth Hagaman, born Feb. 14, 1904 in Delaware Co., 0., died Nov. 24, 1905.

Edwin after the demise of Annie married Ethel Stickney Stelzer and later Sadie Jones Dustman, July 4, 1936. Annie, and little daughter Bessie, and Ethel were interred in the Sunbury Cemetery, Sunbury, 0. Edwin and wife reside at present in Berkshire, 0. Address: R.D. 2, Sunbury, 0.

Eva Frances Hagaman married Harley McKnight, of Columbus, O., born April 29, 1898.

Their children: Raymond Edwin McKnight, born Jan. 6, 1925 at Columbus, O.; Earl Foster McKnight, born Aug. 19, 1927 at Cols. Eva attended Sunbury High School and worked in Columbus before her marriage. Harley is a U. S. Postman. They reside at 269 Wrexham Ave., Columbus, Ohio.

Sydney Clyde Hagaman married Dec. 1905 Ida Lena Confare, born July


Their children: Harold Franklin Hagaman, born Aug. 30, 1906; Raymond Confare Hagaman, born Nov. 21, 1909; Paul Hagaman, died when 2 days old; Edwin Kenneth Hagaman, born Feb. 15, 1915. Sydney Clyde is an employee of the Standard Oil Co., and wears a twenty year service pin. They reside at 120 Montrose, Ave., Delaware, 0. Edwin F. Hagaman, not married. Is a graduate of Willis High School, Delaware. Attended 0. W. U. and played in their football team for three years, being a star player during the 1936 football season. He resides with his parents at 120 Montrose Ave., Delaware, Ohio.

Harold Franklin Hagaman married Faye Roberson Davis 1937.

No children but Faye has a daughter, Mildred Davis.

Harold served two years in Co. K, at Delaware, 0. He is* now in his 12th year of service in the U. S. Navy, having enlisted in Aug. 1926 at Great Lakes, Ill., where he underwent three weeks Recruit Training. Has served on the U.S.S. Kanawha, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Oglala, and Omaha. Was appointed Chief Quartermaster with a permanent appointment in Yeb. 1938, and in May 1938, successfully passed the six weeks class at the Recruiter’s Training School at Norfolk, Va., being assigned to the Raleigh District for a two or three year tour of Recruiting Duty. Is now stationed at Florence, S.C. Address, 600 Palmetto St., Florence, S. C.

Raymond Confare Hagaman married 1936 Dorothy Ramey Ritger.

One daughter, Sue Ann Hagaman, born March 27, 1938.

Dorothy has a son, Bruce Ritger. She attended Willis High School, Delaware, 0., for three years. Raymond conducts with a partner, a Standard Oil Filling Station on the site where Ex. Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes was born. Their address: Route 4, Delaware, Ohio.

Callie Blanche Hagaman married Oct. 1, 1905 Ezra Miles Grove, born Aug. 7, 1881, son of the “Village Blacksmith.”

Their children: Eunadell Orell Grove, born July 30, 1906, not married; James Sterling Grove, born June 6, 1908; William Stanley Grove, born Oct. 10, 1910, not married; Annis Marie Grove, born April 22, 1915. Ezra is a State Highway employee. They reside at their home in Berkshire, 0. Eunadell and Stanley reside at home. Their address: R.D. 2, Sunbury, Ohio.

James Sterling Grove married June 10, 1936 Ruth Rarrick of Westerville, Ohio.

Their children: Robert Lee Grove, born May 25, 1935; Betty Jean Grove, born Nov. 17, 1936. Sterling and Stanley graduated from Sunbury High School, same class, 1930. Sterling is an employee of Burren Mills, Sunbury, 0. Resides at Berkshire, 0. Address: R.2, Sunbury. Annis Marie Grove married Clarence Hancock Sept. 5, 1937.

No children. Annis is a graduate of Sunbury High School, class of 1933. Clarence, a graduate of Centerburg High School, is an employee of the Sunbury Lumber Co., Sunbury, Ohio, where they reside. Address: Sunbury, Ohio.


John of Carrollton, Carroll County, Ohio

In what place to record this branch has been problematical. As we have noted before it would seem that this John, was a son of the brother of grandfather John, who came with him in that early day from Pennsylvania, to what is now Carroll Co., Ohio, and we are assuming that this is correct. Or, the other John, of Chesapeake, Ohio, may have been the son of this brother of Grandfather John, and John, of Carrollton, the eldest son of Grandfather John. But the spelling of the name would indicate it to be as we have thought. At any rate all, no doubt, are members of the same clan and the direct relationship, we leave a problem for wiser minds to solve, if they so desire.

Owing to the short space of time which we have had to complete the record for this branch it is quite incomplete and for the fact that we could not get a complete record for some of the families we are truly sorry.

John Hagerman married Martha Gwenn.

Their children: Richard Hagerman, born Jan. 8, 1837, died Nov. 29, 1908; Elizabeth Hagerman, born Oct. 11, 1833, died Oct. 11, 1896, Carrollton, 0.; Peter Hagerman, born Dec. 20, 1835, died March 11, 1914; James Hagerman, born March 14, 1842, died Jan. 1896; William Hagerman, not married, deceased, was clerk of courts of Carroll Co. for many years. John was a farmer and lived on a farm, one mile from Carrollton, which he purchased in 1934. He was interred in Carrollton Cemetery.


Richard Hagaman, deceased, married Mercer W. Corbit April 14, 1859

Their children: Joseph Hagaman, born Sept. 26, 1860, died Nov. 7, 1931; Rebecca Agnes Hagaman, born June 16, 1862, died Feb. 18, 1937; John B. Hagaman, born June 4, 1864, still living, no further record; James Irwin Hagaman, born July 24, 1873, died Nov. 26, 1910. No further record for Rebecca, Agnes, or John. Richard Hagaman was a Civil War Veteran, having served in the 123rd Peninsylvania Volunteer Infantry, under the command of Col. John B. Clark. Richard lived in Pennsylvania after his marriage.

Joseph Hagaman (deceased) married Nov. 9, 1892.

Stella Ditbuck, born Nov. 20, 1863.

Their children: Joseph Hagaman, Jr., born Oct. 31, 1897; Robert R. Hagaman, born April 18, 1899; Edith E. Hagaman, born Aug. 7, 1893, died July 25, 1913. Address of Stella (widow of Joseph) Mrs. Stella Hagaman, 3 Younger Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Joseph G. Hagaman Jr., married Esther E Watts Aug. 8, 1918. One son, Joseph G. Hagaman, III, born Oct. 8, 1919, who grad uated from High School in 1937.

Robert R. Hagaman married Margretta Watterstair March 16, 1921. Their children: Robert R. Hagaman, Jr., born Jan. 14, 1922 Phyllis E. Hagaman, born Nov. 2, 1928.


Elizabeth Hagerman, born Sept. 18, 1833, died Oct. 11, 1896 married Dec. 31 1867 by Rev. Winter. Jacob Eddleman, born Oct. 30, 1826, died Dec. 21, 1884.

Their children: Eva May Eddleman, born Dec. 10, 1869, died Nov. 21, 1930; James Ralph Eddleman, born April 5, 1872, died Sept. 12, 1896, not married; Emma L. Eddleman, born March3, 1879.

Jacob was a Blacksmith by trade. James Ralph was a Teller in Stockons Bank.

Eva May Eddleman, daughter of Elizabeth Hagaman Eddleman, married June 22, 1888 by J. S. Hahn, John Coburn, born Dec. 27, 1856, died Jan. 28,1931.

No record of children.

Emma L. Eddleman, born March 3, 1879, daughter of Elizabeth Hagerman Eddleman married Nov. 12, 1892 by S. E. Beam, Harry E. Embley, born Aug. 16, 1868, died March 21, 1925.

Their children: Harry E. Embley, Jr., born Aug. 22, 1894; Zelma Embley, born Dec. 10, 1898; Grace Embley, born Dec. 3, 1903; James Ralph Embley, born July 8, 1904; Paul Embley, born May 6, 1910; Harold Embley, born Nov. 6, 1914, mechanic, not married. Harry E. Embley was a Bridge Builder. Emma is Bathnell graduate and was a nurse. Harold, not married is a mechanic and resides with his mother at 1415 Cleveland Ave., S. W.,

Canton, Ohio.

Harry E. Embley, Jr., son of Emma Eddleman Embley, married Anna Liptack, a professional nurse. Their children: Robert Embley, William Embley, Alice Barbara Embley.

Harry E. Embley is a World War Veteran. Served over-seas 18 months as First Sergeant. He is a City Fireman at Canton, Ohio. Robert is now in military camp, recently promoted Corporal, best sharp shooter. Address of Harry, 1223 4th St . S.R., Canton, Ohio.

Zelma Embley married Edward Kemp, Sept. 10, 1918.

Their children: Dorothy Kemp, 16 years of age; Donald Kemp, 14 years of age; Florence Kemp, 11 years of age; Harry Kemp, 9 years of age; Grace Kemp, 3 years of age.

Edward is a foreman with Timken’s Roller Bearing Co. Dorothy is a graduate of McKinley High School. Address: Mrs. Zelma Kemp, R.D. 3, Canton, Ohio.

Grace Embley, daughter of Emma Eddleman Embley married Lester Feel, born Sept. 30, 1888. Their children: Walter Feel, born May 2, 1922; Virginia Feel, born Aug. 11, 1923; John Feel, born June 13, 1925; Robert Feel, born Sept. 7, 1926; Betty Feel, born Oct. 21, 1927; James Feel, born Feb. 16, 1929; Eugene Feel, born Nov. 22, 1931; Evelyn Feel, born Dec. 29, 1933.

Lester Feel is a veteran of the World War. Served as Private, ist Class, Co. M, 28th Infantry, 1st Division. His present occupation-In stalls Cool Air Conditioners. The children are all in school except Evelyn. Walter, a senior in High School. Address: Mrs. Grace Feel, 1512 Stark Ave., S.W., Canton, Ohio. ames Ralph Embley, son of Emma Eddleman Embley, married

Martha Philips.

Their children: Norma Jean Embley, 9 years of age; Harry E. Embley, 8 months of age.

James Ralph is a Dry Cleaner. Martha is a Bookkeeper in her father’s Dry Cleaning establishment. Address: J. R. Embley, 19th & Maple Ave., N.E., Canton, Ohio.

Paul Embley, son of Emma Eddlemar Embley married Alberta Clark. Their children: Deloras Jean Embley, born March 2, 1929; Harry B. Embley, born Nov. 24, 1931.

Paul is a Rubber Worker, Glove Turner and Dipper. Address: 1415 Cleveland Ave., S.W., Canton, Ohio.


Peter Hagerman married Mary Hester Snowden, Dec. 30, 1868.

Their children: Ida Belle Hagerman, born Oct. 26, 1869, died April 16,

1937; Margaret Elizabeth Hagerman, born Dec. 20, 1870, Carrollton, 0.;

John Francis Hagerman, born Sept. 17, 1872, died Sept. 1, 1898; Laura Hagerman, born Nov. 1874, at Carrollton, 0.; Mary Anna Hagerman, born May 24, 1880, at Carrollton, 0.; Charles Hagerman.

Peter Hagerman served in the same Regiment in which Jesse Catrel served, the 80th, 0. V. I., organized Oct. 1861, and mustered out Aug. 13, 1865. The Regiment participated in the Battles of Corinth, Farmington, Iuka, Raymond, Jackson, Mississippi, Siege of Vicksburg, Mission Ridge, Tennessee and Bentonville and followed Sherman on his march to the sea.

Ida Belle Hagerman (deceased) married Daniel Ross Elliott Jan. 20, 1921.

No children.

Margaret Elizabeth Hagerman married Harry P. Harsh Dec. 11, 1895.

Their children: Hester Ruth Harsh, born Nov. 13, 1897; Charles Francis Harsh, born May 7, 1899.

Address: Mrs. Margaret Harsh, 744 S. Liberty Ave. Alliance,


Hester Ruth Harsh married Edwin Wilkins

One daughter, Dorothy Dean Wilkins

Charles Francis Harsh married Ruth Donaldson, no children.

Resides in Parkersburg, W. Va.

Laura Hagerman married Dec. 26, 1897.

Isaac B. Wagner, died July 17, 1933

Their children: Frank H. Wagner, born Nov. 23, 1898, at Carrollton,

0.; Robert Paul Wagner, born Dec. 28, 1902, at Leesville, 0.

Isaac B. was a teacher and principal in Carroll Co. Schools for many years. Address: Mrs. Laura Wagner, Garfield Ave., Carrollton, Ohio.

Frank H. Wagner married Dorothy Burrier Sept. 1923.

Their children: Mary Louise Wagner, born Oct. 1924 at Carrollton, 0.; Helen Jeanne, born Nov. 9, 1926.

Robert Paul Wagner married Velma Williams of Marion, 0.

No children. Robert is a salesman. Address: 483 Blaine Ave., Marion, Ohio.

Mary Anna Hagerman married May 20, 1903

Cyrus Elmer Herington, died April 1926

One daughter, Margaret Hester Herington, born May 1906

Mary Anna, later, June 30, 1928 married Charles Albert Click, deceased.

No children. Address: Mrs. Charles Click, E. Pleasant St., Marion, 0.

Margaret Hester Herrington married George Lee Dunbar.

One son, George Robert Dunbar

Address: E. Pleasant St., Marion, 0.

Charles Hagerman married Bertha Skelly, no children.

Address: 1432 Alden Ave., Canton, Ohio.


James Hagerman married Katherine Patterson, born 1848, died 1930.

Their children: Edward Hagerman, born Feb. 24, 1875; Bert Hagerman, born Dec. 23, 1876, died 1916; Ira Hagerman, born April 14, 1880, died 1926; John Hagerman, born 1885, died 1887; James Hagerman, Jr., born Nov. 14, 1887; Walter Hagerman, born Jan. 21, 1891, not married. James served in the Civil War. Enlisted in Co. A, 32nd. 0. V. I. in 1861. Was promoted to Sergeant. Re-enlisted in 1864. Served 4 years and 12 days. Walter served in Motor Transport Div. over-seas in World War.

No. children. Edward served in the World War. Appointed Captain Advance Department. Honorably discharged at close of War.

James Hagerman, Jr., married Emma Cross, 1906

Their children: Hilda and Dorothy Hagerman, twins, born 1907; Robert Hagerman, born 1909; William Hagerman, born 1910, not married; Harold Hagerman, born 1912, died 1913; Ed Hagerman, born 1916; Donald Hagerman, born 1918, not married; Bertie Hagerman, born 1926.

Robert Hagerman married 1937 Thelma, of Massillon, 0., no children. Ed Hagaman married 1937 Ruth of Louisville, 0., no children.


Sketch of the Thomas Hagaman Branch. Written by Harriett Hagaman, daughter oY George, who was son of Thomas, just as the eighteenth century slipped into place, Thomas Hagaman, born of good old Holland ancestry, wooed and won beautiful Nellie Burnette in Cayuga Co., New York. There, in that Empire State, a Christian home was founded for Thomas, like Enoch of old, “walked with God.” With the fast going years, a blue-eyed boy came to that home and they called him John.

Then James, who was worthy of the name he bore, came to be a companion for John. Then after a lapse of years came George, completing the family circle. This trio of brothers in later years became pillars in the Church, and prosperous and prominent men in their community. About the year 1820. Thomas the father felt the urge to go West. When George was two years old, the family left their native state in the springtime. Their conveyance was a covered wagon, drawn by oxen.

Through the long tiresome journey of months, John, a young man of 18 years and his father, traveled the entire distance on foot that they might guide their herd of cattle through the wilderness, while Baby George and little James rode safely with the mother in the sheltering wagon.

In the early autumn they arrived in Bronson Township, Huron Co., Ohio, at the home of Simon Ammerman and family who were friends and neighbors from their old home, and who had preceded them to Ohio some months previously. There among strange surroundings in the then unbroken wilderness, with a homesick longing for the loved ones she had left, Nelly, the mother, sat for two hours in that old covered wagon, loath to alight and assume the new duties which awaited her in that strange land. She must have felt somewhat as did the Pilgrim Fathers, when they cast anchor on this country’s rough and rock-bound coast. Thomas soon purchased 250 acres of land for the fabulous sum of five dollars per acre, of Martin Kellogg, known later as Huron County’s Centenarian, having lived to the advanced age of one hundred and six years. On that farm, near a never failing spring of water the log cabin home was built. In after years it was replaced by a frame house, a portion of which still stands, a monument to those pioneer days. And there they lived nearly fifty years until the summons came to Thomas, who after a few days illness at the sage of seventy-nine, went home, repeating the words “Sweet Jesus.” Then Nelly trod life’s pathway alone, until in failing health from her burden of eighty-two years, she too, went home to join the beautified above.

When the three sons had grown to manhood their father gave to John and George, each, a farm adjoining his own. To James, who cared for his parents in their declining years, was left the old homestead.

John the eldest son in due season betook himself through the woods to the Ammerman home and courted, and married the fair seventeen year old daughter, Tina. Four children came to their home, Maria B., Lucy, Thomas, and Isabelle; but death claimed the first born, the auburn haired Maria B. with promise of a beautiful womanhood, at the age of twenty years.

James going “back East” on a visit returned with his cousin, Elizabeth De Groff as his bride. A fleeting bit of sunshine came into their home and was their joy and happiness for seven months, after which time they were left without one baby face to brighten their lives.

George married Lavina Nicolls, of Bronson and went to housekeeping on his farm. In the course of human events their daughters three, Mary Elizabeth, Ellen Maria, and Harriett Burnette came to complete the family circle.

On whose adjoining acres those three brothers lived and died. They and their families with the exception of John’s son Thomas, (whose body rests in Woodlawn, Norwalk) are sleeping in the old Hester burial ground in Bronson, there awaiting the Resurrection Morn.


Thomas Hagaman, born Nov. 21, 1772, died Aug. 5, 1851 married May, 1800 in Cayuga Co., N.Y. Nelly Burnette, born Oct. 18, 1780, died Dec. 15, 1862.

They settled in Bronson Twp., Huron Co., Ohio

Their children: John Hagaman, born July 1, 1801, died Jan. 29, 1870; James V. Hagaman, born March 24, 1805; died Sept. 24, 1883; George B. Hagaman born June 24, 1816; died Feb. 27, 1886.

They lived and died on adjoining farms in Bronson Twp, Huron Co., 0. Were interred in Hester Cemetery, in Bronson Twp., Huron Co., Ohio.

JOHN HAGAMAN BRANCH (John, son of Thomas)

John Hagaman married May 25, 1825 Tina Ammerman, born May 8, 1808, died Dec. 29, 1879.

Their children: Maria B. Hagaman, born April 1, 1826, died March 9, 1846; Lucy A. Hagaman, born April 6, 1829, died June 23, 1890; Thomas Hagaman, born Aug. 20, 1834, died Sept. 28, 1905; Isabel Hagaman, born March 14, 1841, died March 14, 1915.

Maria B. and Lucy A. never married.

Isabel Hagaman married John Snook March 31, 1880. No children.

Both deceased.

Thomas Hagaman Branch (Thomas, son of John)

Thomas Hagaman married Oct. 13, 1868 Mary Ellen Woodruff, born Aug. 10, 1843, died Jan. 2, 1879.

Their children: Jessie Woodruff Hagaman, born Aug. 25, 1860, died Feb. 9, 1938; John Earnest Hagaman, born Feb. 3, 1873.

Thomas later married April 25, 1895 Melissa Severns Henry, died Jan. 1935.

Jessie Woodruff Hagaman, died Feb. 9, 1938 married June 21, 1893 George H. Kennedy, born May 24, 1870.

Their children: John Sterling Kennedy, born July 16, 1894; Thomas Wesley Kennedy, born Nov. 9, 1898, died Sept. 11, 1901; William Stanley Kennedy, born June 13, 1900, died Nov. 29, 1901; Harriett May Kennedy, born Jan. 11, 1904; Lois Kennedy, born Sept. 1 ?910.

George Kennedy is a farmer. R. D. 2, Norwalk, Ohio.

John Sterling Kennedy married March 15, 1916 Charlotte Heidt, born July 14, 1894.

Their childrem Wesley Kennedy, born May 2, 1918; Romon Kennedy, born Jan. 21, 1928.

Harriet Mae Kennedy married Aug. 20, 1928 Karl Jeffers, born Nov. 22, 1904.

Their children: Stanley Kennedy Jeffers, born June 26, 1929; Karl William Jeffers, born Nov. 19, 1933; Margaret Alice Jeffers, born Dec. 19, 1936.

Address of Harriet and Karl Jeffers, U.S.C. & G.’ Survey, Washington, D. C.


John, son of Thomas, who was the son of John, who was the son of Thom

John Ernest Hagaman, married Dec. 28, 1902 Mae Acker, b

March 29, 1878.

Their children: Irma Isabelle Hagaman, born Jan. 15, 1

at Cleveland, 0.; Thomas Vain Tyne Hagaman, born June


John E. is a salesman employed by the Halle Bros. Co., a

resides at Mentor, Ohio.

-“,Holmes, born May 24, 1908 at Portland, Ind.

Only son, Doifglas Allen Holmes, born May 13, 1936. They reside in Columbus, Ind.


James Hagaman married Elizabeth De Groff Sept. 1, 1937. One child who died when seven months old.

GEORGE HAGAMAN BRANCH (George, son of Thomas)

George Hagaman married Oct. 4, 1841 Lavina Nicolls, born May 16, 181-8, died Nov. 20, 1899.

Their children: Mary Elizabeth Hagaman, born Dec. 29, 1843, died

Sept. 4, 1927; Ellen Maria Hagaman, born Feb. 9, 1845, died March

17, 1930; Harriett Burnette Hagaman.

These daughters never married. Harriett Burnettee, now 81

years of age is the only surviving member of her father’s

family. She resides at present on Hester St., Norwalk, 0.


I have worshipped in churches and chapels, I’ve prayed in the busy street, I have sought my God and found Him Where the waves of His ocean beat; I have knelt in the silent forest, In the shade of some ancient tree, But the dearest of all my altars Was raised at my mother’s knee.

I have listened to God in His temple, I’ve caught His voice in the crowd, I have heard Him speak where the breakers Were booming long and loud; When the winds played soft in the treetops, My Father has talked to me, But I never heard Him clearer Than I did at my mother’s Knee.


“Have you missed your aim? Well, the mark is still shining. Did you faint in the race? Well, take a breath for the next. Did the clouds drive you back? But see yonder their lining. Were you tempted and fell? Let it serve for a text. As each year hurries by let it join that procession. Of skeleton shapes that march down to the past, While you take your place in the line of progression. With your eyes on the heavens, your face to the blast.”

(Georgia Bulletin.)

-The Presbyterian.