Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

Brother of F.W. and Adam EHRLICH Visits Old Home In Germany to See Invalid Sister

      Adam EHRLICH was considerably surprised yesterday to receive a letter from Germany addressed in the hand writing of his brother Wm., who lives in New York. When he opened it, however, he learned that his brother who has not been feeling well for sometime had suddenly made up his mind to take a rest and pay a visit to their old home in the “Vanderland.” So quickly had he planned his journey that he did not have time to notify his brothers here, F.W. and Adam, of his intentions. The letter was replete [sic] with news of the home which he had not seen for 39 years and which the other brothers left nearly that many years ago, and as Mr. EHRLICH read it, he could not keep back the tears so vividly were the scenes of his childhood recalled to his mind.
     The EHRLICH boys have an invalid sister living near the old home place, whom they have never seen since they came to America although they correspond with her regularly. Mr. Wm. EHRLICH wrote that when he first went into the hospital where the sister has lived for over fourteen years he first told her that he was a friend of her brothers but when she asked so many questions about them, and their welfare he could stand it no longer and told her who he was.
The joy of that meeting between the brother and sister who had been so widely separated for nearly forty years, was too great to permit of description.