Dement Reunion


Submitted by Barbara Madden


The children of the late S.S. DEMENT met Sunday Aug 6, at the old homestead, now owned by A.C. Dement. The meeting was in honor of Mrs. Andrew HARMON of Rhea Springs, Tenn.

The following children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were present with the widowed mother. Mrs. Andrew Harmon, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dement and children,

Mr. and Mrs. S.A. McCONNELL and son Carl, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Dement and children, Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Dement and children, Mrs. E.C. KINGERY and children, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McConnell and children. Also the following friends and relatives were present: Mrs. F.E. BALL and son Will of Arabia, Mrs. James McConnell and daughter Myrtle, Mrs. James DONNELLY, Mrs. H.F. Kingery and daughter Altha and others.

At noon the table was spread with all the luxuries that could be prepared for an occasion of this kind and was enjoyed by all present. The day was spent in social chat and music and in the evening a feast of 32 watermelons and sugar melons were served.