Conway Family
of Lawrence County, Ohio

Submitted by Herma Deal

Charles states that William Conway is his brother and his wife is Mary.

Record of  of William Conway and James Conway two of the witnesses thereto and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the said Charles Conway at the time of executing said Will was of full age and of sound mind and memory and not under any restraint it is ordered that said Will be recorded.

           In and through the name of the father of all mercies I, Charles Conway, in this my last Will and Testament do give and bequeath to my much beloved wife, Mary, the land owned by me in the County of Lawrence and State of Ohio being the farm or premises of my residence one half quarter section and one quarter quarter Section with the impurtenances to the same belonging to have and to hold during her natural life also all the household and kitchen furniture I now own or possess. One horse and two cows and all the swine owned by me and twelve head of sheep also grain sufficient for my family one year also one plow one pare of gears and two hoes. Also all the bead’s beading (beds, bedding) and wearing apparel I will that all my other property be disposed of or sold to pay my just debts also all just debts owing to Collected and after all legal expenses be paid with all my just debts if any should be remaining that my said wife, Mary, have the same for the purpose of maintaining my family. If my said wife, Mary, should die before all my legal heirs should become of legal age, I will that the farm be rented for the use of the heirs of my body until they shall be become of age and after the death of my said wife and my legal heirs shall become of full age that an equal division be made with them of all the lands and prosides of lands and prosides of the personal property. I also Will that William Conway my Brother be Executor of this my last Will and Testament or in Case of his death some suitable person be legally appointed Executor of the same. I am being of sound mind and memory do make the above my last Will and Testament given under my hand and Seal this 8th day of August A.D. 1840 in the presence of

Lewis Conway
James Conway
Wm. Conway

Charles [x] Conway

A true copy of the original.
Signed: Jos. Meeker, Judge of Probate

Charles Conway’s Will
Lawrence Common Pleas August Term 1841.

           Be it recorded that at a Court of Common Pleas within and for the County of Lawrence and State of Ohio. The last Will and Testament of Charles Conway late of said Count deceased was this day brought before the Court and was proved by the oath.

Robert Ross shown in the action is Lewis’ son-in-law.

The Marriage Record for Robert Ross and Hannah Conway shows ROSE; however the death certificate for their son: William Marion Ross shows that his father was Robert Ross and his mother was Hannah Conway.

October 1837 Term Common Pleas Book 1 & 2. Gabriel Kerr assignee of George Willis vs. Lewis Conway and E. Brown Debt.

           Thursday came here Robert Ross ant, James Sperry and acknowledged to owe Gabriel Kerr the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars to be levied upon their goods and chattels and tenements and real estate upon condition that the defendant Lewis Conway shall be condemned in the action on the suite of Gabriel Kerr the pttf. He shall pay the cost and condemnation of the court or be rendered or surrender himself into the custody of the sheriff of Lawrence County for the same, or in case of failure they the said Robert Ross and James Sperry will pay the cost and and condemnation for him.

Richard Conway To Auditor Lawrence Co. and John Armstrong


           Know all men by these presents that whereas, heretofore, to-wit for the year A. D. 1860 by virtue of the statute laws of the State of Ohio the whole of the Northeast Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section eighteen (18), Township three (3) Range seventeen (17), containing 43 acres, in Lawrence Township, County of Lawrence and State of Ohio was entered upon the Duplicate of said County for taxation, in the name of Richard Conway and charged with the current taxes, amounting to the sum of Two Dollars five cents, the whole of which said taxes were by the Treasurer of said County at his settlement with the Auditor, returned unpaid and delinquent, and that afterwards the said taxes for the said year 1860, together with 20 per centum penalty, amounting to the sum of Two dollars and forty-six cents was by the Auditor of said County entered upon the Duplicate of 1861, with the sum of Two dollars nine cents and eight mills being the current taxes for the said year 1861, and the said taxes and penalty, amounting in the aggregate to the sum of Four dollars fifty-five cents and eight mills, not being paid, said Lands after being duly advertised for four successive weeks in the Ironton Register, a Newspaper printed in said County and of general circulation therein, between the third Monday of November 1861 and the first Monday in January 1862, was on the second Monday of January A. D. 1862, being the 13th day of said month, offered for sale at the Court House in said County by the Treasurer thereof, and Logan Handley offering to take the whole of said Lot and pay said taxes and penalty, and no one offering to pay said taxes and penalty for a less quantity than the whole thereof, the said Handley was declared the purchaser thereof and, forthwith, paid the amount of said taxes and penalty to the treasurer and a Certificate of Purchase for said Lands was duly executed by the Auditor of said County to the said Logan Handley, and afterward, on the first day of September A. D. 1865, duly assigned to John Armstrong. Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises, and on the request of the said John Armstrong, he having produced to me the Certificate aforesaid and more than two years having elapsed since said sale and the said lands not having been redeemed by Seth Sutherland, Auditor of the County of Lawrence and State of Ohio as such Auditor, by virtue of the authority in me vested by law do hereby give, grant and convey unto the said John Armstrong, to-wit: the whole of the North East quarter of the South West quarter of Section Eighteen in Township three (3) of Range seventeen (17) containing forty-three (43) acres in Lawrence Township, County of Lawrence, and State of Ohio. To have and to hold the said premises hereby granted to the only proper use and benefit of him the said John Armstrong, his heirs and assigns, forever.

           In testimony whereof, the said Seth Sutherland has hereunto set his hand and seal as Auditor, aforesaid, this ninth day of September 1865.
In presence of Samuel Cranford Seth Sutherland
[Seal] C. B. Egerton Auditor of Lawrence County

David Campbell and wife
to ?
Quit Claim
Isaac Pancake 
Volume 24, Page 337
Lawrence County, Ohio

           Know all men by these presents that David Campbell of Lawrence County, Ohio in consideration of two hundred dollar to me paid by Isaac Pancake of same place. The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby remise, release and forever quit claim to the said Isaac Pancake, his heirs and assigns forever the North East quarter of the South West quarter of Section Eighteen (18) Township three (3) Range seventeen (17) containing forty-three (43) acres in the County of Lawrence State of Ohio. And all the estate, title and interest of the said David Campbell either in Law or in Equity of in and to the said premises. Together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging, and all the rents, issues and profits thereof, to have and to hold the same and the only proper use of the said Isaac Pancake, his heirs and assigns forever.

           In witness whereof the said David Campbell and Mary Campbell, his wife, who hereby releases her right and expectancy of Dower in the said premises have hereunto set their hand and seals this eleventh day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six.

Signed sealed and acknowledged in the presence of
David Campbell
Albert Jesse Lockworth
John Campbell
Mary [x] Campbell her mark

State of Ohio Lawrence County

           Be it remembered that on the eleventh day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six before me Davidson Hays, Justice of the Peace, in and for said County personally came David Campbell and Mary Campbell, his wife, the grantors in the foregoing Deed, and acknowledged the signing and sealing thereof to be their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. And the said Mary Campbell, wife of David Campbell, being examined by me separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said Deed being by me made known and explained to her as the Statute directs declares she did voluntarily sign, seal and acknowledges the same and that she is still satisfied therewith, as her act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.

           In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal on the day and year aforesaid.

David Hayes, J. P. State of Ohio, Lawrence County
Recorders Office
Received and Recorded September 1866
James A. Brotranon, Recorder

           Lewis Conway son of Richard and Mary Christina (Pancake) Conway born 1831, Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio married Parthenia Foster daughter of Daniel and Mary Ann (Thompson) Foster born on the 7 September 1838 in Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio on 20th day of September 1855 in Lawrence County, Ohio. (Reference: Lawrence County, Ohio Vol. 5, page 146)

           Lewis was a farmer of forty acres (40A) before the coal companies used open cast mining techniques in this area and turned it into a waste land. Lewis was a Union Solider enlisting 11 September 1862 for a duty of three (3) years at Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. He was a Private in Co B, 2 Reg WV Cav. He was 31 years old, 5 ft. 9 inches tall, blue eyed, light brown hair and light complexion.

           On 10 October 1862, Det Muster Roll at Point Pleasant, VA, he mustered in as a Private for three years in Co B, 2 Reg Virginia Volunteer Cav. The Muster Rolls indicate that he was wounded in November of 1863. He was present in October of 1863; however, on the Muster Rolls for November and December 1863 he is shown as absent on furlough to Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio for thirty (30) days. As of December 1863, Lewis was reported absent being too ill to travel. Company Muster – Out Roll at Wheeling, West Virginia 29 November 1863 states he was last paid to 31 October 1863. Remark: Died at home of pneumonia 16 January 1864. He died in 16 January1864 at Greasy Ridge, Lawrence County, Ohio. Lewis was buried 20 January 1864 in Hoskinson Cemetery, Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio. Family story carried throughout the years is that Lewis had a wound in his abdomen and furloughed home to recover. While at home, he contracted pneumonia and died.

           Organization of Lewis Unit: The Second Regimental Virginia Cavalry was organized at Parkersburg, West Virginia September to November 1861. It was attached to the District of Kanawha, West Virginia to September 1862.

           The United States Civil War Widows Pension Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on 14 July 1862.

           9 March 1864 Parthenia Conway applied with a Widows Claim for a Half-Pay Pension. She was represented by Tucker and Sells, Attorney at Law in Ironton, Ohio. This was filed before E.B. Egesten, Judge of the Probate Court, a Court of Record for Lawrence County, Ohio. Witnesses: Daniel Foster, Goldie Gillum, Wylie Prichard, and John L. Jacobs.

           9 March 1864 Greenville Thompson and Sarah L. Norkinson residents of Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio witnessed Parthenia Conway’s signature [x] and testified they were acquainted with Lewis and Parthenia Conway who were man and wife. This was before E. B. Egesten, Judge of Probate Court, Lawrence County, Ohio.

           Parthenia moved her children to her parents home at Mt. Savage, Carter County, Kentucky after 9 March 1865 and before 1 June 1866. 1 June 1866 Parthenia had completed a Widow’s Declaration for an Army Pension. At this time, she had a postal mailing address of Mt. Savage, Carter County, Kentucky. This was made before the Clerk of the Carter County Court in the Court House in Grayson, Kentucky. This declaration was to set up Tucker and Sells of Washington, D. C. as her attorney to handle her pension application.

           Parthenia employed A.J. Corey, Attorney-at-Law, to file suit in behalf of her four (4) sons, Frank, Perry, LaFayette, and William for their share of their grandfather Richard Conway’s Estate, he was a widow. The decision of the Probate Court was to appoint Benjamin Corey, Administrator. He posted a $1,200 bond. (Reference: Court of Probate September Term 23rd day, 18 October 1872, Item 1222, Volume 4, Page 24, Clerk of the Courts Journal for Lawrence County, Ohio.)

           On 18 October 1872 Volume 14, Page 425 Clerk of Court Journal, Lawrence County, Ohio. Premises to be sold by the Sheriff at public auction number 1153-4

           1222 Benjamin F. Cory administrator of the Richard Conway deceased vs. George Conway etal. Motion of A.J. Cory. The plaintiffs attorney that Frank Conway, Perry Conway, Lafayette Conway and William Conway are minor heirs of Richard Conway, whose guardian is John Hamilton. The court ordered that John Blankenship, Clark Corn and William E. Rowe make a just valuation of the same in money and to sell the real estate at not less than two thirds of the appraised value upon deferred payment, not exceeding two years.

           In the 1880, U.S. Census for Lawrence County, Kentucky shows Parthenia and the boys living with her parents, Daniel and Mary Ann (Thompson). They are next door to Parthenia’s brother, Arch Foster, and his family.

           Parthenia was ?Churched? because Perry was playing fast and loose with the neighborhood girls. She drove the buck-board to where she found Perry and horse whipped him all the way. It is not known if she was taken back into the church or not.

           Parthenia and her mother, Mary Ann (Thompson) Foster, used the scraps from her husbands, Lewis Conway, Federal uniform from the Civil War and David Childers? Confederate uniform to make a patchwork quilt. They made the linsey-woolsey from the flax they grew and the wool from the sheep they kept. It had been used for years. This quilt is now in the home of David and Madeline Patenge.

           Parthenia moved to Michigan with her son, Frank; his wife, Emily; and his family. Parthenia was always addressed as Mother while Emma was always addressed as Grandmother by all of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She taught her grandson Joseph to knit when he was four years old. He had many asthmatic attacks when he was young. Parthenia did not want him away from her so she could immediately attend to him. He was very frail as a child and needed her attention. He was her favored grandchild.

           Parthenia learned to read when Frank was learning to read. Each day he would bring home his lessons on his slate and go over them with Mother. This helped Frank when he was teaching his mother. Parthenia wanted to be able to read her Bible and write as well.

           Grandmother Emma reported that that she never cared much for young children. Mother saw to the children while Grandmother saw to the house, garden, the farm, the animals and did mid-wifing. The two women lived together for 49 years without a cross word. Mother Parthenia kept butterscotch candies in her trunk, so they always tasted like mothballs. Mother used the butterscotch candies as a reward for small children.

           Parthenia was a small woman. She stood 5 feet and one half inches tall. She had blue eyes, light brown hair and fair complexion. Parthenia died 21 May 1927, Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. Cause of Death: Apoplexy Apoplexy is a condition which is the result of decreased blood flow to part of the brain. Commonly referred to as a stroke. Reference: Michigan Death Certificate.)

Issue from this Union:

           Benjamin Franklin Frank Conway born 03 December 1856 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Emeline Emily Childers daughter of David David Childers was a Confederate Veteran. and Martha Jane (Kiser) Childers born 28 May 1862 in Russell County, Virginia on 07 June 1883 in Carter County, Kentucky. Frank died 32 November 1918 in Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. Emily died 13 May 1953 in Clio, Genesee County, Michigan.

           LaFayette Addy Conway born 25 January 1859 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Jane Prince daughter of William Uncle Billy and Susan (Lemings) Prince born 12 December 1859 on 24 December 1880 The marriage record LaFayette and Jane (Prince) Conway has not been located. This date was provided by Bob and Jean (Conway) Patenge from their research on the Conway Family.. Addy died 15 July 1941 and Jane died 10 January 1944 both died at home in Orr, Lawrence County, Kentucky.

           Perry Conway born 25 January 1859 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Emeline Ratcliff in December 1886. Perry died 17 June 1943 Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. His age at death was 83 years, 9 months, and 8 days. His wife’s name was Ivy and she was 63 years of age at the time of Perry’s death. He is buried in Avondale Cemetery. The Funeral Director was Groves and Company.

           William Jasper Conway born 04 August 1862 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Sarah Prince. William died 27 January 1914.