Conway, Richard


Submitted by: Herma McAllister   and   (Mrs. Frank) Shirley Reed

You did such a wonderful job. I just looked at the web page. Thank you!! So if you want a little more….This is my 2nd great grandfather, Lewis Conway, Jr.

Lewis Conway son of Richard and Mary Christina (Pancake) Conway born 1831, Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio married Parthenia Foster daughter of Daniel and Mary Ann (Thompson) Foster born on the 7 September 1838 in Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio on 20th day of September 1855 in Lawrence County, Ohio. (Reference: Lawrence County, Ohio Vol. 5, page 146 Copy of Marriage Record is in the Documents Section of this publication.)

Lewis was a farmer of forty acres (40A) before the coal companies used open cast mining techniques in this area and turned it into a wasteland. Lewis was a Union Solider enlisting 11 September 1862 for a duty of three (3) years at Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. He was a Private in Co B, 2 Reg WV Cav. He was 31 years old, 5 ft. 9 inches tall, blue eyed, light brown hair and light complexion.

On 10 October 1862, Det Muster Roll at Point Pleasant, VA, he mustered in as a Private for three years in Co B, 2 Reg Virginia Volunteer Cav. The Muster Rolls indicate that he was wounded in November of 1863. He was present in October of 1863; however, on the Muster Rolls for November and December 1863 he is shown as absent on furlough to Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio for thirty (30) days. As of December 1863, Lewis was reported absent being too ill to travel. Company Muster – Out Roll at Wheeling, West Virginia 29 November 1863 states he was last paid to 31 October 1863. Remark: Died at home of pneumonia 16 January 1864. He died in 16 January 1864 at Greasy Ridge, Lawrence County, Ohio. Lewis was buried 20 January 1864 in Hoskinson Cemetery, Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio. Family story carried throughout the years is that Lewis had a wound in his abdomen and furloughed home to recover. While at home, he contracted pneumonia and died.

Organization of Lewis Unit: The Second Regimental Virginia Cavalry was organized at Parkersburg, West Virginia September to November 1861. It was attached to the District of Kanawha, West Virginia to September 1862.

The United States Civil War Widows Pension Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on 14 July 1862.

9 March 1864 Parthenia Conway applied with a Widows Claim for a Half-Pay Pension. Parthenia was represented by Tucker and Sells, Attorney-at-Law from Ironton, Ohio. This was filed before E.B. Egesten, Judge of the Probate Court, a Court of Record for Lawrence County, Ohio. Witnesses: Daniel Foster, Goldie Gillum, Wylie Prichard, and John L. Jacobs.

9 March 1864 Greenville Thompson and Sarah L. Norkinson residents of Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio witnessed Parthenia Conway?s signature [x] and testified they were acquainted with Lewis and Parthenia Conway who were man and wife. This was before E. B. Egesten, Judge of Probate Court, Lawrence County, Ohio.

Parthenia moved her children to her parents home at Mt. Savage, Carter County, Kentucky after 9 March 1865 and before 1 June 1866. 1 June 1866 Parthenia had completed a Widows Declaration for an Army Pension. At this time, she had a postal mailing address of Mt. Savage, Carter County, Kentucky. This was made before the Clerk of the Carter County Court in the Court House in Grayson, Kentucky. This declaration was to set up Tucker and Sells of Washington, D. C. as her attorney to handle her pension application.

Parthenia employed A.J. Corey, Attorney-at-Law, to file suit in behalf of her four (4) sons, Frank, Perry, LaFayette, and William for their share of their grandfather Richard Conway’s Estate, he was a widow. The decision of the Probate Court was to appoint Benjamin Corey, Administrator. He posted a $1,200 bond. (Reference: Court of Probate September Term 23rd day, 18 October 1872, Item 1222, Volume 4, Page 24, Clerk of the Courts Journal for Lawrence County, Ohio.)

On 18 October 1872 Volume 14, Page 425 Clerk of Court Journal, Lawrence County, Ohio. Premises to be sold by the Sheriff at public auction number 1153-4

“1222 Benjamin F. Cory administrator of the Richard Conway deceased vs. George Conway et al. Motion of A.J. Cory. The plaintiffs attorney that Frank Conway, Perry Conway, LaFayette Conway and William Conway are minor heirs of Richard Conway, whose guardian is John Hamilton. The court ordered that John Blankenship, Clark Corn and William E. Owe make a just valuation of the same in money and to sell the real estate at not less than two thirds of the appraised value upon deferred payment, not exceeding two years.”

In the 1880, U.S. Census for Lawrence County, Kentucky shows Parthenia and the boys living with her parents, Daniel and Mary Ann (Thompson). They are next door to Parthenia?s brother, Arch Foster, and his family.

Parthenia was “Churched” because Perry was playing fast and loose with the neighborhood girls. She drove the buck-board to where she found Perry and horse whipped him all the way. It is not known if she was taken back into the church or not.

Parthenia and her mother, Mary Ann (Thompson) Foster, used the scraps from her husbands, Lewis Conway, Federal uniform from the Civil War and David Childers Confederate uniform to make a patchwork quilt. They made the linsey-woolsey from the flax they grew and the wool from the sheep they kept. It had been used for years. This quilt is now in the home of David and Madeline Patenge.

Lawrence County, Kentucky
First Tract: This deed of conveyance, made and entered into this 11th day of September, 1891, between Daniel Foster and Catherine Foster, his wife, of the County of Lawrence and State of Kentucky party of the first part, and Pathenia Conway and Frank Conway of the County of Lawrence and State of Kentucky party of the second part.
Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of two tracts of land herein described as follows: To wit there having been dealing between the above named parties for years without a settlement, and the said Fosters agree to deed the within named land as a complete Settlement in full of all claims the said Parthenia Conway and Frank Conway and their heirs has against them to date the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do hereby sell and convey to the part of the second part, their heirs and assigns, the following described property:
To wit: Lying and being in the County of Lawrence and State of Kentucky and on the head waters of the Cherokee Creek of the Big Sandy of Blaine. Beginning on two Sarvis? on the bank of the Branch near the fork, thence crossing the branch with the fence up toward Elihu Hicks house to a Stake about four or six steps from where the fence makes a turn ? thence a straight line to a big rock on the left of the cross fence makes a turn ? thence with a said line to William Montgomery’s line; Thence with his line to John Arrington’s Line, thence with said Arrington’s line to the beginning corners.

Second Tract: Beginning on the North side of the said fork at the Sarvis bush and a slate rock, thence running with a conditional line made by Elihu Hicks and Frank Perkins to a chestnut oak on top of a hill thence with the ridge to a white oak and hickory, to being corner of fifteen acres survey made for Elihu Hicks with the same N3 W 20 poles to two Dogwoods thence N 47 W 44 Poles to (2) Hicks Rys N62 W 29 poles to two hickory at 16 poles same course 11 poles in all 27 to a white oak and hickory on a hill N 70 ? E 16 poles to a hickory and white oak, thence with the ridge near an east corner to the beginning, containing about 100 acres be the same more or less, Catherine Foster wife of Daniel Foster joins heirs and relinquishes all her right title, and expectancy of dower in and to said land conveyer by this deed.

To have and to hold the same, together will all the appurtenances thereupon belonging, unto the first party of second part, their heirs and assigns forever. And the said party of the first part hereby covenants with the said part of the second part, that they will warrant the title to the Property hereby conveyed unto said part of the second part and their heirs and assigns forever.

In testimony whereof, the part of the first part have hereunto subscribed their names, the day and year aforesaid.

Daniel (x his mark) Foster
Catherine (x her mark) Foster

State of Kentucky
Clerks Certification of Acknowledgment County of Lawrence
I, Robert Dixon, Clerk of the County Court, for the County and State aforesaid, certify that the foregoing Deed of Conveyance from Daniel Foster and Catherine Foster, his wife, to Parthenia Conway, Frank Conway was on 11th day of September 1891 produced to me in said County and acknowledged before me by Daniel Foster and Catherine Foster, his wife, Party Grantors thereto, to be their act and deed.

Given under my hand, this 11th day of September 1891.
Robert Dixon,
by J. P. Thompson, D. C.

State of Kentucky
Clerks Certification of lodgment and Record County of Lawrence I, Robert Dixon, Clerk of the County Court, for the County and State aforesaid, certify that the foregoing Deed was on the 16th day of September 1891, lodged for record, whereupon the same, with the foregoing and this certificate, hath been duly recorded by my office.

Witness my hand, this 16th day of September 1891. Robert Dixon, Clerk

By J. P. Thompson, D. C.

Parthenia moved to Michigan with her son, Frank; his wife, Emily; and his family. Parthenia was always addressed as “Mother” while Emma was always addressed as “Grandmother” by all of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She taught her grandson Joseph to knit when he was four years old. He had many asthmatic attacks when he was young. Parthenia did not want him away from her so she could immediately attend to him. He was very frail as a child and needed her attention. He was her favored grandchild.

Parthenia learned to read when Frank was learning to read. Each day he would bring home his lessons on his slate and go over them with “Mother”. This helped Frank when he was teaching his mother. Parthenia wanted to be able to read her Bible and write as well.

Grandmother Emma reported that that she never cared much for young children. “Mother” saw to the children while Grandmother saw to the house, garden, the farm, the animals and did mid-wifing. The two women lived together for 49 years without a crossword. Mother Parthenia kept butterscotch candies in her trunk, so they always tasted like mothballs. “Mother” used the butterscotch candies as a reward for small children.

Parthenia was a small woman. She stood 5 feet and one half inches tall. She had blue eyes, light brown hair and fair complexion. Parthenia died 21 May 1927, Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. Cause of Death: Apoplexy Apoplexy is a condition that is the result of decreased blood flow to part of the brain. Commonly referred to as a stroke. Reference: Michigan Death Certificate. Copy of the death certificate is located in the Documents Section of this Publication.)

Issue from this Union: Benjamin Franklin “Frank” Conway was born 03 December 1856 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Emeline “Emily” Childers daughter of David David Childers was a Confederate Veteran. and Martha Jane (Kiser) Childers born 28 May 1862 in Russell County, Virginia on 07 June 1883 in Graso, Carter County, Kentucky. Frank died 32 November 1918 in Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. Emily died 13 May 1953 in Clio, Genesee County, Michigan.

LaFayette “Addy” Conway was born 25 January 1859 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Jane Prince daughter of William “Uncle Billy” and Susan (Lemings) Prince born 12 December 1859 in Lawrence County, Kentucky on 24 December 1880 The marriage record LaFayette and Jane (Prince) Conway has not been located. This date was provided by Bob and Jean (Conway) Patenge in the form of a copy of the Conway Family Bible. Addy died 15 July 1941 and Jane died 10 January 1944 both died at home in Orr, Lawrence County, Kentucky.

Perry Conway was born 25 January 1859 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Emeline Ratcliff in December 1886. Perry died 17 June 1943 Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. His age at death was 83 years, 9 months, and 8 days. His wife?s name was Ivy and she was 63 years of age at the time of Perry?s death. He is buried in Avondale Cemetery. The Funeral Director was Groves and Company.

William Jasper Conway was born 04 August 1862 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Married: Sarah Ellen Prince born 1867 in Lawrence County, Kentucky daughter of William “Uncle Billy” and Susan (Lemings) Prince on 20 March 1884 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Spencer Perkins and Perry Conway were present at the marriage. (Have requested a copy of the marriage record from Lawrence County, Kentucky. William died 22 January 1914. At the time of his death, he was a widower. He had been a water tender in Coal Grove. He is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio. Funeral home was Ghalson and Sons Funeral Home. The information was provided by Ed Conway.