Conway, Lewis


Submitted by: Herma McAllister   and   (Mrs. Frank) Shirley Reed

Richard Conway born 1804 in Virginia. Richard’s birth place is shown as Virginia on the 1850 U.S. Census for Lawrence County, Lawrence Township, Ohio page 861, line 36 and on the 1860 U.S. Census for Lawrence County, Lawrence Township, Ohio page 36, line 5..

Died: 29 August 1860 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Richard married Mary Christina Teeney Pancake on 11 December 1823 in Lawrence County, Ohio

The marriage record for Richard and Teeney (Pancake) Conway was filed 14 January 1824 by James Webb Justice of the Peace. #219.

12 August 1822, Common Pleas Book # 1 and 2, Page 239.

The State of Ohio Vs. Richard Conway was indicted for “fisticuffs”.
This day came Nathan K. Clough who prosecutes on behalf of the State and the defendant in his own proper person who being forthwith demanded of the premises plead thereto guilty, the Court on due consideration of the premises order that such is offense he make his to the State of Ohio by the payment of five dollars ($5.00) together with the cost of this prosecution and may be taken.

On 2 December 1822 Common Pleas Book 1 & 2 State of Ohio vs. Richard Conway indictment for fisticuffs. Same as shown for 12 August 1822

October 1837 Term: The State of Ohio vs. Richard Conway for contempt non-attendance as a Grand Jury. Common Pleas Book 1 & 2.

This day came I.H. Wells who functioned on behalf of the State and the said defendant in his own proper person who was us injured on the contempt here in laid to his charges where ever for the Court here having heard the answers of the said ?Defendant? under oath touching the contempt aforesaid and heard the testimony addressed and duly considered the funusis are of the opinion that the said Defendant is not guilty of said contempt do therefore consider that he be discharged and that he go home there of without delay.

1 May 1841 Richard Conway and his wife Christina Conway sold to Lewis Conway eighty-six acres (86A) more/less described as the east half of the northwest quarter of Section 18 of Range 17 of township 3 of Land sold at the Chillicothe Land Office in Ohio for one hundred ninety dollars ($190.00). Witnessed by Mary Conway and William Conway. William Conway was the Justice of the Peace. What follows is a transcription of the above referenced deed.

Richard Conway and wife 
Deed Lewis Conway 

Know all men by these presence that we Richard Conway and Christina, his wife, and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and ninety dollars in hand paid by Lewis Conway the receipt of which we do hereby acknowledge do hereby bargain, sell and convey to the said Lewis Conway, his heirs and assigns forever the following real estate _______ the east half of the southwest quarter of Section eighteen of Range seventeen of Township three of Land sold at the Chillicothe Land office in Ohio and containing eighty-six acres more or less to have and to hold the same to the said Lewis Conway, his heirs, and assigns forever together will the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging hereby convening that the same is clear, free and unencumbered and that we will forever warrant and defend the same against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever. In Testimony Whereof the said Richard Conway and Christina, his wife, having hereto set their hands and seals this 1st day of May A. D. 1841.

Signed in the presence of: Mary Conway and William Conway 
Richard Conway
Christina [x] Conway

State of Ohio, Lawrence County

Be it remembered that on this first day of May in the year 1841, Personally appeared before me William Conway, J. P. and Richard Conway the grantor in the above conveyance and acknowledged to the signing and sealing of the same to be his voluntary act and deed for the purpose in the same expressed and the said Christina, wife of the said Richard Conway, being examined by me separate and apart from her said husband and the contents of said document made known to her by me she did declare that she did sign, seal and acknowledge the same voluntarily and not through fear or persuasion and that she is still satisfied therewith as her deed for the purposes in the same expressed. Given under my hand and seal this 1st day of May 1841.
William Conway, J. P.

The State of Ohio
Lawrence County                  Recorders Office
Burlington May 20th 1841

The foregoing is a true copy of the original instrument received for record May 3rd 1841 is this day recorded. Jos. Wheeler, Recorder

The following obituary was located and can be seen in the document of this publication.

CONWAY, RICHARD       Ironton Register. 13 September1860
“We should have noticed last week, but overlooked it, that Richard Conway, a man over age 60, lived near Hecla Furnace, had his right arm cut to pieces and torn off in a threshing machine.

Thrashing should be threshing machine. The threshing machine is used to separate the chaff by use of flail or machine. Very similar to ?combines? used in the later part of the 20th Century. The difference being that a combine would reap, thresh, and bag the grain and the threshing machine would only do the separation of the chaff. During the preparation of this manuscript, there was discussion about the threshing machine and the date the equipment was available for the use.
In 1834, John and Hiram Pitts of Winthrop, Me., patented the first threshing machine that was built along the lines of the modern thresher.

 REF: World Book Encyclopedia Vol.17, page 208 published in 1961. machine, on the 29th ult. He had been in feeble health for some time past, and the injury was too severe for his system to bear, and he died within about forty-eight hours after the accident.”

26 January 1861 Probate Court of Lawrence County, Ohio.

 Appointed an Administer, there is no widow and the next of kin neglected and refused to assume the debts, Benjamin F. Cory was appointed administer for the estate of Richard Conway, est. of Scioto County, Ohio.

The deed from Richard Conaway to AUDITOR of Lawrence County, Ohio sold to John Armstrong was apparently for back taxes in the amount of $2.46 that was owed to the County. This sale took place 9 September 1865.

(Note: Researcher has requested a copy of this transaction in order to determine the legal description of the land/property involved.)

Richard Conway, To Auditor Lawrence Co. and John Armstrong

Know all men by these presents that whereas, heretofore, to-wit for the year A. D. 1860 by virtue of the statute laws of the State of Ohio the whole of the Northeast Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section eighteen (18), Township three (3) Range seventeen (17), containing 43 acres, in Lawrence Township, County of Lawrence and State of Ohio was entered upon the Duplicate of said County for taxation, in the name of Richard Conway and charged with the current taxes, amounting to the sum of Two Dollars five cents, the whole of which said taxes were by the Treasurer of said County at his settlement with the Auditor, returned unpaid and delinquent, and that afterwards the said taxes for the said year 1860, together with 20 per centum penalty, amounting to the sum of Two dollars and forty-six cents was by the Auditor of said County entered upon the Duplicate of 1861, with the sum of Two dollars nine cents and eight mills being the current taxes for the said year 1861, and the said taxes and penalty, amounting in the aggregate to the sum of Four dollars fifty-five cents and eight mills, not being paid, said Lands after being duly advertised for four successive weeks in the Ironton Register, a Newspaper printed in said County and of general circulation therein, between the third Monday of November 1861 and the first Monday in January 1862, was on the second Monday of January A. D. 1862, being the 13th day of said month, offered for sale at the Court House in said County by the Treasurer thereof, and Logan Handley offering to take the whole of said Lot and pay said taxes and penalty, and no one offering to pay said taxes and penalty for a less quantity than the whole thereof, the said Handley was declared the purchaser thereof and, forthwith, paid the amount of said taxes and penalty to the treasurer and a Certificate of Purchase for said Lands was duly executed by the Auditor of said County to the said Logan Handley, and afterward, on the first day of September A. D. 1865, duly assigned to John Armstrong. Now, therefore, in consideration of the premises, and on the request of the said John Armstrong, he having produced to me the Certificate aforesaid and more than two years having elapsed since said sale and the said lands not having been redeemed by Seth Sutherland, Auditor of the County of Lawrence and State of Ohio as such Auditor, by virtue of the authority in me vested by law do hereby give, grant and convey unto the said John Armstrong, to-wit: the whole of the North East quarter of the South West quarter of Section Eighteen in Township three (3) of Range seventeen (17) containing forty-three (43) acres in Lawrence Township, County of Lawrence, and State of Ohio. To have and to hold the said premises hereby granted to the only proper use and benefit of him the said John Armstrong, his heirs and assigns, forever.

In testimony whereof, the said Seth Sutherland has hereunto set his hand and seal as Auditor, aforesaid, this ninth day of September 1865. In presence of Samuel Cranford Seth Sutherland [Seal]

C. B. Egerton Auditor of Lawrence County

Issue of Richard and Mary Christina (Pancake) Conway:

Mary Conway (Proof that Mary is the oldest daughter in this family has been based on preponderance of documents as well as Richard Conway’s Estate Records that list Mary as a heir. The Estate Record is transcribed in this document. Mary’s husband, David Campbell, acquired Richard Conway’s property after his death for back taxes.) born 1825/1826 Married to David Campbell.

Lewis Conway born 1831, Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio married Parthenia Foster daughter of Daniel and Mary Ann (Thompson) Foster Daniel and Mary Ann Sally (Thompson) Foster were married 6th August 1837 in Lawrence County, Ohio. A copy of their marriage record is contained in the document section of this publication. born on the 7 September 1838 in Windsor Township, Lawrence County, Ohio on 20th day of September 1855 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

(Reference: Lawrence County, Ohio Vol. 5, page 146 Copy of Marriage Record is in the Documents Section of this publication.) Lewis died 16 January 1864; Greasy Ridge, Lawrence County, Ohio as a result of a wound during the War between the States This compiler refers to the Civil War as the War between the States. There was absolutely nothing civil about this war..

George W. Conway was born 22 February 1834 in Ohio. He died 19 October 1910 and is buried in Hecla Cemetery, Lawrence County, Ohio. At the time of his death, he was married and was a laborer. Cause of death: Organic Heart Disease. This information was given by George Conaway.

Leanna Conway born 1834 in Ohio. Married Thomas Bobbitt born 1834 in Pittsylvania, Virginia the son of William and Nancy (Rice) Bobbitt on 21 January 1858 Coalton, Lawrence County, Ohio by Thomas Bratton. They lived in Belfont Furnace, Boyd County, Kentucky. Thomas died from Tuberculosis before 1880. In 1860 Boyd County, Kentucky Census, the Bobbitt family can be found. Leannas sister Eliza Conway and a boarder, William Murphy, are also shown living with this family in Boyd County. In the 1880, Lawrence County, Ohio U.S. Census Leanna is shown as widow. This Census record gives the appearance that Leanna was living in the household with the Issac Massey family. The Massey family is listed as Dwelling 90, Family 279 and Leanna as Family 280 (no dwelling number shown). This information is shown on page 273B.

William Bobbitt born 1859

Henry Bobbit was born 26 November 1860 in Belfount Furnace, Boyd County, Kentucky. Married: Eliza Evans born 20 February 1869 in Lawrence County, Ohio the daughter of Morgan and Naomi ?Navin? (Lewis) Evans on 7 November 1886 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Henry died 28 December 1917 and Eliza died 1 March 1924 both in Circle Hill, Athens County, Ohio.

Della Bobbitt born 1864 (Shown as not her child)

Mary Bobbitt born 1866 (Shown as not her child)

Nola Bobbitt born 1872 (Shown as not her child)

Emily Conway was born 1836 in Ohio. The estate records for Richard Conway show that Emily then called Jane married Samuel Shuff. No marriage record has been located as of this date.

Eliza A. Conway was born 1838 in Ohio. Married William Ratliff 3 May 1866 in Lawrence County, Ohio by Jesse Corn, Minister. Died: 1883 Buried in Hecla Cemetery; Upper Township, Lawrence County, Ohio.

Benjamin Franklin Conway was born 22 February 1845 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Second married Hannah Syar born 17 March 1869 in Lawrence County, Ohio the daughter of Thomas and Eliza (Brown) Webb on 18 September 1902 in Lawrence County, Ohio The marriage record of Benjamin F. Conway and Hannah Syar state Benjamin’s parents as: Richard Conaway and Mary Pancake. Reference: Marriage Records for Lawrence County, Ohio Volume 19, Page 377. . She had been married twice and was a widow when she remarried Ben. Ben and Hannah both lived in Rock Camp, Ohio when they married. Died: 08 November 1917 in Lawrence County, Ohio. Buried: Conway Cemetery; Lawrence Township, Lawrence County, Ohio.

(Note: We have identified and proven these children for Richard Conway. This information has been documented by Richard’s Estate Records located in the Common Court Records May 1873 pages 612-617, Lawrence County, Ohio.