Some Descendants of Lawrence County, Ohio

“From the Files of The Alfred White Family Organization”
Linda Gaylord-Kuhn, Compiler-Historian

1. — William1 Burk, [?son of John Burke]. Born in VA. Died, circa 1856. Resided: 1840, in Warren co, IL. It has been suggested he was the son of John and Catharine (Wood) Burk; verification is needed.

William Burk is listed as one of the earliest settlers of Symmes tp, Lawrence co, OH [ Atlas of Lawrence County, Hardesty, 1882, pg. 216]. He disappeared for many years; the date of his death was provided by another researcher and I have been unable to verify it.

It has been written that William and Mary Burk were divorced in 1833 in neighboring Gallia co, OH [Mary Burks vs. William Burks, April Term]. However, I pulled a copy of the actual court record which states the couple to have been William Burks & Mary Eblen who were married 14 Jun 1827 in Gallia co by James Graves [MR Bk 1, pg. 163].

The Alfred White Family Organization is interested in locating the ancestors of William Burk.
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He married Mary “Polly” Neal, daughter of Walter Neal and Winnifred Wood, 11 Nov 1806, in Monroe co, VA (now WV). Born, circa 1787, in Bedford co, VA (now WV). Died, 5 Feb 1865, in Symmes tp, Lawrence co, OH.

A notice of her death was published in the Jackson Standard, 16 Feb 1865, pg. 3: “DIED. In Symmes Township, Lawrence Co., Ohio, at her residence, on the 5th inst., Mary Burke, in her 78th year.” For more information on the Neal family, I refer the reader to Chester I. Miller’s book, Neals of Bedford Co., VA. and Family of Walter Neal, Sr. of Lawrence and Gallia Counties, Ohio. Children:

+ 2 i. Samuel2. 3 ii. John. Born, circa 1809. He married Elizabeth Cooper. 4 iii. Nancy. Born, 1810. She married Philip Riley Cooper. + 5 iv. Andrew. 6 v. William Jr. Born, 1815. Died, circa 1855, in MO. He married Lucinda Wilson, 6 Jun 1838, in Lawrence co, OH. 7 vi. Mary. Born, 5 Feb 1818, in OH or MD or VA. Died, 15 Mar 1874, in Newton, Jasper co, IA. Baptism in MO. Burial in Newton, Jasper co, IA. Census in MO [info upon request]. Census: 11 Jul 1870, in Newton, Newton tp, Jasper co, IA. She married {Pvt.} William “Almon” White, son of Alfred Talmon White and Mary Perry, 18 Feb 1835, in Lawrence co, OH. Census, 11 Oct 1850, in Dist. 23, Cooper co, MO.

The Alfred White Family Organization is interested in locating descendants of Almon & Mary (Burke) White.
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8 vii. Elizabeth. Born, 24 Apr 1820. Died, 14 Feb 1883. Burial in Lawrence co, OH. She married Godfrey Delawder, 1 Aug 1842. 9 viii. Jane. Born, 1825. She married James Boyles. 10 ix. Walter N. Born, 1826, in OH. Died, 3 Jan 1870, in Portsmouth, Scioto co, OH. Census: 1860, in Jackson, Jackson tp, Jackson co, OH. Occupation: Auditor. He married Eliza Pickrel. 11 x. Joseph. Born, 1828, in OH. Resided in Ashland, Boyd co, KY. He married Martha E. Case, 16 Mar 1854. 12 xi. Charles Henry Alexander M. Born, circa 1830, in OH.

2. — Samuel 2 Burk (William1). Born, 14 Nov 1807, in Monroe co, VA (now WV). Died, 11 Nov 1879. Burial in Symmes tp, Lawrence co, OH.

He married, first, Mary Ann Griffith, daughter of Frederick Griffith and Ruth Osborn, 3 Jan 1833, in Scioto co, OH. Born, 13 Mar 1816. Died, 1 Sep 1872. Burial in Symmes tp, Lawrence co, OH. Children:

13 i. Rebecca3. Born, circa 1833. 14 ii. Mary. Born, circa 1834. 15 iii. Martha. Born, 3 Oct 1842. 16 iv. Cynthia A. Born, 1845. 17 v. John. Born, 1847. 18 vi. Samantha. Born, 8 Mar 1852. Died, Feb 1903.

He married, second, Lucretia E. Hensley, 18 Dec 1873.

5. — Andrew2 Burk (William1). Born, circa 1812 (?). For information on Andrew, see the narrative below on his wife, Cynthia White.

The Alfred White Family Organization is interested in locating descendants of Andrew and Cynthia Burk(e).
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He married Cynthia [not Cyatha as sometimes written] White, daughter of Alfred Talmon White and Mary Perry, circa 1835 (??). Born, 9 Aug 1816, in Gallia co, OH. Died, after 1869. Census: 1840, in Perry tp, Gallia co, OH. Census: 3 Jun 1870, in 3rd Ward, Gallipolis, Gallipolis tp, Gallia co, OH.

Putting together any details at all on the life of Andrew and Cynthia ( White) Burk/Burke has been an effort. As I write that, I chuckle. I sound so much like Chester I. Miller of London, OH, who wrote on pg. 343 of his book, Neals of Bedford Co., VA. and Family of Walter Neal, Sr. of Lawrence and Gallia Counties, Ohio: “Andrew Burk, son of William and Polly [ Neal] Burk, has been a most elusive person to track down. In all my research I have run across him in half-a-dozen or less places. These have been separated different events as to places and times. Did he really exist? Emphatically, yes.”

Chester’s frustration with Andrew included an inability to discover the maiden name of his wife (whom he listed as “Cynthia ?”). When I wrote to him in 1993 he was both surprised and delighted to learn that “Cynthia ?” was none other than the sister of Almon White who had married Andrew Burk’s sister, Mary. Between us we’ve compiled a good deal of information upon which to base further research. Sadly, however, the blanks to be filled are still far too numerous for our tastes.

In chronological order, here is the sum total of evidence accumulated so far concerning the lives of Andrew and Cynthia Burk(e).

1834 — An Andrew Burk teaches the first school in Symmes tp, Lawrence co, OH. As a side-note, the first schoolhouse is described as “built of logs, the desks and seats were of poplar slabs, and the windows were greased paper pasted over holes in the sides of the building.” I suppose Andrew was at least 20 years old at the time. [ Atlas of Lawrence County, Ohio, Hardesty, 1882, pg. 216]

1835 — It seems logical the two were married in Gallia co, OH, in or near this year and it may be that either the minister forgot to make his return or the return was not recorded the marriage of Cynthia’s sister Armenia to John Scurlock occurred in Gallia co (as evidenced in John’s military pension record) but it was not recorded there. The marriage records of Lawrence co, OH, and Cabell co, WV, were also checked with no results.

1837 — William Burk is born in or near this year in IL He was living with Cynthia’s parents in 1850 and I am assuming he was her son. [US Census 1850 Richland tp, Jones co, IA, dw 1001, fam 1001, Alfred White household, William Burk, æ 13y, b. IL]

1840 — Examination of the census household of Cynthia’s father seems to suggest that Cynthia was living at home. In addition, there is an unexpected male aged under 5y in the household; I suspect he was the William Burk mentioned in the 1837 paragraph above. [U.S. Census 1840 Perry tp, Gallia co, OH, pg. 57, Alfred White household]

ca. 1844 — Amanda James is born in OH . . . she may have been a daughter of Cynthia (see 9 Jul 1860 entry).

ca. 1849 — Perry A. Burke, assumed to be another son of Cynthia, is born in OH. Both Cynthia and Perry are later listed as members on the rolls of the Methodist White Chapel church of John’s Creek, Symmes’ tp, Lawrence co, OH. [US Census 1860, dw 658, fam 649, household of George Carter, (Cynthia’s brother-in-law), Perry ” Berth”, æ 11y, b. OH]

14 Oct 1850 — The US Census shows the household of Alfred & Mary ( Perry) White with two children: William Burk æ 13y, b. IL (ca. 1837) and Mary White æ 20y, b. OH (ca. 1830). [US Census 1850 Richland tp, Jones co, IA, dw 1001, fam 1001, Alfred White household]

1850 — The US Census for IL is said to show an Andrew Burk, æ 32y (b. ca. 1818), living with a John Burk, æ 20y (b. ca. 1830). A professional researcher mentioned this to me in a letter giving no further details. I have not seen the actual census, but I believe these two must be from a different family if for no other reason than the huge discrepancy in the age of that John Burk and ours. Chester Miller notes “1840 Uncle Billy Burke living in Warren co, IL”. Uncle Billy would have been William Burke, father of Andrew.

13 Aug 1855 — Andrew Burke purchases town lots 26 and 27 in Marion (now Aid), Aid tp, Lawrence co, OH, from William Knowlton for $60. [Deed Bk. 17, pg. 267]

7 Jan 1859 — Andrew Burke and Cynthia his wife sell town lots 26 and 27 in Marion to Daniel Neal for $180 (a 300 percent return on his investment). Daniel Neal was Andrew’s [?first cousin]. [Deed Bk. 19, pg. 441]

29 Oct 1859 — Cynthia Burke is sued for divorce by Andrew Burke in Lawrence co, OH. And, although the petition was filed, no final decree was recorded in the county. This notice was published in the Ironton Register on 8 Dec 1859:

CYNTHIA BURKE, of Patriot, in the county of Gallia, and State of Ohio, is notified that Andrew Burke did, on the
29th day of October, A. D. 1859, file his petition in the office of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas, within
and for the county of Lawrence, in said State, charging the said Cynthia with adultery, and asking that he may be
divorced from the said Cynthia Burke, which petition will stand for a hearing at the next term of this Court.

RALPH LEETE. Nov. 3, 1859. — 6w. Attorney for Petitioner.

9 Jul 1860 — Cynthia’s brother-in-law, George Carter is enumerated on the census as follows: George Carter, æ 56y, b. OH; Sarah Carter, æ 51y, b. Penn; Mary [ Perry] White, æ 78y, b. VT, illiterate; Sarah Carter [actually Sarah Richardson McDaniel, dau. of Sarah by Jehu McDaniel], æ 8y, b. OH; Amanda James, æ 16y, b. OH; and Perry Berth, æ 11y, b. OH. I believe ” Berth” was likely an error for ” Burke” [see notes on Perry A. Burke aka White]. I also suspect that Amanda James may have been an illegitimate child of Cynthia but this is the purest form of speculation. I find no other introduction of the James surname into the White family. I did find that an Amanda James m. John W. Shenk on 13 Apr 1870 by John Williams in Gallia co [MR Bk. 3, pg. 305]. [US Census 1860 Perry tp, Gallia co, OH, fam 658, dw 647, George Carter household]

1860 — I did not find Cynthia in Gallia co this year but I have not yet checked Lawrence co, OH, for her.

1861, 1862 — Cynthia Burk is listed on the rolls of the John’s Creek Sabbath School in Lawrence co, OH. [Church records]

Jun 1865 — In his deposition of 3 Aug 1867, Thomas Ramsey attests he loaned Cynthia Burk $56 in June, 1865, at her home in Gallipolis (Gallia co). The Ramsey loan was made so that Cynthia could repay another loan from her sister, Sarah Carter. An 1867 accounting of debts owing to Sarah’s estate includes the $56 due bill dated 8 May 1865 from Cynthia Burke. [See the estate of Sarah Carter, Gallia co, OH]

1 Aug 1865 — On this date, the Ironton Register published the petition for division of the estate of Andrew’s mother, Mary “Polly” Burke, (who d. 4 Mar 1865 in Lawrence co, OH). Her sons John and Andrew are listed as of the State of Illinois. Another son, Samuel of Waterloo, OH, is appointed administrator.

23 Oct 1865 — Sarah Carter’s will made this date in Gallia co, OH, makes a $100 bequest to “my Sister Cynthia residing in Gallipolis, and the widow of Andrew Burke deceased . . . “. Although Sarah calls him deceased, there is strong evidence he was not (see entries for 26 Feb 1868 and 6 Dec 1876 below).

6 Dec 1867 — Stephen Keller, executor of Sarah Carter’s estate, pays in full “of the bequest of the last-will of said Sarah Carter and for the taking care of their mother Mary White the wife of Alfred White one hundred dollars each”. The receipt was signed by Cynthia Burk, Lucinda [ Childers] White and Arminia [ White] Scurlock.

26 Feb 1868 — Neals of Bedford Co., VA., by Chester I. Miller quotes a news item from the Ironton Register which gives “Cynthia Burk vs Andrew Burk non suit.” I don’t have a copy of this in my files.

3 Jun 1870 — The US census, 3rd Ward Gallipolis, Gallia co, OH [pg 7, dw 46, fam 49, enum 3 Jun 1870] shows Cynthia as the head of household:

Burk, Cynthia, æ 45y, occ. Keeping house, re $700, pe $650, b. Ohio Burk, Perry A., æ 21y, occ. Team Driver, pe $125, b. Ohio Ramsy, Thomas, æ 41y, occ. Coal Miner, pe $350, b. Scotland

6 Dec 1876 — Andrew Burk, male, æ 62y, b. Lawrence co, OH (ca. 1814), was admitted to the Lawrence co Infirmary. He was discharged on 6 Apr 1877. I don’t yet know the relationship (if any) of the Eliza Burk, æ 11y, admitted the same date and “transferred” 8 Feb 1877. It’s quite likely she was the daughter of Andrew but I have no information on who her mother might have been. My copy of the Infirmary records do not show the nature of their illnesses nor the place to which Eliza was transferred.

1880 — A line-by-line search of the US Census records for Gallia co, OH, failed to reveal a Cynthia Burk/Burke. I have not yet checked for her in Lawrence co, OH, this year.

1900 — I need to check the US Census this year as well; prob. even the 1910 census.

One final note on Andrew Burk: Chester Miller received and subsequently forwarded to me a copy of an article titled Ohioans In South Dakota, by Margaret Hamilton Zubrick of Omaha, NE [OGS Report, Spring 1989, pg 27], regarding the Hon. Henry A. Burke, b. 15 Nov 1831 in Lawrence co, OH. On pg 349 of his book (q.v.), Chester suggests this man was Andrew Burk but I believe I have shown that Henry was more likely “Charles H. Alexander M. Burke” aka C.H.A.M. Burke … one of Andrew’s brothers … who was b. about 1830/31 according to census records. Children:

19 i. William3. Born, circa 1837 (?), in IL. Census: 14 Oct 1850, in Richland tp, Jones co, IA. 20 ii. Perry A. [?aka White]. Born, circa 1849 (?), in OH. Census: 9 Jul 1860, in Patriot, Perry tp, Gallia co, OH. Census: 3 Jun 1870, in 3rd Ward, Gallipolis, Gallipolis tp, Gallia co, OH. There is a Civil War military discharge on file in Gallia county, Ohio, for a Perry A. White. An abstract I have reads as follows: WHITE, Perry A. – Rank – Private; Unit – Company 245, 1st Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps; Enrolled – August 29, 1863; Discharged – August 12, 1865 Knoxville, Tennessee; Born – Gallia County, Ohio; Age – 15 years [at date of discharge I assume]; Physical Description: Height – 5’7 1/2″; Complexion – Light; Eyes – Blue; Hair – Flaxen; Occupation When Enrolled – Farmer; Other – Transferred from Company F, 2nd Regiment Ohio Heavy Artillery to the Veteran Reserve Corps, April 17, 1865; Volume 1, Page 227. This man would have been born about 1850 in Gallia county which is roughly consistent with Perry A. Burke’s estimated birth date taken from the census (Perry “Berth”, æ 11y in 1860; Perry A. Burke, æ 21y in 1870). There was another Perry White in Gallia county. He appears on the 1850 census, enumerated 12 Aug, in Raccoon tp, dwelling 563, family 570, æ 30y; wife, Rachael 27y; children (in order of enumeration), Monitta 7y, Sophronia 3y, Clarisa 1/12y, Cordelia 15y. All household members were born in Ohio except Cordelia: she was born in Virginia.