Submitted by Leroy Haas

Solomon Baldwin

  Was born in 1810 in Unknown. He died in 1861 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky. He was buried in 1861 in Tinker Fork, Mitchel Branch, Floyd Co., Kentucky.

 Solomon’s birthplace is unknown. He was a lay Preacher and a Constable in Floyd Co., Kentucky in 1861 when he was killed by Miles Sturgill with a pick axe in May of that year. He is buried in the HAMILTON CEMETERY at Mitchell Branch of Tinker Fork of Mud Creek in Floyd Co., Kentucky.

 I spent a day with a Hamilton descendant at his home in 1989. He told me that Solomon was the first to be entered into the Hamilton Cemetery and he showed me the grave. The head stone says ” S. BALDWIN DEC 1861 ” and is merely a rough cut rock. I traveled to the Kentucky State archives in Frankfort to review the trial transcript but could find only the record of arrangement of Sturgill.

Present were:

  Eli Sturgill
  Jesse Hall
  Elijah Hall

 Who were obviously there to support Miles Sturgill and post bail of $4000.00. Also in the courtroom were:

  Davenport Newsome
  John W. Baldwin
  Alexander Baldwin
  Christina Baldwin, Wife of Alexander Baldwin.

 The Baldwin men were Solomon’s sons. Each posted $100.00 bond as material witnesses. This activity occurred during the June court term on the 3rd of June and was to continue in the next term. However, the following term records were missing. It appears that these records were lost during the confederate occupation of Frankfort (the only northern capitol captured during the war) but the records continued exactly four years later. The court books ended with “book L” and continued with book M, but four years had passed. I do not know if the trial was held or what transpired. The next move would be to locate a newspaper of the time or find a prison record of Miles Sturgill if in fact he was convicted. Others present at the initial hearing and also posted bond were:

  Blackburn Sturgill
  Thomas Tackett
  Harvy Tackett.

 All of these people lived near the Baldwins and many of their descendants are still in the area.

 In 1866 Solomon’s wife, Sarah, distributed a great deal of land to her children. I suppose that she did this to prepare for her second marriage. She married Solomon Hubbard on 9 July 1866. Shortly there-after they moved to Lawrence County Ohio where many of her children moved to start a new life.

Miles Sturgill
  Born 1837 in Virginia. He married Amanda Hall on 25 Mar 1852 in Floyd Co. Ky. She was born 1838.

He was married to Sarah Elliott in 1830.

Sarah Elliott
  Born in 1815. Sarah married Solomon Hubbard on July 9, 1866 and moved from Mud Creek, Floyd Co. Kentucky to Lawrence Co. Ohio. (see notes of Solomon Baldwin, her first husband for more info]. Many of her children must have followed her as Alexander, John W., Jarvis and Dorcus were found in the census records. Others, especially the younger ones probably were there also.

Sarah’s death is not recorded in Lawrence Co. Perhaps she returned to Mud Creek or maybe she lived and died in Boyd Co. where one of her grandsons lived. Solomon Baldwin and Sarah Elliott had the following children:

  1. Alexander Baldwin.
  2. John Wesley Baldwin was born in 1836 in Lebanon, Russell Co., Virginia. He died on Jun 29 1891 in Ironton, Lawrence Co., Ohio. He was buried on Jun 29 1891 in Hecla Cemetery, Lawrence Co., Ohio. John Wesley served in the Civil War mustering in at Peach Orchard, Kentucky on 16 Feb. 1863 and out on 15 Sept. 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky. He later moved to Lawrence Co, Ohio and raised a large family. He received a pension from the war. He is buried in the Hecla Cemetery in Lawrence Co., Ohio about 30 feet down the hill from his brother Alexander and is under a Civil War tombstone.
  3.  Rebecca Ann Baldwin was born in 1839 in Lebanon, Russell Co., Virginia. She was buried in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky.
  4.  Eljah Baldwin was born in 1842 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky.
  5. Jarvis Robert Baldwin
  6. Matilda Baldwin was born in 1846 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky. She died on May 31 1860.
  7. Martha Baldwin was born in 1846 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky.
  8. Sara Jane Baldwin was born in 1849 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky.
  9. Marietta Baldwin was born in 1852 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky.
  10. Dorcus Baldwin was born in 1853 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky. She died on Jul 29 1904 in Elizabeth, Township, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
  11. Noah Charles Baldwin was born in 1855.
  12. Andrew Jarvis Baldwin was born on Sep 1 1857 in Mud Creek, Floyd Co., Kentucky. He died on Mar 21 1923 in Elizabeth, Township, Lawrence Co., Ohio.