Andrew Kouns


A Working Hypothesis Compiled By:
Sharon M. Kouns and Many Many Others

1801 August 03 Andrew P. Kouns birth in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia) the son of Christian and Anna (Lamp) Kouns.
1821 October 25 Andrew P. Kouns married Hannah Hysey in Lawrence County, OH. Andrew was age 20. Lawrence County marriage record page 37: The State of Ohio, Lawrence County. I do hereby certify that on the 25th day of October AD 1821 by virtue of a license from the Court of Probate for said county, I joined in marriage Andrew Koons and Hannah Hysey. Given under my hand this 26th day of Oct. AD 1821. Corpus Clark, J. of Peace. Filed – October 26 1821, Lic.#141.
1824 January 18 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to son George Lamp Kouns in Lawrence County, OH.
1824 October 07 Andrew P. Kouns sold 274 acres to John C. Shute Vol. 4, pg. 134 Lawrence County OH land records. (John Cole Shute was married to Nancy Kouns, sister of Andrew P. Kouns)
1824 December 28 Andrew P. Kouns bought land from John C. Shute.
1825 July 28 Andrew P. Kouns sold land to Joseph Davidson, Vol 4 pg 269.
1826 May 21 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to son John Kouns in Lawrence County, OH
1827 October 25 Andrew P. Kouns bought land from his father, Christian Kouns, and agreed to have him (Christian) live with him.
1828 Andrew P. Kouns paid taxes in Lawrence County OH.
1829 January 03 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to son William Henry Kouns in Lawrence County, OH.
1830 October 27 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to son Benjamin B. Kouns in Lawrence County, OH.
1830 Andrew P. Kouns shown on Lawrence County OH census with male age 70-100 years (pg.315)
1831 April 4 Andrew and Hannah’s son, William Henry Kouns, died. Age 3 years. Buried Kouns Cemetery, Chesapeake, OH.
1833 February 05 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to 5th son, Isaac Hunter Kouns, in Lawrence County, OH.
1835 September 30 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to 6th son, Andrew P. Kouns, Jr., in Lawrence County, OH.
1839 August 31 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to 7th son, James H. Kouns, in Lawrence County, OH.
1842 July 18 Andrew and Hannah gave birth to 8th and last son, Martin H. Kouns, in Lawrence County, OH.
1838-1846 Article shows: “The first steamboat that went down the Ohio River landed a little below where A.P. Kouns’ Landing now is, and did not land again within this county.” (written by Thomas A. Walton). Another article in the same book: “When Col. A. Kouns sent to Washington to have a post office established at this place he sent several names for the post office but there were post offices by the same name in the state. They asked him to name some creek near. So he named the small stream near his house Symmes Run and had the post office so named; but when James Frampton was appointed post master he had it changed to Frampton.”
1850 October 01 – Andrew and Hannah’s son, John Kouns, married Rebecca Dillon.
1850 Lawrence County OH census shows Andrew P. Kouns.
1853 May 17 – Andrew and Hannah’s son, Isaac Hunter Kouns, married Sarah J. Whitehead.
1853 New Business Firms include A.P. Kouns & Sons Groceries in Ironton, Lawrence County, OH.
1854 April 15 Andrew P. and Hannah’s son, James H. Kouns, died age 14y7m25ds. Buried: Kouns Cemetery, Chesapeake, OH.
1854 Aug 10 – Ironton Register Newspaper advertisement:
A.P. Kouns
John Kouns
G.L. Kouns
Benj. Kouns
Commission Merchants
Wholesale and Retail
Grocers and Jobbers
And dealers in ____ Stores, Family Provisions, Grain, Fruit and Country Produce,
No. 3 Rodgers Block, Second Street,
Ironton, Ohio.
At their farm one mile below Symmes Creek.
We have just received fresh from New Orleans, a large stock of Sugar, Coffee, Molasses, &c., which we offer low for cash. Persons wishing to purchase would do well to call and examine our stock, to wit: (article gives breakdown of stock).

1855 July 16 – A.P. Kouns, Sr., G.L. Kouns, John Kouns, Benjamin Kouns, A.P. Kouns, Jr., John C. Shute, Isaac H. Kouns, D. B. Chatfield, __.G. Shute, and G.__. Crawford, formed the Christian Kouns Cemetery Society which was commonly called “Kouns Burying Ground” situated on the Kouns farm, Union Township, Lawrence County, OH.
1860 April 20 land was recovered by Andrew P. Kouns from Wm. D. Kelley.
1860 Lawrence County OH census shows Andrew P. Kouns.
1863 December 29 – Andrew and Hannah’s son, Andrew P. Kouns, Jr., married Emily Scovell.
1864 March 15 – Andrew and Hannah’s son, Benjamin B. Kouns, married Clara Newby.
1867 May 05 Andrew and Hannah’s son, Andrew P. Kouns, Jr. dies. Age 31y8m2ds. Buried: Kouns Cemetery, Chesapeake, OH.
1869 April 06 Andrew and Hannah’s son, George Lamp Kouns, married Margaret N. Flournoy.
1869 April 16 Andrew and Hannah’s son, Benjamin B. Kouns, died.
1869 April 20 Union Store – (letter) Dear Son & Daughter – This leaves us all in great destress at the sad news of Ben death we received a despach last Saturday evening and G. L. what sad news ___ on us to bury another child. ________ ______________ on half of our children gone to a ____ world we _________ give them up without a mummer to met than God ____________ children we ought to be ready at a for we don’t know when to good Lord will cawl for us. J. H. rec. a letter yesterday from C. Truslow stating that you left on the 15 to ___________ Your mother ___________ crazey about Ben and wants you to bring him and his back home and berry them in our family grave yard and George I want to see Ben once more on this earth and if you do not bring him home it will be a very hard trial for us to bare and as Ben has no _____ in New Orleans and George __________ bring him home. Your afee father and mother AP & Hannah Kouns
1870 January 17 – Andrew and Hannah’s son, Martin H. Kouns, married Emma Hawley.
1878 July 23 – Hannah (Hisey) Kouns born 07 July 1803 in Wheeling, West Virginia died at the “home place” Symmes Creek, Lawrence County, OH. Buried: Kouns Cemetery, Union Township, Lawrence County, OH. OBITUARY: Hannah Hisey was born in Wheeling, W.Va. July 7th A. D. 1803; moved with her parents to Guyandotte, Cabell Co., in the same state in 1803 and was married to A. P. Kouns in Lawrence County, Ohio, October 25, A.D. 1821, with whom she lived, proving herself a help-mate indeed, for fifty six years and nine months.
She united with the M.E. Church, Sept. 29th, A.D., 1821, in which act she was immediately followed by her husband and was happily converted about three months later at Burlington, O., in a revival meeting held by Res. Isaac. Hunter. She died at the old homestead, near the mouth of Symmes Creek in Lawrence County, O., July 23rd, A.D., 1878, at the age of seventy five years and sixteen days having been a faithful, earnest and devoted member of the Church forty-six years and ten months.
She was the mother of eight sons, four of whom preceded her, we trust, to “the better land” while those still living together with their aged father, were, in the providence of God, all permitted to be at her bedside a the time of her death. She was a devoted wife, and affectionate mother, – exhibiting the most filial regard for her children – a kind and generous neighbor, often with a liberal hand relieving the wants of the poor, and an earnest, practical christian lady. Many itinerant ministers will remember her home as a place where their wants were most bountiful, as well as most cheerfully supplied.
In her last illness, she ____ much, but bore it all with true christian fortitude, and died in the full triumphs of the faith in which she had so long lived and labored.
Blessed are the aged who die in the Lord: Even we, with the Spirit: for they rest from their labors. Rev. J. R. Tibblis.
Kouns, Hannah, wife of A.P. Kouns died July 23rd A.D. 1878 Aged 75yrs16ds.
1880 August 21 Andrew P. Kouns died. Andrew P. Kouns is buried in Kouns Cemetery, Union Township, Lawrence County, OH. (note – I have a photo of his broken stone in my file, smk) Kouns, Andrew P. Born August 3rd 1801 Died August 21st 1880 aged 79ys. 18ds.
1880 September 02 – newpaper IRONTON REGISTER records: “We failed to make the announcement of A.P. Kouns’s death last week, because we had not heard of it when we went to press. He died Sunday, the 22nd, at his home above Burlington, age about 79 years. He has lived in Lawrence county for many years, and in 1854 was a citizen of Ironton. He was a good, honest, intelligent man, and many friends will mourn his death.”

1880 Probate Court, Lawrence County, OH – Will of A.R.(sic) Kouns: dated 1st day of September 1880.
I, Andrew P. Kounse of the county of Lawrence and State of Ohio, now being in sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner following to wit:
Item 1st- It is my will that all just debts which I may owe at the time of my decease shall be fully paid.
Item 2nd – I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Hannah Kounse (if she shall survive me) in lieu of dower, all moneys, household goods and personal property of whatsoever description that I may have or own at the time of my demise.
Also the use and occupancy of the homestead where we now reside being all that tract of land lying between the Ohio river and the county road, within the enclosure surrounding the house in which I now live, including the orchard. Containing eight acres more or less: and also the use of the east half of the barn and barn lot to the road or lane – to have and enjoy the said personal property absolutely and the use of said real estate owning (?) his natural life.
Item 3rd – I give and bequeath unto my sons, George L. Kouns, and John Kounse, and Martin H. Kounse: and the heirs of Andrew P. Kouns, Jr. (viz Henry and Anna P. Kounse) and the heirs of Benjamin B. Kounse (viz: Laura P. and Ben B. Kounse) all the real estate of which I may be ______. After _____ then from so much as may be needed, if any, for the payment of my just debts to be divided as follows: viz, one equal fifth part to each of my three sons above named, and one fifth to the heirs of each of my deceased sons, Andrew P. Jr. and Benjamin B.
Having conveyed to my son, Isaac H. Kounse, by deed, twenty eight acres more or less of land being a part of my farm. I do not devise to him any part of my remaining real estate as I _____ that the land so conveyed to him is his full equal share of my estate.
If any of my land has to be sold for the payment of my debts, I ____ that it shall be taken off the upper and eastend from the river to the hill or back line and that only so much shall be sold as shall be thought necessary for that purpose. And it is my ______ that my son John shall advance the money and take so much land in payment as shall be needed. The land to be valued by three _____men. If he shall decline to this, then, I hereby empower my executor to sell so much land as may be required for the payment of my debts, either at public or private sale, as he may think will be most advantageous to my estate.
It having been my life long desire that my real estate should remain as far as possible in ownership of my family. I hereby promise and declare that my son Martin may take the lands devised to my grandchildren herein before named: by paying to them in lieu thereof so much cash as said shares may be worth at the time of purchase: the value to be fixed by three disinterested men to be ____ by my executor: and if my son, Martin H. shall decline or be unable to purchase these shares then it is my will that the same chance to purchase shall be extended to my sons, John and George L. in the order named: or if they shall prefer my three sons may buy these shares jointly and divide them among themselves. If my son or sons shall purchase these shares as above provided for payment for the shares shall be made to these heirs when they shall become of age respectively; and the several sums of money to which these heirs will be entitled if their shares of my real estate shall be taken by my son or sons as herein before provided for shall be and remain a lien upon their shares of said real estate till they are fully paid: and I further declare and it is my will that if either one of Andrew P’s or Benjamin B’s children herein before named shall die without issue then his or her share shall go the surviving brother or sister: but it both shall die without issue then that share or shares shall be divided equally among my surviving heirs herein before named: (viz. George L., John & Martin H. & the heirs of Andrew P. and Benjamin B. which ever may be survivors).
I hereby revoke and annul all former will by me made.
I hereby constitute and appoint John Kouns and Camillus Hall to be executors of this my last will and testament.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30th day of July, A.D. 1877. signed A.P. Kouns (seal)
Signed. Sealed & acknowledged by the said Andrew P. Kouns as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his presence and at his request. Attest: C. Hall, John (his mark) Huff, Agnes (her mark) Holliday.
(Note: grandson, Ben B. the s/o of Benjamin B. died 05 September 1878 age 9 years. When did Andrew P. make his will? smk)

Editor Republican: – About three years ago Union Chapel, situated in Chesapeake School District, Ohio was abandoned and allowed to decay and fall. The old church was the one in which such good old christians as Asa Kimballand wife, Hibbert Kimball and wife, R. Bagley and wife, Amy Gillen, Col. A.P. Kouns and wife, and a great many others worshipped for years, and who have all gone to reap their reward. During the last summer, through many difficulties, a small band has succeeded in rebuilding the church which will be named “Kouns Chapel.” We have a small balance to raise on Dedication day which occurs Sunday, Oct. 20, Rev. W. S. Filler, Presiding Elder officiating. All christians as friends of christianity cordially invited. Tom C. Smith, for Trustees.

1. George Lamp Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 18 Jun 1824 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 06 April 1869 to Margaret N. Flournoy. George Lamp Kouns died 16 May 1881.
2. John Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 21 May 1826 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 01 October 1850 to Rebecca Dillon. John Kouns died 19 July 1907.
3. William Henry Kouns – s/o Andrew and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 03 January 1829 in Lawrence County, OH and died 04 April 1831.
4. Benjamin Brown Kouns – s/o Andrew and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 27 October 1830 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 15 March 1864 Clara Newby. Benjamin B. died 16 April 1869.
5. Isaac Hunter Kouns – s/o Andrew and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 05 February 1833 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 17 Mary 1853 Sarah J. Whitehead. Isaac Hunter Kouns died 15 May 1902 in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Issac Hunter Kouns was named for the Rev. Isaac Hunter. See Hannah (Hisey) Kouns obituary above.
6. Andrew P. Kouns, Jr. – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 30 September 1835 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 29 December 1863 to Emily Scovell. Andrew P. Kouns, Jr. died 05 May 1867.
7. James H. Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 31 August 1839 in Lawrence County, OH. He died 15 April 1854 age 14y7m25d. Buried: Chesapeake, OH
8. Martin H. Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 18 July 1842 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 17 January 1870 to Emma Hawley. He also married 2nd Lurline Chapman.

son of

Kouns Family Bible owned by Mrs. W. A. Gayle – handwritten: Born January 18th 1824 in Lawrence County, Ohio. George Lamp Kouns, eldest son of Andrew P. Kouns & Hannah Hieser & Grandson of Christian Kouns, born in Germany & emigrated to Greenbrier County Va & from there to Lawrence County Ohio about 1802. Born August 15th 1847 at the residence of her grandfather D. Alfred Flournoy Greenwood Caddo Parish LA Maggie Nichol, daughter of William Flournoy and Elizabeth ___ Armstrong & granddaughter of Gen. Robert Armstrong & Margaret Nichol of Nashville, Ten.
1. George Lamp Kouns was born 18 Jun 1824 in Lawrence County, Ohio the son of Christian and Anna (Lamp) Kouns. On 04 June 1852 he married 1st Elizabeth Whitford and they had one son, Frank L. Kouns born 1853 and died 1856. On 06 April 1869 George L. married 2nd Margaret N. Flournoy who was born 15 August 1847 in Greenwood Louisiana. Margaret died 10 June 1917 at Creswell Street, Shreveport, Louisiana and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood, Louisiana. She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Armstrong) Flournoy. George Lamp Kouns died May 16, 1881 in Algiers, Louisiana and was buried May 17, 1881 (2:30) in the Washington Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
(Wedding certificate of George L. Kouns and Maggie N. Flurnoy on 6th April 1869 in my files, smk)
OBITUARY – Mrs. Maggie F. Kouns, Pioneer Woman, Dead
Mrs. Maggie Flournoy Kouns, widow of the late Capt. George L. Kouns, one of the early river captains and pioneer Shreveport citizens died at an early hour Sunday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Agurs, Creswell Street, following an illness of considerable duration. Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the residence with Dr. Jasper K. Smith, pastor of the First Presbyterian church officiating. The remains were then conveyed to Greenwood, La., the girlhood home of the deceased, where the concluding services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Rousseaux, pastor of the Greenwood Methodist Church.
The pallbearers selected from the young men of the bereaved family, were: John S. Welsh, John Flournoy, Will Robinson, Alvin O’Pry, Spence Flournoy and Glen Flournoy.
In addition to a large number of Shreveport citizens in the funeral party there were many citizens of the Greenwood community in attendance a the funeral, as a tribute to the memory of the beloved and highly esteemed woman. Mrs. Kouns spent her life in Caddo parish and had numberous friends, who are deeply grieved by her death. She was rather quiet and modest and her splendid influence made itself felt and in her death one of the valuable pioneer women of the parish has been taken away.
Mrs. Kouns, who belonged to one of the oldest and best known families of this section, is survived by three daughters, Mesdames Girard Barr and J.M. Agurs, of Shreveport, and Mrs. Edward Burt of Bossler, and there are many other relatives all of whom have the sincere sympathy of a large number of friends.
1851 October 30 – Ironton Register newspaper – The Steamer TRENTON, Capt. George L. Kouns’ new boat passed down this week, bound for New Orleans. She was built at Pittsburgh and is 130 ft. in length 28 1/2′ beam has 5’10” hold; 2 engines cylinders 17″ in diameter with 5′ stoke and 2 boilers 24′ long and 40″ in diameter. Captain Kouns is intending to run her upon the Ouachita and Sabine rivers.
1-1 Bettie Armstrong Kouns – d/o George Lamp and Margaret N. (Flournoy) Kouns was born March 26, 1870 in Shreveport, LA. She died 27 November 1917 in Shreveport, LA (Schumpert) and was buried in the St. Joseph’s cemetery in Shreveport. On January 30, 1900 in Shreveport, she married Edward S. Burt who was born on 28 April 1857 in Edgefield, South Carolina. Edward Burt died 06 Aug 1947 in Shreveport, LA.
1-1-1 George Lamp Kouns Burt – s/o Bettie Armstrong Kouns and Edward Burt was born on 10 December 1900 in Gilliam, LA. He married 11 May 1835 to Elizabeth Ehlers. Elizabeth Ehlers birth 27 August 1913.
ISSUES: 1-1-1-1 Mary Lee Catherine Burt b. 06 Feb 1940 married Raymond Vernon Wells b. 05 Dec 1937.
1-1-1-2 Elizabeth Virginia Burt b. 06 Oct 1943 married Gian Franco Cecchin and had issue: Cesare Cecchin born __ April 1964.
1-1-2 Grace Elizabeth Burt – d/o Bettie Armstrong Kouns and Edward Burt was born 09 July 1902. She married 20 Nov 1922 to Francis Marks Abney.
Francis Marks Abney was born 03 September 1902. They had issue: Francis Marks Abney, Jr. born 24 April 1924. He married Doris Brown.
1-1-3 Maggie Belle Burt – d/o Bettie Armstrong Kouns and Edward Burt was born on 22 Oct 1903. She married 20 April 1940 to James Vernon McClure b. 31 Dec 1897 d. 01 Oct 1961 No issues.
1-1-4 Rachel Flournoy Burt – d/o Bettie Armstrong Kouns and Edward Burt was born 10 October 1906. She married 14 November 1926 to Luther Lonzeno Dean b. 15 Dec 1904 d. 21 May 1966
ISSUES: 1-1-4-1 Betty Burt Dean was born 25 April 1931 and married Bobby Dee Holding born 12 Jan 1930.
1-1-4-1-1 Mary Kathleen Holding b. 20 Oct. 1959
1-1-4-1-2 Joseph Michael Holding b. 05 Nov 1965
1-1-4-1-3 Susan Marie Holding b. 14 Jun 1971
1-1-5 Bettie Armstrong Burt – d/o Bettie Armstrong Kouns and Edward Burt was born 08 December 1908. She married 30 December 1939 to Thomas Thielin Eilerts, born 12 Jan 1910 died 30 Dec 1939.
1-1-5-1 Grace Ellen Eilerts b. 12 Oct 1940 married Lawrence Edward Sullivan b. 17 Feb 1939.
1-1-5-1-1 Elizabeth Eileen Sullivan b. 15 Jun 1961
1-1-5-1-2 Michael Paul Sullivan b. 30 Jun 1963
1-1-5-1-3 Thomas Edward Sullivan b. 17 Dec 1964
1-1-5-2 Betty Sue Eilerts b.10 Apr 1943 married Richard Edward Hugo b.25 Oct 1941. They had: 1-1-5-2-1 Richard Charles Hugo b. 06 Dec 1967, 1-1-5-2-2 Mary Catherine Hugo b. 03 Jul 1969 and 1-1-5-2-3 Timothy Edward Hugo b. 23 Mar 1971.
1-1-6 Theo Flournoy Burt – s/o Bettie Arm strong Kouns and Edward Burt was born on 03 May 1911. He married 25 May 1940 to Algie Lee Arnold. Algie was b. 05 Mar 1900 died 28 Sept 1960. They had issues: 1-1-6-1 Edward Lee Arnold b. 1941 married Nancy Rai Cox b. 1944; 1-1-6-2 Jean Odell Arnold b. 1946 married Robert Weaver and had 1-1-6-2-1 Carmon Denise Weaver.
1-1-6-1 Edward Lee and Nancy Mai Cox had issues: 1-1-6-1-1 Edward Lee Arnold Jr. b. 08 Apr 1964; 1-1-6-1-2 Michael Scott Arnold b. 26 Mar 1970 and 1-1-6-1-3 Steven Paul Arnold b. 14 Mar 1972.

1-2 Katie Duncan Kouns – d/o George Lamp and Margaret N. (Flournoy) Kouns was born October 27, 1871 LA, died November 30, 1881 age 10 years.

1-3 Grace Louise Kouns – d/o George Lamp and Margaret N. (Flournoy) Kouns was born July 06, 1875 LA, died April 11, 1964. She married Girad Peter Barr. No Issues.

1-4 Maggie Belle Kouns – d/o George Lamp and Margaret N. (Flournoy) Kouns was born July 11, 1877 Algiers, Orleans Parish, LA, died June 10, 1965 at 628 Columbia St., Shreveport, LA and was buried in Forest Park, Shreveport, LA. She married on 16 June 1897 to James Martin Agurs. James Martin Agurs was born April 22, 1873 in “Forest Park”Greenwood, LA. He died March 09, 1953 in Shreveport, LA and is buried in Forest Park, Shreveport, LA.
1-4-1 Margaret Kouns Agurs – d/o James Martin and Maggie Belle (Kouns) Agurs was born 20 June 1898 Shreveport, LA. She died 1965. She married on 27 December 1921 to William Lamar Atkins.
1-4-1-1 Maggie Belle Atkins – d/o William Lamar and Margaret Kouns (Agurs) Atkins was born 14 November 1922 in Shreveport, LA. She died 1986. She married 12 April 1941 to Andrew Jackson Hodges, Jr. b. 11 Jul 1917 d. 07 Mar 1980.
1-4-1-1-1 Andrew Jackson Hodges, III – s/o Andrew Jackson and Maggie Belle (Atkins) Hodges, Jr. was born 14 January 1944 in Shreveport Louisiana. He married 22 July 1967 to Gwendolyn Anne Talbot b. 09 Nov 1945. Andrew Jackson Hodges IV
b. 17 Sept 1968 Marion Gray Hodges
b. 07 Jun 1971
1-4-1-1-2 Margaret Atkins Hodges – d/o Andrew Jackson and Maggie Belle (Atkins) Hodges Jr. was born 04 August 1946 in Shreveport, LA. She married 30 June 1967 to Melvin Stallcup. She married 2nd. to Lin Stephen Leeth, then 3rd to Milton Hostetler. Issues: William Lee Stallcup b. 24 January 1969 Shreveport, LA and Jackson Hodges Stallcup b. 30 August 1972 Monroe, Ouachita County, LA.
1-4-1-1-3 William Lamar Hodges – s/o Andrew Jackson and Maggie Belle (Atkins) Hodges Jr. was born 29 September 1947 in Shreveport, LA. He married in April 1968 to Virginia Anne Newman b. 24 Jan 1947. William Lamar Hodges, Jr.
b. 08 Jan 1969 James Crawford Hodges
b. 01 Dec 1972
1-4-1-2 William Lamar Atkins – s/o William Lamar and Margaret Kouns (Agurs) Atkins was born 07 August 1930 in New Orleans, LA. He married on 07 June 1952 to Gail Elizabeth Daniels b. 16 Jul 1933. William Lamar Atkins III
b. 15 Feb 1953 Leonard Daniel Atkins
b. 16 Nov 1955 Margaret Elizabeth Atkins
b. 03 Apr 1957 Susan Gail Atkins
b. 22 Mar 1960

1-4-2 Elizabeth Whitworth Agurs – d/o James Martin and Maggie Belle (Kouns) Agurs was born 28 Mar 1902 in Shreveport, LA. She died 14 November 1981. She married March 16, 1921 to Edwin Olin Gayle b. 10 Jan 1903 d. 20 Aug 1930. James Agurs Gayle b. 27 Sept 1927 m. Gloria LeNoir Worthy b. 08 Jun 1927 James Agurs Gayle Jr. b. 25 Aug 1948 m. Martha Clair Maddon b. 15 Sept 1950 and had 2 issues. Edwin Olin Gayle III b. 21 Jul 1928 m. Joan Marie Conway b. 22 Oct 1930 Anna Clara Gayle b. 25 Aug 1954 Edwin O. Gayle IV b. 21 Nov 1955 John Whitworth Gayle b. 26 May 1960

2. JOHN KOUNS son of Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns
2. John Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was b. 31 May 1826 and d. 19 Jul 1907. John married Rebecca Dillon on October 1, 1850 Lawrence Co., OH. Rebecca Dillon b. 06 Apr 1827 d. 07 Feb 1881.
2-1 Isabelle Hannah Kouns – b. 02 Nov 1851
2.2 Alvin B. Kouns – b. 01 Mar 1853 d. 28 Jun 1873 no issues
2.3 Mary E. Kouns – daughter of John & Rebecca Kouns born August 31st 1855 died March 5th 1856. Buried Kouns Cemetery Chesapeake, OH.
2.4 Henry Dillon Kouns b. 25 Apr 1859 d. 16 Feb 1890 m. Anna Gibson Stevenson. No issues.

2-1 Isabelle Hannah Kouns – the d/o John and Rebecca Dillon Kouns was b. 02 Nov 1851 d. 25 Feb 1927 m. O’Pry b. 14 Jun 1849 d. 31 Jul 1893
2-1-1 Alvin O’Pry b. 07 Aug 1873
2-1-2 Hattie Bell O’Pry b. 24 Apr 1877
2-1-3 James Theodore O’Pry b. 02 May 1878
2-1-1 Alvin O’Pry the s/o Isabelle Kouns and _____ O’Pry was b. 07 Aug 1873 d. 03 Aug 1957 m. Nettie Maud Hearn b. 22 Sep 1873 d. 10 Sep 1964.
2-1-1-1 Alvin Kouns O’Pry b. 30 Dec 1906
2-1-1-2 Hardy Dillon O’Pry b. 12 Nov 1909
2-1-1-3 Martha Lee O’Pry b. 14 Jan 1912
2-1-1-4 Maud Hearn O’Pry b. 02 Jul 1913
2-1-1-1 Alvin Kouns O’Pry the s/o Alvin and Nettie Maud Hearn O’Pry was b. 30 Dec 1906 and d. 07 Mar 1973 m. Olivette Huckaby
2-1-1-1-1 Hiram Lee O’Pry b. 01 Sep 1941 m1 ? had issue Tracy Lee O’Pry m2 Beverly Johnson – no issues
2-1-1-2 Hardy Dillon O’Pry – the s/o Alvin and Nettie Maud Hearn O’Pry was b. 12 Nov 1909 d. 05 Aug 1952 m. Margaret May
2-1-1-2-1 Holly Wayne O’Pry b. 02 Feb 1942
2-1-1-2-2 Martha Ray O’Pry b. 11 Sep 1944 m. Wade Richard Smith and had 3 issues.
2-1-1-3 Martha Lee O’Pry – the d/o Alvin and Nettie Maud Hearn O’Pry was b. 14 Jan 1912 m. Pierre S. Serio b. 28 Jul 1912
2-1-1-3-1 Charles Walter Serio b. 20 May 1948 m. and had issues Kellie Serio and ______ Serio.
2-1-1-3-2 Terry Jean Serio b. 30 Jun 1950
2-1-1-4 Maud Hearn O’Pry – the d/o Alvin and Nettie Maud Hearn O’Pry was b. 02 Jul 1913 m. Charles Walter Williams b. 03 Oct 1906 d. 16 Apr 1983.
2-1-1-4-1 Robert Hearn Williams b. 10 Nov 1940 m. Earlene Elaine Jenkins b. 02 Dec 1942 had issue: Darren Lee Williams b. 19 Jul 1973.
2-1-2 Hattie Bell O’Pry the d/o ____ and Isablle H. Kouns O’Pry was b. 24 Apr 1877 d. 16 Nov 1974 m. Robert Falkland Harrell b. Jun 1875 d. 24 Dec 1948.
2-1-2-1 Robert Falkland Harrell, Jr. b. 02 Jul 1900 never married
2-1-2-2 James O’Pry Harrell b. 19 Jul 1901
2-1-2-3 Natialie Harrell b. 22 Nov 1906 never married
2-1-2-2 James O’Pry Harrell b. 19 Jul 1901 d. Feb 1984 m. Doris Hernandez
2-1-2-2-1 James O’Pry Harrell, Jr. b. 05 Aug 1930
2-1-2-2-2 Doris Harrell b. 19 Sep 1931
2-1-2-2-1 James O’Pry Harrell, Jr. b. 05 Aug 1930 m. Sylvia Wilson
2-1-2-2-1-1 Richard Harrell m. Patti _______
2-1-2-2-1-2 Debbie Harrell m. _______ Debatorie
2-1-2-2-1-3 Sharon Harrell m.________ Neely
2-1-2-2-1-4 Cindy Harrell
2-1-2-2-2 Doris Harrell b. 19 Sept 1931 m. Preston Waller

2-1-3 James Theodore O’Pry, Jr. the s/o James and Isabelle Kouns O’Pry was b. 02 May 1878 d. 1945 m. Lucille Edgerton McLean d. 1965
2-1-3-1 James T. O’Pry III b. 31 Oct 1907 m. Odile Bruck
2-1-3-2 Lee R. O’Pry b. 16 Jan 1908

4. Benjamin B. Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 27 October 1830 in Lawrence County, OH. He married on 15 March 1864 to Clara Newby. Benjamin B. died on 16 April 1869 at San Antonio, Texas according to his father’s bible. The Family Bible was presented to Andrew P. Kouns by his son Ben B. Kouns on October 13th AD 1867.
4-1 Laura P. Kouns – d/o Benjamin B. and Clara (Newby) Kouns Laura P. was named as an heir in her grandfather’s will. Family Bible of Andrew P. Kouns, Sr. gives Laura P., daughter of Ben B. and Clara L. Kouns birth in Matamoras, Mexico on December 17, 1864. (I have picture of Laura Pearl Kouns – smk) Another source for Laura Pearl Kouns birth was taken from a transcription of Baptismal, Marriage and Death Records, New Orleans Genesis Vol. 4, 1965 page 176 (bl 27) states: Kouns, Benjamin B. and Clara L. – Laura Pearl born 17 Dec 1864.
4-2 Ben B. Kouns – s/o Benjamin B. and Clara (Newby) Kouns. Ben B. was named as an heir in his grandfather’s will. Family Bible record of Andrew P. Kouns, Sr. gives birth of Ben B. Jr. in (can’t read) on October 21st AD 1866. Family Bible record gives his death as Ben B. Jr. son of Ben B. and Clara L. Kouns in New Orleans, LA on April 19, 1867 aged six months.
4-3 Bennie B. Kouns – s/o Ben B. and Clara L. Kouns according to Andrew P.’s family Bible was born in Paducah, KY on September 5, 1869. From Jimmy Harrell, descendent of Andrew P. Kouns, he sent death notice to Margaret Hostetler (need for file) the following: “Ben B. Jr. died of yellow fever in New Orleans at the home of Col. G. P. M. Turner. He was 9 years old.”
(Obviously, Ben B. and Clara L. (Newby) had two sons by the name of Ben B. ed. smk)

5. Issac Hunter Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born 05 February 1833 in Lawrence County, OH. He died 15 May 1902 age 69y3m10d in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Isaac Hunter married on 17 May 1853 in Lawrence Co., OH to Sarah J. Whitehead b. 04 Oct 1831 d. 15 Dec 1910.
(Note – a letter from Margaret Hostetler to me, Sharon Milich Kouns dated 18 Sept 1984 reads as follows: 1848 – Isaac, George Lamp, Ben B. and John Kouns came south to Louisiana around 1848 to go into the steamboating business on the Mississippi and Red Rivers (Shreveport is right on the Red River). They were in business with the Scovell family also. They owned the Red River Packet Company and did fantastic business before the Civil War. During the Civil War, John Kouns and Ben B. Kouns …
After the Civil War, times were really great for the Kouns Bro.s. They operated many boats from about 1865 through 1885. Then the dreaded railroad became the downfall of their business.
According to Nelcena (Kouns) Baldwin (a descendant of Isaac & Sarah) and her brother Frank, Isaac Hunter Kouns could see the handwriting on the wall – he took his family and moved to Rocky Ford, Colorado and they began farming and formed one of the first cantaloupe shipping companies from which the famous “Rocky Ford Melons” are known. Isaac had 8 children (4 sons and 4 daughters).

Marriage record reads: The State of Ohio Lawrence County as I do hereby certify, that on the seventeenth day of May AD 1853 by virtue of a license from the Court of Probate for said county I joined in marriage Isaac H. Kouns and Sarah J. Whitehead. Given under My hand the Eighteenth of May AD 1853. Marens L. King No. 276
*James Bates, a revolutionary soldier. His daughter, Martha Bates, married Samuel Whitehead in 1828 in Halifax County, Virginia. Whitehead was a blacksmith. In 1830 the couple set westward in a covered wagon. In a month they crossed the Ohio river and settled at a small vilage in Ohio opposite what is now Huntington, West Virginia, where they lived the rest of their lives. He operated a blacksmith shop and a large farm. They raised a large family – mostly girls.
*Samuel Whitehead b. Halifax Co., VA b. 16 May 1805 d. 10 Oct 1881 leaves wife and 9 children. (from Ironton Register October 27, 1881)
In 1852 their oldest daughter, Sarah Whitehead, married Isaac Kouns, who with his brothers operated steamboats down the Mississippi River. During the Civil War, the Kouns brothers carried soldiers down to the South and they hauled southern boys up to the North.*

Death Notice read:
Rocky Ford, Colorado,
Thursday, May Fifteenth, Nineteen Hundred Two,
Aged 69 Years, 3 Months, 10 Days
Funeral Services from the Residence
at two o’clock p.m.
1910 December – Newspaper Clipping – Mrs. Kouns – At the home of her son, Charles, on West Walnut avenue last Thursday afternoon Mrs. Sarah Jane Kouns passed away at the ripe old age of 79 years and 11 days. Deceased was one of the pioneer residents in this section, and was widely known and universally esteemed. She leaves four sons – C.T. and A.P. Kouns of this city. Ben and Ed Kouns of Fowler – and two daughters whose homes are in Louisiana, besides a large circle of friends who mourn her passing. Funeral services were conducted at the late home of deceased by Rev. A.H. Beaver on Saturday afternoon. Interment was in Valley View Cemetery. (Born Dec. 4, 1831 – Died Dec. 15, 1910) (Sarah Jane Whitehead Kouns)
5-1 Sarah Jane Kouns – d/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was born 27 Sept 1855 and died 09 Aug 1856 Buried Kouns Cemetery, Chesapeake, OH.
5-2 Georgia Kouns – d/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was b 1857 d. 1909 married to Ira E. Shute on 02 Sept 1874. Ira Emmett Shute was born 26 Nov 1850 d. 1908 the s/o Capt. J. G. Shute and Sarah Smith. Capt. J. G. Shute was a steamboat captain and died in the explosion of steamboat “DAVID WHITE” in 1867. Dr. Ira and Georgia (Kouns) Shute lived in Ashland and Frankfort, Kentucky. Later they moved to Opelousas, Louisiana. They are both buried there in the Myrtle Grove Cemetery.
Newspaper Clipping – Dr. I.E. Shute Dies After A Lingering Illness.
After hovering for the past three weeks, Dr. Ira E. Shute died yesterday (Friday) evening at 12:10.
He was one of the prominent men of Opelousas, prominent in business circles and as a physician.
Dr. Shute was a native of Lawrence County, Ohio, born in November 1850 the son of Captain J. G. Shute and Sarah Smith. Captain Shute was killed in the explosion of the “DAVID WHITE,” which ocurred in 1867.
Dr. Shute had good educational advantages as a boy, which facilitated him in the study of his profession and the attainment of eminence in it.
He was variously engaged in steamboating, merchandising and the drug business before he came here, and sustained considerable financial loss when the steamer “COL. A.P. KOUNS,” sunk in 1878, thirty miles below Alexandria on Red River. He was a clerk, and part owner of the “KOUNS” when it sunk.
After this unfortunate event he again resumed the practice of his profession at Shuteston, near Opelousas, engaging at the same time in operating a plantation and store. The place, Shuteston, still extant, is named after him.
In 1883 he sold out and returned to Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky where he bought a home and established himself in the practice of his profession.
In 1884 he again returned to St. Landry, and settled at Shuteston.
He came to Opelousas about fifteen years ago, where he has since practiced medicine and run a drugstore.
During his travels in Lawrence county, Ohio, he in 1874 married Miss Georgia Kouns who survives him with four children: James L., Dr. Frank, Miss Irene E. and Mrs. J. P. Boagni.
During his recent illness he had the best medical attention possible, eminent physicians from New Orleans visiting his bedside.
The Clarion extends heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved family upon the loss of a loving father and husband.
5-2-1 Irene Evelyn Shute – d/o Georgia Kouns and Ira E. Shute. Irene never married. She owned and operated the Irene’s Drug Store in Opelousas. She was a pharmacist. She was the choir director at the First Methodist Church and also was a Deputy in the Sheriff’s Department. She is also buried in Opelousas. Irene E. Shute was b. 20 Oct 1879 in Shuteston, La. and died 08 Jul 1962.
Newspaper Clipping – Daily World, Opelousas, La. Wednesday, July 4, 1962 – Funeral at 4:30 P.M. – FINAL TRIBUTES DUE MISS SHUTE TODAY – Funeral services will be held at 4:30 p.m. today for Miss Irene Shute, 82, prominent Opelousas business and civic leader, who died suddenly of a heart attack at noon Tuesday.
Miss Shute’s body, at her request, is at Louisiana Memorial Methodist Church.
The Rev. Henry Blount, pastor, will officiate at the Methodist services. Burial will be in Myrtle Grove cemetery, with Lafond and Son Funeral Home in charge.
Miss Irene, as she was affectionately called, left written instructions for her funeral. She requested that her body rest at Louisiana Memorial Medthodist. She further requested that her body be taken from the church to the grave on the Opelousas city fire truck, “Irene”, named for her.
She requested memorial gifts be made to La. Memorial Methodist Church, but flowers “will be appreciated.”
Miss Irene selected her pallbearers: John Boagni, Jr., Clarence Cain, Ira Burleigh, Sheriff D.J. Doucet, Wayne Gilmore and Charles Goodwin.
She named the following honorary pallbearers: Lee D. Mizzi, Louis Burleigh, Raymond Guillot, Milton “Mike” Halphen, Adrian Walker, Vernon Schwartzenburg, Ed Burleigh, Joe Cowart, doctors of St. Landry Parish, parish and city law enforcement officers.
Miss Irene requested that at her funeral Algy Rose and Mrs. Richard Talbot sing “Face to Face” and Jane Ellen Moise sing “The Old Rugged Cross.”
Miss Irene died as she had lived, every detail, every emergency taken care of, with least possible trouble to others.
She was born October 20, 1879, in Shuteston, the daughter of the late Dr. Ira E. and Georgia Kouns shute. She was educated at the Little Red Church in Bellevue, then a combination school and church, and at the Opelousas Female Institute.
The Shute family moved to Opelousas from Shuteston. In the early 1900’s Miss Irene became affiliated with her father in the operation of Shute’s Drug Store here. Following his death she owned and operated the business. Several years ago she sold the business but retained the building. She continued to be an active member of the firm, at work daily.
It was difficult to keep her from reporting Monday to the drugstore, despite her suffering a cold, relatives said. Miss Shute had been in failing health for the past three years.
Miss Irene’s civic and church work stretched far across the community. she organized Loraine chapter, Order of Easter Star in 1906 and served as its first worthy matron.
She had been a member of Louisiana Memorial Methodist Church since 1899 and was active in all phases of church work. she organized the church choir, church treasurer, a member of the official board and a member of the finance committee.
She was the “fairygodmother” to her church, giving not only her time and talents but generous financial assistance.
Although a Protestant, Miss Irene served as treasurer of the Catholic Daughters of America Doll and Toy Fund for all the years it has operated. It was largely through her efforts that the fund reached into the hundreds of dollars annually.
She was an honorary vice-president of the Mother’s Club of Academy of Immaculate Conception. she contributed to this organization and to St. Landry Catholic Church.
Miss Irene had been a member of Hope Hook and Ladder Fire Co. since Feb. 6, 1925. She had served as steward of the company for many years. To honor her, firemen named one of the trucks for her.
Her work on Myrtle Grove cemetery board of commissioners spanned almost half a century.
She was a deputy sheriff at the time of her death; she had held that title through numerous political administrations. She assisted in handling of women prisoners. Miss Irene was a familiar sight in the corridors of the courthouse and the parish jail when a “woman’s touch” was needed to solve a problem involving women prisoners.
Miss Irene liked to be referred to as “TWO GUN SHUTE”. Her picture with a pistol in each hand was published in many national publications.
Miss Shute provided food and clothing and medicines to the needy. One of her pet hobbies was collecting clothing for indigent Negro families.
Her charity was unlimited and little publicized. There were few people in Opelousas whose lives had not been touched by hers.
She is survived by two nephews, Dr. Creighton Shute and John Boagni Sr. of Opelousas and two nieces, Mrs. Vance Miles of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Mrs. Raymond Lake of Shreveport.

5-2-2 Mattie Shute – d/o Georgia Kouns and Ira E. Shute married 1st Dr. John P. Boagni (Italian). He committed suicide. They had one son, 5-2-2-1 John P. Boagni, Jr. who operated an Auto Machine Shop in Opelousas. Mattie Shute Boagni married 2nd E. H. “Mat” Dillon. Mattie Shute Boagni Dillon is buried in the Shute family plot in Opelousas, La.
5-2-3 James Icle Shute – s/o Georgia Kouns and Ira E. Shute was born 10 Jan 1877 New Orleans, LA died 12 May 1962. He married Heloise Chachere. They had no children.
They were farmers for a short time in Port Barre, La. They moved to Beaumont, Texas after World War I. He was a veteran of the Spanish American War. He was a chief engineer on the Battleships under Captain Dewey. He was in the battles in the Cuban area and also the Phillipines. They are both buried in Beaumont at the Magnolia Cemetery.
Newspaper clipping – JAMES I. SHUTE – Opelousas has a boy on duty on the Scorpion, as second engineer, whom the Louisville papers claim as their own. James I. Shute is a Louisianian. He is the son of I. E. Shute, physician and druggist of this town, and of Georgia Kouns, and was born in New Orleans on (pencil sketch) Jan. 10 1877. His parents moved to St. Landry when “Jimmie” was two years of age, and he has resided here ever since, with the exception of two years spent in Kentucky at the Mannual Training High School of Louisville. He was on a visit to his parents last winter when the papers published the call for apprentices for the navy. He at once went to New Orleans, stood his examination, was accepted, and by the government ordered to the shops in Brooklyn Navy Yard. The war coming on, young Shute asked to be placed on active duty, when he was transferred to the Scorpion.
In a recent letter to a friend, from Key West, Mr. Shute gave a long account of his trip, concluding as follows:
“We sleep in hammocks, eat on the floor, wash in buckets, and in the midst of water lack good drinking water. Washing and mending my clothes is something new for me, but I enjoy it nevertheless. Hard tack, corned beef, bacon, beans, butter and rice make a fine meal at sea to one who is on watch most of the time. I haven’t the least fear of not getting back alive. In fact, it has never worried me at all.”
5-2-4 Dr. Frank Creighton Shute – s/o Georgia Kouns and Ira E. Shute was born 07 Jun 1878 died 08 Nov 1936. He married Virginia Vermel Hayes b. 28 Jun 1886 d.10 Jan 1933 the d/o C.L. and __ (Jone) Hayes). They had three children.
5-2-4-1 Dr. Frank Creighton Shute b. 09 August 1906 died 20 Oct. 1962 and is buried in Opelousa, La. m. Winifred LeBlanc b. 10 Sept 1914.
5-2-4-1-1 Gail Shute b. 17 Sept 1937
5-2-4-1-2 F. C. Shute III b. 17 Sept 1940 d. 21 Sep 1963
5-2-4-1-3 Owen Shute b. 16 May 1947
5-2-4-1-4 Irene Shute b. 04 Aug 1960
5-2-4-2 Georgia Evelyn Shute, born 28 Sept 1910, who married Richard Vance, they moved east.
5-2-4-3 Vera Shute (adopted) who married Raymond Lake.
Newspaper Clipping – DR. FRANK SHUTE, SR. Dies at Opelousas (Special to THe Times-Picayune)
Opelousas, La., Nov. 9 – Dr. Frank C. Shute, Sr., 56 years old, widely known physician of this section, died at his home here tonight. He had been in ill health for some time.
He leaves two daughters, Mrs. R.P. Miles of Franklin, S.C., and Miss Vera Shute of Opelousas; one son, Dr. F. Creighton Shute; one brother, J.I. Shute of Beaumont, Tex., and two sisters, Miss Irene Shute and Mrs. E. H. Dillon of Maringouin. Dr. Shute was graduated from the medical school of Tulane university.

5-3 Andrew Pennell Kouns – s/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was born 06 May 1857. He married Rachel Gillen b. 17 Jul 1858 d. 02 May 1936.
5-3-1 Edward Hunter Kouns b. 24 Apr 1884
5-3-2 Alvin Pennell Kouns b. 08 Sep 1895
5-3-1 Edward Hunter Kouns – the s/o Andrew P. and Rachel Gillen Kouns was b. 24 Apr 1884 d. 04 Aug 1954 m. Thushelle L.M. Steinberg.
5-3-1-1 Edwinna Kouns b. 13 oct 1921
5-3-2 Alvin Pennell Kouns – the s/o Andrew P. and Rachel Gillen Kouns was b. 08 Sept 1885 d. 1959 m. George M. Brown b. 1888 d. 24 Oct 1959.

5-4 Elizabeth D. Kouns – d/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was born 08 May 18__. She married 1st Mr. Felix Aloysius Fahey. They lived in Independence, Kansas. Elizabeth married 2nd to Mr. Ned Hawkins (brother to her sister’s husband Capt. Ed Hawkins. Elizabeth Kouns Fahey Hawkins died at age 89 in Natchitoches. She was buried next her to oldest – John – in New Orleans. Felix Fahey, Sr. is buried on the Witchita River in Kansas.
5-4-1 John Fahey m. Alice Crawford had issue Vera Fahey m. Mr. Wasnok
5-4-2 Salley Fahey m. Dr. Luke Barrios
5-4-3 Felix Aloysius Fahey b. 11 Feb 1887 m. Laurella Cottingham
5-4-3-1 Laura Zell Fahey b. 15 Jan 1913 m. Donald Clovis
5-4-3-2 Cynthia Alberta Fahey m1 Fertitta m2 Slaughter m3 Whitacre m4 Conway had 5-4-3-2-1 Robert Wayne Whitacre m. Karen Sparks and had Jason Paul Whitacre.
5-4-4 Shelby C. Hawkins
5-4-5 Emmett E. Hawkins
5-4-6 Mabel Hawkins m. Mahlon Wetmore had M. Wetmore Jr.
5-4-7 Heloise Hawkins m. ____ Harbor
5-4-8 Ethel Hawkins

A portion of a letter from Zella Kouns Smith to her parents in 1943?.
Lela told me all about Aunt Lizzie. She was sick only about 10 days. Had gone to town herself and selected present for Nelcena (I still have the bead necklace she sent me for H.S. graduation in 1943). Her trouble began with her kidneys but she didn’t stay in bed all the time until on Thurs. Sallie and Shelby arrived on Thurs. They got a nurse Friday and Aunt Lizzie talked to her nearly all night and reviewed her whole life. She didn’t talk much after that but recognized all of them and was conscious until near the end and just passed away peacefully. She had double pneumonia but didn’t seem to suffer. She always liked frilly dresses so they got a soft gray chiffon with frill around the neck, put on her ear bobs and pin she liked and had her hair waved so she looked pretty and natural. Had metal casket. Had services at Methodist Church as desired (6:30 pm) and took the body to New Orleans. Went on midnight train and arrived about 7:00 am. John had the vault at cemetery. They put Aunt Lizzie’s casket in top section, then John’s & Ethel’s. They didn’t say but I think John had intended to use the vault for his immediate family but when his wife and daughter left him and went to California he probably transferred the vault to Aunt Lizzie.
Phil thought they should have buried her in Opelousa but I can’t see that it makes much difference.
Phil was rather nervous and excited before they all came since they had never been there before. It’s too bad they had to wait until he was so sick. Ray wrote that it didn’t seem to make him worse.
Sallie is thin but looks well and is much better since she had her teech extracted. She isn’t so young any more. Heloise is too think and the boy worries her. She will take him to his grandparents in New Mexico for the summer. She may return to Lake Charles where she has so many friends. Her husband is in Africa – Casa Blanca. I’m sure he was reserve officer as he was a graduate of military school in New Mexico. Elo thought he enlisted but I think not. Emmitt still runs the Elk Lodge (caretaker or something) and raises quail and dogs. Betty Anne will go to summer school as usual. Lela looked better. Lena was going on to see their father and wanted Lela to go with her. (I don’t know who Lela and Lena are)
(ed. note: I need to find out from Nelcena who all these people are?).
5-4-1 John Fahey – s/o Elizabeth Kouns and Felix A. Fahey, married Alice Crawford. They had one daughter, 5-4-1-1 Vera Fahey who married a Mr. Wasnak and lived in California. John Fahey was injured by war gas in World War I. This began an abcess on his brain. He was a railroad engineer. He and family lived in New Orleans. He committed suicide one Thanksgiving morning at his sister’s (Salley Fahey Barrios) in Houma, La. John Fahey is buried in the Metarie Cemetery in New Orleans, LA.
(From Newpaper Clipping) – John Fahey Gets Rapid Promotion in Railroad Circles – Now Assistant Superintendent of the Southern Pacific, with Headquarters at Lafayette the many friends of John Fahey will be delighted to learn of his rapid promotion in railroad circles. He is now assistant superintendant of the Southern Pacific, with headquarters in Lafayette. Mr. Fahey is an Opelousas boy, and has many relatives and friends here. The following from the Times-Democrat tells of his promotion: John K. Fahey, who has been inspector of transportation for some time in the office of General Superintendant W.M. Hobbs, of the Southern Pacific lines of Louisiana, is to be made assistant superintendant of the company, with headquarters at Lafayette. The circulars announcing the appointment were issued yesterday, and show that it is to become effective Nov 1. The appointment was made be E.E. Shackford, superintendent at Lafayette, and approved by Mr. Hobbs. Mr. Fahey has had a rapid rise in the railroad service, which he entered in 1905, the fall after his graduation in L.S.U. He is a native of Opelousas, where he is well known. Mr. Fahey’s appointment adds another assistant superintendent to the officials of the rank now under Mr. Shackford and indicates a broadening of the scope of Mr. Shackford’s duties. Mr. Fahey received many congratulations when the appointment was announced.
5-4-2 Salley Fahey – d/o Elizabeth Kouns and Felix A. Fahey, married Dr. Luke Barrios of Houma, La.
5-4-3 Felix A. Fahey, Jr. – s/o Elizabeth Kouns and Felix A. Fahey, married Laura Lurella Cottingham of Opelousas, La.
Issues: 5-4-3-1 Laura-Zell Fahey – born January 15, 1913 in Opelousas, La. She married Donal Clovis James on Oct. 7 1936. One daughter 5-4-3-1-2 Donna Zell James b. 18 Jun 1948 in Beaumont, Tx, she married a Mr. Lukenbill.
5-4-3-2 Cynthia Alberta Fahey – born September 16, 1916. Cynthia was killed in an auto accident on her 36th birthday. She is buried Forest Lawn in Beaumont, Tx. She married 1st. Mr. Fertitta, 2nd Mr. Slaughter, 3rd Mr. Whitacre and 4th Mr. Conway. She had one son 5-4-3-2-1 Robert Wayne Whitacre who married Karen Spaks of Seattle, Wa. One son was born of this union 5-4-3-2-1-1 Jason Paul Whitacre who lives in Bremerton, Washington. He is in the Navy Dept. there.
5-4-4 Shelby C. Hawkins – child of Elizabeth Kouns and Ned Hawkins – Opelousas, La.
5-4-5 Emmett E. Hawkins – s/o Elizabeth Kouns and Ned Hawkins – Natchitoches, La.
5-4-6 Mable H. Hawkins – d/o Elizabeth Kouns and Ned Hawkins. She married a Mr. Wetmore and had one son 5-4-6-1 Mahlon Wetmore, an airline pilot.
5-4-7 Heloise Hawkins – d/o Elizabeth Kouns and Ned Hawkins married a Mr. Harber – Donaldsville, La.
5-4-8 Ethel Hawkins – d/o Elizabeth Kouns and Ned Hawkins died of T.B. in New Mexico.

5-5 Mattie Kouns – d/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns died 1937. She married a Capt. Antwine Dominele “ED” Hawkins. Lived Alexandria, LA.
5-5-1 Lottie Hawkins
5-5-2 Bessie Hawkins
5-5-3 Ira Hawkins d. age 38

5-6 Benjamin Brown Kouns – s/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was born 23 Apr 1869 died 18 Jan 1960. He married Minnie Alta Newton.
5-6-1 Effie Zella Kouns – d/o Benjamin B. and Minnie A. (Newton) Kouns. Zella married R. L. Smith of Washington, D.C. and had issues:
5-6-1-1 Milton Lewis Smith b. 8 March 1928 d. 01 Apr 1928
5-6-1-2 Richard Leon Smith b. 27 Jun 1925 m. Constance Nicholson
5-6-1-2-1 Winston Ives Smith b. 16 Jul 1963
5-6-1-2-2 Lauren Elise Smith b. 26 Aug 1966.
5-6-1-3 Jane Irene Smith b. 21 Jun 1932 m. William R. Wiemers b. 18 Dec 1928
5-6-1-3-1 Deborah Lynn Wiemers b. 11 Aug 1958
5-6-1-3-2 William Richard Wiemers b. 28 May 1960
5-6-1-3-3 Susan Kay Wiemers b. 24 Nov 1964
5-6-2 Joe Franklin Kouns – s/o Benjamin B. and Minnie A. (Newton) Kouns b. 04 Dec 1901 d. 16 Nov 1977 m. Hazel Fern Oliver b. 11 May 1900 d. 31 Jul 1966
5-6-2-1 Nelcena Esther Kouns b. 18 Jan 1926 m. Edison Hagen Baldwin b. 03 May 1924 5-6-2-1-1 Edison Franklin Baldwin b. 28 Jul 1948 m. Charlynn Sue Elbrader b. 23 Mar 1948
5-6-2-1-1-1 Brian Mitchel Baldwin b. 04 Sept 1972
5-6-2-1-1-2 Lauren Diane Baldwin b. 23 Sep 1975
5-6-2-1-2 Thomas Raymond Baldwin b. 23 Nov 1950 m. Janelle Ruth Knowlton b. 12 Jul 1952
5-6-2-1-2-1 Lindsay Erin Baldwin b. 30 Nov 1976
5-6-2-1-2-2 Benjamin Lewis Baldwin b.10 oct 1983
5-6-2-1-3 Donald Duane Baldwin b. 29 Dec 1952 m. Glenna Jo Williams b. 07 Oct 1953
5-6-2-1-3-1 Donna Jo Baldwin b. 05 Jul 1972
5-6-2-1-3-2 Jason Richard Baldwin b.12 Jun 1975
5-6-2-2 Joe Franklin Kouns b. 23 May 1931 m. Nancy Lee Tindle b. 25 Oct 1933
5-6-2-2-1 Jay Randall Kouns b. 09 Aug 1954
5-6-2-2-2 Dana Jeanine Kouns b. 30 Oct 1956 m. Greg Eugene VanWarmer
5-6-2-2-3 Jeffry Bryan Kouns b. 26 Oct 1958
5-6-2-2-4 Tracy Todd Kouns b. 24 Jan 1965

5-6-3 Rachel Newton Kouns – (from a ledger book of Alta Kouns) Rachel Newton Kouns, died August 12, 1898 – Taken sick August 7th, was sick five days. Had acute disentary and capillary hemorages. Buried at Rocky Ford. (Born March 7, 1898 – Died August 12, 1898) She was the third child born to Benjamin Brown Kouns and Alta Newton Kouns – born at Rocky Ford, Colorado.)
1928 April – Newspaper clipping – Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Kouns received the sad news of the death of their grandson, Milton Lewis Smith, three weeks’ old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Smith, of Washington, D.C., last Sunday morning. mrs. Smith, before her marriage, was Miss Zella Kouns, she was married in 1922 to Mr. Smith, and resides in Washington, where Mr. Smith has a position with the government Bureau of Standards. One son is left to the bereaved parents. The sympathy of the community is extended to them in their sorrow. (Born March 8, 1928 – Died April 1, 1928)
1936 October 24 Fowler, – Newspaper clipping – Farmer recovering from crushed arm. B. B. Kouns, 67, prominent Fowler farmer, who nearly lost his left arm Wednesday, in a power shaft accident, is reported as resting easily at the Physicians’ hospital in Rocky Ford (Colorado) after the removal of several pieces of bone from the crushed forearm and the setting of the broken bone in the upper arm. He was rescued by his son, Joe Kouns, who was working about 100 yeards distant. His glove, catching on a set screw, had pulled his entire arm against the revolving shaft.
1936 October 31 – Rocky Ford – Man Loses Arm in Home Mishap – Amputation of part of B. B. Kouns’ left arm was necessary Friday as the result of injuries he received when he was repairing a gasoline engine at his home in Fowler. his forearm was so badly mangled that it was necessary to amputate his arm just above the elbow to prevent the spread of an infection. he was injured 10 days ago when the glove on his left hand caught on the set screw of a revolving shaft and drew his arm into the engine. The bone in his forearm was so shattered that several pieces of bone were removed from his arm, and he also received a fracture of the upper arm. He is a brother of
Charles Kouns and an uncle of Ed Kouns of Rocky Ford.

5-6-4 Isaac Hiram Kouns – s/o Benjamin B. and Minnie A. (Newton) Kouns was b. 24 Jun 1899 m. Effie Helen Shedd b. 20 Aug 1904

5-6-5 Burt Kouns – s/o Benjamin B. and Minnie A. (Newton) Kouns was b. 27 Feb 1904 died 20 July 1910.
Newspaper Clipping – July 1910 – Well Known Family Near Fowler Sorely Afflicted – Extremely unfortunate and pathetic was the death Wednesday morning at 12:15 of Bert Kouns, 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Kouns, and one of twins, five miles southeast of this city. He was taken sick Sunday morning and every sympton pointed to it being a case of quinsy. He later became quite ill and two local physicians held a consultation. Shortly after, the symptoms showed the lad was suffering from diptheria, it having developed inwardly and not until shortly before death did the disease show up in its usual violent form in the throat. The boy died, as stated above, at an early hour Wednesday morning. Within three hours after his death an older brother, Isaac, who is 11 years of age, was taken suddenly sick and the physicians pronounced his a case of diphtheria also. Every precaution was taken, the young man being treated with anti-toxin, and at the hour of going to press he is getting along as favorably as could reasonable be expected. The family, of course, has been placed under quarantine. The funeral of Bert Kouns was private and occurred Wednesday afternoon at 5 o’clock, burial taking place at Fowler cemetery. (Born Feb. 27, 1904 – died July 20, 1910).
5-6-5a Twin – Curt Kouns – s/o Ben B. and Minnie A. (Newton) Kouns was born Feb. 27, 1904 died January 25, 1913. Newpaper Clipping – January 1913 – DEATH OF CURT KOUNS – Extremely pathetic was the death Saturday morning at one o’clock of Curt Kouns, nine year old son of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Kouns, who reside south-east of town on the Apishapa. It was the third time in the past two years, practically, that the death angel has visited this home and taken from them their children. The bereaved family certainly have the sympathy of the people of Fowler and vicinity in their unusual sorrow. Curt, the son who died Saturday morning, was one of the twin boys, and the third of the children to die. His twin brother died of diphtheria July 20, 1910 and a sister passed away August 4, 1912, at the age of two years. In September, 1911, a son of Ed Kouns was drowned while bathing in the Apishapa at the suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Kouns, and this death was as sorrowful to them as though the drowned boy had been one of their own children. Curt Kouns would have been nine years of age February 27th. He was a fine lad, physically, morally and mentally, and gave promise of a very successful future. Six weeks ago he was taken sick, and his illness was pronounced diabetes. The attending physician gave out no hope to the parents, and the lad’s death was not unexpected. Funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon at the family home, and an unusually large concourse of friends were present to pay their respects to the family, and to express their sympathy. Rev. Miller conducted the service. The following young friends were pall bearers: Ruby Charles, George Walker, Harry Sparpnack, Harvey Gann, Cyril and Bennett Dickson. The funeral arrangements were in charge of Undertaker Roy Thompson of Rocky Ford. Burial was made in Fowler cemetery. Floral offerings were unusually numerous and beautiful and the large number of friends who attended the service spoke ofthe high esteem in which the young man held. (Born Feb 27, 1904 – Died Jan. 25, 1913).

5-6-6 Lizzie Kouns – d/o Ben B. and Minnie A. (Newton) Kouns – Newspaper Clipping – August 1912 – DEATH OF CHILD – Lizzie, the two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Kouns died at an early hour Saturday morning, following an operation at Pollock’s hospital, in Rocky Ford. The little miss had only been complaining about twenty-four hours when the attending physician found an operation was absolutely necessary. She was taken to Rocky Ford in an auto about eleven o’clock Friday night and went to the operating table immediately upon arrival at the hospital. the operation for intussusceptions was successful, but shortly after the work in the operating room was finished the little girl died. Funeral services were held at the family home, southeast of town, Sunday afternoon at two o’clock, conducted by Rev. Miller. Geo. S. Thompson, of La Junta, was funeral director. Interment was made in the Fowler cemetery. The child was two years, four months, and eight days of age, and a sweet little girl. The funeral services were attended by hundreds of sympathetic friends of the family. Mr. and Mrs. Kouns have been extremely unfortunate in sickness and death in recent months, and their many friends condole with them in their sorrow. (Born March 26, 1910 – Died Aug 03, 1912).

5-6-7 Lucile Maxine Kouns – the d/o Benjamin B. and Minnie Newton Kouns was b. 16 Apr 1906 m1 Everett Hubert Partridge b. 27 Apr 1910 m2 Hurley Burton Swan.

5-6-8 Elizabeth Alice Kouns – the d/o Benjamin B. and Minnie Newton Kouns was b. 26 Mar 1910 d. 03 Aug 1912.

5-6-9 Charles Benjamin Kouns – the s/o Benjamin B. and Minnie Newton Kouns was b. 11 May 1912 d. 06 Mar 1976 m. Alma Olive Hammond b. 29 Oct 1914
5-6-9-1 Charles Everett Kouns b. 13 Sept 1937 m. Myrna Gale Wisenhunt b. 04 Oct 1940
5-6-9-1-1 Ginger Gayle Kouns b. 12 Nov 1967
5-6-9-1-2(adopted) Michael Wayne Dyer Kouns
5-6-9-1-3(adopted) Felicia Lynn Dyer Kouns
5-6-9-2 Allan Eugene Kouns b. 23 Feb 1939

5-7 Charlie Truslow Kouns – s/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was born 17 July 1871 and died 12 January 1940. He married Amanda M. Haley b. 20 Jan 1875 d. 11 Oct 1943.

5-8 Isaac Edward Kouns – s/o Isaac H. and Sarah J. (Whitehead) Kouns was born 10 Jan 1873 and died 15 Dec 1947. He married Mary Effie Scott b. 07 Nov 1875 d. 22 Oct 1956.
5-8-1 Hiram Woods Kouns – s/o Isaac E. and Mary Scott Kouns was b. 30 May 1897 d. 20 Mar 1971 m. Mildred Hoover b. 22 Apr 1904
5-8-1-1 Mary Isabelle Kouns b. 23 Jul 1923 m. Walter Zelasko
5-8-2 Andrew Scott Kouns – s/o Isaac E. and Mary Scott Kouns b. 08 Oct 1898 d. 13 Feb 1939 m. Myrtle Codwallader
5-8-2-1 Effie Elizabeth Kouns b. 26 Jun 1926 m. Bob McCarthy
5-8-3 Charles Thomas Kouns – s/o Isaac E. and Mary Scott Kouns was b. 09 Nov 1900 d. May 1983 m. Ida May Martin b. 04 Aug 1900
5-8-3-1 William Edward Kouns b. 27 May 1921 m. Ruth Shipley b. 16 Jan 1928
5-8-3-1-1 Billy Lee Kouns b. 12 May 1950
5-8-3-1-2 Susan Gale Kouns b. 29 Oct 1952
5-8-3-1-3 John Charles Kouns b. 27 Dec 1956
5-8-3-2 Robert Andrew Kouns b. 20 Dec 1924 m. Elaine Pitts
5-8-3-2-1 Jimmy Lee Kouns b. 14 Feb 1949 d.same day
5-8-3-2-2 Donna Luann Kouns
5-8-3-2-3 Charles Thomas Kouns
5-8-4 Jane Collins Kouns – d/o Isaac and Mary Scott Kouns was b. 13 Sept 1902 d. 03 Nov 1916 (see obit)
5-8-5 John Henry Kouns – s/o Isaac and Mary Scott Kouns was b. 16 Feb 1905 d. 12 Sept 1911 (see obit)
5-8-6 Walter Milton Kouns – s/o Isaac and Mary Scott Kouns was b. 12 Jan 1907 d. 28 May 1964 m. Calla Calhoun b. 19 Aug 1908
5-8-6-1 Sandra Alice Kouns b. 19 Feb 1934 m. Frank Cudheusden
1911 September – Newspaper clipping – Child Drowns: Father Dives, Rescues Body – Fowler, Sept 2 – Henry, the 6 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kouns was drowned this afternoon about 4 o’clock in the Apishapa river three miles southeast of Fowler. The father with several others waded in and dived to the bottom of the stream in an effort to find the body. In a hole near the bank about eight feet deep the father was first to find the body and himself brought it to the bank. The lad had gone out to the home of his uncle, Ben Kouns on Thursday and was to have returned home this evening and start to school Monday morning. In company with three of his cousins he went in bathing, had just gotten into the water when he stepped into a deep hole. After struggling but a few seconds he went down and was seen no more. Two of his boy companions ran to a neighboring house for help but the body of the little fellow was not recovered until an hour later by the father who came from Fowler in an auto. The little fellow was planning on his first day in school Monday and the father and mother had planned a trip to Denver for next week. There are five older children in the family. Funeral arrangements will not be made until tomorrow. (Born 16 Feb 1905 died 02 Sept 1911).
1916 November – Newspaper Clipping – Sad Death of Young Girl – The Tribune announced in our last issue that Jennie Kouns had submitted to an operation for appendicitis, in a Rocky Ford hospital. The young girl, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Kouns, formerly of Fowler, died Friday night, following the operation Monday. When the incision was made it was found the disease was in an advanced stage, although hopes were not desparied of until several days later. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at two o’clock in the Rocky Ford Methodist church, and interment was held there. A number of the friends, and former classmates of the young girl went from Fowler to attend the funeral, among them being: Ben Kouns and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Scott, Andy Waddington, Gladys and Hazel Lawler, Bertie Barnard, Florence Buck, Berenie Meador, Reba Ross, Alice Hardy, George Devine, Earl Watson, Arden Pixler, Lyle Dunn, Winifred Weiland, Mrs. McFall, Wm. Pointer, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Larson, and Mrs. D. L. McPhilimy. Jennie Kouns was a very popular member of what is now the eighth grade class in the local schools, and was a girl well liked by all who knew her. Certainly the family of Mr. and Mrs. Kouns have had an unusual run of misfortune in recent years, and the hearts of the people of Fowler go out to them in sympathy in this their latest bereavement. (Born Sept. 13, 1902 – Died Nov. 03, 1916).
6. Andrew P. Kouns, Jr. – s/o Andrew P. and Hannah (Hisey) Kouns was born on 30 September 1835 in Lawrence County, OH. He married 29 December 1863 to Emily Scovell. Andrew P. Kouns, Jr. died 05 May 1867.
Married: Kouns, Andrew P. Jr. and Emily A. Scovill both of Union Twp. 12-29-1863 at the residence of brides father, Mr. Curtis Scovill, Esq. by Rev. J. W. Dillon (from Ironton Register 7 January 1864 newspaper)
Lawrence County Ohio Probate Court – Andrew P. Kouns guardian of Henry and Anna P. Kouns, minors – Appointment of Guardian – On motion and at the request of the mother of said minors in open court the court appoint Andrew P. Kouns guardian of the person and estate of Henry Kouns and Anna P. Kouns, minor heirs of Andrew P. Kouns, Jr., deceased, and he is ordered to give bond in the sum of six thousand dollars conditioned according to law there from came said Andrew P. Kouns and accepted said appointment and gave bond in accordance with said order with Isaac S. Gillen and Soliman Johnson as securities which bond is approved.
Lawrence County Ohio Probate Court. Monday, July 31st AD 1871 – Andrew P. Kouns, guardian of Henry Kouns and Anna P. Kouns – First Account settled.
This day the first account of Andrew P. Kouns guardian of Henry Kouns and Anna P. Kouns minor children of A. P. Kouns, Jr. deceased having been carefully examined by the court is approved and settled. The court finds that said guardian had, as such settled the estate of said A.P. Kouns, Jr. deceased; that after said estate had been fully settled and adjusted there is left in the hands of said guardian Two Thousand Four Hundred and eighteen 15/100 dollars ($2418.15) which amount the court finds should be divided as follows: To Emily, the late widow of said A. P. Kouns Jr. deceased, five hundred and sixty three 89/100 ($563.89) being her portion of the residue of her said husband’s estate after paying his debts; and also two hundred and thirty nine 70/100 (239.70) her dower, as assessed by the court, in lands sold by said guardian by order of probate court; and the balance of one thousand six hundred and fourteen 56/100 dollars be equally divided between said Henry Kouns and Anna P. Kouns. It is ordered that said account, the notice of this settlement and the order of court herein be recorded.
6-1 Henry Kouns – s/o Andrew P. and Emily (Scovell) Kouns was b. 31 Oct 1861 m. Margaret Drury b. 21 Sept 1865. Henry was named as an heir in his grandfather’s will. Family Bible of Andrew P. Kouns, Sr. gives Henry’s birth as October 03, 1864 in Lawrence County, OH.
Probate Court – Lawrence Co. OH October 20, 1881 – Stephen Dillon appointed guardian of Henry and Anna P. Kouns.
6-1-1 Andrew Lawson Kouns b. 14 Nov 1891 m. Marjorie Cundiff
6-1-1-1 John Henry Kouns (twin) b. 08 Sept 1920
6-1-1-2 William Cundiff Kouns (twin) b. 08 Sept 1920
6-2 Anna P. Kouns – d/o Andrew P. and Emily (Scovell) Kouns b. 29 Apr 1867 m. William Johnson. Anna P. was named as an heir in her grandfather’s will. Family Bible of Andrew P. Kouns, Sr. gives Anna’s birth as March 29 1867 in Lawrence County, OH.

Probate Court – Lawrence Co. OH October 20, 1881 – Stephen Dillon appointed guardian of Henry and Anna P. Kouns.

Marriage Record: Annie P. Kouns to William B. Johnson
age 24 b. 1868 age 24 b. 1868
Lawrence Co Oh Lawrence Co. OH
f.b.OH m.b. OH f.b. KY m.b. OH
married: 05 Jan 1892 Wit: William Johnson and Honshell Johnson at the house of S. D. Boggs in Catlettsburg, KY

8. Martin H. Kouns Son of Andrew P. and Hannah Hisey Kouns
8. Martin H. Kouns – the s/o Andrew P. and Hannah Hisey Kouns b. 18 Jul 1842. Married 1st to Emma Hawley who died September 23rd 1876 aged 29yrs 11ds. He married 2nd to Lurline Chapman. Kouns, Emma Wife of M.H. Kouns died September 23rd 1876 aged 29yrs11ds buried Kouns Cemetery, Chesapeake, OH.
8-1(1st) – James Warren Kouns b. 15 Dec 1871
8-2(1st) – Eula P. Kouns b. 09 Sep 1873 (name Louatha on birth certificate)
8-3(2nd) – Bert Kouns b. 1894 d. 11 Feb 1970 m. ? had issue
8-3-1 Sinclair Kouns m._____ Thompson
8-3-1-1 Leigh Kouns m. Joseph Randsell Hunter
8-3-1-2 Lauren Elizabeth Kouns b. 20 Dec 1959 d. 16 Oct 1983 car accident.
8-3-1-3 Merrill Thompson Kouns
8-3-1-4 Sinclair Kouns, Jr.